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afactor.zip1k01-05-16File is not ratedafactor
converts expression from Ax^2+Bx+C into a(bx+c)(dx+e)
algquad.zip5k02-03-28File is not ratedAlgQuad - the ultimate quadratic equation solver!
I went through the archives before submitting this program to see which of the quadratic equation programs were the best. Needless to say, many offerred that claim but were lacking in content. Download AlgQuad for the most complete Quadratic Equation solver available! Includes capability for sum and product of roots, nature of the roots, discriminant, and of course the solution. Supports fractions, irrationals, and imaginaries, and includes built in error messages to fix mistakes instead of crashing. 5.2 kbs of excellent program material! Note - a .sit version is also available - just email me at notestriker@capitolaw.com
allfactorer.zip1k11-03-06File is not ratedFactor All Quadratics
This program factors all quadratic equations on the form AX^2 +BX+C=0. So even equations that are considered prime gets factored with this program, wich means that i and the square root sign are used. 1661 bytes on calc.
aquad.zip1k00-10-05File is not ratedAQuad
this program finds the exact roots of a quadratic equasion (ax^2+bx+c=0). it compeltely simplifys the answer. complex roots are handled just as it does real numbers.
complete.zip2k98-11-19File is not ratedCompleting the Square and Quadratic Calculations
compquad.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedComprehensive Quadratic Equation Solver
Comprehensive Quadratic Equation Solver is a program for the TI-86 that, as the name implies, solves quadratic equations. It also distributes binomials, graphs quadratic equations and finds their intercepts, and calculates points.
compsqr.zip1k12-06-17File is not ratedComplete the Square
This little program solves the quadratic equation on the form AX^2+BX+C=0 by completing the square, without any annoying fuzz: There is no screen to tell you who did it, and you don't have to choose various alternatives from menus. Just the works and nothing else. The results are simplified as you go along.
cquad.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedCquad
The best quad program. Includes vertex solver and other stuff. Small for its abilites only 700bites.
crcquad.zip1k99-04-11File is not ratedCRCquad
Deluxe quadratic program.
factquad.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedFact-Quad
A prog that is almost 2k but will factor, find vertex, find discriminant, tell formulas etc, this is honestly the best quadratic prog ever.
fctrquad.zip1k02-02-16File is not ratedFactor Trinomials
A very quick and accurate program that can easily factor even large quadratic trinomials.
kwad.zip1k00-01-11File is not ratedNew Quadratic Formula
This is a basic program that solves quadratic equations and tells about the discriminant and gives the radical solution. Nweq is for new equation and it will ask for a b and c. Very easy to use. My name is listed at the beginning credits.
qdfact.zip2k02-03-28File is not ratedQuadFACT Quadratic Equation Solver
Look no further for your quadratic needs! This program is able to 1)Solve for zero with the quadratic formula, 2)Factor trinomials, 3)Foil 2 binomials, 4)Show work step by step, and 5)Graph. I think you will find that the factoring section is the fastest and most efficient there is.
qformula.zip1k99-11-05File is not ratedThe Quadratic Formula v1.1
Update to The Quadratic Formula v1.0. Fixed bug that would quit the program without displaying the answer when run from AShell.
qform.zip3k99-12-07File is not ratedQuadratic Formula Solver
There are tons of Quadratic Formula programs out, but this is the best. Just type in the coeficients and it will give you the reduced answer. Absolutely no decimals and it even does fractions. Plus, I've included a commented source if you want to learn more about BASIC programming.
quad0.zip1k03-03-18File is not ratedQuad
Quad is a program to calculate a quadratic equation showing the steps as you go.
quad1.zip2k98-04-24File is not ratedQuad v1.0 (works with irrational and imaginary)
Quadratic Equation which will do imaginary s and irrational numbers
quad2.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedQuadratic Function Analyzer
quad3.zip1k99-11-21File is not ratedQuadratic Formula
A quadratic formula solver. Displays the formula, and the 2 answers.
quad4.zip1k00-01-16File is not ratedQuad
Solves the Quadratic equation and displays exact values for: X-Intercepts, Y-Intercept, Axis of Symetery, and Vertex.
quad5.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedQuadSolve
Just type in the equation as it it. ex 2x^2-3x+2. This program will then graph the equation and tell you what the zeros are, in either standard or imaginary form
quad86.zip1k98-11-22File is not ratedQuadratic Formula
quadeqn.zip2k99-11-21File is not ratedQuadratic Equation v2.0
Quadratic Equation 2.0 -- Calculates Roots, vertex, discriminant. Imaginary compliant. Made by the TI-Source.
quadequ.zip1k02-10-14File is not ratedQuadratic Equation Solver
A nifty program that solves for roots of a quadratic equation when you input the values. Will give the calculated value, real value, and the discriminant.
quadform2.zip1k99-11-14File is not ratedXtreme QuadForm
This program is great for tests.
quadform3.zip1k99-12-08File is not ratedQuadform v1.0
A program that solves all quadratic formulas and shows the work required to solve them. Great for math tests.
quadform4.zip1k05-09-29File is not ratedQUADF
This is an advanced quadratic formula program that includes the discriminant, graph of the equation, center of the equation, repeat, and table. Also is user-friendly with the use of strings.
quadform.zip1k98-02-13File is not ratedQuadForm 1.0
Find values of a quadratic eqn.
quadfunc.zip4k00-03-29File is not ratedQuadratic Function Grapher
Quadradic Function Grapher Graphs Quadratic Equations and finds the needed variables for the graph. It also writes the equation in standard form as well as having User-Defined Options
quadf.zip1k99-11-06File is not ratedQuadratic Functions v3.2
This program quickly solves the quadratic formula, showing you the exact and decimal answers. It also finds the vertex and instaneous velocity.
quadgs.zip1k00-04-05File is not ratedQuad GS v1.1
A good quadratic equations solver. Solves for real and non-real solutions.
quadit.zip1k02-09-27File is not ratedQuadIt
Give it a quadratic equation, get x in quad. equation format with radical reduced and i factored out
quadrad86.zip1k03-05-12File is not ratedQuadrad v2.00
This is the original, easy to understand, and effective tool for doing quadratic equations on your TI-86. Version 2.00 is the best version yet. There is a HUGE bug fix and now shows the discriminant (I found that some teachers want to know the this in class discussions and on tests). WARNING: I had to use my 85 version to make this one. If something doesn't work right, email me with a description of the problem and I'll make the required changes.
quadrat86.zip1k99-08-08File is not ratedQuadrat v1.2
Uses the quadratic formula.
quadratic2.zip1k99-05-28File is not ratedQuadratic Equation Programs
Solves quadratic equations and factors them.
quadratic3.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedQuadratic Equation Solver
This version fixed the problem with the old verision. Sorry about the mix up. This is a quadratic equation solver. It finds the roots/x intercepts, the vertex, the axis of symmetry, the discriminant, the y intercept, and it graphs it.
quadratic.zip1k98-08-31File is not ratedQuadratic Formula Program
quadrat.zip1k99-08-07File is not ratedQuadratic Formula
Solves any quadratic equation.
quadra.zip1k98-11-19File is not ratedQuadra Solver v0.5a
Quadratic equation solver
quadreg.zip1k00-12-01File is not ratedQuadReg
Does quadratic regression lines. easy to use unless you're a moron.
quadrtic.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedQuadrtic
Finds the vertex of a quadratic equation.
quadsolver.zip1k02-10-25File is not ratedQuadratic Formula Solver
This program will solve the quadratic formula for you when you input a, b, and c. It will do real and complex roots, and will show you the exact value (in unsimplified form) and the value calculated out. Will also display the discriminant.
quadsolv.zip1k98-01-22File is not ratedQuadratic Multi-variable Solver
Solves quadratic equations for any variable
quadster.zip2k98-03-23File is not ratedQuadster 2.0
solve, factor, find Quadratic equations
quadti86.zip3k01-02-04File is not ratedQuadTI86
This program will give you everything that you want to know about parabolas. Including x intercept, y intercept, vertex, line of symmetry, discrimnant, and if it opens up or down. Everything you needed in a program and nothing else.
quadtlbx.zip3k06-10-10File is not ratedQuadratic Toolbox 86 v2.01
A quadratic formula program that finds the values for x and shows the work to get them and graph a quadratic equation and show its Y Intercept, X Intercepts, vertex, axis of symmetry, and how the parabola opens. It also has an option to view certain formulas related to parabolas.
quad.zip1k97-07-10File is not ratedQuad
qudrtc.zip4k00-10-07File is not ratedDibeng Quadratica - v1.0
Dibeng Quadratica is a program that factors and sloves quadratic equations as well as displays the quadratic formula. Solutions are given in three different forms, including exact value forms. The imaginary number i is also supported.
solv.zip1k01-02-07File is not ratedSolv
Ratkaisee tosen asteen yhtälön ratkaisukaavalla ja näyttää välivaiheet.
suprquad.zip3k99-02-02File is not ratedSuper Quad v4.1
Ultimate Quad program for the TI 86
trinome.zip1k98-06-29File is not ratedTrinome
Quadratic equations - symbolic
work.86p1k01-12-22File is not ratedQuadratic Formula
SHOWS WORK!!!! small simple program that solves for X and shows the work needed to get it.
yaqs.zip5k00-09-05File is not ratedYet Another Quadractic Solver
this will solve the quadratic equation for the user-> and it will draw fake work that one supposedly did; the user can copy this onto ones sheets to fool teachers

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