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Images: Video Game Consoles


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Filename im_consoles.zip (Download)
Title Images: Video Game Consoles
Description Ever wish you could see your favorite video game consoles on your TI-83+? Now you can! Images include PS2, Gamecube, XBox, Playstation 1, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Genesis, NES, SNES, Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Pocket, and the original Gameboy. This update also adds more systems: N-Gage, e-Reader, and Sega Saturn. For each console, there is an image of the actual console, another of their controller, and another of their logo. Better yet, spotting techniques have been used to make these images appear to be in grayscale! Check out the screenshots! There are 45 images total.
Author Andy Kay (andrewrocks2003@yahoo.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus Picture Variables
File Size 22,238 bytes
File Date and Time Tue May 11 05:34:46 2004
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? No



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Archive Contents
Name Size
im_consoles/.DS_Store   15364
im_consoles/DREAM_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/DREAM_controller.8xi   832
im_consoles/DREAM_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/GBASP_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/GBASP_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/GBA_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/GBA_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/GBC_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/GBC_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/GBOY_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/GBOY_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/GBPCKT_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/GBPCKT_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/GCN_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/GCN_controller.8xi   832
im_consoles/GCN_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/GCN_wavebird.8xi   832
im_consoles/GENSIS_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/GENSIS_controller.8xi   832
im_consoles/GENSIS_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/N64_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/N64_controller.8xi   832
im_consoles/N64_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/NES_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/NES_controller.8xi   832
im_consoles/NES_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/NGAGE_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/NGAGE_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/PS1_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/PS1_controller.8xi   832
im_consoles/PS1_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/PS2_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/PS2_controller.8xi   832
im_consoles/PS2_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/SATURN_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/SATURN_controller.8xi   832
im_consoles/SATURN_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/SNES_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/SNES_controller.8xi   832
im_consoles/SNES_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/XBOX_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/XBOX_controller.8xi   832
im_consoles/XBOX_logo.8xi   832
im_consoles/consoleimages.txt   3056
im_consoles/eREADR_console.8xi   832
im_consoles/eREADR_logo.8xi   832

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