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3dfolder TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Graphics Programs (3-D)
animationsfolder TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Graphics Programs (Animations, 'Screen Savers')
drawingfolder TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Graphics Programs (Drawing)
aberration.zip1k02-07-07File is not ratedAberration?
See the read me for full details. In short, this program does something that Im pretty sure it shouldn't. See the text file.
acapt.zip1k03-09-01File is not ratedACAPT
Capture the screen and put it into a LIST.
adecibel.zip2k03-11-22File is not ratedDecibel Meter
This is a decibal meter that goes up when you press up. It mimics the real meters.
agridc.zip1k03-04-17File is not ratedAuto Grid Creator v1.0
This program creates custom grids in any size and type you want and saves them as Pic files. You can use these grids as sprites in your programs or for drawing things. Check this program out if you are a Basic programmer.
aheading.zip1k03-10-27File is not ratedProgram Graphics Heading
This is a convinient heading you can copy into a graphics program before you start. It is especially useful because it takes out all the worthless setting up of the graph screen and such before you can really program, I use it all the time!
aiglepic.zip3k02-06-02File is not ratedAigle
aipic.zip1k01-08-05File is not ratedAI Pic
This program is an art program that draws its own pictures. This is only a demo. I want to see if people are interested before I spend time on a more time consuming version.
aln_imagecodec_.zip10k02-03-12File is not ratedALN Image Codec
On-calc image compressor / decompressor with many features. Store as many images as your calc can hold!
animate.zip4k04-12-14File is not ratedOzlo Picture Animator
This prgrams allows you to make a 5x5 picture and then the picture flashes in random spots on the screen. you get to control how long this lasts. screen shots are in the zip file.
anim.zip1k05-03-07File is not ratedAnimation Maker
Makes animations using calculator characters. EASY TO USE
art2.zip1k08-08-24File is not ratedRandom Art
Basically random dots. Programming is very simple but still this is still one of my favorite programs. Everytime is differant. The original eventually fills up the screen but the seccond is always changing.
artgal.zip1k04-02-09File is not ratedArt Gallery
This program ask you what you want to draw and then draws it.
art.zip8k04-03-03File is not ratedPoint Art Maker
These programs, for the TI-73 -- V200, graphically show many random patterns.
ascii2.zip1k04-11-04File is not ratedAZ Liverender Fonts
Enter your text and the program with render it in various interesting fonts. Check out the screenshot and implement the code in your own programs.
asmpic.zip1k04-12-01File is not ratedBASIC to ASM Pic Creator
This program takes the current graphscreen and converts it into ASM ".db" format! All conversions are returned in Base 10(decimal) numbers.
aspireal.zip11k04-03-16File is not ratedAspire Spiral Project
This project explores the realm of sine. With everything from a custom-made circle routine to a fractal, this pack is all you need to learn about programming spirals. All corny sales pitch aside, this actually might come in handy for those programmers who really don't care about analytic geometry and still want to be able to draw spiral effects; just rip off my source code. This pack includes 7 programs, each small variations of the same basic loop, yet yielding widely varying results.
banim1.zip1k03-04-05File is not ratedBasic Animations: Newbie Tutors
SPOILEDSTIFF NEWBIE TUTORIAL Use this program to learn BASIC Animations Next Lesson: MODULATION
basicgs83p.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedGrayscale Smiley Face in BASIC!
I haven't seen any BASIC grayscale programs out there yet, so I thought I should be the first. Enjoy!
basichole.zip1k03-03-12File is not ratedRotating Black Hole
This program draws a cross-section of a rotating black hole, including ergosphere, outer event horizon, inner event horizon, ring singularity, and axis of rotation. Please use, study, and modify this program for your own needs.
basicplotter.zip1k03-03-10File is not ratedAccelagram Plotter
If you study black holes (like me), this program is designed to draw an accelagram on your calculator of a black hole that is in the center of your graph screen. The line lengths show the acceleration of particles as they near the event horizon. Please enjoy and modify to your own needs.
basicpool.zip1k03-03-12File is not ratedWhirlPool
This program plots the trajectory of a particle starting at a random point on the graph screen to a black hole at the center. It creates a whirlpool effect. Please use, study, and modify this program for your own needs.
basicquan.zip1k03-03-12File is not ratedQuantum Foam
This program simulates Quantum Foam behavior near the singularity of a large black hole. Please use, study, and modify this program for your own needs.
basicsprites.zip4k02-03-23File is not ratedHow2Make Basic Sprites
Have you ever downloaded a Basic game and then played it and found it was some cheap text based junk or that it was only itty-bitty points? NO MORE of THAT! I found away to make sprites in Basic! That closely mimic the quality of ASM! All programmers! Please make some decent games with sprites! You can Animate them or move them around! I'm currently working on a RPG with these sprites and it ROCKS! Enjoy!
bcode2.zip1k03-08-07File is not ratedBinary Code Genarator Version 2
Much better pattern genaration than the first Bcode. Check out the animated .GIF. s you you know the .GIF will just loop the same thing. But the program will genarate random patterns.
bcode.zip1k03-05-19File is not ratedBinary Code Pattern Genarator
It's basically a graphics program that creates patterns using zero's and ones IT's for TI-83+
binary2.zip4k00-06-06File is not ratedBinary Image
Displays a hidden image through a string of ones and zeroes.
binary.zip1k01-03-25File is not ratedMatrix Binary Code 10010100110101
Yet another Matrix code... except this one makes sence
blackout.zip5k03-03-07File is not ratedBlack Out
This is a map creater and editor. It contains 5 sprites and is very complex. It contains saving, veiwing, and editing features. It does take some time to load the graphics but is well worth the wait. It also uses some new speed code (which means fewer variables and much faster code). Enjoy
bloem.zip1k07-01-27File is not ratedFlower
It's a beautiful flower!
blub.zip1k05-09-14File is not ratedBlub Club Logo
Draws the Blub Club logo on the graphscreen and displays the Code of Blub. For more information about Blub or the Blub Club, please go to cemetech.tk, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/blub, or rivereye.net/forum
boat83.zip1k01-06-04File is not ratedboat
bomb.zip1k02-10-23File is not ratedbomb
simulates a bomb with burning fuse
bongo.zip1k03-03-15File is not ratedBongo
The same dot as in the program "Bong" bouncing around but this time with a circle in the middle of the screen which deviates the moving dot :P
borders.zip10k04-10-23File is not ratedBorders
Borders will make the outline of the GUI you specify. It also adds title boxes wherever you tell it to. I wrote it because I got tired of redrawing my GUI outlines. This saved me a lot of time and if you like GUIs, it can save you a lot too. Hope you like it. It is easy to use and follow. Thanx. (I included some GUIs I drew using Borders to draw their outlines. Check them out.)
bounceb.zip1k02-10-23File is not ratedbounce
just draws a bouncing ball using a entered angle
bouncepattern.zip30k03-09-01File is not ratedBounce pattern generator
This program creates a line pattern by quickly drawing bounce paths. Short algorithm. Nomal and screensaver version included.
brcirc.zip1k06-06-15File is not ratedBresenham Fast Circle Routine
Taking up only 200 bytes, this draws circles about ten times faster than the TI-BASIC Circle( command, and even works with pixel-based values for more accuracy. It can be included and called as a function from any BASIC program or game; source code is in the readme. Preformatted for optional use with Doors CS.
bres.zip43k06-12-19File is not ratedBresenham's Circle Algorithm
This pure Basic implementation of Bresenham's circle algorithm is designed for speed, and can frequently compete with or beat the TI-OS routine for speed when all points drawn are on the screen
brixbuildern.zip1k06-02-17File is not ratedBrix Builder Concept N demo
This is a demo of what Brix Builder concept N will be like. It is a basic 3D utility. Bricks movable. Size changable. Elevate, lower bricks included. saves progress to Pic0
calcclock.zip3k05-09-09File is not ratedCALC-CLOCK
Calc-clock is a basic time program. It's easy to use and it says you the time. There are some screenshots... you need to try this... that's all you need the know. readme included
calcdreams.zip1k01-08-05File is not ratedCalcDreams
One day I got bored, and decided I would make a programm of very limited artifical intelligance. Behold... the brainchild of my boredom. I hope you appreciate my humble program. <(^o^)>
cc83p.zip1k03-05-15File is not ratedClosedCaption v1.0
This program lets you add a closed caption system to your games and programs. For example, it can be incorporated as a speech routine in a graphical RPG. The syntax for using it is very simple and is demonstrated in the included program 'CCSAMP'. Great for programmers!
cemetech83p.zip1k03-04-30File is not ratedCemetech Logo
That's right - this is the logo from Cemetech.tk, ported to TI-83+ graphics format. Intuitive system displays the logo without using Pic variables. Check it out, or the original at http://www.cemetech.tk
cfimaging.zip6k02-11-11File is not ratedCFImaging
This file is a compilation of five programs which vary in resourcefulness and complexity. One of the included programs is a Bargraph editor that is probably the most advanced to date, which is really notable being that it was written in BASIC. Also there is a piechart program that will draw the chart and display the first ten values in number and percentage format. Both have save functions that use picture space. There is a shape artist program that draws regular shapes
chaos2.zip1k03-12-03File is not ratedCHAOS2HIGHGEAR
CHOAS Is a program that uses choas theory to create beautiful random patterns. Same as the one above, just faster, and produces less interesting patterns.
chaos.zip1k03-12-03File is not ratedCHAOS PATTERN
CHOAS Is a program that uses choas theory to create beautiful random pictures. It takes a while, but they come out really cool, and they are never the same.
chrmaker.zip5k04-01-13File is not ratedCHARMAKER v1.1
CharMaker is a program that converts binary data in Str0 into a picture. Runs off of user input and allows for external files. Contains documentation on how to use in your own programs.
circum.zip1k03-03-15File is not ratedCircum Circle
A Circum Circle -> Deltoid A quite nice demonstration, took me a while to do though.. =P
city.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedRandom City Generator
This program generates a Random City in daytime or nightime. Includes star effects, randomly sized buildings, and random numbers of buildings.
clear.zip1k02-02-25File is not ratedClear
Clear is a fun little grafix display. The Downloading message continues untill right before the end, and stops. Then it starts downloading againg. (repeat)
clock.zip1k04-05-25File is not ratedClock
It's a cool clock for the TI-83+ Silver Version. Accurate to the minute (lol, it can't get really accurate on a calculator). However, it displays in both analog and digital mode, although not at the same time. Gives a good example of how to graph angles, though. Just input the time, and watch the clock tick by.
codegraphics1.zip1k05-02-11File is not ratedCodePics1
Here are three pics I drew using BASIC code. They are a computer, a cross, and a computer chip. Just run the prgms on your calc, and save the generated image as one of your pics. Then you can delete the prgm to save RAM. If you like them, download the next releases, coming soon...
coffart.zip1k03-03-15File is not ratedCoffee Art
Coffee Art: You know those figures you see when coffee is spilled on a paper which is then folded? Now see this same randomness on your calc but with #000000 pixels instead of organic bean matter :PP - [Press "Clear" to clear, "Enter" to pause]
colorchange.zip1k01-03-11File is not ratedColor Change v1.1
This program inverses (changes) the colors on the graphing screen. Especially usefull for programmers who want to make flashing screens in their games. Much faster than the original Color Change.
combadge.zip1k03-03-15File is not ratedCombadge
For all starfleet officer wannabes, place your TI on your heart, open the right file and watch the combadge materializing in front of your eyes and be ready to be beamed up to the Enterprise by Geordi!
comic1.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedComic #01
One of my first mini comics that is really funny! A must see!
comic2.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedComic #02
A small battle animation that is built into a comic. Trying to mess around with battle animations.
commando.zip6k04-12-01File is not ratedcommando
Create your own pics and use them in games.
compaset.zip1k03-03-15File is not ratedCompass
A Compass on your calc... But I wouldn't rely on it for a trip in forest.. :p lol
connect83p.zip1k03-05-16File is not ratedConnectPoint v1.0
This efficient program lets you input any number of (x,y) points and will connect each of them to every other point. Can be especially useful in figuring out networks and other problem solving.
convert.zip1k03-09-08File is not ratedConverter
By: Michael Schwartz 1. Display a picture on the graph screen 2. Run my program 3. Watch the program conver white into balck and the other way around
coolcurvedrawer.zip1k02-10-23File is not ratedCool Curve Drawer
This small program draws some curves on the screen. It uses a method I found in my mathbook, and it looks pretty neat. It's something to do during class that's "educational."
coolgraphs.zip1k01-03-25File is not ratedCoolGraphs
Tony Carfang had some free time, and decided to design 5 simple but cool graphs. Enjoy
coolgrfx.zip2k01-04-28File is not ratedCOOLGRFX v1.2
A graphics program that currently has 30 graphics that all appear right before your eyes!
cool.zip1k05-11-06File is not ratedGraphical Images
Choose a picture and watch it draw itself out.
cornerart.zip9k06-06-01File is not ratedCorner Art
Unique drawing program that uses patterns of angle turns to create pictures. For example, a pattern of four right turns would create a small square. Depending on the patterns you input, drawings can be simple or elaborately decorated. It is MirageOS-compatible and less than 1k. See the pictures and readme for more info.
crsnttst.zip17k05-09-05File is not ratedGrayscale walking sprite demo
Move a three shade grayscale guy around the screen. The grayscale is the best possible in basic. It requires omnicalc.
ctymaker.zip1k11-04-24File is not ratedCity Maker
Make a city with different tiles, save into picture 8 to be recalled into any program. Very fun to design different maps. With over 20 sprites ranging from roads to farmland, this program will keep you having fun for a long time. (will be v2.0 coming soon)
curv.zip6k03-11-07File is not ratedCurve Drawings
Want a program that can draw cool shapes??? Download this program and see what it can do. I didn't actually design it but since it was programmed bad, I fixed it so it would actually work. Looks cool, download it and see, or look at some of the screenshots!
cycle.zip20k07-05-05File is not ratedGraph Cycler
This prgogram makes a series of pictures of your graph when the value of variable "C" cycles through a range you have typed. Then the program makes the pictures into an animation! The screenshots is of the equation Y=(C-X)^X where "C" cycles from -2 to 2 and Xmax=4.7 Ymax=3.1 Xmin=-4.7 Ymin=-3.1. One of them is negatived. This program has a Doors CS 6+ optimized Icon. Doors CS is made by Kerm Martian and can be found on this site.
defuse.zip1k03-03-15File is not ratedDefuse
A sort of Equalizer. [use the arrows]
deluxegraphixpack.zip1k02-04-09File is not ratedDeluxe Graphix Pack
4 Tools included to help manipulate graphics on YOUR TI-83 Plus.
diamond.zip1k01-02-20File is not ratedDiamonds
This is one of those "AntiBoredom" f/x. Cool looking diamonds spawn randomly over the screen. Kinda cool and public domain.
digirain.zip1k06-05-02File is not ratedDigital Rain
Yet another Matrix imitation. This one is unique, though. It resembles the digital rain from the Matrix, outputting random vertical "drips" of binary digits and erasing them (in a cool way) when the screen gets full.
discover.8xp1k02-06-08File is not ratedDiscoveries
Dynamic Y= like Graphic Effects in program form that makes possible to combine equation in a esthetic way. --- Things like double x², log(x and x, sine Ying Yang blade and some of the wackiest Graphic Effects I've made yet! =D -=-=- (Feel free to zoom-in/out to see some 'out of range' and Undiscovered areas.)
displaytester.zip2k04-06-28File is not ratedDislay Tester
This little program (about 400) inverts nearly the whole screen with a graph. It's MirageOS compitable, so give it to a friend and don't tell the truth. Look at the screenshots and have fun.
dissolve.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedDissolve
dissolves- transitions between screens
dna83p.zip3k02-06-04File is not ratedDNA v1.1
This is a cool picture program of the double helix of DNA.
dna.8xp1k02-03-03File is not ratedDNA
Draws a DNA :p ... - Satisfaction Guaranteed, or get ur Internet Connection fee back! =P
dotty.zip1k05-03-09File is not ratedDotty
Randomly displays dots all over the screen.
draw1.zip1k03-06-04File is not ratedRandom Pattern Draw
Now stores only one variable, and I fixed a problem in the program. Still only 89 bytes.
draw2.zip4k04-02-13File is not ratedRandom Point Art, Extended
This program draws random point art in twelve different patterns. It features hexagon, diamond, octagon, cross, circle, and many others. Runs quickly and stops when any button is pressed.
drawcard.zip1k04-08-12File is not ratedCard drawing library
This program can be used in your card games to draw a card. See readme.txt for more info on how to use it.
drawline.zip1k00-12-09File is not ratedDrawline
A simple program that allows the user to easily draw lines across the screen where they select the two points that cmake up the lends of the lines
drawpic.zip1k16-10-06File is not ratedDrawPic v1.0
This program is a must-have for any ti-84+/83+ enthusiast. Just enter the hex code and it draws a picture using a special engine. This program is unique because it doesn't draw a sprite, but rather a special line/pixel array (unique to this program) on your graph screen. Be ready for countless hours of fun experimentation. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Notice: will work on the 6mhz ti-83+, but a 15mhz calculator is strongly recommended! If you have the necessary skills, you should seriously consider overclocking your calculator.
draw.zip1k03-03-31File is not ratedRandom Pattern Draw
This program draws random patterns on the screen of your calculator. Press any key at any time to stop. The greatest part is...it's only 103 bytes on your calculator.
drop.zip1k03-12-03File is not ratedBACTERIAL GROWTH
This program uses chaos theory to create patterns similar to that of bacterial growth. Watch the bacteria multiply.
dynamaus.zip1k04-03-16File is not ratedDynamic Mouse
This a great mouse program with some extra fun features. Adjust the speed, draw boxs, fill the boxs, etc. Check it out!
dynamicinvert.zip4k05-08-02File is not ratedDynamic inverter
This Program changes the white space on a graph (or image) to black, and the black space to white. Takes 5min to run, but will only use up 86ish bytes VERY SMALL!! If you want a faster inverter check out my "Speed inverter" or "Mid inverter".
earthquakewithcodex.zip5k07-03-10File is not ratedCodex Earthquake
This simple BASIC Program will use Codex (included) to make an earthquake effect for your current graph screen. Press any key to quit
effectsbasic.zip1k10-06-21File is not ratedBasic Effect pax
Well the readme explains all. NOTE: Made for novices at Basic programing.
encdec.zip4k01-01-29File is not ratedEncdec v1.0
Picture Encoder/Decoder v1.0
encrypt.zip1k03-12-01File is not ratedEncrypt
encrypt picture for transmission, then decrypt to get information great for text!@
enlarge83p.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedPicture Enlarger v1.0
This program will take any picture in Pic1 and convert it to 200% of original size in Pic4. Very useful; can be used in your own programs!
enlarge_reduce_83p.zip1k03-03-13File is not ratedPicture Reducer v1.0
This program will take any picture in Pic1 and convert it to 50% of original size in Pic4 using an efficient and fast logarithm. Very useful; can be used in your own programs!
etchasketch.zip1k09-06-08File is not ratedEtch-a-sketch 1.0
This program is a simple basic program that I made near the end of the school year in a class where we were just watching a movie. I think that it is a pretty entertaining program, being that it mimics an etch-a-sketch. Although you can't shake it to erase, there are other cool features. To check out what kind of things this program does, read the readme attached.
etchsk.zip1k00-06-27File is not ratedRandom Picture Generator
A program that will randomly place dots in 10x10 squares to make a picture.
explosiongenerator.zip3k11-07-11File is not ratedExplosion generator
This is an explosion generator. Just run the program and watch the result. If you want to use the program, Feel free!
facemake.zip3k05-05-14File is not ratedFaceMake v 2.3
This is a great program which can draw a face based on input you give it. Program expansions will come soon...
fakefallingpixels.zip9k07-03-31File is not ratedFake Falling Pixels
It looks like it would be a fun game of falling pixels, but it really is a program that looks like your calculator is destroying itself. Have fun sharing with your friends (:
figsofig.zip4k05-10-22File is not ratedFigs o' Fig
An interesting vector-based graphics program that draws a user-designed figure using smaller versions of itself.
fivelevelgreyscalebasic.zip19k06-02-03File is not ratedFive Level GreyScale Basic
Five Level GreyScale Basic uses an application called xLIB, created by Patrick Prendergast. When you run this it will show five levels of greyscale, hence the name.
flagus.zip2k04-01-08File is not ratedFlagUS
The program draws a correct, nearly full-screen US Flag.
flag.zip1k02-03-12File is not ratedFlag Drawer
This program draws the american flag in a cool way
flash.8xp1k02-03-01File is not ratedBTJ-Flash
A program that (tries) to emmulate Shock Wave Flash. The only thing id does now is motion tweening. Good GUI though.
flash.zip3k07-12-06File is not ratedFlash TI v0.1
This is an animation program based on Adobe Flash. Simple events are scripted and stored as a numerical list, which can be played back with the included Flash player. The Flash editor is completely text-based and symbol-driven; the intuitive interface precludes any need to edit the encoded show data by hand. Use the powerful editor to create scripted intros to your programs in seconds, and distribute the lean 353-byte player with your main program.
flipflop83p.zip1k03-03-04File is not ratedFlip-flop v1.0
Basically, it just changes all the black pixel(s) on the drawing screen to white pixel(s), and the white pixel(s) to black pixel(s). All of this done in about 30secs, and the program only takes up about 600 RAM or ARC.
flipscrn.zip1k02-05-25File is not ratedFlip Screen
This program inverts the graph screen horisontally or vertically, without all that technical mombo jumbo. All you have to do is hit [Enter]!!!! If u r stupid enough to have to Contact Me (hamilton Turner), please put flipscrn for 83+ as the subject.
flip.zip1k05-11-06File is not ratedFlip
This is just a VERY slow way of inverting all the pixels on the screen (this only works with images on the graph).
fractals.zip2k06-05-30File is not ratedFractal Generator
Stores one of 11 fractals to Pic2: the Sierpinski triangle (featured in the TI manual), Sierpinski carpet, three Sierpinski jewels, dragon curve (aka the Jurassic Park fractal), Mandelbrot set, box fractal, pentagon fractal, fern fractal, and the Langton's ant cellular automaton (not a fractal, but I put it here anyway). You input the number of iterations (a couple thousand usually looks good; note that the dragon curve and Mandelbrot set don't rely on the iteration input), and wait a while for the fractal to be drawn. It takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, depending on the number of iterations. Like all my programs, it restores your graph settings and deletes all the variables used (except for Pic2, of course).
fractal.zip7k04-05-08File is not ratedFractal 1.0
Fractal generates a Fractal image and stores it in Pic0. In addition to the Mandelbrot and Julia Sets the User can create custom formulas in prgmFRM. The User can zoom in on the fractal by changing the window variables and change the level of detail by choosing the number of iterations per pixel. The drawback to this program is that is very slow and may take several hours to generate an image with higher numbers of iterations. Because of this it is recommended that you create the image with an emulator like Virtual TI and send the image to your calculator. On the other hand, the program is small and as fast as anything of this kind.
fractset.zip2k00-09-22File is not ratedFractal Set v1.10
This program contains three different fractals for your viewing pleasure!
fx.zip6k18-03-21File is not ratedVisual FX
This eye-catching and fun program includes many animations and pictures.
galileo.zip1k06-09-24File is not ratedGalileo
A portrait of Galileo Galilei.
garbage2.zip2k99-12-05File is not ratedGarbage 2
"greyscale" picture of Garbage
garbage3.zip2k99-12-05File is not ratedGarbage 3
"greyscale" picture of Garbage. Turn calc sideways when viewing
garbage4.zip1k99-12-05File is not ratedGarbage 4
another "greyscale" picture of garbage
garbage.zip1k99-12-05File is not ratedGarbage 1
"greyscale" picture of garbage
garfield.zip1k03-11-20File is not ratedGARFIELD
This Draws a Pic of Garfield. THis is converted from ti-82 version.
geraldopic.zip3k03-10-19File is not ratedGeraldo Pictview v1.4
displays pictures stored on the ti-83+ with ease. no need to use ClrDraw after every picture view...it does everything for you! includes minor bug fixes and mirage (asm) capabilities. also--slideshow viewer.
gforms.zip2k00-12-04File is not ratedGforms
Random Design Generator Fully Customiseable
gfxgroup.zip8k03-05-18File is not ratedUltimate Graphix Group V 1.0
Another program by Back to BASIC. This combines my string splatter with a mirror program, a dot change, and a simple circle drawer. Just some cool little fx to entertain you.
gmenu.zip4k03-09-16File is not ratedGraphical Menu
Contains 2 menu programs, one is a small graphical menu, the other uses an icon as teh pointer and is bigger. The screenshots show all :-)
goodevil.zip1k02-11-12File is not ratedGood/Evilizer
Incredible graphics prog that creates a good/evil logo for your calc. No screenshots, try it out for yourself!
gradient.zip1k03-08-08File is not ratedGradient
This program creates a form of gradient/color shader out of black and white at random. It is a fun effect, and when finished it will often resemble a burning fire.
grafxdesigns.zip41k02-11-13File is not ratedGraphX designs
This is a great graphics program for creating title screens, any other pictures, or just to play around with. It has great graphics of its own and can rival any similar assembly program!!!well, except for speed but it's still pretty fast. check out the screenshots
grafx.zip3k01-03-08File is not ratedGRAFX v1.0
GRAFX is an extremely useful and easy to use program for programmers and non-programmers alike. GRAFX allows you to store the graphscreen in a program. So for those of you who have used up all of your picture files, GRAFX will be your new best friend! Includes excellent documentation.
graph2.zip1k02-03-04File is not ratedGraph 2
Just watch it draw.
graphicsfun.zip1k16-10-10File is not ratedGraphicsFun v1.0
This is a simple game that displays an animation of flickering lines and allows you to move a particle around the screen. This is the ONLY such game that exists. Be prepared for hours of endless fun. Notice: This game runs very slowly even on a 15mhz TI-84+SE, so don't expect good speed on a 6mhz TI-83+. It is very strongly recommended that you overclock your calculator to at least 22mhz or use wabbitemu at 1600% speed.
graphicsprgms.zip1k05-06-03File is not ratedCool Looking Animations/Images
This assortment of programs is completely pointless and insignificant, but they look cool nonetheless. One is a rotating and shrinking square, one is a shrinking square, one is just cool calc-generated 3D-ish images (that don't take more than 10 seconds). And I also threw in a relatively fast (for BASIC) screen inverter (only about 40 seconds on my 83+ as opposed to 1:10)
graphixcombo.zip1k04-01-08File is not ratedTwo cool graphics programs
Two graphics programs. One shows random letters (nitrogenous bases) of the genetic code.(As in DNA) The other generates random characters and continually displays them onscreen. Fun to watch the first couple of times. Press the "On" button to stop them.
graphix.zip1k03-05-08File is not ratedString Splatter!
My first graphics program, but extremely cool. Every person I have showed it to has loved it. It's simple. Simply input a string, and it appears randomly all over the screen! Used the graphing screen so more can be fit, and it resets itself after 150 displays of the string. Just hit enter to exit, too.
graphpro.zip1k00-09-28File is not ratedGraphPro
GraphPro is a simple graphing program with many cool features!
graphx.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedGraphX
Small graphics programs. Easy to copy from source.
grass.zip1k05-05-07File is not ratedGrass Simulation
This is a very short and simple grass growing simulation. It randomly draws artificial grass on the screen. You can mow it, blow wind on it, or even take a picture of it. It takes up under .5k of RAM, and is free to edit!
grayscale_45.zip1k04-01-17File is not rated8 color gray scale
eight color gray scale (makes a yellow when on 8 contrast)
grayscale.zip1k07-03-09File is not ratedGrayscale graph
A program that makes your entire graph background checkerboard. You can hack into it doing whatever you want.
grayscl83p.zip1k03-10-31File is not ratedGrayscale Demo 2
This interesting program shows how various levels of grayscale can be created using BASIC. It demonstrates 12 simultaneous levels from white (0%) to black (100%) in increments of 14%, but can support nearly any value. Check it out!
grayscle.zip1k04-07-11File is not ratedGrayscale
A neat little program that produces a pseudo-grayscale/color effect and may quite possibly give you a siezure.
grayscl.zip1k00-09-23File is not ratedGray Scale
This Program make the graph screen into a gray scale screen!!!!!!!!!, supports up to 16 colors (black to white)
greycomp.zip146k09-01-11File is not ratedGrey Comp
this tiny program will create the source code need for greyscale in basic! (using xLib)
greydemo.zip1k00-04-19File is not ratedThree Part Grey Scale Demo v1.0
This program shows three uses for grey scale in TI 83p basic.
greymario.zip1k04-03-17File is not ratedGreyscale Mario
The Mario Sprite from the NES Hit - Super Mario Bros. - in Greyscale.
greyscalefx.zip1k01-12-15File is not ratedGreyscale FX
A BASIC program that makes simulated assembly greyscale. A must have program.
grph2mat.zip1k02-03-23File is not ratedGraph to Matrix v1.0
Converts the contents of a specified area of the graph screen into a binary matrix.
guicreator.zip3k06-03-26File is not ratedGUI Creator
This Basic program allows the user to create profession looking GUI's, backgrounds, and graphics in a short amount of time and all on the calculator. The user can choose to create everything from Text (big, small, horizontal and vertical), Lines (horiz. and vert.) Circles, Boxes with or without shadows, border, tabs, title bar, use a pen to draw or eraser to erase and then name and save up to 4 pictures. The readme contains all the key mappings necessary to perform all of the possible tasks.
helix.zip4k03-07-24File is not ratedHelix
It's basically a graphics program that tries to simulate the Double Helix. Programmed it while i was doing maths homework (The Fundamental Theorem Of Integral Calculus!!!)
homestar.zip1k05-10-17File is not ratedBasic Stars 2.0
Not much is different just some more star looking thingys to see
hurricane.zip1k05-09-21File is not ratedHurricane
Input a name and see the graphic of a hurricane with that name! I know there is not much point of this program, but please try it just once. Type your friend's name and show the image to him/her!
iloveyou.zip13k03-06-07File is not ratedI Love You
Show that special someone that you care. Perfect for Valentines Day or any other occasion. Just add a personalized message and it is good to go!
imagens.zip1k12-04-01File is not ratedIMAGENS v.2
Este programa permite explorar as suas imagens com uma facilidade incrível. Outro programa de RPS Real. This program lets you explore your images with incredible ease. Another Real RPS program.
innlight.zip1k04-03-28File is not ratedThe Inn Lights
Its The Inn With Its Lights Flashing For Real. Download it to see.
install.zip1k04-01-12File is not rated- INSTALLATION GRAPHIC -
an installation graphic to put at the beginning of your programs for a more professional look. not a sucky text thing!! includes progress bar and status. WORKS ON TI-83 AND TI-83 PLUS!!!
inverse_10.zip1k00-05-07File is not ratedInverse
This prog inverse the color of your screen. It's very small for his speed.
inverse_gph2.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedFast Graph Inverter
The FASTEST graph inverter for the TI-83 and TI-83+. This is great for making fantastic graphics and pics.
inverse_gph.zip1k01-03-14File is not ratedGraph Inverse
A great graph inverser. Just display something on the graph and open up the prgm! If you don't know what an "inverser" does: it turns all of the black pixels to white and all of the white pixels to black. ENJOY!
invert_39.zip4k03-06-18File is not ratedGraphScreen Inverter Version 1.0
This program allows you to invert your graph screen up to any point horizontally.
invert3.zip1k04-12-14File is not ratedInvert Picture 2
i apologize perfusely for the error in coding in the first version of this. the new file is a bit bigger, but i fixed the bug. plz DON'T download invert. it's a disgrace to my programming abilities >.< i was tired when i made it.
invert89.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedGraph Screen Inverter
This package of program, for all TI's, efficiently inverses the screen. Inversing turns black to white and white to black.
inverted.zip3k04-04-15File is not ratedInverted
Now you could simply invert and save your pictures to give them a special look
inverter_33.zip1k10-12-04File is not ratedgraph screen inverter
inverter is a program that allows you to competely invert the whole screen. You may use it. It is good for just converting pics to and from inverted mode. It would be slower than invertpro, but it is technically faster, since you dont have to watch the demo. Feel free to use it in any way.
inverterlg.zip1k05-09-12File is not ratedScreen Inverter
Just changes all pixles that are off to on and all of the pixles that are on to off.
inverter.zip2k03-12-20File is not ratedInverter with different modes
You can customize this inverter(296 b) how you like(Test it, it's easy to understand). Look at the screenshots and have fun.
invertfast.zip1k04-03-09File is not ratedINVERT SCREEN
Two programs that invert your screen. Works real fast!
invertpro.zip1k02-10-12File is not ratedInvert Pro 1.0
Inverts the Pic of your choice! No setting variables or anything just sit back and watch! 500 bytes on calc.
invert.zip1k02-03-28File is not ratedInvert
This program lets you invert any picture or any part of a picture just by entering a few variables and running the program. (can be run from your own programs as sub-routines and make very cool effects)....also check out PixWorks for the complete pack of drawing tools.
invinvti83plus.zip1k08-03-24File is not ratedDual inverter
Dual inverter is an extremely cool inverting program that inverts the current screen from top to bottom and bottom to top, at the same time!!! It also skips every other line so that it makes a cool design during the invert. Better, smaller, and faster than any other basic inverting program, guaranteed!
inv.zip6k03-03-27File is not ratedInv
Fast little program that inverses the graph screen only 36 bytes
islide.zip1k03-03-11File is not ratediSlide
A slideshow program that lets you manually or automatically view a slideshow of pictures.
isometricmapper.zip7k06-04-22File is not ratedIsometric Mapping Engine
A GPL'ed, highly flexible isometric map engine for use in your own projects. written in pure TI-Basic
jewels89.zip4k03-05-18File is not ratedSierpinski's Jewels
This is a very artistic program, made for the TI-73, and TI-82 -- V200. It creates designs using variations of the Sierpinski Triangle.
joedragon.zip4k03-04-04File is not ratedJoe The Dragon
Meet the coolest guy ever to be on a TI calculator! Joe the Dragon is here in three awsome programs!
kalidao.zip1k02-06-02File is not ratedKalidao-Scope
A kalidao-scope for your calc.
knuckle.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedKnuckle Ball
Do you like baseball? Do you like baseball graphics programs? If so, you should be shacking with excitement right now. This program shows a knuckle ball going across the screen. And, just like in reality, the knuckle ball will be different every time. ENJOY!
lightning.zip1k01-02-19File is not ratedLightning Simulator
This is a really cool graphics program that simulates lightning. It's totally random and pretty realistic!!
lightnin.zip1k01-08-05File is not ratedLightning Generator
Lightning on your calc!
light.zip1k01-06-05File is not ratedRevolving Light
It looks like one of those lighthouses, where the spotlight revolves...
linedesigns.zip7k05-03-02File is not ratedPretty Line Designs
This program makes neat designs with lines curcumscribed in a circle. Check out the screenshots!
lineimages.zip7k09-02-27File is not ratedLine Images
This program uses black and white lines to create amazing geometric images that can be saved to picture variables. This comes with an additional "PICVIEW" program which views picture variables.
linerands.zip1k03-11-21File is not ratedLINE MAKER 9.0 SIMPLIFIED(NEWER)
This program makes random lines. It is simplified from the other version though. It doesn't prompt you first, it just makes the lines. 250 of them at full speed.
linessss.zip1k05-03-09File is not ratedLines
Rondomly displays lines all over the screen.
lines.zip4k03-05-29File is not ratedSolomon's Lines
a graphics program that creates random lines at random points (automatically clears)
line.zip1k01-02-24File is not ratedMystify
Whatch these straight lines as they travel acroos the screen seeming to become circular. Clean cut with no bugs, just dont whatch it all day or you may become cross-eyed!
linez.zip1k00-07-28File is not ratedLinez
A simple little program I made at 2:30 in the morning. It generates 3-D stars (the kind I used to draw all the time in elementary school) It's very small, so try it out!
list2pic.zip1k03-05-21File is not ratedPicture to List Converter
This program takes an image on the graph and stores it to L1. For more info, check out the readme.
listpicplus.zip2k02-10-12File is not ratedListPic Plus
After a longer than expected delay, ListPic Plus has finally arrived! ListPic Plus is designed specifically for the TI 83+ and takes advantage of its various features to add some nice bells and whistles. Most importantly, thanks to archive memory, you can now save up to SIX extra pictures on your calculator in list form. Though other programs claim 40 extra pictures and more, they either don’t work or require you to “hack” your calculator, a difficult and somewhat risky process. ListPic Plus will save every pixel on your screen into a list, and although there are nearly 6000 pixels on your screen, it takes only about half a list. Regardless of this storage efficiency, saved pictures still take up considerable memory, and take about 5 minutes to load or save, but if you want to save extra pictures to your calculator, ListPic is the best option out there! Note: there is a definite possibility of ListPic Deluxe coming out in the near future, designed specifically for Silver Edition users that will at least double your calculator’s picture storage ability.
listpic.zip1k02-07-15File is not ratedListPic - Picture to List Coverter
A program that lets you save 3 more pictures to your Calculator. If you’re into calculator graphics or just like using your calculator to draw pictures in boring classes, ListPic is for you. This is one of the only programs out there that genuinely lets you save more pictures. Others promise 40 pictures and more, but either don’t work, or require you to “hack” your calculator, a risky process that is difficult for someone inexperienced. This program will save every pixel on your screen into list form, and although there are close to 6000 pixels on your screen, it requires only a little more than half a list. This still requires quite a bit of memory, and saving and redrawing a picture takes a little over 5 minutes each- but if you want more pictures, this is the best way to go. Coming very soon- ListPic Plus, made only for the 83 plus with a number of Plus features!
lynz2.zip1k00-02-08File is not ratedLYNZ
With this program you pick a point for the line to start, then a place for it to stop, (all with the touch of a couple buttons), and it draws a line for you. You can make some really cool 3D-like pics. You can save them, and then later have easy viewing to them! (again, all at the touch of a button! :)
mandala.zip2k05-03-19File is not ratedAlex's Mandala Generator
The Mandala Generator is a pretty simple program, so I won't write much. It makes circular patterns that are symmetrical in four ways. The designs are neat to look at. I guess you could use them to meditate in math class. See the screenshots!
marquee.zip1k03-05-29File is not ratedSolomon's Marquee
a BASIC program that scrolls the text you type in at 3 different speeds!
mathsign.zip7k05-03-19File is not ratedMath sign
Mathsign is a program that mainly uses Draw commands (ex. DrawInv, DrawF, Circle(). It just draws your basic math signs along with cool shadeing effects.
matrix_26.zip1k08-02-09File is not ratedmatrix
Displays The Matrix style random sets of ten 0s and 1s. This program is not locked it leaves a message after the 0s and 1s and done Write a review if you want an update
matrix3.zip1k04-05-26File is not ratedMATRIX3
Program that animates a screen from the movie "The Matrix". Thanks to Gerrod and Matt.
matrixcode.zip1k03-09-08File is not ratedMatrix
This is a funny little program that runs a binary code that resembles the matrix, and if you know how to read the code...there is something there.
matrixgraphixprograms.zip5k03-10-13File is not ratedMatrix Graphix Programs
They have no real uses at all...trust me I made these when I was bored or just for the fun of it. In some of them I tried to imitate the matrix "code". Anyways these are just graphics programs that overly use the Rand and the RandInt( commands. I think the coolest though is MatrixM, only because of the fact that you will see a "code cracker". Have fun with it. Distribute it. If you edit it just dont forget to give me some credit.
matrix.zip2k03-08-04File is not ratedMatrix
This is one of the many programs I wrote in the middle of my Math 12 Summer School class. The idea was that to make it look like the matrix code. Though, what I forgot was that the correct way to do that would to be program it in Assembly, and I don't know how to do that....... yet (I've just started to learn). So what you get when you run this program is just a long series of randomly generated numbers going across the screen and up. That's about it.
meatwadpicture.zip1k02-05-27File is not ratedAqua Teen Hunger Force: Meatwad Picture
This is a perfectly hand drawn picture of meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force on your calculator.
megr.zip4k09-10-19File is not ratedMEGR1.3 dessin
MEGR design allows to create drawings, to record them, of or even, to abolish them, to re-change them. MEGR dessin permet de créer des images, de les enregistrer, de les voir, de les remodifier.
menux.zip1k07-06-09File is not ratedMenu X
Creates a smooth, fast, efficient menu which is completely customizable for your program. Also, allows you to get rid of an "exit" slot; it quits with mode, while navigation is all done by arrow keys, second, enter, etc... Make sure you look at my example code/readme.
mess.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedMess
Makes a mess of your screen with bouncing text
midinvert.zip4k05-08-02File is not ratedMid inverter
This Program changes the white space on a graph (or image) to black, and the black space to white. Takes 2.5 min to run, but will only use up 105ish bytes SMALL!! If you want a faster inverter check out my "Speed inverter" Or if you want a smaller inverter check out my "Dynamic inverter"
minecraft.zip129k13-01-23File is not ratedMinecraft
This game is 2D Minecraft for the TI-83/84 families. This one is the best 2d minecraft game for the calculator, as it features: 4 different worlds, almost unlimited world size and crafting.
mirror_57.zip2k03-05-22File is not ratedMirrorMaker Version 1.5
My newest version! This has lower-case printing, an 83 and 83+ version, and horizontal reflection. It is still under a kilobyte, too! The standard features (vertical reflection, fast drawing, draw/erase by pressing a button, easter eggs) are also include. Back to BASIC
mirror.8xp1k03-03-07File is not ratedMIRROR MAKER
THIS IS A GOOD PROGRAM FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO MAKE ART ON THERE CALCULATOR. all you have to do is make 1 half of your image then run the program to mirror it on the other side. Must run program setup before you start image. This is to set window settings. For your first input, select the top left corner, second input is the bottom right, third input is the mirror line. It can only mirror sideways. I am going to make a progam that can mirror vertically soon.
mirrorit83p.zip1k02-10-25File rated 5.39Screen Mirror
This is a tiny little program that lets you use the screen as a mirror. Press [ENTER] when you are done to reset the screen and quit.
mirrormaker.zip2k03-03-08File is not ratedMirror Maker 2!!!
this is mirror maker image program. Great for all of you who make huge images then want to mirror them. If you mess up you can even undo it.
mirror.zip1k03-12-20File is not ratedMirror
This program(65 b) shows the left side on the right side of the screen. Look at the screenshots and have fun.
modart.zip6k06-07-07File is not ratedModart: Modern Art Generator
With Modart: Modern Art Generator, you can create great looking art in just seconds. Choose from rectangle, diagonal line, circle, or dot art or mix and match. Modart also features a load/save system so you can save multiple works. Modart features cross-compatibility with SketchPad so you can import images created with either program and edit or add to them. And with a size of less than 1.3K, this great program will take up next to no space on your calculator!
monkeytype.zip2k04-01-13File is not ratedMonkey and a Typewriter
Have you ever heard that enough monkey's on enough typewriters with enough time would eventually reproduce the works of Shakespeare? Find out how much truth there is to this myth with this program that generates random letters and punctuation, much like a monkey slamming its face on a keyboard. Very amusing, and doesn't require user input, so sit back and enjoy the monkeys go to work!
move.zip1k04-05-03File is not ratedAlpha Player
In order for this program to work, type in {8,16}¨dim([A]). Then edit matrix [A]. Press 0 for areas that are unoccupied. Press 1 for areas that are occupied. This would be a great program for making games not using the pixel commands!
moviemaker.zip6k01-04-26File is not ratedMovie Maker update #5
This is an update for Movie Maker. The drawing option now has the option of circle and rectangle. This also has a minor bug fix.
mysticr.zip1k04-03-16File is not ratedMystic Rose Drawing Program
This program will draw mystic roses for you based on certain specifications. Points in the rose, Lines per point, Offset(degrees), and Percentage to draw(0-1). If Lines = Points, fast mode is forced.
negative_and__background_.zip10k08-12-03File is not ratednegative and 'background'
1) negative: this program takes a negative(black -> white; whit->black) of a saved or not saved pic. You can also save the new picture. 2) background. this program splits the screen horizontal and shows a saved picture in the top. (can also make negative of it)
negative.zip1k04-12-01File is not ratedNegative1.0
This program will make a negative image of whatever is on the graph screen. Short yet cool!
nerv83p.zip2k02-06-02File is not ratedNerv 83+
netgen.zip1k03-09-21File is not ratedNetgen
Netgen is a program that randomly generates networks. Just tell it the number of nodes and it will pick a random pixel to represent each one. After that, it will connect them in a random order.
newyear.zip2k04-01-02File is not ratedHAPPY NEW YEAR 2004
That's a nice fireworks program for the new year 2004! With special effects. fm-Soft
nolibbasicgrayscaledemo.zip2k08-06-12File is not ratedNo Library/Utility BASIC Grayscale Demo
This is a Grayscale Demo that is written compleatly in BASIC using NO LIBRARIES! This code is easily adapted for use in your games. Enjoy!
nuker.8xp.zip1k03-03-28File is not ratedNUKER
You make the picture, this program blows it up so that its a little pile of pixels. By bored person, for bored people.
ocr83p.zip1k03-10-31File is not ratedOCR v1.0
Have you ever had text on the graphscreen but been unable to transfer it to a screen? Has your notepad-type program suddenly stopped working, leaving you with a screen full of uneditable text? Then you need OCR v1.0. Given about two hours, it will transfer all text on the graphscreen to an editable string. It is 100% accurate, and can even recover text with uneven line spacing or word spacing. Check this out!
onering.zip1k03-05-01File is not ratedOne Ring To Rule Them ALL
Update, sorry for the picture on the last version, this versions picture is the actual one, very cool, very nice.
ones.zip1k03-11-21File is not ratedARROWS AND ONES
I acually don't know what the point of this program is. The effect is pretty cool though. It looks like people shooting allot of arrows all in the same direction, or mabey a sawblade, or mabey even waves. Just download it it to check it out. Mabe you can tell me what you think.
opengl3.0uo.zip4k03-03-14File is not ratedOpenGL3.0(Unofficial)
Unofficial OpenGL commands inside! Better than the previous. This time it will draw more advanced graphics to be used for building programs. Must Have This!
optical.zip1k09-12-12File is not ratedOptical illusion
Have you ever wanted to see an optical illusion created on the ti-84. Well this is an optical illusion where if you tilt the calc. The lines will move. You choose a number from 1-25 and that will depend on how your design looks
pattern.zip2k05-07-05File is not ratedPattern Gen
Uses a simple algorythm to produce an almost unlimited amount of random patterns on the graph screen.
peace.zip1k05-10-04File is not ratedMay Peace Prevail On Earth
Show sign of support for peace by downloading this program. This program draws the peace stencil with the words "May Peace Prevail On Earth." Please show your support.
phi618.8xp1k02-06-08File is not ratedPHI.618033988749
You know the Golden Ratio, Phi? That wonder number found everywhere in the Nature and the surrounding world. This program uses the Golden Ratio to draw a series of wack'n'kewl "Golden" Graphic Effects !!
pic255.zip3k03-03-31File is not rated255 Pictures
The sister program of Picture It! 40. Instead of 40 pictures this allows the use of 255. This should be enough pictures, 255 Pictures is more than enough to fill the flash ROM space of the TI-83 Plus. ZPic is also included so you don't need the BASIC program to recall programs. For your needs of 40 pictures, Picture It! 40 is still available!
pic2listpak.zip1k04-12-13File is not ratedPic2List Pak
This is a combination of 2 programs that will store a picture to a list. To store it make sure the pictures on the draw screen. then run pic2list
pic3dversion1.0.zip1k11-06-27File is not ratedPic3D Version 1.0
In this program are three grayscale cross-eye 3D Images. It was mainly made to test 3D-images. DoorsCS is required!
pic83p.zip1k04-08-12File is not ratedPic
Pic is a basic program that stores what is on the graph screen to a list and changes the list to a graph screen. it uses binary so the list is pretty small but since the calculator only store 14 digits sometimes it screws up the picture a little.
pic83.zip1k00-02-18File is not ratedPicture 40
This is a program that allows you to save 40 pictures. This is definitely worth a download!
piccrypt.zip3k06-11-14File is not ratedpictocryp 0.5 beta
Encodes and encrypts a message, using various techniques, into a picture. This picture can then be sent to another calculator and, with the correct random seed and password, can be decrypted and decoded into the original text.
picdecoder2.zip1k03-04-04File is not ratedPicture encoder/decoder 2
decode your secret pictures and make them totally different, and still recover them to view. very much like picture encoder/decoder 1 but encodes and decodes different.(includes mountainous background as an example)
picdecoder.zip1k03-04-04File is not ratedPicture encoder/decoder 1
encode and decode your secret pictures and make them totally different, and still recover them to view. (includes lord of the rings insctiption as an example)
picfinder.zip1k04-12-01File is not ratedpic finder v1.2
this is a program that makes viewing archived pics fast and easy, similar to pic view
picinv83p.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedPicture Color Inverter
This is a program that I made in my spare time. It takes a picture that you select, turns that back to white, and the white to black. Please read the readme.txt file. It contains important info. Enjoy!
picinverter.zip6k03-04-26File is not ratedpicture-inverter
This program inverts pictures, that means every black pixel becomes white and every white pixel becomes black ( visite www.freewebs.com/gorchy to see screenshots ) You easiely store the picture you want to invert under pic1 and run the progam. Now you must choose whether you want to invert all of your picture or only a part. If you want to invert only a part you must input the row and the colum of the starting point and the end. The upper left corner is row 0 and colum 0, the upper right corner is row 0 and colum 94, the lower right corner is row 62 and colum 94. For more detailed informations, look in your manual under the drawing menu, pixels. Now the inverted picture is saved under pic2.
picinvrt.zip1k02-04-06File is not ratedPicture Inverter
Ever seen the pics that looks like people shaded then drew it with Pxl-off? Use this program with a normal picture to do that!
picmagez.zip2k02-05-12File is not ratedPiCMageZ v1.0
This program will convert a picture to TI-Basic Line, Point, Axes, and Grid commands. It will also create a program and place all the coding in it for easier use! Great Multi-Menu system, but requires Symbolic 1.8 or greater. Includes an uninstall to delete all of its programs. The on-calc readme is in QWERTY format.
picmove.zip1k05-05-01File is not ratedPicMove
This program will move your picture how ever many pixels you want in any direction. If part of the picture does not fit on the calculator screen the picture will be cut off. It's very usefull if you are trying to combine two seperate images into one.
picprogs6.4.zip2k03-08-03File is not ratedPicture_Programs
This is a program that draws pictures on the graph screen, then gives you editing optios. A few are kind of boring, but most are cool. This is my first prog put on the web. E-mail me--tell me what you think. [SSpyro64@AOL.com] If anyone can port it to a MirageOS asm prog, I'd appreciate it.
picprog.zip1k05-06-18File is not ratedPic -> Program Converter
This nifty utility will convert your current graphscreen to a BASIC program which when called will render the graphscreen state as it was very quickly. This should be useful for programs that require more than 9 pic vars or for authors who don't like to use pic vars for whatever reason.
picsave.zip6k03-04-24File is not ratedPicture <-> String Converter
Yes, it's what you've always wanted. Now you can save your pictures as strings and vice versa! It stores it all as ones and zeros in string number 0. It cans store the pics and recall them. It may be pretty slow but it works! Check out the screenshots.NOTE: I've included a string of the pic in the screenshots
picscreaner.zip1k04-02-09File is not ratedPic SCREANER
Screan All The Pics On Your Calc With Ease no more recalpic 1 for you if you download this
picshrink.zip1k01-02-07File is not ratedPicshrink
This simple program shrinks any picture (or graph) to 1/4 of the original size.
picteditv1.0.zip4k07-10-26File is not ratedPictEdit v1.0 Pre-Release
Part two of my Editor Suite. (Check out part 1: TextEdit!) This is a simple and small drawing program. It does lots of different shapes and has a smooth working graphic display. Hopeful screenshots are soon to come. Read the readme. Enjoy!
pictext.zip2k03-11-08File is not ratedPICTEXT
This program allows YOU to write easily on the GRAPHscreen. It's easy to use and you can write 9 rows with about 23 characters. Have fun
pictolist.zip1k04-05-10File is not ratedPicToList
This converts pictures into lists in about two minutes and is very space efficient. I saw the other programs that store pics to a list and didn't like their methods. One method is to record changes in on or off. Another stores every pixel in bianary. to save space mine converts the binary nature of the screen into base 10 numbers. for example 1110 (bianary) = 28 (base 10) Therefore it is more space efficient and only uses 1200 of ram
picture5.zip3k05-09-26File is not ratedTi-Picture 5
This is the first and only Ti-picture viewer. This program allows you to view up to 5 pictures that you have stored on your calculator. Unless you calculator breaks down, this is my final version. A must download. The first of it's kind.
picturechange.zip1k03-12-03File is not ratedPICTURE CHANGE
Picture changer is a program that changes all of the pixels in a picture to the opposite. So if you draw some text onto the screen and then run the program you will get white text on a black backround. Use it for any picture.
picturedrawprgm.zip1k05-03-19File is not ratedDraw Pics for Greyscale
Dont wanna waste time drawing pics for greyscale programs?? Use this handy program to draw the pictures for you! The finished product is of a city.
pictureinverter.zip1k03-06-19File is not ratedpicture inverter v2.0
Running this program recalls and inverts pictures at will. Now you can trick your friends, your dog, or even your cat!!!
pictureit40.zip3k02-12-07File is not ratedPicture It! 40
Picture It! 40 is basically a picture storing program, but not the average one. It stores up to 40 pictures! Best for the programmer who needs more pictures or people who want to extend their calculator's abilities!
picture_to_hexdecimal.zip2k07-05-16File is not ratedPicture to Hexdecimal
What these program do are they take pictures from the home screen, convert them to hexdecimal, and then that hex code can be used in BASIC or even ASM programming. A must dowlaod for large picture-oriented games.
pictureviewer.zip34k05-10-07File is not ratedPictureViewer
It provides the user to be able to quickly "save" (store to the calculator's memory) and "open" (recall a picture from the calculator's memory). It is a rather simplistic program. Should have no un-fixed bugs at this point that I'm aware of.
picture.zip1k12-04-15File is not ratedPictures to Strings
This was a program I made for a friend. It will scan every pixel of the screen to see if it on, if it is it will save the location and add it to pixel-on( in a string. Works every time. Get it if you don't want to guess and check on a basic picture ever again.
picview_19.zip1k04-03-17File is not ratedpicview v1.0
Picview is a program that lets you view your pics without taking all the time to go to the recall pic command.
picview1.zip1k02-03-04File is not ratedPicview
A very simple program to view and delete pictures you have on you calculator. Not all that hard to make, but it will save you some time.
picview2.zip1k02-04-05File is not ratedPicView
View Pics 0-9 fast, even if they are archived
picview8383p.zip1k01-02-07File is not ratedPicView
This program gives you easy access to the 10 pictures stored on you calculator. Works in simple TI-83/+ language. Also displays picture number in top corner. Select picture using numpad 0-9.
picview83p.zip1k02-03-01File is not ratedPicView v1.0
Easily view pic images, much easier than using the DRAW menu.
picview.zip4k06-03-14File is not ratedBig Pic View
This program is made to view pictures that are 100 screens big on your calculator. It puts the pics in to lists with the programs store/callpic that are made by Joris Gillis. This version is a bit smarter, a bit faster and a bit smaller.
pic.zip1k02-11-20File is not ratedPicture Viewer Pro v.1.0
Really named Tai's Picture Viewer. views all 10 pics w/o problems.
piechart.zip1k02-10-23File is not ratedpiechart
this program generates in interactive piechart
pine.zip1k03-03-15File is not ratedPine
A sort of Christmas Tree drawing on your screen. The program allows you to configure about every parameters of your tree. Try new variables and see some funny and weird things :PP =DD
pixel8.zip1k03-06-02File is not ratedPixel8
Pixel8 is a simple program. Read the documentation
pixelart89.zip3k03-05-18File is not ratedPixel Art Maker
This package of programs for all TI's draws neat desings. There's a program for every TI included.
pixelpatch.zip1k04-12-26File is not ratedPixel Patch v2.0
An updated version of Pixel Patch 83+. You can make pictures, and Pixel Patch will treat them like a maze. Now, the cursor blinks so that you can find your cursor again just incase. To set the speed of the blink, just store a number to variable S.
pixels.zip1k07-12-17File is not ratedPixels Für Immer!
This is a sort of cool graphics program that fills up the pixels in you text screen one by one. The number in the corner of the screen tells how many pixels are filled up on the screen. Works fast with the TI-84 (I programmed this on a TI-83+, so it works fine). Also Mirage OS Compatible....
pixel.zip1k02-07-26File is not ratedMoving Pixels BASIC
You can move pixels around the screen. Also soon to be in ASM!
pixhome.zip1k05-06-17File is not ratedPixHome v1.0
This nifty program will take any image in Pic9 and convert it into text on the homescreen, scrolling the image in 8-pixel tall rows. Essentially an image-->ASCII convertor, a variety of cool effects can be produced using text, designs, and patterns. The zip contains a sample image. Doors CS 5 optimized.
pixletest.zip1k03-12-07File is not ratedPixle Test
This new drawing engine draws your pics directly to lists. To use a plot graph. Just have the pic's top facing right when you draw. Also includes an undo button! Cool, huh? This game has no current bugs to report, and can really help when making sprites. The lists are each around 2000 bytes in size to allow up to 200 pixles and there are two lists, but it really worth it. Happy drawing.
png.zip1k03-10-23File is not ratedTux-83
See tux on your TI-83 wearing a tie... (This was a school project :-P)
poly.zip1k03-03-13File is not ratedpoly
draws a regular polygon on the screen using given number of sides. quick mode plots it very fast, advanced mode lets you input rotation angle, shrink factor and midpoint coordinates.
postal.zip1k04-11-11File is not ratedPostal Code Generator
This program generates a postal bar code for a 10-digit number that you type in. Also, if you leave off the last digit, the check digit, or input an incorrect one, it will fix your postal code. Sadly, I had to smush the outputed postal code together because it wouldn't fit on the TI-83 Plus's small screen if I put spaces between the individual bars.
powerpoint.zip5k11-05-05File is not ratedPowerpoint 83
An expanded paint program that can be used to create simple powerpoint presentations, with included templates and rudimentary clipart support. Requires use of pic0 and any edited pictures to be initialized by the user before use in the program.
ppconverter.zip1k02-07-22File is not ratedPixel and Point Converter
Converts pixel coordinates to point coordinates and vice versa.
prog83p.zip4k03-06-07File is not ratedGraphical Progress Meter v3.0
This package contains three different types of progress meters that you can use in your programs. The first tiny program creates a cool graphical on-screen progress meter with shading and percent complete. The second one creates a Windows XP-style loading bar. The third one creates an onscreen progress meter similar to the one used in Internet Explorer. Version 3.0 now includes more screenshots and the calculator file. These are especially useful when used in your own programs!
publib.zip1k00-12-01File is not ratedPublic GUI Library
Finally! A gui library that will let you draw a title bar for your program, a window to run it in, and best of all 3D buttons. It includes a sample program to show you how to use the library and there is plenty of documentation. If that isn't enough e-mail us at cage2@home.com for more information. This is the only gui library I have seen and it is great for writting graphical utilities, and tools or notepads, really quickly and easily. Enjoy this production from CODE WURKS. NOTE: This does not use saved pictures it literally draws the pictures in as fast as you can blink an eye, best used to give a graphical overhaul to any text based utility or misc. program. Have fun!
pugart.zip46k07-09-05File is not ratedPug Art Alpha 2
This Alpha is the Second version of the file that never made it in the archives due to long waits. I have added new features which I have never seen in a graphics program (you will have to find out what features!). There will be an App version coming soon (with BasicBuilder and maybe in ASM).
pxlchngrii.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedPxlChngr II
This is basically the update of my last program. It changes a pixel to the opposite color so you don't have to start all over with your image. I uploaded this soon after I completed my last pixel changer one, but it never appeared on this site, so here's this one.
pxlchngr.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedPenChngr
Ever draw a picture, but have one pixel that doesn't belong where it is? This program is similar to an eraser for TI-83 Plus but instead, it changes one pixel on a graph to the opposite color. (White to black, and black to white [obviously]) Pretty basic but useful nonetheless. Check out the README file for more information.
pxline.zip8k00-10-29File is not ratedPixel Line Drawer
It draws a line of pixels. Usefull for calculator art.
pxlshower.zip1k06-12-24File is not ratedPxlShower v1.0
Want to create awesome graphscreen clear/fills!! Here is a file for you! You can use 10 different graphscreen functions, including 'radar', 'diagonal wipe', and others!
pxltest.zip1k03-12-16File is not ratedPixel-Test
Easy to incorporate into an existing project and help find just the pixel you were looking for to finish that wonderful interface or pic. DragonRise
qha.zip1k01-03-08File is not ratedQHA Intro
This is the official intro of QHA (Quebec Hacker's Alliance)
randcirc.zip1k05-09-26File is not ratedRandom Circles
Um, yeah, I got really bored, so I made a program to draw random circles, oh! and it resets it's self too!
randm.zip1k00-11-13File is not ratedRandom Picture Generator 83+
Randomly generates a picture on the graphscreen.
randomgo.zip1k04-01-17File is not ratedRandom goes
A number of o's randomly going around the screen
randomlines2.zip1k08-08-24File is not ratedRandom Lines
Pretty fun to watch. Always changing. Sporadic. Can save to pic afterwards and use pic as Circle Run 2 level.
randomlines.zip1k03-10-31File is not ratedLINEMAKER 9.0PRO
THIS HIGHLY DEVELOPED PROGRAM MAKES RANDOM LINES. IT looks really cool 'cause all the lines are connected and it's pretty fast. Check it out. Because this is my final version it is entirely free. Just for the advancement of mankind.
random.zip1k05-05-17File is not ratedRandom
Just three screen saver that you can use with the start-up application from education.ti.com. RDCIRCLE will randomly display circles on the graph screen and RDLINES will randomly display lines on the screen. RDSHADE is a little wired. It will shade the screen but most of the time will display horizontal lines.
randroad.8xp1k02-06-08File is not ratedRandom Road
A kinda Cardiac monitor spikes drawing lines...
randsqr.zip1k05-09-26File is not ratedRandom Squares
Yep! I was extreamly bored. This draws rando squares/quadrillaratles, hehe, and a bonus feature! It resets based on the number that you tell it!
randstring.zip1k05-03-02File is not ratedImage Encoder/Decoder
Function: The encoder program essentially takes whatever is on the "draw" screen at the time- be it text, graphs, and the like- and converts it into an "encoded" list of numbers. The decoder program can take this list and change it back into an image.
rand.zip1k00-06-27File is not ratedRandom Picture Generator
A program that will randomly place dots in 10x10 squares to make a picture.
raybound.zip3k02-09-08File is not ratedRaybound
Watch as the 'pen' bounces around the screen. It's great for those long, boring classes that seem to never end. If you get bored enough, it kinda looks like a fish.
raycast1.zip1k01-05-14File is not ratedMy First Raycaster
A really bad slow ASCII raycaster for BASIC, but it does demonstrate the theory.
rayshade.zip12k05-08-18File is not ratedRayshade: Shadow Mapping Squared
Rayshade is a top-down shadow mapper for your TI calculator. It casts rays using a completely rewritten line routine, and is an interesting morsel of new technology. Sadly, *sniff,* with said program, as with all new software, it runs slow on old systems. As the TI-83+ has been out for many years without any revision, this program is rather slow. Anyway, download RayShade, mortal, and watch as it devours your system resources.
rcircle.zip1k03-11-14File is not ratedRANDOM CIRCLES
i no its been done but what ever so when u start it asks for the min and max circle size just to clear that up bye!
readme.zip41k03-03-04File is not ratedGraphX designs
This is a great graphics program for creating title screens, any other pictures, or just to play around with. It has great graphics of its own and can rival any similar assembly program!!!well, except for speed but it's still pretty fast. check out the screenshots
recallpic.zip8k02-07-23File is not ratedRecall any Pic from Mirage
This is a simple program that allows you to view any Pic (0-9) without exiting Mirage or even unarchiving them.
redalertdotgif.zip42k08-11-26File is not ratedRed Alert.Gif
This is an animation program that will make your calculator to go to 'Red Alert' like on the old Star Trek movies. It runs very smooth, check it out!
reverse.zip1k03-04-15File is not ratedReverse
From the creator of "Joe The Dragon", comes and all new thriller: "REVERSE". This will stun and amaze you, this program will change pixle colors before your very eyes! Download now and get a free "ReadMe" file!
rndpxl.zip1k04-05-12File is not ratedPixel Ant
roots.zip1k08-12-19File is not ratedROOTS - an abstract simulation
ROOTS is an abstract graphic program for the TI84SE. A "seed" is placed in the middle of the screen, and roots follow random paths away from the seed, spreading outward until a root touches a side of the screen, and the process restarts, creating a unique pattern each time.
rotateshape.zip1k10-01-31File is not ratedRotate Shape
Reasonably fast program that continuously rotates a shape defined by points in a list in the format {x1, y1, x2, y2,...} around the origin of the graph screen by a given increment. Sample list included. Great for boredom! :)
rotate.zip13k06-10-28File is not ratedWireframe Rotate
I made this program long ago to prove it was possible, it rotates any wireframe object but I only included a cube, if you can figure my data format out: feel free to rotate anything you want. TIP: watch the screeny for "good" coordinates
rtr.zip1k06-05-11File is not ratedRandom travel
This is a random travel pattern designer, the "a"s and "pi"s are for your enjoyment
runes.zip6k03-04-09File is not ratedRunes v1.0
This is a program that generates runes from a pre-determined set. Have fun!
rwhex.zip2k03-05-07File is not ratedRaptorWare's Pic2Hex!
Please see readme for info on this picture to hex converter.
scanner.zip1k02-10-26File is not ratedScanner
screenflash.zip1k05-06-23File is not ratedFlash
Umm... It flashes text that you input all over the screen.
screen.zip1k04-04-25File is not ratedAlex's Screenshot Maker
Create a tileset of text and use it to draw on the homescreen, and then save it or create a screenshot for use in BASIC prgms. I made this to help me design BASIC games more easily. This version is slightly improved and optimized. I also changed my email address.
screflct.zip85k09-09-11File is not ratedScreen Reflector v1.0
This program will take one or two piece of the screen/display and "reflect" it/them over the rest of the screen. You will be able to select what parts it is going to use, and how they should be "reflected". You can even decide if you want symmetry or not on some of the choices. Read the manual for information on how to use the program.
scrncapt.zip1k06-08-13File is not ratedScreenCapture
Screencapture uses Omnicalc to communicate with TI-OS on an attached Ti-83P/84P calculator and get the screenshot from anywhere in the TI-OS
scrollers.zip1k06-01-02File is not ratedScrolling Strings
Scrolling strings. The second one scrolls up and down but you have to edit the program to change it.
scrolls.zip1k00-10-01File is not ratedStyle Scrolls
A set of two examples of how you can make your own style scrolls. Really fun to watch :)
scrolltx83p.zip1k03-10-31File is not ratedScrollText v2.0
This program is a small routine that can be used on its own or incorporated into another program or game. Simply place a string of text to be scrolled across the bottom of the graphscreen in Str0 and run the program! It will textwrap and scroll until a button is pressed, when it will instantly quit. Useful - check out the screenshot.
scroll.zip1k00-09-23File is not ratedScroll
This program allows the screen to scroll! like a RPG/Straregy game!!!! (for PC)
scrout.zip1k02-03-06File is not ratedScrolling Outro v2.1
Ever wanted to make a nice graphical outro? Take a look at this!
shade1.zip1k03-12-28File is not ratedSHADE
This program simply shades your TI-83 screen and repeats it over and over. If you just want it to shade your screen once, then go to the end of the program and delete the pharse telling the program to repeat (prgmSHADE). It can be used as a screensaver when you make it repeat over and over again. This program is not protected so edit it to your perfection. It is pretty hard to describe so put it on your calculator to see exactly what it does! By Tony Lu
shadesofgray.zip1k05-05-12File is not ratedShades of Gray
A BASIC program that can emulate grayscale. not overly flexible (only 5 shades), but can demonstrate basics power...
shine.zip1k01-01-18File is not ratedShine
This program displays a shining cross. Very nice looking.
shirley2.zip2k99-12-05File is not ratedShirley 2
another "greyscale" picture of Shirley Manson
shirley.zip2k99-12-05File is not ratedShirley 1
"greyscale" picture of Shirley Manson
sidescrollingengine.zip7k06-04-22File is not ratedSideScrolling Engine
A GPL'ed pure-Basic implementation of a side-scrolling engine. Feel free to use it in your own projects
sierpinskitriangleprogram.zip1k05-08-30File is not ratedSierpinski Triangle Program
This is a program that makes the Sierpinski Triangle like the one in the instrustions booklet but this one has a menu that allows you to choose what pic slot you wish to save it into.
sierpinskitriangle.zip1k06-12-10File is not ratedSierpinski Triangle Drawing v2.4
This program draws the Sierpinski triangle & has a menu to store the drawing to any pic or you can return to draw the triangle if you think it's not complete. This program creates a drawing of a famous fractal, the Sierpinski Triangle, & stores the drawing to a picture. Press [CLEAR] to stop the drawing. Enjoy!
siertri.zip1k05-10-07File is not ratedSierpinski Triangle Maker Version 1.2
This program has a majority of its code taken from the TI-83+ instruction book. I just took that code, added a menu at the beginning, and made it so you can choose a pic save slot. (You can choose not to save at all.) Enjoy! Note: The file is compressed in the Bzip2 format, which requires at least Winzip 9.0 SR-1 or its equivalent to decompress.
simpmove.zip1k04-12-01File is not ratedSimple Moving
An easy moving program for all RPG's. Can move anything on the screen using the arrow keys.
sirds.zip4k01-12-16File is not ratedSIRDS / SIS creator
Stereogram program. Supports random dot and patterns. It's slow, but it works great!
slide.zip1k00-12-19File is not ratedSlide Show
this is a slide show that uses pics 1-5
sm3_83p.zip1k04-01-24File is not ratedSmallText3 v1.0
SmallText3 v1.0 is a program that lets you create text made with 3x3 characters on the graphscreen. You can use the kernal ZSMTXT3 as part of your own programs (simply put {x,y,character spacing} in list SM) or you can use the included standalone program SMALLTX3 to create unique graphic presentations.
smile.zip1k06-02-17File is not ratedSmile!
It makes a smiley face on your calculator!
snow2.zip1k01-04-28File is not ratedIt's Snowing!
A rather intresting snow program. The snowflakes fall and stop at random places on the screen. Its pretty cool.
snowflake.zip4k99-12-24File is not ratedSnowflake
Happy holidays! This program generates snowflakes
speedinvert.zip4k05-08-02File is not ratedSpeed inverter
This Program changes the white space on a graph (or image) to black, and the black space to white. Takes 1 min to run, but will only use up 209ish bytes. If you want a smaller inverter check out my "Dynamic inverter", or my "Mid inverter".
sphinx.zip1k04-05-10File is not ratedThe Great Sphinx
This prgram draws a picture of the Sphnx of Egypt on your calculator and then lets you store it as any Pic you choose. It uses a function where it draws each line from one point to another. Be- cause of this, you can watch it being built right before your eyes!
spin.zip1k01-03-25File is not ratedSpinner
A basic program that i made on my spare time. Looks pretty cool! www.olympia.vze.com
spiral83p.zip1k03-10-31File is not ratedSpiral v1.0
Simply enter an angle in degrees or randians, and this program will display a spiral rotating out from the origin. It can be used as a standalone program or incorporated into other screensavers or games. Check this out!
spiral.8xp1k03-06-24File is not ratedspiral
an extremely cool program that draws a square spiral around your screen until it reaches the middle, then, (get ready for this!), it goes backwards again, erasing what it drew!! it keeps going and going.
spirale.8xp1k02-06-08File is not ratedSpirale
My "well known" spirals drawn in 3 kewl ways.
spiral.zip1k03-05-25File is not ratedSpiral
This draws a rectangular spiral from the upper left corner of the screen. After many recreations of the program, it is finally as optimized as it will ever be.
spirograph.zip13k05-05-17File is not ratedSpirograph TI-83+
This program creates images similar to those made by a Spirograph. It is compatible with Mirage OS and can also save the images you create.
sprite_28.zip1k10-09-02File is not ratedSprite demo
A barbaric sprite program I made it so that real noobs can look at the source and make something like it for games and such
sprite.zip1k09-08-01File is not ratedReapex's Sprite Routine: v2.0
It is smaller and faster. It rivals weregoose's routine in size(217 bytes) and speed.
sqrdraw.zip1k04-03-08File is not ratedSquare Drawer
A tool that makes square drawing easier and faster.
squarefx.zip6k05-12-17File is not ratedSquareFX
Draws any number of concentric squares, creating many interesting pictures. Check out the screenshots for examples.
ssjchrono.zip1k02-04-02File is not ratedSuper Saiyan Chrono
This is a nice picture of Super Saiyan Chrono (if he existed) [from Chrono Trigger]
starrynight.zip1k03-03-04File is not ratedStarry Night
Watch the stars come out on your Ti-83+!
starynite.zip1k02-03-12File is not ratedStarry night
This is a starry night program much like the mac
statsprite.zip1k06-03-11File is not ratedStatistical Sprite Creator
This utility is for creating Statistical sprites from hexadecimal or binary data. the sprites can be any width or height just run the program and follow all the prompts. Output is stored to L1 and L2.
stereogram.zip8k04-11-04File is not ratedRandom dot Stereogram Generator
Makes one of those 3d pictores that some people cansee and some cant out of the right half of Pic1. I may fix problems in the future, maybe add more customization, I may learn ASM and then it can go faster (or crash your calc) but for now, it's BASIC, but it's neat.
stick.8xp2k02-06-08File is not ratedStick
Misc Graphic "semi-circular" Effects. - If you know Fractal, you gonna like it!
stowstai.8xp1k02-06-19File is not ratedStowstai
3 Pages of some kewl program generated pictures/equations Animations. A pleasure for the eyes! =)
stripes.zip29k08-02-12File is not rated1Stripes
This program slowly creates a graphical design by inverting a section of the graph screen, again and again getting smaller each time.
strobe.zip1k03-10-30File is not ratedSTROBE
This program makes a pic from your calculator flash on and off with greater and greater intensity. It's really interesting, and totally cool if you are going to use it in a program of your own. It's guaranteed to work, and was tested by the village idiot, so you shouldn't have any problem tring to figure it out. Just try it. It might be worth it just to check out the algorithms.
symetric.zip1k01-02-22File is not ratedAuto Generating Symmetric Lines
A Cool Auto Generating Symmetric Lines. --- Pause with Enter. While on pause, press + to Save the picture and - to Recall.
tabs.zip1k05-03-07File is not ratedTabs
This program draws tabs at the bottom of the graph screen like the ones drawn in applications.
taiwan.zip1k05-02-11File is not ratedTaiwan flag
This program basically puts equations to the equation editor that would end up generating a Taiwan flag.
textgfx.zip1k00-12-17File is not ratedText Graphics
Allows you to do different things with text you type in.
texttools.zip204k06-12-10File is not ratedText Tools 1.2
This is a great suite of programs that perform wonderful effects on text. They can display text WITH A SCROLLBAR (vertical or horizontal), display text as if it were being typed, perform a "spiral" effect on text, display text with a wave effect using trigonometry, INVERSE TEXT (yes, white text on a black background), and more! A must-have! This new version of Text Tools contains the new wave effect and fixes a small problem with the spiral effect.
thevoid.zip1k02-04-02File is not ratedThe Void
A nice greyscale picture of a void.
thingey.zip1k03-05-14File is not ratedThingey ?
scan a pic and play it back oddly.
ticker.zip3k04-10-09File is not ratedNewsticker for the TI like on TV
This program displays a message and circle it (if you don't understand look at the screenshots).
ticlock.zip1k08-08-24File is not ratedTI-84 Clock
A program I developed for the TI-84 + with my TI-NSPIRE. This is a clock for TI units. It is very accurate to the second using the calculator clock. Read the README file in the .ZIP package to know more. Note only works with TI-84 + and TI-84 + Silver
tidraw.zip8k04-06-15File is not ratedTI Draw Pack
This is the BEST TI drawing program pack there is. It includes image inverson, the ability to do standard 5 pixel high text and diagnal movement. Also includes everthing else that would be standard. Main program is just 2000 bytes! It even has a quick in-program help screen!
tile.zip3k02-10-25File is not ratedTiler
This program is really nifty. You first draw in three different tiles. Then the program ask you where to put them. After all that it draws the tiles you entered on the graph screen. Runs very well for a basic program. Enjoy!
ti_picframe.zip2k03-06-02File is not ratedPicture Frame Maker
This program sets a frame around the graph screen. You can choose the width from a range. It can make your pictures have a better appeal. This'll soon be a funtion of Lib68k. It's made for all TI's except the 80 and 81, though possible.
titanic.8xp1k02-03-03File is not ratedTitanic
It's actually a program that draws the Titanic line by line and dot by dot. Some elements as the windows and the water reflections are random. The Best view Ever.
tivisualbasic.zip6k06-11-14File is not ratedTI-Visual BASIC v1.0
This is the most recent incarnation of Dark Side Programming's extended project, TI Visual BASIC. It is a graphics design "programming language" loosely based off of Visual Basic format. Please note that this program is constantly undergoing development, so check back periodically for updates.
tm.zip1k00-09-23File is not ratedText Mover v1.0
An idea inspired by my friend Tytus, and when I was bored I made it.
tornadesaa.zip1k03-03-10File is not ratedTornado
traline.zip1k03-03-15File is not ratedTraline
Slowly draws a Matrix like grid line by line. Unusual and nice to see.
triangle2.zip1k06-09-17File is not ratedTriangle Creator
Draws a randomly created triangle design (NOT Sierpinski's Gasket).
triangle_56.zip5k10-03-22File is not ratedSierpinskiTriangle
Sierpinski Triangle: Peut être utilisé comme écran de veille. / Can be used as screensaver.
triangle.zip5k03-07-17File is not ratedTI Triangle Drawer
Made for every TI, this draws a full screen triangle on the graph.
triforce2.zip3k03-12-08File is not ratedTRIFORCE
I took the simple Sierpinski triangle program and super-accessorized it with lots of stuff. If you have some free time check it out
triforce.zip1k05-04-14File is not ratedTriforce Generator
This small (sad, really) program creates a picture of the triforce from the Zelda games. I made it in about 5 minutes.
truegrid86.zip5k03-06-19File is not ratedTrue Grid Drawer
This program is useless... Made for the every TI.
tunnel89.zip7k03-05-31File is not ratedTI Tunnel Drawer
This works like a function on the 89-V200. On the 73-86 you simply input a number, and a tunnel of that depth will be drawn. On the 89-V200 the format looks like this: 'tunnel(x)' where x is the depth you want. This has been made for ALL TI's
tunnelfractal.zip6k05-09-29File is not ratedTunnel Fractal
This program creates a tunnel-like illusion on the graph screen. Check out the screenshots.
twoptperspectivepatch.zip1k04-04-06File is not ratedTwo Point Perspective Roof Patch
Patch for the file found at http://www.ticalc.org/pub/83plus/basic/graphics/twoptperspective.zip which adds a "roof" onto the house.
twoptperspective.zip1k04-02-13File is not ratedTwo-Point Perspective
This program will create drawings in two-point perspective. You can enter points to create the basic frame of a building automatically, or you can use the cursor to draw it yourself. Features save/load.
typewriter.zip22k06-10-02File is not ratedTypewriter Effect
This is a great program which lets the user display text as if it is being typed, and the user can choose the delays between the characters displayed.
upc.zip1k04-11-11File is not ratedUPC Generator
This program generates a UPC for a 12-digit number that you type in. Also, if you leave off the last digit, the check digit, the program will change it to the correct digit. The outputed bar code is so perfect that it can be read with a real scanner.
updownfont.zip1k05-03-07File is not ratedBasic Updown Font
This is a great program for enhancing title screens with 3-D text.
vector.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedVector Imaging
Although the fact it was written in BASIC, I decided to release the first vector-viewing program ever, mostly for entertainment and educational purposes. Keep an eye out for the ASM version, coming to a site near you!
waves.zip1k04-04-09File is not ratedWaves
Just a basic program that displays a bunch of 4 level grayscale waves.
weaponpack.zip1k04-09-21File is not ratedWeapon Pack
These are a very detailed drawings of an m4a1 w/ scope, M9 Beretta, and a Black Bear Classic knife. I made these myself, and they took me several hours to make. They came out VERY nicely. Makes for impressive start-up pictures and they're cool to show to your friends.
weapons2.zip2k01-04-28File is not ratedWeapons 2
This is a nice program, the next in my "Weapons" series, that shows five nice pics of five guns. It's very cool, extremely worth the download.
weapons.zip2k00-12-26File is not ratedWeapons
This is a little program I made that shows pictures of 9 different guns.
weirdinv.zip1k03-12-16File is not ratedWeird Inverse Pattern
This weird recursive pattern is actually a visual representation of binary numbers; I made it symmetrical, thus giving it a really cool looking pattern
welcome.zip1k05-03-13File is not ratedWelcome
A nifty little welcome program that shows a blinking cursor (early matrix style), then prints out "welcome" typewriter style
while.zip1k07-09-10File is not ratedWhile Triangle
Progressionaly creates a triangle from top to bottom and then clears the same way it appeared.
windows.zip1k00-12-04File is not ratedWindows
Windows 83+ BETA. not really good for anything now, except for running ion and looking nice.
wow.zip1k01-08-05File is not ratedWOW!
A psychedelic and hypnotic design that will send you into a dream-like state of confusion and amazement. Enjoy!
write1.0.zip1k04-03-29File is not ratedWrite 1.0
This program allows you to create downward-scrolling text on your calculator. It also gives you something to change around during math class.
xgrapher.zip1k00-09-22File is not ratedX= Grapher
A program that graphs a line in terms of X.
xreflect.zip1k02-04-23File is not ratedXReflect
Reflects an image over the x axis.
year2000.zip1k00-03-29File is not ratedYear 2000 v1.0
This cool program was inspired by when I watched the ball drop in Times Square on New Year's Eve 2000. Watch the ball drop and then enter the New Millenium with cool fire works!
ygrapher.zip1k00-09-22File is not ratedY= Grapher
This programs graphs a line in terms of y.
yinyang2.zip1k05-02-03File is not ratedYin-Yang 2
How many equations does it take to generate a yin-yang symbol. One. If you don't believe me, check out the parametric equation in the equation editor. This is an upgrade of my previous yin-yang generator, which used nine function equations. Note: Unlike my previous program, there is no shading and it takes a while for the graph to be generated.
yinyang.zip1k05-01-04File is not ratedYin-Yang
This was one of my first programs on my TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. It basically generates a Yin-Yang symbol, including shading. Check out the program. You might find something interesting
yoyo.zip1k01-08-05File is not ratedyo-yo screen saver
it's a screen saver of a guy yo-yoing what else is there to say?
yreflect.zip1k02-04-23File is not ratedYReflect
Reflects an image over the y axis.
zbasikeys.zip1k03-06-04File is not ratedZBasikey 2.0 Library
This is it--this is a group of my newest ZBasikey programs. They are still subroutines and still in basic but still good. Have fun!

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