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Last updated Monday, 17 February 2020
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Most popular file  Omnicalc v1.26 with 68,829 downloads.

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basicbuilderfolder TI-83/84 Plus Flash Programs (BasicBuilder)
grammer2.zip349k20-02-17File is not ratedGrammer 2.51
This app/shell provides the fast and powerful Grammer 2 programming language! In this update are lots of bugfixes and lots of docs: Grammer 2.51 is here :) I made a lot of graphics-related updates, so now you can use smooth-scrolling tilemaps, archived fonts (except for variable-width Grammer-format fonts), and the Menu( command now works with custom fonts, among other things!
zstart.zip253k14-12-06File rated 8.59zStart v1.3.013
This app truly is the "Swiss army knife" of utility apps for the 84+. zStart runs on every ram clear to setup your calculator environment to do just about anything you want. Features include: Mathprint/Classic, Degrees/Radians, Diagnostic On/Off, fixing lcd (ALCDFIX), setting contrast, running archived programs, editing archived programs, displaying 8 level grayscale picture on startup, running programs on ram clears/startup, custom fonts with an on-calc editor, enabling Axe, shortcut keys to run programs/compile axe programs/recall tokens, enabling omnicalc/catalog help, copy/paste, base conversions, molar mass calculations, 14% speed increase in basic programs, and more! Supports 83+!
tiboy_se.zip358k14-02-15File rated 8.58TI-Boy SE Beta 0.2.04
TI-Boy SE is a Game Boy emulator (no Game Boy Color support) for the TI-83+SE, TI-84+, and TI-84+SE calculators. Do not expect incredible compatibility. This was rewritten from scratch since the Alpha version, specifically to support newer TI-84+/TI-84+SE calculators (which have smaller RAM chips). TI-83+ and TI-Nspire with 84+ keypad are not supported, and never will be. This release includes a sample homebrew game, Adjustris. More information on features and limitations of the emulator are in the readme.
cmdv2.zip189k13-11-30File is not ratedCMDv2 - ClrDraw
Featuring a command prompt user interface, this program has many useful features and program management commands.
axe.zip625k13-11-03File rated 9.25Axe Parser 1.2.2
Axe is a revolutionary new programing language for the TI-83/84 series calculators. It is designed with game creation in mind, but the applications are limitless. It offers an alternative to the restrictions of BASIC but without the complexity of pure Assembly. An Axe program can compile into a no-stub executable or to your favorite shell and therefore does not require any external application to run your program. Keep in mind that although complete and complex games can already be made using the parser, this is in perpetual development and is not complete. Check axe.omnimaga.org for everything Axe!
formulamanager.zip6k13-04-12File is not ratedFormula Manager v0.2
This application allows users to create and store physics formulas on their calculator. Users may solve these stored equations for an unknown variable. This app also includes a vector calculator.
asmdream.zip424k13-03-26File rated 9.67ASMDREAM - the TI-8X+ on-calc assembler - version 1.00
Asmdream is an on-calc assembler for the TI-8X+ calculator series. It reads symbolic content (sources & includes) written directly using the OS built-in program editor. It writes machine code into protected programs in ram. You can think of it as a hybrid between mimas & axe. Don't forget to read asmdream.txt.
usb8x.zip142k13-01-14File is not ratedusb8x
usb8x is a free, open source application for the TI-84 Plus calculators. It combines a low level driver to support the calculator's USB port with a limited selection of device drivers. It is designed with two goals in mind: First, to allow programmers to create external applications/programs that use USB devices without any knowledge of the low-level workings of those devices or the USB port itself. Second, to allow programmers to create additional drivers for other USB hardware not currently supported natively in usb8x.
mimas.zip435k12-12-17File rated 8.73Mimas 0.4
Mimas is an integrated development environment for writing Z80 assembly programs on the calculator (no PC or other tools required.) It supports libraries, multi-pass assembly, separate code/data segments, a compact bytecode source format, an extensive library of built-in constants, and more. This version fixes a number of bugs, and adds some new, optional features in the form of plugins.
calclock3.zip31k12-09-05File is not ratedCalcLock3
Hi, this program is basically a locking utility for the calcs listed above. (Ti-83+/83+SE/84/84+/84+SE) It's NOT breakable by the ON key and uses a 4-KEY password. Allowing for about 4 Million possible passwords. Comes with: 3 apps, so it can't be removed from the RAM, documentation is included :D Have fun! ~Link
nspire8x.zip254k10-02-27File is not ratedNspire8x v0.03.0001
Nspire8x is a TI-84 Plus/Silver Edition Flash application that allows communication with a TI-Nspire or TI-Nspire CAS calculator. It can query device information (such as boot1/boot2 versions, product IDs, free RAM/ROM, etc.), sports a basic file browser, and contains a near-complete implementation of the NavNet link protocol, enabling for file management and OS installation from a connected TI-84 Plus/Silver Edition. It also contains a port of the Ndless PC installer, allowing arbitrary ARM code execution on the connected TI-Nspire/CAS device.
emu8x.zip245k10-01-14File rated 8.73Emu8x v1.10
Emu8x is an 83+ on-calc emulator that provides a complete Z80 emulation environment for running a TI-81, 82, 83, 85, or 86. This allows you, much in the style of Virtual TI for Windows, to emulate one of those four calculators on your 83+ SE/84+/84+ SE. New in version 1.1 is TI-81 emulation and a 20% increase in emulation speed.
bbcbasic.zip873k09-11-27File rated 8.23BBC BASIC (Z80)
This package contains a TI-83+ and TI-84+ version of Richard Russell's Z80 implementation of BBC BASIC. BBC BASIC is a fast, powerful and flexible dialect of BASIC, with support for named re-entrant procedures and functions, inline assembly routines, direct access to hardware ports and memory and a large library of built-in statements and functions. Programs can be edited on the calculator using BBC BASIC's interactive command-line or on your PC using the supplied editor (Windows/.NET) or command-line converter (Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X via Mono). A reference is included by way of documentation along with some sample programs.
menuprot.zip11k09-04-18File is not ratedMenu Protector (yet another one)
This is an app which just protects the mem, prgm and apps menu with a password. I might extend it in the future, but it was mainly written as an exercise with hooks. (it does work, however)
codenote.zip3k08-08-11File is not ratedCode Note
Code Note is an application built to allow you to save, and encrypt, text on your TI Graphing Calculator. It can store up to 112 characters per save file (3 Save Files Total) and can be encrypted with almost any number, even negatives and decimals! The encryption method guarentees all your data to be 94.6% hacker safe!
calcutil.zip170k07-10-11File rated 8.73CalcUtil
This application adds a number of features to the TI-83+ series of graphing calculators, including running MirageOS and Ion programs from the homescreen (without either installed), running programs out of archive, editing programs out of archive, unarchiving and archiving programs within programs, startup program and shortcut keys, log( function can take an optional second parameter for bases other than 10, and it chains with Omnicalc and probably any other app using parser, rawkey, or app change hooks. Version 2.02 has all-new code, and is much more stable than previous releases. Updating is strongly urged. Startup and shortcut key functionality has been put back in. Version 2.021 has a couple of minor bugfixes. Updating from 2.02 is still recommended.
clockhook.zip17k07-09-08File is not ratedClock Hook 2
This is the second version of Clock Hook, but it is very different from the first one. This program makes it possible to customize where you do and where you don't want the date and time to show up. You can also specify what time and date notation you want use. This version also includes a screensaver, a Auto Power Down timer and a time restore function. This application uses the getcsc hook, but it can chain hooks so it will work fine with applications like Omnicalc. This application will only work on a TI-84 plus (SE).
msd8x.zip99k07-01-13File rated 8.76msd8x
msd8x is a TI-84 Plus/SE Flash application which serves as a GUI for the usb8x FAT16 mass storage driver. It allows for importing/exporting of 8x* variables, viewing of 8XI picture files, running MirageOS/Ion programs on-the-fly, file/folder management, text file viewing, and more. Version 0.95 allows for the ability to rename files and folders, on-the-fly MirageOS BASIC program running, more auto-launch support, easier folder navigation, and more.
krolypto.zip135k06-08-13File rated 8.66Krolypto v1.4
Krolypto is a security solution for your TI-83 Plus/Silver Edition. It provides encryption and decryption facilities, using the Blowfish, GOST, and RC6 algorithms. It also provides password protection abilities for the apps menu, the memory menu, and upon startup. Due to export restrictions, you may not download Krolypto if you are from Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, or any other country, organization, or company on the United States Commerce Department's "Denied Parties List." Version 1.4 fixes some bugs in the key entry and startup password entry input routines. My apologies for the grammatical typo in the readme.
encrypto.zip69k06-07-15File rated 8.12Encrypto
App that teaches classical cryptography (with source code)
grouptool.zip13k06-05-09File rated 8.70GroupTool
GroupTool is a TI-83/84 Plus Flash application that will allow you to view the contents of your group variables without ungrouping them first. You can extract any number of variables you like, or you can hide the entire variable so it can only be seen from GroupTool. Version 1.1 fixes a silly bug with Basic programs.
dawg.zip105k06-04-10File rated 8.88DAWG v1.0 - Spell Checker
DAWG is a spell checker and more for your TI-83+ or TI-84+. It also features puzzle solver, anagram maker, and word families. With its more than 40,000 word vocabulary, the application requires 96KB of archive memory.
keyhook.zip170k06-02-07File is not ratedKey Hook Example
This is just a Simple Application that installs a Raw Key Hook, that replaces the [Trace] Key with [Apps] key, the App is easily follow-able and works with Zilog Developer Studio.
xlink.zip5k05-11-26File rated 7.75X-Link v1.1
X-Link is a TI-83/84 Plus Flash application that allows sending and receiving of variables with any model calculator, ranging from the TI-85 to the Voyage 200. The TI-73, 82, 83 and 84 series are not supported because the ability to communicate with them is already built in. Version 1.1 includes many bug fixes and an easter egg.
mind.zip1k05-10-07File rated 5.79MindReader
This program tells someone to think of a number between one and ten. then when they push enter it gives an error message saying no data received.
usb.zip24k05-10-02File rated 6.97USB MSD Driver
This is an alpha version of a USB Mass Storage Device driver for the 84+. You should not expect this to work perfectly nor is it intended for the casual user. Source code is included. At present, writing does not work.
ourworld.zip270k05-08-13File rated 8.87OurWorld v1.0
OurWorld is a virtual globe for your handheld graphing technology. It features a zoomable map of the world, with important political features labeled. OurWorld samples world political boundaries with more than 30,000 points, with extra detail in the United States. There are more than 1,100 labels, including countries, lakes, capitals, and major cities. NOTE: Now contains source code.
klogger.zip46k05-07-17File is not ratedKLogger
KLogger is a TI-83/84 Plus Flash application that logs keypresses and executed programs and applications to appvars which can later be deciphered using an included Windows program. The report that it creates also contains information on whether logging was stopped prematurely by an assembly program or on purpose.
omnicalc.zip242k05-04-20File rated 9.11Omnicalc v1.26
Omnicalc integrates additional functionality into your 83+'s operating system. For example, it adds more functions for BASIC programmers, base conversions, and compressed programs, among other things. This latest version provides bug fixes, including the ability to now transfer and group BASIC programs using Omnicalc functions. Version 1.2 also adds the ability to compress ASM programs. Version 1.26 contains more little bug fixes.
charmap.zip3k05-03-26File is not ratedCharMap v0.1 (pre-release)
This application allows easy access to TI's "hidden" characters, such as accented and Greek characters. Using a hook, these characters are accessable through the Catalog and can be pasted anywhere in the TI-OS. The only applications that this conflicts with is TI's localization apps, so you should not use this with them concurrently. Thus, it should work flawlessly with Omnicalc/Symbolic/MirageOS. Note that this is a pre-release version to show my work over the past day :), so send any ideas/bug reports/etc to me.
backup.zip9k04-11-07File rated 5.98Rom Program Back Up
This application will store any program to an application variable in Rom. It saves wear and tear on the archive and is useful for backing up custom levels that need to also be in Ram. Never lose a program to a calculator crash again! Read the .txt file for more information. If you find bugs please write a review and tell me about it. This is the first program I have submitted to the archives.
shortcut.zip253k04-06-01File is not ratedShortCut v0.7r2
ShortCut allows you to remap the keys on the calculator. What use does this have? If you have a TI Keyboard you've probably noticed that only a few diamond keys do anything. This App adds a LOT of shortcuts to diamond and square key combinations. The source is included, and the remap table is very easy to modify (as long as you can recompile the app; if not, see the Readme). Update: Added hook chaining! Update: Fixed NoteFolio compatibility. Update: Calculator Off key works properly now. Update: Fixed the '1' key not working, I had left some test code in. Whoops.
bowling.zip9k04-05-11File rated 8.32Bowling Scorekeeper v1.0
This program is intended as an alternative to the printouts you get at bowling alleys. You type in the results as they come, and when you're done, you have the possibility to save the scores. Each player has a file of his own, where that player's score gets saved.
units.zip98k04-05-03File rated 8.07Unit Operations
A parserhook-based app that adds symbolic unit manipulation and conversion to TI-BASIC.
omnicalc11m.zip179k04-03-13File rated 7.39Omnicalc v1.1m
I made a version of Omnicalc with clipboard support again. Please note that I just dumped the handlers for the clipboard back into Omnicalc v1.1, so it still has bugs. One of my calculators bugs out and text dissapears sometimes when you are scrolling around, and on the other one it works fine. One is a black 83+ with 1.15 and the other is a silver 83+ with 1.15. The version number is v1.10m (m for modified).
quizace_app_1_08.zip43k04-02-06File is not ratedQuiz Ace V.1.08
quiz ace is an app used for taking random quizes. found it and figured that, since i was bored, i would upload it to see what happens. it allows for the user to create quiz packs and send them to calc for use. comes with sample packs/sources.
calcdos.zip2k03-12-08File is not ratedCalcDOS - An x86 Emulator
CalcDOS is an x86 Emulator designed to run 16-bit DOS programs on the TI-83+/SE calculators.
forecast3.zip128k03-10-28File is not ratedTHE ULTIMATE FORECAST PROGRAM EVER: V3.0
It just keeps getting better. With the release of version 3.0, Forecast has expanded BEYOND meteorology into other subjects in science with its totally interactive Unit Converter. ~Are YOU ready to predict the weather? No? Then try out Forecast's IMPROVED, MORE ACCURATE Unit Converter!
forecast.zip1474k03-10-19File is not ratedForecast 2.4.1 Build 2
While I'm between versions of my fForecast app, I thought I should rebuild version 2.4.1 with multiple enhancements. Future versions WILL contain a BETTER and MORE ACCURATE unit converter with additional functionality!!! (a.k.a. keyhooks)
protect.zip102k03-04-20File is not ratedProtect v1.0
Do you hate it when kids using your calc encounter the ERR:BREAK menu and chose #2 on your unprotected programs; they play with it and wipe out some essential parts of the program. Well, here is their repellent. This app protects selected programs, just follow the instructions like the link GUI. So, here you go
socrates.zip6k03-03-07File rated 4.80Socrates
A program to keep track of your marks, calculate averages, etc. Multiple subjects, multiple categories, multiple average calculation types...
chasm.zip80k03-02-04File is not ratedChasm Assembler v0.77 [ALPHA]
Chasm is an on-calc assembler that supports all official Z80 opcodes except relative addressing (DJNZ and JR.) It does support 16-bit labels. This alpha version is just to demonstrate the compiler, although it is a functional assembler.
rpn.zip4k03-01-01File is not rated RpN III
This application transforms your home screen from algebraic mode to Rpn mode. New in ver. 1.10 Last X key, backspace key.
odometer.zip4k02-09-30File is not ratedOdometer
An odometer for your calculator.
symbolic.zip52k02-05-11File rated 8.61Symbolic v1.8
This application installs new functions onto your calculator. These can be used anywhere in the TI-83+ OS. These functions include a symbolic differentiation and simplification. Great for a lot of math classes.
timer.zip89k02-03-18File rated 8.15Timer
Stopwatch Application for TI83 Plus
qwerty.zip95k02-02-26File rated 8.25QWERTY Text Editor v1.0
QWERTY is a text editor for the TI 83 or TI 83-Plus. The text files created can be sent to a computer and opened as plain text. Also, plain text from a computer can be sent to the calculator. Unlike most text editors for calculator, QWERTY, by flipping the calculator sideways allows one to type using a key configuration similar to a regular keyboard.
prettypt.zip10k02-01-15File rated 8.21PrettyPrint
PRETTYPT is a powerful tool to visualize and edit complex mathematical expressions. It provides useful features like answer-varible import and cut / paste functionality. The application was designed for co-operation with SYMBOLIC by Brandon Sterner.
vcalc.zip5k02-01-01File rated 6.55Virtual Calc v1.1
This new application from Detached Solutions allows TI-83 Plus Silver Edition users to create two virtual calculators on one. Users can switch between them easily and use them like two independent calculators. v1.1 adds support for ROM 1.14 and above.
polydemo.zip6k01-12-16File is not ratedPOLYROOT
polynomial root finder
nifty.zip14k01-09-02File rated 8.54Nifty v1.1
Nify is a reader program for on-calc editable text files. Either archived or unarchived. v1.1 has two bugfixes over v1.0
calcsys.zip41k01-08-21File rated 9.10Calcsys v1.3
A system application w/Hex Editor, Disassembler, Console, Linking, etc.
calendar.zip13k01-08-19File rated 7.87Calendar v1.0
This Calendar Flash Application has innovative features such as the ability to view annual holidays called Special Days, customize which special days you want to view, and even input text information as Notes on specific dates.

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