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abasecnv.zip5k09-08-01File is not ratedUltimate Base Converter- 2-131
Convert any base 2-131 to any other base 2-131 Uses 0-9, A-Z, a-z, _theta_, ?, and all the international characters. Includes a character translator program and CharMap v0.1. Special thanks to Andree Chea for making CharMap.
b10tob2.zip1k03-08-07File is not ratedBase10 to Base2 v1.0
This program will convert any number (below 256) into binary. This program was a test program (for my program, "getkey01.8xp") to see if I could figure out (on my own) how to convert to binary numbers.
base2.zip1k02-11-11File is not ratedNumber Base Converter v1.4 (with work showing feature)
This is a base converter for TI-83 Plus which can convert any base between 2 and 10 to each other. However, this program is different from other base converters, because the CALCULATIONS ARE SHOWN while calculating. You can use this program in any test or for any homework, where you need to show the work done.
base_77.zip2k10-04-29File is not ratedBASE2BASE
BASE2BASE: ---------- converti un nombre d'une base à une autre base. exemple: binaire en décimale. convert a number from a base to another base. example: binary to decimal.
basecnvrt.zip1k08-04-14File is not ratedBase Converter
3 menu options- Direct conversion from base 10 to any base 2-9, Direct conversion from any base 2-9 to base 10, and Conversion from any base from 2-10 to another from 2-10
baseconv36.zip1k24-05-27File is not ratedBaseConv 1.2
This program can convert to and from any base between base 2 and base 36, using the appropriate alphanumeric notation. Uses a custom algorithm that should be relatively fast, and can handle numbers up to 10^99. Versions 1.1 and 1.2 are bug-fix releases.
baseconverter83.zip18k05-08-18File is not ratedBase Converter (between Hex, Decimal, and Binary)
This program will convert numbers between these three bases. Octal is not supported. See the full documentation and screenshots for more information.
baseconverterjp.zip1k05-07-26File is not ratedSuper Base Converter
This base converter can read in any number in any base from base 2 to 62 and convert it to any base 2 to 62. Very handy if you work in hex or binary.
baseconverterpro.zip1k12-07-01File is not ratedBase Converter
Convert numbers from base 10 easily.
baseconverter.zip1k04-10-23File is not ratedBase Converter v1.0
It's a base converter! What else do I need to say? It converts numbers in base 2-16 to numbers in base 2-16.
baseconvert.zip1k04-03-17File is not ratedBase Converter
This converts any integer of a base from 2 to 10 to any base from 2 to 16.
baseconvo2.zip1k15-08-27File is not ratedBase Converter 0.5
This program will convert numbers from base 10 to other bases and from other bases to base 10.
baseconv.zip1k01-02-07File is not ratedBase Converter 1.0
This is a binary/octal/decimal/hex converter for the 83+, written in BASIC but quite efficient.
basec.zip1k01-03-17File is not ratedBaseConverter v0.2
This program converts a positive whole number of a specified base(2-20) to a specified base(2-20). The digits 10-19 are represented by the letters a-j.
baseic.zip1k04-03-16File is not ratedBase Conversion
This program converts between binary, octal, decimal, hexidecimal, or any other base 2-36 for that matter. The decimal value (regardless of entered bases) will also be retained in the Ans variable so that the number can be easily manipulated afterwards if necessary. Additionally, unlike others, this program does not assign vars A-Z to 10-36 during the process of conversion, so you don't have to worry about your user variables being wiped! (Update: Now uses vars "Str11", "Str12" in internal calculations.)
basen.zip1k05-06-10File is not ratedBaseN
Base conversion- Base 2 to Base 16. Hot key for back and forth between decimal and hex. Supports 8 digits of hex. Very simple.
basepro.zip1k08-11-30File is not ratedBase Converter Pro
Convert ANY base into ANY other base! But the cool part is that you can use decimal numbers as well as decimal bases, including irrational ones! Its small and fast too, taking only seconds to convert! By far, the best program of its kind.
baser.zip3k09-07-06File is not ratedBase Converter
Base converter converts any base into decimal
bases1.zip1k13-08-15File is not ratedBASES
The program converts from any base 2-20, to any base 2-20. The number is then shown in its two bases for your convenience. Look at the screenshots. What makes it extra useful is that you can add, subtract, multiply, divide, and raise to the power of, numbers in any base 2-20. Only one operator at a time though. For example: 111010110*11011101, in base 2, and then convert it to base 10=103870. If you want to find out what 3333 square in base four is in base 10, you enter: 3333^2, and the answer comes out as: 65025. Remember to give the exponent in the same base.
bases2.zip1k13-08-11File is not ratedBASES1
This program converts from any base 2-20, to any base 2-20. What separates it from BASES is that it converts one digit at a time, and then adds the results in strings when the number is bigger than e13, which means that loss of information, when entering big numbers, is eliminated. Also, you can't use any operators when entering information, and it takes longer to get the result, when the number is bigger than e13. The number to convert is in Str0, and the result is in Str1.
bases_31.zip1k01-02-07File is not ratedBases
Converts a number from one base into base 10 and vica versa
bases.zip1k06-09-08File is not ratedBase Conversion
This program converts a number in base 2 through 30 into a new number in a different base from 2 through 30. This updated file improves the display of the program.
baseto64.zip1k05-04-12File is not ratedBase 2 to 64
This program allows you to input a number in any base 2-64 (hence the name), and display it as any other base 2-64. Uses 0-9,A-Z,a-z,_theta_,and ? as the characters. Enjoy! If you have any questions or comments please let me know at ticalc2005@yahoo.com
baset.zip1k08-12-18File is not ratedBase Converter
A simple Base converter capable of converting up to Base 62. Put the starting base in B1, the Ending base in B2, and the number to be converted in Num.
base.zip2k02-04-11File is not ratedBase Converter V1.3
This is a program that lets you convert other bases into decimal, or vice
basicconverter.zip1k03-03-10File is not ratedBase Converter
This program may be incomplete in some areas, but it is fully operational when it comes to converting numbers of any base to base 10. Future versions will make full use of the menu and fix the bugs in other parts of the program. If you can fix the other algrithms, please e-mail me! Enjoy and modify for your own needs.
basicconv.zip1k03-03-12File is not ratedDegree/Radian Converter
This program converts Radian values to Degree values, and Degree values to Radian values. The difference between it and the on-calc function is that this program solves the convertion algebretically, and not with an infinite decimal. Please use, study, and modify this program for your own needs.
bconvert.zip1k05-05-18File is not ratedBase Converter (2-63)
A basic program that converts from base 2 (binary), to base 63 and back (sorta)! Translates values greater than 9 into letters (10=A, 11=B, etc...), a simplified table of values 0-63 is in the 'Instructions' section. Output no. is in 8 digits, so there are value limits, but I'll add an option to get the maximum number in a later version. Also includes error-checker and conversion progress indicator (sorta useless, but makes it look better).
bdhcnvrt.zip1k15-01-11File is not ratedBinary/Decimal/Hexadecimal Converter
This program converts between the base 2, base 10 and base 16 numeral systems, A.K.A. binary, decimal and hexadecimal. Written in pure TI-Basic. That's all it does. Have fun with it!
bin_20.zip1k00-08-26File is not ratedBinary
This program converts binary to numbers!
bin2hex.zip1k01-09-09File is not ratedBin2Hex
This program convery 8-bit binary to hexadecimal.
binary1.zip3k04-11-04File is not ratedAny to Binary
This program displays the binary number for any number. Bin.8xp is cuurently under 200 bytes and takes under 4 seconds to display a 13 digit numeral.
binaryanddecimalconverter.zip5k05-09-23File is not ratedBinary and Decimal converter
Just another Binary and Decimal converter. It converts both Binary and Decimal numbers and has a help screen included in the program. Read the Readme for more info.
binaryanddecimal.zip1k04-06-16File is not ratedBinary and Decimal Converter
This program can convert numbers from decimal to binary and from binary to decimal. Have fun.
binaryconversion.zip1k03-07-07File is not ratedBase 10 to Base 2 (Decimal to Binary)
This program converts #'s from base 10 (decimal) to base 2 (binary). Useful AND fun!
binaryconverter2.zip1k08-09-16File is not ratedBinary/Numeral converter
Converts binary numbers to standard 0-9 number system and vice versa.
binaryconverter3.zip1k08-12-01File is not ratedBinumeral Conversion
Converts Decimal to Binary and vice versa. Also has an option to store 4 strings of 8 bit binary and string them together and destrand them for use in ip addresses to bypass some website blocks.
binaryconverter.zip1k04-10-12File is not ratedBinary to decimal, decimal to binary converter
Simple program to convert decimal numbers to binary and vise versa.
binarydecimalconverter.zip1k04-10-09File is not ratedBDCONVRT
This is a program that will convert a number into 8 bit binary or convert 8 bit binary to a number. worked great for me when i tested it.
binaryhexidecimaloctal.zip3k04-11-04File is not ratedDecimal to Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal Converter
Great program for quick conversion from a decimal value to either binary, hexadecimal, and octal values!
binaryieee754.zip3k04-11-04File is not ratedBinary to IEEE-754 Floating Point Converter
Have you ever had difficulty converting binary values into IEEE-754 Floating Point representation? Well now with the aid of your calculator you can convert to and from these to values! Easy to use!
binarymax.zip1k03-10-05File is not ratedBinary UNLIMITED Converter
Same as the other converters, but now with ABSOLUTELY no limit on number size! So it gives you awesome flexibility by converting absolutely any number you enter. Converts any number forwards and backwards. If need be it will even show pages-long conversions for extremely large numbers. Less than 1k on your calc, enjoy it!! ;)
binaryreader.zip1k13-11-25File is not ratedBinary/Decimal Converter
This includes two simple, convenient, user friendly programs. One converts from binary to decimal while the other converts decimal to binary.
binary.zip1k02-03-25File is not ratedBinary Converter
Converts numbers from single decimals to standard binary code of 1' and 0's. Also does the opposite. Works well, saves a lot of time!!
binback.zip1k05-03-09File is not ratedBinary and Back v1
Simple program that converts from base 2 to 10 and back.
bindec1.zip1k12-06-17File is not ratedBINDEC
Two programs to convert numbers. One that converts from base 2 to 10, and from base 10 to 2. The other one converts from any base 2-10, to any base 2-10. 229 resp. 270 bytes on your calculator.
bindecconveter.zip4k04-09-23File is not ratedBinary <=> Decimal Converter
This is a fully funtional binary to decimal converter and vis vesa. It allows the user to specify the bit of the binary number that will be converted to. It also automaticly decides the lenght of the binary number that you input so that it is not only restricted to 8 bit numbers.
bindec.zip1k01-03-03File is not ratedBinary => Decimal
Translate binary in decimal
binhex.zip2k00-06-02File is not ratedBinHex v1.0
Run prgmBINHEX, type in a number, press enter, it gives you the binary code and hex code for the number.
bin.zip3k04-03-09File is not ratedBinary converter (simple)
very simple uses a menu and such. Made for the concept
bscnvflx.zip2k04-06-01File is not ratedBase Conversion by Flexico
This program is for **SUPER** base conversion anybase 2-64 to anybase 2-64. Read the ReadMe.
byteconv.zip1k03-05-24File is not ratedByte Converter
This program is very simple. Input the number of bites, choose 1,2, or 3 (1 - kilobytes, 2 - megabytes, 3 - Exit), then see the result (for one and two).
car_pol.zip5k01-03-08File is not ratedCartesian to Polar v1.1
It converts Cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates and backwards
cirradia.zip1k09-05-28File is not ratedAngle to Radian
Converts Angles to their Radian equations. Ex. 360= 2Pi
compuvert_12.zip1k00-09-23File is not ratedComputVert
This is a program that converts Binary, Hexidecimal, and Decimal.
con2pol.8xp1k02-02-20File is not ratedPolar Conversions
You give it the values of I and J, it gives you the four different forms of the answer.
converter_3.02.zip1k04-06-15File is not ratedCONVERTER Version 3.02
Converter is a nifty little program that allows you to convert numerous things. You can convert degrees into radians and vice versa. It has FULL WORKING OUT!!!!! You can also convert from degrees to gradient and vice versa (GRAPH drawn) Also, it converts from Binary to Decimal and with the process used shown as well!!!!!
converter_49.zip1k03-03-31File is not ratedconveter v1.0
converts number from bin to dec, bin to hex, dec to bin, dec to hex, hex to bin, hex to dex. I know there are too many of these already but what the hay just given my input
converterbyrogan.zip1k02-08-09File is not ratedbin. to dec converter
converts bin to dec and back again(not done)
converttobinary.zip1k07-12-16File is not ratedBinary Converter
Convert numbers between decimal (base 10) and binary (base 2) quickly and easily.
dec2bin_57.zip1k00-06-06File is not ratedDec2Bin
Converts decimal number to binary numbers
dec2bin.zip1k05-08-18File is not ratedDecimal to Binary Convereter
A program to convert decimal numbers to binary.
decbasex.zip1k10-03-02File is not ratedDecBaseX
This program provides the useful function of converting a decimal input (base 10) into another base. It's simple and can be useful if you are making something like a user mode in a game. (You know, like converting to binary to figure out if a mode is set or not)
decbin.zip1k01-03-03File is not ratedDecimal => Binary
Translate Decimal in Binary
decimalfraction.zip1k09-10-20File is not ratedDecimal to Fraction
enter a decimal value and have it changed into a fraction
deg2rad.zip1k03-07-17File is not ratedDegrees To Radians
This is one of the many programs I wrote in the middle of my Math 12 Summer School class just because I was interested in what I could do (and especially because I was bored). I found this program especially useful during homework and doing my chapter test:P (yes, we are allowed to use graphing calculators during tests... ludicrous, isn't it?).
degdms.zip3k07-08-21File is not ratedDegree ¡ê DMS
Converts from degrees to degrees, minutes, seconds (DMS), and back again.
degminse.zip1k00-07-14File is not ratedDegrees, Minutes, Seconds Solver v1.10
This program converts from degree format to degrees, minutes format, and vice versa.
degrad.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedDegRad
DegRad is a trig program that allows the user to find the value of an angle. DegRad lets the user use degrees or radians and use sin,cos,tan,csc,sec,and cot. Instead of giving an error when the value is undefined, such as a divide by zero error or a domain error, the program will say "Undefined". This program has been tested many times in degrees and radians with common angles such as 0,30,60, and 90 degrees. If you find any problems with this program, please let me know.
degrees.8xp1k02-02-10File is not ratedDegree Converter
Basically all it does is converts the celcius to fahreheit and visvursa. It COMES IN HANDY once and a while!! Trust me!
degreesradians.zip1k04-07-13File is not ratedDegrad
Degrad is a program that will convert degrees into radians and radians into degrees. Simply pick what you want to do(d2r = degrees to radians, etc.), and enter in the data. For degrees, the answer will come out as a fraction; multiply this by pi to get the radians. For radians, put in the coeficient of pi (usually the numerator.) and then the denominator to get your degrees. I'm pretty sure it's bugless and correct, but if anyone has any problems, email me.
degsrads.zip1k04-09-11File is not ratedDegrees to Radians
This program is the first useful program ever released by prgmPIRATES! This program covers most conversions between degrees and radians, and between those two and decimals. It will also find the refernce angle for any angle input in degrees. (Due to programming limitations, it is not able at this time to find the reference angles of radians. I apologize for any inconvience this may cause.) This program is also Mirage OS compatable.
degtorad.zip1k05-09-14File is not ratedDegrees to Radians and Back Again
Converts degrees to radians and radians to degrees. This is better than any other program of this nature because it uses pi rads, not regular rads!
digitalconverter.zip3k08-02-28File is not ratedDigital Converter v1.0
Digital to Decimal Converter v1.0 This is my first program on my TI calcuator, i made it for fun and to help me with my study.This is the first version as you may have noticed so if you find any bugs or glitches i would apreciate the feedback. What it does: 1. Input a digital number asa string. 2. Choose: 1. Convert it to unsigned decimal right away. 2. Convert it to signed decimal with the method of "1's complement". 3. Convert it to signed decimal with the method of "2's complement". 3. it will give an error "NOT A DIGITAL NUMBER" and go to the begining of the program if the given digits don't consist of 1s and 0s. * It should help student who are studying digital design. * Screenshots included. Usage and copy rights and edit rights granted to everybody freely but with the hope of giving me the credit for it. skjafar. Contact: skjafar@gmail.com
dms.zip2k09-02-17File is not ratedDMS and Arch Length
Converts to and from Degrees and DMS Degree and radians Finds Arc Length with either Radiants or Degrees
dtor.8xp1k03-03-08File is not ratedDTOR
A simple program that i made which changes degrees to radians and vice vers. very easy to use and wokrs great.
gps.zip1k05-08-02File is not ratedGPS Converters
This is an update to my previous GPS Converter. This one converts from Decimal to DMS and DMS to Decimal. It has been enhanced with a quicker splash screen and a menu interface.
hexconverter.zip4k03-05-22File is not ratedHex Conversion Utility
The Hex Conversion Utility, or Hex Converter, is a handy program for those who want to put Decimal into Hex, or reverse it. It has many handy features, and was designed for use in coop- eration with programming, such as inputting Hex numbers in ASM programs. It uses a fairly small quick system that allows you to input the number you want to convert.
hextodec.zip1k23-02-05File is not ratedHexadecimal to Decimal Calculator
The title says it all.
hex.zip2k08-11-30File is not ratedBinary to Hex converter
Takes binary numbers and will give you a hexadecimal number. Make sure to look at the "readme" file so you understand how to use it.
jimbin.zip9k08-11-30File is not rateddecimal to binary converter
converts decimal numbers 0-65535 to binary numbers
memconv.zip26k08-09-16File is not ratedByte Converter 1.0
This program allows you to convert between any unit of memory, from bits to terabytes, even nybbles! There is no other one program on ticalc.org that converts between all these units! Conversion follows the IEC standard (Kibibyte and so on), but is written as Kilobyte in the program. If you need to convert between something else, such as Megabits, email me and I will update the program!
memlib.zip1k03-12-08File is not ratedMemory Library
This program can convert memory to memory in every type known by me, good starter for newbies trying to learn about the values of KB,MB,GB,TB,PB...
numberconverter.zip1k03-05-15File is not ratedNumber Converter
Converts numbers of to the base of your choice! It can do Hexadecimal<->Decimal, Decimal<->Binary, or even Hexadecimal<->Binary, just to name a few.
numbtobinary.zip1k10-03-07File is not ratedStandard Notation to Binary
This will take any number up to 2^23-1 and convert it into binary code.
numconv.8xp1k03-03-11File is not ratedNumber Converter
It converts from decimal to hex, bin or octal.
numconv.zip2k00-12-26File is not ratedBase Ten Number Converter
This software will take an inputted base 10 number and convert to a specified number system (2-9).
polaires.zip5k10-03-20File is not ratedPolaires
3 utilitaires pour les coordonnées polaires : CART2POl qui converti les coordonnées cartésiennes en polaire. POL2CART qui converti les coordonnées. polaire en coordonnées cartésiennes. MESUREP qui retourne la mesure principale d'un angle.
rad2deg.zip1k03-07-17File is not ratedRadians To Degrees
This is one of the many programs I wrote in the middle of my Math 12 Summer School class just because I was interested in what I could do (and especially because I was bored). I found this program especially useful during homework and doing my chapter test:P (yes, we are allowed to use graphing calculators during tests... ludicrous, isn't it?).
radeg.zip1k01-04-04File is not ratedRaDeg
Radians degrees and everything in between rad->deg coterminat etc... buncha stuff deg->rad
radianutility.zip2k03-07-21File is not ratedRadian Utility
This math utility is meant to ease the pain of dealing with radian measurements. It converts radians to degrees and visa versa, finds angle intersection points on the unit circle, finds arc legnths, and calculates triganomic ratios.
radix.zip1k04-07-07File is not ratedRADIX (BASE) CONVERTER
This program converts between bases. Converts decimal to binary, decimal to hexadecimal, binary to decimal, binary to hexadecimal, hexadecimal to decimal, and hexadecimal to binary.
radtodeg.zip1k03-03-28File is not ratedRadian to Degree Converter
Converts radians to degrees, and vice-a-versa. Got me an A on a test. Pi symbol is shown after the fraction on radians, but goes on top of fraction.
rect2polar.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedRectangular to Polar Co-ordinate Converter
This program converts from rectangular co-ordinates to polar co-ordinates
rectangular_polar_83p.zip1k04-01-19File is not ratedRectangular <=> Polar
Converts between rectangular coordinates and polar coordinates. Enter the coordinates in radians or degrees and it will give you the answer, answer in fraction(if any differen) and in DMS.
roman.zip1k01-05-27File is not ratedRoman Numerals v1.3
This program can convert Romand to Arabic and vice-versa.
timecalc.zip5k07-04-26File is not ratedTime Calculator
Enter two times, and it shows the number of minutes, and hours:minutes between the two times. Very simple. Be careful on inputting the day difference.
timeconverter83.zip1k03-08-04File is not ratedTime Converter
This program is small. This program basically converts one unit of time to another. Ported from the 83.
tmchnge.zip2k00-10-24File is not ratedTime Changer
A program that will convert the time from one time zone to another.
triprop.zip1k09-05-28File is not ratedAngle to Radius
This converts any angle in a radius. EX. 360= 2 You do have to multiply by Pi to be correct. 360= 2Pi
urc.zip1k03-06-03File is not ratedUniversal Radix Converter
Converts the base of a number. Supports bases 2 to 36. Does error checking.

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