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Last updated Wednesday, 9 April 2014
Total downloads 344,659
Most popular file  Sudoku 1.0 with 265,331 downloads.

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sudoku2.zip1k06-05-14File rated 7.96Sudoku 1.0
Well, I had a great success with Sudoku 0.9, so I decided to fix a flaw in the last version. This is a fully featured Sudoku random generator, there are no preset puzzles, you will get a different one every time. The fix I made is to basically just make it move alot faster; the previous version had an extremely slow moving cursor... now it's fast... like lightning. Thanks to all who enjoyed/enjoy my game, you folks are the reason I program. And thanks for all the nice emails. :)
asudoku.zip3k08-01-31File is not ratedSudoku
This is a graphical Sudoku game with a random level generator, 4 levels of difficulty, load/save/continue/restart functionality and an error identifier/clearer
bucks.8xp1k02-06-01File is not ratedPass the Buck
A Price is Right based game.
challenge24.zip1k06-05-11File is not ratedChallenge 24
This program is based on the game Challenge 24. The program will take a while to display each card, as they are randomly generated by the statement that I hardcoded into the script. The point of the game is to use any of the four operations (+,-,*,/) along with the four numbers given in any order to result in an answer of 24. After you mentally solve each card, press enter and a new card will be generated. This program will be great for those of you who want to excel at this game, and those of you who just want to be able to think faster. Also, since it is on a portable device, you can practice wherever you go! Enjoy!
classicsudoku.zip6k09-12-07File is not ratedSudoku
The classic Sudoku for your calculator! The program includes very nice graphics and runs fast. For more information see "Info" at the Menu of the game. Feel free to comment my game!
drop1024.zip3k08-09-15File is not ratedDrop 1024
This is a tetris-like game with a cool math twist! Stack up the falling numbers so that the numbers in a stack have a sum of 10 or a product of 24.
fido.zip34k08-11-30File is not ratedFido's Puzzle
A wonderful first impression of a calculator program for a friend! This program goes through a short series of steps to read your mind! Try to figure out how it accomplishes this wonderful task.
garbagegame.zip1k13-03-11File is not ratedGarbage
Garbage is a game in which you are given five digits. Your goal is to make the greatest FOUR digit number and the unused digit goes in the garbage. More instructions in the game menu.
guess_11.zip1k10-05-18File is not ratedThe guessing game
A guessing game where you guess a number from 1 to 10. simple
guessinggame4difficulties.zip1k10-08-27File is not ratedGuessing
Simple guessing game
gyoretsu.zip7k02-05-11File is not ratedGy├┤retsu (The Matrix)
Defeat the matrix with your powers of addition and subtraction. Set three or more numbers equal to each other in a line to make them disappear. Make all the numbers disappear, get a high score. Simple enough?
math24.zip13k06-02-07File is not ratedMath 24
After being givven 4 numbers you must create an equation that equals 24 using all four numbers.
mathquiz.zip1k01-03-08File is not ratedMath Quiz
A Math Quiz. Up to 2 Players.
mathstar.zip1k04-03-09File is not ratedStarwars:math blasters
Very entertaining. I know it is very simplistic, but it is also one of my first perfected programs. Please do not edit. There may be bugs, but don't be stupid and scroll off screen!
pcsudoku.zip10k07-12-06File is not ratedPatz Calculator Sudoku v2.30
Patz Calculator Sudoku is a lightweight, fully-featured Sudoku program. It generates a Sudoku puzzle that you can solve. With a wide array of features (fully random puzzles, saving/loading, speed, etc.), this game is a must-have for the Sudoku freak! This is the final version of Patz Calculator Sudoku. Shell compatible.
plusmoins.zip1k12-01-21File is not ratedultimate "More or less" game Deluxe
This is a French program, with a beautiful graphic environment, but a completely basic game: You should guess a number that the calculator chose, and it tells you "more" or "less" when you try a number.
puzzle.zip1k05-10-29File is not ratedPuzzle
A simple number puzzle. You are given 5 numbers and each one has the same number added to it, subtracted from it, multiplied by it, or divided by it. You have to guess what that number is, then tell what the next number could be an you can't use a number that was already given.
rprice.zip2k05-09-05File is not ratedThe Price is Right
A text game of the Price is Right. Well, actually it's a little weirder than that. Just download and try it - it's funny!
sudoku06.zip54k07-01-27File is not ratedSudoku v1.0
This is probably the most advanced sudoku game out there. It includes TOTALLY RANDOM generated sudokus. Be warned, this is not pseudo-random sudokus that are simply the same puzzle with different numbers, but RANDOM SUDOKUS. It is highly unlikely you will ever get the same sudoku twice. It also includes a possibilities feature, which allows you to sketch in possible numbers for every box. You can also save and load sudokus. Have fun, and send comments/suggestions.
sudoku2006.zip1k06-04-22File is not ratedSudoku2006
This is a sudoku game that you can enter a puzzle into matrix A. Then you will have a sudoku chalange. rember that you can't change givens and a black square will be represented by a 0 in the matrix.
sudoku83plus.zip2k13-03-26File is not ratedSudoku
This is the game of Sudoku complete with a very random puzzle generator, three difficulties (easy, medium, and hard), and an error-free puzzle checker. This is a very nice version of Sudoku and is definitely worth the download!
sudoku_99.zip15k09-03-29File is not ratedSudoku*
Update 4: This is an easy to use Sudoku game that features a smart checker that can be toggled on or off, hints, save and load feature, automatic archive and unarchive of save, loading bars, and level select. This new version makes it easier to manage your saved puzzle, as you can now delete your puzzle directly from the main menu. Features a variable menu that changes depending on whether or not you have a save file. Also fixed that annoying thing where it deleted your saved puzzle if you pressed quit from the main menu. Now it will only delete your save if you press quit on the puzzle menu (which makes sense).
sudoku_by_mdr_falcon.zip33k06-09-08File is not ratedSudoku by MDR Falcon
Here it is: v2.0 of my Sudoku program! This version features randomly generated puzzles that are generated within the main program, so no additional programs are needed like in previous versions! And that means that Sudoku v2.0 will take up 75% less space on your calc than v1.2! Also new in this version: a new output engine that gives puzzles rotational symmetry for balance and your viewing pleasure. Other features include a scoring system and four levels of difficulty. Best of all, it is compatible with MirageOS, CrunchyOS, and Doors CS for easy access!
sudokugame.zip5k05-12-21File is not ratedSudoku Game
The craze that has taken the world by storm is now invading your calculator! Simple to use, this program lets you solve puzzles selected by the program, or you can input your own. Perfect for puzzle enthusiasts or for simply wasting time.
sudokugui.zip5k06-07-07File is not ratedSudoku GUI
This is a GUI for sudoku puzzles, (which I entered into the Cemetech sudoku contest and won with) providing an easy to use interface for what may or may not be your favorite puzzle.
sudokuinterface.zip3k11-08-30File is not ratedSudoku Interface Program
This is my second game-like program that I have made. This sudoku interface program may have bugs. Report them to the email address in the readme. WARNING: This program uses a lot of battery power, as it runs a for loop during execution.
sudokun.zip5k07-08-21File is not ratedSudoku
sudoku() { Sudoku("Can you Sudoku?"); }
sudokuv2.zip7k08-12-01File is not ratedSudoku2
A full-featured GUI for sudoku, including a puzzle generator with 4 difficulties, puzzle checker, puzzle saving, and a very spiffy GUI. Weighing in at only 3510 bytes, it is feature-packed and easy to use. Recently updated to include an editor for making you own sudoku puzzles.
sudokuv3.zip2k06-08-13File is not ratedSudoku v3.2
A sudoku game with many features including quick puzzle generation (5 seconds on the 84), saved game, and instant loading of saved game. Much smaller than 3.1. See readme for more features.
sudoku.zip3k05-09-01File is not ratedSu Doku Assistant
This is a program to assist in you in solving Su Doku puzzles on your calculator. A quick, intuitive, clean interface ensures that you stay focused on solving the puzzle rather than figuring the program out.
ti2048.zip1k14-04-09File is not ratedTI-2048
A replica of the game 2048 in TI-BASIC! Arrows to Slide, [MODE] to Quit How to Play: Press an arrow key to slide all tiles in that direction. Tiles with the same numbers will combine and add together. Try to get to 2048 and beyond!
zsudoku.zip2k06-01-07File is not ratedSudoku v1.0
This is an update of my first stab at the Sudoku program. This has only 4 different puzzles, but one can easily change and add their own puzzles.

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