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kernelfolder Voyage 200 Assembly Misc. Programs (Kernel)
agenda.zip1031k04-10-17File rated 7.63Agenda V4.2 Plus
Agenda is an almost complete organizer application suite for TI calculators which support synchronization with MS Outlook! You don't need a PDA, if you have a TI92+ or V200 and install Agenda! New in this version is the added month view in the day planer and customizable shortcuts for any entry type. An Italian translation has also been added.
ams_extender.zip219k10-07-29File rated 7.95AMS Extender
AMS Extender includes a series of very different small features. For instance you can change the scrolling speed, or show a small status icon with the current battery level. The following features are available on all models: *** By default, scrolling is extremly slow. AMS Extender allows to fully customize the scrolling behaviour. *** kbdprgmX normally only work on the home screen. Now they work everywhere. Also, kbdprgm7 up to kbdprmg9 can be used. *** AMS Extender automatically adds two missing brackets on the home screen, if the name of an executable file is entered, and the user presses [ENTER]. *** It is possible to change the blinking speed of the cursor. Not very useful, but why not.. :P *** It's possible to specify an autostart program that is executed whenever the calculator is tunred on. *** Change the value of the APD (Auto Power Down) timer (time until the calculator automatically turns off) *** Turn the calculator off with a single key: [ON]. *** The three editors (program-, text- and matrix-editor can be started with a keyboard shortcut. | Some features are only available on the Voyage 200 and the TI-92+: *** Start kbdfuncX with [diamond]+[F1-F8] (similar to kbdprgms). *** Digital clock in the bottom left corner, with 12h and 24h mode. *** [diamond] + [CLEAR] clears the home screen history *** [diamond] + [a] selects the while entry line (like CTRL+A on a normal computer would). *** Battery level in the bottom left corner. *** QWERTY or QWERTZ keyboard layout. *** Change between RAD and DEG with [diamond] + [*]. | For more information and a complete list of all shortcuts, make sure you read the readme.txt. (avaiable in English and German / verfügbar in Englisch und Deutsch)
binaryfileviewer.zip7k10-10-12File is not ratedBinary File Viewer
Run :binary("filename") and you'll get a layout of the given file, byte by byte. Very helpful for assembly programmers who want to learn file structure.
binary.zip2k06-09-24File is not ratedBinary Generator
This is a simple C random binary generator for TI-89, TI-92, and Voyage 200.
bss.zip24k10-07-19File is not ratedBackup System Settings
This small program allows the user to back up most of the system settings and restore them later. This is especially useful if one resets the calculator often, as developers tend to do. The following settings can be backed up and restored: - Clock (on/off) - Time and date format - All of the twenty settings of the MODE dialog - The maximum number of entries in the home screen history - Contrast - All TSR's written by me (at the moment only AMS Extender) are notified, and will back up their settings as well. The program can also be started with arguments (to be used in a TI-Basic program for instance). For more information make sure you read the readme.txt.
bullet.zip8k02-07-29File is not ratedTI-Bullet Time
TI-Bullet Time is able to slow the TI-89, 92p, and V200 down to about 45% of normal speed! There are actually two programs involved in this process. Neo, which installs the TI-Bullet Time Patch on a game, and TI-Bullet Time itself which slows down the game. Enjoy! :)
chrono68k.zip201k05-03-02File is not ratedChrono68k
Chrono68k is the ultimate time program for the TI89, the TI92plus and the Voyage 200. You can choose between a nice analog clock with real hands and a digital clock with large numbers. Chrono68k has also a stop watch which allows you to stop even 1/10 seconds.
custom_menu.zip23k05-12-28File is not ratedCustom menu creator V1.1.2.1
Create, edit and install your own custom-menu, without messing around with the programm editor. IMPORTANT UPDATE! Read the Readme.txt and the History.txt
ddump033.zip46k03-12-24File is not ratedDDump v0.33
DUMP - Make a dump of a Ti-89/Ti-92+/V200 system and output a summary into a file. DDUMP - Convert a dump image done on a Ti-89/Ti-92+/V200 system to a text file.
ddump040.zip62k04-07-03File is not ratedDDump v0.40
DUMP - Make a dump of a Ti-89/Ti-89 titanium/Ti-92+/V200 system and output a summary into a file. DDUMP - Convert a dump image done on a Ti-89/Ti-89 titanium/Ti-92+/V200 system to a text file. V 0.40 adds compatibility with ti-89 titanium.
easychar.zip114k10-07-25File is not ratedEasyChar
EasyChar replaces the old char menu of the operating system by a clear, nice and customizable, graphical menu. It is possible to set favorites, and the user can add new chars to the list. Additionally, the last used chars are saved. For more information make sure you read the readme.txt.
enigma.zip10k05-03-29File is not ratedEnigma v1.5
This is a code that I made up. Read the readme to find out more.
extfunc.zip68k03-10-19File is not ratedExtFunc 1.7
ExtFunc is an ASM program that lets BASIC programmers access more features. Currently has 33 functions - see readme.txt for more info. Support for FlashApp if you have a developer certificate.
fastkey.zip30k03-03-07File is not ratedFastKey
This is a program to increase the speed of the "rapid fire" on your 89, 92+, or V200, Written in C using TIGCC, see the 89 file page for a screenshot
fflash.zip39k05-04-18File is not ratedFreeFlash - Universal TI68k Operating System Receiver
FreeFlash is a universal Operating System receiver. Use it to install unofficial OS (i.e. not signed by Texas Instruments, for example PedroM). FreeFlash has been designed to be compatible with as many existing TI68k calculator models as possible and to be as independent as it can be of the OS used to run it.
flaphider_v200.zip19k03-03-09File is not ratedFlash Apps Hider
Flash Apps Hider can temporarily hide the Flash Apps installed on your calculator. The OS will not see the hidden Apps. All the memory allocated in RAM to install an App is freed when the App is hidden. Flash Apps Hider allows the use of assembly programs that need a lot of RAM, even when many Flash Apps are installed. The problem of RAM shortage often crops up on TI Voyage 200 whose huge amount of Flash Memory encourages installing many Apps : Flash Apps Hider is the solution.
flashappy.zip4k08-11-30File is not ratedFlashAppy: Flash Apps for the people
FlashAppy is an OS patch for TI-68k calculators which allows the installation of Flash Applications ("Flash Apps") not signed by Texas Instruments. It seems that Texas Instruments doesn't offer anymore Flash Applications signing, so FlashAppy is required by any user who wants to install and use a Flash App released by and independent developer.
getvar.zip2k04-08-24File is not ratedGetVar
Displays the Var-Link screen and waits for the user to select a file, at which point it returns a string containing the filename.
gravedit.zip41k19-01-05File is not ratedGrav Levels Editor
This is the level editor for Grav. Featuring advanced copy/paste and sorting functionnalities.
grbcolct.zip8k11-06-16File is not ratedGarbage Collection
When run, this program prompts the user twice to confirm that he/she wants to force a garbage collection. If the user ever declines, a message is displayed & the program returns how many bytes would have been freed. If the user accepts, the program confirms once again with the OS's built-in user prompt to proceed. If the OS determines that a garbage collection is not necessary, a "failure" message is displayed and the program returns a 0 (zero). If not, a garbage collection is performed and the number of bytes freed is returned as a positive integer.
helpkeys.zip1k04-08-12File is not ratedHelpKeys
Displays the keyboard map
hexview.zip11k09-12-28File is not ratedHex Viewer
Simple hex viewer utility for the Voyage 200, should be bug-free. NOTE: this program is only meant for the Voyage 200, as the TI-89 screen is too small for a hex viewer
hibview01fr.zip115k03-04-15File is not ratedHibView 0.1 fr
HibView est un programme qui est capable de lire tout type de texte a vitesse rapide et gere tous les formats qui sont gérés par TxtRider, il lit aussi les images et les chaines de caractères. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas TxtRider, HibView est principalement un lecteur de texte: il lit des textes tapés normalement sous l'éditeur de la Ti, à la différence près que ce programme est rapide et permet le formatage de texte (souligné, exposant, vecteur,...), l'insertion d'images et des liens hypertextes. La lecture des fichier PIC et STR n'a rien de particulier. La lecture de texte est par contre améliorée par rapport a TxtRider. J'apporte une véritable gestion des exposants (on ne pouvait pas avoir d'exposant de taille 3): ceci m'a permis d'y ajouter les indices #D. J'ai aussi ajouté le format conjugué : #J. Enfin, je permet d'y ajouter des liens hypertextes: il suffit d'inclure le nom d'un texte présent sur la calculatrice dans le texte; un numéro apparaitra lors de l'affichage du texte; ainsi, en saisissant ce numéro, HibView ouvrira le texte mis en lien. HibView supporte aussi les compressions ziplib et Komp: vous pourrez donc compresser vos fichiers avec les outils incorporés et lire de la meme manieres vos fichiers tout en gangnant de la place en mémoire.
hibview01gb.zip114k03-04-15File rated 8.24HibView 0.1 gb
HibView is a program that is enable to read text very fast and can read every formats of Txtrider, it reads the pictures too and strings. For those who don't konw TxtRider, HibView is a text reader: it reads the textes normaly written in the Ti-OS editor, but faster and allow text format as underline, vector, the insertion of picture, pretty-print expression and hypertext link. The read of PIC and STR files has nothing particular. The text reading is improved comparing to TxtRider. HibView have draw in a normal way exposant (we couldn't have exposant of font 3 in TxtRider): with it, there is indice #D. There is the conjugate format too : #J. Finaly, there is a support of hypertext link: you include the name of a text of you calculator in a text; a number will be shown at the drawing of the text; then, you tape the number of the link and HibView will open the linked text. HibView can support the ziplib and Komp compressions : so you can compress your files with the incorporated tools and read compressed files while getting some memory space.
hibview01ita.zip116k03-04-15File is not ratedHibView 0.1 ita
HibView è un programma che serve per visualizzare file di testo molto velocemente, supporta ogni formato di Txtrider, le immagini e le stringhe. Per coloro che non conoscessero TxtRider, HibView è un visualizzatore di testo, cioè può leggere il testo normalmente scritto nell'editor del TI-OS ma in modo molto più veloce e permettendo di utilizzare formattazioni quali sottolineato, vettore, apice e pedice, di inserire delle immagini, delle espressioni Pretty Print e degli hyperlinks. Sebbene la visualizzazione di files .PIC e .STR non abbia nulla di particolare, le possibilità offerte per il testo sono migliori di quelle disponibili in Txtrider. HibView può infatti utilizzare apici col font 3 (dimensione massima) cosa questa non possibile con Txtrider, può usare degli indici (#D) e mostrare dei coniugati (#J) HibView può aprire e gestire files di testo compressi nei popolari formati Ziplib e Komp, in questo modo è possibile conservare il propri files compressi sulla calcolatrice (con un notevole risparmio di memoria) e tuttavia riuscire a visualizzarli senza nessun problema (il programma li decomprimerà automaticamente al caricamento).
hidestatkeys.zip3k05-03-29File is not ratedHideStatKeys
This is just a quick program I whipped up to show how to hide the second/diamond/shift indicators.
hidevar.zip89k03-03-08File rated 8.28Hide-Var
This is a program to "HIDE/UNHIDE" a file or folder in VAR-LINK.
ideditor.zip18k03-05-27File is not ratedID-Editor 1.6
ID-Editor is a little program which allows you to modify databases of Integrated Desktop (from ExtendeD). You can add and delete entries, change the fields of an entry (name, comment and icon). You can also fusion your database with one other.
id.zip107k03-06-01File rated 8.72Integrated Desktop v0.2d for 89/92+/V200 AMS 2.07/2.08
[[[v0.2d - UPDATE : Support for Greg Dietsche's Super Start Flash App added ! ]]] Integrated Desktop is the first shell with icons display integrated to the OS. It allows to use the Desktop of the latest AMS versions as a launcher for ASM, PPG (compressed), TI-BASIC programs and of course Flash Apps. Integrated Desktop can also run an extern text viewer to view text files. With ID you can now organize as you wish your programs and your texts in the Desktop folders, and run or view them by clicking on their icons as if they were real Flash Apps ! ID installs also the same numerical shortcuts as in the APPS menu, to use them even in the Desktop, and support kbdprgms in the Desktop, even PPG and TEXT ones ! An Icon Editor is provided is this package to create your own icons and program descriptions to display on the Desktop. An on-calc editor has also been programmed and is available separately (just below in asm/misc directory).
isl_2.zip43k03-06-10File rated 8.62Incredible Status Line (ISL) 2.1 for ti89, 92+, v200
ISL will show up a small 7 level battery-icon and the current time (24h/12h) in the right corner of the status line (they cover the busy and the battery indicator). Now ISL also speeds up your keyboard (faster scrolling etc.) and has an autostart function (ISL starts any program you want, when you turn on your calculator). The new version of ISL is 30% smaller and will not decrease your computing power. ISL even works when the calculator is turned off. Visit www.ti-files.de for updates and further information!
isl.zip18k03-03-30File is not ratedIncredible Status Line (ISL) 1.31
ISL will show up a small 7 level battery-icon and the current time in the right corner of the status line. You can change between Battery & Clock/Only Clock/Only Battery. ISL supports 12h/24h TimeFormat. The new version of ISL will NOT decrease your computing power of your TI!!! ISL even works if the calculator is turned off. Take a look to the screenshots.
kbdfunc.zip37k03-01-01File is not ratedKbdFunc
[ENGLISH]This program add the shortcuts [<>]+[F1...F8] to your 92+ or v200, and now on all 68k you can set up some lanchers for esyer launch of vars like TEXT... [FRANCAIS]:Ce programme ajoute le raccourci [<>]+[F1...F8] à votre TI 92+ ou v200, et maintant sur toutes les 68k on peut choisir des lanceurs pour faciliter le lancement de certaines variables comme les TEXT
keypass.zip4k02-08-03File is not ratedkeypass
This is the ultimate in password protection. It makes the calc impossible to turn on unless certain keys are being held down
lambdacalculator0.1.zip397k10-11-26File is not ratedLambda Calculator
λ-calculator is a lambda expression evaluator for the TI-89. It is a lot like the Haskell programming language in that it is purely functional, uses lazy evaluation, has similar syntax, and provides a lot of functions straight out of Haskell. However, it lacks static typing, pattern matching, list comprehensions, and all but the simplest syntactic constructs. Although limited at its core, λ-calculator has a lot of bells and whistles. It sports a line editor with history. It implements the IO, list, and function monads (see the README.pdf for examples). It also implements a handful of system functions (e.g. ngetchx, which returns the keyboard code of a pressed key). λ-calculator is free software, released under the MIT license. The source code includes plenty of goodies, mainly a C garbage collector and an AVL tree implementation, that could be very useful in other compilers and interpreters for the TI-68k.
llama.zip12k02-10-12File is not ratedLlama
Based of an egg for Winamp
lovecalcti.zip7k03-10-23File is not ratedLove Calculator TI
This is a TI version of the popular "Love Calculator" found at http://www.lovecalculator.com. This version was adapted/ ported from the Linux/Unix version available on that site. The Linux/Unix version is freeware and includes full source code.The Love Calculator is created by Thijs Kinkhorst & Matthijs Sypkens Smit and can be found at http://www.lovecalculator.com. The Linux/Unix version written by Bartek Kania.
memblock.zip73k10-09-25File is not ratedMemblock
(V 1.0.0) This is a simple program that will block the memory screen on your calculator, keeping people from resetting your calc in the conventional manner. The tsr may be uninstalled if you want to access your memory screen.
memusage.zip29k12-03-22File is not ratedMemory Usage v0.4
This tool shows some nicely formatted information about how you are using the memory (both Flash Archive and RAM) on your 68k calculator. It will work on all 68k calcs: 92+, 89, Titanium, and V200. See the Readme for more information.
menulinks.zip1k04-08-12File is not ratedMenu Links
Three simple programs that link to three major menus. These do not return anything but are probably useful to BASIC programmers who need to provide menu links.
mnplychance.zip8k10-10-15File is not ratedMonopoly Chance Cards
Here is a program for when you lose your monopoly cards, and/or dice. Included is the source code which I'm pretty sure you'll need to edit the source to change the cards. There are currently 15 chance and 17 or so community cards. I made them for my unofficial sugarcane edition monopoly. So it'll have some funny names in there
namegen.zip21k06-10-15File is not ratedNameGen
NameGen generates random, pseudo-science names for inventions, that are often nonsensical and provoke chuckles and laughter. Simply press any key except for ESC to generate a random name.
ngetchx.zip1k04-08-24File is not ratedngetchx
For those of you who have always wanted ngetchx() in BASIC, here it is. Those who know what I'm talking about probably know the difference between this and getKey().
nikkysim.zip171k12-10-16File is not ratedThe Nikky Simulator (NikkySim) v0.10.01
It's a random sentence/sayings generator that tries to mimic you-know-who. Though it mostly spits out patent nonsense, with some luck, perhaps you'll get a funny saying or two from time to time. Disclaimer: Sentences are randomly generated and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the author, Nikky Southerland, or the ticalc.org staff. That is all.
nonogram.zip25k14-09-01File is not ratedNonogram Solver
This program will solve Nonograms (aka Hanjie or Griddlers). You can input any puzzle and it will solve it if it can be solved logically (without guessing or looking for contradictions). It's not very fast but it gets the job done. Check out the screenshots and readme.
off.zip1k04-08-06File is not ratedOff 1.only
Turns off your calculator. This is more optimized, in C, and shorter, than what I've seen
passlock.zip5k03-06-24File is not ratedPassLock v1.2
PassLock secures your V200 from unauthorized access. After being activated, you´ll need to enter your password before using your calc again. Also compatible with TI92+ & TI89 after being recompiled with TIGCC 0.94
passw.zip29k03-11-30File is not ratedPASSWORD_TSR
TSR program that lets you set a password to turn on the calc, no need to turn it off from the program, just do it as you usually do and have see!!!
pc1.zip79k04-05-04File is not ratedPC1 v1.13 GPL
Very fast and simple program, allowing the use of the real and powerful cryptography algorithm PC1 on 89, 92+ and V200, using a 80 bits key.
pcp.zip218k05-11-02File rated 7.56PowerComPress v0.9
PowerComPress is a fast and powerful file compression tool, based on the BriefLZ-algorithm of Joergen Ibsen and featuring a graphical browser based on Advanced Dialogs. You can compress files and folders to nearly unlimited-sized GroupFiles (if they are too large, they will be splitted), view them inside the GroupFiles and decompress them. PowerComPress additionally supports TIOS file actions ((un)archive, delete) and two themes for the browser.
picview.zip127k05-05-26File is not ratedPicView v2.1
Tired of viewing Pics in your Graph? With PicView, you don't have to turn the axes on and off or to deactivate you functions. You can view black&white- pictures, 2 pictures in grayscale mode and new in v2.0 3 pictures with 7 (or 8) shades of gray!! Thanks to Kevin Kofler for the 3-plane-Grayscale-support! Version 2.1 is optimized and nearly 1kByte smaller and released under the GNU Public License.
pwd2.zip10k05-03-07File is not ratedpwd
This is my final version of pwd. Read the instructions in fasmat-pwd.nfo (just open it with notepad).
pwd.zip12k04-05-08File is not ratedpwd
Dieses Programm schützt einen Voyage 200 od. einen TI-92p mit einem Passwort. Für nähere Informationen fasmat-pwd.nfo lesen!
randtext68k.zip4k03-05-29File is not ratedRandom Text Dislpayer
This asks for text to be input, then randomly chooses the font size and color and displays the text. It continues the routine until a key is pressed.
remotecontrol.zip17k04-08-22File is not ratedRemote Control
Hook another calc up to your calc with a link cable. Then, type stuff and watch it appear on the other calc! This program is TI-89 Titanium compatible.
rot13.zip3k05-03-29File is not ratedROT13 v1.3
Does the famous rot13 "code".
secure.zip4k03-05-25File is not ratedSecure
Secure is a password protection program that does more than just lock your calculator with a password. Secure keeps a log of the date, time, and password attempt of failed entry attempts. This log is displayed when the correct password is entered.
sim2chat.zip10k03-04-29File is not ratedSim2Chat v1.2c
Sim2Chat is a chat program which allows the users to write at the same time. It also checks the connection during chatting (also compatible with v200)
sim.zip60k03-06-21File is not ratedSim beta 1c : TI89 <-> TI92+/V200 emulation
[[[Update - beta 1c : improved keyboard emulation. Most of the programs can now be emulated without any problems.]]]] Sim can emulate programs created only for one calculator on the other TI68k model (i.e. programs built only for TI89 can be run on TI92+/V200 with Sim, and vice versa). Sim can also be used to remap the keys of any program, when their configuration does not suit you. Different key configurations can be created and maintained easily with a script typed in a text file in a straightforward format. Only the keyboard emulation has been implemented for the moment, but the screen emulation on TI89 should come soon.
sprites.zip1k05-01-28File is not ratedSprites test
It's just a sprites test,however!
strlen.zip3k05-03-29File is not ratedString Length v1.3
Computes the length of strings in the 4x6 font and helps you center and right-justify them.
sysmanager.zip29k03-11-30File is not ratedsYsManger-TSR- Memory protector
TSR program that protects the memory menu with a password that you choose!!!
sysmanger.zip22k03-11-10File is not ratedSysManager_1.3
Memory statistics, hardaware info, apd, key speed and battery state
thermo.zip2k04-03-17File is not ratedThermo 0.1
It's oncalc thermometer which allows to measure the temperature in the room without any additional devices.
thetrap.zip74k08-03-24File is not ratedTheTrap 0.1beta
This is a TSR Event Hook that simulate a rest all memory (2nd 6 F1 3 Enter) and hide all variables in varlink.
tibench.zip4k02-11-08File is not ratedTI-Benchmark v1.2
Determines the speed at which the CPU is executing instructions on TI-89 TI-92 Plus, and V200 calculators. Full Source Code Included.
ticktest.zip5k07-12-26File is not ratedTicktest 2.00
Test the speed of any program or function. Ticktest returns the execution time with a precision of 0.05 seconds. New: it can run programs in approximate mode too.
ticlock.zip15k03-03-14File is not ratedTIClock 1.1 (Status Bar Clock)
A little TSR Clock which will show up the current time in the right corner of the status line. TIClock supports 24h/12h time format. AMS 2.07/HW2 required. Take a look to the screenshots.
ticonst.zip234k10-07-26File is not ratedticonst
ticonst provides an alternative dialog for constants and units. Normally, this dialog can be reached by [diamond]+[P]. However, this standard dialog isn't user-friendly, and the constants and units are not named. Features *** User-friendly interface *** All constans and units are named (so you actually know what they mean) *** Directly view the values (press [MODE]) *** Fast scrolling without flickering. *** Save last cursor position (optional) | For more information make sure you read the readme.txt. (avaiable in English and German / verfügbar in Englisch und Deutsch)
tictex130final.zip465k04-05-08File is not ratedTICT-Explorer 1.30 Final (All-In-One Distribution)
The TICT-Explorer is a file explorer for the TI-89, TI-92+ and V200. Its features include: NOSTUB program, runs on any and all AMS versions up to 2.08 *** The usual functions like create folder/copy/move/rename/archive/lock etc. *** Execution of exe-packed programs without their launchers *** Support for eBooks, ScottFree Driver Adventures, Quill Files, PIC Variables, TEXT Variables, and PPIC Files *** Shortcut keys for programs and files *** Five-level battery strength indicator *** Crash protection *** Password protection *** Integrated hexeditor for other files *** Info screen (gives many details about your calculator and the selected file or folder) *** One-Key archiving/unarchiving *** supports 6 different languages (english/german/french/italian/spanish/portuguese)
tictexbeta.zip467k02-11-11File rated 8.26TICT-Explorer 1.30 BETA 9 (All-In-One Distribution)
The TICT-Explorer is a file explorer for the TI-89, TI-92+ and V200. Its features include: NOSTUB program, runs on any and all AMS versions up to 2.08 *** The usual functions like create folder/copy/move/rename/archive/lock etc. *** Execution of exe-packed programs without their launchers *** Support for eBooks, ScottFree Driver Adventures, Quill Files, PIC Variables, TEXT Variables, and PPIC Files *** Shortcut keys for programs and files *** Five-level battery strength indicator *** Crash protection *** Password protection *** Integrated hexeditor for other files *** Info screen (gives many details about your calculator and the selected file or folder) *** One-Key archiving/unarchiving *** supports 6 different languages (english/german/french/italian/spanish/portuguese)
timer.zip1k09-06-08File is not ratedTimer
A timer to count the time.
tsrpass.zip145k11-01-13File is not ratedtsrPass 1.2
tsrPass automatically locks your calculator during when it is shut off. Different methods on power-off may be either locked or not via the settings. Also, tsrPass can lock your memory screen, to prevent unwanted users from accessing your data. It can also change your APD time and cursor blink rate. tsrCalc throws CM_ON if it locks using 2ND-ON, so it should also be compatible with other startup tsrs. Of course, hopefully more useful tsr programs will be included here in the future, so only one tsr is needed. (APD feature is the beginning of that.) v1.2 adds a few bug fixes.
undelete.zip41k09-07-01File is not ratedFlash Archive Undelete v0.01.01
If you've ever accidentally deleted or overwritten a variable that was archived, or unarchived it in order to edit it but then lost it in a crash, this program is for you. It searches the Flash archive for files that are due to be erased on the next garbage collection and allows you to recover them. As long as you take action before the next garbage collection occurs, the chance of recovery should be 100%. If you frequently unarchive, modify, and then archive a particular variable, you can also use it to restore an older version of the variable in case of a major goof-up or corruption of the current copy. Supports TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92 Plus, or Voyage 200 with AMS 2.00 or higher (HW version should not matter). *** (This version is a quick fix to a stupid infinite message box loop that occurs if there are no deleted variables in the Archive. I highly recommend upgrading to this version if you're currently using v0.01.00.)
usertextwindows.zip236k04-09-27File rated 8.08User Text Windows 68K v0.90b
UserTextWindow v0.90 Beta 1. Are you tired of slow unformatted text on you 68K calc? UserTextWindow creates user defined fast scrollable text windows with word wrapping. Please do not rate this file as it is only a beta version.
uview.zip108k03-12-18File rated 6.48uView 1.0
uView is a text viewer that's similar to TextRider and uses the same basic syntax, but it features greatly enhanced compression, rock-solid stability, an integrated browser to quickly find texts, and a powerful search engine that allows you to search for a specific phrase by looking *inside* all your text files, even compressed ones!
v200exep.zip13k03-03-04File is not ratedVoyage 200 Executables Patcher
Many nostub programs written before the TI-Voyage 200 official release, and which work on both TI-89 and TI-92+ (the executable detecting the calculator), detect a TI-89 when run on a V200. Since the TI-92+ and the V200 have the same screen size and the same keyboard, these programs are usable on a V200 only when they detect that the calculator used is a TI-92+. V200 Executables Patcher can patch these programs which detect wrongly the calculator.
world_map.zip49k03-08-24File is not ratedWorld Map v 0.7 for ti89,92+,v200
You can scroll the worldmap,and see where a country is...Press APPS,select your country and press enter,the cursor will indicate the capital's location.By pressing ENTER you can access informations : capital's name , population , area and GNP . This version mainly adds fast country selection with alpha' keys. [ source code available in asm/source section ]
xpak.zip27k03-12-18File rated 7.36XPak 1.0
XPak is a powerful file compressor, that works directly on your calculator - just like ZipLib -, but which is nearly as powerful as the award-winning TTPack! What's more, decompression is several times faster than TTPack. A must have!
xpand.zip3k05-08-21File rated 8.35Xpand: V200 Archive Memory Expander
[[[v0.2b: updated for AMS 3.10]]] Xpand is an OS patch to use as Archive Memory 1728kb (~1.69Mb) of FlashROM reserved for Flash Apps. 2688kb (~2.62Mb) of Archive Memory will be usable after the patch. (Remove 64kb from these figures for AMS 3.01, and 128kb for AMS 3.10 and higher).

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