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Lambda Calculator


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Filename lambdacalculator0.1.zip (Download)
Title Lambda Calculator
Description λ-calculator is a lambda expression evaluator for the TI-89. It is a lot like the Haskell programming language in that it is purely functional, uses lazy evaluation, has similar syntax, and provides a lot of functions straight out of Haskell. However, it lacks static typing, pattern matching, list comprehensions, and all but the simplest syntactic constructs. Although limited at its core, λ-calculator has a lot of bells and whistles. It sports a line editor with history. It implements the IO, list, and function monads (see the README.pdf for examples). It also implements a handful of system functions (e.g. ngetchx, which returns the keyboard code of a pressed key). λ-calculator is free software, released under the MIT license. The source code includes plenty of goodies, mainly a C garbage collector and an AVL tree implementation, that could be very useful in other compilers and interpreters for the TI-68k.
Author Joey Adams (joeyadams3.14159@worldnet.att.net)
Category TI-89 Assembly Misc. Programs
File Size 407,434 bytes
File Date and Time Fri Nov 26 05:26:26 2010
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



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Archive Contents
Name Size
lambda-calculator-0.1/lambda.89y   25133
lambda-calculator-0.1/lambda.89z   1095
lambda-calculator-0.1/lambda.v2y   25133
lambda-calculator-0.1/prelude.89t   1316
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/misc.c   6811
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/COPYRIGHT   1085
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/parse.c   8420
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/environment.c   5513
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/menu.c   2369
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/Overview.odt   41841
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/avl.c   13345
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/readme.odt   31574
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/gc.h   4708
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/fixity.h   1778
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/lambda.h   12179
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/main.c   3936
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/prompt.c   7551
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/evaluate.c   4094
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/op.c   41382
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/lex.c   8543
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/gc.c   17536
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/fixity.c   3843
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/lex.h   2776
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/lambda.tpr   1661
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/avl.h   3971
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/lexpr.c   4031
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/maths.h   284
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/maths.c   1574
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/common.h   2175
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/gc/hook.h   317
lambda-calculator-0.1/source/gc/private.h   5621
lambda-calculator-0.1/README.pdf   199549
lambda-calculator-0.1/samples/extra.89t   2167
lambda-calculator-0.1/samples/scale.89t   446
lambda-calculator-0.1/lambda.v2z   1095
lambda-calculator-0.1/lambda.9xz   1095
lambda-calculator-0.1/lambda.9xy   25133

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