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Portal Prelude


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Filename portalprelude.zip (Download)
Title Portal Prelude
Description Welcome to Aperture Laboratories! Long before GLaDOS ever ran the facility, step into the shoes of a test subject and test the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD) for yourself! Test your way through 38 devious test chambers using Portals, in addition to many other intriguing gameplay elements such as plasma balls and electric fields.
Author Alex Marcolina (builderboy2005@yahoo.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus Flash Games
File Size 49,158 bytes
File Date and Time Wed Mar 6 09:05:31 2013
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Elyassin mana
Reviewed on 2018-02-10
Portal is a very good game and speed game. I deserves a 9/10 overall.

But I have found an insane glitch !!!

When you press exit on the menu 2 times, the calculator OS have a display of 96 x 32 pixels, and nothing appears at the high part of the screen !!! It is a dangerous ASM program for the calculator.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
PortalPrelude/Portal .8Xk   38852
PortalPrelude/PORTALED.8Xp   8184
PortalPrelude/PortalPK.8Xv   9006
PortalPrelude/README.txt   6483
PortalPrelude/Source/AMENU.8Xp   618
PortalPrelude/Source/ANIM.8Xp   438
PortalPrelude/Source/APORTAL.8Xp   1528
PortalPrelude/Source/BUILD INSTRUCTIONS.txt   332
PortalPrelude/Source/CUTSCENE.8Xp   375
PortalPrelude/Source/LEV.8Xp   12633
PortalPrelude/Source/MCREDITS.8Xp   366
PortalPrelude/Source/MLOAD.8Xp   601
PortalPrelude/Source/MMENUD.8Xp   1815
PortalPrelude/Source/MPLAY.8Xp   355
PortalPrelude/Source/MTALK.8Xp   375
PortalPrelude/Source/MTEXT.8Xp   578
PortalPrelude/Source/PBOX.8Xp   848
PortalPrelude/Source/PBUTTON.8Xp   294
PortalPrelude/Source/PCOLLIDE.8Xp   566
PortalPrelude/Source/PDATA.8Xp   531
PortalPrelude/Source/PDEATH.8Xp   306
PortalPrelude/Source/PGLOBAL.8Xp   517
PortalPrelude/Source/PGUN.8Xp   1055
PortalPrelude/Source/PLASMA.8Xp   493
PortalPrelude/Source/PLAYER.8Xp   664
PortalPrelude/Source/PLDATA.8Xp   503
PortalPrelude/Source/PORTALED.8Xp   8184
PortalPrelude/Source/PORTPACK.8Xv   2142
PortalPrelude/Source/PPMAP.8Xp   1372
PortalPrelude/Source/PSUBMENU.8Xp   279
PortalPrelude/Source/PTELEP.8Xp   438
PortalPrelude/Source/TRANS.8Xp   1174

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