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Allmath v7.12


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Filename allmath.zip (Download)
Title Allmath v7.12
Description Allmath is an all-inclusive math program that will calculate and do a variety of things (work and equations shown on most functions) including: complete the square, direct/indirect variation, number of solutions, midpoint, prime numbers, Pythagorean theorem, quadratic formula, slope, distance, vertex, area, volume, surface area, y intercept, Fibonacci sequence, circumference, average, simplified square roots, proportions, system of equations, distance of point to line, types of quadrilaterals, scientific notation, a point of an isosceles trapezoid, Pythagorean triples, law of sines/cosines, DMS, geometric mean, circle equation maker, lateral area, apothem finder, point-slope to Y-intercept, frustums, graphing without Y= format, graphing < and >, vector magnitude and direction, vector addition, and 3D distance, test for collinear points, 3D midpoint, sphere equation maker, distance of parallel lines, modulus, 3 variable system of equations, standard form to y intercept, cramers rule, 3 points to equation for parabola, graphing inequalities, All about conics (equation makers, details about, and etc.), logarithms of X base, iterations, sequences, and sum of sequences, *Newly added Cramer's Rule for a system of 3 equations*. Allmath is compatible with MirageOS. For TI-84 C/CE find a compatible Allmath version on corresponding ticalc directory). Recommended for Pre-algebra through Calculus. Version 7.12.
Author Edwin Howard (e12voltsdac@gmail.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Suites)
File Size 22,614 bytes
File Date and Time Thu Nov 23 15:42:29 2017
Documentation Included? Yes



Review by  Pasan Kithmina
Reviewed on 2021-05-30
The program was amazing but when I used it on my ti 84 plus most of the program worked but the surface area did not work and the last two pages did not load. I tried deleting and reinstalling the program multiple times but this issue occurred.


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