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TI-84 Plus CSE POTY voting opens
Posted by Travis on 10 December 2018, 19:46 GMT

The TI-84+ CSE POTY poll is now open: a head-to-head race between BlackJack and Minesweeper. Go vote now!

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POTY contest 2018 begins: TI-83+/84+ voting opens
Posted by Travis on 3 December 2018, 21:41 GMT

It's time for the Program of the Year 2018 contest! All programs featured from December 1, 2017 through November 30, 2018 will be eligible to win the 2018 ticalc.org Program of the Year award in their category. Each week for the next five weeks, we will be posting a survey on the right sidebar on the front page. Vote each week for your favorite program. The winners will be announced in January and will earn a special screenshot. You can find more information on the POTY page.

The 83+/84+ survey is up now, so go vote! You'll need to sign in to vote (sign up if you don't already have an account).

Remember, we can only continue the POTY contest as long as we have voters. Voter turnout has grown increasingly thin over the years. If you want to help keep POTY alive, spread the word and encourage everyone you can to participate!

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Computer programs targeting the TI-68k series
Posted by Xavier on 30 November 2018, 21:53 GMT

Today's news item is going to be a bit unusual, in that we highlight computer programs, for the TI-68k series at that. But these programs had interesting functional capabilities, and they were and are still useful in their own right :)

Daisuke-Edit 68k TI-Basic Editor is more than a function/program editor, in fact. Of course, it has features expected from good source code editors running on desktop platforms, starting with syntax indentation and coloring augmented by highlighting of syntactic element pairs (such as parentheses), editing in the target platforms' charset, code folding, or undo/redo. However, it goes much beyond that, with e.g. a functions list, helper tools for making dialogs / popups / toolbars / custom structures, or more tools for editing lists / matrices / several other variable types... and the icing on the cake is the integration with both TIEmu, for emulated calculators, and TI-Connect, for real calculators. Daisuke-Edit can therefore be considered a full-blown IDE.
More anecdotal is the support for converting between Daisuke-Edit format and Nspire format: it was certainly useful to some people in the very beginning of the Nspire series, before TI switched from simple file formats to horrendously complex, compressed + encrypted proprietary file formats. Also noteworthy is the fact that because it relies on the Tokens89 OCX (built from Visual Basic source code), Daisuke-Edit only works on Windows.

If you're still producing sizable amounts of formatted text + picture content for the TI-68k series, you probably know about WordRider, which works on Windows, MacOS X and Linux. But it previously received a news item.

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Three TI-Nspire Lua games that will require… patience!
Posted by Xavier on 29 November 2018, 22:21 GMT

Even though the production of community TI-Nspire Lua games has decreased lately, we're still getting new uploads, so let's feature two recent ones, and one from a few years ago that caught our eye!

Chaos, made by "LD Studios" (author of several other games), is an arcade game that its author describes as a "rage game set in a mystical world that is (almost) impossible". You'll have to find your way from the entrance of the stage… to the door. Sounds easy? Well, we'll let you try, but you'll be warned, you might indeed rage at those hidden spikes that you'll have to memorize!
Chaos features over 20 levels, multiple game modes, and even a level editor if you want to customize it!

MrsPacman, brought to you by Rico S, is also an arcade game, and a classic at that - we won't have to tell you where it's got its inspiration from ;)
It runs very smoothly on the device, has multiple levels, and has features like ghost-eating too. All in all, a lightweight and fun PacMan for your calculator if you didn't have one just yet!

Maps, by Rolf Pütter, could almost be considered an educational game. As you may know, in mathematics, there's a theorem about map coloring and how you'll only ever need 4 colors to have no same color on adjacent regions.
Well, Rolf created this two-player game (one can be the Nspire) where you'll have to try to color a map with only 4 colors such that neighboring countries get different colors. The game features different shapes, and a readme (with keybindings) is included.

Enjoy these games!


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