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Last updated Tuesday, 6 October 2020
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3dengine.zip23k04-10-09File is not rated3D engine
3D View is the first basic 3D engine ever realeased on TI-89. This program enables you yo view solids in wire frame and hidden surface and to edit them with Likid 3d. Don't wait for a high frame rate since it is written in basic.
3dpyramid.zip6k02-03-28File is not rated3D Pyramid
This is a program demonstrating the use of BASIC to render three dimensional worlds. You begin at the origin, looking directly at an "equilateral" tetrahedron. Perhaps as useful for the sourcecode as well as for fun, this is a great way for people to learn about 3D programming. You can move in any direction, look up and down, and turn sideways. I hope you like it!
7segments.zip2k20-10-06File is not rated7 Segments
View your favorite numbers as if through a seven-segment display. Adjust the finer measurements of your display and print any sequence of valid hexadecimal digits. Relive the glories of alarm clocks, microwaves, scientific calculators, etc. on your TI-89.
8_screen_inverters.zip2k08-02-12File is not rated8 different animated graph screen inverters
These inverter programs all do one thing. They invert the colors on the graph screen. For example, they take all the black pixels and turn them white, and take the white pixels and turn them black. The only difference between them all is that they have different animations. Just try them all.
abc.zip1k02-06-04File is not ratedABC
It is the ABC logo. American Bradcasting Company. Enjoy!
adidas.zip1k02-03-12File is not ratedAdidas
It is the ADIDAS logo. It means All Day I Dream Aabout Sports. I is the best clothing company in the world. Enjoy!
alphalib.zip4k02-03-24File is not ratedAlphalib v1.0 Font- Expander
A program like flib's drawstr. Uses one font and displays the string with it. See readme text on the calculator for information. Comes with two demos. CHECK ME OUT!
ani3d89.zip8k00-10-24File is not rated3D Function Animator
This program allows the user to graph a function in 3D (axes on/off/box, labels on/off, etc. set up BEFOREhand), and then animate it through one full revolution around the X, Y, or Z axis. It stores 60 pictures of the graph as it rotates, then animates them continuously in sequence. The rotating animation can be increased or decreased in speed, stopped, or reversed in direction. It is also possible to take a screenshot of the current animation frame and save it as a separate picture.
animation.zip5k05-03-07File is not ratedanimation
this program creates randomly pics just send ani to your calc and run it,it´s pretty fast
ant.zip1k99-10-02File is not ratedThe Ant
The ant walks on the screen and when it finds a white pixel, it paints it in black and turns left. It does the contrary when it finds a black one.
art.zip8k04-03-03File is not ratedPoint Art Maker
These programs, for the TI-73 -- V200, graphically show many random patterns.
basetch.zip1k00-07-31File is not ratedBasetch 89 v1.0
An Etch-A-Sketch program written in Basic.
basgrey.zip3k99-09-24File is not ratedBASIC GrayScale v1.0
A great grayscale program that allows programmers to create grayscale pictures for basic programs.
bigchar89.zip5k01-12-15File is not ratedBig Characters
A collection of all 255 TI-89 characters in the built-in large font (in picture format and). Use them any way you like. To get these, I wrote a program (using Flib) that drew each character on a blank screen, found the pixels that were turned on, and used the "mkpic" function to create pictures. The pictures are named 'char1' through 'char255'. The screen shot says 'dinner' because that's what I was hungry for at the moment I made it...
binpix.zip4k02-04-15File is not ratedBig Characters
This is a very confusing program... even I'm not sure how it works. It's based off of the exec statements that can clear or fill the entire screen. Try it, you might find some use for it.
bizarre.zip2k02-04-15File is not ratedBizarre Screen Saver
Plain and simple, a screen saver that draws random shapes of random dimensions at random locations on the graph screen.
blackspirals.zip2k01-08-06File is not ratedBlack Spirals
Four different versions of animated black spirals.
blinky89.zip1k02-03-21File is not ratedBlinky Robot Animation v1.0
This program is an animation of a "Blinky" robot. The Blinky robot is a project that students in the advanced Engineering class at my school. Everybody likes the robot, but don't want to pay $7.95 to get one. To solve the problem, I wrote this prog. Enjoy!
blowup.zip11k02-04-15File is not ratedBlow Up Image
Read the README for a complete description.
bounce.zip1k99-12-25File is not ratedBouncing Text
Just a simple demo of boucing the text around the screen.
bouncingballprgm.zip32k07-12-17File is not ratedBouncing Ball
This is my first program that I've submitted to TICalc.org, even though I've been a long-time user of their files. In this program, a ball bounces around the screen, but you have control over whether or not it leaves a trail, what kind of trail, and where it starts! Enjoy!
bowdown.zip2k01-08-06File is not ratedBow Down
an animation of the words "Bow Down to your Master."
box.zip1k02-04-15File is not ratedBox and PixelBox
Programs which draw boxes on the graph screen, using two different methods. Read the readme for a more detailed description.
bubbles.zip1k04-10-10File is not ratedRANDOM BUBBLES
Random bubbles... any another description?? README FIRST !!!
cbs.zip1k02-02-25File is not ratedCBS
The CBS logo! The CBS channel is the best channel on with suvivor, 60 min., CBS Evening News etc. Enjoy.
chaosimagingpackage.zip1k04-02-27File is not ratedChaos Imaging Package
!!IMPORTANT UPDATE!! This update makes the program run about 500 times faster, the differance is like being able to go from Boston to Moscow when befor it would only take you to New York. THE STUFF: The program uses chaos theory to crate structurs that look just like see coral. It works really fast so you can see it grow before your eyes. It includes 2 different programs, that create 2 different kinds of coral.
chdrawv1.0.zip13k01-06-01File is not ratedCHdraw
This gives you full access to all of the built in drawing tools that are not normally available. On top of this you are able to cut, copy, and paste any portion of your pictures wherever you like in three differnet modes. Undo a mistake or create a border to top off your picture, then save it to your calculator. The cursor is specially developed to let you know where you're at whether drawing on a white or black background. If you add flib and flib2 then everything gets even easier with status line messages telling you what step you are on and gives you full access to save and open any picture on your calculator.
chevy.zip1k02-02-25File is not ratedChevy
The CHEVY logo! Like a Rock. Chevy is one of the best car companies! Enjoy.
chicago.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedChicago Bears Logo
The Chicago Bears Helmet logo. It's for all the Chicago Bears fans. Enjoy!
circ2.zip1k04-10-23File is not ratedCircles
Creates a as many random circles as you like in random places on the graph screen. (think bubbles and chew)
circles.zip1k04-10-23File is not ratedCircle effect
Creates a random circle in a random place on the graph screen. It then moves all the way up to the top. Kinda like bubbles in the ocean. Check it out!!
clusters2.zip1k03-11-20File is not ratedClusters 2
Draws random squiggly lines.
clusters.zip1k03-11-19File is not ratedClusters
Draws random squiggly lines that never cross.
continuousfractal.zip1k04-09-09File is not ratedContunous Fractal
Create Fractals on your ti-89! Fractals are little patterns and pictures that are made by computers. See how cool fractals can be generated very easily in basic code. They come out really nice, too. This will create one huge on that kind of keeps going for a while, but you can change the code to make it something different.
cool.zip1k01-06-02File is not ratedCool Screen Saver
A ti89 version of the Mystify Your Mind screensaver (bouncing lines).
cpic.zip11k05-01-28File is not ratedcpic
Cpic vous facilitera la création d'images de 16 par 16 pixels.
crash.zip4k05-09-04File is not ratedCrash Test!
This program simulates a test crash of a vehicle of your choice and at a given velocity! See the ReadMe for further details.
cube3d.zip1k00-08-14File is not ratedCube 3D
Un cube en 3d, très rapide!
custompixeltext.zip5k04-05-19File is not ratedCustom Pixel Text
Does Bold, Striked, Outlined, Underlined, and/or Italicized text on the graph screen!
cyclefun.zip29k04-01-03File is not ratedCycle Function v.1.2
Program that creates pictures to cycle a function with a variable parameter.
dagdraw.zip5k00-10-20File is not ratedDAG Draw
DAG Draw is the ulitimate drawing program for the TI-89. DAG Draw contians Design Mode were draw artwork onto the calculator then save every piont, Load Mode lets you load any drawing that you had saved that way you never lose your artwork, Edit Mode lets the user edit any drawing that they have saved, you can roatate the picture, reverse, shrink, and enlarge up to 4x bigger, and Delete Mode lets you delete any saved drawing with touch of a button, well made two. DAG Draw was design you would use pictures instead lets you use a list format and its all self autmated requiring you the user to just draw the picture so that makes it a good program to either learn or get ideas from. Write what you think is good about it or what needs work. Enjoy DAG
dallas.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedDallas Cowboys
The Dallas Cowboys logo. For all the Dallas Fans.
dance.zip1k03-05-05File is not ratedAAA Man Dances
Sequel to AAA Man Plays Sports!!! Open with zdance/aadance()
dice.zip1k03-11-20File is not ratedDice
Rolls two dice.
dog.zip1k00-04-21File is not ratedDog Wearing Underwear
Yes!! It's a dog wearing underwear in diffused b/w!!
doodler_00.zip4k01-02-21File is not ratedDoodler
An Etch a Sketch program for you calc. Easy to use. Check it out.
doodler.zip5k04-02-27File is not ratedDoodler V1.12
Doodler is a drawing program for pictures from 2x2 to 37x37 pixels. What's new in this release: Fixed another bug where the redo history was not being cleared like it should after a change was made. Doodler now copes better with 3D graph mode (if detected, Doodler changes the graph mode to polar, then sets it back to 3D on exit). (C) 2003, 2004 Enchanted Coders.
dragfrac.zip5k03-03-07File is not ratedDragfrac
A pretty fast "folded dragon fractal" generator. Very easy to use
dragon.zip35k01-06-15File is not ratedDragonball Z Pics
This collection is all of the graphic files I have created for my game DBZ- Sayin Saga Part 1. Most are pretty cool and all are black and white so they can be viewed on all TI-89s.
draw2000.zip16k99-12-25File is not ratedDraw2000
This is a program to make pictures
draw2_51.zip1k00-05-15File is not ratedDraw
a program to move, return, rotate graphisms
draw2.zip5k99-08-09File is not ratedDraw2
Features many tools for drawing pictures on the 89.
draw3.zip2k01-06-01File is not ratedDraw
A program to draw, move, rotate, make symmetry, copy, reverse contrast of a part of picture. English and French versions are included.
drawing68.zip12k06-06-18File is not ratedDrawing 68 v1.10
Drawing 68 allows you to edit sprites in a nice interface.
drawmstr.zip1k00-03-26File is not ratedDraw Master
This is a program that is like etch a sketch, but better :)
draw.zip12k00-07-28File is not ratedDraw Master v4.0
Fully-featured picture editor. The best available! Includes cut, copy, and paste, writing text on screen with custom fonts, saving and loading pictures, and much more! Version 4.0 includes toolbars, more picture management features, a speed increase and numerous bug fixes!
drop.zip1k04-03-07File is not ratedBacteria Randomness
Looks like a growing bacteria. Bacteria that grows VERY fast. Watch it grow.
drw.zip1k01-04-04File is not ratedDraw v1.0
Draw 1.0 will help you make cool drawings on the Ti-89
dtext.zip8k05-07-23File is not rateddtext
This program will draw a string on your 89's graph screen using TI-83+ minitext.
e3d.zip12k03-06-02File is not ratedEngine 3 Dimention
This is a program that uses Sine and Cosine to create a fully rotatable line in 3D space.
edma_110.zip25k02-01-01File is not ratedEdimage
Permet de créer des images avec niveaux de gris, tout en basic.
effects.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedGraphics Effects
Two effects - one useful (clears the screen), one for entertainment (shows an animation).
emag_110.zip25k01-12-16File is not ratededimage
You can make grey levels pictures in basic
empire.zip1k19-12-22File is not ratedEmpire
Experience a 1964 film by Andy Warhol on your calculator.
etch2.zip3k03-12-24File is not ratedEtch-a-Sketch 2.21
A drawing program without the hassle. Everything is in a menu, easy to find, and plenty to do. You can do lines, rectangles, circles, fill them, erase them, and invert them. Save them if you want, or choose froom three different load types. Load a different file if you want. If you quit to the home screen to make calculations, reload and the picture will still be there. Made an error? Just undo. You can even undo the undo!
etch.zip1k00-08-03File is not ratedEtch
This is an etch-a-sketch program. it is my first program and it is useful for drawing pics for your games (trust me it is better than the draw mode on the calc). it includes a save pic option for using the pic in another program enjoy!! : ) bugs, suggestions send to my e-mail
excetch1.zip1k02-09-05File is not ratedEtch-a-Sketch 1.0
This is an etch-a-sketch program. Use direction arrows to move the cursor.
expandingcircle.zip2k01-12-15File is not ratedExpanding Circle
an animation of a slowly expanding circle.
ezfractal.zip5k03-03-07File is not ratedEZ Fractal
Just a program to make fractal. Easy to use.
faceanimation.zip3k01-08-06File is not ratedGoofy Face Animation
-a picture of a goofy face, except it is animated so it looks like it's being drawn by an invisible hand.
fams_viewer4gray.zip505k07-07-01File is not ratedVIEWER (4 gray) / VISOR (4 grises) v2.0
ENGLISH: This program permits to see images or pictures in 4 gray; can be groups or compressed groups. 7 groups ( 41 PICs ) included. Elaborated using Flib 3.2 GLP and pictures made with Picture Editor for Ti89. For TI-89 Titanium and TI-89. ESPAÑOL: Este programa permite ver imágenes o retratos en 4 grises; pueden ser grupos o grupos comprimidos. 7 grupos ( 41 PICs ) incluidos. Elaborado usando Flib 3.2 GLP y los retratos hechos con Picture Editor for Ti89. Para TI-89 Titanium y TI-89.
fireworks.zip1k01-08-06File is not ratedFireworks
This program will display fireworks, in the screen, and is a little touched by widescreen. Its never too late or too early for July 4, and other occasions.
flip.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedMirror
Flips graphscreen vertically or horizontally, inspired by challenge from TI-Dimension
flower.zip1k07-03-30File is not ratedFlower
Draws the flower from the manual. Just Messing Around one day.
fonteditor.zip104k02-11-12File is not ratedTI-89 Font Editor
The TI-89 font editor is the culmination of over 100 hours of coding, refining, and testing. It allows you to create and edit user-defined font files on the calculator itself, as well as use these fonts to draw text on the graph screen.
fun.zip5k00-02-27File is not ratedFun Kaleidoscope
Create dazzling effects on your calculator!
gabeftst.zip12k03-03-15File is not ratedGabe's Flib and Grayscale Test
This is a short but sweet program I made to test out and demonstrate Flib's capabilities along with BASIC grayscale.
game_over.zip1k06-11-20File is not ratedGame Over Bumpers
Nine quirky animated "GAME OVER" bumpers
garfield.zip39k01-01-28File is not ratedGarfield Graphics Package
This is a package of 25 pictures of the famous, comic celebrity Garfield. It includes pictures of all characters from the comic strip including Nermal, Jon, Jon's family, odie, and many others. It also includes a slide show to view the pictures.
gfx.zip4k00-12-10File is not ratedGraphics Studio 89
An awesome TINY program for making pictures in Basic. It uses binary logic,turning pixels on with 0's and 1's instead of coordinates. This is only a demo of what is to come. In the future I hope to make this one of the best graphics programs for the 89.
ghanoi.zip3k09-11-11File is not ratedGraphical Towers of Hanoi
The program displays a graphical solution to the Towers of Hanoi puzzle, for up to seventeen disks.
goodfil.zip1k02-08-04File is not ratedRegion Filling
Here is the program that fills in an enclosed (bounded) region of the screen.
graphics_21.zip15k01-01-06File is not ratedGraphics Pack
A bunch of graphics programs and subroutines for the TI89. Read 'readme.txt' for much, much more information.
graphics.zip2k01-03-26File is not ratedGraphics Package
This program self extracts then gives you a few different programs, such as one to write text on the graphscreen one letter at a time, and another to draw boxes with certian patterns, and more to zip pictures
graph_.zip8k03-03-09File is not ratedDirected/Undirected Graph Drawing Program
These programs draw either directed or undirected graphs, as used in some optimization algorithms (among other things).
graydemo.zip10k05-03-02File is not ratedGrayDemo
Demo of grayscale on AMS in BASIC.
grayscal.zip4k03-04-17File is not ratedGrayscale Library
This set of routines supports 4-bit grayscale drawing on the TI-89 graph screen. The drawing routines are pretty slow, but once an image is drawn, the grayscale is pretty good. Most of the TI-89 "Pxl" graphics commands have been reimplemented with names starting with "gray", but you can also access the grayscale buffers directly. Some generally useful graphics routines are also included. gray1 through gray4 are technically not part of the library; they are sample grayscale programs. Documentation is provided in two TI-89 text files.
g_r_a_y.zip27k03-03-05File is not ratedG_R_A_Y
This program displays 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 17 level grayscale. 7 - level flickers less than the old Doors OS did.
greylib.zip2k99-10-31File is not ratedGreyLib
A utility to help BASIC programmers produce greyscale in their programs.
greyskel.zip21k03-09-01File is not ratedGreyscale/Animation Viewer
THis program views pictures named 'pic1', 'pic2', ...,'picX' really fast to emulate greyscale, or, if enough pics, an animation.
gridpicker.zip3k04-02-27File is not ratedGrid Picker V2.00
Grid Picker provides a graphical way to pick a square from an existing grid or choose the size of a new grid. Also new to this release are support for a user-specified result variable, no custom menu usage, and a smaller program size. (C) 2003, 2004 Enchanted Coders.
gtpack.zip1k01-05-14File is not ratedGran Turismo Pics
This is some images from the Gran Turismo Series I plan to use them in a game i will start on after i complete Windows __
gundam.zip12k00-04-24File is not ratedGundam Pictures
Being a preliminary set of converted photos, this zip includes a few rough pictures from the series Gundam Wing. A link to more info is included in the zip.
hexagons.zip1k20-08-17File is not ratedHexagons
Tessellate your graph screen with hexagons. Tile the plane with 6-sided polygons of a size that you control. Efficiently divide a surface into regions of equal area whilst minimizing perimeter. Also included is pixel art of one of nature's most prolific hexagon users, the bee.
hg.zip10k02-03-08File is not ratedHieroglyph
This program generates a pic that looks like a crumbling scroll with hieroglyphs on it.
hyper.zip1k03-12-22File is not ratedRandom Vertical Lines
This program is a Random Vertical Line Generator, or RVL, as I like to call it. Try to guess what it does.
ico89.zip27k02-09-05File is not ratedIcon Editor v2.0
This program allows you to create icons that can be used in menus created with the TOOLBAR function in TI-BASIC-written programs (an example is given in the ZIP). / Ce programme permet de créer des icônes utilisables dans des menus créés avec l'instruction TOOLBAR dans des programmes écrits en TI-BASIC (un exemple est fourni dans le ZIP).
iconmake89.zip4k00-06-08File is not ratedIcon Maker v2.2
Icon Maker v2.2 by Michael Van Der Kolk, Ported to 89 by Kyle Anderson. I
icons89.zip11k99-12-07File is not ratedIcons89 and Iconmanager v0.1
Icons for use in the toolbars and dialog boxes + editor/viewer.
iconshop.zip12k01-12-15File is not ratedIcon Shop v 2.0
An icon drawer. Featuring invertion of the sreen, quick load function, picture creator and many other features. With the power of Flib, a picture browser had been included in this new update. Now you can quickly browse through the list of already existing pictures and open the with Icon Shop. If you are a serious RPG or any other graphical game designer, amust have.
icons.zip14k01-06-01File is not ratedIcons89
Icons for use in the toolbars and dialog boxes + editor/viewer.
icon.zip3k01-06-06File is not ratedIcon Maker v1.1
An icon maker just like the previous version, but now you can resave images and icons when they are archeved.
idraw.zip3k00-05-31File is not ratedIconDraw v2.0
IconDraw v2.0 is an image editing program perfect for creating icon-sized images used in games, menus, or calculator operating systems. This new version is faster and has more features than ever before!
imagepak.zip40k02-04-15File is not ratedImage Pack
A bunch of cool pictures from God-only-knows-where... Use them as backgrounds, sprites, WHATEVER! Just use them, love them, revere them as gods!
imginvrt.zip1k00-03-26File is not ratedImage Invertor
this program inverts any picture you currently have on your graph screen
inversepic.zip1k03-12-07File is not ratedINVERSE YOUR PICTURE
This program changes a picture to it's oposite, or negative form. All black pixels become white, and white black. It's pretty cool. Is also cool to watch the efect of the changeing pixels as it happens.
invert89.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedGraph Screen Inverter
This package of program, for all TI's, efficiently inverses the screen. Inversing turns black to white and white to black.
invert.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedInvert
Inverts current graph screen
istudio.zip109k03-05-29File is not ratedImage Studio
This program has many features that the Draw menu doesn't. Inversing, Undo, Prompts for every function, AIP system (Almost Idiot Proof), and much more. You can save and load from 9 pictures. Zooming not yet implemented, but it can be done. Change the window settings using Image Studio (another of it's features) and you have a choice of zooming in or out, but it doesn't zoom the picture. Please email any comments to me or send a postcard to: William White 1018 N Maple St. Apt C Murfreesboro, TN, USA 37129
lavalamp.zip2k99-02-28File is not ratedLavaLamp v0.5 Beta
A lavalamp simulation for the TI 89
letter.zip1k02-08-04File is not ratedLeTter
Prints a letter large (?) Try it!
lineeffect.zip1k04-10-23File is not ratedLine effect
Creates random vertical and horizontal lines on the graph screen. If a line appears across or on top of another line, it deletes that line. Check it out!
lines250.zip1k03-12-07File is not rated250 lines
This program makes 250 random lines apear on the calculator screen. Its really cool to watch.
lines.zip1k03-12-07File is not ratedLINES THAT MOVE
This makes lines. As many lines as you want it to make. Random directional lines.
logogrph.zip8k00-03-04File is not ratedA Bundle Of Logos
A bunch of brand-name logos such as Burton, Nike, etc., to be included in the upcoming TI-89program "MathPro".
madlibz.zip6k01-08-06File is not ratedMad Libz V 1.1
Remember MadLibz? Well, they're funny stories. V 1.1 includes 2 stories, title pic, and easier adding on of up to 10 differnet stories.
madpunter.zip81k19-11-15File is not ratedMad Punter
Charlie Brown discovers that his football has been kicked about overnight. Who is this "Mad Punter", and when will they strike again? Join Snoopy, Linus, Lucy and more of the Peanuts gang in these strips from the long-running comic by Charles Schulz.
mad.zip8k00-10-01File is not ratedMad
A war movie , just launch the prgm including to see it.
mag.zip1k02-08-04File is not ratedMagnify
Enlarges a string or picture, and REMOVES JAGGED EDGES!!! Very fun!
makesprite.zip1k13-11-11File is not ratedMakeSprite
This program allows you to create a sprite for the BASIC NewPic command. You move a cursor and draw a sprite, and the program outputs a matrix that can be directly used for NewPic. Any size from 1x1 to 16x16 will work. Please see README.txt for instructions. Also supports inversion of sprites.
maped.zip6k00-09-02File is not ratedMap Editor v2.0
This is a program who allows you to create maps by placing custom objects (mountains,forest, etc.). Updated !
mapper.zip3k04-02-22File is not ratedMapper V2.00
Introducing...Mapper V2.00! Mapper now supports maps that are larger than 1 screen wide by 1 screen tall. Unfortunately, this change broke compatibility with previous versions of Mapper. (C) 2004 Enchanted Coders.
maptiles.zip9k02-04-15File is not ratedMap Tiles
This is a set of programs which will draw various map tiles, which could be used for role playing games or basically anything with a graphical map.
matrix_32.zip1k00-08-14File is not ratedMatrix
Enfin la matrice...
matrix68k.zip5k03-05-29File is not ratedThe Matrix Console
It's the most graphical version I've ever seen/made for a TI, with an Agent counter and a Line counter.
matrix_lib68k.zip5k03-05-29File is not ratedThe Matrix Console (Lib68k)
It's the most graphical version I've ever seen/made for a TI, with an Agent counter and a Line counter. You'll need to d/l lib68k seperately from: http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/286/28615.html for it to work properly.
matrix.zip2k06-01-07File is not ratedMatrix Falling Code Screen Saver
Just another remake of the matrix code but this version uses greek characters. (Titanium Compatable)
mazes.zip3k06-02-17File is not ratedMazes
This is my science fair project. It draws mazes using different algorithms and I've included an algorithm which solves mazes.
mesh3d.zip44k99-08-23File is not ratedMesh3d
Plots parametric 3d surfaces.
minidraw.zip2k04-02-16File is not ratedMiniDraw V1.00
MiniDraw is a bare-bones sprite/icon editor. It supports picture sizes from 2x2 to 37x37. (C) 2004 Enchanted Coders.
misslebay.zip3k01-08-06File is not ratedMissile Bay
Didn't know you can do this with your calculator, huh? Check it out, four versions of well, it kinda looks like missiles being loaded.
mitsubishi.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedMitsubishi Logo
The Mitsubishi logo for all you Mitsubishi car lovers. Enjoy!
morph.zip2k00-11-15File is not ratedMorph v1.10
This proggie tries to create a "text morphing" using a segment-modelisation of the 2 texts. It saves the intermediate pics to have a final animation at the end of the cycle. Ce programme essaye de créer un morphing entre deux textes, à l'aide d'une modélisation par segments. Il enregistre les images intermédiaires pour lire l'animation à la fin du calcul.
motocross.zip182k01-06-01File is not ratedMotoCross_Crash
This movie is of this one FreeStyle MX rider named Rouke, casing a big jump and eating it good. If your not into MotoCross, download it anyway, it's cool to see a long movie on a TI89.
movepic.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedMovePic
Moves given picture around on graph screen
move_the_x.zip6k05-03-02File is not ratedMove The X
This program is a very neat art program. It displays an x and then you move the center of the x around but, the ends of the lines of the x stay in the corners so the x becomes warped. Read the readme for more instructions. Screenshots are in the .zip file.
movetxt.zip1k00-09-17File is not ratedMovetext
A program that will move a user defined phrase around the screen.
musicart.zip3k02-04-15File is not ratedMusic Art
These programs draw musical notes on the graph screen. The 'song' program draws a random 'song' ... assuming of course that these programs are in a folder named 'music'.
mystify.zip1k13-12-19File is not ratedMystify Screensaver
The classic mystify screensaver, for the TI-89.
namatrix.zip1k03-10-31File is not ratednot another matrix code
another file with the good old fashion scrolling numbers
namegph.zip1k00-02-28File is not ratedName Grapher v1.5
Graph your name. Every name is unique.
namescroller.zip2k01-12-15File is not ratedName Scroller
Input a first name and a last name and it will scroll the message "Name is cool" in the program IO screen.
name.zip1k00-02-19File is not ratedName Grapher
Enter your name and it will create a unique picture for every single name.
napalm.zip4k00-10-01File is not ratedNapalm
A war movie , just launch the prgm including to see it.
naruto_fams.zip223k08-08-24File is not ratedNaruto Shippuuden (4 grayscale)
ENGLISH: This are several Naruto Shippuuden pictures or images in four greyscale levels. Elaborated using Flib 3.2 GLP and pictures made with Picture Editor for Ti89. TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 and TI-89 Titanium compatible. ESPAÑOL: Estas son varias imágenes de Naruto Shippuuden en cuatro escalas de gris. Elaborado usando Flib 3.2 GLP y los retratos hechos con Picture Editor for Ti89. Compatible con TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 y TI-89 Titanium.
negpic.zip1k11-02-01File is not ratedNegative Picture
Create the negative of the image on the graph screen.
nyan89.zip2k12-01-08File is not ratedNyan Cat v1.0
This program displays the popular Nyan Cat meme on your TI-89 Titanium. Requires HW2 or Titanium.
nygiants.89i1k01-12-22File is not ratedNY Giants
For all you Giants fans their logo.
nygiants.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedNY Giants
The New York Giants helmet logo. My first graphic I have made.
outline.zip1k02-08-04File is not ratedOutline
Outlines any string of characters.
packers.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedGreen Bay Packers Logo
The Green Bay Packers Helmet logo. The Big G. Enjoy!
paintingtohammeranail.zip1k16-07-22File is not ratedPainting to Hammer a Nail
Experience a 1961 artwork by Yoko Ono on your calculator.
pbarlib.zip1k03-07-04File is not ratedProgress Bar Library V1.10
Provides a way to create and use a simple progress bar in your programs. What's new: Removed AWPBS, made the program smaller and faster, changed the method used to draw the progress bar.
pbar.zip13k03-07-19File is not ratedP-Bar v1.0
A small (Less than 500 bytes), easy to use prgress bar that can be easily implemented into any program. Comes with a sample program to show you how it works. Check out the screen shots below!
pencil_p.zip1k01-04-18File is not ratedPencil Plus v1.0
Ever get tired of that tiny crosshair the TI-89 calls it's pencil. Well here is your answer. This program has all the same funtionality as the Pencil, but it uses two axis, so you can better see where the pixel will be placed. Program also allows you to Clear, Save, and Open Pictures.
picasso89.zip4k00-04-19File is not ratedPicasso 89
This is like Picasso 83, except for the fact that I made it before I made Picasso 83 and that it has a better interface, more options, an ability to create backgrounds, a circle brush option with changing sizes, and a REALLY cool beginning. Also, it is quite fast and has no sudden slowdowns.
picbfuzz.zip132k00-05-09File is not ratedPicBFuzz v1.0 A
PicBFuzz is a handy utilit for encrypting, or 'fuzzing,' pictures. It is in its Alpha stages, so it only has the bare program functionality such as loading the specified picture and saving it. It works with the full screen onyl, though it will load any picture size.
piccode.zip1k11-02-01File is not ratedPicture Code
Generate the code of the image on the graph screen.
pic_edit.zip8k03-08-03File is not ratedPic Editor
This is a simple picture editting program, programmed entirely out of BASIC so there shouldn't be too many errors. This program will simplify the creation of small TI-89 images which you can use in any of your own programs and games.
picinvrt.zip1k01-03-25File is not ratedPicture Inverter
Use to invert your pictures. Great for making unique graphics in your programs.
picmaker.zip1k02-10-23File is not ratedPicMaker
Its a pic/sprite/icon maker. Draw something in the top-left corner of the graph screen, run this program, tell it how many rows and columns you want, and you've got a picture. Feel free to edit it (to make multiple pics or rename), but give me credit.
picpoint.zip54k05-09-01File is not ratedPicturePoint V1.2
A program that will allow lists to be used as the basis for drawing a picture. It is hard to explain here, so I invite you to download it and try it out. Comes with lists for pictures of a Cat, Duck, Bear, and Dinosaur, more coming soon. Please read the documentation included. I suggest reading the *.doc file, if your computer can read it (some mac's can't).
picp.zip1k06-08-13File is not ratedPicture Paster
You know that box thing that allows you to save just a part of a picture on the graph screen? This is meant to work in tandem with that: enter the filename of a picture, and you can move it around the graph screen until it's where you want it. Enter to confirm, esc to cancel.
pics.zip5k03-09-01File is not ratedPictures by Calcsoft Technologies
This is what I do when I get bored.
pictomat.zip1k04-03-29File is not ratedPicture to Matrix Converter
Make a picture into a matrix-format that can be created.
pictool.zip10k00-05-17File is not ratedGrayscale/BW Picture Viewer and Editor
Picture Viewer and Editor for the TI-89 with support for grayscale-4. Now contains a great variety of tools found in regular drawing programs. Supports variable picture sizes, and an easy-to-use cursor. You can draw in five "colors": Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, White, and Inverted. Has seperate keys for each color. Uses standard TI-89 PIC variables. Warns if picture has been modified but not saved. Detailed documentation included.
picturepicker.zip2k03-08-03File is not ratedPicture Picker V1.00
Provides a graphical way of choosing a particular picture from a list of pictures.
pic_utils89.zip4k00-03-01File is not ratedSet of picture utilities
A CookySoft production. Some utils to move pictures, to reduce pictures and to do a symetric of pictures. Can be usefull sometimes.
picview_30.zip9k01-12-15File is not ratedPicture Viewer
A picture viewer powered by Flib. You can brows through your folders, select picture and the program will display it on the screen! Use it anywhere you want: OS, etc. A great tool for quick view of picture variables.
picview_ver1.zip1k04-06-22File is not ratedPICVIEW V1.0 By Dvash Amos
* with you can view pictures as a slide show by only using the scroll keys (up & down) * you can create as much slide shows us you want.
picview.zip6k00-11-07File is not ratedPicView
This is an extremely simple, fullscreen Picture viewer that uses FLib 2.1. Creates a menu of all the pics on your calc and displays a selected pic until a key is pressed.
pixx.zip9k02-03-02File is not ratedPixx Picture Viewer
A program which finds all the pictures on your calculator, and displays them in a full-screen viewer. Press F1 while viewing a picture for help about general controls.
polygon68k.zip1k14-04-28File is not ratedPolygon Maker 68k
This is 68k port of KermM's polygon drawer that is included in his excellent programming book. I only ported the source to 68k Basic.
poly.zip1k99-10-01File is not ratedPoly v1.0
Draws a n-sided polygon.
programs.splashit21.zip1k04-01-24File is not ratedSplash It 2.1 (TI 89)
This is the a remake of the TI-89's Splash It 2.0. This new version has the ability to save and open on your own file name (provided it be 8 characters long). It is good, cool, and I use it once in a while.
programs.splashit.zip1k03-10-05File is not ratedSplash It 2.0
It has been a while since one of my recent uploads, so here is the first. What you've all been waiting for Splash It 2.0 for the TI-89. The TI-83 Plus version will be out soon.It works just the same as Splash It 1.5. It uses pics instead of dialogs and routines. Just turn off the axes and run the program, you will get your splash page. Have fun!
propeller.zip2k01-06-11File is not ratedPropeller
this is the view when one is looking at an airplane propeller from the front
put.zip3k00-01-15File is not ratedPut() v1.03
Displays text on the graphscreen at given coordinates.
pvplus.zip18k00-01-08File is not ratedPic Viewer Plus++
A slideshow program that will display an infinate amounts of pics. Pics must be entered into the piclist.
pxlines.zip2k01-01-06File is not ratedPxLines v1.1
This is a design tool and game at the same time. This is basically kind of an Etch-a-Sketch (R/TM) on the 89. You can create lines and move without creating lines, and even select where to start! It does not take up much memory, so this is a must have. You can create pictures, then (out of the program) save them and use TI-Graph Link to create and print a beautiful picture. This is public domain and has no warranty. By TI-X.
pxlm.zip1k11-02-01File is not ratedMultiple Pixel Change
The TI-89's functions PxlOn, PxlOff, and PxlChg can change only one pixel on the graph screen at a time. Included are three programs that can change multiple pixels at a time.
randcirc.zip1k10-11-13File is not ratedRandom Circles
The calculator generates random circles on the graph screen.
randdot.zip1k10-11-17File is not ratedRandom Dots
The calculator generates random dots on the graph screen.
random.zip35k00-03-29File is not ratedRandom Graphics Generators
Generate graphics randomly on your calculator. Check out the screen shots! These are best when ran for long periods of time.
randpix.zip2k04-08-12File is not ratedRandom Pixel Image Creator
Creates a random pixel image. Press CLEAR to clear the screen while pixelation is in progress. Very Cool.
raycastdemo.zip21k03-09-16File is not ratedRaycasting Demo
This is a program that is half done. I am working on a C version that will be turned into an FPS. This is just a demo of whats to come. It's a 3d rendered real time maze and you can float up/down, and look up/down. Its slow since its in BASIC.
resize.zip1k00-05-11File is not ratedResize
This Program Allows You To Resize Pictures To Any Height And Width You Wish.
roktm.zip2k00-10-01File is not ratedRocket
A war movie
rotex.zip1k02-08-04File is not ratedRoTex
Rotates and enlarges/reduces a string of characters.
rpgdialog.zip11k03-06-27File is not ratedRPG dialog maker
Rpgdialog is a small program made for RPG. It can display in full screen(it uses asm librairy). The innovation is the real time wordwrap engine, you just have to specify the width of the windows and the number max of lines it will display (when reached it wait for a key and continue in a new window).
saintseiya_fams.zip70k06-07-17File is not ratedZodiac Knights (4 gray) / Caballeros del Zodiaco (4 grises)
ENGLISH: These are 5 images of Zodiac Knights in 4 gray, shown with flib aid. TI-89 Titanium compatible. ESPAÑOL: Estas son 5 imagenes de Caballeros del Zodiaco en 4 grises, mostradas con ayuda de flib. Compatible con la TI-89 Titanium.
sconf.zip10k05-01-28File is not ratedSconf
un sconf para la ti-89 para que sconfees sconfasfasdf
screen_inverter.zip1k08-09-15File is not ratedGraph Screen Inverter v4.0
Just send the file to your calculator and run it. Each time you press enter, the program will quickly invert the color of the graph screen. Press ESC to stop the program. On the first run, it will generate a picture file called "blckscrn". It is just a full screen of black and it will use it with the "XorPic" command to invert the picture. This is probably the fastest method I have come up with.
screensvr1.zip11k02-05-12File is not ratedScrnsvr1
Look at the readme file for complete details.
screensvr2.zip10k02-05-12File is not ratedScrnsvr2
Look at the readme file for complete details.
screen.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedScreen
Screen is a screen saver with and apd timer in but it can be cracked by pessing on when the screen saver is runing or pressing esc when the request screen is up any sugestions please email me
scrl.zip1k03-07-23File is not ratedScroll
A program that scrolls pre-programmed text across the screen.
scrnsvr.zip19k09-03-07File is not ratedScreen Savers (plural!)
This file includes two programs - one that has all 16 the screensavers, and one that can launch any of them randomly if you feel like it. This is titanium compatible. Also, sorry about there not being screenshots here, but they're all included in the .zip file, as well as the picture I used for a background.
scroll.zip1k99-05-18File is not ratedScroll
Bottom to top text scroller.
sd.zip14k00-04-04File is not ratedStick Death Movies!
Halarious Movies with somewhat desent animation where stick people basically get blown-up, smashed, shot, anything!
sierpinskitriangle.zip1k06-04-26File is not ratedSierpinski triangle
This program draws sierpinski's triangle.
sketcher.zip6k01-06-01File is not ratedSketcher 2
A full featured drawing program. Fully customizable key layout. Includes many tools, such as inversion tools, and shapes, such as circles and rectangles. In-program save and load, as well as masking.
smalltxt_04.zip1k98-09-13File is not ratedSmallTxt
Displays the 3x5 size character fonts on the graph screen; enter your characters (upperandlower ALPHA, numbers 0-9) and the program will show it on the screen. Works just like a built in function!
smalltxt.zip9k00-03-15File is not ratedSmall Text Output v1.5
This program outputs small characters on the graph screen. It features inversed text, carriage return and supports 253 chars.
smatrix.zip1k01-02-13File is not ratedMatrix Code ScreenSaver
This is a better emulation of the Matrix Code seen in The Matrix.
snowball.zip1k99-06-18File is not ratedSnowball Animation Effect
This program displays an example of the Snowball Animation Effect according to what number you chose to fill the animation and how many repetitions you want.
soap.zip1k06-08-25File rated 7.52Snakes on a Plane
Draws random snakes on the xy-plane. This program takes one argument, n, to indicate how many snakes to draw.
sortvis.zip9k10-07-19File is not ratedSortVis 1.0
A collection of sorting algorithm animations
spiro2.zip1k06-04-22File is not ratedSpiro V2
A program that draws interesting pictures on the TI-89 (Titanium), capable of acting like a spirograph toy, among other things, now with improved graphics and easier spirograph capability.
spiro.zip1k06-03-26File is not ratedSpiro
A program that draws interesting pictures on the TI-89 (Titanium), capable of acting like a spirograph toy, among many other things.
sport.zip1k03-05-05File is not ratedAAA Man Plays Sports
This set of three animations consists of a stick man playing sports while using his head as the ball. Since these are looping animations, press On and then Esc to get out of the program. Open with zdance/aasport()
sprites.zip2k05-09-14File is not ratedSprite Editor
It's less than a week since I first submitted this program but I have made a very nice update. Now there is a border around the drawing feild so you know how much room you really have. Yay! If the readme last time was funky I'm sorry.
spritex.zip3k05-02-11File is not ratedSprite Maker 89 Titanium
Very, very nice little program that allows you to draw a sprite in an area of 15x15 pixels. (Note that it also works on a regular 89. I just like the sound of titanium.) It makes drawing sprites alot easier to do now. The built in pen doesnt allow you to see the other pixels near the cursor but in this program, the cursor is simply just a little pixel so your vision is not affected!! This a must download. It takes up a mere 1312 memory!! Plus, very easy controls. For instructions on how to use, please read the readme. There is alot of information in it needed to operate the program. Screen shot is included.
sprite.zip1k06-07-17File is not ratedSprite Plotter v1.0
This program plots sprites on either the graph screen or full screen. It uses a special method I came up with to plot sprites. 0 turns the pixel off, 1 turns the pixel on, 2 leaves the pixel alone, 3 moves to the next row, and 4 ends the sprite. This is what "X" looks like: "101301031014" Look at the documentation on how to use it. In this current release, it is very slow, so please don't give me bad reviews. :p I'll include screenshots in the next release.
srgraphics.zip8k00-03-31File is not ratedSebastian's Graphics Package
A package of programs for saving, displaying, sliding, fading, and converting graphics. It is entirely written in Basic.
starf.zip2k06-04-22File is not ratedBasic Starfeild
Starfeild, with parallax, written in Basic with no ASM. Fast enough to get the effect.
stars_21.zip1k99-05-18File is not ratedStars
Starford Simulator.
stars.zip2k01-12-15File is not ratedStars
An Random depictions of a starry sky, you can change the background at the push of a button.
star.zip1k99-10-02File is not ratedStar v1.0
Draws a n-pointed stars.
stickd.zip6k00-04-21File is not ratedStick Death!
Wolf Software (c)1999-Over 10 "movies" where stick men die in different ways! Not really a playable game, but fun and entertaining none the less!
stretch.zip9k02-04-15File is not ratedPicture Stretcher & Stretched Picture Viewer
Allows you to stretch a picture to 4x its size, and expand it over a total of 4 pictures so no pixels are excluded.
stuffpic.zip1k03-12-03File is not ratedPicture Stuffer V1.00
A simple compressor/decompressor for pictures of any size. (C) 2003 Enchanted Coders.
supertxt.zip12k00-04-29File is not ratedSuper Cool Text
Super Cool Text is a program that allows you to animate text in several ways. It includes a Super Slope mode, which creates a really neat scrolling animation of the typed text, a Random mode, which randomly and repeatedly displays the text around the screen, a Bouncing mode, which bounces the text around the screen, and a Trailmaker mode, which bounces the text around the screen and leaves diagonal lines where it goes.
surprise.zip1k00-03-19File is not ratedSurprise
No words to explain what you see from this. You must try it! Read the Readme! Very Weird!!
target89.zip1k04-01-08File is not ratedScreensaver 6 - Target
This is the sixth in my Screensaver series for the z80 calculators, now ported to the TI-89. A set of crosshairs moves randomly over the graphscreen until any key is pressed, when it quits instantly to the homescreen.
textin3d.zip1k98-11-21File is not rated3D Text Rotator
Rotates Text in FULL 3D
thematrix.zip3k01-06-01File is not ratedMATRIX
It' the Matrix on your Ti-89(French) J'ai tenté de reproduire l'effet de la matrice du filme "The Matrixe"
tigray.zip1k00-02-28File is not ratedBouncing Gray Picture
Just a simple demo of grayscale pic bouncing around the screen.
ti_picframe.zip2k03-06-02File is not ratedPicture Frame Maker
This program sets a frame around the graph screen. You can choose the width from a range. It can make your pictures have a better appeal. This'll soon be a funtion of Lib68k. It's made for all TI's except the 80 and 81, though possible.
tishape.zip11k07-09-05File is not ratedTI Shape
TI Shape is a vectorial drawing program for TI-89/Ti-89 Titanium. It requires Flib 3.2 by François LEIBER. Features (v0.1b): - Draws vectorial shapes on the screen Next to come : flib export, PIC export, edit/remove shapes, and more!
tiwriter.zip3k03-03-07File is not ratedTi-Writer
A Program that will draw letters on the graph screen in a font that is smaller than the original TI font. This is great for programs with insruction screens and many other great uses!
toolbar.zip221k04-11-07File is not ratedToolBar Icons + v16.1
This usefull to programing with Ti-89, Ti-92+ and Voyage 200 ex.: ToolBar Title calc ..... Title link.... EndTBar (Includes icons, and English and Portuguese documentation). This library contains 134 icons.
triangle.zip5k03-07-17File is not ratedTI Triangle Drawer
Made for every TI, this draws a full screen triangle on the graph.
truegrid86.zip5k03-06-19File is not ratedTrue Grid Drawer
This program is useless... Made for the every TI.
tunnel89.zip7k03-05-31File is not ratedTI Tunnel Drawer
This works like a function on the 89-V200. On the 73-86 you simply input a number, and a tunnel of that depth will be drawn. On the 89-V200 the format looks like this: 'tunnel(x)' where x is the depth you want. This has been made for ALL TI's
underline.zip1k01-06-01File is not ratedUnderline v1.0
Works just like "pxltext" except it draws a line under the text.
usflag.zip2k01-06-11File is not ratedUS Flag
a simple drawing of the American Flag w/ the stars and stripes.
variablefractal.zip1k04-09-09File is not ratedFractals89
This program generates different kinds of fractals on the TI-89 graph screen. Fractals are little patterns and pictures that are created solely by computer algorithms. You can alter the fractals by changeing the inpute variable. Changeing is by as little as .15 will give you and entirly different picture. It's pretty cool really. You can also check out the commands used to create these pictures.
vect2.zip3k02-10-23File is not ratedvectorpics2
A variation on vectorpics that is slower but creates interesting pics.
vect.zip1k02-04-06File is not ratedVectorpics
This is a program that draws pictures on the screen. The program is very simple but the pics are beautiful.
viper.zip12k98-11-21File is not ratedDodge Viper Slide Show
vortex.zip19k03-06-18File is not rated0Vortex
This program is a port of the 86 version. It draws a vortex on the graph screen. There are options which are explained in the readme.
vpoly1.zip5k02-10-25File is not ratedvectorpoly
Connected lines and thier reciprecals rotated around the origin. A progam that draw interesting diesigns.
vrb.zip2k01-08-06File is not ratedVibrating Rubber Band
Well if you wait a little while, it looks like a rubber band vibrating. I was bored, I didn't know what else this looks like...
walk.zip24k98-09-29File is not ratedWalk v1.0
An animation of walking through my house.
water.zip1k02-02-16File is not rated3D Water Effect
Self Explanitory
whitetext.zip9k07-01-27File is not ratedWhite Text
This is a program that highlights a word against a black background at a certain location. You are able to specify the word, row, and column. You can run this at the Home screen or in a program. It will not display an error if there is one, it just wont display anything. It now uses the Try and EndTry commands so it should work on all 68k calcs. Also makes bug fixes from the previous version. See the ReadMe file and the screenshots for more information.
worldmap89.zip16k04-05-18File is not ratedWorldmap89
This is a world map drawing program. You put in the Latitude and Longitude and it outputs a map of your surounding 15degrees. Can be anywhere on the planet. WARNING this program has extremly slow drawing abilities.
yingyang.zip2k05-09-04File is not ratedYing Yang Creator
This Program will create a Ying Yang symbol of any size on the screen. See ReadMe for more details.
zoomer2.0.zip1k04-12-01File is not ratedzoomer 2.0
You can enlarge some section of a picture with this program.
zoomin.zip1k03-06-25File is not ratedZoomin
This program takes a picture and zooms it in twice the original size. Just type zoomin(pixelrow,pixelcol,"picname") Note some pics may take forever
zzz.zip1k04-10-10File is not ratedzzz the crop circles!
I can't show you what it does, just watch it (read the "readme" file first) U'll like it!

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