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Last updated Monday, 9 July 2012
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Most popular file  Assistant v2.0 with 5,626 downloads.

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anglemode.zip1k02-03-21File is not ratedAngle-Mode-Toggle
A little Program to change Angle-Mode.
anglespproxswitcher.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedApproximate-Exact & Radian-Degree switcher
Install this group on your calc and two files will appear, kbdprgm7, and kbdprgm8. Then, you can toggle the exact-approx mode by pressing diamond-7 and the radian-degree mode by pressin diamond-8. It is simple and useful for going between chemistry and calculus classes. (I need exact mode in calculus, and approx mode in chemistry)
approx_exact.zip1k03-03-21File is not ratedapprox exact
a simple program to easily cycle through the approx, exact, and auto modes of the calc. it is named kbdprgmx, so replace the x with the keyboard shortcut you wish to use
assistant.zip8k01-06-01File is not ratedAssistant v2.0
This program allows you to use your calculator more efficiently. You can create custom menus, fast keyboard shortcuts, and mode settings backups with ease. Backup feature can protect your most important files from crashes! Improved interface in version 2.0.
back.zip1k98-09-27File is not ratedTI-89 Mode Backup
A program to backup your calculator modes.
command.zip1k07-12-17File is not ratedCommand
This is an easy way of setting the settings on your calculator without messing around with the catalog commands. Just run this program, and you can change the screen to the Home screen, IO, or graph, you can set the graph settings, and you can also clear certain screens. This is a simple version, but expect more updates eventually.
defaul.zip5k05-07-23File is not ratedaadefaul
This little program will save your settings, set up your 89 for displaying graphics, and then restore your settings at the end of your program.
defpro.zip74k00-04-09File is not ratedDefaults Professional v1.0
The TI-Source Defaults Professional is the future in calculator settings management. Defaults Pro is more than a defaults program -- its a calculator settings manager. Create up to 99 schemes (system, graph, units or table), edit and customize it to fit your needs, then apply it when necessary. Managing settings could not be easier. Defaults Pro allows you to manage nearly every setting on the calculator. Included is excellent documentation and software for the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus. Download it now!
deg_rad.zip1k03-03-21File is not rateddeg rad
a simple program that switches between degrees and radian modes on the calc. its named kbdprgmx, so replace the x with the number you want the keyboard shortcut to be
fast_folder_changer.zip3k03-04-22File is not ratedFast Folder Changer
This program is ment to be a kbdprgm to change what folder you are currently in.
folderchanger.zip1k02-05-11File is not ratedFolder Changer v1.00 Final
This is a kbdprgm used to change your folders easly without having to goto the mode options.
foldertoggle.zip10k02-03-21File is not ratedfoldertoggle
A little Program to toggel your calcs folders (very useful)
kbdprgm1.zip1k06-05-14File is not ratedNormal/Scientific Switcher
This program allows you to switch between normal and scientific modes by pressing diamond + 1. This is especially useful in science classes where you have to switch between normal and scientific modes between calculations
main.kbdprgm1.zip1k12-07-09File is not ratedHome Screen
Custom menu restore.
modeback.zip11k05-07-28File is not ratedModeBack 2.2
Backs up and archives modes, units, and graph settings
modesetters.zip2k02-08-02File is not ratedMode Setters
This is a collection of 5 programs which allows you to change several mode settings. Running them as keyboard programs makes it easier to change modes. Anglmode() acts as a toggle switch between Degree and Radian modes. Automode() cycles among Auto, Exact, and Approx modes. Folders() displays a PopUp menu to allow you to change folders. Edit the program, replacing Folder2, etc., with your folder names. You can also change the number of folders. Vecmode() displays a PopUp menu to allow you to change Vector and Complex formats. Digits() displays a PopUp menu to allow you to change Exponential Format and Display Digits. The choices are set at Float 6, Fix 4, or Scientific 4. Edit the program to change to your preferred settings.
modesett.zip13k02-02-25File is not ratedMode Saver/Loader v1.0
This program saves your mode settings and then loads them later. There are 5 slots, which you can use to save your setting. When loading, you need to choose which of those 5 slots you want to load. When saving you are allowed to specify a name for a slot. That way you don't have to remember what setting are saved to which slot -- you will only need to look at the name. For example, you could use "Calculus" for your calculus settings and "Physics" for physics.
modes.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedMODES dialog Box
This very short program has been written to ammow people who program in TI-BASIC to use the MODES dialog box in their program. It could be useful if you want to do...
setutils.zip5k00-05-02File is not ratedSettings Utilities v1.2
Settings Utilities includes two programs to save your modes and custom units into lists on your calculator, and lets you restore them if you want to quickly change many settings.

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