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Last updated Friday, 21 April 2023
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Most popular file  bodeplot v2.1.1 with 8,966 downloads.

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advancedinterpolation.zip124k19-11-08File is not ratedAdvanced Interpolation
Program does polynomial interpolation using 3 or 5 tabular values , Lagrange or cubic spline (natural) interpolation methods. Check out the user guide before using the program first time.
artgallery.zip11k17-04-03File is not ratedArt Gallery
The user enters n vertices of a polygon without self-intersection. It is the floor plan of an art gallery. The user's task is then to pick at most [n/3] (the square brackets simbolise the floor function) vertices where to place guards so that they cover the whole interior of the gallery. It is understood that the guards may look in any direction they choose and that their view is blocked only by the walls.
baseconverternspire.zip14k12-04-05File is not ratedBase Converter Nspire
This program will convert your numbers in between different bases up to base 36! Made with Nspire Lua, for OS >3.0
bayes.zip19k21-02-04File is not ratedBayes' Theorem
This program offers a guessing game the user can play against the calculator.The user fills three baskets with up to ten balls in four different colors. The calculator then chooses a basket at random. The user's task is to guess which. As evidence the calculator draws balls (with replacement) from the chosen basket and discloses their color and number. With the help of Bayes' formula, a new probability is ascribed to each basket. The user can now guess the number of the chosen basket or order another draw until the probabilities become more clear. Version 1.1: some bugs removed
bode.tns.zip5k15-05-06File is not ratedbode.tns
Plot bode diagrams right on your calculator
bode.zip5k14-06-07File is not ratedbodeplot v2.1.1
Plot bode Diagrams instantly on your calculator! Define transfer functiona and this programm plots the gain and phase diagrams for you.
calissons.zip8k17-05-03File is not ratedCalissons
The user's task is to fill a regular hexagon completely with little calissons (=rhombi) of three different types.
ceva.zip15k22-11-26File is not ratedCeva
This program illustrates Ceva's theorem.
complexfunctions.zip7k15-03-29File is not ratedComplex Functions
This program visualizes several complex functions by drawing the image of four different grids under these functions.
configurations.zip7k21-12-06File is not ratedConfigurations
The user's task is to arrange 10 points in the plane into five lines of four points each.
conics.zip17k15-01-19File is not ratedConic Sections
The program constructs a conic section through five given points. The user can move the point marked by a circle with the arrow keys and watch how the conic section changes. The coefficients of the corresponding equation can be displayed.
crosscut.zip8k15-02-12File is not ratedCut the Cross
It's a popular game to divide a square with a few straight cuts and to form new shapes from the produced polygons. This program works the other way round. With the help of a moving square grid, the user effects at most four cuts on a swiss cross. His task is then to reassemble the pieces to a square.
cubicsplines.zip8k16-07-17File is not ratedCubic Splines
The user enters up to 52 points, "nodes", in the Euclidean plane. The program then connects these points by a function graph (x,y(x)) (press [Enter] or [blank]), where y(x) is a natural spline, or by a curve (x(t),y(t)), where x(t) and y(t) are natural splines (press [.]), or by a closed curve (x(t),y(t)) composed of periodic splines, press [,].
curlicues.zip5k16-02-24File is not ratedCurlicues
The user enters the functional term x(n) of a sequence of real numbers, for example x(n)=n^1.5. The program then constructs the following sequence of plane points: (u,v)(0)=(0,0), (u,v)(n)=(u,v)(n-1)+s*(cos(2*pi*x(n)),sin(2*pi*x(n))) and draws the line segment between consecutive points. A number of curious curves arises.
curveshortening.zip16k16-12-16File is not ratedCurve Shortening Flow
The user enters a closed curve c. The program then moves each point of c in the inwards normal direction with a speed proportional to the signed curvature at that point.
cutsquare.zip5k15-07-19File is not ratedCutsquare
The user's task is to cut the unit square into four polygons and then to form a triangle by rotating and translating the parts. A special choice of parameters yields an equilateral triangle.
ellipticbilliard.zip6k15-10-16File is not ratedElliptic Billiard
The user enters the initial position and direction of a ball on an elliptic billiard table. The program then traces the path of the ball starting in the given direction. You can also try to hit a second ball going via the border.
euclideanalgorithm.tns.zip4k20-12-11File is not ratedThe Euclidean Algorithm
This program is the Euclidean algorithm, with steps. for two natural numbers a and b, where b>a, simply input Euclid(a,b) and the program will output a step by step Euclidean algorithm and the found hcf(a,b). Note that to use this program, one must put it in the libraries folder.
foursquares.zip5k15-11-02File is not ratedFour Squares
The program demonstrates the fact that every positive integer can be written as a sum of four squares of integers (Lagrange's theorem). The user enters the number and the decomposition is shown.
graecolatinsquares.zip6k15-11-16File is not ratedGraeco-Latin Squares
A latin square of order n is an nxn-matrix of n different symbols (e.g. numbers, letters or colors) in which each symbol occurs exactly once in each row and each column. Let S and T be two sets of n symbols each. A graeco-latin square of order n over S and T then is a matrix M of ordered pairs (s,t) in SxT, in which each pair occurs exactly once and which decomposes into two latin squares if s and t are considered separately. For n=2 and n=6, no graeco-latin squares exist. The program displays graeco-latin squares up to order 10.
graphcoloring.zip9k20-12-31File is not ratedGraph Coloring
A graph coloring is an assign of a color to each vertex of a graph such that neighboring vertices get different colors. With this program, you can define a graph and color it yourself or have it colored by two different algorithms.
hamiltonianpaths.zip10k14-12-27File is not ratedHamiltonian Paths
A Hamiltionian path on a graph is a path that visits each vertex exactly once. A Hamiltonian cycle is a closed Hamiltonian path. The program allows the user to define a graph on the screen. He can then proceed to construct a Hamiltonian path or cycle on this graph if possible. He can get hints from the program.
hilbertcurve.zip5k16-06-30File is not ratedHilbert Curve
The Hilbert curve is a continuous mapping c:[0,1]->[0,1]x[0,1] from the unit interval into the unit square whose image is the whole square. It is the limit for n->infinity of curves cn which consist of horzontal and vertical line segments. The program draws these curves up to n=7 (n=8 for a computer screen).
hungarian.zip7k17-12-11File is not ratedHungarian Algorithm
This program implements the Hungarian algorithm: Given a positive mxn -Matrix, find an assignment of rows to columns (each row and column may be used at most once) such that the sum of matrix elements is minimal.
hyperbolictiles.zip6k15-04-21File is not ratedHyperbolic Tiles
The program demonstrates the fact that the hyperbolic plane can be tiled by regular polygons with n vertices for each n>=3. It uses the Poincaré model (the unit) disc to do this. In this model, orthocircles (circles that intersect the unit circle orthogonally) take the role of straight lines.
ifs.zip6k17-01-21File is not ratedIterated function systems
The program uses iterated function systems and the chaos game to create fractals. The user can define and display his own ifs.
isoboard.zip14k11-07-03File is not ratedISOBoard
ISOBoard is an isometric dot paper sheet for you TI NSpire. Just put the script in your documents, and add seamless dot paper drawings to your math projects!
jitterbug.zip6k22-01-21File is not ratedJitterbug
The Jitterbug transformation, invented by Richard Buckminster Fuller, deforms an octahedron into an icosahedron and then into a cuboctahedron
jordan.zip14k15-09-29File is not ratedJordan Normal Form
The user enters a quadratic real matrix A up to size 5x5. The program then computes the characteristic polynomial. It also determines the real Jordan normal form J of A and the associated transition matrix S with S^-1*A*S=J
laguerre.zip8k19-04-12File is not ratedLaguerre
The user enters up to 9 points (a - i) in the complex plane, the zeros of a complex polynomial p. The program then computes p, its derivative p' and the zeros of the derivative (by the method of Laguerre) and displays them immediately (as little crosses) when a point is moved.
levellines.zip8k15-09-06File is not ratedLevel Lines
The user enters the term of a function f(x,y). The program then draws the wire frame of the graph of f and up to 15 level lines.
lindenmayer.zip7k17-02-25File is not ratedLindenmayer Systems
This program uses Lindenmayer systems to draw fractals and plants.
linearinterpolation.zip9k19-11-14File is not ratedLinear Interpolation
Program does linear interpolation and extrapolation from two known points. Minimum requirement is: Ti-Nspire CX CAS. "Help" is found on page 1.2 in program.
malfatti.zip7k19-12-09File is not ratedMalfatti's problem
Malfatti posed the following problem: how are three circles to be placed into a triangle such that they don't overlap and that their added area is maximal? His conjecture was that each of the circles has to touch two sides of the triangle and the two other circles. The program constructs these circles.
mathgame.zip41k12-10-25File is not ratedMath Practice Game
This game gives you 15 seconds to complete 4 random math problems as fast as possible
mempi.zip17k12-05-07File is not ratedMempi
This is based off a TI84 program to help you memorize pi, e, root2, and phi. You can try memorizing up to 1000 digits. In addition, the next four digits are given when you mess up.
minimumspanningtree.zip7k15-06-14File is not ratedMinimum Spanning Tree
The user can construct a graph by entering vertices and edges. The task is then to find the Euclidean minimum spanning tree, that is, a graph without cycles that connects all the vertices and has minimal total length. The Enter key gives a program-generated solution.
netsofacube.zip6k16-03-29File is not ratedNets of a cube
Press numbers 1 to 6 to place colors or numbers into the square grid. Press [Enter]. If the filled squares form the net of a cube, this cube is shown on the right side of the screen. You can rotate it via the arrow keys.
network.zip8k17-08-28File is not ratedNetwork Flow
The user enters a directed weighted graph with a source and a sink (a flow network). The program then computes a maximal flow and a minimal cut.
numberbaseconverter.zip6k19-11-14File is not ratedNumber Base Converter
Program convert numbers on the fly between bin/oct/dec/hex. Fractions are supported!
octatetra.zip6k22-08-19File is not ratedOctahedra and Tetrahedra
This program illustrates the fact that 3-dimensional space can be filled without gaps with regular octahedra and tetrahedra of the same edge length.
oloid.zip6k19-08-28File is not ratedOloid
Consider two circles of radius 1 in 3-space, lying in orthogonal planes, each passing through the center of the other. The convex hull of these circles is called the oloid.
penrose.zip9k20-08-13File is not ratedPenrose Tilings
This program shows Penrose tilings of the kites and darts type and of the fat and thin rhombus type.
phaseportrait.zip7k20-10-22File is not ratedPhase portraits
The program draws the phase portrait of some complex analytic functions. To each value f(z)/|f(z)| on the unit circle, a color on the color wheel is assigned and a pixel of this color drawn at z.
polygons.zip9k14-11-28File is not ratedPolygons
The user enters points on the screen which are connected by straight lines. Hitting the Enter key then closes the polygon. The right arrow key now constructs a new polygon consisting of the midpoints of the edges of the old one. If the number of vertices is odd, this process is mathematically invertible. This is actuated by the left arrow key.
pyritohedron.zip6k18-01-16File is not ratedPyritohedron
Pyritohedron, version 1.0, 2018-01-15 Rolf Pütter The pyritohedron is a dodecahedron with twelve congruent pentagonal faces, which are not necessarily regular. Its name stems from the crystal pyrite. It comes in a whole family of polyhedra parametrized by h, 0<=h<=1. For h=0, you get the cube, for h=0.62, the regular dodecahedron, and for h=1 the rhombic dodecahedron.
pythagoras.zip9k15-05-28File is not ratedPythagoras
The program offers an infinity of proofs for the Pythagorean theorem. It allows the user to cut the two smaller squares into different polygons and to rearrange then into the square over the hypotenuse.
queueing.zip15k17-06-15File is not ratedQueueing
This programs simulates a single waiting line at a bank teller. The user can enter then mean interarrival time between two customers and the mean service time.
reuleaux.zip5k16-05-23File is not ratedReuleaux Triangle
The program shows the motion of a Reuleaux triangle in the square with edge length equal to the triangle's width.
rhombic.zip5k17-11-10File is not ratedRhombic Dodecahedron
The rhombic dodecahedron can be constructed by attaching a square pyramid to each of the six faces of a cube. Choose the hight of these pyramids to be one half of the cube's edge length. Pairs of adjacent triangular faces from neighboring pyramids then add to form the twelve rhombic faces.
rsmt.zip13k20-09-30File is not ratedRSMT
RSMT stands for "rectilinear Steiner minimum tree". A number n of points in the plane is given. The problem is to find the shortest network which connects them all. Distance is measured by the so-called taxicab metric, the sum of the horizontal and vertical distance of two points.
sd2.2.zip101k13-11-27File is not ratedSD2: step by step derivatives in natural display
Does determine the derivative of a function, step by step and in natural display. Requires OS 3.2 or later.
sphericalgeom.zip20k18-06-21File is not ratedSpherical Geometry
This program draws great circles, great circle segments, distance circles, triangles and loxodromes on the unit sphere.
steinertrees.zip10k17-01-09File is not ratedSteiner Trees
The user enters up to five points in the Euclidean plane. The program then constructs an associated minimal Steiner tree.
strangeattractors.zip6k17-02-06File is not ratedStrange Attractors
The program displays the Rössler attractor and the Lorenz attractor.
tabvar.zip101k12-01-03File is not ratedTabVar 3.1
TabVar is the most advanced function study program for the Nspire! It features a graphical variation table and 10+ programs to perform different operations on functions, such as extensively studying a function, finding the domain of definition, getting the equation of a tangent, making an integration by parts, checking the parity or periodicity of a function, comparing two functions... A full french and english documentation is included, and all programs adapt their language to your calculator's setting.
tammes.zip10k19-07-25File is not ratedTammes
Tammes' problem consists in finding a configuration of n points on the surface of a sphere such that the minimum distance between points is maximized.
tesselations.zip5k19-03-01File is not ratedTesselations
This program shows some tesselations of the plane and their duals.
tiny3dviewer.zip10k11-12-08File is not ratedTiny3D-Viewer
Represent 8 polyhedra in 3D! Choose the color, the rendering mode, the zoom... You also can draw 3D functions. The 3D drawing is really fast.
torus.zip5k15-08-27File is not ratedTorus
The program shows the intersection of a torus with the xy-plane. The torus can be moved parallelly to the z-axis and rotated about its three axes.
tractrix.zip7k23-04-21File is not ratedTractrix
Given a leading curve a(t) in the plane, the program constructs the associated tractrix.
trammelofarchimedes.zip5k16-05-29File is not ratedTrammel of Archimedes
The trammel of Archimedes is a tool that draws the shape of an ellipse. Two points, A and B, are fixed to a rod by pivots which are confined to move on the x-axis and the y-axis respectively. Any point C fixed to the rod will now describe an ellipse or a circle as A and B move along their axes.
travelingsalesman.zip10k16-04-09File is not ratedTraveling Salesman
The user enters up to 52 points ("cities") in the Euclidean plane. The salesman's task is to find the shortest closed tour touching each city exacty once.
triacontahedron.zip7k18-10-17File is not ratedRhombic Triacontahedron
The rhombic triacontahedron is a convex polyhedron with 30 congruent rhombic faces.
truncocta.zip7k21-04-29File is not ratedTruncated Octahedron
The truncated octahedron can be obtained from the regular octahedron by cutting off the vertices, thus creating six squares. The eight equilateral triangles of the octahedron are reduced to regular hexagons.
twocolors.zip10k20-02-11File is not ratedTwo Colors
A map is produced by dividing a rectangle by straight lines and circles. This program illustrates the fact that such a map can be colored consistently by two colors.
ulamspirals.zip10k15-10-23File is not ratedUlam Spirals
A Ulam spiral is a rectangular grid of natural numbers in the plane, starting at the origin and spiraling out counterclockwise in growing squares. If only primes are marked, straight lines parallel to the main diagonals become visible.
voronoi.zip11k16-05-03File is not ratedVoronoi regions
The user enters a set S of points in the Euclidean plane. For each s in S, the Voronoi region of s is the set of points in the plane closer to s than to any other point of S. The program draws the Voronoi regions of the entered points and the corresponding Delaunay triangulation.
wheels.zip6k16-06-24File is not ratedWheels
A small wheel (circle) c of radius r moves tangentially without slipping along the inside or outside of a fixed larger circle C with radius R>r. A point A is fixed to c with distance d to the center of c. As c rolls along C, A describes a curve which mathematicians call a hypotrochoid (if c moves inside C) or epitrochoid (if c moves outside C).

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