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The Nikky Simulator (NikkySim) v0.10.01


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Filename nikkysim.zip (Download)
Title The Nikky Simulator (NikkySim) v0.10.01
Description It's a random sentence/sayings generator that tries to mimic you-know-who. Though it mostly spits out patent nonsense, with some luck, perhaps you'll get a funny saying or two from time to time. Disclaimer: Sentences are randomly generated and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the author, Nikky Southerland, or the ticalc.org staff. That is all.
Author Travis Evans (travise@ticalc.org)
Category TI-89 Assembly Misc. Programs
File Size 175,844 bytes
File Date and Time Tue Oct 16 19:14:08 2012
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Stefan Bauwens
Reviewed on 2012-10-17
This review is written for v0.00.00

This is the only sentence generator that I know off(besides chatbot responses, but they're ripped off of your responses and make most of the time no sense) so it's hard to compare to other programs.

To be honest about this program, a lot of sentences make no sense either, but still can be amusing.

I have smiled on several occasions after pressing the rand button and therefore I find it a fun program. It's a program you can run again and again because there appears to be no limit to the different sentences it can generate.

There's a bookmark function and a search function as well. Both are very helpful and deserve my mentioning here. The only downside I had in this version was that some sentences where generated more than once and made no sense, but that's not really bothering me.

I think this program is good for people who need a program to cheer them up, or just for fun. I'll give it a 7,5/10


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Archive Contents
Name Size
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocab.h   19937
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/ui.c   28556
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/nikky-cli.h   791
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/updatevocab.py   1010
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/nikky.h   1164
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocIntransVerbPProg.txt   521
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocSingNounAn.txt   460
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocTransVerbInf.txt   1009
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocNegAuxVerb.txt   34
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocPlurNounNodeterm.txt   258
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocSingDetermNonum.txt   85
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocTransVerbPlur.txt   1774
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocPlurNoun.txt   2932
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocPlurPropDeterm.txt   19
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocAdjective.txt   1720
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocSingNounNodeterm.txt   503
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocPlurDetermNonum.txt   92
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocPlurAuxVerbPProg.txt   25
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocSingPropDeterm.txt   9
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocIntransVerbSing.txt   702
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocNounListAndConjunction.txt   204
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocIntransVerbPlur.txt   631
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocNumDeterm2.txt   88
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocSingNounA.txt   2759
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocAdverbBefore.txt   588
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocInterPlurAuxVerb.txt   36
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocNumDeterm1.txt   383
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocTransVerbSing.txt   1910
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocPlurPropNoun.txt   353
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocInterjection.txt   3713
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocIntransVerbInf.txt   389
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocNounListOrConjunction.txt   48
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocImpAuxVerb.txt   46
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocAdverbAfter.txt   685
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocSingAuxVerbPProg.txt   29
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocPlurDeterm.txt   143
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocSingPropNoun.txt   2793
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocInterSingAuxVerb.txt   40
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocNumDeterm0.txt   83
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocSentenceConjunction.txt   1022
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocListConjunction.txt   384
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocIntroPhrase.txt   259
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocAuxVerbInf.txt   653
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocSingDeterm.txt   333
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocabulary/vocTransVerbPProg.txt   1280
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/nikky-cli.c   1866
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/generate.c   6257
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/ui.h   1158
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/generate.h   1219
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/vocab.c   1037
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/readme.txt   994
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/build.sh   164
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/words.inc   72268
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/source/nikky.c   4944
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/extra/nikkyprototype.tig   27307
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/extra/readme.txt   668
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/nikky.89z   1095
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/license.txt   35147
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/nikkyppg.v2y   25766
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/nikky.9xz   1095
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/nikkysim.txt   8831
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/nikkyppg.89y   25766
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/changelog.txt   2103
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/nikkyppg.9xy   25766
Nikky_Sim_0.10.01/nikky.v2z   1095

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