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Last updated Friday, 8 June 2018
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androides7.zip91k15-11-19File is not ratedAndroides 2.0
Lode runner like. Collect all parcels from each room while avoiding the deadly androids, and proceed to the next room. Now up to 100 different rooms.
aspirince.zip30k17-05-25File is not ratedAspirinCE
AspirinCE is a fun reaction game with three levels and 3 different highscores. If you enjoy dodging lines and picking up points, this game is for you! With increasingly hard difficulties and super competitive highscores, this game is quite addicting! Download the program and test it out! This game require the C libraries and Cesium is recommended. TO ALL USERS WHO CANNOT MOVE YOUR BALL OR QUIT THE GAME, YOU WILL HAVE TO RESET YOUR CALCULATOR AND UPDATE WITH THE NEWEST VERSION FROM THESE ARCHIVES. SORRY.
asteroids3ice.zip18k17-12-06File is not ratedAsteroids 3 ICE
This game places you as the pilot of a spacecraft tasked with the task of destroying incomming asteroids. For every asteroid that you hit you gain a point, for every asteroid that you miss, you lose a point. UPDATE: - ADDED CESIUM ICON AND DESCRIPTION - FASTER KEYPRESSES
banchorce.zip1243k17-10-13File is not ratedBanchor: Legend of the Hellspawn v1.2.1
Banchor is a huge Zelda-type RPG for the TI-84+CE! You take control of the heroic Rex, as he ventures on a mammoth quest to rescue the kidnapped Princess Sapphira and defeat the evil demon from Hell, Banchor. Upgrade your weapons and defenses, increase your life level and meet many people along that way that will help you in your quest!
calcuzapti84ce.zip59k16-07-12File is not ratedCalcuzap 1042 (color) for TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE
A high performance shoot-em-up game in color. This version features 47 levels, 9 selectable speeds, 2 selectable difficulty levels, saving the game, 5 types of power-ups including double cannon and triple cannon, and a high score table. Now featuring a starfield background also!
catylizmce.zip7k16-10-22File is not ratedCatylizm CE
This is an CE port of my winning entry for Contest 13 on Cemetech. You control a Space Cat named Carl, and you must get as many points as you can by collecting coins for one point each or collecting mice for five points each! You must avoid asteroids and keep from running out of fuel! Good luck!
cellarti84ce.zip26k18-01-01File is not ratedCellar 3D preview v652 for TI-84 Plus CE (color)
Preview version of a raycasting-based 3D game for the TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE. Currently has only one small level, now also with a spider sprite -- watch out for it!
checkersce.zip23k16-12-22File is not ratedCheckersCE
An extremely fast and intelligent checkers game, with different playable modes and some fancy looking graphics. Autosaving is also implemented, so you will never lose your place. Written in C using the C libraries, the source code is included as well. Enjoy!
chessce.zip21k16-10-25File is not ratedChessCCE
Chess on the TI84+CE! Includes AI and different modes of playing. Source code is included. Enjoy!
chip84.zip7k18-06-08File is not ratedChip-84
A CHIP-8 emulator/interpreter for the TI-84 Plus CE! Supports all games including Super CHIP-8 (SCHIP-8) ROMs. Comes with customizable options for emulation, a c8 to 8xv ROM converter, and a readme on how to set everything up.
cmonsterti84ce.zip69k17-04-13File is not ratedCMonster 1202 (color) for TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE
A breakout-like game for the TI-84 Plus CE in color. Includes 43 levels, 9 speeds, 2 difficulty levels, 6 brick types and 16 brick colors, and 5 types of power ups, including multi-ball. Also supports saving the game and has a high score table. Now supports external levels with up to 204 levels per level file and an on-calculator level editor, and rotating/zooming graphics for the end-game win/lose message!
crystann1.zip2550k16-03-03File is not ratedCrystann or the Diamond Dungeon
Platformer. So you're called Crystann and have decided to become the greatest mage of the kingdom. Thus, you must enter the Diamond Dungeon to steal the valuable Jade Statue which contains the Ultimate Incantation. Treasures, traps, secrets and magic items... prepare for a dungeon-scale adventure !
dial.zip90k17-12-30File is not ratedDial
Ever played Impossible Dial on your iPhone and wondered why you couldn't play it on your 84pce? Well, now you can stop wondering with Dial! Dial is an Impossible Dial port full of features including: high score storage (in an archived appvar) and increasing speed as gameplay continues! How far can you go?
donkeykongce.zip26k17-07-27File is not ratedDonkey Kong CE
A recreation of the classic arcade game Donkey Kong for the Ti-84 Plus CE.
donttouchthecolor.zip18k17-05-30File is not ratedDon't Touch the Color
Have you ever played the game "Don't touch the spikes" on your phone? If you enjoyed it, well you are in luck! The game's basic principle has been ported in this game, but instead of spikes to avoid, you want to avoid different colors. With high-scores already, currency, new physics, and unlock-able features to come, this is a game to look out for! Be sure to read the readme. This game requires the C libraries.
flowce.zip29k18-01-22File is not ratedFlowCE
FlowCE is played by two simple rules: connect each colored pair of dots, and fill every space. Flows are also not allowed to cross themselves or flows of a different color. FlowCE features 600 playable levels, with sizes ranging from 5x5 to 14x14.
gol.zip9k16-04-04File is not ratedGame of Life
Conway's Game of Life for the TI-84+CE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway's_Game_of_Life The Game of Life is a cellular automaton created by John Conway in 1970. This is an implementation for the 84+CE graphing calculator.
lightsce.zip9k18-06-08File is not ratedLights Out CE: Original and 2000
The classical game of Lights Out, where you toggle the four adjacent lights until all the lights are turn off. Contains the original preloaded puzzles of the 1995 and 2000 version of Lights Out by Tiger Electronics. Written in C using the C libraries, the source code is included as well. Enjoy!
mandragore4.zip2090k16-03-03File is not ratedMandragore
There was once a distant country where there was only calm and kindness, the country of MANDRAGORE. A meteor shower fell on the land and one of them troke the good king JORIAND. Immediately, YAROD-NOR, a lord who came out of nowhere, seized power and made evil and terror reign in this peaceful country. To free the country from the yoke of the infamous tyrant, you have to face YAROD-NOR in his own dungeon. For this you need to recover the treasures held in the other nine dungeons of the MANDRAGORE country and sell them in different villages in order to get what you need to build a boat.
minesweeper.zip7k16-04-06File is not ratedMinesweeper
Minesweeper for the TI-84+CE
oiram.zip41k17-12-26File rated 7.19Oiram
Oiram is Mario-style platformer for the CE. Includes many features and enemies. Source code is linked in readme. Enjoy! There's also a level editor to make your own levels here: https://github.com/mateoconlechuga/oiram-editor
opossuma.zip25k16-12-08File is not ratedOpossum Massage Simulator CE: Abridged Edition (2016)
This is a CE remake of my CSE game Opossum Massage Simulator and this time it is written using ICE Compiler language instead of hybrid TI-BASIC. This is an unnoficial sequel to Hong Kong 97 for the Super Nintendo. This time, Bruce Lee's relative Chin returns for a new adventure that involves opossum massaging. It is widely known that opossums have the instinct to repel aliens. You can now practice your opossum massaging skills on the TI-84 Plus CE! Requires the CE libraries at http://tiny.cc/clibs . (Note: Some content was removed from this version. The uncensored version can be found on CodeWalrus or TI-Planet.)
pacmance.zip288k16-09-09File is not ratedPac-Man
The original Pac-Man game, now for your CE! Features smooth graphics and gameplay. Source code is included. Enjoy!
pegsce.zip26k16-06-09File is not ratedPegs CE
PegsCE is a port of the classic TI-84 PuzzPack game "Pegs" by Fred Coughlin. Includes the original 15 levels and a level editor. Themes: Color, Monochrome and Dark. Written in C using the C libraries, the source code is included as well. Enjoy!
portalreturnsce.zip28k15-05-22File is not ratedPortal Returns
Portal. Enjoy blasting through space at breakneck speeds and almost being fried, crushed, and insulted all for the hope of cake at the end. With 78 total levels, the fun will probably end at some point. But that is why there is a level editor to make even more mind boggling puzzles. So, good luck, and remember that GLaDOS is always watching...
puzzlefrenzyce.zip7k15-05-22File is not ratedPuzzle Frenzy
Puzzle Frenzy is a port of the classic TI-83/84+ version included in the PuzzlePack app. This port is pretty much identical to the original, and is for those who do not own a non-color calculator. This is a challenging puzzle game where you must match up three or more of a kind using the white selector, and has two different modes, Puzzle and Endless. In Endless, the speed gradually gets faster the farther that you go. In Puzzle Mode, there are 60 intense levels that must be beaten in order to fully complete the game. Good Luck!
rdgrn.zip5k17-12-06File is not ratedRed Light, Green Light Reaction Tester
This is a reaction tester game. Hit the button when the screen goes green.
rfk.zip87k15-05-19File is not ratedrobotfindskitten
A Zen simulation.
rubexv1.0.zip866k17-04-03File is not ratedRubEX
RubEX is the first graphic Magic Cube emulator for the TI-84 Plus CE. Scramble it yourself or have the calculator auto-scramble it. Solve it while the calculator counts your moves. RubEX is a must-have for any Magic Cube enthusiast with a TI-84 Plus CE.
rubexv1.1.zip160k17-05-03File is not ratedRubEX
RubEX is the first graphic Magic Cube emulator for the TI-84 Plus CE. Scramble it yourself or have the calculator auto-scramble it. Solve it while the calculator counts your moves. RubEX is a must-have for any Magic Cube enthusiast with a TI-84 Plus CE. New in version 1.1 faster scramble, continuous selection without repeated key presses, and ability to rotate front side of cube without panning.
rubex.zip143k17-12-30File is not ratedRubEX
RubEX is the first graphic Magic Cube emulator for the TI-84 Plus CE and is now in C! Scramble it yourself or have the calculator auto-scramble it. Solve it while the calculator counts your moves. RubEX is a must-have for any Magic Cube enthusiast with a TI-84 Plus CE. New in version 1.3: 1 move undo, Save-state, Scramble and Reset 'safe' keys. (enjoy!)
snailmaze.zip21k15-12-22File is not ratedSnail Maze v1.0.0
A port of the Sega Master System classic. Originally released in 1986 as part of the SMS BIOS as a built-in game. Guide the snail through 12 mazes before the time runs out!
spaze.zip5k16-03-03File is not ratedSpaze Invaders v1.0.2
The classic Space Invaders arcade game for TI-84+CE & CSE! Ported from Hannes 'Movax' Edfeldt's TI-83 version.
sqrxzce.zip284k17-02-06File is not ratedSqrxz CE v1.0.0
Jimmy Mardell’s TI-85/86 clone of the PC game ported to the TI-84+CE. Sqrxz is similar to Mario Bros. The goal is to control an ugly bug (a Sqrxz) through a dangerous world filled with traps and enemies such as Blobs, Hedgehogs, Bats and more. Features 5 worlds comprising a total of 16 levels with many puzzles and traps to solve! World Editor is available separately to build your own worlds.
stackerce.zip459k17-05-25File is not ratedStackerCE
Have you ever played the timeless game Stacker on your Phone, or at an arcade? Well, now you can with the all new StackerCE! Now with blackboard style sprites, original sprites, customizable colors, and an all new menu, this game is really popping! With even an Endless Mode, this is program is a must have!! Check it out!
struggle.zip9k17-01-21File is not ratedSnowball Struggle
This is a fun game, where you have to shoot the snowballs before they hit you. Can you beat the included 17 levels? Written in ICE, the latest C libs are required.
swipece.zip126k17-05-25File is not ratedSwipeCE
This is SwipeCE, a port of SwipeArrows on IOS and Android. With color, this is a great game for the quick handed. Test your skills and see if you can get a highscore better than 50! More Gamemodes to come! Check it out!
switchoperator.zip93k16-10-05File is not ratedSwitch Operator [CC17]
This is a reaction based game, where you have to react quickly enough to let trains through switches. As you let trains through, the speed escalates and you start needed to let more than 1 train through at a time. You can also play a campaign mode. The campaign mode features a currency, upgrades, and more! And even in addition to campaign mode, you can now play Bullet mode! Bullet mode is an extension of Endless, but much, much faster. It is only for those of superb reflexes. Download the game now and test your reflexes against the trains! This game requires the C libraries, and Cesium is recommended. Info on how to play is in the readme.
tetris_ce.zip6k15-09-06File is not ratedTetric A (Tetris)
Written in assembly and a close port of my Tetrizm game for the Casio Prizm, Tetric A is a fast, fun take on the classic arcade game, Tetris. Enjoy five unique modes: Marathon, High Speed, Cascade, Touchdown, and Sadistic. Runs on color-screen TI-84 Plus CE. Try this addicting arcade-style game today!
titolce.zip194k16-12-31File is not ratedThis is the Only Level CE
The elephant forgot the rest of the levels, but luckily he still has one left! Help him beat it in all his metagaming glory. Use your keen knowledge of gaming and dexterity to manhandle your way through a variety of challenges. Get your mind out of the box for once! Take it outside for a walk, or maybe grab a bite to eat with it. Oh, and beat the level. There's only one. From the world of Armor Games to the portability of your TI calculator! UPDATE: Added messages upon unlocking Easter eggs, fixed assorted overflow bugs
yahtzeece.zip26k17-07-27File is not ratedYahtzeeCE
A port of the popular dice game Yahtzee in which you try to get the highest score you can!
zombiechasece.zip2k16-10-22File is not ratedZombie Chase CE
In this game you are a white square attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse. You must collect red health packs and avoid green zombies, or you will die. Good luck! NEW FEATURE: Once "bitten" by a zombie, you become infected! Health decreases after you've been bitten, so you have less time to get points. Also, health packs give more health after being bitten.

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