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Last updated Thursday, 3 March 2011
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Most popular file  The Collector v2.1 with 5,068 downloads.

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20blocks.zip28k01-03-17File is not rated20 Blocks
This version is roughly 96% graphics. This is a math-logics game. There are 20 blocks. Two players take turn picking the blocks until one player has to pick the last block. The trick is: for each turn, you may pick only one to three blocks. The goal is to mathematically force your opponent to pick the last block, so your opponent will lose. Multiple play modes are implemented.
basic.hanoi.zip5k03-03-19File is not ratedTower of Hanoi
This is the classic game of Hanoi...the goal of the game is to get all the disks on one of three posts to the third post...the only porblem is, you can only move one disk at a time, and can't place a large disk on a smaller one! See readme for details on how to play, and check out the screenshots!!
blocksber.zip1k03-10-19File is not ratedThe Last Block: Gold Edition
This is the ultimate edition of the popular game, The Last Block. My new version includes calculator AI (the ability for one player to play against the calculator). Of course, there is also a two player option. Despite of this, the file is actually quite small, only about 3kb. Please download this game and have fun. It is a good tutorial for beginner programmers. I will be working on making an even stronger calculator AI! Refer to the README for more information.
calquest.zip17k00-08-31File is not ratedCalc's Quest
A really fun BrainTeaser game similar to Chip's Challenge which takes place inside a UFO.
collect.zip4k00-05-12File is not ratedThe Collector v2.1
The Collector is a challenging puzzle game. First, place your basket down. Then through a sequence of moves pass the level. Includes 24 challenging levels.
dark.zip2k00-01-16File is not ratedDark v1.0
Try to beat this game, I dare you. A complex puzzle that you must try to beat in as few moves a possible.
dots.zip2k00-01-16File is not ratedDots
You Take Dots From A Pile And Try To Make Your Opponet Take The Last Dot.
hanoi2.zip5k02-04-02File is not ratedTower of Hanoi
This game is classical.You have three posts,and blocks of different size on the post of the left.The Goal is to place all the blocks on the post of the rigth,but you can't place a block above block who is smaller...You can choose the difficulty of the game:when you lunch,place in argument the number of blocks.ex : hanoi(3) -> You will play with 3 blocks.If you won,the program tells you how many times you moved blocks and the times you should play if you do it perfectly...
hanoi.zip5k00-11-09File is not ratedHanoi
This game should keep you busy awhile.
killbot.zip1k06-02-02File is not ratedKillbot v3.0 for TI-89Ti
A port of my classic Killbot game (originally for the TI-83(+)). Doen't have all the features, but I'm working on implememnting them. You can expect all the greatness that was from the 83+ versions and more with the next release of Killbot 3.0
nim2.zip4k00-09-17File is not ratedTisthammerw Nim v2.0
UPDATED – Simple yet fun classic. The object of the game is not to take the last stick. On your turn, you pick one row (only one) and then take as many sticks as you want from that row (but you must take at least one). This video game allows you to play against another person or against the calculator, which features six levels of difficulty. Version 2.0 offers a variety of improvements, particularly the enhanced layout for faster game play.
nim.zip3k99-09-02File is not ratedNim v1.0
peggame.zip6k04-06-25File is not ratedPeg Jumping Game
aka Tricky Triangle. 15 pegs (dots) are arranged into a triangle with 5 pegs on each side. You first remove any one of the 15 pegs and then start jumping the pegs to try to get just one peg left. For an added challenge, try to have the last peg end up in the spot you initially left open.
pegs.zip4k01-01-04File is not ratedPegs
Game of logic where you jump one peg after another until you have one left standing. 44 pegs on board shaped like a cross with the middle left open. a cross
pegtrial12.zip2k03-07-24File is not ratedPeg Trial
The classic Cracker Barrel game of 15-peg jump. Natural controls and addictively easy.
reverse.zip1k04-06-21File is not ratedReverse
A quick game for when you're bored. Arrange the numbers 1-9 in numerical order by reversing the order of the first X amount of numbers.
scrubbot.zip5k11-03-03File is not ratedScrubBot_v2.0
This is a version of the flash game, lightbot. It is a very fun game where you program a robot to go around lighting up tiles (in scrubbot, scrubbing window panes). It is much faster than ScrubBot_v1.0
thirteenstones.zip10k06-08-13File is not rated13 Stones
You start with 13 Stones. Each player picks 1-3 stones. The computer picks first, then you pick. Whoever picks the last stone wins.
unbeatablenim.zip19k03-06-18File is not rated0NIM
Nim is a game where you try to mathematically force the computer to take the last block. This version has 1/2 player support, as well as an option where the computer chooses who goes first so it never loses!

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