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83p_mathos.zip13k12-02-08File is not ratedMath OS
Math OS is a math program that has (basically) everything you need. Some of the features are the quadratic solver, the radian/degree converter, and area and volume (includes 10 different geometric shapes). This is a must-have for any math student in any math level-it has over 30 features if you count everything.
aaamath.zip28k05-08-26File is not ratedAAAmath
Tired of searching through hudreds of files to find the useful programs? If so, this file is for you. This a collection of about 30 programs with many more "sub-programs" that are useful for any math class from algebra to second semester calculus.
a_aequation.zip4k05-05-27File is not ratedA_A Equation 1.1
This magnificant TI-83+ (SE)/TI-84+ (SE) program has so many different sub-programs you can't even count them. Well, ACTUALLY I did, And it turns out that there are 50 GREAT programs. If you have this, and if you are in Algebra I, Physical Science, or basic Physics class, you WILL NOT need anything else. If you want to submit anything --questions, comments, complaints, et cetera.-- email me at Skater2143@aol.com
abc.zip1k09-03-28File is not ratedAdvanced ABC formule
This is my first program worth to share. It is an advanced ABC-formule. It calculates the X-value and then give the steps it used to calculate that so that you can write that down.
actpreperation.zip12k13-10-17File is not ratedACT Preperation
This program helps you in the SAT/ACT test! It has many functions such as a system of equations solver, a triangle solver, number theory, and many formulas/parent graphs!
act.zip7k03-10-05File rated 7.75AcT
this is a basic math program that can do a lot of things sorry only works in the ti-os
advanced.zip15k08-08-24File is not ratedAdvanced Calculations v. beta 04
This program is an open source compilation of math and science functions in an easy to use, powerful format. It is in the earlier stages of development, but still very handy. Add an use your own functions with the many built in advantages.
advmath.zip6k00-12-10File is not ratedAdvanced Math v1.2 83+
A math program with the following math rules: Logarithm, Power of, Differentiate, Integrate, Sin/Cos-rules, Sin/cos/tan-rules, and Special triangles. No input!! Only the rules are plotted in the graph screen! The program doesn't use subroutines anymore!! Look at my screenshots.
aequaton.zip3k05-05-07File is not ratedAEQUATION
This is a "MUST HAVE" for any Algebra I, Physical Science, or Physics class. It does many things. You name it, it does it.
aesmathpack.zip6k11-10-13File is not ratedMATHPACK
THis is a beta program that I am entering into a z80 programming contest. Please do not use any of this code in your programs until you contact me first. My contact information is included.
aguations.zip3k04-01-08File is not ratedAquations
Aquations is the absolute best math program for all classes through Trigonometry. Using a personal menu, which allows you to view a full description of the operation before you use it, you can use the quadratic formula, herons formula, the law of sines, the law of cosines, they pythagorean theorem, a sequence solver, a y=mx+b solver, a quadratic solver, an n-sided regular polygon solver, a triangle solver, a factor finder, and a basic calculator so you don't have to exit the program for simple calculations. Aquations also comes with help menu in case you get lost.
algebra2plus.zip51k05-06-12File rated 8.29The Ultimate Algebra II and Geometry Collection!!
***NOTE: The Area/Volume bug is fixed.***This is a must download. This program has over 60 functions, including: unknowns, quadratic, radical simplifier (any root), inequality graphing, logarithms of any base, multiplying and dividing polynomials, finding all roots of a polynomial, factoring any degree polynomial, sequences and series, binomial expansion, 70! and up, graphing with X=, conics, i^x, sectors/arcs, pythagorean, geometric means, circumfrence, area/volume, distance formula, polygon functions, and many more!! As an added bonus, all answers in the geometry program are in simplified radical form. In addition to that, the alebra II section has the best absolute value inequality solver out there. Also this basic program was compiled into an application!! (thanks to Martin Warmer's Basic Builder App Creator).
algebra2.zip6k10-05-15File is not ratedALGEBRA&MORE
algebra5.zip1k00-06-02File is not ratedEquations Deluxe v1.0
This program contains many useful equations used in math class. U never know when u will forget an important equation on a test, so download this program just in case...
algebra7.zip5k01-12-22File is not ratedProblem Solver V.1.7
Algebra/Geometry Solver
alggeo.zip2k03-07-04File is not ratedAlgebra I/Geometry/Trigonometry
This is the updated version of my previous program "Ultimate." This has every algebra 1, geometry, and trigonometry formula you can think of. It has quadratic, slope, distance, midpoint, circumference, the law of cosines, pythagorean, the area, surface area, and volume of every 2 or 3 dimensional figure you can think of, anD best of all it has: EQUATION SOLVER(LINEAR/RADICAL, 1 VARIABLE, 2 VARIABLE, 3 VARIABLE)! DOWNLOAD NOW! IT IS THE BEST MATH PROGRAM ON THE INTERNET THAT YOU COULD HAVE. IT HELPED ME GET AN A+ IN MY MATH CLASS.
allequations.zip2k04-10-31File is not ratedAll Equations
This is my program that allows you to solve for several math equations. It includes geometric equations for solving area and circumference for a circle, volume and surface area of a sphere, cylinder, cube, and cone, the area and perimeter of a square, area and the pathagorean theorum for a triangle, and side, radius, apothum and area of regular polygons. It also solves for the quadratic formula, logrithmic equations, and trigometric problems. But that's not all, it also does conversions for the imperial and metric systems. Enjoy!
allforms.zip1k01-03-14File is not ratedAllforms v4.2
This is a must have if you are in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, PreCalculus, Triginometry, of Calculus. It has some of the most used math formulas all in ONE easy to use program. It includes the quadratic formula, foil, trig functions and much more!
allin1.zip16k11-06-27File is not ratedALLIN1 v2.0 (UPDATE)
This is an update to ALLIN1, a compilation of over 20 useful Geometry/Algebra II/Chemistry/Other programs that I have put together. There may be less than other suites because I don't include programs I deem to be useless, such as the volume of a cube. Please see the readme for additional information. The Math section includes a synthetic division program that also calculates upper and lower bound, a quadratics program that gives all sorts of information about the graph, a list of trig identities, viete's formulas, and descartes rule of signs. The Geometry section includes the area of a regular polygon, with calculates with the side length, radius, or apothem, the area of an ellipse, and the segments, sectors, and lunes of circles, the shoelace algorithm (which calculates the area of any polygon given the coordinates of the vertices), surface area and volume for cones, regular pyramids, regular polyhedrons, cone frustums, and pyramid frustums, with varied inputs (radius, lateral height, angle, etc.), and a general triangle side-angle solver. The Science Section includes a half-life solver, Hardy Weinberg equilibrium solver, light/planck's constant solver, percent composition solver, and combustion solver (which accepts C#H#, C#H#OH, or the name) Includes password to foil thieving slime: use 911 to get access when it checks. New to version 2.0 - fixed combustion bg with alcohols, imaginary roots added to quadratics, perimeter calc and sketch input for shoelace algorithm, improved whole factorization display, and an increased emphasis on user-friendliness. More details can be found in the readme.
allmath.zip22k17-11-23File rated 7.46Allmath v7.12
Allmath is an all-inclusive math program that will calculate and do a variety of things (work and equations shown on most functions) including: complete the square, direct/indirect variation, number of solutions, midpoint, prime numbers, Pythagorean theorem, quadratic formula, slope, distance, vertex, area, volume, surface area, y intercept, Fibonacci sequence, circumference, average, simplified square roots, proportions, system of equations, distance of point to line, types of quadrilaterals, scientific notation, a point of an isosceles trapezoid, Pythagorean triples, law of sines/cosines, DMS, geometric mean, circle equation maker, lateral area, apothem finder, point-slope to Y-intercept, frustums, graphing without Y= format, graphing < and >, vector magnitude and direction, vector addition, and 3D distance, test for collinear points, 3D midpoint, sphere equation maker, distance of parallel lines, modulus, 3 variable system of equations, standard form to y intercept, cramers rule, 3 points to equation for parabola, graphing inequalities, All about conics (equation makers, details about, and etc.), logarithms of X base, iterations, sequences, and sum of sequences, *Newly added Cramer's Rule for a system of 3 equations*. Allmath is compatible with MirageOS. For TI-84 C/CE find a compatible Allmath version on corresponding ticalc directory). Recommended for Pre-algebra through Calculus. Version 7.12.
all_my_mathprgms.zip678k07-10-26File is not ratedAll my math programs
This app is very handy in solving many different algebra, geometry, and science problems. Some of the top-of-the-line programs on my calculator are in this app. You will find it to be useful in all aspects of school. Compiled using basicbuilder by Martin Warmer.
amathprogram.zip2k08-09-15File is not ratedThe Everything Program
A math program that has tons of functions, including slope/y-int, distance/midpoint, 2 or 3 variable systems, quadratic equations, simplifying radicals, triangle solver, area finder, base changer, volume/surface area, trinomial factoring, and more. Very useful for Algebra I/II, Geometry, and Trig.
amathwiz.zip5k04-12-01File is not ratedMath Wizard
This is an update to my Math Wizard Program. I should have updated it before. It adds many new features, and is easier to use.
amath.zip7k00-12-10File is not ratedAmath v9.5
Absolute Math v9.5: Simply the most comprehensive math program out there!
ams.zip9k01-04-26File is not ratedAdvanced Mathematics Suite
Advanced Mathematics Suite, or AMS for short, is a program which makes up for where TI left off when they developed the TI-83 Plus. It includes various useful utilities for work with Algebra I, II, Geometry, and other subjects.
analysistrigprecalc.zip11k07-07-01File is not rated*ALL IN ONE Three Year Math Course Program
This All-In-One Program covers virtually every concept in Algebra II, Trigonometry, Advanced Geometry, and Analysis (Precalculus). I knwo thtat this is a short description, but the README file contains all of the specifics. I have been programming for more than six years, and this is FAST
andymath.zip13k01-12-16File is not ratedAndyMath 1.0
ATTENTION ALL!!!!!! This is arguably the best math program EVER made for the Ti-83 Plus. Believe me, I've looked at most of the other math programs and I think this is THE BEST ONE OUT THERE! There is SO much in it that I only have room for a brief overview: AndyMath has all sorts of shape formulas, formulas for triangles including the Pythagorean theorem and the law of cosines, line equations, exponential growth and decay, averaging, the quadratic formula, a simplest radical form solver, and some physics formulas. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. YOU HAVE MY WORD ON THAT!!!!
aplus.zip5k00-06-02File is not ratedA Plus Math
This program is constantly evolving at the rate that I learn how to program the stuff in. The program itself is huge, solving for volume, area, surface are, solving systems, solving the quadtratic formula giving answers, vertex, discriminemt, graphing it and more. Now it will also find the mean deviation, range, and more in a list of numbers, though it takes a minute ;)
aprecalculus.zip6k03-10-23File is not ratedThe Super Duper Ultra Hyper Mega Precalculus Program
This is the awesome successor to my Super Duper Ultra Hyper Mega Algebra II Program. Based on the same GUI Interface, program utilization has become increasingly efficient. This is the starting of a new program, so it only has 15 programs right now including trinomial factorer, slope, distance, midpoint, Average Rate of Change of a Graph, Iteration Calculator and many more that will come in the coming months. Email me if you have any troubles understanding anything in my program. I will try and update this program as much as possible, but email me if you have any special requests. If you have any doubts about this program, just take a look at my algebra2programs.zip in the 83-Plus BASIC Math section. It is one HUGE composition!
aptools.zip1k13-11-02File is not ratedAP Tools 5.2
AP Tools is a relatively simple math program that may be used to perform various mathematical tasks. This program includes a slope solver, midpoint finder, distance solver, quadratic root and vertex solver, and a cubic root solver.
aquad_49.zip1k10-02-27File is not ratedAQUAD
Tired of doing long formulas im your math/algebra class? Well, this program does them for you it includes the quadratic formula, the distance formula, the midpoint formula slope formula, the pythagrean therom and a formula to find the peramiter of a triangle.
aquations.zip3k03-12-17File is not ratedAquations
Aquations is the absolute best math program for all classes through Trigonometry. Using a personal menu, which allows you to view a full description of the operation before you use it, you can use the quadratic formula, herons formula, the law of sines, the law of cosines, they pythagorean theorem, a sequence solver, a y=mx+b solver, a quadratic solver, an n-sided regular polygon solver, a triangle solver, a factor finder, and a basic calculator so you don't have to exit the program for simple calculations. Aquations also comes with help menu in case you get lost.
arcticmath.zip47k02-10-15File is not ratedArctic Math
This is a great math program that has 21 formulas including 4 solvers where it will solve for the X you enter!!! This is the only program that I know of that will let you enter an X for one of three different variables and it will solve for it. The formulas include formulas for algebra, geometry (area, vol., etc.) solvers include: a solver for sin, cos, and tan and one for the pythagorean theorom.
aslopeeqprogram.zip1k05-03-02File is not ratedEquation Program
It has many equations: slope, volumes, areas, pythagorean, densities, temps., weight, mass, and others. I use it alot for science and Algebra I.
bestalgebra1.zip2k12-03-22File is not ratedBest Algebra 1 Program v2.1!
Version 2.1 of The Best Algebra 1 Program is finally released. As requested, I updated the teacher key to be bug-free. Also, an on-board instruction manual is added. This version uses an all new format, using the graph keys and an attractive title screen (as shown in screenshot) instead of a boring old menu. This does the same math functions, being improved, and also includes features such as an updated teacher key and read me file. Not only is this program useful anything in Algebra 1, but also has use for a majority of the Algebra 2 topics. Please email me any errors or suggestions at my email address in the read me, and I will use them in the next version. Be sure to look at the read me file for instructions on how to utilize all that this program can do. PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW THIS PROGRAM, THANKS!!
blah.zip5k01-05-31File is not ratedThe ultimate Geometry and Algebra II program
This Program has tons of useful programs for Algebra II and Geometry classes.
bluenote_lite.zip3k03-03-13File is not ratedblueNote lite
The latest from Trudgen Scope: MLT gets a makeover! Introducing blueNote, THE comprehensive math program. This version, blueNote lite, contains only the most frequently used functions, and is geared towards Algebra II/Trig and Precalculus classes. The functions inside: csc/sec/cot, law of cos, law of sin, synthetic division, binomial expansion, the quadratic formula (with MUCH more than just a root solver), and polar <-> rectangular conversion. On top of being useful in itself, it is a great preview of the full version of blueNote, which will include "lite", "calc" (calculus package), and many features exclusive to the "full". Download this now!! By Calcjazz.
brimath.zip3k05-03-02File is not ratedBrian's Math Programs
Includes growth and decay, Appreciation, Atmospheric Pressure, Laws of sines and cosines, Distance, String Sum (adds a string of numbers together), GCF/LCM, Midpoint, Halflife, Quadratic, Sequence, Substitution, and Synthetic division.
bunchofmath.zip10k01-12-15File is not ratedBunch of Math (Algebra1 and Geometry)
Is compatible with MirageOS and TI-OS contains 22 math programs
calcpro.zip1k03-10-27File is not ratedCalcpro
This is a great program that will do pretty much anything in Algerbra I or graphing that your calculator can't do by itself. I cannot take credit as the author but I am the only I know who has this.
calculs83p.zip5k02-03-01File is not ratedCalculs v2.04
nouvelle version de Calculs ! qui inclut une extension de calcul formel (le programme reconnait plus de 800 racines carrées et les simplifie)
caribdis.zip6k02-01-01File is not ratedCARIBDIS formulas V. 3.0
A great program that includes slope/graph prgm, quadratic formula with imaginary numbers, distance from a point to a line, midpoint formula, distance between two points, conversion from radians to degrees and vice-versa, law of sines and cosines, ambiguous case, area of a triangle (and heron's formula), sine, cosine and tangent identities, double and half angle identities, synthetic division of up to the 5th power, inequalities, calculus limits and differentiation rules, physics motion, energy and vector formulas, and a nice addition for easy viewing of pics... Updates Every Now and Then. Write with comments and suggestions.
cheat3.8xg.zip144k11-01-19File rated 7.28Cheater v3.0
This is one of the most complete suites of homework help functions in existence, and it's all packed in one program (with an assembly subprogram for some of the chemistry functions). Featuring an easy-to-use menu system, it packs dozens of extremely useful algebra, geometry, calculus, chemistry, and physics functions for middle school, high school and even college courses. Includes 18 different area, volume, and surface area solvers for geometry students, a list of essential trigonometric identities, and many intuitive calculators for many other topics, such as a complete triangle solver. More general features include 326 different unit conversions (in an extremely simple scrollable graphical interface) and many other essential features, such as chemical equation balancing and formula interpreting. Check out the screenshots; you'll be amazed.
cheats.zip1k00-11-24File is not ratedCheats
Equations to help you with math
chemcalc.zip2k06-08-20File is not ratedChemcalc
A collection of equations I hae written for the calculator over the past few years. Contains equations for chemistry (gas laws, frewquency, wavelength, ect.) and various topics in math like trigonometry, geometry, and algebra.
classaidv2.0.zip4k10-06-04File is not ratedClass Aid v2.0
An aid for average 6th-8th graders. Includes quadratic solver, equation solver, Pick's Theorem, Prime Test, factor listing, Geometry, unit converters, and more. (Note: send emails to yunhua98@gmail.com, I used Mail.com because I couldn't get verification letter with gmail.)
compiled.zip1k06-02-17File is not ratedCompiled SAT II MATH II Program
This is a program with the things I find most difficult to remember/do for the SAT II Math II test. It includes conics, triangles (enter combinations of sides/angles and it will complete them), sequences, and identities. Note, the conics section only works when Bxy is equal to zero currently, but I am planning to update it soon.
corrupt.zip24k03-09-17File is not ratedCorrupt
This is my first release of any kind the kids at school liked it so i hope you will. Feel free to give me comments. John Styrvoky Bluewings1@yahoo.com
damathv5.zip5k04-02-09File is not ratedDaMath v5.0
Same stuff as the past DaMath programs except lot more math stuff has been added.
distanceseries.zip6k07-09-01File is not ratedDistance Series + Quadsch
Origionally used for just the distance formula, every distance program quickly gives answers to all kinds of problems including surface area, volume, compound interest, quadratic formula, giving equations for 2 or 3 linear of quadratic points, arithmetic sequences, geometric sequences, and more. You must download all three programs for it to work.
djsbundlevol1.zip2k09-03-02File is not ratedDJ's Math Bundle
My original programs are: Area: Program that gives area perimeter or/ and volume of shapes, made last year, very useful. Exprac: Practice of exponents,has an easy medium and hard level, all based on what my class have been learning. Interest: Program that calculates interest, its very basic but looks very nice and goes along as you input your info These programs are all archived because i use CalcUtil (very useful) simply unArchive the program you would like to use. Contact me at djsm00thee3@gmail.com if you would like me to turn these into Apps for you
dmp_form.zip1k01-02-07File is not ratedBunch-O-Formulas
This is a collection of formulas that I made. They are very reliable and many people at my school use them for their math classes.
dnforms.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedDNForms v3.2
this program includes that quadratic formula, the pythagorean theorem, and several oth polygonal and linear formulas.
edutools.zip10k05-05-20File is not ratedEduTools 2.0
EduTools is a program of many useful tools for math and home use. Even includes a cleaning utility to delete all vars and such (a virtual RAM reset without losing programs). EduTools has a fairly simple to use interface, and most functions delete all used variables when finished (with the exception of the end result for some, so that u can use it in other computations, depending on how each works internally).
ejnmath.zip6k05-06-03File is not ratedSix Useful Math Tools
Includes these programs: Law of Sines, distance formula, conversion from y=mx+b to standard form (linear functions), slope between two points, radical simplifier, and of course a quadratic equation solver. The slope, standard form, and distance have a convenient graphic representation of the line, segment or whatever.
equation83p.zip4k01-09-28File is not ratedEquation
Equation has tons of math formulas. I am in high school so it has my level of skills. I recomend this program to anyone. It also is bigger and better than F2k
equation.zip2k12-09-14File is not ratedEquation Solver
This is a TI-Basic program that when you type in the variables for certain math equations, it gives you the answer to the math problem. It includes several Algebra Equations including slope, Pythagorean Theorem, distance, midpoint, and quadratic. It also includes geometry equations too. Edit: I added more options to the quadratic. Conversion planned. You can also find the nth number of the Fibonacci sequence. I hope you enjoy...
everything.zip2k08-01-21File is not ratedThe Everything Program
This program solves numerous algebraic and geometric problems including quadratic equations, 2 or 3 variable systems, simplifying radicals, distance and midpoint, slope and y-intercept, volume and surface area of various 3D shapes, and more. Some things you probably won't ever need, but I put them on for myself in my geometry class.
ezmath83.zip1k03-12-08File is not ratedEZMath83
This is my first program. I originally wrote it for the TI-89. When I showed it to my Algebra 2 teacher she was impressed and asked me to put it on the 83+ it works on the 83 too.
f2k7.zip16k08-01-31File is not ratedFormulas 2007
This an amazing formula program, it let has almost everything! Well, it doesn't hurt to try it out! Also, I update it every day, so check often! P.S. Check the folder for screenshots!
factorsimpking.zip6k03-04-01File is not ratedFactor/Simp King
This is a handy math program that is pretty useful. It does 7 things. It will find all the factors of a number, find the prime factors of a number, solve for the quadratic equation, solve for the cubic equation, simplify any radical to any root or index, find the remainder in a division problem, and tell you what factorial a number is if it is one.check out the screeshots.
finitediscrete.zip2k07-05-16File is not ratedFinite/Discrete Mathematics
Program for use in a Finite/Discrete Mathematics course. Includes (randomly) a couple of useful geometry formulas, an extremely effective engine for pivoting matrices quickly, many finance formulas, multiple probability and statistics tools, and tools for use with game theory (including optimum strategy and Markov Chains). Uses a simple menu system for easy navigation. Please report any bugs to Jeanlucpika@aol.com.
finmath.zip2k05-03-10File is not ratedFinite Mathematics
A little bit of everything for finite mathematics. Includes a tableau pivoter, finance formulas, binomial probability, and more
form2001.8xp12k02-01-01File is not ratedFormulas 2001
Over 15 formulas for math class.
formastv1.5.zip8k03-03-14File is not ratedFormula Master v1.5
Now Version 1.5!!! All formulas have been 100% tested and a fraction simplifer has been added. Formula Master is the program you have been searching for! It has a ton of math formulas. Volume, Quadratic, Prime Factor, Factor Numbers, Surface Areas, Areas, Circumference, Line Formulas, Slope Formulas, Pythagorean, Simplifies Fractions, and Trig Functions. Look for v2.0 releasing soon with even more formulas! All the formulas will work correctly, thanks to our beta testers. Enjoy. I am not responsible if you get caught cheating :)
formast.zip9k03-03-10File is not ratedFormula Master v1.0
Formula Master is the program you have been searching for! It has a ton of math formulas. Volume, Quadratic, Prime Factor, Factor Numbers, Surface Areas, Areas, Circumference, Line Formulas, Slope Formulas, Pythagorean, and Trig Functions. Look for v2.0 releasing soon with even more formulas! All the formulas should work, thanks to our beta testers. Enjoy.
formath2.zip8k03-03-05File is not ratedFormath
This convenient math program has about 40 time-saving formulas. It was programmed while in Alegebra 2 and Trigonometry class, so it's useful to any student. It has a very organized layout. It includes the basics: Quadratic formula, distance formula, slopes; but it goes way beyond. This has base conversion, it can solve everything about a triangle and then draw the triangle, anything about any sequence, solving for the area of any polygon, anything about lines and polygons in coordinate systems, anything about interest rates. Check it out, this has it all.
formath.zip4k01-03-25File is not ratedFormath
17 elaborate math functions to make life easy for the math student
formfind.8xp3k02-02-10File is not ratedFormula Finder
a good math program that helps with formulas.
formpack.zip2k00-06-22File is not ratedFormulas v4.2
This is another update to my previous formulas set. The Formulas 4.1 set had a problem because I replaced the wrong file from version 4.0 (oops). It is a math program created in a couple hours of boredom in Algebra II one day. There are approximately 15 formulas in this program including distance, slope, pythagorean, quadratic (which handles imaginary numbers), several geometric, 3 Logarithmic formulas, an interest formula, and a unique program which finds how many zeros up to a fifth degree equation contains. This program has proved quite useful for me so I decided to post it online. Enjoy!
forms2.0.zip1k04-12-01File is not ratedForms 2.0
This is a very useful math program. It has the formulas for Combination, Permutation, Quadratic, Midpoint, Distance, and even graphs for you.
forms30x.zip1k01-03-08File rated 2.8630 Formulas
Thats right! This prgm has a total of 30 formulas. To the best of my knowledge, its one of the biggest math programs out there. This prgm has just about every formula you'll ever need, including quadratic, pythagoarean thrm, slopes, volume, surface area, trig functions and many others. This program was a huge hit at my school, so try it out for yourself.
forms4.0.zip2k03-03-16File is not ratedForms v4.0
Math program with over 25 formulas including quadratic, pythagorean, surface area, volume, and other linear formulas.
formspro.zip17k04-04-25File is not ratedFormsPro v1.54: Math Class Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!
Forms Pro is the most in-depth and comprehensive math program ever. (This may get kind of long, so for a quick overview, just read the last two words). With 100+ formulas it is undoubtedly the best math program ever. FormsPro contains everything from a 2-5 VARUABLE EQUATION SOLVER to just about every AREA, LATERAL AREA, SURFACE AREA, VOLUME and PERIMETER formulas that their are. FormsPro also contains many helpful triangle formulas such as the SSS,SAS,SAA,SSA and ASA. Also solves for any side of the PYTHAGOREAN THEROM. Forms Pro has a very neat SLOPES EQUATION for just about everything including being able to find a parrallel and perpendicular line. Also included is a very good X=GRAPHER that solves for all X= equations. FormsPro also has some very helpful conversions, like STANDARD->SLOPE, and SLOPE->STANDARD. New and improved, and it's still ONE PROGRAM, so you don't need to worry about a whole bunch of programes to unarchive and archive. All this and much, much more in a program that is (needless to say) Simply Amazing.
formtool.zip5k00-09-28File is not ratedFormulas Toolkit v1.09
This Program has it all, Y= and X= Editor, Midpoint formulas, Heron's formula, Pics Theorum, Note-It (My new word processing tool), My Graph Settings Utility, All formulas for any 2 dimensional shape, MirageOS compatable, All bugs from v1.08 fixed, help function, Pascal's Triangle (8 Rows), Point Slope Formula, A brief explination on Midpoint formulas, An option to rest defaults on the calculator, and Notes on Angles. Also, its only 4.7k.
formula13.zip10k08-08-24File is not ratedFormula 1.4
This program has over 100 formulas and is less than 10k! Great for anyone needing formula help.
formula1.8xp2k02-02-16File is not rated*Formula* Version 2.2
Math formulas for most of your math needs.
formula2.zip1k02-02-21File is not ratedFormulas
If you are in a Math class, this is a Must HAVE. This has formulas that will take you from Algebra through Preclac.
formula3.zip6k10-05-14File is not ratedFormula
I found a problem in my last version... All fixed! (This time I checked all 121 features.) Now my head hurts really bad. Enjoy this epic program. It has taken me two years to build. The only problem is that it takes up 17,088 archive, but it is well worth it.
formula83p.zip4k04-02-14File is not ratedFormula; for all your calculating needs
Binomial and monomial factoring, unit conversions, area, volume, surface area, the quadratic equation, and much more. With 25 features this program does it all. This program uses a easy to navigate menu system to guide you through it's many features. Once you find what you want, formula83p will apply one of many formulas and systems to user imputed data. Also download FactorX for all your factoring needs. You must have formula83p if you are in Algebra I, algebra II, or geometry. Even if you aren't, it is still very useful for every day tasks, as long as you need some formula for them. Now with improved user interface.
formulai.zip1k03-11-12File is not ratedFormulai
Kind of a play off of my Aquations. This is a sweet math program using my own personal menu system containing: The Quadratic Formula, The law of Sines, The law of Cosines, and the Pythagorean Theorem. You'll like the Menu System
formulaos.zip5k04-09-08File is not ratedFormula OS v3.0
This is a very good formula program for the 83+ for use in many lower to mid-level math and science classes. It has 96 formulas and works very well. It runs in Mirage OS and from the PRGM menu. Not a flashy program, but very functional. Also included is a READ ME file and a program that cleans out your calcs RAM to make a little more memory. Give this program a try; it is very popular at my school.
formulas150.zip3k04-05-09File is not rated150 Formulas v2.0
Well, it didn't take too long for me to see the bug, so now it's fixed. This helped take 1st place in thestate competition, so it's very helpful.
formulas1.o.zip3k04-05-25File is not ratedformulas1.0
HEEEEECK YEEEEEEAH only took 30 min just in time for exams! real small quick and easy use edit it if u like
formulas2000.zip11k00-06-26File is not ratedFormulas 2000 v4.01
The only math program that truly delivers.
formulas2.zip1k99-11-25File is not ratedMath Formulas v2.0
formulas_38.zip1k06-12-24File is not ratedFormulas
This program includes 14 formulas from area to a temprature converter, also includes a boardfoot calculator for carpenters.
formulas4u.zip2k05-03-13File is not ratedformulas4u.zip
This is a program I made for high school students. It's especially useful for math classes. It contains a number of formulas for quadratic functions and formulas for calculating slopes and tangents more accurately than the calculator's built-in slope calculator provided you follow the instructions. This program will probably help you make simple calculations requiring some time normally very fast. I hope you like this program. Enjoy it!
formulas4.zip1k00-11-07File is not ratedFormulas
The BEST formulas program, I am not kidding!
formulas5.zip7k02-07-22File is not ratedFormulas v1.0
This program includes both formulas(type in the variables and it finds the answer for you) and formulas(for reference). This program includes Geometry, Algebra, Trig, and Physics equations. great program. read the text file for more.
formulas_61.zip3k11-06-25File is not ratedFormulas
This is an ongoing project as I am only in tenth grade. It will be updated with new formulas in the future. Version 2.4 has geometry, arithmetic, algebra, quadratics, and much more! (Look at the screenshots.)
formulas83p.zip2k03-11-18File is not ratedFormula
Aplies a variety of geometric formulas to user imputed data. Includes Quadratic Equation and A Formula for Compound Interest
formulas83.zip2k03-03-14File is not ratedFormulas83+
Same as Formulas82
formulas.8xp1k02-02-10File is not ratedFormulas
Distance, Slope, and Midpoint, basic formulas for most math classes.
formulaspro.zip2k04-02-21File is not ratedFormulas for TI-83+
This is a formula that I made in my free time for school, it has proved itself helpful in my classes along with my Math League. I hope all you guys enjoy!!! Hey, I have updated this and put in a few more things to do, sooner or later I will re-do the conversions page and have a lot more variety, Later!
formulasv1.zip10k05-03-02File is not ratedFormulas v1.0
This is the most useful program for your Ti-83/Ti-84. Filled with over 65 formulas for Geometry, Tigonometry, Algebra, etc. It's easy to use and gives you all needed information. I highly recommend this program for eveyone.
formulas.zip1k99-10-30File is not ratedFormulas
This has every formula there is for any algebra or geometry student.
formula.zip2k00-01-16File is not ratedFormulas Pro v1.1
This program have lots of formulas built in the program so that you can fine different aspect of geometric figures easily.
formwiz.zip1k00-10-01File is not ratedFormula Wizard
This program has all of the Algabra formulas that you will need. Some functions that it includes are Area, Volume, Conversiont tables, Coordinate, Perimiter, Prime Number, Calculator, And Surface Area. A TP Production: Visit TP online: www.homestead.com/tproductions/home.html
forumla2.zip1k04-04-09File is not ratedForumlas 2
Forumlas 2 is a spin off of forumlas. I put different one in to further your options. The programs are not made by same author. I just wanted to make one for my-self and decided to share it with you.
functns48.zip2k06-05-29File is not rated48 Math Functions
Includes 48 functions: roots for linear, quadratic, cubic, and quartic equations; modulo (remainder) arithmetic; logarithms to any base; simplified square roots; factors and prime factors; a primality test; Euler's totient (phi) function; the gamma function (factorial for non-integer numbers); seven averages (arithmetic, geometric, and harmonic means, median, range, standard deviation, and variance); percents; twelve trig functions (sec, csc, cot, arcsec, arccsc, arccot, sech, csch, coth, arcsech, arccsch, and arccoth); the filter (sinc) function; Euler's cis function; sequences, summations, products, and limits; Pascal's triangle; the Fibonacci sequence; a precise value for phi; a base converter; multi-sided dice; a digit count function; a sign function; and bitwise and, or, and xor.
functns.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedFUNCTNS
Quadratic Formula, Height of an Object un Freefall and others.
geometrytrighelp.zip14k04-12-03File is not ratedALGEBRA II/GEOMETRY "HELPER" UPDATE
sorry if you downloaded my previous version, it was still buggy and had a hole in the coding. This one has no Mirage OS support and is slightly larger but, to my knowledge, has only one bug that will be fixed in a future version that i am working on. email me if you edit it or find a bug
geotech.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedGeotech
Thsi programs help you with your geotech classes. it will solve for void ratio, porsity, borings, pi, and much more.
gprog.zip2k10-01-01File is not ratedgProg
This is the beta version of the geometry version of iProg.
helpme.zip4k07-09-06File is not ratedHelp Me Version 1.0
Help Me Version 1.0 was created for the purpose of helping students to remember Math and Science concepts. It does formulas as well as list them.
hggmath.zip9k01-06-14File is not ratedHGG's Math Program v2.o
The new version of my program. Contains functions like quadratic equation, triangle solver, linear and non linear system solver, distance formula factors primfactors, vectors and more. Many answers are given in exact value form and reduced squawroots form. Easy to use menu and labeled input and output of data.
instaequat.zip4k03-04-15File is not ratedInstaEquat v3.6
InstaEquat is a custom, ever-evolving, formula solving program. It has many formulas (somewhere aroung 50-60), including the quadratic formula. It also has several science formulas. Check it out, it helps a lot! New with 3.6: simplifies radicals and can find the quadratic equation given 2 roots. Download now!
iprogblankmodule.zip1k09-06-05File is not ratediProg Module
This is a blank module that you can edit :) and send to snowboardgirllisa@hotmail.com so I can put it in if I like it!
iprogversion20.2.zip5k10-01-01File is not ratediProg Version 20.2
Hi! This is the new, updated version of iProg. I hope you find it helpful, if you're stuck in algebra or something.
iprog.zip6k09-06-05File is not ratediProg v21.2
Wow! iProg has gone far over this year! Hope you enjoy it, and check out the math version too!
jmathb.zip3k04-08-03File is not rated!!!!MATH!!!!
Everything from Geometry to Trigonometry to Polynominals to Areas/Volumes Of Several Shapes, To Radicals, SHOWS WORK ON MOST THINGS!!!
konsole2.zip3k03-11-30File is not ratedKonsole Classic
Various programs for Grade 10 math. Efficient and smart. Last release. Includes Quadratic, slope, and distance formulas.
krperprogramm.zip3k12-04-28File is not ratedKörperrechnen V 1.1
Ein Rechenprogramm. Mehr dazu in der Beschreibung. A computer program. More on that in the description.
lmnop3.zip4k03-12-29File is not ratedLMNOP v3.0
The LMNOP series are a set of calculator programs that help you out during math and science test, quizzes, homeworks, etc... LMNOP v3.0 IS THE ULTIMATE EQUATION PROGRAM TO USE DURING MATH/SCIENCE TESTS!
loo40.zip7k03-03-08File is not ratedTyskis Toolkit 4.0
With this program you can do many things, for example calculate all sides and in a triangle if you know two sides, convert lenght, distance, area, temperature, weight and volume, view constants, and add integers.
mahmaser1.0.zip1k03-07-11File is not ratedMa+hMas+ter
A Jamaica Bay Program. Ma+hMas+er is an easy-to-use, full-featured math program. With it, you can choose from a wealth of functions and formulas, including Gauss' Formula, Pythagorean theorem, Distance Between Two Points, and much more, divided into 5 categories. Something for every math student!
manage.8xp9k02-02-10File is not ratedManage
The best set of programs in one program! These include Distance (between 2 points), Midpoint (between points), Radicle simplifier, Run, which calculates how many calories you burn by running a certiain speed for a certain amount of time and by how much you weigh, a rotate program which tells you what kind of rorations when coordinates are x,-y; 5x, 3y; etc., a HUGE unit converter, a slope finder, quadratic formula, a missing endpoint (if you have one point and the midpoint, it will find the other endpoing, a program for figuring out varations, and a balance account to keep track of how much money you have and spend! THIS IS AN AWSOME PROGRAM! YOU MUST DOWNLOAD IT
mastermp.zip2k04-03-17File is not ratedMaster Mp
a very helpful math progam at school used on many things bug free Andrew Jones
master.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedMaster Program from LazyBoy Producktions
Has many different math and science programs like mdpoint, distance, slope, mechanical advantage, specific heat, circumference, pythagorean theorem, length or arc, and average acceleration. Conditionals part does not work! Feel free to finish the program
mat11.zip3k12-03-07File is not ratedMAT 11
*ALL PROGRAM IS PORTUGUESE Várias utilidades para a disciplina de Matemática do 11ºAno.
matapps.zip3k10-11-04File is not ratedMAT APPS
Varias Aplicacoes uteis para Matematica (Various math applications) V3.0 FINAL
math_00.zip1k10-11-04File is not ratedMath Programs
Three simple math programs. The Quadratic Formula in its most basic form, a slope calculator and then a pretty helpful program (TRIGONOM) that has a few of the triangle properties and rules programmed into it. Pretty self explanatory
math24.zip1k02-03-30File is not rated24 Math Programs in 1
This program is 24 very useful programs in one. It will calculate things like volume, SA, quadratic, and many more. The menus are very easy to navigate. Enjoy.
math2k5.zip2k05-08-12File is not ratedMath2K5
This program is very easy to use. It is a must. If you don't like it, just delete it. It is worth downloading. Currently working on an update.
math2.zip3k00-09-27File is not ratedMath Programs v1.6
A compilation of many math programs. Update to v. 1.5, added programs.
math43.9.zip2k03-05-25File is not ratedMath4
Math4 is a usefull BASIC program to use in the lessions mathematics in the 4th year in Belgium.
math_45.zip3k01-01-04File is not ratedMath Programs Assortment
Assortment of useful math problems. see documentation for full descriptions. Examples: A program that simplifies radicals, one that finds all real zeros of an equation.
math4mulas.zip1k03-04-18File is not ratedMath formulas
This is a very complex assortment of math formulas, (look at the pictures!) It also finds the angle of a regular polygon; example 5 sides: interior angles are 108, exterior angles are 72
math4u.zip1k02-05-13File is not ratedMath Formulas
Good for any Pre-Calculus student. Includes basic formulas, sequences and series, and Sigma notation evaluation
math6.zip1k01-03-25File is not ratedMath Program
This contains some helpful math functions. I find it very useful!
math83p.zip3k01-12-16File is not ratedMathematics for TI-83 Plus
Includes a Trigonometry, Base Converter, factoring, and prime number generating program.
math99.zip2k00-09-23File is not ratedMath99
This is comprehensive high school level math program, including a detailed quadratic equation solver, a system solver, volume and area finders, temperature conversions, and more.
matha.8xp1k01-12-16File is not ratedThe Ultimate Math Program v2.0
This program solves the quadratic formula in radical form and reduces radicals.
mathallformulas.zip1k03-10-19File is not ratedall the math formulas
this program contains all the math formulas that we know and hate this took me a week to program and im pritty sure there are no bugs (many hours testing on math tests!!)and i made it compact and as fast as i could (2004 bytes) so have fun with it. i'm trying to make a new one with algebra and convertion but i haven't yet(probly be out in 1 month).
mathassist.zip9k09-03-04File is not ratedMATH ASSIST
Program: Math Assist 7.0 Author: Coby Walker This Program includes lots of functions designed and programmed by Coby Walker from scratch. Easily usable by anyone. -Includes : Draw Shape, Factors of Number, Statement Help, Area Formulas, Volume Formulas, Endpoints, Midpoints, Point distances, Slopes, convert Y=MX+B to AX+BY=C, Trianble Testing, and EQUATION SOLVER.
mathasst.zip3k06-03-26File is not ratedMath Assistant Beta
This program is a very useful sorce for over 20 formulas and charts of squaring and measurement conversions. It is still under construction but it is useable so if you could use it and email me more ideas on how to improve and what i should add (my email adress is sfsmall@gmail.com) thanks and hope you enjoy
mathb2.zip18k09-01-31File is not ratedMath B
This is the ultimate Math B program for everything in Math B except proofs. This program is even useful for some precalc stuff too. i know that this program is humongous, but its worth having it in your calc. i suggest just using the app since it cant be ruined. This is an update on a few things. There are probably still glitches here and there.
mathbook.zip15k07-04-26File is not ratedMathbook
This is a program to help with math, geometry in paticular. This contains random geometry formulas as well as surface area, volume, area and line formulas. There is also a misc. section containing...well misc. stuff I made, like a factoring program, the quadratic formula and an 'Auto-adder'. Don't you get tired of running a program, getting the answer to a simple problem, having to get out, do x/8 and then run the program again for the next problem? Well no more with the 'Nml. Interface'. You can just find the answer and go here in which you just type in the equation and it displays the answer. Now you don't even have to exit the program you lazy bums! It even displays the last answer you typed in so you don't even need to remember that too! ;) The application version is included too, with help from Basic builder.
mathb.zip2k03-10-25File is not ratedMATH B formulas
AWESOME FOR TRIG and GEOMETRY, includes several formulas and solvers; ex: quadratic equation, radian to degress, cos,sec, tan, quadrants, probabilty, complx numbers, circles, relation and functions, logs, stats, transformations, slope, distance, midpoint. ALSO UNLOCKED FOR UR EDITING.
mathcalc.zip35k05-03-02File is not ratedMath-Calc v.6.5
Perfect for Algebra 2, Geometry, and Chemistry 1. Contains slope and intercepts, a vertex solver, an equation finder and solver, a simplified square roots finder, a synthetic polynomial divider, a section that will give you the t-chart and graph of a parabola, a section that will solve a system of linear equalations in two or three variables, A triangle solver, A distance finder, a midpoint finder, a section that will find the volume and surface area af a cone, cylinder, pyrimid, rectangular prism, sphere; and finally, a section that will convert between grams, moles, and atoms, and a section that will convert between frequency, wavelength, and energy,and one that finds the empirical formula of two elements;plus much more! E-mail suggestions to HScalcnerd@hotmail.com.
mathcenter.zip6k04-05-29File is not ratedMathCenter v1.0
I know I just put this program on this site, but right after I did, I found out how to change my Screen Captures to *.gif format. This program has around 70 formulas in it including the only formula in a program I know of that can simplify radicals with variables in them. I might put in a solver with as many variables as you want in other versions.(This would be limited to 10, though
mathcheatcody.zip4k05-01-04File is not ratedMath Cheat
Everything you need to suceed in Geomety and Algebra II, at least. Read the README first, I guess. -CMB Productions
mathcheat.zip1k00-05-26File is not ratedMath Cheater
This program will help give you and Easy A in High School Geom and Alg. With This program offers thing no other program does but you will have to see it to believe it .
mathelements.8xp5k01-12-22File is not ratedMathematical Elements
This program contains various shape formulas and their definition, some various formulas (Such as the Pathagorean theroum, and what sin, cos, and tan mean). Also it has graph definitions and U.S. and Metric measure (1 meter=100 centimeter, ect.) Enjoy!
mathelpr.zip1k03-11-03File is not ratedMathelp
A programm i wrote to help with math class.
mathelp.zip5k01-03-08File is not ratedMath Helper v5.0
This is a program that can math functions. It can do just about anything from scientific notation to lateral surface area and volume. You just punch in the information and you get the answer! Please DO NOT use this for cheating on tests, though. If you get caught using it to cheat, it's not my fault. A great program though.
mathequationsii.zip21k03-05-14File is not ratedMath Equations II v2.80
The greatest compliation of math functions is back! Bigger, Better, more Powerful than ever! Just over 10k big (went down in size due to some major restructuring, but it does everything it did before but better, I promise), this program has 21 different functions including the quadrati, system of equations, point length/midpoint/slope, polygon angles, real number to hexadecimal converter, hexadecimal to real number converter, proportions, geometric mean, 30-60-90 triangle, 45-45-90 triangle, radical reducer, triangle type, and pythagorean theroem! and so much more! whew! so much for one program! A must have for any math student, smart or dumb! download it now before TiCalc's servers are overloaded!
mathforms.zip1k02-06-01File is not ratedVarious Math Formulas
This contains some math formulas used in geometry and algebra.
mathformulas_82.zip1k03-04-11File is not ratedMath Formulas v1.0
Need I say more??? I have seen the other kinds, this is the best!!
mathformulas.zip2k03-03-05File is not ratedMath Formulas
Formulas needed for Geometry and some Trig.
mathhell.zip9k00-10-07File is not ratedMATHHELL
mathhelp1.zip1k03-12-20File is not ratedMath Help 1
This is a program available for anyone in math! This will be a good series when finished! I am also gunna make one for science when i get the time!
mathhelp2.zip1k03-12-28File is not ratedMath Help 2
This is the second part of my math Series! Stay tuned for others by Me!
mathhelp3.zip3k06-03-11File is not ratedMath Help
Updated version. This program contains quadratic tools, linear equation tools along with simultaneous equation solver tools. There is also an efficient factor finder tool for 10th order polynomials. This factor finder is far more robust against crashing when compared to other factor finder programs. Programs such as Factor 9 and Factor 69 do not compare against the factor finder tool inside Math Help. Try it and see - it won't crash like the other programs are prone to doing so often. You'll be pleased with the way in which Math Help finds the rational factors for you.
mathhelperv.02.zip58k04-01-24File is not ratedMath Helper v.02
It aids in common algebra, finding volume, perimeter and other stuff. Trig functons are there, also some equasions that will help u out if u are in biology or earth science. **Can be executed through MirageOS1.1 too **Earlier versions not tested Read the HELP.txt for more on what the program accually does... Happy Programin' Awesome1
mathhelpv1.0.zip2k04-09-16File is not ratedMath Help
This program is helpful for using formulas during class and on some tests(ask you teacher first). I have used this program countless times and has surely made my grade go up in math.
mathhelp.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedMath Help
this is a program that has area of circles, quadralaterals, and triangles, it has the pythagarean theorem, quadradic formula, and slope solver. please visit my website for more. www.geocities.com/natery2000
mathhhelp.zip21k05-02-11File is not ratedMATHHELP v.15.15
First, although the filenamme has 3 H's, the program's name is actually MATHHELP, but had to be changed because a MATHHELP.zip already existed. Now, the description. This is a very large and complete Math program for ALL of grade 10 and some of grade 11 Math classes (also known as Math 416, 426, 436, 514, 526, 536). It covers practically all areas and all chapters in grade 10 Math (Math 416-436), so it is a great resource even for grade 11 Math (Math 514-536) even if it doesn't cover it. It shows the work, formulas, information, and answers for almost everything except for a few areas.
mathit_super.zip3k02-07-15File is not ratedSuper MathIt
Super MathIt does many linear equations such as, slope, midpoint, and distance. It can find a perpendicular slope, a parallel slope, the intersection of two lines, and can tell you slope intercept form from standard form. Also using the pythagorean thereom Super MathIt will be able to tell you if a triangle is right, not only that it can tell you the third side of a triangle if you know the other two. Last but not least, this new and improved MathIt can tell you where the line of symetry is in a parabola. This program has clean, easy to use controls, complete with custom menus and a user friendly interface.
mathit.zip4k02-09-05File is not ratedMathIt 6.0
It has arrived, the new addition to MathIt! There wasn't a whole lot of changes over the summer, but there is a brand new, very snazzy interface. Plus the addition of the program that solves for X. If you downloaded any of the other MathIt programs you have got to delete them and pick this one up!
mathlab4.zip20k04-10-07File is not ratedMATHLAB4
THis is an update of my MATHLAB programs. It contains a bunch of other programs such as line segment, quadratics, simultaneous, surd simplify, fibonacci, and formulas. This new update contains more stuff in the formulas section and improved coding!
mathlisttrig.zip4k02-04-02File is not rated[MLT³] - The Ultimate Math ToolKit v1.1
Tristan Dahl and Dojo Productions present ... the greatest math program to ever grace the TI 83 Plus: [MLT³] aka Math List Trig 3. Tons of functions, info, and options. Here's what you're in store for (read the MLT-readme.txt file for specifics): Operations - csc/sec/cot and their inverses, Law of cos, Law of sin, X= Grapher, Synthetic Division, Triangle Area (non-right), Polar to Rect (coordinates), Rect to Polar, Sector Formulas for Degrees AND Radians (find either Arc Length, Area, radius, or angle using any combination of 2 known parts), and Expansion of (ax + by)^r; List Formulas - Half-Angle, Double-Angle, Pythagorean Definitions, Addition (ex. sin(a+b)=..), Negatives, Cofunction; Options - toggle AutoSetting of modes for functions, and Ans options; Set Degree/Radian Mode from main menu without quitting (very useful). So in a nutshell, this program has everything a math student could want and then some. Download the latest and greatest edition to the Math List Trig series today!!! **NOTE: Fix for v1.1: fixed Synthetic division - the output now pauses and goes by each x power instead of all at once (so that more than 8 can work without complicated code).
mathmaster.zip10k09-10-01File is not ratedA+ MathMaster
A+ MathMaster is the most useful math program I've seen. This is because most programs have only one function, and while they are very good at that one function, it gets to be a hassle to have too many programs for all the things you need. The solution? MathMaster: the most extensive math help program out there, it has all the things you need wrapped into one neat bundle. Contains: The Pythagorean Theorum for both legs, or one leg and the Hypotenues Distance Midpoint Slope Form to Form convertion of Linear Equations* 1 variable Equation solver finds the Mean Median and range of a set of Data Finds the area of Recatngles circles Triangles Trapizoid Ellipes The volume of Rectangular Prisms Cylinders Pyramids Cones Spheres and Elippsoids The Surface area of rectangular Prisms SPheres Cyllinders Triangular Prisms What other program can you think of that can do all that? none right! Get it Now! *SEE README
mathmatx.zip3k05-03-02File is not ratedMATHMATX Version 4.3
MATHMATX is a tool that has come a long way with me. I started writing this program in Advanced Algebra in High School and have been adding to it all the way into college level calculus. This program will do the following: Adv. Algebra: ~ Solve Equations (Co-ordinates, Cord & Slope, Systems) ~ Increasing/Decreasing Functions (Calculate Population Growth, Appreciation/Depreciation, and more) ~ Calculate Loan Payments ~ Sequences ~ Distance ~ Quadratic Solver Trig: ~ Solve for Triangles ~ Arc Length ~ Sector Area ~ Segment Area Calculus: ~ Riemanns Sums (requires a Y1 function) ~ Euler's Method (requires a Y1 function) ~ Slopefield (requires a Y1 function) ~ Def Integrals (requires a Y1 function) ~ Derivatives (requires a Y1 function) ~ Curve Length (requires a Y1 function) ~ Cross Product ~ Dot Product I can't guarantee that everything works perfectly, but it is damn close to perfect. This program has helped me through a few exams and probably will continue to do so. The next version will hopefully include a readme, but it is pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy! Please email me if, and only if, there is an error with the code, not with the user. Some of the functions on this calculator require you to have a function loaded in the Y1 slot before using it (as mentioned above). Thanks!
mathmenu.zip4k08-12-13File is not ratedMath Menu Ver. 2.9
This comprehensive program includes most of the formulas and equations that are needed in Algebra I and II, Geometry, and Precalculus. Unlike other programs this one has been tested extensively and is made for convenience. It includes slope formula, distance formula, midpoint calculator, radical simplifier, quadratic formula, polygon information, area and volume formulas, unit circle, trigonometry information, Hero's formula, Pascal's triangle, SSA ambiguous case, factoring binomials, conic sections and more! Note: Readme file contains useful information about program navigation.
mathos.zip1k02-04-18File is not ratedMath OS v 2.76
Math OS is the most complete math program around! This version is the latest, but I'm currently working on Stats, and a list of formulas to be used when replacing a different variables. Unlike most math programs, it has the ability to transform symetric equation from to standard, as well as general form to standard. Enjoy!
mathpack2004.zip5k04-07-13File is not ratedMathPack 2004
Fourteen math programs of all levels to simplify work on homework and tests.
mathpack2.zip19k05-08-14File is not ratedMathPack 20 V.0.8
A Math program that I wrote for the Pure Math 20 course. Can solve quadratic equations, factor any polynomial, solve polynomial inequalities, solve any triangle, and more, all under 3.5K!
mathpacksfgp.zip12k05-10-20File is not ratedMath Pack version 1.0 from SFGP
A pack with a bunch of handy utilities including complete the square, sierpinski area, cylinder volume, and decimal2binary converter.
mathpack.zip2k04-06-16File is not ratedMathPack
This now includes over 30 Algebra and Geometery formulas. A recent update has added more formulas and a new section on proportions. I personaly use this program to give me a leg up in my Honors Geometery class, and it works.
mathpak.zip1k01-03-11File is not ratedMathPak v3.0
This is a fixed version of the old one (all the text was messed up), sorry it took so long, but it is the same thing. Also includes documentation.
mathpal.zip5k03-06-04File is not ratedMathPal (1.0)
This handy math utility has six main features: solve a quadratic, discriminant, data collect, factor, prime test, and factor sum. Read the included .txt file for more info.
mathplus5.zip15k03-06-20File is not rated72 Functions: MathPlus 5.1.0
Everything you need for Geometry, Algebra II, and FST. This program uses a revolutionary new system that allows you to choose the functions you want on your calculator through use of "packs" of sub-programs. See the included documentation for more details and a history of the MathPlus Project. Also included in the file is a list of ALL ***72*** functions. Version 5.1.0 fixed the ONE bug in the entire program; 5.0.0 didn't restore your GRAPH data.
mathplus_.zip5k03-03-07File is not ratedMATHPLUS
MATHPLUS IS A PROGRAM FOR THE TI 83 PLUS THAT INCLUDES MANY MATHMATICAL FUNCTIONS. Future versions will include FST functions including arc length, and area of sector functions.
mathprgm.zip8k02-08-06File is not ratedMath Programs v1.09
Great program! Contains all topics needed for an Algebra II student to excel. Includes polynomial factoring, radical reducer, number base converter, conic solver and grapher, quadratic formula, and much more!!!
mathpro2.zip2k07-03-22File is not ratedMathpro - Maths Programs V2.7.08
Final release of MathPro version 2. A program covering a few areas of maths, including quadratics, trigonometry, sectors, segments and periodic phenomena.
mathpro3.zip4k07-08-21File is not ratedMathpro - Maths Programs
v3.0.00 A program covering a few areas of maths, including quadratics, trigonometry, sectors, segments, periodic phenomena, complex numbers, derivatives, matrices, probability and trig identities. Also compatible with TI-83.
mathprocompact2.zip1k07-09-01File is not ratedMathProC - Maths Programs Compact V2.7.08
Final release of MathProC version 2 for anyone who wants it. A program covering a few areas of maths, including quadratics, trigonometry, sectors, segments and periodic phenomena. The compact version of the program does not include any of the drawings used in the full version. Also compatible with TI-83.
mathprocompact.zip3k07-03-28File is not ratedMathProC - Maths Programs Compact
A program covering a few areas of maths, including quadratics, trigonometry, sectors, segments, periodic phenomena, complex numbers, derivatives, matrices, probability and trig identities. Compact version does not include unit circles or diagrams. Also compatible with TI-83
mathprogramsbytmw.zip1k03-12-16File is not ratedMath programs
Some of my math programs that I've created. They're pretty self explanitory.
mathprograms.zip6k02-10-12File is not rated25 Math Program's
These are a bunch of little math helper's that I programed into my calculator, they don't take up a whole lot of space so it should fit on your calc.
mathprogram.zip2k03-03-10File is not ratedMath Programs
Program figures out area nad additions to area, perimeter, circumference, and a ton of other things group contains 22 files. See Ya email me for any q's
mathprogs.zip11k05-01-28File is not ratedMath Bundle
This is a few of the programs i have writin for the TI-83+. CIRCLE, CONICS, DISTANCE, MIDPOINT, SOLVEVAR, and one extra that realy has nothing to do with math but is fun to do. MIDPOINT and DISTANCE show the work and SOLVEVAR is capable of showing the work but i have not got around to programing it in. I have included 2 readme file, one for winword and the other for wordpad, please read atleast one of them.
mathprogv.2.7.zip5k03-03-05File is not ratedMath Pro GOLD V.2.7
An easy program to operate. Has functions such as:Area, Volume, Surface Area, Slope, Midpoint, and much more. Future updates will have more choices and whatnot. It's 100% error free!!!
mathprostage1.zip2k07-08-21File is not ratedMathPro1 - Maths Programs Stage 1
v2.8.07 A program covering a few areas of maths, including quadratics, trigonometry, sectors, segments and periodic phenomena. Also compatible with TI-83.
mathprostage2.zip2k07-08-21File is not ratedMathPro2 - Maths Programs Stage 2
v1.0.00 A program covering a few areas of Stage 2 maths, including complex numbers, derivatives, matrices, probability and trig identities. Also compatible with TI-83.
mathprov1.zip28k04-03-08File is not ratedMathPro v1.0
Over 50 formulas, theorems, properties, etc. all written out for your convenience. Includes trig functions, (surface) area, volume, discrete functions, and the Second Order Determinent, among many others. See the readme for more info.
mathpro.zip2k07-03-06File is not ratedMathPro - Maths Programs
Version 2.7.06 A program covering a few areas of maths, including quadratics, trigonometry, sectors, segments and periodic phenomena. Includes everything from previous versions. No longer compatible with TI-83, use MathPro Compact instead.
mathsciv35.zip6k04-03-08File is not ratedMathSci 3.5
This math/science program has over 50 formulas that will solve equations for you, including trig functions, (surface) areas, volumes, acceleration, distance, work, voltage, discrete functions, and the Second Order Determinent, among many others. See the readme for more info.
mathsci.zip5k03-03-10File is not ratedMathSci 3.0
This math/science program has over 60 different formulas, including trig functions, area, volume, surface area, energy transfer, density, and many others.
mathsoft.zip7k03-01-01File is not ratedMathSoft 1.0
This is a deluxe math program for your calculator, with geometry features, an equation solver, and metric conversion program.
mathsprgm83.zip3k04-03-07File is not ratedThe Ultimate Maths Program 83
The Ultimate maths program for the TI83.
mathstuf.zip25k04-04-18File is not ratedMathStuf v.9.0 Optimzed
This is the best math program out there for the TI-83+. Even though its big, it works very well in everything that's completed. See the readme for everything that this program does.
mathsuite.zip1k09-08-14File is not ratedMathSuite
A suite of simple math programs.
mathsutl.zip2k10-01-18File is not ratedMathsutl
Some classic maths tools in French. Primes numbers, factors, simplification etc.
mathtech.zip1k07-03-31File is not ratedMath Tech
The main feature of this program is its ability to do Synthetic division, which many veiw as complicated, but after using this you will want to use it for all problems. Don't forget tha the root is the opposite of the variable in the original equation (x+3) is entered with the root being -3. -also included is a seperate program for quadradic equations. please veiw the readme file
mathtoolbox.zip2k03-04-18File is not ratedBasic Math Tools
Several Math tools including: a protractor, prime number generator/tester, regular shape maker, square root finder, line segment info (Distance, midpoint, and slope.), and a piechart maker.
mathtools.zip2k00-04-04File is not ratedMath Tools
This is a file that contains both a group file (for the TI-83 Plus) and the individual programs (ungrouped for the TI-83 users)
mathtoolz21.zip5k04-08-20File is not ratedMath Toolz v2.1
An update to my previous program, this one includes documentation!
mathtool.zip1k03-10-06File is not ratedMathTool Version 1.0
This is a math program for your TI-83 Plus calculator that solves a lot of formulas. Look for my new version coming later. The new version will have a lot more features.
mathtoolz.zip7k04-06-04File is not ratedMath Toolz
This is a little file I put together to help everyone with their math homework! It's freeware so do what you want with it, but if you edit a version please e-mail me it at struanclark23@hotmail.com
mathutilities.zip2k04-01-11File is not ratedMath Utilities
The greatest utilitie for math! My best utilitie so far. It has a unit conversion menu, a area, volume, pythagoris option, perfect square, and an animated start up. Verey easy to use. E-Mail me your comments or suggestions.
mathwrks.zip1k04-01-09File is not ratedMath Works
Math Works Program
mathxp.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedMath by Xaniath Programs
A program I wrote to do Distance, Divisibility, Factors, Interest, Logarithims, Two different Quadratics (one for graphing, one for solving), remainders, and slope! An addition and improvement over my previous math bunch.
mathxs.zip2k04-07-24File is not ratedMathXs
MathX is an all in one Algebra 2 program by CalcSoft including formulas, input and solvers, common math and geometry terms plus will be regularly updated starting Aug 5,04. Visit *(calcsoft.tripod.com) for more information. *Updated on above site only.
math.zip12k04-01-20File is not ratedMath (+30 formulas!!!)
It has a total of 30 Formulas!!!!! pythagorean thrm, quadratic, slopes, surface area, volume, midpoint, trig functions and many others!!!! If you want you can only use it for the formulas because it is a (small) basic program!!! A Most Download for everybody!!! plaese read the readme for how the use the program with all his fuctions.
mbox.zip12k05-06-28File is not ratedMath ToolBoX
This program is made to help make math a bit easier. With MirageOS support, easy to navigate menu system, and error free computations, this is sure to be one of those programs you will find very useful, especially in math classes. This is my first, and probably only 83+/84+/SE program I will write since I do not own the platform myself (I wrote it all on a friend of mine's calc). Enjoy!
megamath.8xp1k02-02-25File is not ratedMegamath
It is a Ti-83 Plus Basic program that runs in Mirage OS (first time a little weird). It has the quaderiliratic formula, distance formula (point to point), triangle tester, distance formula (point to line), slope, Pythagorean theorem, right triangle tester, geometric mean, and a circle tester. So far I have Heard good reviews from my friends.
menuforkettering.zip9k03-03-10File is not ratedMENU by Jay
this program runs many math programs and excess user programs for a math 2/3 student. Programmed for class of 2006 at kettering high school. Also contains definations for many math terms.
menu.zip9k03-03-10File is not ratedMenu For Kettering
programmed for mts (advanced math and science acadmy) at kettering high school class of 2006. contains many programms for Math/Algebra 2 classes. Can run in MirageOS if you want to. Read the Read Me file it is very important
minigames.zip2k09-05-04File is not ratedGuessgame and Formulas
This file includes an awesome guessgame with four levels and highscores for each level. You can even put your name in the highscores. It also contain a helper for the Pythagorean Theorem, the Distance Formula, and The Quadratic formula.
miscprgm.zip24k08-11-29File is not ratedMiscellaneous Programs v1.00
Now Contains 25 EXTREMELY useful math programs that are used almost EVERY DAY in all levels of math. These are not stupid mid-point and distance formulas. In fact, there are no formulas at all. This is a compilation of miscellaneous MATHEMATICAL ALGORITHMS designed to do all the repetitive handwork for you. This package includes: Root Simplification, Turning Factors into Polynomials, Binomial Expansions, Factorials that the Calculator CAN NOT Compute, Area of ANY polygon with known vertices, Fitting a Polynomial to any Set of Given Points, Synthetic Division, Finding ALL Roots of a Complex Number, Solve ANY Trigonometric Equation, Solve ANY Two Variable System of Equations, Solve ANY Three Variable System of Equations, Pseudo Inverse, LU Decomposition, Multiply Polynomials, Divide Polynomials, Raise Polynomials to a Power, Find One Polynomial of Another, Rectangular Estimates, Slope Field Graphing, Euler’s Method, Taylor Series Generator, Double Integration, and MORE!!! ALL of this is compressed to only 5799 bytes. DETAILED instructional documentation is included to help clearly explain how to use the program (please read it). Update: REDESIGNED! 5 NEW PROGRAMS ADDED!
mltgold.zip6k02-10-23File is not ratedMLT Gold
Trudgen Scope proudly presents the latest and greatest edition to the MLT series: MLT Gold. See the read-me file (mltgold.txt) for all of the included formulas - you'll be blown away! This program was designed with the SAT II Math IIC test in mind. Of importance is that MLT finally includes a quadratic formula section. Since there are fifty millon out there, I decided to bulk it up by having it calculate the solutions, vertex, axis of symmetry, sum of roots, product of roots, and nature of roots. All in all, this is a great math program. Like MLT³ on steroids. By Jazz Man.
mme2002.zip2k02-04-12File is not ratedMath Made Easy
I started making this program one day because I had nothing better to do. Well I got a little carried away and well it looks pritty cool. It has some math programs that I use in Algebra 2. Just download it and tell me if you like it or if there is anything I can do to make it better. BEFORE USE READ THE "READ ME" FILE THIS PROGRAM IS TRICKY.
mprog.zip5k09-06-05File is not ratedmProg v2.2
My math only version of mProg!
msp.zip1k07-03-06File is not ratedMath Shagram Program
This is a basic, program. It's V1.0 version, so there will be more versions. This version, can do some staff, like calculate zeros, Rule of Ruffini.
mthpgm2.zip3k04-02-16File is not ratedUltimate maths program 2
This is the second of my first maths programs. Good for year 10/11 school work. Contains quick box plots and List information. Clearly a must have program. Soon coming a compact version of this program.
mthprgm.zip2k04-01-28File is not ratedUltimate maths program
This program features all the basic's you need to know for yr 9/10 maths. Chip productions.
mtk.zip2k01-01-04File is not ratedMath Toolkit 2001
Does all kinds of algebra and geometry for you.
mtools.zip1k03-05-11File is not ratedMath Tools SE
A collection of Math tools for algebra. IT has Area, Surface area, Perimeter, Circumference, Volume, Vertical motion solvers, Quadradic Root solver, and pythagorean theorem.
myformulas.zip15k04-12-17File is not ratedMy Formulas: Version 1.3
*12-16-04: UPDATE: 1 Bug Fix, 1 New Feature* This is my first program so it gets better as I go along. I started it halfway through my Geometry class, but it still has features that may be useful. See Readme for full list of features and a description of updates. There may be bugs, so contact me if there are. I will be updating it periodically as I go through Algebra II next semester.
mymath.zip1k04-07-11File is not ratedA Math Program
A program that will graph functions, do simple calculations, and edit lists.
myprograms.zip1k04-03-07File is not rateddice&surface
dice rolling and surface area
newprgms.zip134k16-01-18File is not ratedSurveying Programs
This suite encompasses 17 programs which solve Land Surveying Math problems.
niceice.zip5k00-11-04File is not ratedNice Ice v3.01
BUGS FIXED: Sys of Equation solver(It didnt clear the home screen) UPDATED:Smaller file size! FEATURES: NICE ICE IS THE ULTIMATE MATH PROGRAM**** IT DOES EVERYTHING! Distance Formula, Mid-Point Formula, Finds Slope, HAS A GREAT QUADRATIC EQN SOLVER, Finds perpendicular unit vectors, solves any system of equations up to 3 variables, average rate of change AND MUCH MORE!!!!! This program is good all the way up through PRE-CALC **THE ONE THAT DOES NOT HAVE THIS PROGRAM IS LOST*** - Chinese Proverb
noteseti.zip16k05-08-26File is not ratedNotes v1.0
This is a program I've made when I was at school. It's full of formulas of maths, chemistry, physics, economy and more... There is also automatic calculator with the formulas, an automatic calculator with a triangle to know all informations about it when you know somes and... So, if you are studying, it's a very good idea to download this !!!
numberpackage.zip4k07-08-20File is not ratedNumber Package Original
This is a collection of my favorite math programs. Some of them aren't good but most of them may be useful. There are two factor finders, each different. There is a prime number checker. One slow but interesting program is one that finds prime numbers and generates it on the graph. Both Handbook Programs are included: The Sierpinski Triangle and the guess Coeficient program. Guess the Number is my own version and it is also my first Game (Made in 2006). The entire thing is what I typed up since 2006.
numtools.zip3k11-08-18File is not ratedNUMTOOLS
Hands down the best suite of math tools available for the TI-82, 83, 83+, 84, 84+. Contains 10 - yes, 10! - amazingly useful math utilities for all math levels in a compact, menu-based user-friendly design. Thoroughly tested to maximize optimization, reduce file size, and streamline operation. Enjoy! Functions: 1. Square root, cube root, or any other root simplifier 2. Quadratic solver :) 3. Triangle auto-solver 4. Point-slope manipulator 5. Multivariable equation system solver 6. Number factor-finder 7. Prime factorizer 8. Regular polygon area and perimeter calculator 9. Base converter (bases 2-36 supported, and decimals, and negatives!!!) 10. Roman numeral manipulator
opashpubti83plus.8xo.zip2k08-06-12File is not ratedOpashy
Opashy is a fully functional math help application. It also supports cool tools which is also included to make it even better. It's not all math. Also, when you hook two calculators together, you can use chat ti to chat to someone else. Also in Opashy. 4.3kb V3.0.1
opera7.zip5k07-06-06File is not ratedOpera7
Quite a handy math program that does a lot more than most do. Includes trinomial factoring, divisor calculator, sequencer, string equation input, vertex, midpoint, distance, slope, point finder, root finder, matrix solving, matrix transformation graphing,Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, Degress to Radicals and back, and a Degree optimizer.
ozlomath.zip6k05-03-02File is not ratedOzlo Mathematical Assistant V3.0
This is the third version of my math program. This version is far better than version 2.0. V3.0 includes a GUI and a quadratic option, temp converter option, distance option, and a pythagorean theorum option. What also makes this one superior is that it gives you the formula before it has you input the variables to solve the equation. For more instruction, read the readme.
ozlo.zip1k04-12-07File is not ratedOzlo Mathematical Assistant v2.0
Its a new version of ozlo. it has the pedndulum formula, temp converter, quadratic equation, distabnce formula, info on theta, and the first 100 digits of pi. it works in mirage so you can archive it. for more info, read the readme.
phys9000.zip63k09-05-05File is not ratedPhysics 9000
Tired of spending all your physics classes memorizing and rearranging formulas? Do you have a good understanding of the concepts but find the math a real pain? Now you can forget the math and get some real work done with Phys9000. It includes a vast library of physics equations that can be solved for any variable, with conversion to scientific notation. Phys9000 easily covers most, if not all of the average highschool physics curriculem, and has been thoroughly tested by students. It's user friendly and organized into a simple menu system. Phys9000 even includes sections for trigonometry, chemistry, unit conversions and a generic equation solver. Phys9000 also has modular source code, so it can easily be expanded by those so inclined. You don't even have to know much about TI-Basic as long as you follow the easy template shown in the readme. Anyway, I hope people get a lot of use out of Phys9000, I spent all semester writing and testing it. *This version fixes a nasty bug involving custom heat capacities for dual body energy transfer problems.
physik3.zip5k08-02-04File is not ratedPhysik
This program contains every eduqation of grade 11 i learned. You can look them up and slove them for all variables. The programm itself is written in german.
polynomialsaio.zip254k13-09-17File is not ratedPolynomials All-In-One
This is an update, and a complete rewrite, of the older Polynomial Arithmetic Utility that I released last year. This new program does polynomial addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, just like the older one. But, this one also does zeroes finding, derivative, integral, local minima and maxima, and points of inflection. UNLIKE most tools of this type, this program allows you to type out the polynomials exactly as you see them.. like x^3 + 7x + 1, not as lists. And, this program can handle fractional coefficients, and is not fooled by a repeated exponent, like x + x + 1.
prealgebrahelper.zip1k10-06-04File is not ratedPre-Algebra Helper v1.0
Every Pre-Algebrator's Dream! Containing Pythagorean Theorem, Equation Solvers and many ore!
projectelite.zip552k13-08-23File is not ratedELITE Math 3.2
ELITE is a unique program that has many built-in math functions. It has a built-in conic, quadratic, cubic, numeric, trigonometric, and recursive solver. It even solves linear systems, finds the distance between plane and point, distance, midpoint, slope, point-slope, sequences and many more. Simplifies radicals, pi, e, fractions and complex numbers. Also available in an app.
psmathprog.zip174k07-07-03File rated 8.38Math Program 2.6
This is a nice math program that can simplify radicals, factor numbers, determine GCD & LCM instantly, convert from Roman numerals to decimal, draw scaled figures & find their area, and much, much more. This program is designed to help simplify many tedious mathematical tasks and is great for any person, especially with math competitions.
sat2mathdojo83p.zip5k02-06-02File is not ratedSAT II Math Dojo
Dojo Productions presents... yet another amazing math program by T.D.! Here are the features (BTW if you couldn't figure it out, this program was made for use on the SAT II MATH Level IIC Test, so the topics are a bit random): Linear Functions; Quadratic Functions (a good quad. formula section); Sectors (Deg. and Rad. as in [MLT³]); Trig - csc/sec/cot, Law of cos, Law of sin, Half Angle, Double Angle, Pythagorean Identities, Sum and Difference, Negatives, Cofunction; Conics - circle, ellipse, hyperbola, parabola; DeMoivre's Theorem; Binomial Expansion; Probability; Sequences and Series; Vectors; Determinants; and Geometry - triangle, rhombus, cylinder, cone, and sphere. Get this program today!!!
school1.zip1k03-05-07File is not ratedSchoolPro 1
A pretty cool science/math program.
schooltool.zip14k08-08-24File is not ratedSchool Tool
A tool that contains many math formulas including Area, Suface area, Volume, and Many more. Note: Viruses are only looping program. Push ON to break program.
scimathtools.zip20k05-03-02File is not ratedSciMathpak
This pack of programs I made is very useful in chemistry and algebra two. Included are also versions of the programs that can be run via Mirage OS.
seansmathprograms.zip1k05-05-27File is not ratedSean's Basic Math Programs
Includes four seperate programs for doing simple equasions even faster. Some of the programs included are a slope solver, Y intercept finder, and the pythagorean thereom.
shwrkud.zip5k03-09-16File is not ratedShow your work Unarchive error fix
shwurwrk.zip5k03-10-19File is not ratedShow Your Work!
Show your work is a program that does math and... well... SHOWS IT'S WORK! I worked on it for a really long time and although it is an open-source prgm, please, give me some credit when you edit. Any updates for it, send them to me! Also, if anyone spots any errors (spelling or otherwise) tell me! I'll fix it. Enjoy! Can you find the easter eggs? Fixed a mega huge Easter Egg Bug that took up 2000 bytes Thanks to Joris Gillis for the tip.
solvers23.zip4k04-03-29File is not rated23+ Advanced Solvers
This is by far the ultimate math program. This program has 23 mathematical solvers contained in one easy to use scrolling menu similar to the Ti-OS's. The following functions are incorperated into this program: Factor finder, Angles of Line Intersects solver, Circle solver, Basic Triangle solver, Paralellogram solver, Regular Polygon solver, Cone solver, Cylinder solver, Sphere solver, Pyramid solver, Prism solver, Arithmetic Sequence solver, Geometric Sequence solver, Sequence finder, Linear solver, Quadratic solver, Cubic solver, Quartic solver, Polynomial Multiplication, Logarithm finder, Cramers Rule, Advanced Triangle solver, and Synthetic Division. It's Quite the package. To use all the solvers except the Sequence finder, Linear, Cubic, Quartic, Polynomial Multiplication, Logarithm, Cramers Rule, and Synthetic Division solver: Input any information you know, and Input an "X" for any information you don't know. the solver will continue on to solve any information it can and display it to you in an orderly fashion. The rest of them require you to input all of the information it prompts for. Keep an eye out for further updates with even more solvers.
solvers.zip4k04-04-27File is not rated25 Advanced Solvers
This is by far the ultimate math program. This program NOW has 25 mathematical solvers contained in one easy to use scrolling menu similar to the Ti-OS's. The following functions are incorperated into this program: Factor finder, Angles of Line Intersects solver, Circle solver, Basic Triangle solver, Paralellogram solver, Regular Polygon solver, Cone solver, Cylinder solver, Sphere solver, Pyramid solver, Prism solver, Arithmetic Sequence solver, Geometric Sequence solver, Sequence finder, Linear solver, Quadratic solver, Cubic solver, Quartic solver, Polynomial Multiplication, Logarithm finder, Cramers Rule, Advanced Triangle solver, Synthetic Division, and NOW has the Unit Circle solver, and a Sine Function Solver. It's Quite the package. To use all the solvers except the Sequence finder, Linear, Cubic, Quartic, Polynomial Multiplication, Logarithm, Cramers Rule, and Synthetic Division solver: Input any information you know, and Input an "X" for any information you don't know. the solver will continue on to solve any information it can and display it to you in an orderly fashion. The rest of them require you to input all of the information it prompts for. Keep an eye out for further updates with even more solvers.
solver.zip2k11-01-28File is not ratedSolve
This is a set of programs that solves problems for you that involve formulas. It includes volume, area, surface area, circumference, interest, percents, a quadratic solver, fahrenheit to and from celcius converter, and much much more.
solve.zip2k11-01-28File is not ratedSolveit Formulas
This is a set of programs that solves problems for you that involve formulas. It includes volume, area, surface area, circumference, interest, percents, a quadratic solver, fahrenheit to and from celcius converter, and much much more.
standarddeviation.zip2k04-02-27File is not ratedMath super solver
This program solves many math problems, including; most statistics, quadratic formula and some probability.
statpace.zip522k11-12-20File is not ratedSTATPACe
PUT YOUR PENCILS DOWN! With this collection of 18 programs you may not need a pencil (except to write down results) in your INTRODUCTORY STATISTICS class.
steveos.zip16k04-05-18File is not ratedSteve's Advanced Math v3.00
UPDATE: some stuff in the readme was wrong, sorry about that. You can't archive A1MATH, PIC1 or ZFLASH if you run it from tiOS and you can't archive PIC1 or ZFLASH if you run it from Mirage. (more on this in the new readme) This program is designed for pre-calculus/advanced math with some physics programs and games thrown in. STEVEOS automatically archives and unarchives subprograms, making it very space-efficient (around 5000 bytes in ram) this will actually fit into your ram even if you have a few numbers or lists in ram unlike some programs (cough... ALLMATH cough...)
suite.zip4k09-05-20File is not ratedThe Original INsynergy Suite
A collection of my original works on Maths and Science progs. Crude, yes. Clunky, probably. Good, definitely
superior.zip6k05-04-24File is not ratedSuperior 1.2
This "super" program contains: A polynomial factorizer that finds rational routes of any polynomial of any degree. A systems of equations solver that can solve any desired system of equations(2,3,4,5...). Distance, midpoint and slope-intercept programs. A triangle solver, which given 3 things (combinations of sides and angles) will give the three not presented. Also if you give it 3 coordinates it gives you the sides angles and area of that triangle. A herons property solver. A prime factorizer. A radical symplifier. A toss coins game, a russian roulette game, and a treasure hunt game. A quadratic converter that takes standard form, intercept form, or vertex form of a quadratic equation and changes it to another form. This program is truly Superior in every sense of the name! Update includes a toss coins fix, polynomial upgrade and various code revisions to make it faster and better than ever
tachyonprogramssuite.zip13k11-08-10File is not ratedTachyon Programs Suite v1.1
A suite of math programs including factoring, triangle radii, conic information, and a pie chart generator.
themathcollection.zip71k02-02-25File is not ratedThe Mathematics Collection v1.0
The Mathematics Collection is the 1ST PROGRAM to come out from The Alliance. This program has a few programs to help you with some geometry and algebra. It's mostly made of user-created menus, and is easy to navigate. DOWNLOAD NOW
timath.zip1k11-01-23File is not ratedTI Math Helper
Contains lots of math programs in BASIC language. Also bootable in MirageOS. These programs vary from volumes of shapes to arithmetic sequences, and even a circumference finder! Ungroup and presto.
toolbox2.zip3k04-07-07File is not ratedTool Box 2.0
This is identical to "Toolbox" by Nick Oliver (above), but I added a trig section.
toolbox.zip12k05-09-02File is not ratedTOOLBOX v1.1
This is the official new version of TOOLBOX (please disregard v2.0) This version supports inserting your own, customized code to complement what is built-in, which is used in many High School classes. Enjoy!
toolkit2.zip29k10-01-15File is not ratedToolkit 2.1
A collection of programs designed to aid high school students in a variety of subjects, especially algebra and geometry.
tumat.zip10k02-05-28File is not ratedTUMAT v2.8 - The Ultimate Math Tool
The Ultimate Math Tool is by far the most extensive and most complete tool you will ever find. It is a compliation of many years work and supports not only an extensive list of features. This is simply put the only program you will need on your calculator. Check out the readme file for a subprogram list.
ultimate2.zip2k04-01-13File is not ratedUltimate Math Program
This program will do a lot of the stuff you will need to do in Algebra II and Trig. You will need Pic 9 for the program to work right. This program has about 16 math functions on it including Synethic Division, Solve for X, Quadratic Formula, Inequality Grapher, Standard Deviation, Cramers Rule, Distance, Slope, Midpoint, Compound Int., Cont compound, Derivative, Deg>Rad,Rad> Deg,Circle Area and Circumference,Trapezoid Area,Triangle Area, Pythagorean, and many more to come.
ultimate3.zip7k04-01-31File is not ratedUltimate Math Program 2
This program will do a lot of the stuff you will need to do in Algebra II and Trig. You will need Pic 2 for the program to work right. This program has about 22 math functions on it including Synethic Division, Solve for X, Quadratic Formula, Inequality Grapher, Standard Deviation, Cramers Rule, Distance, Slope, Midpoint, Compound Int., Cont compound, Derivative, Deg>Rad,Rad> Deg,Circle Area and Circumference,Trapezoid Area,Triangle Area, Pythagorean, Law of Cosines, Law of Sines, Right Triangle Solver, Basic Conversions and many more to come. Also features a fast and cool selection menu.
ultimate.8xp4k03-05-24File is not ratedultimate
This program has everything any geometry/algebra/trigonometry student will ever need from the law of cosines to trig functions to formulas to the areas of geometric figures. It has already been tested and works great. Four kilobytes and it is all in one program.
ultimatemath2.zip2k03-10-19File is not ratedFormulas
this is a must download it has cramer's rule, solve for x, inequality grapher, log grapher, quadratic, compound int, derivative, and more. plus chemistry.
ultimatemathsuite.zip9k08-08-11File is not ratedUltimate Math Suite!
Math from pre-algebra through calculus. Includes: complete the square, direct/indirect variation, number of solutions, midpoint, prime numbers, Pythagorean theorem, quadratic formula, slope, distance, vertex, area, volume, surface area, y intercept, Fibonacci sequence, circumference, average, simplified square roots, proportions, system of equations, distance of point to line, types of quadrilaterals, scientific notation, a point of an isosceles trapezoid, Pythagorean triples, law of sines/cosines, DMS, geometric mean, circle equation maker, lateral area, apothem finder, point-slope to Y-intercept, frustums, graphing without Y= format, graphing < and >, vector magnitude and direction, vector addition, and 3D distance, test for collinear points, 3D midpoint, sphere equation maker, distance of parallel lines, modulus, 3 variable system of equations, standard form to y intercept, cramers rule, 3 points to equation for parabola, graphing inequalities, All about conics (equation makers, details about, and etc.), logarithms of X base, iterations, sequences, and sum of sequences, Cramer's Rule for a system of 3 equations
ultimate.zip21k03-09-07File is not ratedUltimate V2.3
This is a program that has a large amount of features. It can factorise equasions with its Factoriser (By Wei Yun Mak), do a large amount of trigonometric funtions, it solves many graphing problems like completing the square, finding the lenght and midpoint of a line, the quadratic formula, and can do polynomial long division. Version 2.3 allows you to access another program without even quiting Ultimate. Check it out
ultimath.zip1k02-06-01File is not ratedUltimath 0.4a
Ultimath is a program in french for the high school that calculate equations, volumes, adns a lot more
unicalc2005.zip2k04-12-06File is not ratedUnicalc 2005
*****This program has just been renamed "Unicalc 2005" instead of Math Formulas Longhorn Alpha...the new name with the updated program will appear soon in the directory******** Functions of program: area, volume, pythag theorem, quad formula, fraction simplifier, special trig, and log change of base. Area and Volume are not completely done and the help link has not been completed either. When completely, a fully function program is guaranteed!! This program is optimized for user-friendliness. A preview screenshot has been added!!
uultimatemath.zip16k02-10-15File is not ratedThe Ultimate Math Calculator
This group of programs includes nine subprograms, including binomial probability, the quadratic formula, trigonometry, and more. Even includes two of the best conversion calculators out there: a standard conversion calculator and a RATIOS conversion calculator (i.e. feet/second, etc.). Even if you don't want the math programs, try the conversion programs!
xcalc49.zip12k03-06-22File is not ratedxCalc 4.9
Features ******** -Trigonometry: -SineLaw 1 and 2 -CosLaw 1 and 2 -Pythagorean Theorem -Reference Angle -Analytical Geo: -Distance -Midpoint 1 and 2 -Slope -System Set Equations -Distance of Point to Line -Geometry: -Cylinder Geometry -Cone Geometry -Sphere Geometry -Heron's Formula -Quadratics/Miscellaneous: -Quadratic Equation -Complete the Square -Radical Reducer -Equation Verifier -Notes on plotting rational equations
yosmathp.zip7k05-09-02File is not ratedYOSmath 4.1
Excellent program for Math A, Math B, and beyond. Extensive menus lead to easy to use problem solvers in almost any subject.
yourform.zip2k12-03-24File is not ratedYour Form - Custom Formula Solver: v3.3
Sorry, the version I just updated had a few bugs concerning the version 3.3 updates, they are fixed and flawless here. This update to Your Form brings a fix to the exit bug, extra variable support, and fixes a graphical issue. Your Form is the only math program you need. Rather than have multiple programs take up space on your calculator, save everything you will need into Your Form. It can solve any formula for any class you need, and will do it quickly and efficiently. This Program is hard to explain in words, but please try it out!
zsziszs.zip2k08-08-24File is not ratedZSZISZS
This is a compilation of the programs i wrote to help me out during my pre-calc year. Please refer to the readme for more specific details.

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