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NewProg : Programmation language extending Tibasic (fast)


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Filename newprogv1.0.zip (Download)
Title NewProg : Programmation language extending Tibasic (fast)
Description Newprog is a powerful and fast programmation language (often 300 times faster than Tibasic). The language is easier to learn than c and allow the user to write real Tibasic instruction directly in your program. You edit your program in the Tibasic program editor. You will be able to use very powerful functions (sprites, grayscale), files and memory accessing, use timers and many others. There is up to 200 funtions implemented.
Author Prog New (newprog@hotmail.fr)
Category TI-89 Assembly Misc. Programs
File Size 4,323,017 bytes
File Date and Time Sun Feb 28 03:52:27 2010
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Raven King
Reviewed on 2014-03-10
NewProg is a powerful and complete programming language. I found it to be very easy to learn and well documented. I love its unique ability to be compiled on the calculator. The only negative thing I can think of is that for some reason it lacks an "ElseIf" (or "Elif") function. I would ask the author to add one in future versions. As this was my second programming language I would recommend this to anyone who learned TI-Basic as their first language and isn't sure what to learn next.


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Archive Contents
Name Size
Newprog v1.0/Examples/balls/balls_gif/balls_gif.gif   441899
Newprog v1.0/Examples/balls/balls_gif/Thumbs.db   6144
Newprog v1.0/Examples/balls/main.balls.89p   1878
Newprog v1.0/Examples/balls/readme.txt   732
Newprog v1.0/Examples/bugatti/bugatti_gif/bugatti_gif.gif   516452
Newprog v1.0/Examples/bugatti/bugatti_gif/Thumbs.db   86016
Newprog v1.0/Examples/bugatti/buggati.JPG   35463
Newprog v1.0/Examples/bugatti/main.bugatti.89p   1330
Newprog v1.0/Examples/bugatti/main.bugatti0.89i   2095
Newprog v1.0/Examples/bugatti/main.bugatti1.89i   2095
Newprog v1.0/Examples/bugatti/readme.txt   732
Newprog v1.0/Examples/caveblaster/caveblaster_gif/caveblaster_gif.gif   426483
Newprog v1.0/Examples/caveblaster/caveblaster_gif/Thumbs.db   5632
Newprog v1.0/Examples/caveblaster/main.cavebsrc.89p   3123
Newprog v1.0/Examples/caveblaster/readme.txt   732
Newprog v1.0/Examples/hello/hello.89p   650
Newprog v1.0/Examples/hello/readme.txt   732
Newprog v1.0/Examples/spritemk/main.spritemk.89p   10663
Newprog v1.0/Examples/spritemk/readme.txt   732
Newprog v1.0/Examples/spritemk/spritemk_gif/spritemk_gif.gif   416495
Newprog v1.0/Examples/spritemk/spritemk_gif/Thumbs.db   9216
Newprog v1.0/Examples/Tetris/main.tetrisrc.89p   5785
Newprog v1.0/Examples/Tetris/readme.txt   732
Newprog v1.0/Examples/Tetris/tetris_gif/tetris_gif.gif   909410
Newprog v1.0/Examples/Tetris/tetris_gif/Thumbs.db   9216
Newprog v1.0/Newprog_V1.0_DOC_EN_FR.pdf   567763
Newprog v1.0/Preos - Necessary for HW1 HW2 HW3/ChangeLog.txt   21012
Newprog v1.0/Preos - Necessary for HW1 HW2 HW3/COPYING.LIB   26430
Newprog v1.0/Preos - Necessary for HW1 HW2 HW3/COPYING.txt   18342
Newprog v1.0/Preos - Necessary for HW1 HW2 HW3/preos.89z   7877
Newprog v1.0/Preos - Necessary for HW1 HW2 HW3/preos.9xz   7877
Newprog v1.0/Preos - Necessary for HW1 HW2 HW3/preos.txt   23275
Newprog v1.0/Preos - Necessary for HW1 HW2 HW3/preos.v2z   7877
Newprog v1.0/Preos - Necessary for HW1 HW2 HW3/stdlib.89z   23497
Newprog v1.0/Preos - Necessary for HW1 HW2 HW3/stdlib.9xz   23497
Newprog v1.0/Preos - Necessary for HW1 HW2 HW3/stdlib.v2z   23497
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/Custum toolbar/npmenu.89p   5342
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/Custum toolbar/readme.txt   204
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/npbasasm.89T   29923
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/npbin.89T   2189
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/npconst.89T   1626
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/npdata.89T   13716
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/npgraph.89T   35462
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/npintert.89T   8409
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/npjumps.89T   14614
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/npkeys.89T   9276
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/npmemory.89T   24431
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/npmisc.89T   26274
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/npoplogi.89T   6750
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/npothers.89T   2776
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/npprint.89T   9122
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/npstring.89T   11264
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/doc_oncalc_EN_FR/Readme.txt   70
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/newprog.89z   51263
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/newprog.9xz   51263
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/newprogc.89z   26025
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/newprogc.9xz   26025
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/npcc.89p   1487
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/Readme.txt   357
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/Tools/Hexadecimal editor/mtihex.89z   7523
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/Tools/Hexadecimal editor/mtihex.9xz   7523
Newprog v1.0/Programming oncalc/Tools/Hexadecimal editor/Readme.txt   218
Newprog v1.0/Source/newprog.c   121525
Newprog v1.0/Source/newprog.o   103609
Newprog v1.0/Source/newprog.tpr   3431
Newprog v1.0/Source/newprogc.89z   26025
Newprog v1.0/Source/newprogc.9xz   26025
Newprog v1.0/Source/newprogc.c   72565
Newprog v1.0/Source/newprogc.o   69052
Newprog v1.0/Source/newprogc.tpr   1185
Newprog v1.0/Source/newprogc.v2z   26025
Newprog v1.0/Source/Newprog_V1.0_sources.zip   1194110
Newprog v1.0/Source/Qbasic_asmheader.h   9219

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