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Last updated Friday, 6 July 2012
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2_optical_illusions.zip5k03-10-13Insane Illusions
2 really cool Illusions it's worth downloading!
assortedpics.zip10k09-08-22Absolutly Assorted
Fractals, illusions, prime number grid, Che, flowers, circuit board, DNA, trigonometry help
awesome83pluspics.zip36k04-12-17Awesome 83+ Pictures
This is a collecting of 8 awesome 83+ pictures.
badnarik.zip1k04-11-04Michael Badnarik
I made an ad for Michael Badnarik, some independent running for president :) I approve this message...
A drawing of Bart Simpson
basicgs83p.zip1k01-12-16Grayscale Smiley Face in BASIC!
I haven't seen any BASIC grayscale programs out there yet, so I thought I should be the first. Enjoy!
It's a beautiful flower!
bonnefamilypirates.zip2k09-12-10Bonne Family Pirates Insignia
This is the insignia for the Bonne Family Pirates from the game, "MegaMan Legends."
boxing.zip1k03-09-19Boxing Pic
This is a very cool picture draw by my friend
britney.zip10k02-04-10Britney Spears Pics!
These are SEVEN misc. pics of Britney Spears. Now you can see the pop princess during class!
brokenstairs.zip1k04-02-09Broken Stairs
A level for Walk 2. Tricky jumps involved. Donated by~Master Piece Productions
This is a pic of the Boston Bruins hockey team logo. Looks good. Also check out the Flyers and Devils logos.
This is a pic of a Bushwacker from mechwarrior 3
calc83p.zip1k03-06-07Calculator in 3D v1.0
That's right, this is similar to those "Magic Eye" graphics, and if you look at it right, there is a calculator in 3D on your screen. Not only is it contoured, but it looks like it's actually coming out of the screen. Check it out!
picture of a car ( take a look at the screenshot )
cemetech83p.zip1k03-04-30Cemetech Logo
That's right - this is the logo from Cemetech.tk, ported to TI-83+ graphics format. Intuitive system displays the logo without using Pic variables. Check it out, or the original at http://www.cemetech.tk
chaos.zip1k04-02-17Chaos Pattern
CHOAS Is a program that uses choas theory to create beautiful random pictures. It takes a while, but they come out really cool, and they are never the same.
che.zip1k04-05-11A picture of Che Guevara!
A 3D drawing of "Coca-Cola"
Here are three pics I drew using BASIC code. They are a computer, a cross, and a computer chip. Just run the prgms on your calc, and save the generated image as one of your pics. Then you can delete the prgm to save RAM. If you like them, download the next releases, coming soon...
comic1.zip1k01-12-22Comic #01
One of my first mini comics that is really funny! A must see!
comic2.zip1k01-12-22Comic #02
A small battle animation that is built into a comic. Trying to mess around with battle animations.
coolpatterns.zip1k04-11-04cool patterns
two patterns that are fun to stare at when you're extremely bored
cool.zip1k05-11-06Graphical Images
Choose a picture and watch it draw itself out.
This is a high-quality image of the cyberdemon from the game Doom.
dbzpics1.zip4k03-05-06DB/Z/GT Pics w/ Viewer (v 1.00)
This has to pics for your TI-83+. They occupy Pic0-Pic9. They viewer is very small and efficient, no eye candy, just a menu, less than 250 bytes. The program does all the work for you as far as settings go, so don't worry about bringing out the manual. Enjoy :) No pics, so the surprise won't be ruined, but they're very good quality b/w for a TI.
deathnote.zip2k08-02-28Death Note images
Four images from Death Note. No, I don't have Light. I'm working on it. I have L, his symbol, Near, and Ryuk.
This is a picture of the New Jersey Devils hockey team logo. Also check out the Flyers and Bruins logos.
dna83p.zip3k02-06-04DNA v1.1
This is a cool picture program of the double helix of DNA.
doomdoomii.zip5k09-10-21DOOM / DOOM II: Hell on Earth
These are two images portraying the title screen logos from the games "DOOM" and "DOOM II: Hell on Earth."
easports.zip1k02-03-30EA Sports
This is a pic of the EA Sports logo.
A portrait of Albert Einstein.
elementlogos.zip2k09-09-14element logo's
I made element logo's on my pc
element.zip1k05-09-01Element Logo
This is the Element Logo. I Made it during class for a friend. It works with Start-Up and any other Picture Viewing Program. If you want a picture made, then E-mail me or IM me at achsthompson08 (AIM ScreenName)Enjoy!
A map of Europe
evilinside.zip3k02-04-05"Intel Inside" Parody
This is a Pic that looks like the "intel inside" logo but instead says "evil inside." Great start-up screen, when used with the TI's start-up APP
Some evil characters...
f117a.zip1k02-04-02Stealth Fighter Pics
These are some awesome pics that I made of the F-117A stealth fighter, there's one regular and one inversed pic. (Inversed is way cooler) Great for splash screens or just to show off! Please Download!
faceball2000.zip2k09-05-20FACEBALL 2000
This is a "screenshot" I drew on my calculator using PixelPainter. It's a screenshot of the GameBoy game, "Faceball 2000," which is the world's very first FPS game ever made for the handheld. I know it's a little bit small, but who knows? Maybe someday, some brilliant assembly game designer will see it and be inspired to make a port of FACEBALL 2000 on the calculator... Eh, one can only dream...
fiammanera.zip1k09-12-10Fiamma Nera Insignia
This is the insignia adopted by the Italian cult known as the "Fiamma Nera," which translates to the "Black Flame." This symbol is featured in the game, "Tomb Raider: Dagger of Xian" for the Sony Playstation.
flatcorn.zip1k02-11-23Flat Corn
Flat Corn aka 2 platformed telephone pole
flutter.zip2k09-10-22MegaMan Legends - "The Flutter"
This is a picture of a flying ship called The Flutter, featured in the game, "MegaMan Legends." One thing I've always wondered is the possibility of a MegaMan Legends port for the TI-83...
This is an update on the Flyers logo. I just added a documentation and changed it to .ZIP format.
A gif of football simulation 3
A portrait of Galileo Galilei.
garbage2.zip2k99-12-05Garbage 2
"greyscale" picture of Garbage
garbage3.zip2k99-12-05Garbage 3
"greyscale" picture of Garbage. Turn calc sideways when viewing
garbage4.zip1k99-12-05Garbage 4
another "greyscale" picture of garbage
garbage.zip1k99-12-05Garbage 1
"greyscale" picture of garbage
graphpic1.zip2k09-11-13Graph picture 1
A graphing picture.
greybob.zip1k04-10-07Grayscale BOB
A small program I worked on for a few minutes. All it does is display a bicture of BOB from Bubble Bobble.
gtasa.zip1k04-03-28GTA San Andreas
This is a pic of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that I made in Math class. It looks really cool, with a sun, helicopter, and a landing pad.
A detailed surface view of a halo with the halo logo in the center.
halopictures.zip4k03-10-06Halo: combat evolved :: pictures
6 pictures of the xbox game Halo: combat evolved
this is a picture of the halo logo
happysmile.zip1k06-09-08Happy Smile
This program draws a happy smile on the screen, great for when you do bad on a test or quiz.
haruhi.zip2k08-11-30Haruhi anime image pack
2 Haruhi pictures, 1 of Nagato and 1 of Mikuru My first work, Hope it's gone well ;)
The program draws a heart, and pressing after drawing it once, it draws the heart again, until you press clear.
him.zip1k02-10-14H.I.M. Logo
This is the logo for the band H.I.M. (Bam Margera's favorite band)
hondapics.zip1k02-04-02Honda pics
These are misc. Honda Pics, for all you hardcore dirtbikers, and ATV'ers out there that love Honda
im_alttp.zip16k04-06-04Images: A Link to the Past (83+)
20 images from the Classic SNES game, A Link to the Past. There are sprites of Link, his uncle, Ganon, Sahasrahla, the King, Maidens, Villagers, Aghanim, and others. Screenshots of ending photos, items, title screen, the cartridge, and artwork of Link and Ganon. If you are a fan of this game, take a look at these images! Note that they are not the same as the TI-86 version of this file.
im_consoles.zip21k04-05-11Images: Video Game Consoles
Ever wish you could see your favorite video game consoles on your TI-83+? Now you can! Images include PS2, Gamecube, XBox, Playstation 1, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Genesis, NES, SNES, Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Pocket, and the original Gameboy. This update also adds more systems: N-Gage, e-Reader, and Sega Saturn. For each console, there is an image of the actual console, another of their controller, and another of their logo. Better yet, spotting techniques have been used to make these images appear to be in grayscale! Check out the screenshots! There are 45 images total.
im_fftadv.zip18k04-05-08Images: FF Tactics Advance
This update includes 25 images from the popular Gameboy Advance game, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It has updated versions of the original ten pictures, and 15 new ones. Images include character profiles of Marche, Ritz, Mewt, Cid, Judge Cid, Montblanc, Shara, Ezel, Llednar, Doned, Queen Remedi, Mr. Leslaei, Hilary, Remedi the Li-Grim, and a Judge. Also includes 5 pictures of the different species. Five more are of the book, the first battle, reading the book, the schoolyard, and chossing the clan name. If you're a fan of the game, download this collection!
im_oot.zip14k04-05-19Images: Ocarina of Time
25 Images from the popular Zelda game, Ocarina of Time, including 3-D copies of Link, Ganon, Malon, a Deku Scrub, and Saria. Also included are twenty pieces of artwork, such as Young Link, Ruto, Ganondorf, Mido, Saria, Impa, Malon, Shiek, the title screen, and much more. Chances are, you will recognize a lot of the artwork.
infinity.zip1k02-05-27Infinity Symbol
An image of symbol drawn on your calculator.
jfg.zip1k00-12-10Jet Force Gemini Logo
This is a pic of the Jet Force Gemini Logo
justsayno.zip2k09-10-22Pac-Man Says, "Just Say No!"
This is an image I created, portraying Pac-Man in a motivational drug resistance poster. Remember, just say no to prescription medication overdose. It might turn you into a blue ghost.
j.zip1k05-11-06J (in 3D)
It draws out the letter J in a 3D matter.
logosandstartup.zip15k05-05-07A Lot of R/C Logos
Includes the program Start-Up by TI which is NOT made by me, but displays one of the images on startup of your calculator. This file contains 10 calculator picstures of various R/c related companies. Some arent totally finished.
mariocards.zip3k09-10-22"Super Mario Bros." Trading Card Game
This is a picture of an idea I had about a "Super Mario Bros." trading card game similar to that of Pokemon or Yi-Gi-Oh. I personally hate both of those, but a Mario-themed card game would catch my attention.
mariofantasy.zip3k09-10-22Mario's Final Fantasy
This is a picture I made as an idea for a Mario-themed Final Fantasy game. Rather than the usual wizards and ogres, you would instead fight Goombas and Koopa Troopas in the Mushroom Kingdom!
4 pics of the matrix
maxpayne.zip2k02-03-19Max Payne
2 pics of Max Payne
meatwadpicture.zip1k02-05-27Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Meatwad Picture
This is a perfectly hand drawn picture of meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force on your calculator.
2 pics of miffy
monster.zip1k01-02-08Picture of a Monster
This would be a really cool picture for anyone that was making a game. So, if you want it for a program/game, you have my permission to do so.
msnti.zip1k03-06-22MSN Ti Messenger
A drawing of my game: MSN Ti Messenger
This is a picture of the title from the popular PC game, "MYST."
n64logo.zip1k00-12-10N64 Logo
This is a pic of the N64 Logo
The loge of Nike
Nothing too big, just a picture of a Ninja. I'd like to think that it has a good quality.
You make the picture, this program blows it up so that its a little pile of pixels. By bored person, for bored people.
olympicrings.zip1k02-04-02Olympic Rings
This is a pic of the Olympic Rings, along with some leaves at the bottom and the words "Citius, Altius, Fortius" at the top.
optical.zip1k09-12-12Optical illusion
Have you ever wanted to see an optical illusion created on the ti-84. Well this is an optical illusion where if you tilt the calc. The lines will move. You choose a number from 1-25 and that will depend on how your design looks
osama.zip1k03-06-21Osama Bin Laden
A drawing of Osama Bin Laden(OK, the beard is a little weird)
paparoac.zip1k00-08-18pApA rOACh Logo
Logo of the band pApA rOACh
papermario.zip3k09-10-22"Paper Mario - The Chaotic Calculator"
This is a picture I created as an idea for a Paper Mario game for the graphing calculator entitled, "Paper Mario - The Chaotic Calculator."
draws perry the platypus
pic0.zip1k03-12-28OCC logo
The logo from Orange County Choppers!
Picture of the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team logo. Go Flyers!
pic1.zip1k04-05-03Autumn Tree w/ leaves
This picture took me 2 weeks to draw, so i hope you like it. Let me tell you, its not a picture thats easy to draw. It's very detailed. Hope you like it!
pic2.8xi1k01-12-16Fishing Lure Pictures
This was the first picture I ever made and you can download this if you want. I made this on my TI-83 Silver. It's a pretty neat picture of 4 fishing lures!
pic2.zip1k04-05-03G-Force Video Card
This is a picture for people who like the look of computer circut boards. this one just so happened to have a great look! It may be because of the schweet lookin logo. so give it a try!
pic3.8xi1k03-04-04Lord of The Rings
The exact insciption that is on the ring in elvish.
pic3dversion1.0.zip1k11-06-27Pic3D Version 1.0
In this program are three grayscale cross-eye 3D Images. It was mainly made to test 3D-images. DoorsCS is required!
pic3.zip1k03-10-23Weezer, Flying =W=
This file is graphic of the Weezer flying =W=
pic51.zip1k00-09-05pApA rOACh Logo
the best Logo of the band pApA rOACh-my last logo was crappy-this logo looks awesome!! GET IT!! if you like P.ROACH!!!
pic5.zip1k07-12-16Halo 3
This is a picture of the Halo 3 logo with the text "Finish The Fight". Works great as a startup picture!
pics83plus.zip3k04-10-07Some Pics
Three cool pictures: radioactive, biohazard and high voltage.
Some pictures for your calc ( Nike , Bart , coca cola , ... )
picture5.zip3k05-09-26Ti-Picture 5
This is the first and only Ti-picture viewer. This program allows you to view up to 5 pictures that you have stored on your calculator. Unless you calculator breaks down, this is my final version. A must download. The first of it's kind.
pitcher.zip1k01-02-20Picture of a Pitcher
This is a very cool (yet simple) picture of baseball pitcher.
pi.zip1k02-05-11Pi version 1.0
This is not exactly a program, but rather an image that you can start up that contains 230 digits of pi
This is Plue from RAVE MASTER. It actually came out really good for a TI34 graphic
See tux on your TI-83 wearing a tie... (This was a school project :-P)
pokeball.zip2k09-12-10Poke Ball
This is a picture of a simple Poke Ball.
This is a pic of the word "Porsche" the way it is on their cars.
ps2logo.zip1k00-11-24Playstation 2 logo
black/white playstation 2 logo
punisher.zip1k04-06-05The Punisher -Skull-
An image of the skull known from the comic "The Punisher".
recordpic.zip1k02-09-2745 RPM Record
This is a picture for your calculator of a 45 RPM Record in grayscale!
redsoxlogo.zip1k04-12-11Red Sox Logo
This is a basic image of the classic "B" logo of the Boston Red Sox.
reflexknightadditionallog.zip1k10-11-09Reflex knight logos
more logos for the game.
riven.zip1k09-12-10MYST II: Riven
This is the title for the popular PC game, "MYST II: Riven."
sbc.zip1k03-06-21Sint-Bernarduscollege, Oudenaarde, Belgiƫ
This is my school!!!
scrnsavr.8xp.zip1k03-03-28Screen Saver
This screen saver moves whatever is on Str1 around on the screen. It doesn't really save your screen or anything.
Well.....if you familiar with battletech you'll know what a shadowcat is.
shirley2.zip2k99-12-05Shirley 2
another "greyscale" picture of Shirley Manson
shirley.zip2k99-12-05Shirley 1
"greyscale" picture of Shirley Manson
simpsons.zip8k02-05-13Pics from "The Simpsons"
These are 15 Pics of misc. characters from the television show, "The Simpson's."(Barney Gumble, Bart Simpson, Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Dr. Hibbert, Homer Simpson, Mrs. Krabbapel, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Marge Simpson, Moe, Santa's Little Helper, Principal Skinner, Mr. Smithers, Police Chief Wiggum)
slideshow.zip3k07-03-11Slide Show of Lord of the Rings
A simple program that unarchives, diplays, archives some pics from lord of the rings. These are VERY cool and are worth a look!
A fun picture to cheer you up.
somecoolspics.zip1k04-03-07Cool Pictures
Hey this is a Zip file with 2 cool pics for your start up app so have fun!
sonic3pic.zip1k05-05-09Sonic 3 Picture
A cool logo that I made for Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
sphinx.zip1k04-05-10The Great Sphinx
This prgram draws a picture of the Sphnx of Egypt on your calculator and then lets you store it as any Pic you choose. It uses a function where it draws each line from one point to another. Be- cause of this, you can watch it being built right before your eyes!
spongebob.8xi1k02-05-30Spongebob Squarepants
A picture of spongebob blowing bubbles, very funny!!
ssjchrono.zip1k02-04-02Super Saiyan Chrono
This is a nice picture of Super Saiyan Chrono (if he existed) [from Chrono Trigger]
sspack.zip2k05-05-01Screensaver Pack
9 different screen savers. ZIP includes 9 screensavers and README file. Questions? E-mail me at: trekkie00@gmail.com
starwarspics.zip1k01-04-28Star Wars Pics
This is a set of Star Wars Pics. It comes with a tie fighter and a Death star, there pretty cool :) May the force be with you
stitch.zip1k02-05-27Stitch from "Lilo and Stitch"
This is a shadow of Stitch when he first meets Lilo
supermariobros.zip2k09-12-10Mario & Luigi
This is a picture of the famous Super Mario Bros. The picture is of their heads only, side by side.
supersaiyangoku3.zip1k04-03-07Super Saiyan Goku Level 3
I made this pic while i was bored in my AP world history class, its my second DBZ pic, and i will continue to make more..hope you like it!
supersaiyanvegitto.zip7k04-03-07Super Saiyan Vegitto
This is my very first TI-83 plus calculator pic, i love DBZ, and Vegitto is the coolest. I plan to make more pics....hope you enjoy!
taiwan.zip1k05-02-11Taiwan flag
This program basically puts equations to the equation editor that would end up generating a Taiwan flag.
thevoid.zip1k02-04-02The Void
A nice greyscale picture of a void.
this is a pic of a Thor from mechwarrior3
ti83plus.zip1k03-08-26TI-83 Plus
This is a picture made on a calculator of a calculator.
tici_logo.zip14k03-03-07TICI 1.0 Logo (Oncalc)
This is the general TICI 1.0 logo, ported to 83 plus format. Enjoy!
For all of those who are familiar with mechwarrior,this is a pic of a timberwolf
triforce.zip2k09-12-10The Triforce
This is a picture of the Sacred Artifact, the Triforce. The picture depicts the Triforces of Wisdom, Courage, and Power together, complete with a simple border.
tvsnow.zip5k03-05-28TV Snow Simulator
If you just love to watch the channels that don't come in on your TV, (oh so very snowy are they) this program is for you! To start, run the setup program within my program. If you are too lazy to wait (it does take a bit) you can just use one of the two "SnowSet" groups I put in the Zip. After all three Pics are created, run the program and have hours of fun gazing upon realistic TV snow. 2nd quits! :D
This is a pic i made in math class. It looks awsome.
uac.zip2k09-10-22UAC - Union Aerospace Corporation
You're all aware of shells like MirageOS and CrunchyOS (I assume...) But what if there was a shell based off a computer system from DOOM, created by the UAC!?
A drawing of the "universe"
vader.zip1k08-03-24Darth Vader
This is an awesome picture of darth vader for the calculator.
variousnes.zip11k12-07-06Various NES Pictures (RIGview)
A collection of NES/SNES-related pictures I made in Paint and converted into RIGview format. Some are grayscale, others black&white. Readme.txt has the file names and a description of each.
voyage.zip1k06-04-22Voyage picture
It is a picture of the Voyage 200
weaponpack.zip1k04-09-21Weapon Pack
These are a very detailed drawings of an m4a1 w/ scope, M9 Beretta, and a Black Bear Classic knife. I made these myself, and they took me several hours to make. They came out VERY nicely. Makes for impressive start-up pictures and they're cool to show to your friends.
weapons2.zip2k01-04-28Weapons 2
This is a nice program, the next in my "Weapons" series, that shows five nice pics of five guns. It's very cool, extremely worth the download.
This is a little program I made that shows pictures of 9 different guns.
This is a pic of the old Hartford Whalers hockey team's logo.
winlogo.zip1k02-03-03Microsoft Windows Logo
The Microsoft Windows flag with logo. If you have the TI Start-Up program, you can use this as your starting screen, impress your friends and claim you have Windows83.
winnietp.zip1k03-06-22Winnie the Pooh
2 pics of Winnie the Pooh!
wwfpics2.zip1k01-12-15WWF Pics II
Here are 4 pics deriving from the WWF. There are 2 Stone Cold pics with him on the turnbuckle, One of the Rock, and one of the WWF logo. As soon as I get more free time I will come up with pics of more WWF Superstars. Enjoy!
wwfpics.zip1k01-02-07WWF Pics
Here are 2 pictures that I created. One is of the WWF's logo and the other is of ring and the Rock in the turnbuckle!! This is definitely worth the download, and more are to come so keep an eye out!!!
xfileslogo.zip1k02-02-16X-Files Logo
This is a perfect duplication of the logo for "The X-Files". It took me almost 3 hours to do it in Paint, and get it to look perfect. I say perfect because I found a real logo and reduced to 64x96 B&W and followed that pattern pixel by pixel.
yankeescalcpictures.zip2k04-12-01Yankees Picture Bundle
a few pictures for the true yankees fan. these pictures run through rigview which is a program that runs in mirageOs. to get it go to the 83 plus assembly graphics programs page and click on mirageOs. rigview does not show up if you search for it so it is a tricky find. these pictures are awesome.
yinyang2.zip1k05-02-03Yin-Yang 2
How many equations does it take to generate a yin-yang symbol. One. If you don't believe me, check out the parametric equation in the equation editor. This is an upgrade of my previous yin-yang generator, which used nine function equations. Note: Unlike my previous program, there is no shading and it takes a while for the graph to be generated.
This was one of my first programs on my TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. It basically generates a Yin-Yang symbol, including shading. Check out the program. You might find something interesting
zeldalogos.zip2k05-10-10OoT and MM Zelda Logos
These are both of the N64 Zelda Logos on Rigview.

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