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09 Armies
JAKAS  Account Info

Ok, I'm comming out with the ultimate strategy game for the Ti-83+ (in BASIC). It's called 09 Armies and is somewhat similiar to Age of Empires. The way it works is you start with 1000 Gold. from there you are to build an army. You can make Swordsmen, Archers, and Calvary. For each of those you can decide what they're stat's (health, attack, deffense) should be. As you create your army, It give's you an attack rating, and deffense rating (The calculations to get them are secret!) So, after you create an army, or while you are creating an army, you can save it to one of 9 save slots (hence 09 Armies).
Now, you can connect your calculator with another person who has an army and fight. The way the fighting works is mostly secret (so you can't cheat or anything) but you can however, strategise. You can choose to attach with your Swordsmen, Archers, and Calvary at seperate times or all together (NOTE: You can choose in REAL TIME). Anyway, whoever wins the battle will be awarded a certain amount of gold (depending on how many unit's they killed) so they can rebuild and make better their army. Of course, the loser's army will no longer exist. Obliterated!!!
Unlike my AI Chess, This really will be comming out in a week or two. Just curiouse though, who think's it sonds cool or is it just a waste of time?

     30 December 2003, 20:01 GMT

Re: 09 Armies
Tim Sprau  Account Info

i'm not sure if it came out or not but if and when it does it sounds like one that i will download and it's not a stupid idea but it would be good to have it where you can battle the calculater to for if you eather want to or if you can't find someone with the game and a good army.

     19 January 2004, 00:12 GMT

Re: Re: 09 Armies
JAKAS  Account Info

Hey, ok it's out... well in about one day the full working version should be out. And i thought about the one player type thing, but unfortunately it just couldn't work out with the algorithms. Anyway, check back in a day

     19 January 2004, 05:06 GMT

Re: Re: Re: 09 Armies
JAKAS  Account Info

Yah, i figured out a great one player thing that works perfectly. should be out soon

     20 January 2004, 02:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: 09 Armies
Poopstain  Account Info

how do u upload a game thingy onto this site?

     28 August 2004, 02:58 GMT

Re: 09 Armies
Andrew Brindle Account Info

where can i go to get this cool game I'm reading about

     8 March 2004, 21:13 GMT

Re: Re: 09 Armies
Rug  Account Info

you cant

     23 May 2005, 20:09 GMT

Re: 09 Armies
idi mallari Account Info

sounds very cool!!!

by the way, i have been looking for a game (well a program). it is often called "A". it is a program with several games (such as chiken shoot, tetrix, pac man, baseball, and other cool games). when you open this program, a new screen with the games appears. i don't know if you know what i am taking about, but it is something like that. i think you can even ser a passwork for the "memory (MEM)". i had it in freshman year but lost it.
please if you any program like that please e-mail it to me at apolo_david@hotmail.com



     14 April 2004, 12:57 GMT

Re: Re: 09 Armies
Nick_S  Account Info

dude that porgram is called 'ion'

     3 May 2004, 02:31 GMT

Re: Re: Re: 09 Armies
Alex Willingham  Account Info

yeah.... this will never work
youre doing this is BASIC right...

     11 June 2004, 00:37 GMT

Re: Re: Re: 09 Armies
anthony tetreault  Account Info
(Web Page)

i want this proggram

     31 August 2004, 00:20 GMT

Re: Re: 09 Armies
aml1358  Account Info
(Web Page)

dude... it's called ION! but u have to download the games from 83+/asm/games/ion.

     15 October 2004, 21:51 GMT

Re: 09 Armies
attackmongoose4life  Account Info

Hey man
I downloaded your game and the verdict is out.

maybe you can help me with a game I'm making.
Get back to me if you could.


     28 April 2004, 01:59 GMT

Re: 09 Armies
attackmongoose4life  Account Info

Hey played your game and it was awesome. Was wondering if you could help with a game i'm writing.

It's a turn based strategy game, but I need to know how to store info. about armies (size, strength, etc.) You seemed to have a pretty good understanding of lists and how to use them well. Think you could help me out? I'd really appreciate it.

     28 April 2004, 02:05 GMT

Re: 09 Armies
attackmongoose4life  Account Info

Hey everyone. Sorry about the numerous re:s I put up here, but my computer is a little messed up. It didn't show them for a while. Just didn't want to make an impression as an idiodic loser who can't use the web, so thought I'd apologize, especially to JAKAS. No, I'm not obsessed, sorry if I gave the wrong impression.

     28 April 2004, 02:08 GMT

still need help?
Axcho  Account Info

Doesn't look like anyone's replied to your post. Well, I could help you with your turn-based strategy game, since I'm pretty good at basic programming (I made rushon2/dragon) and I'm designing a turn-based strategy game too. Just email me about the specifics of what you need to accomplish, maybe we could even combine our projects!

     29 May 2004, 06:23 GMT

Re: 09 Armies
anthony tetreault  Account Info

I would like the games on my calculator please

     31 August 2004, 00:18 GMT

Re: Re: 09 Armies
aml1358  Account Info
(Web Page)

umm... you must be a newbie. u go to the archives section, then you click file archives, then click view them (or something like that), then click your calc type, then click BASIC, then games, then choose a game. save it to the desktop, download ti-connect (should be in the ti- cd) then open the zip, read the readme to find what files are needed, then drag them to the desktop, select them all, right click, send to ti-device (or something like that) then it is easy. any questions e-mail me (check website).

check my WEBsite

     15 October 2004, 21:57 GMT

Re: 09 Armies
Shawn Takatsu  Account Info

i think it sounds fun

     18 September 2004, 23:57 GMT

Re: 09 Armies
SD SD  Account Info

Hey i was wondering where do i go to get this game called 09 Armies i realy want to play it but i cant find the game so if u know where i could get it pleas let me know my e mail iz babemaster6000@yahoo.com

     5 October 2004, 00:25 GMT

Re: 09 Armies
AndroSP  Account Info

Umm... don't you think you're a liitle harsh on the "permanently deleted" part?

     8 November 2004, 01:54 GMT

Re: 09 Armies
pachacco2  Account Info

err.... when i try to play this game, everything works (i can build my army and all...) but when i connect to fight against my friend everything goes haywire. it sayd "press enter on both calculators" and if he presses enter, nothing happens but when i press it it shows a weird menu before both of them freeze o.0

     17 December 2004, 05:31 GMT

Re: 09 Armies
Math_dogsrap  Account Info

I like this idea i can't wait till it comes out!!!

     17 February 2005, 01:58 GMT

Re: 09 Armies
blackbirdbob71  Account Info

i like the sound of this game. have you thought of making it into assembly?

     16 March 2005, 00:42 GMT

Re: Re: 09 Armies
Rug  Account Info

look at the dates.
that comment was posted in 2003

     23 May 2005, 20:11 GMT

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