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Last updated Sunday, 17 June 2012
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86charmap.zip48k05-03-09File is not rated86 Character Map
This is the ULTIMATE Character Map for the TI-86. Included in zip: an HTML interface with pictures, descriptions, and other information on the TI-86 character map and display. Also, an ASM character map that allows you to select characters and store them to variables. A must have for Assembly programmers and BASIC programmers!
86wav.zip56k98-05-02File is not rated86wav
play waves on your ti 86
adamsong.zip1k04-06-11File is not ratedText Viewer - Adam's Song (Blink 182) Guitar Tab
This is a guitar tabulature of Blink 182's Adam's Song for the TI-86. You must have Text Viewer 1.0 (or higher) by Clement Vasseur to use this file.
ajdnotepad.zip9k99-02-12File is not ratedAJD NotePad v2.00
MemoPad style text editor
ajdntpd3.zip16k01-04-21File is not ratedAJD NotePad v3.00
MemoPad style text editor
all_phps.zip2k99-02-24File is not ratedTest All RC5 Codes with the IR Link v1.3
It s an update of All phps. I have changed a little the name
allsony.zip4k99-02-24File is not ratedTest All Sony Codes with the IR Link
a new program similar to AllPhps
alpha.zip1k99-08-18File is not ratedAlpha
A simple mode 1 interrupt that reworks the Alpha and 2nd keys to work like Caps Lock and Num lock on a computer. Useful when writing Basic programs.
apdint.zip1k99-01-08File is not ratedAuto Power Down Trigger
Triggers the APD when the EE and 7 keys are pressed simultaneously
aprilfools.zip3k98-04-01File is not ratedApril Fool's Day Program
A little program to annoy your friends on April Fool's day. This program will remap the keyboard on the calculator.
asapasm.zip3k98-04-08File is not ratedasapasm 0.9 Beta
asaptoolbera.zip13k05-04-05File is not ratedAsaptool Beta v1.01
This program features over 50 tokens for basic programmers to use in their programs they can use grayscale(Yes, I said it grayscale) draw sprites on the LCD or graphscreen invert the screen play sound delete any type of variable (this is Disabled now) change the font tell the amount of memory a program uses and much more the program is over 6000 bytes, but the program itself is a great payoff for that much memory (fixes OGray so that it doesn't clear the screen) more info in the read me file
asaptoolbeta.zip38k05-05-12File is not ratedAsaptool Beta version 2.01 and a half
Fixes a bug in the program see asaptool.htm
asapxcmd.zip10k00-03-23File is not ratedXCommand v2.0
XCommand installs 14 new commands to the TI-86 mainly for use in BASIC.These commands use the ASAP function to integrate right into the OS.
ascii.zip6k00-03-01File is not ratedASCII Finder v1.2
A program that lets you view all the characters on the 86, and copy them to the undelete buffer.
asmos.zip2k99-01-07File is not ratedasmOS v1.0
run asm programs from the homescreen without the Asm command
asmtohex.zip1k07-03-31File is not ratedASM to HEX - converter
This program converts a TI-86 assembly program to TI-86 editable hex program and takes only 329 bytes of space! Very simple to use.
ate.zip22k05-04-11File is not ratedAdvanced Text Editor v1.02
ATE is an all-purpose text editor designed to replace the built-in TI-BASIC editor. It has such features as word wrap, case-insensitive searching, shortcuts to frequently typed items, auto-indenting, and running basic programs, building asm files, or viewing textview files directly from the editor.
aurora.zip6k97-07-20File is not ratedAurora 0.86
a.zip2k00-03-19File is not ratedA
Password protection for the TI-86
bfti86.zip6k03-09-12File is not ratedBFI
Brainf*** is a Turing complete programming language with just eight instructions. This is yet another brainf*** interpreter, this time for the TI-86. 10 Sept 2003, Revision 0.9.
blank.zip1k98-02-14File is not ratedBlank Screen! v0.05
A simple program to blank your screen if a teacher is coming.
bloat.zip7k98-04-02File is not ratedBloat v0.92
Bloat LZSS compression decompression routines
bolt.zip8k00-01-29File is not ratedBolt86 v0.37beta
A nifty little utility that locks your calc until the right password is entered. In beta stage, but won't crash calc.
bsccmnds.zip3k98-10-13File is not ratedBasic Commands v1.0
Gives a simple description of every command under the PRGM EDIT menu.
bscshell.zip2k98-07-02File is not ratedBASIC Shell 86 v1.0
b.zip1k00-04-11File is not ratedB
YAS loader for the TI
caesar.zip1k02-09-27File is not ratedCaesar Encryption v 2.5
No limitations now!!!
calcgard.zip2k98-05-22File is not ratedCalculator Guardian v3.0
The most compact Password Protection out for the TI86
calcman.zip9k12-06-17File is not ratedCalculator Manager v1.2
Allows renaming of variables, security and updates the Snd85 menu for programs
calcpw.zip1k98-05-10File is not ratedCalculator Password v1.0
Better than Calcgard
calendar.zip4k99-09-26File is not ratedCalendar 86z v2.2
ca.zip6k99-07-30File is not rated1D Cellular Automata Generator
Generates first and second order 1D Cellular Automata on the graph screen.
char86.zip1k03-08-04File is not ratedTI-86 Character Set
A reference to the character set of the TI-86. The smallest one there is at <200 bytes!
charmap.zip1k97-12-19File is not ratedCharmap 1.1
charput.zip4k99-03-24File is not ratedCharput v1.7
charviewer.zip1k01-07-11File is not ratedCharViewer v1.0
CharViewer v1.0 allows you to see the decimal ascii equivalents for each character of the TI86. It is practical if you want to draw characters in asm with "_putmap" or "_putc". This program countains a demo of my text scrolling engine too.
chmasc.zip2k00-03-12File is not ratedChmasc v0.91
Chmasc is a program that will allow you to recover your memory after a crash or reset. This version contains support for ROM versions besides 1.2.
chordcalc2.zip16k04-08-02File is not ratedScale/Chord Calculator 2.7
Shows the notes in a specified chord or scale. The GUI has been much improved since the last released version, and some new features have been added and bugs fixed. Supports major, minor, diminished, pentatonic, and minor pentatonic scales, and major, minor, sus, diminished, augmented, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th chords, as well as combinations (augmented 7th, major 9th, m6add9, dim7sus4add9 ;-) ...). 11 and 13 chords have been added.
chordcalc.zip1k04-04-18File is not ratedScale/Chord Calculator 1.0
Shows the notes in a specified chord or scale
class.zip1k00-01-04File is not ratedClass 2000
Fun, little program that displays "Class of 2000 rules" and waits for a keypress, press the wrong key, it erases your memory.
clearent.zip1k99-12-25File is not ratedClear Entry v1.0
Does the same thing as the command "ClrEnt" except it clears the last entry also.
colmake.zip1k01-01-29File is not ratedColumn Maker
This will aid basic programmers with formatted text ouput to the graph screen.
contraste.zip1k00-01-29File is not ratedContraste
A nice interface to change the contraste.
contrast.zip1k98-11-15File is not ratedContrast v1.1
contrman.zip1k03-06-10File is not ratedContrast Manager v1.1
Hate never knowing exactly what level your screen's contrast needs to be at for that grayscale game? Well, so did I! This program shows the current contrast as a number, and allows you to adjust in single steps.
convmenu.zip1k98-04-04File is not ratedConversion Menu
conv.zip3k98-01-04File is not ratedConv 1.1
Converts string to program
cooltool.zip14k00-06-05File is not ratedCoolTool v1.1
A utility that will continually run and allow you to adjust the contrast, hide the run indicator, and do a quick power down at any time you want! (with the exception of during a select few assembly games) It also saves battery power by reducing the length of the APD (auto power down). This is Version 1.1 - it gives you a bunch of options v1.0 didn't.
covertop.zip6k03-05-11File is not ratedCovert Operation v2.4
Covert operation is a program made mainly for z80 programmers looking to learn how to make programs using Menu86 v1.4, a routine I made earlier this year that draws the 86 basic menus. This program simulates the 86 memory menu. It does all the functions of the menu except resetting the memory. If it did, it would be considered a fake memory clearing program, which this is not. Instead it comes up with a **new error** if you try resetting the memory. If you re looking to write z80 asm programs using the same basic menus that the 86 uses it would be of use to download "Menu86 v1.4" as well, which has another example program of how the routine works.
cspread.zip48k01-06-25File is not ratedCSpread v1.2
A spreadsheet program for the TI-86, with an add-in for Excel which allows it to read and write CSpread spreadsheet files. Now includes support for functions in formulae!
cstmfont.zip16k99-12-25File is not ratedCustom Font v1.0
Allows you to edit and install variable width (graph screen) and fixed (home screen) fonts.
csysman.zip16k03-08-22File is not ratedComplete System Manager
Control every aspect of your calculator, including APD, cursor flash, graph and text save, scrolling, (sqrt) programs, user routines, contrast, run indicator, tolerance, angle units, notation, graph options, user fonts, and more!!! Available in two versions- ~7KB w/shell title and ~3KB compressed. Coming soon will be security features, such as a delete-menu blanking option, password at power-on, and fake memory clear.
ctime.zip5k99-03-18File is not ratedCTime v0.3
Clock with battery meter
cursfont.zip1k97-08-24File is not ratedCursive Font 1.0
changes the font to cursive style
custom.zip1k97-11-21File is not ratedCustom
custsave.zip3k03-03-14File is not ratedCustsave 2.01
Make programs restoring your custom menu.
c.zip1k00-04-09File is not ratedC
Deletes xStat, yStat, fStat, Ans and last entry
dbz_sounds.zip80k05-01-01File is not ratedDragonball Z Sound Clips
Several sound clips formatted for Seklorean OS's sound player.
debug.zip18k01-07-03File is not ratedDebug86
Assembly monitor & disassembler
delatoz.zip1k00-09-14File is not rateddelAtoz
Will delete all 1 letter variables on calc
delfxyv1.0.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedDelFXY
I got tired of looking at fStat, xStat, and yStat. So I made a program to get rid of them! Read the included document for information.
dellists.zip1k99-11-02File is not ratedDelLists
This program trashes all the lists on your calc!
delreals.zip1k99-11-02File is not ratedDelReals
This program trashes all the real variables on your calc! PRETTY FAST
delstat.zip2k98-08-25File is not ratedDelete Stat Variables v2.0
Delete stat variables
delvars.zip36k08-02-28File is not ratedDelVars v 1.0
Are you tired of using seperate programs to delete stat lists, reals, hooks, and one letter variables. This program deletes ALL of the above in mere seconds, and will not delete asm programs or strings.
delwiz86.zip2k98-09-11File is not ratedDelete Wizard 86 v1.0
demo86.zip8k98-01-01File is not ratedTexas Instruments TI-86 Demo Program
destroy.zip1k01-03-02File is not ratedDestroy
Test which registers are destroyed by a call.
dice.zip3k98-02-18File is not ratedDice Roller v1.0
A program that displays two random dice on the screen.
digiset.zip4k99-11-14File is not ratedDigiSet v1.0
Fast and easy setting of decimal precision value for repetitive tasks that involve significant figures and rounding. Changes TI-OS decimal precision when MORE and a number is pressed.
disasm86.zip8k98-10-24File is not ratedDisasm86 v1.0.1
dle.zip10k00-02-26File is not ratedDiamonds Level Editor v2.0
Level editor for Diamonds 2.0
dsound86.zip2k97-10-25File is not ratedDavid's Sound Demo v1.0c
dspatch.zip13k04-08-23File is not ratedDStar Patch for TSP
Patch for Dstar includes ability to edit all graphics, the current level (to a certain extent), and toggle the use of the EXIT key to quit rather than nasty CLEAR.
dump.zip2k98-03-25File is not ratedDump 1.1
view edit regs,ops call ROM
e2bin86.zip10k99-07-17File is not ratedExpander2 TI-86 Driver v2.00
e2modled.zip4k98-07-21File is not ratedExpander II Module Port Example
Shows how to use the Expander II module port on a TI-8X calculator
editlock.zip7k99-12-05File is not ratedEditLock v1.0
Write-protects BASIC programs so other people cannot edit them or insert their name as the author into a program you worked hard on creating.
editors.zip40k08-02-28File is not ratededitors.zip
Two fully working editors for the TI-86. Includes documentation on how to create your own editors.
efont.zip1k00-04-04File is not ratedE-font for Custom Fonts 86
This is another high-tech looking font for Custom Fonts 86.
emblem.zip9k00-12-10File is not ratedEmblem 86 v1.1
A program that allows users to draw a small icon or image on their calculators, then install it as an icon that remains on their calculator screens (in the upper-right corner of the display) until it is again deactivated by this program.
epad86.zip7k99-08-18File is not ratedEditPad86 v0.82 Beta
A small text editor for the 86 that is compatible with Stefano Bonora's TiL text viewer.
fade_mods.zip1k00-03-19File is not ratedFading Modules
These are 2 programs which can be used by BASIC programmers to fade the screen in and out at different speeds.
fakev.zip2k99-12-27File is not ratedFake Virus v1.0
Simply the best fake virus ever created for the TI-86.
fastrun.zip4k03-08-26File is not ratedFastrun 3.1
This program lets you run a program by pressing two keys at the homescreen.
fatfont.zip2k97-09-01File is not ratedFAT Font 86 v1.0
flagtest.zip1k01-03-02File is not ratedFlagTest
Test the status of the flags are changed by a call. You can test both ROM calls and your own.
flash.zip3k00-04-29File is not ratedFlash
A simple program that will inverse the screen every once-in-a-while. The speed is adjustable while it is running and the flash will continue while your calculator is fully functionable until it is run again (turning it off won't do any good). Could be used as a practical joke if you delete the program after running it :)
fonts.zip3k97-09-01File is not ratedTI-86 Fonts
4 Fonts for the 86
fortune.zip5k00-01-29File is not ratedFortune86 v0.2
Displays a random fortune whenever you turn on your calculator.
frogptch.zip6k04-08-23File is not ratedFrogger Patch for TSP
Patches 80% of game sprites, as well as starting lives, starting position on bottom, and also allows you to relocate opening screen titles and text for different layout!
funtools.zip1k05-01-04File is not ratedFun Tools, a zTools rip
Yep, yep, this has been updated after nearly 3 years. It was a low quality zTools rip, but is now optimized for code study.
grade86.zip1k98-05-27File is not ratedGradeFinder86 v1.0
A compact and FAST grade calculation program
grflib86.zip23k00-02-13File is not ratedGraphlib 86
Library for the 86; see readme on how to use this program. Cool because you will save space on your calc (not that you'll need to)
gsl.zip12k98-03-22File is not ratedGray Scale Library 1.0
hexedit.zip6k99-02-24File is not ratedHexedit v3.0
Hexedit version 3.0
hexview.zip20k00-02-08File is not ratedHex Viewer .96
Program allows you to look at variables, RAM pages, and ROM pages. Variable size graphic display, black and white and 4 color grayscale. Able to search through variables for a string of bytes.
hi.zip1k00-04-22File is not ratedHello World v2
This is a better version of my other hello world program it does the same thing
homestck.zip1k00-06-27File is not ratedHome Stack v0.1
A (sqrt) Home program that makes your home screen scroll upward rather than downward.
hookmang.zip2k00-06-12File is not ratedHook Manager v0.5b
This program allows you to view, enable, disable and delete all of the calculators hooks. (I.E. offsets $23 ans $24)
iluvtiff.zip1k98-04-18File is not ratedMessage Book v1.0
message book with password protection
invall.zip5k00-10-29File is not ratedInvert
An interrupt program that will keep your intire screen inversed at all times (even during most asm games). You can also adjust the refresh rate of the screen at any time it's running.
invcycle.zip1k99-08-19File is not ratedInversion Cycle v1.1
A simple mode 1 interrupt that demostrates the speed of the system interrupt by inverting the screen one byte at a time. Fun to play with.
inverse86.zip7k00-02-28File is not ratedGraph Inverse v1.01
Inverses the colours on the graph screen. It can be used for really nice graphics, or effect in a BASIC program. NO association with Assembly; It was written completely in Native HEX.
invert2.zip8k98-02-15File is not ratedInvert
invert3.zip1k01-01-04File is not ratedInvert
A simple program that inverts the screen. Really fast and really small.
invert.zip1k97-10-14File is not ratedInvert
ion86.zip4k00-02-02File is not ratedIon86
This TI-83 Ion emulator allows you to run most programs written for the Ion shell.
ipwizard.zip5k99-11-25File is not ratedIPwizard v1.3
Converts decimal IP numbers to binary and vice-versa; also determines IP class.
ir_phlps.zip5k98-09-09File is not ratedIR Remote Control for PHILIPS v1.2
irremote.zip2k99-02-24File is not ratedIR Remote
a new program for the Ir link
ir_term.zip16k99-02-01File is not ratedIrTerm v3.1
update of Ir term v3.1
jmv.zip7k97-11-16File is not ratedJMemView v2.0a
joltptch.zip14k04-08-23File is not ratedJoltima Patch for TSP
Awesome Joltima patch for your TI-86! The patch introduces the ability to render on the game a COMPLETE GRAPHICS OVERHAUL. Every bit of gfx but the title screen is editable, and a nice touch is that with this patch, you can FULLY ANIMATE any tile you want, even those that weren't previously animated! Create new monster and character gfx, as well as edit all of the text for the menus and talk bubbles in town.
jonsfont.zip1k00-03-13File is not ratedJon's Customs Font's
Jon's Customs Font's for use with Custom Font v1.0
jp.zip11k01-05-31File is not ratedJapanese Input Program
Lets you read/write/take notes in Japanese!
keylinks.zip1k00-03-15File is not ratedKeyLink with Remote Screen Display
Contol another TI-86 over the link cable. This version also lets you see the screen of the remote calc.
keylink.zip1k99-12-05File is not ratedKeyLink
Control one TI-86 from another through the link port.
keyref1.0.zip5k03-04-10File is not ratedMusical Key Reference 1.1
This program provides a quick and easy reference to musical keys. For each key, it shows the relative major or minor key and the key signature. It takes up only 2.02KB on my calc! For anyone who is involved with music, this should be very useful. IF YOU HAVE KEYREF 1.0, UPGRADE TO THIS IMMEDIATELY. THERE WAS SOME INCORRECT INFO IN THAT VERSION, BUT IT'S FIXED HERE.
keyref2.0.zip9k03-10-01File is not ratedMusic Reference 2.0
Finally, as promised, I've rewritten KeyRef. Now besides the key signatures and relative keys, there's music theory info about chords, scales, modes, and more!
killhook.zip1k98-05-08File is not ratedKillHook
KillHook (destroys all hooks)
kshell.zip3k98-04-05File is not ratedKShell
KShell (improved TI program menu)
launcher.zip2k98-08-25File is not ratedLaunch Pad v0.1
Ti 86 Shell Launcher
lcdinter.zip1k98-02-08File is not ratedLCDInter
Interupt turns the LCD display on or off when on is pressed.
library.zip28k00-02-13File is not ratedLibrary Support for the 86
Libraries for the TI-86-to save RAM and make a standardized library support system
lined.zip1k98-02-07File is not ratedLined 0.1 Beta
Draw, erase, or invert lines.
lockdown.zip4k99-12-05File is not ratedLockdown v1.7
Powerful password security for the calculator prevents it from being turned on with incorrect password, and also locks your memory to prevent resets and file deletion.
lock.zip7k01-04-14File is not ratedLock 86 v1.7
A security program that allows you to password protect your calculator. Run the program to turn off your calculator and when you turn it back on you will have to enter your password to get back in.
lowbatt.zip2k00-09-17File is not ratedLow Batt
This is a simple program that will display the low battery message every time you turn on your calculator (a nice practical joke:)
mapdemo.zip3k00-04-07File is not ratedTitle Map Demo with Source
This program could be considered source, but it isn't just a source code. I put the source, and I added the program of the source. This should help anyone that wants to learn game programming. The source explains how to make the tile map, and you can run the program on your calculator so you can see why it is done a certain way. I think this is a must for a new programmer that wants to learn to make games.
medit86.zip3k99-12-11File is not ratedSuper Mario 86 Level Editor v0.8
Graphical level editor for use with Super Mario 86 by Ben Mickle.
memcheck.zip1k98-08-11File is not ratedMem Check v0.5
memgone.zip1k98-09-09File is not ratedMemory Gone
A program that will erase all your memory when you run it.
memsee.zip6k01-03-02File is not ratedMemsee
The ultimate hexadecimal memory viewer! A must for every programmer.
memview.zip3k97-07-27File is not ratedMemview 1.1
Views the memory of the TI-86
mlc.zip209k05-07-01File is not ratedMLC Interpreter 2.7
MLC is an interpreted language developed by Epic Programming Studios as an alternative to BASIC for games. It combines the best features of BASIC (it's very easy to use and the programs can be edited on-calc) and assembly (it's also very fast, and powerful, with features like grayscale, sprites, tilemaps, and scrolling). Best of all, almost any MLC program can be run on any other calculator model which has an MLC interpreter (A Casio AFX interpreter is available, and HP and 83+ versions are coming soon). To get more details, go to www.dysfunction.earthforge.com.
modetogg.zip2k98-08-25File is not ratedMode Toggler v1.0
Mode Toggler Norm Sci Eng
mon86.zip5k04-02-27File is not ratedmon86 - Debug Monitor 2.0
Insert software breakpoints in your code, and view the contents of the registers and memory. All bugs now fixed.
morsecode.zip46k01-04-13File is not ratedMorse Code Key
Displays the Morse Code equivalent for all 26 letters. PDF documentation included.
morse.zip5k03-03-14File is not ratedMorse codes 1.0
Morse code trainer
msepass.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedAAA
AAA isn't a shell it is made to run the shell MSE. There is a passworded and a nonpassworded version of it
music.zip24k01-01-22File is not ratedMusician's Toolbox
This program (when complete) will be a resource for anyone interested in music. From writing to learning...this progrm will have it all.
name86.zip4k98-01-07File is not ratedName Bounce 86
nbtoggle.zip2k98-08-25File is not ratedNumber Base Toggler v1.0
Toggles Number Base w Alpha On
noapd.zip2k03-06-07File is not ratedNoAPD-APD Control
If you have a program that crashes when the APD is activated (it's happened to me), your calc takes over 5 minutes to do a certain operation, or you just want to waste a lot of battery power, you can use this program to disable the APD. It now actually works!
oldtestament.zip24k04-01-02File is not ratedScripture Mastery
Displays the old testament scripture mastery.
on86.zip6k00-09-28File is not ratedOn86 v3.1
On86 prompts for a password every time your TI-86 is turned on, unlike other password programs which need to be running in order for you to shut the calc down. On86 features a customizable password of up to 15 keys, a customizable name, it can be enabled/disabled, and the password will remain even if On86 is deleted.
onpar.zip6k01-08-02File is not ratedOnPar Calculation Entry Assistant
OnPar Calculation Entry Assistant is a tool that eases the entry of complex expressions on the TI-86. It flashes sets of parentheses like many popular programming editors. It also does not allow unbalanced parantheses to be entered. Click the "OnPar.gif" link below to view an animated screenshot.
orzed86.zip14k99-08-18File is not ratedOrzEd86 v0.8 Beta
Orzunoid Level Editor 86 allows you to create and edit external level sets for Orzunoid!
osmessup.zip1k97-09-03File is not ratedFAKE OS MESSUP v1.0
paintpro.zip4k99-11-14File is not ratedPaint Pro 86 v1.0 Beta
Paint Pro is a great program for the 86 that allows you to create grayscale pictures and save them.
parse.zip1k98-05-08File is not ratedParse
Parse (parser hook example)
patch.zip1k98-06-02File is not ratedDown + Left Patch v1.0
pedit.zip1k97-07-20File is not ratedPenguins Level Editor 1.0
persons.zip5k98-01-08File is not ratedPersons 1.02
New bug free and little enchanced version of persons v1.0b
phonebk.zip13k99-12-30File is not ratedPhoneBook v1.0
A simple and easy-to-use phonebook program that stores names and numbers. Export/Import capability for trading name lists.
picview.zip3k98-08-11File is not ratedPicture Viewer v0.5
Views ti 86 86 pictures on calc.
pi.zip2k00-08-21File is not ratedPi2
The second in a series of programs that contain the digits of Pi. New in this version is that more digits have been added, and the junk that sometimes appears does so no more.
planner.zip4k02-05-13File is not ratedMonthly Planner
Monthly planner is a monthly planner (hence the name), which stores data for specific days of the month from January 2002 to December 2099. Today's date can be set, and the data added will be affected by it. If it sounds a little confusing just check out the program.
pointers.zip3k98-04-10File is not ratedCustom Menu Pointers
prgmcust.zip1k98-05-05File is not ratedPrgmCust
PrgmCust (ti-basic menu installer)
prprty86.zip1k98-01-31File is not ratedProperty86 v1.0.2
A program that will display your name upon turning the calculator on.
ptero.zip2k00-03-10File is not ratedPterodactyl Memory Expander
Pterodactyl will give you (as compiled) an extra 15kb of memory. Caution should be used, however, because it is incompatible with many existing ASM programs.
quickoff.zip1k97-12-21File is not ratedQuickOff
rampro.zip1k02-01-16File is not ratedRamPro86 V4.5.1 Final
This is the latest and the best of the 'RamPro' series. This being the final release, (I'm tired of working on it) it has a menu driven interface for ease of use. It also includes a built in disabler program. It takes up only 519 bytes, so if you don't want teachers, friends, ect. messing with your memory, then RamPro86 is the answer! Once installed, Nothing can be deleted without pressing a secret key. (different with every program (: ) And the memory cannot be reset. This includes the ram and the all options. I hope you enjoy my program!
randomletters.zip2k02-04-02File is not ratedRandom Letter Generator 2 (asm)
it's now alot faster and a little smaller...this is using josh gentry's random routine and was inspired by alan wu's keygen program and my friend joseph griffin helped me get the idea too
readasm.zip3k99-01-07File is not ratedReadasm v1.0
Read an assembly program
readfile.zip21k99-04-22File is not ratedReadFile v0.9
Displays text files sent from a computer and stored as strings in the small font.
realripper.zip1k00-05-23File is not ratedReal Variable Ripper
Destroys all Real and Complex number
register.zip6k98-02-19File is not ratedRegister Displaying
rom86.zip1k98-03-17File is not ratedROM Dumper 2.1
rterm86.zip5k97-12-30File is not ratedRTerm v0.4
A program used in conjunction with a 9600 bps modem to allow your calculator to connect to your ISP or BBSs. You can also link to calculators together and use this program as a chat program.
sammcgee.zip4k05-01-01File is not ratedThe Cremation of Sam McGee
This is a small ebook to be read with the Seklorean OS.
scrldemo.zip3k00-11-07File is not ratedScrolling Demo
This is a program i wrote to help teach people how to do smooth scrolling using a tilemap and a buffer
scrnsav1.zip3k00-10-01File is not ratedScreen Saver 1
A fairly cheezy but cool screen saver that triggers itself after 1 minute and allows the calc to power down after 2 more. When you exit the screen saver, the key you press will be executed as if the screen saver never ran (and you will be right back to where you were).
scroll.zip3k99-11-05File is not ratedScrolling Demo v1.0
This is a grayscale scrolling demo that is VERY fast.
sdemo.zip2k98-01-16File is not ratedTI-86 Sprite Demo
secure86.zip5k98-05-26File is not ratedSecure86 v3.0.0
sharkp.zip120k04-08-17File is not ratedShark Patcher v1.2
Ever wanted to edit a games graphics, fixed numbers (such as lives), or general options you couldn't change before? Well now you can with the Shark Patcher! The Shark Patcher is an AWESOME utility to make editing games and such extremely easy to do with a supplied patch file. HOW IT WORKS: game gfx are stored in a few simple bytes, right? Why not edit them? You patch file swaps out your gfx with the game's, and can swap them back at any time, effectively turning the patch on and off. Graphics isn't all it's limited to, though. Enjoy 255 lives, or turn on experimental options in the source code that were "permanently" disabled, such as AUTOFIRE IN GALAXIAN. The possibilities are unlimited! Only from Biobytes!
shut86.zip12k00-01-09File is not ratedShutDown Pro
Turns off a TI-86 immediately, also ends currently running BASIC program without an error.
shutdown.zip2k98-04-19File is not ratedShutdown
sierpasm.zip1k97-08-08File is not ratedSierpinski's Triangle v1.1
sierp.zip1k98-02-15File is not ratedSierpinski Triangle
sketchpd.zip5k98-09-18File is not ratedSketch Pad v0.1
Picture Editor and etc. New, Load, Save, Save As
slide.zip1k98-03-16File is not ratedSlide
slowint.zip1k99-08-19File is not ratedSlow Interrupt
A simple mode 1 interrupt causes the system interrupt to run only one third of the time. Useful for studying ROM routines.
slow.zip1k97-12-20File is not ratedSlow
snap86.zip1k97-12-24File is not ratedSnapShot
Copies snapshot of LCD to picture variable
snddemo.zip3k98-05-11File is not ratedSound Demo v1.0
sprited.zip9k98-05-02File is not ratedMonolyth Sprite Editor v1.0
edits sprites stored in a string
sprite.zip1k99-12-05File is not ratedSprite v1.0
Simple program that lets you move a guy around the screen.
stare.zip2k00-03-15File is not ratedStereogram Engine v2.2
This program will create Magic Eye style images from your graph screen.
startup.zip6k04-09-06File is not ratedStartup
Startup is a program that allows you to choose what you want to run when you turn your TI-86 on, including running a Basic or assembly program, displaying a menu, or displaying a picture with either a 2 or 5 second delay, or until a key is pressed. It can be deleted after it is installed.
strcmds.zip3k98-06-20File is not ratedString Commands
String Commands (enhances string handling)
strprmpt.zip9k98-01-15File is not ratedPrompt for a String
sweet16.zip2k01-05-31File is not ratedSweet16 v1.1
Simple hex editor, coded for stability and speed.
syscheck.zip2k98-08-25File is not ratedSystem Check v0.2
Check system settings
syshack.zip89k04-12-10File is not ratedSystem Hacker 1.7
The ultimate system tool! Allows you to view, edit, and disassemble your memory, as well as the ports and system flags, and has other features, such as a character map, link port communications mode, keycode display, and stack viewer.
sysmon.zip2k98-10-24File is not ratedSystem Monitor v0.1
systman.zip4k98-08-25File is not ratedSystem Manager v0.1
Modify system settings
temp.zip6k98-03-29File is not ratedTemperature Monitor 0.1
Simple prog to read the temp. with LM75
term86.zip3k98-10-18File is not ratedTerm86 v1.0
Telecommunications Software
testint.zip1k97-12-17File is not ratedInterrupt Demo Program
test.zip1k97-08-22File is not ratedTest Program
textedit.zip4k99-10-30File is not ratedTextEdit v0.4
The ultimate text editor, advanced keyboard routine, bold, italic, underline in text vars. Probably contains big ugly bugs right now.
textinv.zip1k00-02-28File is not ratedText Inverse 1.0
Small program that will inverse text. Can be called from a basic program.
textview.zip10k02-02-16File is not ratedText Viewer v1.0
Advanced text viewer.
ti85em.zip8k02-01-01File is not ratedTI85 Emulation Package v1.2
Stand-alone emulators for ZShell, PhatOS, and Usgard. These are based on the emulation code from YAS, but with many small improvements and bug-fixes.
ti86mon.zip20k98-02-19File is not ratedTI86MON 2.0
til.zip44k98-07-29File is not ratedTiL v1.11
A text viewer that features small fonts, bookmarks, scrolling, VAT support, and RAM paging.
timeint.zip2k97-12-21File is not ratedInterrupt Handler Power Saver
toggle.zip1k00-08-26File is not ratedAPD Toggle v1.0
Turns APD On Or Off, Works Great
tokens.zip1k98-02-13File is not ratedTokens
TI 86 Basic Functions
torus.zip7k99-02-02File is not ratedTorus
trigger.zip11k10-09-05File is not ratedRemote Shutter Release Trigger version 0.5
This program is a remote shutter release trigger for cameras that have a remote control jack. Many cameras use a standard 2.5mm stereo port for their remote control jacks, which is the same type of port that TI graphing calculators use as a link port, and this program exploits that fact.
turing.zip10k98-02-28File is not ratedTuring Machine Simulator
unon86.zip1k99-05-08File is not ratedUnOn86
On86 Password Remover.
vatsrch.zip2k01-03-02File is not ratedVatSrch
Example of one way to search the Variable Allocation Table (VAT).
viruchek.zip1k98-03-28File is not ratedVirus Checker 1.0
A virus scanning utility for the TI86 Graphing Calculator
vmanage.zip9k12-06-17File is not ratedVariable Manager v0.99
Variable Manager is a program which modifies some MEM functions to add some cool features. It adds the ability to rename any variable. It also allows you to lock out your delete menu, reset menu and selftest. They all use the same password entered in the delete menu which must be entered before the specific function is run. You can now protect individual variables from accidental deletion. You cannot password protect individual variables though.
walk.zip2k99-02-01File is not ratedWalk da Dogg!
weird.zip1k01-03-02File is not ratedWeird
I think I wrote this. I don't know what it does.
x-cursor.zip1k98-04-04File is not ratedX-Cursor
yugi2.zip2k98-10-05File is not ratedYugi2
Yugi2 Memory Protection
zac.zip17k99-12-23File is not ratedZ80 Assembly Compiler
On-calc assembler, also includes an IDE
zcust.zip2k99-05-03File is not ratedZCust
Custom menu restorer.
zgsprite.zip3k98-05-08File is not ratedZSprite v2.3 with Grayscale
ZSprite with grayscale, sprite indicators, etc.
zip86.zip2k99-11-09File is not ratedZip86 v0.6
Zip86 is an on-calc compressor / decompressor based on Kirk Meyer's Lite86.
zsprite.zip1k05-12-31File is not ratedZSprite v.1.1
ZSprite is an on-calc sprite maker that stores the asm sprite source in a string to be recalled into a program for editing on the go.
ztatuz.zip2k98-10-24File is not ratedZtatuz v0.1
ztools.zip14k02-02-25File is not ratedZTools v.87
ZTools is an assembly program that gives TI-86 BASIC coders extra functions normally only available in assembly.

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