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calorievsheart.zip1k14-08-20File is not ratedcalorievsheart
This program computes the calories burned during exercise if given the average heart rate. Please read the documentation for further information. Enjoy!
bergeys.zip2k12-02-22File is not ratedBergey's Manual
This small, simple program uses the Bergey manual and prompts to help determine the genus of generally pathogenic bacteria. Useful if you are sick and have only a blood culture, microscope, and your calculator.
bodyfatcalc.zip1k12-02-12File is not ratedBody Fat
This program will compute the lean body mass, the body fat weight and the body fat percentage for males and females. Enjoy!
caloricintake.zip1k12-02-12File is not ratedCalorie
This program will produce the minimum caloric intake for a male or female. Enjoy!
hardyweinberglaw.zip1k12-02-08File is not ratedHardy-Weinberg Law
This program will determine the probability of the recessive allele, as well as the probabilities for the AA, Aa and aa zygotes. The user only inputs the probability of the dominant allele. Enjoy!
bmi_86.zip1k11-12-20File is not ratedBody Mass Index
This program will compute the BMI for an individual. Enter in the height in inches and the weight in pounds.
bacversion2.zip1k11-11-05File is not ratedAnother BAC Prgm
This formula for BAC asks that you put in the number of ounces, the percent alcohol (not converted into a decimal), the body weight in pounds and the number of hours drinking. It is a formula found in Lawlor J. text on Auto Math Handbook. Enjoy!
bacjl.zip1k11-11-01File is not ratedBlood Alcohol Conc
This program computs the approximate BAC for an individual. Read the attached file for a description of the values. Enjoy!
meanarterialpressure.zip1k09-10-30File is not ratedMean Arterial Pressure
enter the systolic (highest) and distolic pressure (lowest) pressures observed from one pulse, and calculate the mean arterial pressure
baccalc.zip1k09-09-20File is not ratedBlood Alcohol Calculator
I wrote this in a really boring class last week. Tell it how many drinks you've had, what you weigh, your gender, and how long you've been drinking, and it will give you your BAC. I know it's a very simple program, but it's fairly accurate and very useful!
pulsecalc.zip2k09-03-21File is not ratedPulseCalc v1.0
A pulse calculator for your TI-84. This will only work on the TI-84/+SE calculators, not the TI-83/+/+SE calculators since it requires the built-in timer on the TI-84/+SE.
dnasim.zip1k08-12-13File is not ratedDNA
This is just a simulation of a twisting DNA strand.
cas18.zip2k08-11-30File is not ratedCodon Analysis System
A biology program which transcribes basic (DNA) codons, tells you what amino acid that translates to, and gives the tRNA anti-codon. All within seconds, instead of two minutes looking through a biology book. Enter codons through a simple three-step wizard.
virusspreadovertime.zip1k07-09-08File is not ratedVirus Spread
Calculates the average number of people infected by a virus based up the starting population.
hardyw.zip3k07-05-16File is not ratedHardy-Weinberg Equation Solver
In biology, the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium equation calculates the frequencies of dominant/recessive alleles and genotypes. This program helps to solve the entire equation by entering one known variable.
hydrocarbons.zip1k07-03-30File is not ratedHydrocarbons
This program finds either the formula, given the name, or the name, given the formula, of a hydrocarbon molecule. An example of a hydrocarbon is butane, who is C4 H10. This program can be useful for chemistry as well as biology.
fov.zip1k06-10-08File is not ratedField of View (FOV)
A program that calculates the field of view for your biology class microscopes.
punnetsq.zip15k05-11-06File is not ratedPunnett Square
This program will display a Punnett Square based on the information that you enter.
bmifinder_34.zip1k05-09-26File is not ratedBody Mass Index
I got bored in my health class for school, so I made a program about what we were talking about. Works in Mirage os or like a normal program.
weightcalcplus.zip1k05-09-22File is not ratedWeightCalc Plus
WeightCalc Plus is a calculator-based body mass index (BMI) and ideal body weight finder. Features include: -Official formulas as provided by the U.S. CDC -Supports lbs/kg for weight and in/cm for height -Gives a weight category as defined by the U.S. CDC given your BMI -Calculates ideal body weight, a feature not found in most similar programs -Cleans all used variables upon exit. Version 2.0 includes support for metric units.
rmr.zip1k05-06-01File is not ratedRMR
This is a program used for calculating the minimum required amount of calories you would need for a day. Enter your Weight(W), Height(H), and your Age(A).
bmr.zip1k05-05-01File is not ratedBasal Metabolic Rate
This program prompts you for your W: weight, H: height, and A: age. it then calculates the number of calories your body would need to sustain organs (sans activities).
dna.zip1k04-12-21File is not ratedDNA V1.2
This is an update of DNA v1.1. This new version allows for any number of codons to be entered. It also shows the anticodons.
hootwoods.zip3k04-07-15File is not ratedHoot Woods Sim
This a simple predator-prey simulation with owls and mice that takes place "Hoot Woods." Potentially useful for bio/ecology students.
bmicalc.zip1k04-03-28File is not ratedBody Mass Index Calculator
Determines BMI through age, gender, weight and height
bodymassindex.zip1k03-12-28File is not ratedBody Mass Index Calculator
This calculator calculates your body mass index based on your weight and height, then it displays a message based on what level of healthiness you're at. This is an update of the previous file, which had no screenshots.
heartrate.zip1k03-12-22File is not ratedHeart Rate Info
Tells you information about your heart rate!
bmi.zip1k03-12-17File is not ratedBody Mass Index Calculator
This program is used to find your body mass index. First, input your height, in inches or meters; then input your weight, in pounds or kilograms, and the program will give you your body mass index followed by a rating. See screenshots for more details
bac.zip1k03-12-08File is not ratedBlood Alcohol Calculator v0.7
How much alcohol is in your blood stream after having a few drinks??? Well, with this program you can find out how many you can have before you'll pass out!
bmifinder.zip1k03-08-26File is not ratedBody Mass Index Finder
Finds your Body Mass Index based on your height and weight.
calorie.zip1k03-08-08File is not ratedCalorie Calculator v1.0
This program will tell you how many total calories are in a food item if you input the number of grams of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. It also tells you how many calories come from each source. This file contains programs for both the 83 and 83+.
nutrition.zip1k03-03-14File is not ratedNutrition Calculator
This program will calculate the number and percent of energy calories you are intaking given the grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrates you eat. Very usefull!!!
prosyn.zip1k03-03-12File is not ratedGenetic Code (Protein Synthesis)
A very simple protein synthesis program that's great for high school biology.
dnatornaandaminoacidconve.zip2k03-03-08File is not ratedZDNA 2.0: Deoxyribonucleic Acid to Ribonucleic Acid and Ami
!@ The title explains it all. You input your strand in 3' to 5'order, and it will convert it to Messenger RNA, Transfer RNA, and then to Amino Acids. Use the README file included for the Syntax of the functions. @!
dnatornaencoder.zip14k03-03-07File is not ratedDEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID to mRNA Converter
A new program that takes the DNA strand you input in ATCG form and outputs mRNA! See the readme file included for more info!
mendeleancrosses.zip1k02-09-30File is not ratedMendelean Crosses
This program, intended for those doing or demonstrating Mendelean crosses, allows one to select the parents' genotypes and number of offspring, then to view their numbers and deviation statistics. It's all very self-explanitory if you are familiar with the topic.
death.zip1k02-09-27File is not ratedWhen You Will Die (scientifically)
According to a scientific study (on the average male), this program will calculate how many days you have left to live! Just answer a few simple questions . . .
hardyweinberg.zip1k02-05-12File is not ratedHardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Solver
This program applies the hardy-weinberg equilibrium in any situation when given quanities of total organisms and total number of recessive phenotype using the formula (p^2)+2pq+(q^2)=1. It solves for p,q,p^2,q^2, and 2pq. Easy to use and takes up minimal space.
codon.zip1k02-05-09File is not ratedCodon V1.02
This converts mRNA codons into amino acids. v1.01 fixed a MAJOR bug, it asked for the wrong stuff and gave the wrong answer. This also clarifies that you write in the mRNA (A, U, C and G)
heart.zip1k02-03-21File is not ratedHeart Rate
Tells you what your average, maximun, and minimum heart rate is . . .
hrtbeat.zip1k00-03-29File is not ratedHeartbeat v1.00
Just a simple program that shows a heartbeat monitor, can be used on and 83, I will add more later!
calorie83.zip1k00-03-20File is not ratedCalories Needed
This program calculates the number of calories you need per day dependant on information that you input.

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