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Last updated Monday, 10 October 2016
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Most popular file  RingQuest v4.0 with 4,371 downloads.

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blocksfolder TI-89 BASIC Games (Puzzle/Blocks)
codefolder TI-89 BASIC Games (Puzzle/Code)
lightsoutfolder TI-89 BASIC Games (Puzzle/Lights Out)
mazefolder TI-89 BASIC Games (Puzzle/Maze)
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wordfolder TI-89 BASIC Games (Puzzle/Word)
circpuzz.zip12k01-02-08File is not ratedCircle Puzzle
A simple puzzle game based on circles. Has the complexity of a number guessing game (okay, not really, just joking). It's fun, try it!
findit.zip230k01-08-06File is not ratedFindIt! v1.02
FindIt! est un programme basic utilisant la librairie Flib. Le but du jeu est très simple: il faut localiser sur la carte de France, avec le plus de précision possible, la ville demandée par le programme. Il y a en tout 165 villes présentes dans le jeu. Modifications apportées par la version 1.02: utilisation de la librairie Flib3.04, séparation de Flib et du programme (Flib est maintenant utilisée "comme une librairie", elle doit se trouver dans main), emploie de la touche ESC dans le menu pour quitter le jeu.
hbl.zip52k10-08-29File is not ratedHoles, Blocks and Ladders + Level Editor
Holes, Blocks and Ladders is a game where the goal is to get the key and go to the door. But there are holes and blocks in your way. You have to move the blocks in the holes to be able to walk on. To get on the black platforms you need a ladder which you can move too. Once you are by the door it tells you how long it took for you to finish that level(In the animation it says time:0min0 but thats the fault of the emulator I used). This game includes 8 levels but you can make your own with the including level editor.
madgame.zip1k04-01-27File is not ratedMadGame Infuriator
A retarded game where you must get a circle into a triangle. You press keys to make the circle move where you want it to go...but it does all sorts of crazy stuff. Records time. Since this program was made in the IO screen, it is fast and simple. ENJOY! Guaranteed to infuriate you!
myst89.zip1525k11-06-23File is not ratedMyst 89
Myst for the TI-89! This great adventure game is a point-and-click game. NOTE: Myst 89 is a demo because the whole game would impossibly fit on your calc. But don't worry. There'll be still enough fun in this game even though it's limited to the main island(meaning there are no extra ages) and some other things. Myst is huge and really heavy on files, meaning you'll probably won't be able to have any other files on your calc, but I think it's worth it! I did my best to make the great graphics great on calc. Wait no longer and try it out! Don't forget to read the readme for IMPORTANT installation info and more.
mystuff.dex.zip1k04-05-25File is not ratedDexterity Test
Try to get to the circle in the minimum amount of moves. The catch: at random times, the controls will change directions. (use control pad to control)
ringquest.zip7k00-03-01File is not ratedRingQuest v4.0
RingQuest is a fun puzzle game like DSTAR89. Collect all the rings but watch out for the boogie men! Includes level editor and customizable graphics. Detonate bombs, kill boogiemen, and succeed in your quest!
sidekick.zip2k01-01-04File is not ratedSidekicks
The world is in danger! Water and grass are taking over the planet! The only hope is from the Sidekicks, Bunnytooth, Gumdrop Man, and Mr. Kickster.
timelapse.zip3k16-10-10File is not ratedTime Lapse
Determine the amount of time that has passed between a pair of clocks -- hopefully you are not too used to digital ones. Activate your prefrontal cortex with this game inspired by the Nintendo DS game "Brain Age." The program "Analog Clock" by Flexico serves as the basis for the clocks in this game.

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