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Newprog 2.0 and NPPTOC released - TI-68k
Posted by Xavier on 30 April 2021, 20:46 GMT

Newprog 1.0 by is a very powerful programming language released in 2010 for the TI-68k series. Its syntax is close to TI-68k Basic, but its functionality is closer to C and ASM: access to memory, sprites, timers, OS variables, etc. In addition, executing TI-Basic instructions directly is possible. Newprog programs can be edited and compiled directly on the calculator. Basically, it is similar feature-wise to Axe Parser for the monochrome TI-Z80 series, released in the same time frame; sadly, unlike Axe Parser, it seems to have come too late to trigger a significant revival of the corresponding community.

Recently, Newprog 2.0 was released on ticalc.org. It represents an evolution of version 1.0, with generally good backwards compatibility, and significant new functionality. The main upside of Newprog 2.0 is that it can be used in conjunction with NPPTOC, a new calculator-side program performing source-to-source translation between Newprog and C under some conditions, e.g. that all variables have a single type throughout their lifetime. Once translated, the programs can be compiled to assembly using GTC (calculator-side and computer-side) or GCC4TI (computer-side), creating faster, standalone native code binaries.

However, there's more! Thanks to NPPTOC, Newprog 2.0 adds support for libraries, which can be programmed either in Newprog or C(+ASM), then compiled into native code, and called from Newprog programs. This unleashes the full power of native code. Other improvements in Newprog 2.0 include a rewrite of the documentation, to fix errors and improve clarity, as well as new functions.
All in all, this looks to be a very solid new release... existing and new users of Newprog alike should love it!

Article written by Mael Bansard (author of Newprog) and Lionel Debroux.

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Re: Newprog 2.0 and NPPTOC released - TI-68k
Jim Bauwens Account Info
(Web Page)

Great to see some activity for the 68k calculators out there! Nice work :)

Reply to this comment    3 May 2021, 11:34 GMT

Re: Newprog 2.0 and NPPTOC released - TI-68k
Ryan Boyd Account Info
(Web Page)

This is super impressive. I'd love to see a Newprog 2.0 competition. The stuff that people have done on the 68k calcs is mind-blowing, and I love seeing those barriers to entry lowered even more.

So... who's going to sponsor a Newprog 2.0 competition? :D

Reply to this comment    7 May 2021, 15:32 GMT

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