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zStart v1.3.013


Ranked as 5281 on our all-time top downloads list with 6732 downloads.
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Ranked as 106 on our top rated list with a weighted average of 8.59.

Filename zstart.zip (Download)
Title zStart v1.3.013
Description This app truly is the "Swiss army knife" of utility apps for the 84+. zStart runs on every ram clear to setup your calculator environment to do just about anything you want. Features include: Mathprint/Classic, Degrees/Radians, Diagnostic On/Off, fixing lcd (ALCDFIX), setting contrast, running archived programs, editing archived programs, displaying 8 level grayscale picture on startup, running programs on ram clears/startup, custom fonts with an on-calc editor, enabling Axe, shortcut keys to run programs/compile axe programs/recall tokens, enabling omnicalc/catalog help, copy/paste, base conversions, molar mass calculations, 14% speed increase in basic programs, and more! Supports 83+!
Author Brian Coventry (bcoventry77@gmail.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus Flash Misc. Programs
File Size 259,320 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Dec 6 12:02:39 2014
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Odd Tad
Reviewed on 2021-12-30
Great program but some features cause crashes and I still haven't found out how to set shortcuts no matter how much I look! =(. The image creator is quite hard to figure out and Edit simply doesn't work. DoorsCS is definitely recommended because it will let you open Axe source files! some apps will kick ZStart out of the way so they can run and you have to restart ZStart which is just plain irritating.

All the other reviews were all like "=D THIS APP IS THE BEST AND I FEEL LIKE I CAN FLY NOW!!!" (over-exaggeration), I just wanted to point out some things wrong with it, but this app is truly what its description says and I will continue using for a loooooong time!

I recommend this app definitely though.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
zStart 1.3.013/__Which version do I install.txt   267
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/apps/ctlghelp.8xk   58830
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/apps/omnicalc.8xk   36876
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/fonts/LILFONT.8xp   2128
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/pictures/doubleClickMe.bat   9
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/pictures/level8.exe   152064
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/pictures/lvl8.bat   35
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/pictures/samples/bliss.8xp   2382
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/pictures/samples/gradient.8xp   2382
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/pictures/samples/jaguar.8xp   2382
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/pictures/samples/lambo.8xp   2382
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/pictures/samples/link.8xp   2382
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/pictures/samples/madrivr2.8xp   2382
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/pictures/samples/mariopic.8xp   2382
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/pictures/samples/omnimaga.8xp   2382
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/pictures/samples/test.8xp   2382
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/zChem/zChem.8xk   3468
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/zChem/zChem.txt   938
zStart 1.3.013/Extras/zChem/zChem.z80   9160
zStart 1.3.013/readme.txt   22745
zStart 1.3.013/zhelp.8xp   10724
zStart 1.3.013/zhelplit.8xp   1210
zStart 1.3.013/zstart   37901
zStart 1.3.013/zstart 1.3.013_83.8xk   37297
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/__Which version do I install.txt   267
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/axe.z80   2806
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/catalogHelp.z80   1350
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/chemmass.z80   6507
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/defaults.z80   865
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/editor.z80   27589
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/flash.z80   14666
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/font.z80   11549
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/hardware.z80   2678
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/hexMath.z80   3592
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/homeHooks.z80   21346
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/longTokens.z80   1148
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/menu.z80   4288
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/omnicalc.z80   733
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/pic.z80   9745
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/programEditor.z80   13358
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/ramclear.z80   3933
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/readme.txt   22745
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/runPrograms.z80   22162
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/safeRamClear.z80   1341
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/solverpp.z80   23243
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/util.z80   7798
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/zChem.txt   938
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/zHelp.z80   25577
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/zHelpLit.z80   4116
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/zStart.z80   26316
zStart 1.3.013/zStart/zstaxe.z80   2902
zStart 1.3.013/zstaxe.8xv   368

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