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2propztest2.zip1k13-07-04File is not rated2PropZTest Version 2
This program performs a 2Prop2Test with the added features: 1) The difference between the two is not necessarily zero, but it can be any real number. 2) Percents and number of successes along with sample sizes are considered. The program outputs test statistics and p-values. Enjoy!
aastat.zip4k04-08-28File rated 1.56AASTAT (revision 3)
A work of programming genius, this entirely-BASIC math program quickly and efficiently calculates mean, median, AND mode. Just enter your numbers separated by commas. It's super fast and comes with a huge tutorial heavily describing the way the code works.
ancova1.zip1k16-05-26File is not ratedANCOVA
This program will perform an ANCOVA for a Single Factor Design with one Covariate. Great for any one who is performing such tests. Enjoy!
anovainterval.zip1k14-03-10File is not ratedANOVA Interval
This program will compute a confidence interval for estimating population means when ANOVA is being performed. Great for statistics students studying ANOVA. Enjoy!
apstats2.zip1k09-05-05File is not ratedHypothesis Tests
This program includes information on the mean, std dev, assumptions, hypothesis, test stat, and confidence interval for 1 samp z test, 1 samp t test, 2 samp t test, 1 proportion z test, 2 proportion z test, chi squared, and lin reg t test. It also includes information on bionomal and geometric distrubtions.
apstatsti84.zip7k21-03-26File is not ratedAP Stats Program for TI-84 Plus
This program consists of a variety of features/solvers useful for AP Stats
apstats.zip18k04-03-03File is not ratedAP Statistics
This is a very useful program, made for the 73, 82, 83, and 83+/SE. The program tells and solve for most of the formulas covered in an AP Statistics class. In each formula, practically any variable can be solved for in the 83(+/SE) versions.
autocoin83p.zip1k02-03-01File is not ratedAutomatic Coin Flipper
Enter how many times you need to flip it, and it flips it and records the number of heads and tails
autocorrelation.zip1k14-01-23File is not ratedAutocorrelation
This program computes the Durbin-Watson statistic for determining autocorrelation in a general linear model. Just enter in the information. Please read the accompanying file for more information. Enjoy!
averageofrandoms.zip1k03-11-21File is not ratedAverage of Randoms
This simple program demonstrates the mathematic principle that the average of many random numers will always be half the maximum.
averagequantity.zip1k17-11-06File is not ratedArithmetic Mean
A simple averaging program. It will repeatedly ask for a single number and produce the statistical mean of all numbers input thus far with each new quantity.
bartlett.zip1k15-01-26File is not ratedBartlett
This program will perform a Bartlett test for equality of variances. Please read documentation for further details. Enjoy!
baseball.zip16k03-04-26File is not ratedTHE ONE AND ONLT BALEBALL STATISTICS PROGRAM
If You Like Baseballl You Will Like This Program. It Does The Following: Shows You What Every Symbol Means. Does Calculations Such As (Batting Average),(On Base Average),(Home Run: At Bats Ratio), And (Stike Out: Cum. At Bats Ratio), It Has Two Cool Pis That You Need To Download With The Program. Hope Its Useful And That You Enjoy It. To See More Of My Files Go To http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/authors/73/7371.html!! "THE ONE AND ONLY FILES"
basic_stats.zip1k12-01-21File is not ratedBasic stats
This program is for people who dont like to use the "stats-1-Var" and "Stats-2-var" functions. It gives you all the statistic parameters of statistic series (1 variable, 1variable+effectives, or 2 variables) coming soon: an extension with more complex statistics: Binomial, Student, khi² ...
bayese.zip18k15-05-10File is not ratedBAYESe
The Program computes the result of Bayes’ Theorem and gives P(A|B), that is, the probability of A given B. You enter P(A), P(B|A), and P(B|A’).
bayesformula.zip1k12-09-03File is not ratedBayes Formula
This program will compute the results of Bayes' formula. You can have more than two events. The program asks for the number of events and the associated probabilities for computing Bayes' Formula. Enjoy!
bcstats.zip6k04-08-03File is not ratedStatistics
Basically, this program will cover everything you'll need for a first year college non-calculus-based statistics course. The file is a group, so you'll need to send it to your calculator and ungroup it, then run the program called "aaas" to start the program. If there are any flaws in the program or if you have any problems, you can send me an e-mail at daddyrice@carolina.rr.com or an AOL instant message at MYNAMEISALLCAPS.
bday.zip1k21-08-30File is not ratedMailin T's Birthday Probability
Calculates the probability of someone in a group of n people having your birthday!
bell.zip1k05-09-08File is not ratedProgBell
This program integrates the normal bell curve for you. This is especially useful in Prob + Stat where you're given a chart and have to add and subtract and all of this long, annoying stuff. This simplifies it.
benford.zip1k12-07-19File is not ratedBenford
This program uses Benford's law to compute probabilities. Many options included. Enjoy!
bernoulli_35.zip1k11-06-25File is not ratedbernoulli
This program will determine the mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis for a given probability. It will also plot a histogram, cdf and a moment generating function.
bernoullirng.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedbernoulli random number generator
This program will generate a single bernoulli random number generator.
bernoullitheorem2.zip1k13-09-17File is not ratedBernoulli Theorem 2
This program will compute the delta value in Bernoulli's Theorem to inform you of the probability of obtaining such results. Great for probability and statistics students studying Bernoulli's theorem or the Law of Large Numbers. Enjoy!
bernoullitheorem.zip1k13-09-03File is not ratedBernoulli Theorem
This program works with Bernoulli's Theorem and acts as a precursor to the law of large numbers. Great for students and teachers alike who are working with the law of large numbers in an introductory setting. Enjoy!
bernoulli.zip1k06-07-18File is not ratedBernoulli's Trials
A simple program that does Beurnolli's trials for probability [(nCr)(p^r)(q^(n-r))] for both ordered and unordered events. Enter the probability of success (p), number of trials (n), and number of successes (r), and it will display the answer in fraction form (if possible). Bypasses tedious calculations, and can be used as a way of checking answers.
bestfite.zip13k11-12-16File is not ratedBESTFITe
The program graphs the scatter plot and shows the best fit for regression types: linear, quadratic, cubic, quartic, ln, exp, and power. The equation of best fit type is given and a prediction can be made.
bestfit.zip1k01-01-29File is not ratedThe Line Of Best Fit
This will find the best fit slope and y-intercept of a set of coordinates of two lists. In which L1 is the x-coordinates and L2 is the y-coordinates.
bingeom.zip4k01-04-04File is not ratedBinomial and Geometric Distributions
This is yet another program i have created for my stat class. I believe this along with EXPREG is one of my best ones. This can do almost anything you want it to on Binomial and Geometric Distributions. It is very self explanitory not like some of the programs you download only to find out the author created it for his or her use only and noone else can figure it out. It will do the PDF and CDF of both and also find the Mean and even do a Binomial Distribution Simulation. I love this program and it has helped me do great on tests.
binomialdistribution.zip1k14-03-23File is not ratedBinomial Distribution
This program works with the binomial distribution. It will plot the pmf and cdf, output the mean, median information, mode, variance, standard deviation, skew, excess kurtosis, entropy and approximate Fisher value. Enjoy!
binomiale.zip22k11-12-18File is not ratedBINOMIALe
The Program gives you all you need to know about a Binomial Distribution, that is: the mean, median, standard deviation, variance, and GRAPH. For X successes, you also get P(X = A), P(X < A), P(X > A), and P(A < X < B). In the lists is displayed the probability of X successes from 0 to n.
binomialhypothesistest.zip1k13-04-26File is not ratedBinomial Hypothesis Test
This program will perform a hypothesis test with the binomial distribution. If the assumption of normality is not fulfilled, then this program may be of use. Great for statistics classes. Enjoy!
binomialrandomgenerator.zip1k11-06-25File is not ratedbinomial random number generator
BINGEN This program is a "random" number generator based on the binomial distribution. It requires a probability, P, and a number of trials, N. it will then display a histogram and store the random numbers in a list. Enjoy!
binpdist.zip1k10-03-23File is not ratedBinomial Probability Distribution
A simple program that does the Binomial Probability Distribution equation for a stats class.
bnw.zip1k03-09-17File is not ratedBox and Whiskers
This is an easy-to-use box and whisker plot maker. It is so much easier than the built in one!
boreltannercdf.zip1k14-02-12File is not ratedBorel-Tanner CDF
This program computes the value on the CDF for the Borel-Tanner distribution as well as the mean and variance. Enjoy!
boxmuellerrng.zip1k13-05-11File is not ratedBox-Mueller RNG
This program works with the Box-Mueller Random Number Generator for generating two lists of independent Gaussian Random Variables. The user just enters in the number of Random Variables desired. Enjoy!
boxwhiskerutilities.zip13k04-03-16File is not ratedBox Whisker Utilities
An easy to use program that inputs variables / loads from L1 and gives you all the info you would need to know about a list/array. Gives 1,2,3 Quartiles, Mean, Median, Largest, and Smallest numbers. Ut also plots in a Box-Whisker Plot.
bptest.zip1k14-01-17File is not ratedBP Test
This program performs the Breusch-Pagan test for heteroscedasticity with one independent variable. Just enter in the lists and the program produces the test statistic, degrees of freedom and p-value. Great for business stats or anyone testing for heteroscedasticity. Enjoy!
brownianbridge.zip1k13-06-27File is not ratedBrownian Bridge
This program will display a Brownian Bridge (or a tied-down Wiener process). the user enters in the endpoints, the time interval and the number of intervals to compute. The program produces a graph of the process. Enjoy!
cauchydistribution.zip1k12-02-05File is not ratedCauchy Distribution
This program works with the Cauchy Distribution. The user inputs the location and scale parameters and the program produces the following: 1) a graph of the pdf, 2) a graph of the cdf, and 3) the mode, median and entropy. The moments do not exist. Enjoy!
cchart.zip1k13-08-18File is not ratedC Chart
This program will produce a C-Chart for quality control. Enjoy!
chapter1.zip3k01-02-06File is not ratedChapter 1 - Making Sense of Data
This is a program I made for my Chapter 1 test in which it includes tables and graphs, boxplots, histograms, and standard deviation. You will also need my program "Five Number Sum" to do a box-plot with this program. This is optional.
chebye.zip21k11-12-18File is not ratedCHEBYe
The Program uses CHEBYSHEV’S RULE to show 1. The least PERCENT of data that are within K standard deviations of the mean, and 2. The INTERVAL containing at least P percent of the data.
chebyshevrule.zip1k13-07-04File is not ratedChebyshev Rule
This program works with Chebyshev's rule for distributions. The user has the option of determining the number of standard deviations, the percent of data within a specified number of standard deviations or the construction of an interval around the mean that contains a specified percentage of the data. Enjoy!
chidistribution.zip1k11-12-05File is not ratedChi Distribution
This program works with the chi distribution (not chi-square). Enjoy!
chigof.zip1k19-08-07File is not ratedChi Square Goodness of Fit
fastest TI 83 Goodness of Fit Program only 93 bytes
chisqe.zip22k11-12-20File is not ratedCHISQe
The Program does a CHI-SQUARE TEST of INDEPENDENCE given a contingency table of values. It displays the Expected Values, Chi-Square, the p-value, the degrees of freedom, and states dependent or independent based on your level of significance alpha. You can also find the p-value given the degrees of freedom and Chi-Square.
chisqgof.zip1k17-02-15File is not ratedCHISQGOF
This program performs a Chi Square Goodness of Fit test for TI-83/TI-83 Plus calculators without this command built in. User must input Observed values in L1 and Expected values in L2 before running program.
chisqr.zip1k15-04-19File is not ratedAP Stats- Chi-Squared Notes
This program supplies one with all of the essential components of Chi-Squared knowledge. It lists the Conditions, Mechanics, Conclusion and Calculator tips for the average AP Stats student.
chisquarecontributions.zip35k11-07-29File is not ratedChi Square Contributions
This program will compute the expected counts and the contributions to a chi-square test of homogeneity and independence. The user inputs the information in matrix A. Matrix B will have the expected counts so that the chi-square test can be run using the default settings and the contributions to the test statistic are in matrix E. Enjoy!
chisquaredistribution.zip1k11-07-05File is not ratedChi Square Distribution
This program will find values on the chi-square pdf, the chi-square cdf and give the following measures: mean, approx median, mode, variance, standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis. The user only needs to enter in degrees of freedom.
chisquaregenerator.zip1k11-06-25File is not ratedchisquaregenerator
This program is a "random" number generator for a chi-square distribution. Enjoy!
chitests.zip2k05-09-26File is not ratedChi Statistical Tests
Very useful Statistical program, covering the Goodness of fit and Chi squared tests. Features include stating and checking for assumptions, displaying chi squared value, P-value, and degrees of freedom, tells you whether or not to reject the Ho hypothesis and at what alpha level, and does so in a very accurate, compact manner. If you are taking AP Statistics or any math class which uses these distribution tests, you will find this program extremely useful, even if it's just to check your work. -- By Fisch2
chowtest.zip1k15-01-19File is not ratedChow Test
This program will perform a Chow test from econometrics. Please read the documentation. Enjoy!
cirho.zip1k13-06-21File is not ratedConfidence Intervals Rho
This program will compute confidence intervals for the population correlation coefficients. Enjoy!
ciriskestimate.zip1k14-04-22File is not ratedCI Risk Estimates
This program will compute a confidence interval for the risk difference, the relative risk and the odds ratio for given data. Great for biostatistics students. Enjoy!
clopperpearson.zip1k15-07-09File is not ratedClopper Pearson
This program computes the "exact" interval for a confidence interval for a proportion. Great for Statistics classes. Enjoy!
cltdemo.zip1k12-05-17File is not ratedCentral Limit Theorem Demo
This program will demonstrate the central limit theorem. The user enters in a sample size. The program will first generate a sample list of data using the rand command, then it will average these values together. It will generate 100 sample averages total, compute the sample mean and the sample standard deviation of the sampling distribution based on the Central Limit theorem. It will also estimate the population mean and standard deviation based on this information. Finally it will generate a histogram of the sample averages to see if the shape resembles a normal distribution. Enjoy!
cmhtest.zip1k14-04-22File is not ratedCochran Mantel Haenszel Method
This program will perform the CMH method using a 2 x 2 table for each strata. Great for biostatistics. Enjoy!
cochranq.zip1k20-06-04File is not ratedCochran Q
This file computes information associated with Cochran's Q test. Please read accompanying documentation for more information. Enjoy!
coefficient_8.zip1k04-01-19File is not ratedCorrelation Coefficient
Enter data into two lists and it will give you the correlation coefficient.
coefficientofcontingency.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedCoefficient of Contingency
This program will compute Pearson's Coefficient of Contingency after a chi-square test is run. Use matrix A as the observed values and run a chi-square test to store the test statistic in memory. Enjoy!
coefficientofvariation.zip1k12-09-05File is not ratedcoefficientn of variation
This program will compute the coefficient of variation and output results as a percentage. The user may enter in statistics or a data list. Enjoy!
coinadv.zip2k04-10-07File is not ratedCoin ADV.
<<<>>> One of the most sophisticated BASIC Coin Toss Program you'll ever find. There aren't that many areas in Maths where Coin Toss is required...But for the Times You Do need one...Coin ADV. is very reliable. Its got everything you can do with a coin I can think of...(except buying stuff..lol) Features: Custom Toss: Tosses a single coin for a number of time you designate 1000 Toss: Mass Coin Tossing Component that Tosses a coin 1000 times, displaying the results of every 100 tosses in a neat table ^^ Single Toss: Simple Single Coin Toss Multi Toss: Tosses More than one coin at one time...At the moment, you can toss up to 4 coins at once. Quit: Not just an ordinary "Quit"...It restores your functions too. FULL INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM ITSELF. <<<>>> A bonus program I included the group. Restores Maths and Graphic Settings to Default...Perfect to run this quick, easy prgm just before an exam. (note: Changes mode to Degrees...not Radian) ENJOY~ ^^
coinflip.zip2k06-12-10File is not ratedCoin Flip
Flips a coin and draws a cumulative graph of the flips. Nice and fun Statistics program.
coinprobability.zip1k03-05-04File is not ratedCoin Probability
Quick and easy- tell it how many times you want to flip a coin, and it will tell you how many times each side came up.
cointoss.zip1k05-10-20File is not ratedCoin Toss Simulator v1.02
Input a number and this nifty little program will simulate tossing a coin that many times. Then it will output a line graph, showing the percentage of heads after each toss. The main purpose of this program is to demonstrate the Law of Large Numbers, but you can also use it to impress your Statistics teacher!
coin.zip1k05-04-01File is not ratedProbability Flip
Perfect for those boring physics classes, Probability Flip is a simple program where you enter the number of flips that you want the coin to perform and then the calculator simulates the coin flip. The percentages are shown in progress as the coin flips. It may not be a game but it could be more fun to watch than your boring teacher :)
concharte.zip17k11-12-20File is not ratedCONCHARTe
The Program displays a CONTROL CHART showing control lines at M + 3S, M + 2S, M + S, M, M – S, M – 2S, and M – 3S that are based on an expected mean M and standard deviation S.
concordance.zip1k14-02-19File is not ratedConcordance
This program computes the concordance of ranked data. Please read the accompanying documentation for a full description. Enjoy!
conditionalexpectation.zip1k13-06-27File is not ratedConditional Expectation
This program will compute the conditional expectation of a discrete random variable. The user inputs the requried information (be aware that lists are used heavily). The program outputs the conditional expectation. Great for advanced stats and probability. Enjoy!
conditionalprobability.zip1k13-06-27File is not ratedConditional Probability
This program will compute the conditional probability of a discrete random variable. The user inputs the required information (be aware that lists are used heavily for this program). The program outputs the conditional probability. Great for advanced stats and probability. Enjoy!
conditionalvariancediscre.zip1k14-03-10File is not ratedConditional Variance Discrete
This program will compute the conditional variance of two discrete random variables. Enjoy!
confidencebands.zip14k11-10-20File is not ratedConfidence Bands
This program will compute the confidence bands for E(y) with a regression line. It is reserved to lines for now. The user enters in the data, the confidence level, the number of intervals to generate so that points may be connected and the center location of these intervals. The program does the rest. See the documents for further info. Enjoy!
confinte.zip9k11-11-02File is not ratedCONFINTe
The Program computes z and t CONFIDENCE INTERVALS for the mean of a population showing 80%, 90%, 95%, 98%, 99%, and 99.9% confidence along with the MARGIN OF ERROR for each interval. The intervals are also shown on a graph so you can see the difference the confidence level makes.
continuousuniform.zip1k11-07-15File is not ratedContinuous Uniform
This program considers the continuous uniform density. The user inputs the left and right bounds for the density and can obtain measures, plots and values on the pdf, cdf, mgf, and inverse cdf. Enjoy!
cooksd.zip1k14-03-29File is not ratedCooks Distance
This program computes Cook's Distance for one independent variable in ordinary linear regression. Please read the documentation for a full description. Enjoy!
correlationmatrix.zip1k13-09-03File is not ratedCorrelation Matrix
This program will compute a correlation matrix. Enter the information as lists and the program does the rest. Great for statistics students. Enjoy!
cotez.zip1k05-04-13File is not ratedCOTEZ
This program lets you know the z cote of a data from a list of datas or with the average and the variance. Partially in French.
count5method.zip1k13-07-01File is not ratedCount 5 Method
This program performs the count 5 method for two lists to compare the population variances. It is an alternative to the F test. The user inputs the two lists and the signficance level (A-level in the program). The program outputs the test statistic, the critival value and the decision to make. Great for statistics. Enjoy!
covariancematrix.zip1k19-08-05File is not ratedCovariance Matrix
This program will compute population and sample covariance matrices as well as sample correlation matrix. Great for Statistics students. Enjoy!
covariance.zip1k12-07-05File is not ratedCovariance
This program computes sample and population covariances. Enjoy!
cramersvstatistic.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedCramer's V
This program computes Cramer's V test statistic to determine the degree of association between variables after running a chi-square test of independence. The user must enter the information of the observed values in matrix A and also must run the chi-square test on the calculator to have the values stored properly. Enjoy!
cramervonmisestest1.zip2k15-07-09File is not ratedCramer von Mises Test 1
This program will perform a 1-sample Cramer von Mises goodness of fit test comparing a data set to either normal, Student t, chi-square, F or uniform. Enjoy!
criticalpointscells.zip1k14-02-12File is not ratedCritical Points Cells
This program will compute the probability for a number of balls to occupy a specified number of cells, or given a probability, it will determine the minimum number of balls needed to occupy cells. Enjoy!
criticalvaluesr.zip1k13-06-21File is not ratedCritical Values for r
This program will compute critical values for r when conducting tests on correlations. Enjoy!
criticalvaluesspearman.zip1k13-07-06File is not ratedCritical Values Spearman
This file contains two programs, one for finding critical values on a TI-84 for Spearman's rank correlation coefficients and one for the TI-83. The TI-84 program uses the invT command. Enjoy!
cstat.zip14k03-06-14File is not ratedComplete A.P. Stat Program FINAL V. 1.0
Whether or not you liked my earlier versions (and I'm sure you didn't), you will love this program. It takes the majority of the functions and formulas that are required for the A.P. Test, performs them, and shows all of the work. No other program in existence is this useful! I have used it throughout the school year and I have aced every test without any thought. It could be a little more user friendly and now warns you when a list needs to be used, but it is a great program that you will all love. E-mail me any comments/questions.
cumupoly.zip3k07-05-16File is not ratedCumulative Frequency Polygon
Calculates and plots the cumulative frequencies of a data list.
curvefit.zip1k09-01-05File is not ratedCurve Fitting
Calculates the polynomial of least degree that passes exactly through any number of data points (Lagrange interpolation). Coefficients are stored in list and matrix form for your mathematical convenience and pleasure.
cve.zip14k12-03-07File is not ratedCVe
This Program replaces the need for the z-table and t-table. It finds the critical value CV for a given 1. center area c, 2. right tail area A’, 3. left tail area A’, or 4. two tail area A’’. It also shows the graph of the area.
cvmultipler.zip1k14-02-12File is not ratedCritical Values for Multiple R
This program will compute the critical values for a multiple regression coefficient. Please read accompanying documentation for more information. Enjoy!
dagostino.zip1k17-11-06File is not ratedD'Agostino K-squared Test
This program will perform D'Agostino's K^2 Test as well as a skew test and kurtosis test for normality. Enjoy!
dampedmotionregression.zip1k14-12-21File is not ratedDamped Harmonic Motion Regression
This program will compute a least-squares regression for a data set resembling damped harmonic motion. Enjoy!
degreesoffreedom.zip1k12-08-10File is not ratedDegrees of Freedom
This program computes the degrees of freedom for a 2-Sample T-Test by using a conservative measurement as well as the formula. It will also round the result of the formula accordingly. Enjoy!
deming.zip1k17-11-06File is not ratedDeming Regression
This program will perform a Deming Linear Regression. Enjoy!
descripte.zip39k11-12-20File is not ratedDESCRIPTe
The Program describes a list of measurements giving the count, the sum, mean, median, standard deviation, variance, range, mode, the box plot and the z-score of each measurement.
dice1.zip1k11-03-10File is not ratedRolling Dice
This program rolls any number of dice with up to 65536 number of sides, up to 6*10^17 number of times. What's special about it is that it uses a multiply with carry generator, instead of the built in random generator, and this mwc-generator has much better properties for generating random numbers.
dice2.zip1k00-05-15File is not ratedDice2
Rolls two virtual dice and gives you a nice little histogram of the data.
diceaaa.8xp1k03-03-10File is not ratedAAA dice
this is a good math program that lets you roll dice. It is better than most because you can choose the amount of dice, the amount of times thrown, and the number of sides on the dice.
diceroll.zip1k04-03-29File is not ratedDiceRoll 1.0
Umm... Rolls a dice?
dice.zip1k03-09-01File is not ratedDice Programs
This is a collection of programs that either roll dice or use data from rolling dice. This will work good for interpreting statistical data for dice.
differenceinmeanskruskalw.zip1k14-01-17File is not ratedDifference Kruskal Wallis
This program will compare two average rank values and conduct a chi-square test to determine if the difference between these two are significant. Great for business statistic students studying nonparametric methods. Enjoy!
discretecovariance.zip1k14-03-10File is not ratedDiscrete Covariance
This program computes covariance via expectation formulas. Enjoy!
discreterng.zip2k14-02-06File is not ratedDiscrete Random Number Generator
There are two programs in this zip file, one for the 84 (it uses the randIntNoRep command) and one for the 83 (which does not use it, but a programmable substitute from TI-Developer). Either of these programs will compute a listing of random numbers from a user provided probability model. See the accompanying documentation for a full description of the program. Enjoy!
discretervmeasures.zip1k12-09-05File is not ratedDiscrete RV Measures
This program produces the mean, variance and standard deviation for a discrete random variable. Great for beginners in statistics as well as programming. The user only inputs two lists: the values the random variable takes on and the probability of taking on these values. The program computes the rest. Enjoy!
discreteuniformdistributi.zip1k11-07-27File is not ratedDiscrete Uniform Distribution
This program gives information about the discrete uniform distrubtion. It will generate plots, measures and values on the pdf and cdf curves. Enjoy!
discretevariance.zip1k14-03-05File is not ratedDiscrete Variance
This program computes variance for discrete RV using the expectation formula. Enjoy!
easystat.zip4k03-12-03File is not ratedEasy Statistics
This program will easily give you the Min, Max, Mean, Median, Sum, Standard Deviation, and Variance of any list.
empircal.8xp.zip1k10-11-23File is not ratedEmpirical Rule (68-95-99.5)
Finds the mean and standard deviation of L1, then the number of list elements between -1 and 1 standard deviation, -2 and 2, and -3 and 3 standard deviations away from the mean. Then it finds the percentages, which you can compare to 68-95-99.5 A bonus: it's tiny!
entropy.zip1k18-10-02File is not rateddiscrete entropy
This program computes discrete entropy for a data list. It outputs bits, bats and nats. Great for statistics or information theory. Enjoy!
erf_erfc.zip4k08-04-14File is not ratedGaussian Error Function: erf( and erfc(
A set of programs the computes the erf(x) and erfc(x). Unlike similar programs available here, the result given by these programs is accurate to all 10 decimals displayed by the calculator.
erf.zip1k04-11-20File is not ratedGaussian Error Function
This program calculates the error function of the inputed parameter. The program calculates the value iterativly, and is fairly accurate. Comments are Welcome.
erlangdistributiongen.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedErlang Distribution Generator
This program constructs a list of random variables that have a gamma distribution or an Erlang distribution.
erlangrandomgen.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedErlang Random Number Generator
This program acts as a "random" number generator for the Erlang distribution.
expdiste.zip30k12-03-29File is not ratedEXPDISTe
For an EXPONENTIAL Random Variable X with average a on the interval 0 to infinity, the Program gives the 1. expected value or mean E(X), 2. variance VAR(X), 3. standard deviation, 4. median, 5. P(X < A), P(X > A), P(A < X < B), and 6. graph of the distribution showing the probability.
exponentialconf.zip1k11-11-04File is not ratedExponential Confidence Interval
This program will find a confidence interval for the maximum likelihood estimate for the parameter. Enjoy!
exponentialdistribution_29.zip1k11-07-05File is not ratedExponential Distribution
This program will do the following: 1) It computes values and graphs the exponential pdf. 2) It computes values and graphs the exponential cdf. 3) It computes the mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis, failure rate and entropy. 4) It will also produce the first and third quartiles and a graph of the quantile (inverse cdf) function. 5)
exponentialdistribution.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedexponential distribution generator
This program displays a histogram of N identically exponentially distributed random variables.
exponentialrng.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedexponential RNG
This program is a random number generator for the exponential distribution.
expreg.zip1k00-12-04File is not ratedExpreg
This is another great program i have created for my statistics class. It does both exponential and power regression growth. You simply tell it where the infromation is and it does everything for you. But i do suggest that if you don't know a little about exponetial or power regression not to use this program cause it will confuse you more than you were in the first place.
extremestandarddeviate.zip1k14-08-20File is not ratedExtreme Standard Deviate
This program works with the extreme standard deviate when given population information. Please read the documentation. Enjoy!
fastmodefinder.zip1k08-11-30File is not ratedFast Mode Finder
Have you noticed that your TI-83/84 has built in functions for mean and median, but not for mode? This program will find the mode(s) of a list, and do it quickly.
fdistributionconfidence.zip1k11-10-18File is not ratedF-interval
This program will compute the confidence interval for the ratio of two population variances based on the sample variances using the F-distribution. The user inputs the information and receives the point estimate for the ratio as well as the lower and upper bound for the interval. Enjoy!
fdistribution.zip1k11-10-18File is not ratedF-Distribution
This program will work with the F-distribution. It will supply information about the pdf, the cdf and measures. These measures include the mean, mode, approximate median, variance, std deviation, skewness and kurtosis. Enjoy!
fencescalculator.zip1k15-01-04File is not ratedFences Calculator
This program calculates the fences of a set of data to determine the outliers given a Q1 and Q3. This program is easy to use and saves time on stats tests. Enjoy!!
fences.zip1k12-06-03File is not ratedFences
This program computes the fences for outliers using the mild outlier rule and the extreme outlier rule. Enjoy!
finitepopulationcorrectio.zip1k12-07-19File is not ratedFinite Population Correction Factor
This program computes the margin of error or the sample size for a proportion using the finite population correction factor. Enjoy!
firstorderexpsmooth.zip1k14-02-19File is not ratedFirst Order Exponential Smoothing
This program will perform a first order exponential smoothing technique for forecasts. It also outputs the mean square error for such forecasts. Great for business statistics students. Enjoy!
fishernoncentralhypergeom.zip1k14-04-20File is not ratedFisher Noncentral Hypergeometric
This program works with Fisher's Non-central Hypergeometric distribution. The user may evaluate values on the PMF or obtain measures about this distribution. Enjoy!
freqc.zip2k04-12-18File is not ratedList Frequency Count
This programme computes the frequency of repetitive elements in a specific list (Defined by the user). Check out the screen shots.
freqdiste.zip16k11-12-24File is not ratedFREQDIST
Enter a frequency distribution. The Program displays: mean, median, standard deviation, variance, relative frequencies, and GRAPH.
freqmakee.zip8k13-06-12File is not ratedFREQMAKEe
The program makes a Frequency Distribution from given raw data entered into L1. After the program runs, the unique data is then displayed in L1 with frequencies in L2 and relative frequencies in L3. The original data is moved to L5 and sorted in L6.
freqplot.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedStatistical Plots
Makes the lists and graphs for the frequency plot, relative frequency plot (%), cumulative frequency, and ogive (cumulative %); read more about the program in my readme.txt file in the freqplot.zip file.
frequencypolygon.zip1k13-07-06File is not ratedFrequency Polygon
This program will construct a frequency polygon. The user inputs the data list and the number of classes. The program will give the choice of frequency polygon, histogram or both. Great for elementary statistics. Enjoy!
friedmantest.zip1k20-11-15File is not ratedFriedman Test
This program conducts the Friedman test from non-parametric statistics. The user enters in the number of blocks, the number of treatments and then the data as lists (the size of the lists = the number of treatments). The program outputs information. Please read the accompanying documentation for further details. Enjoy!
ftestutility.zip1k14-03-10File is not ratedFTest Utility
This program performs a one-sided F-Test for determining the utility of a general linear model. Can input data or statistics for this program. Enjoy!
ft.zip1k21-09-28File is not ratedLevi's Free Throw Probability Program
Calculates the probability of making a certain number of free throws. Input your free throw percentage and number of attempts.
gammadis.zip1k16-05-08File is not ratedGamma Distribution
This program will produce information concerning the gamma distribution along with graphs. Enjoy!
generallinearmodelfile.zip21k11-10-20File is not ratedGeneral Linear Model T-Interval
This program will compute the estimates and confidence intervals for a general linear model of the form: y = b0 + b1x1 + b2x2 + ... It will also produce the variance matrix so that you may determine the variance for each estimate. It also gives degrees of freedom and the variance estimate for the population. Enjoy!
geodiste.zip18k12-03-29File is not ratedGEODISTe
Given the probability of success p, the Program 1. Graphs a GEOMETRIC DISTRIBUTION, 2. Gives its mean, standard deviation, and variance, and 3. Finds P(X = A), P(X < A), P(X > A), P(A < X < B).
geomean2.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedGeometric Mean
Find the geometric mean.
geomeanwill.zip1k02-03-23File is not ratedGeometric Mean
Pretty simple program. Finds the geometric mean of two numbers. It works.
geomean.zip1k01-02-20File is not ratedGeometric Mean
A very simple, yet reliable, geometric mean program.
geometricgenerator.zip1k11-06-25File is not ratedgeometric generator
This program generates random numbers based on a geometric distribution and also displays a histogram. Enjoy!
geometricrng.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedGeometric RNG
This program is a random number generator for the geometric distribution.
geometric.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedGeometric Distribution
This program will compute probabilities for the geometric distribution (under the rule that we are investigating the number of trials until the first success, not the number of failures until the first success so the support are the natural numbers). It will also compute the mean, median, mode, standard deviation, variance, skewness and kurtosis. The user may also plot a histogram, a graph of the cdf and a frequency polygon for a specified distribution.
glejser.zip1k15-04-25File is not ratedGlejser
This program performs a Glejser test for heteroscedasticity. Great for econometrics. Enjoy!
gmean.zip1k02-06-19File is not ratedGeometric Mean
Calculates the geometric mean of a series of numbers. Pretty idiot proof, though I'm probably under-estimating the idiot population.
gofarbitrary.zip1k11-10-21File is not ratedGOF arbitrary
This program will compute a chi-square goodness of fit test for an arbitrary discrete distribution. Enjoy!
gofbinomial.zip1k11-10-21File is not ratedGOF binomial
This program will perform a chi-square goodness of fit test assuming the distribution is binomial. Enjoy!
gofnormal2.zip1k13-05-24File is not ratedGOF Normal 2
This program, unlike my previous one, will perform a GOF test for normal distributions when we use sample statistics rather than having the population parameters specified. It will output the df (N-3 this time), the test statistics and the p-value. Enjoy!
gofnormal.zip1k11-10-21File is not ratedGOF normal
This program will perform a chi-square goodness of fit test for data that is assumed to be normally distributed. Enjoy!
gofpoisson.zip1k11-10-21File is not ratedGOF poisson
This program will perform a chi-square goodness of fit test with the hypothesized distribution a poisson. Enjoy!
gofuniform.zip1k11-10-21File is not ratedGOF uniform
This program will perform a chi-square goodness of fit test under the hypothesis that the distribution is uniform (evenly distributed). Enjoy!
goldfeldquandttest.zip1k15-01-11File is not ratedGoldfeld Quandt Test
This is test of unequal variances common in econometrics. Enjoy!
grpdatae.zip23k15-05-22File is not ratedGRPDATAe
This Program will display facts about GROUPED DATA: midpoints, relative frequency, mean, median, standard deviation, variance, and graph. First enter the width boundaries in L1 and L2 the frequencies in L3. Start the Program to display facts about the distribution. Press [ENTER] to see the graph*. Go back to the LISTS: [STAT] 1 to see the midpoints and relative frequencies. Press [GRAPH] [TRACE] and the left and right arrow keys to move about the graph.
gtestgof.zip1k14-04-27File is not ratedG-Test GOF
This program will perform a G-Test goodness of fit as an alternative to the chi-square test. Enjoy!
hartley.zip1k14-02-19File is not ratedHartley
This program will perform a Hartley test for testing homogeneity of population variances (an extension of the F-test). Please read the enclosed documentation for a full description. Enjoy!
histograme.zip25k12-03-29File is not ratedHIST
The Program makes a Histogram from a list of measurements. It suggests the number of bars, or classes, K for your data, but you can override this. Also, the width range is given corresponding to your choice of K. You enter width W from the range. A whole number width is best, if possible. You will see the boundaries of each bar, the frequency and relative frequency of each class.
hotellingt2.zip1k15-02-15File is not ratedHotelling T-Square Test
This program performs a Hotelling T-square test (the multivariate equivalent to the t-test). The user may enter in data or statistics. Enjoy!
howto3e.zip10k12-03-10File is not ratedHOWTO3e
This Program gives the step by step details of how to, by hand, find 1. The ODDS against an event E happening given the probability E will or will not happen, 2. The ODDS an event E will happen given the probability E will or will not happen, 3. The probability E will not happen given the ODDS against E happening or happening, 4. The probability E will happen given the ODDS against E happening or happening.
hyperbolicregression.zip1k12-05-10File is not ratedHyperbolic Regression
This program is designed to fit a curve of the form y = 1/(a+bX) to a set of data. The user inputs the x-list and the y-list and the program outputs a, b and r^2. It also gives the user the option to see the graph. Enjoy!
hyperbolicsecantdistribut.zip1k13-04-12File is not ratedHyperbolic Secant Distribution
This program deals with the hyperbolic secant distribution. It works with the pdf, cdf, mgf, cf, inverse cdf and outputs values like the mean, median, variance, etc. Enjoy!
hypere.zip49k12-03-29File is not ratedHYPERe
The Program finds 1. The HYPERGEOMETRIC probability of getting K good objects when R objects are selected from N objects in which G are good, 2. The mean, median, standard deviation, and variance of the HYPERGEOMETRIC DISTRIBUTION, 3. The graph of the distribution, and 4. P(X < A), P(X > A ), P(A < X < B).
hypergeometricdistributio.zip1k11-06-25File is not ratedhypergeometric
This program finds probabilities, measures and graphs of hypergeometric distributions. Enjoy!
hyperg.zip1k13-04-12File is not ratedHyperG
Gives the mean, median, mode and standard deviation of a Hypergeometric distribution, where "n" = size of the selection set "k" = size of some category within that set "r" = number of draws
hypothesistestexpectedy.zip1k14-01-17File is not ratedHypothesis Test Expected Y
This program will perform a hypothesis test on the expected values of the output variable. Great for business students studying statistics. Enjoy!
hypothesistestmultico.zip1k14-02-06File is not ratedHypothesis Test Multico
This program performs a hypothesis test for multicollinearity between two independent variables. Enjoy!
ichart.zip1k07-12-28File is not ratediChart
iChart is a chart/plot/graphing program which allows the user to create pie-charts, bar-graphs, histograms, Stem & Leaf Plots, and box(& whisker) plots. In addition, it cangive you a five-number analysis (min, Q1, median, Q2, max) as well as sample & population deviation. Additionally, it will give you the number of outliers and what they are.
index1.zip1k19-08-05File is not ratedIndex1
This program will compute Laspeyres and Paasche indices. Great for business stats students. Enjoy!
infiniterolls.zip1k11-05-01File is not ratedInfinite Rolls
This program can simulate rolling a die with any number of sides any number of times. Updated version includes a histogram.
interactionplots.zip1k13-08-03File is not ratedInteraction Plots
This program will display interaction plots if the user is conducting a two-way ANOVA. Great for second statistics courses or experimental design. Enjoy!
intervale.zip32k12-03-29File is not ratedINTERVALe
The Program finds the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd standard deviation INTERVALS about a known mean and standard deviation. If the data is from a sampling distribution, the standard error of the mean is also found.
invchisquare2.zip1k13-07-04File is not ratedInverse Chi-Square 2
This program is an alternate version of the inverse chi-square program that uses a formula rather than solves an equation. The user inputs the sample size and the alpha-level. It will find the score to the alpha-level corresponds to the area right of the value. Enjoy!
invchisquare.zip1k13-06-29File is not ratedInverse Chi-Square
This program computes the critical values for the chi-square distribution. Just enter the area to the right of the critical value and the degrees of freedom (this is to be consistent with current tables). Enjoy!
inversechisquarev2.zip1k19-04-03File is not ratedInverseChiSquarev2
Contains two versions of computing inverse chi square functions, one will output just right-sided scores for the chi-square distribution and the other will output both left scores and right scores for an assigned probability. Enjoy!
inversef.zip1k13-07-01File is not ratedInverse F
This program will compute inverse F values. The user enters the area to the right of the value under the F distribution the degrees of freedom for the numerator and denominator respectively. The program will output the score. Enjoy!
inverserangeintegral.zip1k16-08-13File is not ratedInverse Range Integral
This program will compute critical values for the Range Integral. It runs slow, but it is small. Enjoy!
inversetprogram.zip1k12-09-05File is not ratedInverse T command
Similar to the invNorm command on TI-83 Plus calculators, this one determines the t-value for an area left under a t-distribution. While a command for this exists on the TI-84, there is not one for the TI-83 Plus. Enjoy!
inversetriangularscore.zip1k13-07-21File is not ratedInverse Triangular Scores
This program will compute inverse triangular values for a triangular distribution. The user inputs the the endpoints and the location of the mode and the percentage of data left of the score. The program computes the score and will draw a picture of the situation. Great for statistics students. Enjoy!
inverseuniform.zip1k13-08-23File is not ratedInverse Uniform
This program computes the score for a uniform density. The user may input the endpoints or the mean and standard deviation of the uniform density and then the amount of are LEFT of score. The program outputs the score and a diagram of the situation. Great for elementary statistics and probability students. Enjoy!
invertedchisquaredistribu.zip1k14-04-09File is not ratedInverted Chi-Square Distribution
This program works with the inverse (or inverted) chi-square distribution. It will produce values on the pdf, cdf and measures. Graphs of the pdf and cdf are also produced. Enjoy!
invertedchisquarerng.zip1k14-04-06File is not ratedInverted Chi-Square RNG
There are two files in this folder, one for generating a single random value based on the inverted chi-square distribution and another that will generate a histogram with 99 values showing an approximation to the pdf. Enjoy!
invrst.zip1k06-08-13File is not ratedInverse T distribution
This finds the function value of the t-distribution given the degrees of freedom and the p-value or the area of the tail.
invt.zip1k05-04-12File is not ratedInverse T
Because the TI-83 does not have an Inverse T function for use in statistics, I decided to make a program that calculates it for you via a 'back door'. The details on how this program works can be found here: http://www.webb.org/math/starnes/inverse_t_on_the_ti.htm. Version 2: Used a different backdoor approach. This one is much slower, but will return more accurate results, and should not have domain errors.
jbtest.zip1k13-09-17File is not ratedJBTest
This program performs the Jarque-Bera test on a data set to test for normality. The user may enter in data or statistics. The test uses the skew and kurtosis measures (moment formulas). The program will produce the test statistic, the skew, the kurtosis, the sample size and the p-value (it uses chi-square with 2 degress of freedom and this is an asymptotic result). Enjoy!
jesse2.zip1k04-02-17File is not ratedStat Stuff
This program returns, with the push of a button, the mean, Standard Deviation, and much more! It even equaits an inputted Z-score. Finds the above values from a list, inputted either, from a premade location, or right on the spot. You could do all these things by pencila nd paper, one by one on your calculator...or at the push of a button.
kaplanmeiertest1.zip1k15-07-10File is not ratedKaplan-Meier Test 1
This program performs a Kaplan-Meier test for 1 sample from survival analysis. Please read the accompanying documentation for details. Enjoy!
kendalltau.zip1k14-02-19File is not ratedKendall's Tau
This program will compute Kendall's tau for ranked data. Please read the accompanying documentation for a full description. Enjoy!
kmeans.zip1k19-11-12File is not ratedKMeans
This is a program for applying K-means algorithm to two attributes and two groups. Basic intro problem for such an algorithm. Please read over documentation for details. Great for intro data science. Enjoy!
knn.zip1k19-10-14File is not ratedKNearestNeighbor
This program performs K Nearest Neighbor predictions for 2 classes. Great for data science or statistics. Enjoy!
kruskallwallis.zip1k13-07-06File is not ratedKruskal-Wallis Test
This program will perform a Kruskal-Wallis test for non-parametric statistics. The user inputs the ranks of the data or the statistics gathered from the data. The program will output the test statistic and p-value. Enjoy!
kurtosistest.zip2k14-02-19File is not ratedKurtosis Test
This program performs a test of non-normality using the kurtosis of a data set. Included are lists used in the program, so please download these as well if you use the program. Please read the documentation for a full description. Enjoy!
kurtosis.zip1k11-06-30File is not ratedkurtosis
This program will find the kurtosis of a list of data via one of three formulas: 1) Moments 2) Excess 3) SAS formula These formulas can be found on the website: www.ats.ucla.edu/stat/mult_pkg/faq/general/kurtosis.htm
laplacedistribution.zip1k11-11-04File is not ratedLaplace Distribution
This program outputs information about the Laplace (or double exponential) distribution. Enjoy!
laplacehistogram.zip1k11-11-04File is not ratedLaplace Histogram
This program will compute 100 random numbers according to the Laplace distribution and plot the histogram. Enjoy!
laplacerng.zip1k11-11-04File is not ratedLaplace RNG
This program will compute a random number according to a Laplace distribution. Enjoy!
lawoflargenumbers.zip1k11-06-17File is not ratedLaw of Large Numbers
This is a short program for demonstrating the law of large numbers. Users enter in a list of data and receive a plot of the number of the data value versus the average of values up to and including that particular value. Can be useful for classroom demonstrations. Enjoy!
lda.zip1k19-09-06File is not ratedLDA
This program performs linear discriminant analysis for two classes. Please read over the documentation for details. It outputs the classification of a prediction only. Great for small demonstrations. Enjoy!
leastsquarepolynomial.zip1k13-10-04File is not ratedLeast-Squares Polynomial Fit
This program will fit a polynomial of higher degree to a data set. The calculator's pre-programmed commands stop at fourth degree polynomials, this program allows you to choose the degree. Enjoy!
levene.zip1k16-03-28File is not ratedLevene
This program will perform a modified Levene test as an alternative to the F-test. Enjoy!
leveragestatistics.zip1k14-03-25File is not ratedleverage statistics
This program produces leverage statistics used in ordinary linear regression Enjoy!
linearcontrast.zip2k14-08-21File is not ratedLinear Contrast
This program works with the concept of linear contrast in statistics. Please read the documentation for further information. Enjoy!
linearregressionperpendic.zip1k14-11-14File is not ratedLinear Regression Perpendicular Offsets
This program will compute the linear regression using perpendicular offsets instead of vertical offsets. Enjoy!
linereg.zip1k09-09-27File is not ratedLine Regression Solver
Just enter in your points and the program will graph it for you and show you the best fit line.
linreg2.zip1k13-08-03File is not ratedLinReg2
This program will compute a linear regression when given statistics on a data set instead of a data list. It will also compute the deviations of data point has from the mean. Great for elementary statistics. Enjoy!
linrege.zip36k12-03-29File is not ratedLINREGe
This LINEAR REGRESSION Program displays the scatter plot, then the line of best fit, then its equation along with r and r2. In the lists you will see each actual y, the predicted y, the error and relative error of each y.
linregtint2.zip1k15-02-12File is not ratedLinRegTInt2
This file is an update of my previous LinRegInt program and contains an easier readout and more info. Enjoy!
linregtint83.zip1k12-08-15File is not ratedLinRegTInt83
This is a version of the LinRegTInt command that appears on the TI-84 calculator but is programmed for the TI-83+. This program will also compute the confidence interval for the y-intercept as well as the slope of the line whereas the TI-84 program only does the slope. Enjoy!
linregttest2.zip1k13-06-21File is not ratedLinRegTTest 2
This program will conduct a t-test on the slope of the least-squares regression line with the added feature that the hypothesized slope is not zero. The LinRegTTest command assumes this, but this program does not. Enjoy!
list_calc.zip1k03-12-22File is not ratedList Manipulator
Input how many numbers you have in a particular list, then input the numbers themselves, then pick an item from the menu to get goin'! Gets Average, Median, or Range without YOU having to do any thinking. ;) E-mail me @ ezekielvictor@hotmail.com or AIM me @ zekecoasterfreak (if you e-mail me, please include something like "TI-Programs" in the subject line) -Feel Free To Share This Release .. Make Sure I Receive Credit!-
list.zip1k03-09-08File is not ratedList Information
This program will display information(minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation, variance, how many numbers there are, and mean) about the list that you enter.
lnrgtint.zip1k20-08-10File is not ratedLNRGTINT.zip
program for linear regression T-Interval
lnrgttil.zip1k15-04-19File is not ratedLinear Regression T Tests/Interval Notes
This program contains all the notes needed for Linear Regression distributions. It contains the Intro, Conditions, Mechanics, Conclusion and tips.
logisticdistribution.zip1k14-03-13File is not ratedLogistic distribution
This program works with the logistic distribution. Please read over the documentation for a description. Enjoy!
logit.zip1k19-10-14File is not ratedLogit
This program performs 0/1 logit analysis for 2 classes. Great for data science and statistics. Enjoy!
lognormaldistribution.zip1k11-11-11File is not ratedLognormal Distribution
This program will graph the pdf of a lognormal distribution. It will also give values for the cdf function (left, right or between). A graph of the cdf can be available (but it takes a little time). This program will also output measures associated with the lognormal distribution. Enjoy!
lognormalgenerator.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedLognormal Distribution Generator
This program will output a histogram for N lognormally distributed random variables.
lognormalrng.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedLognormal RNG
This is a random number generator for the lognormal distribution.
lslr.zip1k14-10-01File is not ratedLine Squared Linear Regression
Give the Program the needed info and it will calculate the line of best fit for you.
mahanobisdistance.zip1k15-05-15File is not ratedMahanobis Distance
This program will compute the Mahanobis distance and pooled covariance matrix for 2 groups of 2-D data. Enjoy!
manimo.zip1k02-03-03File is not ratedManimo
Use this prog (random) instead throwing a penny to choose between 2 (2 to infinite) choices.
mannwhitney.zip1k13-07-06File is not ratedMann-Whitney Test
This program will perform a Mann-Whitney non-parametric statistics test. The user inputs the ranks of the data values and the program outputs the test statistic and p-value. Enjoy!
marginalconditionaldistri.zip1k13-08-18File is not ratedMarginal Conditional Distribution
This program will produce a marginal or a conditional distribution for a two-way table. Enjoy!
matchedpairsversion2.zip1k11-07-08File is not ratedMatched Pairs T Test Version 2
This is an improvement on my first matched pairs t-test program. This program will perform the test using a data list or statistics. It will also compute the confidence intervals if you have a data list or statistics. If you run a test it will produce the test statistic, the p-value and if you entered in a significance level, it will also produce the decision to make. If you compute a confidence interval, it will provide you with the sample mean, the standard error (not standard deviation), the interval as well as the margin of error. Enjoy!
mcnemar.zip1k12-04-25File is not ratedMcNemar's Test
This program performs McNemar's test for dependent samples using proportions. The user enters in the information in matrix format and the program outputs probabilities for successes, test statistic and p-values. It also checks to see if the conditions are satisfied to perform the test. Enjoy!
mds.zip105k04-12-14File is not ratedMultidimensional Scaling
Multidimensional scaling (MDS) is used to display high-dimensional statistical data on a two-dimensional screen. Different techniques are used for different types of data. This package includes correspondence analysis, principal components analysis, biplot axes, classical scaling, unfolding and Procrustes analysis. A user's guide is included. Knowledge of programming isn't required.
meanabsolutedeviation.zip1k11-07-08File is not ratedAbsolute Deviation Measures
This program produces the mean absolute deviation and the median absolute deviation for a data set. The user inputs a data set and the program outputs the mean absolute deviation as well as the median absolute deviation (absolute deviation is minimized when the median is used, similarly the standard deviation is minimized when the mean is used). Enjoy!
meanfinder.zip1k08-11-30File is not ratedMeanFinder
MeanFinder is a program that finds the mean (average) of a specified number of numbers. This program is 768 bytes in size. More information in the Readme.
meanmeasures.zip1k13-07-21File is not ratedMean Measures
This file contains two programs, one is for computing the Tukey Trimean for the measure of the center of a data set and the other is the Trimmed Mean. The user enters in a data set and the percentage of data to "trim" from both ends. Great for statistics students. Enjoy!
meanpredictioninterval.zip1k12-09-05File is not ratedMean Prediction Interval
This program computes the prediction interval for the mean rsponse value rather than an individual response value. The user enters in the lists, the x0 value and the confidence level. The program outputs the interval, the x0 value, the y-value used in the estimation, the standard error and the degrees of freedom. Enjoy!
meansquareerror.zip1k14-01-06File is not ratedMean Square Error
This program will compute the mean square error among data lists for a statistical calculation. Just enter in the information and the program will output the mean square error. Great for second level statistics students. Enjoy!
means.zip1k00-07-14File is not ratedMeans Formulas v1.10
This program deals with the arithmetic mean, the geometric mean, and the harmonic mean.
medianconfidence.zip1k12-02-05File is not ratedMedian Confidence Interval
This program will compute the confidence interval for a median. Enjoy!
millsratio.zip1k14-02-06File is not ratedMills Ratio
This program plots Mills Ratios for several different types of distributions. Enjoy!
minimumsamplesizehypergeo.zip1k13-12-31File is not ratedMinimum Sample Size Hypergeometric
This program will compute the minimum sample size needed if sampling from a hypergeometric distribution. Enjoy!
mode1.zip1k11-03-29File is not ratedList Mode
This program finds the mode of a list. You enter the numbers either directly or as a defined list, ( for example LN ). The numbers go into L1, which is reduced to one element, if there is a mode. L2 and L3 are also used.
modefinder.zip1k05-07-03File is not ratedMode finder v1.1 By Max B.
This little program quickly finds the mode of L1, even if the mode is more than 1 number. It is helpful, and has no known errors other than memory.
modejlh.zip1k14-03-09File is not ratedMODEJL
This program find the mode of a data set. The user enters in the data list and the program outputs the mode. This program will output multiple modes if they exist. Enjoy!
mode.zip19k16-03-03File is not ratedMode 3-In-1
This program adds the capability of finding the mode of a set of numbers, the mode of a particular number that the user can specify and also the mode of a range of numbers. When finding just the mode of a list, it will produce a new list of all unique modes in order and also a matrix of each mode in order from most frequently found to least. I could only find programs that gave only the standard mode, but nothing that ordered all the numbers in a list of unique numbers, so ta-da, I made this! I'm sure you will find this useful, as the TI-83 and TI-84 do not have this functionality.
mpairsttest.zip1k11-06-15File is not ratedmpairsttest
This program will perform a matched-pairs t-test with two samples. The user will input two lists and it will take the difference (L1 - L2) and ask for the alternative hypothesis and whether or not you wish to have a drawing. Enjoy!
multinomial.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedMultinomial Distribution
This program computes the probability, expected value, variance, covariance of two variables and the correlation between two variables for a multinomial distribution. The user enters the number per group in L1 and the probabilities for these groups in L2. Enjoy!
multipletci.zip1k14-08-21File is not ratedMultiple T Confidence Interval
This program uses the idea of developing a confidence interval for ANOVA using a t-distribution. Please read the documentation for further information. Enjoy!
multir.zip1k14-02-07File is not ratedMulti R
This program computes the coefficients of correlation and determination (adjusted values as well) when performing a multiple linear regression. Enjoy!
mwc.zip3k06-09-08File is not ratedMultiply with Carry
Two Multiply with Carry random generators with periods of 2^59 and 2^120 resp. This type of generator is known for its good properties. Text versions in the file. Also enclosed a text file on the subject by George Marsaglia.
nct2.zip1k14-02-16File is not ratedNCT 2
This is a very short program for computing values on the noncentral student T cdf. It is usually accurate within 2%. Enjoy!
ndieprobability.zip1k12-07-19File is not ratedN-Sided Die Probability
This program computes the probability of obtaining the ith face on the ith roll of an n-sided die. It will also handle the infinity case as well. Enjoy!
negativebinomialgenerator.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedNegative Binomial Distribution Generator
This program will generate 99 random numbers according to the negative binomial distribution and plot a histogram for this list.
negativebinomial.zip1k11-06-30File is not ratednegative binomial
This program uses the formula: (y-1) C (r-1) p^r (1-p)^(y-r) to compute negative binomial probabilities, and plots of the distribution. The program will compute the following 1) Probabilities a) P(x <= k) b) P(x < k) c) P(x >= k) d) P(x > k) e) P(x = k) f) P(x != k) g) between values as well 2) Mean 3) Mode 4) Variance 5) Standard Deviation 6) Skewness 7) Kurtosis It will plot the following: 1) Histrogram 2) Cumulative Distribution function 3) Frequency Polygon with or without histogram (user's choice) Enjoy!
negativehypergeometric.zip46k11-07-22File is not ratedNegative Hypergeometric Distribution
This program works with the negative hypergeometric distribution. It will compute probabilities, the mean, mode, approx median, variance and standar deviation. It will also produce histograms, frequency polygons and CDFs. Enjoy!
negbinomialrng.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedNegative Binomial RNG
This is a random number generator for the negative binomial distribution.
noncentralchisquaredistri.zip1k11-12-08File is not ratedNoncentral Chi Square Distribution
This program works with the noncentral chi-square distribution. It will produce graphs of pdf's, cdf's and measures associated with the noncentral chi-square distribution. Enjoy!
noncentralchisquarehistog.zip1k11-12-08File is not ratedNoncentral Chi Square Histogram
This program will generate a histogram of 99 random variables generated according to the noncentral chi-square distribution. The user inputs the degrees of freedom and the meand and variance of the normal distribution the variates are to be chosen. Enjoy!
noncentralchisquarerng.zip1k11-12-08File is not ratedNoncentral Chi Square RNG
This is a random number generator for a noncentral chi-square distribution. Enjoy!
noncentralfhistogram.zip1k11-12-16File is not ratedNoncentral F Histogram
This program will generate a histogram based on random numbers from a non-central F distribution. Enjoy!
noncentraltdist.zip1k11-12-29File is not ratedNCT
This program works with the noncentral t-distribution. It can produce values for the pdf, the cdf (about 5 digit accuracy for the default) and measures for the mean, standard deviation and variance. The interval for the mode is also computed. A graph for the pdf (it takes a very long time to generate though) can also be produced. Enjoy!
noncentralthistogram.zip1k11-12-16File is not ratedNoncentral T Histogram 2
This is a correction to the non-central T Histogram program.
nonparametrictolerancelim.zip1k13-12-31File is not ratedNonparametric Tolerance Limits
This program works with nonparametric tolerance limits. It produces the minimum sample size needed for one sided and two sided situations. Enjoy!
normaldistribution.zip1k16-02-16File is not ratednormal distribution
This program produces the pdf, cdf, measures and other quantities associated with the normal distribution. Enjoy!
normale.zip21k11-12-18File is not ratedNORMALe
Start by selecting the type of curve you have: 1: Z (the standard normal curve) 2: X (a general normal curve) 3: X-bar (a sampling distribution of a normal curve) Find 1: PROBABILITY or 1: the area to the left of a known boundary R, 2: the area to the right of a known boundary L, 3: the area between two known boundaries L and R. You may select to view the GRAPH. Find 2: THE BOUNDARY of a known 1: LEFT AREA, 2: RIGHT AREA, or 3: CENTER AREA. The result is given as the z-score of the boundary, and actual boundary.
normalprobabiltyplot.zip1k13-08-05File is not ratedNormal Probability Plot
This program will produce a normal probability plot according to how Michael Sullivan describes it in his textbook on Statistics. The Y-coordinates will be different than what the calculator uses, but the overall pattern is similar. This program has the added feature of producing the linear correlation coefficient for such data and displaying it in the upper left corner of the plot. The statistical plot on the calculator does not do this. Enjoy!
normal.zip29k06-11-14File is not ratedNormal v1.00
Normal v1.00 is a "full precision" replacement for the built-in TI-83 normal cumulative distribution function. Normal v1.00 includes an inverse normal program, norminv, which is more accurate for probabilities < 0.995. Norminv handles extremely small probabilities better than the built-in inverse routine. A stand-alone error function is also included.
number2test.zip1k12-12-04File is not ratedNumber 2 Test
This program computes the number of objects to sample in order to detect a defective item. The user inputs the lot size, the number suspected of being defective and the probability desired to detect at least one defective item. The program outputs the number to sample and the probability associated with sampling this many items. Great for statistics, probability and survey classes. Enjoy!
numberaverager.zip1k05-10-08File is not ratedAverage 1.0
This was my first somewhat useful basic program that was worthy of being loaded online. This program can only average a few numbers at a time, but it might be useful for something. Like all the rest of my files, this one is compressed using the Bzip2 format and requires WinZip 9.0 SR-1 or its equivalent to function.
numexp.zip1k05-01-15File is not ratedTI Number Experiments
This file contains 3 programs that can be used for multiple statistics and probability related projects, and includes a number game as well. Good for novice BASIC programmers.
ocbin.zip1k11-11-04File is not ratedOperating Characteristic Cuve Binomial
This program will plot an operating characteristic curve for a fixed sample size using a binomial distribution. The x-axis is the probability of defects while the y-axis is the binomial probability. It will also produce a specific probability when given the acceptance level, the sample size and the probability of a defect. Enjoy!
ochypergeometric.zip1k11-12-05File is not ratedOC Hypergeometric
This program works with the operating characteristic curve with a hypergeometric distribution. Enjoy!
ocpoisson.zip1k11-12-05File is not ratedOC Poisson
This program works with the operating characteristic curve with a Poisson distribution. Enjoy!
oddse.zip8k11-06-30File is not ratedODDSe
The Program finds 1. The ODDS against, and in favor, of an event with a known probability of happening, and 2. The PROBABILITY of, and not, happening when given the odds against the event.
odds.zip1k12-07-19File is not ratedOdds
This program will compute the odds in favor, odds against, probability of success and probability of failure given the information. Enjoy!
ogive.zip1k13-07-20File is not ratedOgive
This program will plot a cumulative ogive and a relative ogive. Great for introductory statistics. Enjoy!
orderstats.zip1k17-06-07File is not ratedOrder Statistics
This program will compute the expectation and variance of order statistics up to n = 12 and i = 6. Enjoy!
ostat2.zip3k05-12-10File is not ratedOSTAT2
OSTAT2 is a program that was designed as a study aide for the AP Statistics test. It will help you study for the AP Statistics test and may vary well help with any other basic level statistics course. It includes an IQR solver, tests of significance, types of errors, the 7 step approach to answering questions to assure full credit, forumulas, and just about everything else you might need for the AP test. Also program features a looping menu to ease use.
pareto.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedPareto
This program computes values associated with the Pareto distribution. It will give values on the pdf as well as the graph, it will compute probabilities on the Pareto distribution (left of a value, right of a value, or between two values). It will also compute measures: mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis. It can also graph the failure rate using a Pareto distribution. Enjoy!
parktest.zip1k15-03-08File is not ratedPark Test
This is a small program for a Park test in econometrics. Just enter in the x-data list and the y-data list and the program will do the rest. Enjoy!
partialcorrelation.zip1k14-03-10File is not ratedPartial Correlation
This program will compute partial correlations among several independent variables. Reserved for comparing two for now. Enjoy!
pascodds.zip1k02-01-16File is not ratedPascal's Triangle Probability
Say you want to calculate the odds of getting a 300 in my bowling game. What would you do? Using probability and Pascal's Triangle, you can find the odds for or against something happening.
pchart.zip1k13-02-18File is not ratedP-chart
This program will produce a p-chart from quality control. The user enters in the number of samples and the sample size. Then the user enters in one list that contains the counts of the attributes that you're interested in. The program will output the mean proportion value, the upper and lower control limits and a graph of the situation. Enjoy!
percentileconfidence.zip1k12-02-05File is not ratedPercentile Confidence Intervals
This program computes the confidence interval for any percentile. Enjoy!
percentiles.zip1k13-07-06File is not ratedPercentiles
This program will compute percentile rank of a data value and it can also give the data value which has a percentile rank. Please read the description for how ties are handled in data values. Great for elementary statistics. Enjoy!
permcombe.zip10k12-03-29File is not ratedPERMCOMBe
The Program finds the number of PERMUTATIONS and COMBINATIONS of n objects taken r at a time. Also given is n!
piechart83p.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedAdvanced PieChart Creator v1.0
Advanced PieChart Creator v1.0 is a wizard that will help you create different piecharts. It will prompt you for the number of sections and the percentage of each section and then draw the piechart. The program will also prompt you for a title for your chart. It can be saved as a picture and published. Very useful, considering piecharts are not built-in!
piechart.zip1k00-11-07File is not ratedPie Chart
This creates simple, yet effictive pie-charts
piegraph83p.zip1k02-02-25File is not ratedPiegraph Angle Finder
Enter the percentage, and it tells you the angle.
piegraph.zip8k03-04-01File is not ratedPie Graph
Great pie graph program that works and looks great. Just enter the number of numbers you wish to graph, then enter them in one a time, and watch. After the graph is drawn, use the left right arrow keys to go through each "slice" and see its statistics. Check out the screeshots
plots.zip1k03-07-19File is not ratedPlots
Enter the list(s) of data and this program will show them to you on different plots.
poisson84.zip1k17-06-21File is not ratedPoisson84
This program illustrates the connection between exponentially distributed interarrival times between events and the Poisson distributed number of events occurring in time intervals of fixed length.
poissonconfidenceinterval.zip1k14-02-19File is not ratedPoisson Conficence Interval
This program will compute a confidence interval for the Poisson parameter using the chi-square distribution. Please read the accompanying documentation for a full description. Enjoy!
poissone.zip24k12-05-11File is not ratedPOISSONe
Given a POISSON Random Variable X with mean or average a, the Program shows 1. the standard deviation and variance, 2. the histogram of the distribution, 3. the probability of 0,1,2,3, … occurrences, and 4. P(X = A), P(X < A), P(X > A), P(A < X < B).
poissongenerator.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedPoisson Random Number Generator
This program will generate poisson random numbers and output a histogram for 99 values stored in a list.
poissonrng.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedPoisson RNG
This is a random number generator for the Poisson distribution.
poisson.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedPoisson Distribution
This program computes probabilities for the poisson distribution as well as the mean, median, mode, standard deviation, variance, skewness, and kurtosis. It even has the option of plotting a probability histogram, a graph of the cdf and a frequency polygon.
polarmarsagliarng.zip1k13-06-27File is not ratedPolar-Marsaglia RNG
This program produces two lists of independent Gaussian Random Variables according to the Polar-Marsaglia method. Great for statistics, Numerical SDEs and probability. Plots can be generated as well for each list. Enjoy!
polyfit.zip2k09-03-14File is not ratedPolyfit
Points go in. Polynomial fit comes out. Unlike Curve Fitting (http://www.ticalc.org/pub/83plus/basic/math/statistics/curvefit.zip), the points are stored in L3 and L4, the coefficients (in reverse order) are stored in [A], AND the polynomial (also in reverse order) is stored in Y1. Detailed documentation is included.
power2samples.zip1k14-04-22File is not ratedPower 2 Sample
This program will compute the power, probability of a type II error and the effect size of a 2-sample test when the population standard deviation are known. Just enter in the information requested. Enjoy!
powercurvenormal.zip1k13-07-20File is not ratedPower Curve Normal
This program can be used to construct power curves when testing the power of test for a population mean using a normal distribution. It will do left, right and two-sided alternatives. Enjoy!
predictionintervals.zip1k12-09-05File is not ratedPrediction Intervals
This program computes a prediction interval for a response variable. The user enters in the data lists, the x0 value for estimating and the confidence level. The program outputs the prediction interval, the x0 value, the y-value used as a prediction, the standard error and the degrees of freedom. Enjoy!
probabilitytest2.zip1k04-02-16File rated 4.18Probability Test 2.0
This probability tester, an upgrade from Jamaica Bay's "Coin Probability", is faster and more user-friendly!
probabilitytools.zip1k04-05-03File is not ratedProbability
This program can help you by finding the probability of two events or by giving you the number of combinations for a series of elements. This program has MirageOS support.
probab.zip1k01-04-04File is not ratedProbability
Figures out probability of functions
probdiste.zip20k11-12-24File is not ratedPROBDIST
Given a Probability Distribution, The Program finds: the mean, median, standard deviation, variance, and GRAPH. Also found is P(X < A), P(X > A), and P(A < X < B).
probsim.zip1k03-04-17File is not ratedProbability Simulator ver 1.57 build 2.0
This is another work of art from the kitchen here at Xodus Tech. this is a port from my "Xodus Xp" program, this works alot like the flash app, but it only takes up a little over 2 kilo's so it is pretty compact.
probstat.zip2k05-03-02File is not ratedProbability and Statistics
Have trouble with this class? Then this program might help. I add features to it every day. Sadly, I started making it in second semester so it's missing key formulas. It's still very useful. READ THE README FOR INSTRUCTIONS if you don't it'll be confusin <.<
probstopper2.0.1b.zip4k03-03-09File is not ratedProb Stopper v2.0.1b
For use in Probability and Statistics classes
probtools.zip1k05-11-06File is not ratedProbability Tools 1.0
Flip coins, roll dice, and spin spinners. Your only 352-byte pal for middle school math and probability. Not nearly as graphical as the APP, but there is a huge memory difference, and the 83+ isn't known for its memory.
probwork.zip1k01-06-01File is not ratedProbability Workshop
This Program has many features useful to anyone interested in or learning about probability.
qcorralationcoef.zip1k04-06-04File is not ratedQ correlation coefficient
a programme for working out the Q correlation coefficient
q_correlation.zip2k05-08-02File is not ratedQ' Correlation
To determine the q correlation coefficient for a set of data values. Contains two programs the require: the values of a, b, c and d from a plot, does the calculation quickly. storing the data L1 and L2 with the program doing all other calculations.
qcprobpass.zip1k12-07-19File is not ratedQC Probability Passing
This program computes the probability of a lot passing inspection. Popular in survey classes, discrete math and probability classes. Enjoy!
qfunctioninverseqfunction.zip1k13-12-19File is not ratedQ-function & Inverse Q-function
Programs for approximations of Q-function and Inverse Q-function.
quadrantsumtest.zip1k13-10-26File is not ratedQuadrant Sum Test
This program will perform a simple version of the quadrant sum test. The user enters in two lists of data to represent ordered pairs and the program will conduct the test and produce the test statistic. It will also give the user the option to plot the scatterplot with median lines drawn. Great for introductory non-parametric statistics. Enjoy!
quadrege.zip10k15-05-10File is not ratedQUADREGe
The Program does Quadratic Regression for a given set of ordered pairs. FIRST enter the pairs, with the 1st coordinates in L1 and the 2nd coordinates in L2. Start the Program to display the scatter plot. Press ENTER to see the best fit curve. Press ENTER to see the Quadratic Regression Equation and R^2 You may move from point to point using the right and left arrow keys.
queue1.zip1k14-03-05File is not ratedQueue 1
This program solves problems dealing with queues as a business application. Please read the documentation for a description. Enjoy!
randome.zip40k11-06-30File is not ratedRANDOMe
The Program replaces the need for a random number table. It makes a list of RANDOM NUMBERS for you. You enter how many numbers you need and from what range they are to be selected. You may select without replacement or with replacement.
randomwalk2.zip1k11-07-05File is not ratedRandom Walk
This program will produce a random walk based on the description given in Baxter and Rienne's text: Financial Calculus. The user inputs the number of steps to take and the program outputs the results into a list and graphs the walk. Enjoy!
randomwalk.zip2k13-11-16File is not ratedCross-platform Random Walk
This program performs a random walk around the homescreen of your calculator, and collects the number of steps taken each run. Once no move can be made without crossing a previously visited spot, the program terminates, and reports the number of steps taken, the min and max steps, the mean and median, and the standard deviation. Supports multiple calculators in one file! Download
randvar.zip1k01-04-04File is not ratedRandom Variables
This is a great program for statistics class also. It is one of my more simpler programs but hey what works works. All you need to do is have a variable list and a probability list before using the program.
rangeintegral2.zip1k14-03-05File is not ratedRange Integral 2
This program is an alternate form of the range integral and appears to be more accurate and stable for sample sizes up to at least 20. Enjoy!
rangeintegral.zip1k14-01-06File is not ratedRange Integral
This program will compute the probability integral associated with the range of a data set. The program allows for three distributions to be used: Normal, Student t and Chi-square. Enjoy!
rankcorrelation.zip1k12-04-05File is not ratedRank Correlation
This program computes the Spearman's Rank Correlation. The user enters in the data in ranks. Enjoy!
ratios.zip1k00-12-04File is not ratedRatio
Program created to find the ratios of a list. This is an excellent program for statistics class when doing exponential growth
rayleighdistribution.zip1k17-06-11File is not ratedRayleigh Distribution
This program computes and graphs many aspects of the Rayleigh Distribution, including graphs of pdfs, cdfs, mgfs and inverses. Measures including mean, median, mode, std dev, variance, skew, kurt, and entropy are also included.
rchart.zip1k13-02-18File is not ratedR-chart
This program produces an R-chart from quality control. The weighting factors are in lists and must also be downloaded if you're going to use this program. Enjoy!
reciprocalregression.zip1k12-04-05File is not ratedreciprocal regression
This program will fit data to a curve a(1/x) + b. Enter in the data and the program outputs a scatterplot, the algebraic curve and the r^2 coefficient. Enjoy!
regress.zip1k05-05-07File is not ratedRegression
This program makes it easier to use the built in regression functions on the calc. You select what types of reqression to test and enter the x and y values once and the program picks the best fitting answer out of all of them.
relativeriskodds.zip1k13-09-03File is not ratedRelative Risk Odds Ratio
This program computes the relative risk and the odds ratio that are used in medical and epidemiological studies. The user enters in the number of successes and total number for the treatment group as well as the control group. The program outputs the relative risk and the odds ratio for that situation. Great for statistics students and medical students studying these types of things. Enjoy!
repeatanova.zip1k16-05-11File is not ratedRepeat ANOVA
This program will compute repeated measures ANOVA analysis for balanced designs. Great for psychology students or anyone performing such tests. Enjoy!
residualinvestigations.zip2k02-09-30File is not ratedResidual Investigations
This program, intended for those doing residuals in math class, allows one to input data, create a trend line, and compare the residuals of one's trendline to the residuals of a Linear Regression and Median-Median trendline. It pauses frequently, allowing one to get screenshots for printing. Includes instructions which are also available in the readme text.
resid.zip1k13-11-11File is not ratedResidual Grapher
This is my first program. It plots x and y data and fits a linear, exponential, or quadratic regression line to them. It then plots the residuals. Be sure to enter the data using "{}" or by entering a pre made list "L1".
rksde.zip1k13-06-14File is not ratedRunge Kutta SDE
This program applies the Runge-Kutta algorithm to stochastic DEs. Enjoy!
rngchidistribution.zip1k11-12-05File is not ratedChi Distribution RNG
This program is a random number generator for a chi distribution (not chi-square). Enjoy!
rngnoncentralf.zip1k11-12-16File is not ratedRNG Noncentral F
This program computes random numbers according to the non-central F distribution. Enjoy!
rngnoncentralt.zip1k11-12-16File is not ratedRNG Noncentral T
This is a correction to the old file
rnt.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedRandom Number Tester
I made this program to see if TI's random number algorithm was really random
robotedy.zip1k21-12-29File is not ratedTeddy H Robot Math
Calculates the number of different sequences or permutations a robot can perform based on the number of individual tasks it can do.
runstest.zip1k12-02-05File is not ratedRuns Test
This program conducts a runs test for randomness. The user inputs a list of 0's and 1's to signify the two types of data and the program outputs the number of each type, the number of runs, the sample size, the test statistic and the p-value. Read over the included documentation for more information about the p-value calculations. Enjoy!
rvalue.zip1k12-04-05File is not ratedrvalue
This program is for beginners for computing the r-value. The user inputs the data and the program outputs the standardized scores for the x-list and the y-list. It then outputs the products of these scores and the r-value. Really good for demonstrating the inner workings of the correlation coefficient. Enjoy!
samplechoice.zip1k15-03-03File is not ratedSample Choices
This program will compute the probability of choosing a certain number of defective items from a population when items are replaced or not replaced. Great for statistics students. Enjoy!
samplecorrelationinferenc.zip2k16-08-05File is not ratedSample Correlation Coefficient
There are a few programs in this file dealing with the Sampling Correlation Coefficient Distribution. Please read the accompanying documentation for information. Enjoy!
samplesizedetermination.zip1k11-10-08File is not ratedsmplsize
This program will determine sample sizes for situations involving normal distributions with means and proportions. Both one and two sample options are available. Enjoy!
samplesizestdev.zip1k13-08-18File is not ratedstandard deviation sample size
This program will compute the sample size needed for standard deviations. The user enters the confidence level and the percentage points for the margin of error. The program will output the sample size needed for the standard deviation. Can take some time if confidence is high and percentage points are small, but it is consistent with tables. Great for statistics students. Enjoy!
samplesurveypointest.zip2k14-02-26File is not ratedSample Survey Point Estimation
This file contains three programs for sample survey design whose purpose is the perform point estimation for random sampling, stratified sampling and cluster sampling. Please read accompanying documentation for each file for further information. Enjoy!
sampsizee.zip24k11-12-18File is not ratedSAMPSIZEe
The Program finds the necessary SIZE n of a SAMPLE to produce a confidence interval of confidence level c based on a known standard deviation S and desired maximum error E.
schart.zip1k13-02-18File is not ratedS-chart
This program will produce an s-chart from quality control. The weighting factors for the upper and lower control limits are included in lists and must also be downloaded if you're going to use this program. Enjoy!
scheffeupdate.zip1k18-10-02File is not ratedScheffe Test
This program performs a complete Scheffe test. The user enters the information requested and the program does the rest. Able to do pairwise comparisons and includes an example with three data lists. Great for statistics. Enjoy!
sctrplot.zip1k12-01-13File is not ratedScatter Plots v1.2
This is a basic Linear/Parabolic regression program. It inputs data into L1 and L2 automatically after typing it in, and you can choose between several methods to get a line of best fit. It auto-formats the graph window to display the scatter plot. Any comments and suggestions you have would be helpful. *Allows you to either enter fresh data into your lists or use data already in your lists. *Linear, Parabolic (quadratic), and Manual fit regression choices. *Rounds all calculations to 3 decimal places. This will run out of Archive with Doors, but I recommend running it from RAM due to a quirk with the Graph Screen.
sde.zip1k11-06-17File is not ratedNumerical SDEs
This zip file contains two programs, one for the stochastic Euler (Euler-Maruyama) Scheme for a pathwise approximation to a stochastic sde and another program for the Milstein program for a pathwise approximation to a stochastic process. Enjoy!
sd.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedSD
Solve for Standard Deviation and Variance
secantregression.zip1k14-11-14File is not ratedSecant Regression
This program will perform a secant regression on a data set. Enjoy!
signstestcriticalvalues.zip1k13-08-08File is not ratedSigns Test Critical Values
This program will compute the critical values for a signs test. It assumes a two-tailed test is being performed. Great for non-parametric statistics. Enjoy!
signstest.zip1k12-02-05File is not ratedSigns Test
This program will conduct a signs test for a data list. The user enters in the required information and the program outputs the test statistic and the p-value. Enjoy!
skellamdistribution.zip1k14-03-05File is not ratedSkellam Distribution
This program computes many aspects associated with the Skellam distribution. This distribution is used when considering the difference between two Poisson Random Variables. Please read the accompanying documentation for a description. Enjoy!
skewkurtdemo.zip1k13-07-20File is not ratedskew kurt demo
This file contains two programs, one for demonstrating the moment formula for skew and another for demonstrating the moment formula for kurtosis. Great for introductory statistics courses. Enjoy!
skewness.zip1k11-06-11File is not ratedskewness
This program will determine skewness of a data set by using Pearson's first measure (you'll need a MODE Finder, this program uses Jon Bush's program) or by using Pearson's second measure or by using a formula based on moments. The user can choose after the data is entered into a list.
skewtest.zip2k14-02-19File is not ratedSkew Test
This program will perform a test of non-normality using the skew of a data set. Please read the enclosed documentation for a full description. Enjoy!
smallsampleproportionci.zip1k13-04-12File is not ratedSmall Sample Proportion Confidence Intervals
This program will produce a confidence interval for a population proportion when the sample size is too small for a normal approximation. It will handle cases when objects are replaced or not replaced. Great for statistics classes when using small samples. Enjoy!
snitter.zip1k03-07-04File is not ratedSnitter
A program where you inputs some (or a lot) different numbers, and when you are ready, the program calculates the average of every number you wrote. It can also save your progress (on a very safe way) if the numbers you're supposed to calculate the average of are very many. Download and enjoy!
sortdata.zip1k13-11-30File is not ratedSort Data
This program allows you to find the mean, median, max, min, deviation, variance, standard deviation, and order data from least to greatest, all at once. Includes a select-what-you-want menu (not one of those cheap ones) and a convenient layout. All you have to do is select what you want it to find, enter the list of numbers in curly brackets {}, and press enter. Best data sorting program on the market!
sqrtregression.zip1k11-10-27File is not ratedSquare Root Regression
This program will perform square root regression for a data set. It tries to fit the form a*sqrt(x) + b. It gives the coefficients a, b and outputs the r-squared value. Enjoy!
squarerootregression2.zip1k12-04-09File is not ratedSquare Root Regression 2
This program will fit data to a curve of the form: ax + b*sqrt(x) + c. Just enter in the x-coordinates in L1 and the y-coordinates in L2 and the program will do the rest. Enjoy!
srange.zip1k14-04-06File is not ratedZ-Score Bell Curve Wizard
Allows for very quick references of z-scores, raw values and percentage conversions in basic statistics. This was created because my professor made us all use a "Z" chart that made using "normalcdf(" and "invNorm(" to get a number to the EXACT decimal place a nightmare. With this program, you won't get the actual, correctly rounded numbers, but instead it provides exactly what it says on the chart. This program even partially shows work!
standarddevandstirling.zip1k16-03-21File is not ratedStandard Deviation Frequency Distribution
This folder contains two files, one for computing the standard deviation from a frequency distribution and another concerning Stirling's approximation to n! Enjoy!
standarddeviationci.zip1k13-07-01File is not ratedStandard Deviation CI
This program produces lower and upper bounds for a confidence interval for population standard deviation as well as population variance.Handles both data lists and statistics. Enjoy!
standarddeviationtest.zip1k13-10-13File is not ratedStandard Deviation Test
This program will perform a hypothesis test on standard deviation. It will use either data or statistics. It will output information and even draw diagrams if requested. Please read documentation for full description. Great for statistics students using this test. Enjoy!
standarderrors.zip1k15-01-11File is not ratedStandard Errors
This program contains several formulas for calculating standard errors for many statistics such as means, proportions, deciles, medians, quartiles, coefficient of variation, as well as others. Uses lists or statistics. Enjoy!
standardizedresiduals.zip1k13-06-21File is not ratedStandardized Residuals
This program will compute the internal standardized residuals and produce a normal probability plot. Only works for one x-data list though. Enjoy!
standdeve.zip8k11-11-19File is not ratedSTANDDEVe
The Program shows the steps used to hand compute the STANDARD DEVIATION of a sample entered in L1. This includes the deviations from the mean in L2 and the deviations squared in L3. Given are the sum of L1 and the sum of L3. Then you will see the parts used to find the VARIATION and the standard deviation.
stat83p.zip1k03-05-25File is not ratedStat Master 83+
A stat program I made during advanced math that has Mean Deviation, Standard Deviation (duh), IQR (Inter quartile range), SIQR (semiIQR), assorted notes, and Standard error of confidence!
statcalc.zip144k05-05-06File is not ratedStatCalc
StatCalc adds statistical capabilities to your calculator with quick calculations and readable outputs. Contains StatCalc Pro V1.0.1, StatCalc AP 1.0.1, StatCalc Lite V1.0.0, ZStar V1.3.0, TStar V1.9.0, info pdfs.
statfun83.zip242k08-03-20File is not ratedStatfun83 - AP Statistics upgrades for TI-83 and TI-84
These programs give the TI-83 and TI-84 seven statistics functions that TI added to the TI-84 and yet more from the TI-89 and TI-Nspire: Dotplot; Random sample a list with and without replacement; Inverse t; Inverse chi-square; Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit; Linear Regression t-Interval; Linear Regression t-Interval with Prediction. Statfun83 provides each function as both a Basic program and as an App. Since the TI-Nspire and TI-84 are approved, these enhancements for the TI-84 and TI-83 are permitted on the AP Statistics exam.
statistics_83p.zip1k04-01-19File is not ratedStatistics Variables
Enter a list or two of data and it will give you: mean of x values, sum of x values, sum of x^2 values, sample standard deviation of x, population standard deviation of x, number of data, mean of y values, sum of y values, sum of y^2 values, sample standard deviation of y, population standard deviation of y, sum of x*y, miniimum of x values, maximum of x values, minimum of y values, maximum of y values, 1st quartile, median, and 3rd quartile.
statistics.zip4k03-03-30File is not ratedTI-83+ Statistics Programs
This suite of programs will do numerous tasks, such as Chi-Sq Confidence Intervals, Chi-Sq Critical Values and test statistics, F Critical Values, and a few other useful functions.
statis.zip1k02-03-09File is not ratedStatis
A little programme for the stat
statlite.zip31k06-10-28File is not ratedStatLitE v1.00
StatLitE v1.00 includes a "full precision" replacement for the built-in TI-83 normal cumulative distribution function. TI-83: normalcdf(-1E99,0,0,1) returns .5000000005 TI-89: TIStat.normCdf(-inf,0,0,1) returns .50000000052481 The replacement normcdf returns .5 on both the TI-83 and TI-89 The built-in norm[al]cdf only has 6 digits of accuracy when z=3 Z-score 3 Excel 2003 0.998650101968370 TI-89 0.99865003277777 TI-83 0.9986500328 StatLitE v1.00’s normcdf has full display accuracy Z-score 3 Excel 2003 0.998650101968370 StatLitE normcdf 0.99865010196835 ti83p normcdf 0.998650102 StatLitE v1.00 includes an inverse normal program, norminv, which is more accurate for probabilities < 0.995. Norminv handles extremely small probabilities better than the built-in inverse routine. A stand-alone error function is also included. Chi2cdf, chi2pdf, Fcdf, Fpdf, tcdf and tpdf call the built-in routines, which have full accuracy. They are only included as a convenient reminder about the order of parameter entry. They can all be deleted.
statpace.zip522k11-12-20File is not ratedSTATPACe
PUT YOUR PENCILS DOWN! With this collection of 18 programs you may not need a pencil (except to write down results) in your INTRODUCTORY STATISTICS class.
stats1.8xp1k02-06-19File is not ratedStats 1
Useful data this prog gives 'bout Stats. Just designate your list =D !
stats2.8xp1k02-06-19File is not ratedStats 2
Useful data this prog gives 'bout 2 variables Stats. L1 for X and L2 for Y.
stats2.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedstats
Stats formulas not imbeded into the TI-83 PLUS calculators.
stats.zip6k01-06-14File is not ratedStatistics Master v1.20
This comprehensive program embodies a lot of the principles of statistics. Topics include distribution, regression, probability, and inference. It covers almost every topic that is included in the curriculum for the AP Statistics test.
statx.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedStatX
A program I made that gives you some statistical information. Some you can get by using the calculator and some you can't.
stat.zip1k02-08-09File is not ratedStat Tester
A statistics tester which does descrimination tests, product tests (Rejecting/Accepting null hypothysis from number in sample, probability of succes, number of successes, and signifigance level), coin flipping testing, and will also determine the amount of people you need to beat in an extropolation intropolation test (input X as the percent that is the barrier on the normal curve)
stdevdemo.zip1k12-05-17File is not ratedStandard Deviation Demo
This program demonstrates how to compute the standard deviation. It will do population and sample standard deviation step by step. The user enters in a data list and whether they want a sample or population calculation. The program will do the rest. Enjoy!
stdev.zip7k03-03-08File is not ratedStandard Deviation Calculator
A standard deviation grapher for the 83+. Enter your data into a list, then run the program. Select the list, and it will automatically configure and display a histogram, as well as percentages, mean, median, and standard deviation. Draws lines on the graph at mean and first deviation.
stdres.zip1k07-05-16File is not ratedStandardized Residuals Calculator
Calculates standardized residuals (for chi-square tests).
stem3.zip1k21-12-29File is not ratedStemplotJL
This program is a stem plot builder. Please read the accompanying description for details. It will allow up to 14 stems and 10 single-digit leaves. Great for intro statistics. Enjoy!
stemandleaf.zip1k05-04-19File is not ratedStemLeaf
Create fast and accurate stem-and-leaf plots on the graphscreen. Also calculates mean and median of the data.
stemleaf.zip1k04-11-11File is not ratedStem and Leaf Plotter
A simple program that can build simple stem and leaf plots.
stpower.zip1k11-05-05File is not ratedSTPOWER
This is a program that will compute the statistical power of a hypothesis test using a normal distribution. It will also give the probability of a Type II Error. Furthermore, it will draw a picture of the area under the normal distribution, centered at the alternative claim, to demonstrate what the Type II Error and power are. Enjoy!
studentizedrangeintegral.zip1k17-02-28File is not ratedStudentized Range Integral
This program will compute right tailed probabilities for the Studentized Range Integral. Consistent with tables when df > 2. Please read documentation for further info. Enjoy!
studenttgen.zip1k11-07-03File is not ratedStudent T Random Number Generator
This program outputs a histogram of 99 random variables from a "random" number generator for a t-distribution.
supra_stats.zip6k10-03-20File is not ratedSupraStats
Supra stats se charge pour vous de calculer quartiles, déciles, médiane, variance, écart type , moyenne des valeurs entrés dans L1 et des éventuels effectifs dans la liste L2. ( Editez les listes avec « stat » >> Edit…). Il vous construit même la boite à moustaches (diagramme de Tucket) et cela très rapidement.
survey.zip7k04-11-28File is not ratedSurvey
Its my updated credits of survey Everything else is the same :-D
tdistribution.zip1k11-07-15File is not ratedT Distribution
This program works with the t-distribution. The user inputs the degrees of freedom and has the pdf, cdf, measures and plots available to them. Enjoy!
testsdifferencespairs.zip1k14-01-06File is not ratedTests Difference Pairs
This file contains two programs, one for the least significant difference method and one for Scheffe's method for comparing two means for a significant difference after ANOVA has been completed. Enjoy!
tinydice.zip1k04-08-12File is not ratedTinyDice!
TinyDice is a group of dice programs (randInt(1,6), you get the picture). They are all extremely tiny, there special feature! Download now!
tistatse.zip28k11-07-27File is not ratedTISTAT SE v2.0.3 (Deutsch/English)
With the Second Edition of TISTAT you can display diagrams on your TI easier than ever before. You can save 9 different diagrams with up to 20 Entrys and choose between 4 different Types to display them. You can also export your diagrams to a list or save them as picture and you can import diagrams from a list. Thanks to the Data-Backup your files are safer than ever before, and with TISoft's "Undelete" for TISTAT SE (included in the package) you can even recover deleted files. The brand new, self-explanatory user interface is easy to use for everyone and the better Engine makes your diagrams look the way you want it. Mit der "Zweiten Ausgabe" von TISTAT wird es noch leichter Diagramme auf dem Taschenrechner zu erstellen. Es können nun bis zu 9 Diagramme mit 20 Einträgen in 4 verschidenen Darstellungsformen angezeigt werden. Die Diagramme können zudem in eine Liste exportiert oder als Bild gespeichert werden. Es können nun auch Diagramme aus einer Liste erstellt werden. Mithilfe des Backups können Sie jederzeit ein Abbild aller Diagramme sichern und bei Bedarf wiederherstellen. Noch mehr Datensicherheit bietet Ihnen TISoft's "Undelete" für TISTAT SE (Im Liferumfang enthalten), dass selbst gelöschte Diagramme wiederherstellen kann. Dank der komplett überarbeiteten Bedienoberfläche und der verbesserten Darstellungsengine ist TISTAT SE nun noch besser und einfacher bedienbar.
tistat.zip9k10-07-15File is not ratedTistat (Deutsch/German only)
Tistat kann schnell und einfach bis zu 3 Statistiken als Balken oder Liniendiagramm anzeigen und speichern.
totalnumberinterval.zip1k14-03-09File is not ratedTotal Number Interval
This program will compute a confidence interval for the total number of individuals in a category that are considered a success. Enjoy!
transformationgraphing.zip9k04-09-09File is not ratedRegression Plus!!!
This program is simple. And Mirage OS compatible! all you need is to fill in your 2 variable data in L1 and L2, select your type of regression (line, log(y) and x, or log(y) and log(x)). it will transform the equation for you and show you the line of best fit (least squares regression line) and the "curve of best fit". i know that it is very simple for you just to go under the PwrReg command on your calc, but this does so much more while you do so much less! IDEAL FOR AP STATISTICS STUDENTS! email me at trombonetm@aol.com for any suggestions!
translate.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedTranslate
triangulardistribution.zip1k11-07-08File is not ratedTriangular Distribution
This program focuses on the triangular distribution. It will graph the pdf and cdf as well as compute values associated with these functions. It will also compute the mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation, skewness, excess kurtosis, and entropy. The user inputs the left endpoint, the right endpoint and the mode (location of peak of the triangle). If the mode and one of the endpoints are equal, the program will still work. Enjoy!
triangularhistogram.zip1k11-11-04File is not ratedTriangular Histogram
This program will generate 100 random numbers distributed according to a traingular distribution. The user enters in a (left endpoint), b(right endpoint) and c (mode)and the program outputs a histogram. Enjoy!
triangularrng.zip1k11-11-04File is not ratedTriangular RNG
This program will generate a random number according to a triangular distribution. Enjoy!
trime.zip32k11-12-24File is not ratedTRIMe
The Program finds the TRIMMED MEAN of a list of measurements. Enter the data in L1, start the program, and enter the percent of trim. Next you see the mean and count n of the original data and also the mean and count n of the trimmed data.
ttest2.zip1k12-08-28File is not ratedTTest 2
This program conducts a 2-Sample T-Test but unlike the built-in program on the calculator, the assumed difference between the population means does not have to be zero. The user may choose this difference. It will handle both statistics and data lists. Enjoy!
ttest.zip2k04-02-04File is not ratedT-Test Master
A simple, quick t-test program that will save you hours of grueling work on your upcoming science fair paper and will tell you whether your data is statistically significant or not. Much easier to use than the built-in T-test function!
tukeyduckworthtest.zip1k13-10-17File is not ratedTukey Duckworth Test
This program will perform a Tukey-Duckworth test. This is a non-parametric test for determining if two samples come from identical populations. Just enter in two lists of data and the program will do the rest. Please read the description of the program. Great for statistics students. Enjoy!
tukeytest.zip1k13-08-03File is not ratedTukey Test
This file contains two programs, one for the Tukey test for ANOVA and another for computing the comparisonwise error rate. Great for students studying ANOVA. Enjoy!
twopoplinearreg.zip1k13-06-10File is not ratedTwo Population Regression Test
This program will conduct a two-population regression hypothesis test for the slopes of the regression lines from two different populations. The user inputs two sets of ordered pairs. The program will output the estimated slopes based on linear regression, the estimated variance, the degrees of freedom, the test statistic and the p-value. Enjoy!
twosamplecorrelation.zip1k13-06-21File is not ratedTwo Sample Correlation
This program will conduct a test for the differences in correlation coefficients. Enjoy!
twowayanovalatinsquare.zip1k14-04-09File is not ratedTwo Way ANOVA Latin Square
This program performs a two-way ANOVA using a Latin square design. Please read the documentation to see how data is entered. Enjoy!
uchart.zip1k13-08-18File is not ratedU-Chart
This program produces a U-chart for quality control. Enjoy!
uncertan.zip1k08-09-16File is not ratedUncertainty Calculator
This program allows you to know the result of a operation or function of one or two non exact numbers. The output appears in the form of interval. You can continue to use the final result just by enter. Operations: addition,subtraction, multiplication and division. Functions: Sine, Cosine, Tangent, X^-1, X^0.5, X^2, X^3, X^4, logarithm.
uncommonstatsformulas.zip1k15-10-18File is not ratedUncommon Stats Formulas
This package contains 2 files, on one computing the studentized range and another for computing the variance of residuals. These are small programs so there in here together. Enjoy!
unifmci.zip1k18-10-02File is not rateduniform confidence interval
This program computes the confidence interval around the maximum entry in a data set when the data is uniformly distributed. Just enter in the sample data and the confidence interval. Great for statistics. Enjoy!
uniforme.zip32k15-05-30File is not ratedUNIFORMe
Given a UNIFORM Random Variable X on an interval [L, R], the Program shows 1. the height H of the probability density function graph, 2. the mean or expected value E(X), 3. the variance and standard deviation, 4. P(X < B), P(X >A), P(A< X < B), and 5. the boundary c for a given probability.
v4.0.zip48k04-09-02File is not ratedBOBStatz
The Back of the book stats program containing over 100 stats definitions, equation solvers for several quations and some helpful notes thrown in for good messure.
variancesolver.zip3k06-05-11File is not ratedVariance Solver
This program was created to help solve direct/inverse variation problems. It solves for k, given the X and Y values and whether it is a direct or inverse variation problem. It is optimized for space, at 204 bytes. It is also MirageOS compatible, for anyone who wants to run it archived. This is the first release, and has no known bugs.
variatn.zip1k01-02-20File is not ratedVariation
This prog will let you solve for the variation of "K", you can solve for X, or Y, and set it up jointly, inversly, or directly.
vif.zip1k14-02-06File is not ratedVIF
This program is for computing Variance Inflation Factors, a common calculation in determining multicollinearity. Enjoy!
vonneumann.zip1k05-06-09File is not ratedUn-Biased Coin Flipper
This is an implementation of von Neumann's algorithm for un-biasing a biased coin. The results are therefore completely entropic.
waldci2.zip1k12-07-27File is not ratedWald Confidence Interval 2-pop
This program computes the +4 method for two-populations. Enjoy!
waldciforproportions.zip1k12-07-19File is not ratedWald Confidence Interval
This program computes the Wald Confidence Interval for population propotions (a.k.a. PLUS 4 METHOD). Enjoy!
whitetest.zip1k15-09-27File is not ratedWhite Test
This folder contains two files pertaining to White's test for heteroscedasticity. One program is White's test and the other program will determine the White Confidence interval for the variance of the slope of ordinary linear regression. Great for econometrics. Enjoy!
wilcoxonranksum.zip1k13-07-22File is not ratedWilcoxon Rank-Sum Test
This program will perfrom a Wilcoxon Rank-Sum test from non-parametric statistics. It will do the test with data and statistics. If the user chooses data, then the user only needs to put in the data, the program will rank the data accordingly. Some error checking is also available in the program. The program outputs the test statistic and the p-value. Enjoy!
wilcoxonsignrank.zip2k13-08-05File is not ratedWilcoxon Signed-Rank Test Matched Pairs
This folder contains three files: WSIGNTST, SRCV, and SRPVALUE. WSIGNTST folder will compute the test statistic for a Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test for Matched Pairs. It will work with data and statistics. Please read the description for further details. The file: SRCV produces the critical values consistent with most tables for the test. The user enters in the AREA LEFT and the sample size. The program will produce the critical value. The program SRPVALUE will produce the approximate p-value for test statistic. The user enters in the test statistic and the sample size. The program allows users to choose a left, right or two-sided test. It will then produce the approximate p-value. This is broken down because together they would run rather slow and take up a lot of memory. Broken up, the user has their choice for information. Enjoy!
wilsonci.zip1k12-07-19File is not ratedWilson Confidence Interval
This program will compute Wilson's confidence interval for a population proportion. Enjoy!
witdatae.zip24k11-12-20File is not ratedWITDATAe
Where is the data? The Program tells you how many and what percent of your data are within K standard deviations of the mean. It computes the mean, standard deviation, and shows the data that are within K standard deviations of the mean.
wstdev.zip1k19-08-05File is not ratedWSTDEV
This program computes the weighted mean, variance and standard deviation of a data set. Enter the data in L1 and the weights in L2 and the program will do the rest. Great for Statistics students. Enjoy!
xchart.zip1k13-02-18File is not ratedX-chart
This package has two x-charts from quality control, one is a standard x-chart using average range values and another is the x-chart using the average standard deviations. The weighting factors A2 and A3 are included in lists here and need to be downloaded as well if you use these programs. Enjoy!
xdev.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedXDev
This statistics program finds the amount of information that exists between X Standard deviations of the mean. You chose the X when running the program.
xprediction.zip1k13-08-18File is not ratedX Prediction Interval
This program will produce a prediction interval around an input value given a specified output for a linear regression. This is usually done in calibration problems. Enjoy!
yatescorrection.zip1k13-08-18File is not ratedYates Correction
This program will perform Yates's correction to chi-square test statistics. Enter in the observed values as a matrix (please read the accompanying file for further info), and the program will do the rest. Great for statistics students studying chi-square. Enjoy!
zarea.zip1k05-04-14File is not ratedZAREA 2.0
Finds the area under a standard normal distribution from 0, Infinity, Neg. Infinity, and another Z score.
zipfmandelbrotdistributio.zip1k15-07-19File is not ratedZipf Mandelbrot
This program has info concerning the Zipf-Mandelbrot distribution. Enjoy!
zscore.zip1k14-10-01File is not ratedProbability with ZScore
This program calculates the percentage or probability given the mean score, actual score and standard deviation. Useful for any stats class. Above is percentile and below is probability in most cases.
ztest2.zip1k12-08-10File is not ratedZ-Test 2
This program conducts a 2-Sample Z Test with the added feature that you may test the difference between two populations means to be a constant, not just zero. So you have mean 1 - mean 2 = constant where the calculator's program assumes the constant is zero, this program allows you to enter in your own constant. Enjoy!
ztest.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedZstat
Finds the Z Scores for a long set of data.
ztxvaluee.zip32k11-12-24File is not ratedZTXVALUEe
The Program finds five values: The “z-score” of an x or x-bar, the “t-value” of an x-bar, the “x value” of a known z-score, the “standard error of the mean”, and the “coefficient of variation”.

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