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Last updated Wednesday, 29 December 2021
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Most popular file  TI-83+ Clock Pack v1.0 with 11,302 downloads.

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basicclock1.0.zip1k21-12-29File is not ratedBasic Clock
Super basic non-analog clock. So small.
dcs_clock.zip1k20-09-30File is not ratedDCS 7 Clock v1.1
Run Clock through DCS whenever you want, and it will display the current hour and whether it is Morning or Afternoon!
digitalclockplus.zip176k19-04-16File is not ratedDigital Clock Plus
Digital Clock Plus is an advanced digital clock program that is like no other (I think). This is a Celtic 3 program, so you need the flash app library (included) to run the program. More info is included in the Read Me, so take a look at it if you want. There is a 100% functional CALENDAR included, so it is useful when you look at the months of the year. Please leave a review and rate this program! I tried to do a screenshot, it doesn't want to cooperate on wabbit emu. :(
sfptsectimer.zip7k16-12-13File is not ratedSecTimer
SecTimer is a timer program for the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus series of calculators. It counts in one-second increments until the program reaches one hour, where the timer will instead display HO:UR. This project was originally created by StrawberryFrostedPopTart and has had bugs fixed and other details added by Kydapoot. SecTimer is currently in version 3.0, its final version.
fullscreenclock.zip1k16-09-16File is not ratedFull Screen Clock
Just what it says on the tin. Displays the time in full screen ASCII art
aagettme.zip4k15-07-27File is not ratedAA Get Time
This small program simply displays the Date (MM/DD/YY) and Time (12-Hour) Strings. Works for the 84+ and the 84+ SE only.
fancyclock.zip9k14-10-12File is not ratedFancy Clock
FancyClock is my first 83/84 BASIC program that I have written. Upcoming releases will include a timer, digital mode, and alarm.
crosscompatibletimer.zip30k14-08-20File is not ratedTimer
Stop Watch and Count Down Timer
rubiks.zip1k13-11-30File is not ratedRubiks cube timer
Times and stores records for all sorts of dimensions of rubiks cube (3x3x3 - 11x11x11)
dnc.zip1k13-11-25File is not ratedDay Number Calculator
Calculates the number of the day of the current date.
weekday4date.zip1k13-04-27File is not ratedWeekDay4Date
If you give a date to this program you will get the corresponding week day to that date.
zeller.zip1k12-10-15File is not ratedZeller's Congruence
By: Michael Conard Thank you for downloading my Zeller's Congruence program! This took a lot of trial and error, but I finally got it. Zeller's Congruence calculates what day of the week it is using arithmetic, I studied the formulas for a while and have been able to calculate it on paper and in my head in under 20 seconds now. It is extremely efficient, and I prefer it to a calendar.
tuurs_clock.zip90k12-10-13File is not ratedClock
Analog clock with digital time and date. much settings (timezone, length of hands,...)
clockbyquillis.zip1k12-04-24File is not ratedClock
A simple and adaptable clock, that displays the current DATE and TIME! Easy to use! Just run the program and you can set the time and date in the program!
bmclock.zip1k12-04-06File is not ratedClock
just a simple clock app.
binary_clock.zip4k12-03-11File is not ratedBinary Clock V1.0
Binary Clock is a simple application for TI-84+ calculators that displays your calculators set time in a binary fashion. Unlike existing binary clocks for the TI-84+, this one uses the "powers of two" system instead of the "true binary" system. This is the same display scheme that most binary clock on the market use, as it is easier and faster to read than the "true binary" system. It will NOT run on a TI-83+, as it needs the getTime function, and the TI-83+ lacks the ability to keep time. For more information, read the Readme.txt file.
clocky2.zip10k12-01-10File is not ratedClocky 2.0
This is a simple yet elegant clock program, designed to look good. It won't flicker, and runs at full speed even if you run it from the archive. Version 2.0 contains a complete rewrite, resulting in improved speed, squashed bugs, and more compact code. And, as a new feature, it now shows the day of the week as well. ONLY WORKS ON A TI-84 PLUS.
clocky.zip1k11-12-16File is not ratedClocky
Displays the time and date in a nice-looking way. Press ENTER to exit at any time. Won't work on TI-83s.
timetools.zip1k11-04-19File is not ratedTimeTools
TimeTools is a program that utilizes the built-in clock of the TI-84+ and TI-84+SE. It can display the time using an analog and digital clock, supporting the different date and time formats of the calculator (such as 12-hour / 24-hour and M/D/Y / D/M/Y / Y/M/D). There's also a timer that can run even while the program isn't open (although you can only view the timer when it is open). TimeTools takes less than 1 KB space and all temporary variables that it has created will be deleted when it exits.
analogclock_jonbush.zip1k11-04-01File is not ratedAnalog Clock
This program emulates an analog clock right on the screen of your calculator! It even has a second hand.
stopwatch_jon_bush.zip1k11-03-09File is not ratedStopwatch
This program can serve as a stopwatch. Very useful when you need a stopwatch, but can't find one.
jour.zip1k11-02-04File is not ratedDay of week
this program tell you what were or what will be the day of week of any date. the program language is french.
montre.zip1k11-02-04File is not ratedTi-Clock
you can start this clock on your Ti 84+. it shows the exact time of your calculator.
timebyjonbush.zip1k11-02-01File is not ratedTIME by Jon Bush
A time and date program meant to be set as a start-up item.
pwt_timer.zip1k11-01-09File is not ratedPWT Timer
Countdown Timer. Input how many Hours, Minutes, Seconds and see the seconds tick away.
someclocks.zip4k11-01-09File is not ratedClock displays: analog and digital
These programs emulate an analog and digital clock. Also included is a stopwatch/ loading bar program.
clock_38.zip1k10-11-23File is not ratedClock
This is a simple (Dutch) program that shows the time. Press [del] to exit the program ^_^
uhrv.zip30k10-11-09File is not ratedClock/Uhr (Deutsch/English)
This is a full featured Clock taht contains for example: Stopwatch, set the Time, Timer and of course a Clock. Dies ist eine voll ausgestattete Uhr mit Stoppuhr, Timer und kann auch die Zeit einstellen. Desweiteren sind noch einige kleinere Uhren und eine Spezial-Uhr enthalten, mit der man jeden reinlegen kann.
stopwatch_13.zip694k10-08-02File is not ratedStopwatch 3.4
#1 TI Instrument Stopwatch. Easy-to-use controls, save/view unlimited lap times, quit & resume right where you left off, and enjoy synchronized accuracy.
datetime.zip2k10-06-18File is not ratedDATETIME
This program displays the month, date, year, day, digital time (AM and PM indication) and analog clock all in realtime based on the clock setting on the calculator. Everything is in a DrawGraph interface and is displayed in a streamline manner. You will find this very useful and amazing, maybe.
stpwatch2.zip1k10-03-31File is not ratedStop Watch
This program is like a normal stopwatch that shows hours, minutes, and seconds. One of the BEST ON THE SITE!
nickstartup.zip5k10-03-22File is not ratedNick's Start-Up Clock
This is a Clock program for the TI-84 Plus/SE only and works with Start-Up or by itself. If you have any ideas on how to improve it please email me.
83p_stopwatch.zip1k10-03-01File is not ratedStopwatch
A very simple stopwatch for your 83+. Nothing fancy, but it takes up very little space and will be a great addition for your calculator!
timemath.zip3k10-02-25File is not ratedTimeMath
Does math...with Time! Have fun! Note: For those of you with 2.53MP, Set Mode to Classic. Mode change not done automatically to preserve interoperacy with 2.4x
multi_tasking_clock_1.2.zip1k10-02-25File is not ratedMul(TI)task V1.2
Run a LIVE Clock, and do math AT THE SAME TIME!!! in version 1.2, all the bugs are fixed, but there is still some minor key lag. works 100% with the new TI OS!!!
smartime.zip3k10-02-10File is not ratedSmarTime Dynamic Time Program v5.0.0 BETA
SmarTime is the most well performing and memory managing than any other time keeper. This program shows the time and seconds, along with the date and day of the week in international formats. The legacy of this program is located at http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/395/39524.html .
timer_07.zip1k10-02-02File is not ratedTimer 2.0
The second version of my Timer for the 83/84+ series. Counts down in minutes and seconds, very accurate. See the README for more info
digital_clock2.zip1k10-01-18File is not ratedCLOCK 2
An digital clock showing when classes ends (in French). Use the up/down arrows to cycle through the hours. Use the clear key to quit.
analogic_clock.zip1k10-01-18File is not ratedCLOCK
An analogic clock for Ti-84.
lifeodometer.zip1k09-12-14File is not ratedLife Odometer
This is a very cool program that will calculate your age in seconds, days, and years, while also updating constantly. The calculations are very accurate, and you can watch the decimal in your age in years increase each second. This program is definitely worth the download!
clockajl.zip1k09-12-03File is not ratedClock
This is a very nice graphical clock that uses the calculator's built in time functions to display the current time and date. The clock has hour, minute, and second hands. This program is very fast and error free and also allows you to set the time and date from within the program. This only works with the TI-84+ due to its use of time functions, which are not available on the TI-83+.
countdownmaster.zip8k09-12-02File is not ratedCountdown Master
allows for multiple custom countdowns to once-in-a-lifetime, annual, monthly, or weekly events of many types. Also has built-in Easter and Leap Day countdowns that can be enabled.
advtimer.zip2k09-11-15File is not ratedAdvance timer
This program is made to countdown, and run a timer to see your fastest lap time, and run a timer to refer to whenever you want to, but you don't need the calculator on, to run run the timer, so start the timer and turn the calulator off, or run something else. It also includes a binary clock and a digital clock. Also you can view your age in seconds, or days until christmass Also to see your age or to a certain date, 1) hit 2 (timer) 2) 2 (cont. Timer) 3) enter 4) Type two and hit enter 5) type year and others in the correct catagory. 6) now it will display the differance from now
timer_84.zip1k09-11-09File is not ratedTI-84 Timer
This is a timer for the TI-84 calculator that gives you time accurate down to the second. This program can be Archived and run in Mirage or it can be unarchived and run as a regular BASIC program. *NOTE*: This program only works for TI-84 or better (or calculators with the clock function on the mode menu).
daysbeforedate.zip1k09-10-29File is not ratedDays Before Date
I'm sure you're waiting for your birthday or another great party - let DBD tell you how many days there is left! It's very easy and quick to use this prog. You can save up to 7 dates, so you need to input a date only once. In addition, this prog tells you, on which day of week the date is.
nthdayofyear.zip1k09-10-14File is not ratednth Date of the Year
Enter a month and the date, and find out it's nth date of the year (Feb 1 = 32nd). I also included a Java source file of a related calendar program.
calctimer.zip4k09-09-29File is not ratedCalcTimer
This is an accurate stopwatch that keeps track of time in seconds. It displays the time as you go. Very small, a must download. Check out the README for more information.
countup.zip1k09-07-18File is not ratedCountup
Countup is a stopwatch for the ti83 and 84
mastertimer.zip1k09-06-09File is not ratedTimer v1.8
ever wanted to master time? of course you have! now you CAN! stop watch; countdown down timer; unit converting of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. all at YOUR MERCY! Mirage, homescreen, and Noshell friendly NOTE: CLOCK FUNCTIONS MUST BE ON YOUR CALC TO USE THE STOPWATCH AND TIMER for best results, run unarchived.
fsclock.zip1k09-06-05File is not ratedFLAMING STEEL CLOCK
A basic analog and digital time readout. Runs much more efficiently and attractively than many of the clocks (particularly analog) that i have seen found in the TICALC.ORG Archives.
digclockpeter.zip1k09-05-24File is not ratedDig clock 1.9
now with a timer!
analogclock_77.zip2k09-03-28File is not ratedClock
An anolog clock made for the TI-84(+)
ticlock_en_de.zip7k09-03-22File is not ratedTIClock/DE v1.0
A simple clock program for your TI-84/+SE. This will only work on the TI-84/+SE, not the TI-83/+/+SE since it uses the TI-84's built-in clock. A German version is also included.
timeprgm.zip1k09-02-08File is not ratedTime Program 1.3
Time Program displays the time and date and lets you change them as well.
onedaycalendar.zip2k09-01-10File is not ratedOne-a-day Calendar (Jan-Feb)
This is a One-a-day calendar you can attach to the TI start-up program. Note, in a rush, I only coded Jan and Feb, and there isn't a Time Check code in there, so don't open it more than once a day....
12hrclockbetav.1.05.zip1k09-01-07File is not rated12 Hr Basic Clock with AM and PM
a clock that displays the time and counts by the second also displays am and pm
mclock.zip1k08-12-25File is not ratedMClock
A BASIC clock that displays on your home screen. Exit with any button, and it clears its own list after use. Just unzip and run! Special thanks to Matt Gardeski for the idea.
timerjim.zip9k08-11-30File is not ratedtimer
a timer that counts up, displays in normal and binary format
binclock2.zip5k08-11-30File is not ratedBinary Clock
displays time in binary format only works with TI-84
analog_clock.zip1k08-11-26File is not ratedAnalog clock
This is an analog clock.
bxcalendar.zip1k08-08-24File is not ratedCalendar
This program can display the calendar for every month from 1AD/CE to 10^15-1 AD/CE (calc's limit). You start with a month and year that you type in. Then, by pressing left and right, the month is changed. By pressing up and down, the year is changed. This program is very fast, and i dont think that there are any glitches. I think that this only works on the 84 since only the 84 has the dayofwk( function.
invisibletimer.zip1k08-08-24File is not ratedInvisible Timer: Train Your Internal Clock In Minutes A Day
That's right, I've done my first program as an internal clock helper organizer. Use this program's features to count those seconds your friend can take no breath!
horloge.zip1k08-08-24File is not ratedClocck (Horloge)
An analogic clock showing real-time TI-84+ clock settings. Only works with models integrating a clock.
timer8384.zip1k08-08-24File is not ratedTi-Timer 83/84+
This is a very basic program that you will find small and useful for any kind of whatever you may need to time at the time. Though quite plain, it is very accurate. New version simply increases preciseness of the timer.
ticalcuploadtime.zip112k08-05-27File is not ratedATIME Series v3.8.2.6
Displays the time, seconds, date, in international formats.
dayotheweek.zip1k08-03-25File is not ratedDay Finder
This program will figure out which day a date was. AND it will tell you how many days are in between two dates.
2008calendar.zip4k08-02-28File is not rated2008 Calendar
The 2008 calendar is a simple calendar, including all of the months in the year of 2008. Each month contains 2 events. These being Holidays and Full;New moons.
stopwatch.zip1k08-01-24File is not ratedStopwatch
This program contains a stopwatch for the Ti-83 plus calculator, but should work for all calculators. It is definately one of the best stopwatches for the ti calculator with a realistic looking stopwatch. Plus accurate and consistent timings. It also keeps track of Hours, Minutes and Seconds that pass. While running this program, you also have the ability to Start Over, Pause, and Quit. 2nd:Start Over---Enter:Pause---Clear:Quit Download!!!
stopwatchv3.0.zip2k07-12-17File is not ratedStopwatch v3.0
Useful operating stopwatch and timer - analog view - digital vieuw - timer
dbd3.zip1k07-12-15File is not ratedDays between Dates 3
dbd3() is a Days between Dates program that beats the calculator at its own game! Whereas the calculator can only find the number of days between dates ranging from 1950 to 2049, this program can find the number between ANY DATE (-inf to +inf). It still uses the Gregorian Calendar, and its still just as fast!
xmas2.zip1k07-12-06File is not ratedChristmas day counter 2
This is a MAJOR update to the prior one and this one has a calender as well as the days left up top. Also if you try to run the program before December then a little image pops up and not just boring old text.
dbd2.zip1k07-11-08File is not ratedDays between Dates
dbd2() is a Days between Dates program that beats the calculator at its own game! Whereas the calculator can only find the number of days between dates ranging from 1950 to 2049, this program can find the number between ANY DATE (-inf to +inf). It still uses the Gregorian Calendar, and its still just as fast!
steinz_clock.zip5k07-09-08File is not ratedSteinz Clock
Steinz Clock is an Analog-style clock that uses the calculator clock to display the real time. It includes an innovative "Around the Clock" blinking seconds display.
bdaycount.zip1k07-09-08File is not ratedBirthday Countdown
The Birthday Countdown is a bare-bones tool for finding out the days until your birthday. Just use the arrow keys to change the date to your birthday and the countdown appears! Make sure you have your clock set to today's date.
timer_by_kevin.zip3k07-09-01File is not ratedTimer!
It is a countdown, you put in the minutes then the seconds, and it countsdown until it hits zero. At the end, it plays a beeping sound, this requires omnicalc. Download it now!
mimerisev1.1a.zip8k07-09-01File is not ratedMimerise v1.1a
This program is a bunch of graphical programs for the TI-84+ (SE) that display the time and date using an analogue and digital clock and a calendar. This has been a big hit at my school and I hope you like it too!
simpleclock.zip1k07-08-09File is not ratedSimple Clock For 84+
This is a simple clock program for the 84 - great for learning how to use the gettime function or just checking the time, of course. I'm going to make it a full fledged program with date and better graphics soon.
binarytimeconverter.zip1k07-03-31File is not ratedBinary Time Converter
This is a binary time converter. It converts binary time into regular time, and regular time into binary time. Input the time on your binary clock from right to left.
analogclock.zip1k07-02-18File is not ratedAnalog clock
This is an analog clock for the TI-84. DOES NOT WORK WITH TI-83 OR TI-83 PLUS.
supclock.zip1k06-12-10File is not ratedSuper Clock
Super Clock is a clock program for the Ti-84+ and Ti-84+ Silver Edition. Displays date and time to second granularity Easy to read large letter display Set your calculator's clock directly from the program. Choose what format you want to display the date and time.
timeset.zip1k06-10-28File is not ratedTime/Date Set
This Program is only for the TI-84+ and TI-84+SE. It is easier to set up your time and the date if your calculator has recently had been RAM cleared. (press the 'STAT' button for a cool day of the week mini program.)
autoclk.zip1k06-10-08File is not ratedAuto Clock
When you turn on your calculator it shows you the time, and then goes back to normal calculator use.
halbertclock.zip4k06-08-25File is not ratedHalbert Clock 1.13
Analog-style clock designed to be run by the free Start-up app from TI. Automatically prompts the user to set the clock if it has been reset recently. Garbage collects. Optional customization instructions included.
pacoclock.zip1k06-07-17File is not ratedCLOCK
Just an analog clock display for the TI84+ SE. Use your calc as a watch.
stargatecountdownrs.zip1k06-07-06File is not ratedStargate Countdown
It's that time of year again. The new seasons of Stargates SG-1 and Atlantis premiere this July. You can use this program to see exactly how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds are left until the new season of Stargate SG-1 premieres. When the time comes, your calculator will celebrate with you! This program is only for the Ti-84+ (SE). Enjoy!
time_manager_2.zip4k06-06-25File is not ratedTime Manager v2.0 (84+ Only)
The ultimate time program for the TI 84+ (and SE). Includes clock, stopwatch, and countdown. It is very accurate, using the built-in 84+ clock. You can now even directly set the time and date. Now only takes up 1.7kb!
analogticlock.zip2k06-06-15File is not ratedTi-84 Analog Clock
This program gives an analog and digital representation of your internal clock time. Text is in dutch (just two words.)
basicclock.zip4k06-05-26File is not ratedBasic Clock
I have created this program for people wanting to learn BASIC. The included HTML manual just goes over a few things of BASIC, so don't expect this program to tell you everything you need to know for BASIC. This program is actually a really nice clock. It is plain and simple on your home screen, but it is always correct. Never behind or ahead a second. But just make sure that you set your time correctly first on your TI-84+SE! (This program will not work without this type of calculator.) I hope that you will enjoy this program. And keep a look-out for my future programs that are in BASIC, but are really fun and effective!
bestclock.zip20k06-05-20File is not ratedBest Clock Ever!
This clock is one the the best clocks ever made. Keeps exact time, the exact date, and it also keeps track of your birthday, and a different special day. It also counts down to your birthday and your special day, also counts down until christmas. It them cleans up after it self and archieves your birthday!
clock84plus.zip2k06-05-14File is not ratedTI-84 plus/TI-84 plus se Analog Clock
This is a program that will use your current time to draw and animate an analog clock. This will not work on an 83+.
clockpak.zip4k06-04-22File is not ratedClock Pack
This is an alarm clock/hourly chime/regular clock program for the Ti-84's. It won't work on anything less than an 84 P. Fun Calculating!:)
clock2.zip1k06-03-26File is not ratedTi-84+ Clock
Its an Graphic program basing on the Clock-prgm by BRIAN GORDON... I updated it, so it actualizies each minute, what didn't do his program. It shows an analog clock basing on the getTime-function of the TI.
timemanager.zip12k06-03-26File is not ratedTime Manager v1.0
The ultimate time program. Includes clock, stopwatch, and countdown. Icludes separate versions for 84+ and 83+. It is very accurate, including a built-in set-up. It only takes up 2.1kb! It's the best for the least memory!!!
clock84p_07.zip1k06-03-06File is not ratedClock
Draws the current time in an analog clock with the TI-84 clock chip. Must have a TI-84.
dayofweek.zip1k06-01-07File is not ratedDay of the Week v.5
This program gets the day of the week for any date that you enter. Just enter the month, day , and year, and the day of the week is displayed.
binclock.zip1k05-12-28File is not ratedBinary Clock for TI-84
Does not work on a TI-83 (needs clock). It is just fun to see the time in binary numbers on you TI!
ultimatetimer.zip1k05-12-10File is not ratedUltimate timer by Mac Goodman
This timer is 100% accurate, you can pause it and very easy to read!
ztimer84p.zip1k05-12-01File is not ratedZ-Timer 84+
Z-Timer is an advanced stopwatch program for the 84+ series calculators. It supports starting/stopping the timer, capturing lap times, and time reset functions. Extensive testing has been done with Z-Timer, and it was found to be just as accurate as traditional hardware stopwatches. This application is also much more accurate than the Timer App for the 83/84.
daysoftoday.zip1k05-11-26File is not ratedDays of Today
Yes, this finds the day of the week but it also does it with out the need for you to enter the date. It displays the month as well. Not very amazing. That is why I added the best thing yet: It finds holidays for you, as many as i could find. I will be looking for more so if you want a holiday to be in there, contact me. I also need hanukkah in this prgm when it starts and ends. That is why it is only verion .99.
counter2.zip5k05-10-31File is not ratedCounter (TI-83 Plus ONLY)
This is a counter program that counts up from 00:00:00, or any input time less than 24:00:00. It is accurate, and when the time is stopped, it displays the exact second count. This is for the TI-83 Plus ONLY as the program is dependent upon the speed of the calculator.
countdownlive.zip1k05-10-29File is not ratedCount Down Live!
Input a date and time and the calculator tells you the number of (days, hours, minutes, seconds) to that time. Using the clock, this is only for 84+.
day.zip1k05-10-26File is not ratedDay of the Week
This is a program that tells you the day of the week that a date happened. For example, Oct. 25, 2005 is on a Tuesday. Dec 25. 0AD is on a Monday. This program will tell you any day of the week from 0AD-9999AD. This is fun to see what day you and your friends were born or when past events happened.
calendfr.zip1k05-10-16File is not ratedCalendar TI-83 Plus - French
A nice Calendar for your TI-83 Plus pis en Français!
pennywise.zip4k05-10-05File is not ratedPennywise's Death Predictor
Inspired by the program "DIE COUNTDOWN CLOCK", you can choose between civilian (12 hour) or Military (24 hour)clocks. You can even see how you will die. And, for the coup de gras, all the menus are COMPLETELY CUSTOM!!! Have fun, and sleep tight...
hoursuntilchristmas.zip1k05-09-25File is not ratedHours until Christmas
This is a program that will show you how many hours are left until Christmas based on the time your clock is set. Only works on 84 calculators.
minutesuntilchristmas.zip1k05-09-25File is not ratedMinutes until Christmas
This is a program that will show you how many minutes are left until Christmas based on the time your clock is set. Only works on 84 calculators.
secondsuntilchristmas.zip1k05-09-25File is not ratedSeconds until Christmas
This program will tell you exactly how many seconds until Christmas based on the time programmed into you calculator. Only works on a TI-84 calc.
stopwatch84.zip1k05-09-21File is not ratedStopwatch 84
More than just a normal stopwatch, this program allows you to start the timer, and retrieve the elapsed time any time you want while you can do other things or close it in the time between. There is no time limit.
smpleclock.zip2k05-09-20File is not ratedSimple Clock
This program just displays the current time like a clock. There's nothing more to say ;) Greetz, Damann
adclock84.zip541k05-08-12File is not ratedAD Clock84
AD Clock84. clock84 is a Anilog and Digital clock that only works on the TI84+ flamily. clock84 uses a loop that continuly updates the on screan Time and Date from the Clock on the TI84+ or TI84+se. you may also use clock84 to set the Time and Date (i have made a vew steps to stop invalid input).
anaclock84p.zip1k05-07-26File is not ratedAnalog Clock for the 84+
It's an analog clock! Run it with 84+ only because it needs the timer function.
age2ex3.zip17k05-06-23File is not ratedAge xe^2 version 1.97
This can do everything that previous versions have done: calculate age on all planets, in yrs, months, days, hrs, mins, and seconds, store 332 names, sort, etc. Now it is smaller, more efficient, and simpler. There is no installer needed for this version, and it is independent of codex.
age2ex2.zip9k05-06-03File is not ratedAdvanced Age Thing 1.95
I wrote this program just incase you forget how old you are ;) It's actually not that pointless, because you can check how old you are on all 9 planets, and for earth, in years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds!! It can store up to 332 names and birthdays for quick access, just incase you need to remind 331 other people of their age. Very easy(er) to input dates, delete names, etc... The menu's alot cooler, because I used Codex, and you can go by pages of 9 names, so it's faster to get to #216/332. I also fixed some misc bugs. There are a couple of programming tricks in the readme if you're interested. THIS PRGM IS AWESOME!!!
samsdayoftheweekfinder.zip1k05-05-28File is not ratedSam's Day of the Week Finder
This is a small Baisc program that will give you the day of the week when you give it the year, month, and date in number form (i.e. 1992, 2, and 3). It's not much, just something I put togeter with a formula in my book instead of doing Algebra. Hope you like it!
anaclock.zip1k05-05-26File is not ratedClock
This is a clock display. THis code would be very useful if you want to learn how to draw lines of a certain length at an angle.
clock84.zip1k05-05-15File is not ratedClock84
This is a graphical clock that runs on a TI-84 Plus. It will not work on an 83.
84clockimplementations.zip3k05-05-13File is not ratedClock displays for 84+ family ONLY!
Here are three 84+(SE) internal clock display thingies and one stopwatch. So, um, download these. I have found them useful. I will continue to update them when there's nothing else to do in math class.
anuclock.zip1k05-05-07File is not ratedGraphical Clock
This is a clock made on the TI-84 Plus SE, but also works on the TI-83 Plus, and SE. Input time, and watch the hands tick away.
cdown.zip1k05-04-19File is not ratedcDown -=- very accurate countdown prog
Test it and you will see what this is.
bday.zip1k05-04-14File is not ratedDays until your birthday
This program calculates the number of days until your birthday (or any other date), given the month and the day. It has been extensively tested and allows for leap years, etc.
clockset.zip1k05-04-08File is not ratedClockSet (TI 84+ family)
This is a utility to help set, sync, or adjust the system clock on the TI 84+ family calculator. Includes "Disp current", "Set manual", "Get (link)", "Send (link)", "Advance 1h", and "Back 1h". Allows sync with other 84s, manual set, and easy adjustment for Daylight Savings Time. **Now can also can function as a working clock. **COMPATABLE WITH Mirage OS 1.2!!
age2ex.zip3k05-04-02File is not ratedAdvanced Age-Calculating Thing!!
Age Xe^2 is a *MUCH* improved version of the old Age 2ex 1.00. It features age displayed in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds! It also shows your age on all nine known planets of this solar system (in years). As opposed to the previous release's 6-name storage capability, this version can store up to 332 names for quick access (if you have enough memory) in only one string and one list. It also has a nice scrolling menu and delete features. Only about 1/6th of your RAM! IF YOU DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS YOU WILL BE EXTREMELY DEPRIVED!!!
calcclock.zip1k05-03-24File is not ratedCalcClock
CalcClock allows you to have a clock on your calculator. It uses hh:mm:ss format and allows you to set either 12 or 24 hour time. It has been tested to keep time within a few seconds to the hour on a TI83+, but with other calculators it may not work as well.
swimconversion.zip3k05-03-15File is not ratedSwim Yard/Meter Conversion Tool
This is a swim conversion utility tool which will convert boys or girls race times from yards to meters or from meters to yards. You may find it useful for converting times between different pool types. My math teacher (who is also a swim coach), thought this program would be useful and asked me to port and soup-up his TI-82 version to make it easier to access. I really don't know much about these conversions or all of the potential uses for them since I'm personally not into swimming -- I'm a wrestler :-) Anyway, one thing I am good at is coding, so I hope you find this program well done and useful.
timers.zip1k05-03-09File is not ratedTimer
Has a count up timer and a somewhat working count down timer. The count up timer works well and the count down timer works to and extent.
83plusclock.zip1k05-03-07File is not ratedTI-83+ Clock
This is a clock program for the TI-83+ only. Contained in the zip file are three programs. Send them to the calculator, make sure they're unarchived, then run prgmCLOCK. You have to set the time, and then the calulator will act as a clock.
dyofwk.zip1k05-03-07File is not ratedDaY OF WeeK
Find out the "DaY OF WeeK" of any date! *NOTE-only tested on the TI-84 Plus SE
timerize.zip15k05-03-07File rated 7.76Timerize 2.6
Timerize is the best program available for the TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. Its features don't stop at a digital clock. Included in Timerize is the following: a digital clock, displaying time, full date, day, and (if applicable) holiday; an analog clock, the perfect time program component; a binary clock (instructions for reading in readme); a new menu bar, for fast access to primary functions; a day-of-the week finder; the ability to set the time more easily than TI's clock settings; time conversion (seconds to days, hours, minutes, seconds and days, hours, minutes, seconds to seconds); a days-between-dates finder- will find the number of days between two given dates (1/1/1950 to 12/31/2049); a chronograph, and the ability to start, stop, and reset it; a timer, which is good under 10 minutes unless you want to drain your batteries; and an easter egg! The clocks will display when your timer has finished and when it's your birthday. View the readme for more details.
timepak.zip1k05-01-28File is not ratedTimePak
A more acurate sequal to my ClockPak for the 83, this program uses the systems built in clock. This program will NOT run on anything below the 84 Plus. It will run on the 84 Plus and the 84 Plus SE.
clockworks.zip12k05-01-04File is not ratedClockworks 1.1
An amazing clock program for the TI-84 Plus. It contains just about all the features of the previous version, plus many additional things. The analog and digital clocks now display the date, day of week, season, time, holidays, as well as your birthday and how old you are. The Years Duration feature has been added, and so has a counter that continues even when your calc is off! The options menu has been completely redone, and you can now create a holiday of your own. Best of all, the file size is still less than 10k! Please see the zip file for updated screenshots.
stopwatc.zip1k04-12-01File is not ratedStopwatch for TI-84 series. Uses internal clock.
This stopwatch program uses the internal clock present in the ti-84 series, so it is very accurate. Uses the variables Z, theta. Program size is 567 bytes.
digclockdeluxe.zip5k04-11-04File is not ratedDigital Clock Deluxe v1.0
This digital clock program is for use with the TI-84 Plus family ONLY! This program contains commands that are incompatible with the TI-83 family. The clock has all kinds of features to represent the date and time, including day of the week, month, day, and year, also PM and AM extensions. Be sure the clock on your calculator is correctly set BEFORE you run the program. The screen will only refresh the date every hour at the top of the hour, so the screen isn't constantly flashing like other programs. Also, when you exit the program it deletes all the variables, lists, and strings it uses to keep your calculator CLEAN! And best of all, it actually WORKS!!! IT IS A MUST SEE!!!
clck8384.zip3k04-11-04File is not ratedCLK8384
This is a simple clock program. Additiional information is provided in the included text file
rvstimer.zip1k04-09-27File is not ratedReverse Timer
This program actually counts in hundreths of a second without hopping numbers and is smooth and accurate. It counts down by a designated amount of hours minutes and seconds to 0. The clock itself actually looks pretty good too. Its like watching the count down clock on Armeggedon(If I spelled that right) to earths destruction.
tandc.zip1k04-09-27File is not ratedTimer Like Youve Never Seen IT Before
this is way different than the timer programs that all the teachers have also includes the bonus program called counter
alarmclock.zip1k04-09-21File is not ratedAlarm Clock
An alarm clock for the TI-84+ Family. Pretty cool, i guess. Another product of my boredom. NOTE: ONLY WORKS ON TI-84+ FAMILY
clock84p.zip1k04-06-15File is not ratedClock
this program lets you set the clock, veiw the time and date and use a stopwatch
easter.zip1k04-06-05File is not ratedEaster Date v1.0
This program will tell you the date Easter falls on in any given year.
tiid.zip1k04-06-01File is not ratedFryske Kalinder, Frisian Clock
For those who want a real special clock and calander on their Ti-84. This one is written in the Frisian Language which is close to old English. It gives also the description of the month in the words the farmers used to do.
calendar2.zip1k04-05-09File is not ratedCalendar v 1.0
This is a calendar program. If you want to know when Christmas is for the year 7856, just put in the numbers. This will also draw out the calendar for the month of that year.
timer.zip3k04-04-27File is not ratedClass Timer 1.0
Now you can keep track of how much time is left in class along with a graphical view of the time. Includes, in real time, the time left and the time elapsed. Great program for classroom time management!
ageonmars.zip4k04-04-25File is not ratedAge on Mars
This program calcs your age on Mars and on Earth (in days and years!). It displays, if you've birthday here or there. But the dates are only from 1950-2049. This means that your grandparents are'nt able to calc their "Age on Mars". Try it!!!
magicagev9.0.zip1k04-04-18File is not ratedMagic Age Calc v9.0
This is my first program. The program calculates your age in years, months, days, secconds, and milisecconds. Runs really fast!
whatday1.zip1k04-04-09File is not ratedWhat Day Is It? v1.0
Tells you what day it is, i've made many updates, but i can't upload them now
timewarp.zip1k04-03-29File is not rated00 Time and Stuff 00
This is my first program and I think that it is very good. It is a unique combo of a timer and a future predicting program.All of my friends think that all ten of the fortunes are great and the timers come in handy. Also, please know that this works better on a plus that isn't a silver edition, although it might work, I don't know. Anyway, enjoy!
ppp.zip1k04-03-28File is not ratedTIME AND STUFF
this program was originally just a thing that me and my friend made to count time but after that I added a fortune program,with 10 equally strange and great fortunes, and a menu which has made it a huge hit at my school.
countdwn.zip1k04-03-28File is not ratedCountDown
Enter Minutes watch seconds countdown Best used as a video game turn timer because it has overtime (negative seconds)
julian_day.zip3k04-03-16File is not ratedDate Difference Finder
This program puts the julian day algorithm to good use! Given two dates, this program will find the number of days between two dates! You could use this program to find how how old you are in days! It even accounts for leap years, as shown in the screenshot below.
bstopwatch.zip1k04-03-16File is not rated1Stopwatch
A awesome stopwatch
countdow.zip1k04-02-17File is not ratedCountDown
Counts down to a (non-)climatic BOOM! message on your calculator.
stopwatchbeta.zip1k04-02-09File is not ratedStopWatch BETA
This is the fully functional stopwatch. It just needs a few more features to be PERFECT but it works great now =)
agecalc.zip1k04-02-08File is not ratedAge Calc
This is the new Gold Edition of Age Calc. It is the most advanced age calculator ever made for the TI-83!! It calculates your age in years, months, weeks, and days. It is now even easier to use than before! Get this program now!!!
24stopwatch.zip1k04-01-17File is not rated24 hr Stop Watch (Silver Edition)
A simple stop watch that has a 24 hour time limit. Can pause and clear. Simple to use and has many uses.
stopwatch83.zip1k03-12-22File is not ratedStopWatch 83+
Here is an almost completely accurate stopwatch for the TI-83 plus.It's less than 300 bytes!Perfect for someone who doesn't have much space left on their clacs.Enjoy!
dayoftheweek.zip1k03-12-03File is not ratedDay of the Week Finder
Have ya ever wanted to find out what day (Monday, Tuesday, etc) you were born, or when a particular date took place(July 4, 1776)? Well, with this neat little program, all you have to do is enter in the month(12), day(19), and year(1987), and voila, the day of the week appears! It is really small, so download it today! By the way, the day on the screenshot is my birthday.
daycounter.zip1k03-11-20File is not ratedDaycounter
This little program (164 bit) counts the days between two days. It works from 1950 to 2049. Look at the screenshot and have fun.
age.zip1k03-11-20File is not ratedYOUR AGE IN DAYS:
This is an extremly simple program that you can use to calculate your age in days. Since it is difficult to figure out your age in days alone it is worth downloading. When was the last leap year? Who knows? All you do is type in the year you were born, all in numerical format, and the current date, and in a small fraction of a second your age in days will be displayed. Mine is 5067, what is yours?
age83p.zip1k03-10-30File is not ratedYOUR AGE IN DAYS IS:
This is an extremly simple program that you can use to calculate your age in days. Since it is difficult to figure out your age in days alone it is worth downloading. When was the last leap year? Who knows? All you do is type in the year you were born, all in numerical format, and the current date, and in a small fraction of a second your age in days will be displayed. Mine is 6779, what is yours?
time2.zip1k03-10-19File is not ratedTimer
this is close to a real clock
ti_timer.zip22k03-10-19File is not ratedTI-Timer
A Calculus teacher informed me of the Lbl/Goto sec bug on the 68k files. It works perfectly now. Simply read the included .txt file for help and enjoy :-)
cntdown2.0a.zip1k03-10-06File is not ratedTHE COUNTDOWN CLOCK 2.0 A
Another prgm by Tony Lu. This is an updated version of Countdown 1.1. You can basiclly see what is does... Countdown from a certain second. Countdown 2.0 B (simpler but taking up less memory), Countdown 2.0 AM and Countdown 2.0 BM will be out soon!
bonuxr.zip2k03-10-05File is not ratedBonux: Recoded
So here it is, an improved version of your favorite countdown program. * Coded by the same development team as the original Bonux. * Optimized code for improved stabilty and increased program speed. * Countdown seconds, minutes and hours. * Full MirageOs support. * New setup wizard feature. * Support for TI83+ and TI83+SE. Support for more calculators (TI82 etc.) in development. * Customizable finished picture and various text messages. * Help/Known Issues file included.
clockms.zip1k03-09-19File is not ratedClock
this is a clock it isnt as accurate as it could be so play around with it By: Michael Schwartz
formattime.zip1k03-09-16File is not ratedTime Formatter
Converts seconds to seconds, minutes, and hours.
time.zip1k03-09-16File is not ratedSmall Stop Watch
This is a very compact stop watch program.
clockrx.zip1k03-08-07File is not ratedClock RX
This is a clock that keeps perfect time. The seconds are normal speed!
timerup.zip1k03-08-03File is not ratedTimer-Up
This is one of the many programs I wrote in the middle of my Math 12 Summer School class. This is a timer program... it only goes up. It can go for 24 hours.
clockwatch.zip1k03-07-04File is not ratedClockwatch
This is a pretty advanced and pretty accurate timer for 1/10 seconds, seconds, minutes and hours. Download now and enjoy!
secondcounter.zip1k03-06-19File is not ratedsecond counter
a simple program that counts approximate seconds on the calc! it might sound boring, but why not download it just for the heck of it. you never know, it just might come in handy!
convtps2.8xp1k03-06-18File is not ratedle temps
c un petit prog utile pr convertir des durées sans se prendre la tête avec des calculs sexagésimaux
sec2min.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedSeconds to Minutes Converter
Converts seconds to minutes.
timer3.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedTimer
Accurately times. After about 10 minutes the timer is only off by about 5 seconds.
timer31.zip1k03-05-11File is not ratedTimer v3.1
Timer is a simple little stopwatch for your calculator. If it's timing is a little off, look throught the source code for where the variable s is added too, and edit what is added to it to tweak the rate. This would only be neccessary if your calculator is faster or slower than my calculator. Polar Computer
stimer.zip1k03-05-11File is not ratedStatistical Timer v1.0
Statistical Timer takes advantage of Polar Comuters Simple Timer technologies. Timer is a simple little stopwatch for your calculator. If it's timing is a little off, look throught the source code for where the variable s is added too, and edit what is added to it to tweak the rate. This would only be neccessary if your calculator is faster or slower than my calculator. Stat time adds an export of time feature, that allows you to mark certain times, and use L1 to graph or make use of the times. Polar Computer
swatcher_51.zip4k03-04-26File is not ratedswatcher
This is a very nice stopwatch with a pointer going round the clock like a real watch, this is the perfect method to visualize the pasting time. A must-have for every sience student!!!
titimer.zip3k03-04-25File is not ratedTI-83+ Timer
This is just a simple second counter. Accurate to the hundredth decimal place. Use it to count anything, smaller and more versatile than other 83+ timers.
myclock.zip11k03-04-13File is not ratedMyClock
This is an accurate stopwatch/clock that has an great graphical display. Check out the screenshots.
acntd.zip1k03-04-07File is not ratedK's Countdown
Just what you need when class gets really boring! This simple countdown program lets you input seconds and minutes and then counts down to zero - you can know exactly how much longer before a class ends! You only have to do a quick calibration to make the program accurate on your calc!
swatcher.zip1k03-03-30File is not ratedGraphical stop watch
This is a really nice stop watch. You can see a cursor going round the clock as the seconds go by. Look at www.freewebs.com/gorchy to see more (with sceenshots!)
friday13.zip4k03-03-19File is not ratedFriday 13 Calculator
Wanna know when's the next Friday 13 coming? That's exactly what this prog does! Once activated, a list 7 coming Friday 13's will be displayed. Just press Pause to display the next page. Works with any date; from the "Dawn of the Beginning" to year 1-800-you-name-it! =D ~ Now You Are Prepared! ~ MOuhahAHahhaha!!! :PPP
basicforse.zip1k03-03-12File is not ratedTI-83+ SE Timer
This is a stopwatch program for TI-83+ SE users. Please use, study, and modify this program for your own needs.
timer2.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedTimer
Counts up in minutes, you enter the tiem in minutes and it tells you when time is up, pretty accurate. NOTE:works correctly only on a ti 83+.
aclock83p.zip1k03-03-07File rated 3.53Analog Clock v1.0
This is a cool analog clock that lets you input the hour and minute and the beginning and counts indefinitely. It is a real clock, keeping nearly exact time, with an hour, minute, and second hand, as well as a digital readout of the time. Press any key to quit. Check out the screenshots!
dayofyear.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedDay of the Week
Tells you the day of the week a specific Month, Date, and Year is.
countdtimer.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedCountdown Timer v2.0
Enter minutes and seconds, and this cool timer will count down to it! Press [2nd] at any time to interrupt it.
tenchicalendar83p.zip1k03-03-04File is not rated2003 Calendar GXP
It’s that time of year, again. It’s time to throw out the old calendar, and hang up the new. This program will show you all the months in the year 2003. Its simple to run, and simple to do! The commands are: [ 2nd ] - Start Calendar [ MODE ] - Quit [ < ] - Back [ > ] – Forward.
daysbd.zip1k03-01-01File is not ratedEXACT Days Between Dates v1.0
This program calculates the EXACT number of days between two entered dates. It is much better than the dbd( function of the calculator. Just enter two dates and see the days between dates.
ticlock.zip1k02-12-07File is not ratedTI-Clock
a very accurate clock for your ti-83plus(not SE it is too fast)
days.zip1k02-10-15File is not ratedDays
Find out how many days old you are.
countup83p.zip1k02-09-07File is not ratedCountUp Timer v1.1
Soon after the release of CountDown Timer, here is CountUp Timer! It will count indefinitely until you press [2nd] to stop it. A truly cool program, now for TI-83 and TI-83+!
aptimer.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedA+ Timer
A very accurate timer for the TI-83 or 83 Plus -- just enter the number of seconds and watch it go!
realclock.zip1k02-07-22File is not ratedReal Clock v.2.0
this keeps real time for the ti 83 plus s.e. but with a little help will also work with the ti 83.
calcool.zip2k02-07-22File is not ratedCalendar
This is a calendar program that is up-to-date, not like some of the other calendar programs that are never updated. From August to November of 2002.
clock5.zip1k02-06-03File is not ratedAnalog Clock for the 83+
The best clock program out there! Not a crappy digital clock but totally analog. Keeps perfect time. If you ever wanted a clock for your calc. download this one!
btimer.zip1k02-05-31File is not ratedBTimer
A timer programmed in BASIC.
regclock.zip1k02-04-27File is not ratedRegular Clock
dwnclock.zip1k02-04-27File is not ratedCount Down Clock
clocksjs.zip1k02-04-27File is not ratedClock Group
My Clocks in a group
stpwatch.zip1k02-04-27File is not ratedStop Watch
time83p.zip1k02-03-25File is not ratedTime 83+
Race your calc against others.
time2_83p.zip2k02-02-21File is not ratedThe Ultimate Time Keeper!
Keeps your time. Not very accurate.
prpetual.zip1k02-01-16File is not ratedPerpetual Calendar
On which day were you born? Was Caesar murdered on a Tuesday or a Friday? Find the month's calendar for any month in any year.
timerset.zip1k02-01-16File is not ratedTimer Set
Run this program on two calculators simultaneously to find out how much faster one is than the other. Not all Ti-83+ calculators have the same speed...
calander.zip4k01-12-15File is not ratedCalender
Have you ever been looking for an up-to-date calendar program, well here is one. It has the last four months in the year 2001. It even has a special spanish version.
clock4.zip1k01-03-25File is not ratedClock
Keeps track of time when you dont have a watch.
cclock.zip1k01-03-11File is not ratedClock
this is a chess clock. it is intended for playing chess face to face. this timer lets you insert the time limit and counts down. you press Y= to switch to the black. GRAPH to switch to the white timer
beat.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedTNK .beatCLAC v1.01
The .beat internet time was invented in 1998 by Swatch. One day has 1000 beats, @000 being at midnight in the +1 time zone during winter time. This time format is useful especially on the internet. Let's say you live in Upstate New York, and you want to chat with you Swiss friend, your Chinese friend, and your Russian friend. Trying to calaberate a time to do that would be very hard, because you would have to say something like "6 p.m. my time." With .beat, the time is the same everywhere, so you can say "at @000," which would be the same everywhere. My program calculates the .beat!
clock3.zip1k00-11-23File is not ratedClock
a simple clock. fairly accurate. includes starts and stop controls.
dbd.zip1k00-09-14File is not ratedDays Between Dates
Calculates the number of days between two dates.
calendar.zip1k00-05-09File is not ratedCalendar
A program which when input the month and year, displays a calendar for that month. Works from 01-1582 to 12-2400
clock.zip1k00-04-13File is not ratedExact Time Basic Clock
A simple basic clock "keeps time well"
sukytime.zip1k00-03-28File is not ratedP.O.S Timer
From the maker of the unpopular G Guesser v1.0 comes something even stupider. Alas, a timer that gains about a second every 15 seconds!
mtime99.zip1k00-03-02File is not ratedMTime 99
atimer.zip1k00-03-02File is not ratedATIMER v1.18
A Timer Program for the TI-83 Plus
clocks.zip1k00-02-19File is not ratedTI-83+ Clock Pack v1.0
Features include a countup clock, countdown alarm, and a digital watch.

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