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tiplow.zip202k17-10-10File is not ratedTI-PLOW: A Seasonal Game
Help Timmy the plow truck driver plow all the snow in the city. However, due to budget cuts, Timmy will lose his job if he drives the plow over areas that don't have any snow: that would waste fuel, time, and money. Try not to take too long, the city doesn't pay overtime.
tiflow_84.zip320k16-06-15File is not ratedTI-FLOW
TI-FLOW is a port of Flow Free for the TI-84 Plus monochrome series of calculators. Flow is played by two simple rules: connect each lettered pair of dots (nodes), and fill every space. Flows are also not allowed to cross themselves or flows of a different letter. TI-FLOW features 400 playable levels separated into 4 packs that can be loaded individually. The TI-FLOW Pack Creator Java program allows users to create their own packs and levels. Can you complete every level perfectly?
mazesrc.zip4k13-11-29File is not ratedMaze Runner
The original maze game. Does not need Mirage OS to run. Has 6 hand drawn levels which will challenge even the best maze runner.
snakeinamaze.zip4k12-02-14File is not ratedSnake in a Maze
Guide the snake through the mazes to reach the exit without crashing into the walls or your own trail! This game is a lot faster paced than most maze games and requires quick reflexes and good timing. Level editor and documentation are also included.
minotaur83.zip110k11-11-12File is not ratedMINOTAUR: v2.7 with Level Editor + Generator
MINOTAUR is a maze game based on the puzzle, "Theseus and the Minotaur". But in this version you are(Perseus) are stuck in a labyrinth, with a Minotaur blocking the way. The only way to get out is through the exit. The problem is, the Minotaur moves twice as fast as you. But luckily for you, it has a very simple brain that sometimes makes bad decisions. Using tricks and traps, you can guide Perseus to the exit. The editor is a very useful tool for making and editing levels. With 8 different types of blocks, there are more than a googol maze setups. The generator creates random levels to help create ideas for your level. Also included are 5 sample levels. Fixed a lot of bugs.
lollipop.zip5k11-09-16File is not ratedLollipop: Quest for... guess what? Lollipops!
Lollipop is a puzzle game based off of PopCap's Mummy Maze in which you embark on an epic journey to find... lollipops. While avoiding evil ghosts that try to eat you, that is. By the way, the program shouldn't run as slowly as it does in the GIF (I used WabbitEmu to capture it).
lollipop2.zip6k11-08-24File is not ratedLollipop 2: MOAR LOLLIPOPS PLZ?
Sequel to Lollipop, along with new features, such as jellyfish (of course! why not?), traps, keys, and gates. If you haven't played Lollipop, it's recommended that you do so first :]
pwrmaze.zip17k11-07-03File is not ratedPower Maze
Power Maze is a small and simply made program that generates mazes of many sizes and difficulties. You can control maze size, starting location, and how zigzagged the maze is, then watch it be generated. You can even change the zigzaggedness (known as "ROC") in mid-production to produce spirals and other structures. You choose when you want the generator to stop generating, and can save the maze to a picture variable.
extrememaze.zip12k10-12-30File is not ratedExtreme Maze
Are you looking for a challenging maze? This is an extremely large maze made up of twelve 16x32 block rooms, making for a total maze size of 6,144 blocks or 48 calculator screens. The screen scrolls as you move through the rooms, and you can use the map to determine which of the twelve rooms you're in. This program runs at a good speed, and it still takes 10-20 minutes to solve! The solution is also included. Download this now for a challenge!
dcsdfsmaze.zip1k10-12-19File is not ratedDCS DFS Maze Generator v1.0
This maze generator uses a depth-first search (DFS) algorithm to build moderately difficult mazes. It accepts a passage width parameter from the user; the smaller the passages, the more complex the maze. For speedy recursion, the DCS DFS Maze Generator uses the DCSB Lib AnsStack functions, so you need Doors CS 7.0 or later on your calculator (http://dcs.cemetech.net).
zombietown.zip3k09-10-29File is not ratedZombie Town
Can you find your way out from Zombie Town? You will open doors, face zombies, find keys and even a teddybear... What?? :0
trapped.zip7k09-10-10File is not ratedTrapped
You wake up in an empty room... You don't know where you are... or why you're here... Only that you are Trapped... Trapped is an Adventure Syle puzzle game with a huge map, Items, Puzzles, Enemies, an much much more! With captivating game play, and amazing puzzles, Trapped will have you puzzling over it for hours! Can you escape the dastardly maze? Or will you be Trapped forever...
dungeon.zip4k09-06-12File is not ratedDUNGEON
An awesome, pretty fast-running first person adventure game. The task is simple: Pick the keys and find your way to the Exit-door. Extra-maps included!
maze.8xg.zip1k09-06-10File is not ratedMaze Corridors (2007)
Try to navigate the maze in two ways: the classic way, and the you're-actually-trapped-in-the-corridor way. NOTE: The bug in the original program is gone now!
findthehiddentreasure.zip134k08-05-27File is not ratedFind The Hidden Treasure
Find Hidden Treasure is a fun game in which the objective is to find the 'hidden' treasure. There are many mazes which feature hidden tricks, traps and surprises, which try to prevent you from nearing closer to that glorious pile of black and white pixelated treasure! Find The Hidden Treasure is a great time-waster (or preferably, time-filler) when you are looking for something interesting to do!
iceescape.zip2k07-12-31File is not ratedRecipito's Ice Escape
A platform based in an ice cave where the objective is to exit each of the 30 levels through the puzzling way of movement: you will continue a direction until you collide with a boulder.
platformmaze.zip32k07-12-21File is not ratedPlatform Maze
Platform maze is my first attempt to make a game in the platform genre. I works like all other platformer, and you are trying to find the exit of a level. A level is large, so there is a save function who let you save the game at any time. There is surprisely many save slots too who takes about no space... I made this program for a contest some time ago, but it turned out that I was the only one who turned in something. the program has a Doors CS 6+ customized icon. (Doors CS 6+ is a flash shell made by Kerm Martian.)
mazepack2.zip1k07-09-05File is not ratedmaZepAck
This is a collection of four superb mazes that I have worked on for the past year and a half! This is a MUST DOWNLOAD!!!
tilegame.zip15k07-07-26File is not ratedTileGame Version 2.21
Tile-Game is a tile based game, inspirated by "Chip's Challenge" (by Chuck Sommerville) where "you" (a theta sign) are trying to reach the exit. To do this, "you" have to go throug a level (by using the arrow keys) while you are picking up keys, coins, and other usefull items (like "Fire-resisting Boots" and stuff like that). There is a kind of door where "you" have to get more (or equal to) a limit of coins to pass, and this limit depends on the level. In the levelset included in this release of the game, it is 4 levels in diferent difficult-grades (Yes, you can make your own levelset too! but then you need to read about the listsystem I uses first. That file is also included, and if you don't understand the file, e-mail me). You can see how many coins you need, and how many keys + items you have by pressing "2ND". To start the program, open "TILEGAME", and select a menu item. If you selected "PLAY", you wil be asked for a password if you want to go to another level in the set. You don't know any passwords yet, so you only have to press "ENTER". The cuppent level will be loaded into memory. To play it, pres "ENTER" when the password to that level appears on the screene whit the "Press enter to contine..." message. The level will now load while you are seeing a coundown from 7. When the countdown is complete, then you can start moving around (the zero from the coundown will morph into the theta sign). Every time there is a countdown, you have to wait to it finish before you can do something. The game contains an editor too! where you can use all of the 40 different tiles to make a own level besides for the set! The editor is easy to use, and the only thing you have to do is to move the custor and press a button where you want a tile to be placed. You can read about the different keys for the different tiles in a file included. If you still have questions, read the documentation, and if you still wondering about something (about this game), e-mail me. Thanks to Alex Cho Snyder for help with the "Drawing level" code.
slipz.zip7k07-03-10File is not ratedSlipz v1.3
Slipz is a puzzle game in which you are an X, desperately trying to make your way back to the /. Unfortunately, whenever you try to move in a certain direction, you keep going until you hit a wall. Again, unfortunately, mines and flytraps seem to have spawned everywhere. Have fun!
labrynth2.zip11k07-03-06File is not ratedLabrynth of Doom
This is a program that creates a maze (2D) that you have to find your way out of. BUT... you have to do it before the time runs out! It does not take up tons of space and only uses strings 1-4, pic 1, list 1 and a custom list. CHECK IT OUT!
zoith.zip8k07-02-18File is not ratedZoith
Zoith, is a fully graphical puzzle/platformer game written in TI-Basic (with no help from assembaly library's) for Harrierfalcon's TI-Basic game contest on UnitedTI.org. With only one mistake before you die, how far will you make it in this puzzle platformer (with the best name ever)? Zoith is influenced by Fred Spark's Metroid Pure and shares several mechanics with it.
qdedalus.zip1k07-01-13File is not ratedDedalus (Maze)
This maze game gets harder as you go and generates random levels. It's fun to play and it stores high scores as well. under 700 bytes in size as well !
freemove.zip1k06-12-24File is not ratedFreemove Maze
Make it from the left side of the screen to the right. Tons of fun.
qzicelide.zip8k06-08-05File is not ratedIcelide
The idea is to move your character from point A to point B. Sounds easy enough? Add a floor of slippery ice into the equation...once you start moving, you don't stop until you hit a rock or the wall. Includes 6 levels and a means of creating your own levels.
maze3d.zip5k06-07-07File is not ratedMaze3D
A game that randomly creates a maze and allows a player to walk through it in a 3D environment.
minefield.zip2k06-06-15File is not ratedMine Field
This a fun Game were you try to go from point A to point B with out hitting any mine. You get to look at a map but only for a short time. The map can be wrong from time to time. Contest: Get a chance to make next level. Check readme for more info.
robertosmaze.zip2k06-05-14File is not ratedRoberto's Maze v1.2
Be sure to download Roberto's Maze, an awesome maze game. The game has great graphics and quick gameplay, making for a most excellent gaming experience. But don't just take my word for it, check out the screenshot and download it. Enjoy! Update: After revising the program code, I managed to shrink it from around 1600 bytes to around 1200. This also provided a noticeable speed increase!
mazesnow.zip247k06-04-19File is not ratedMazesNow
MazesNow! Yes this is a maze game. This is a game using Ascii graphics to navigate through four mazes. It runs smooth and fast, and doesn't take up much space. Updated, pack it all into one program which helps the speed go up and number of programs go down. Added a bonus level for the final release.
convolute.zip5k06-01-04File is not ratedConvolute
A maze-type game in which walls appear and disappear at random, making what seemed like a way out one second impossible the next. Fortunately, you start with five bombs, which you can use to blast through walls. See readme for more info. This version fixes a slight problem with MirageOS compatibility.
randmaze.zip3k05-12-17File is not ratedRandom Maze
Creates a 'perfect' random maze on the homescreen using Nick Hansen's DFS maze generator.
simplemazeexpansion.zip8k05-11-21File is not ratedSimplest Maze Ever Made 2.0
Now has another seven levels. Also fixed a problem with the doors on level four. the scrolling custom menu is cool too.
mousemaze.zip5k05-10-26File is not ratedMouse Maze version 1.0
This is a very simple maze programmed in BASIC and the home screen. There are no bugs except that the maze is incredibly simple. You can collect cheese to earn extra points at the end.
pipemaze.zip3k05-10-24File is not ratedPipe Maze
Pipe Maze is the game where you try to choose the correct pipe to drop a ball in, such that it will fall into the correct bin after traversing a large maze of intertwined pipes. There is a wide range of difficulty settings that can accommodate the most novice to the most advanced users. Also included is a level editor that allows the user to create levels and play them or play a random level. The choice is yours so what are you waiting for...?
mazer.zip4k05-10-12File is not ratedMazer v1.0
A very addicting maze game in which you have to find your way through a randomly generated 20x20 maze. However, you can only see one 8x8 section at a time. Features a save game slot and runs fairly fast.
awesomemazes.zip2k05-09-13File is not ratedAwesomeMazes
Awesome Mazes is the coolest basic maze out there...ok? it is a MUST download. check out the readme gimme some feedback. please. just check it out.
move3.zip2k05-09-12File is not ratedMove Three
A BASIC maze game, like MoveQuest, just shorter.
move2.zip2k05-09-12File is not ratedMove Two
A BASIC maze game, like MoveQuest, just shorter.
move1.zip1k05-09-12File is not ratedMove One
A BASIC maze game, like MoveQuest, just shorter.
movequest.zip5k05-09-05File is not ratedMove Quest
A BASIC maze game where there are enemies, landmines, health ups and teleport stations. There is even a boss interface! Challenging and fun. If you run it in someting Mirage it WILL BE SLOW. I suggest unarchiving and archiving it whenever you want to play it. (But make sure you have enough memory).
escap.zip1k05-08-08File is not ratedEscape
The object of the game is to Escape. To the left and right side of the screen, are 6 sections. Walk into a section to open any combination of the 6 doors in the middle of the middle of the room. When all doors are open, walk out to win. I thank Ray Kremer for helping me with improving my waling routine. He told me how to make it stay fast. I intend on adding programs to go with this one and combne them all into one program. Then it will be a program about escaping jail. Have fun.
textualmaze.zip1k05-06-01File is not ratedTextual Maze
A new type of maze program, Textual maze gives players only the directions they can travel rather than a map overview. This is to simulate being lost in an actual maze. If you can escape the maze in under 150 moves, you win. If not, rats eat your flesh for all eternity. :D So, think you're up to it?
mazepack.zip43k05-05-07File is not ratedMaze Pack V 1.1
--- UPDATED VERSION -Maze adventure level 4 fixed -Faster versions of all games added (old versions retained also) --- Fun fun fun! This is a package containing all five of the games in my Maze series. It includes the original Maze; the much-improved sequel (creatively titled Maze 2); an alternate-graphics version of Maze 2 called Maze 2 Negative; Maze 2 Easy, which includes some new levels and some of the easiers levels from Maze, running in the Maze 2 'engine'; and the exciting Maze Adventure, which brings four new levels and a linear progression structure. If you've played the original Maze and found it a bit dodgy, please give this ago, as the later games are much better. Features new to Maze 2 include a pause key (2ND to pause, any key to resume), the chance to view the level before you start moving (press any key to begin), the ability to go off the edge of the screen and appear at the opposite edge (not ripping off snake 2 in any way, of course ;-), and of course some new levels. ------ More fun and MORE DINOSAURS!
maze.zip28k05-03-19File is not ratedMaze
You must go navigate through a series of mazes. Your character is constantly moving (as in snake, but your tail stays in place), and you must avoid the walls and fiendish pixels. Fun and INVOLVES DINOSAURS!!!!!!!
pixelmaze.zip8k05-02-11File is not ratedPixel Maze
Its a maze game where your objective is to get to the end as fast and with the fewest moves as possible. My first BASIC game, so the feedback is welcome.
thymazecaesar.zip3k05-01-28File is not ratedThy Maze Caesar
This game really depends on your personality. If you like action-high, shoot-'em-ups, I suggest you find another game. Thy Maze Caesar is a Text-based maze game, meaning that there are very few graphics. The readme tells you more.
amazingmaze.zip1k04-10-09File is not ratedAmazing Maze
Load preexisting mazes even better in a more effective way.
amazedit.zip1k04-10-09File is not ratedAmazing Maze Editor
Even better than before. Load a preexisting maze or create a new one.
egpmaze.zip1k04-06-04File is not ratedMaze
This is a simple maze game, using the arrows and quit keys. One maze included. create you own, also.
kquest2.zip4k04-05-08File is not ratedQuest II
This advanced puzzle-solving game combines the premise of games like Chips Challenge with mazes to provide hours of engrossing fun. The included level set includes 15 levels for you to slide, teleport, unlock, and bounce your way through. External levels are supported; Doors CS v4.0 optimized. Check out the screenshots!
mazowithedit04b.zip3k04-04-15File is not ratedMaz-O 0.4B with Level Editor
The latest version of great game Maz-O! With versions in Spanish and English (this is the English version), this game is sure to become everyone's favorite. Better yet, it still supports all those old mazes you made for v0.3! Also includes level editor so you don't have to fool with any outside programs. However, for those of you short of RAM on your calc only send the editor.
mazoesp.zip1k04-04-15File is not ratedMaz-O 0.3B en espanol
Mi espanol es muy, muy, muy, muy, muy malo... :( (los screen-shots es del versione ingles) Te gustaria ayuda yo? E-mail yo m1ss1ontomars2k4@yahoo.com
mazerun83p.zip1k04-04-09File is not ratedMaze Runner
You control the theta guy around the maze tryign to get to the end ( the O) in the least amount of time. The only bad thing about this program is that you need to copy the [A] matrix to your calc to because i made this before i new how to make matirices without the editor. This games is just like golf, you want the lowest score possible. My lowest is 275
mazo.zip1k04-04-01File is not ratedMaz-O 0.3รข
Maz-O is a simple maze game with support for external levels. This version comes with three built-in ones so you don't have to make them yourself.
mapmaze.zip1k04-02-16File is not ratedMap Maze
This is a game in which you try to move to the end of the screen. In order to do so, you must find the hidden accessable wall. It is pretty slow, as well as dumb, but i think it's great for new programmers to see how to do this kind of stuff.
maze2001.zip2k03-09-21File is not ratedMaze 2001
Fun maze game where you pilot yourself through a series of included self-drawing graphical mazes from start to finish, using directional buttons. Also included is a custom maze player giving you the ability to play your own mazes- simply draw your own on the graph screen and use this program to navigate through them!! Must have all 3 programs included here in RAM so that it works. Approx 6k on your calc! Enjoy!
maximaze.zip9k03-09-16File is not ratedMaxiMaze v2.1
An advanced maze game for the TI-83 Plus (SE). Navigate through multiple rooms, each containing walls, teleporters, propulsion pads, keys/locks, and other surprises. For complete documentation, please go to http://mysite.verizon.net/mccutchen/maximaze/.
minezz.zip9k03-09-07File is not ratedMineZ
MineZ is a game where you must make it to the stairs without hitting mines hidden in the gameboard. Every time you make it the amount of MineZ increases and so does your score. You have tools that will help you pass through the mineZ with ease. A flash quickly reveals the hidden MineZ, a detonator destroys a nearby mine, and an explorer explores the gamefield leaving behind a safe trail of passage. MineZ has superb graphics, High score, and low memory requirements.UPDATE:Fixed some file bugs and speed issues. And of course it only comes to you from OuTeR LiMiT SoFtWaRe!! DOWNLOAD NOW!!! visit www.outerlimit.tk for a complete message board and game downloads!
fillitup.zip1k03-06-16File is not ratedFill It Up
An adicting puzzle game. You are in a maze like level where you must got through the whole level without going over a previous location. This was the first platform that I had made this game for 2 years ago. If you like this game and want more, or you hate it because graphicly it looks crappy, then you can e-mail me for a request of a version I made for the Game Boy Advance. Its 1000% better.
doths.zip2k02-10-15File is not ratedDot
An original program; try to find a hidden path to the bottom of the screen with as few deaths as possible. The computer makes random maps, you can make your own, or edit any existing one.
personmaze.zip7k02-09-27File is not ratedMaze
This is a first-person maze, similar in concept to what a rat may see looking for cheese in a maze. Includes a Radar at the top to help find the target location. Also comes with a level editor.
mazerun.zip2k02-07-23File is not ratedMaze Runner
A maze game. You can create and play your own mazes or randomly generated ones.
darkedit.zip4k02-07-11File is not ratedThe Darkness Room Editor
This is a room editor for the Darkness, my maze game. I made the Darkness so that it would be compatible for external levles and I have made one so far. If you are interested in making your own level this program is for you. Making a level takes some programing, but if you know little or no programming this progam along with the included walkthrough will help you out.
minez.zip9k02-05-28File is not ratedMines!
Hey, if you like mines, check out this game! It may be ghetto, but hey, it's fun! Tell me what you think!
mazerun.8xp2k02-05-12File is not ratedMaze Runner
Create a custom maze or random maze and play it. Includes help function
dark.zip3k02-05-12File is not ratedThe Darkness
This is a maze game that is different from all other maze games. It is played in the dark. You have to find your way around by bumping into walls. Make sure to read the text file before playing. Visit my TI-83 Plus BASIC site at www.geocities.com/kylemcguinn.
maze3.zip1k02-04-10File is not ratedMaze v0.5
This is a demo for scrolling screens. I hope to use this in an upcoming rpg project.
laby.zip1k02-03-03File is not ratedLabyrinthe
ports.8xp2k02-02-16File is not ratedPorts
You are a little guy that has to get to the door (A) and you go tho ports (*) to get there it only has a few levels but im making a level editor and more levels. VERY FUN
dedales_plus.83g3k02-02-10File is not ratedDedales
3D maze game. Auto generated levels. Wire 3D engine.
mazegame.zip2k01-12-16File is not ratedMaze
There aren't many quality maze games out there and thats why I decided to make one. I set out to create the best maze game available in BASIC. And trust me folks, I reached that goal. Even if you don't like mazes, I believe that you will enjoy this game. Thank you.
mazepack25.zip25k01-12-16File is not ratedMazePack for the TI-83 Plus
MazePack is an assembly language enhanced collection of maze utilities. You can make, solve, and play the mazes.
megamaze.zip12k01-09-08File is not ratedMega Maze v1.2
This is a new version of one of my older games, the only difference is this one is capable of rom calls for the mazes so you can keep your mazes archived, and this also includes a new program i made, mazemate v1.0, to help you make your own mazes, for those of you who don't know mega maze is a game that take a program, and creates a maze for you to play, also this program can run much faster than any of the other maze game out there.
amazing.zip2k01-04-26File is not ratedA-Mazing
Simple Maze program. Just select your game, and play it. You can even create your own mazes, and it's as easy as creating a picture and a list with 4 elements (start and finish)
mazeos.zip8k01-03-05File is not ratedMazeOS
This program allows you to play 2D mazes and also includes 5 mazes that you can play.
maze2000.zip4k00-12-01File is not ratedThe Ultimate Maze 2000 v2.0
A 1-player ultimate maze game. It has 5 different levels and a high score for each. It also has special keys: Save, Pause, Quit, and a Teacher Key. Although the main objective of this game is to make it to the finish, the main purpose is just to get as far as you can. The maze is extremely complicated and you're most likely going to either accidentally run into a wall by turning too early or late or by running into a dead end. If you somehow manage to make it all the way through and reach the finish, you will be awarded 1,000 extra points. The beauty of this game is that even if you happen to win it'll still be fun the next time you play because the correct route is almost impossible to remember. Great Game!
dungeon2.zip7k00-09-05File is not ratedDungeon Escape
You are locked in a dungeon and you must get out. This game has tons of animation, awesome graphics, and really smooth scrolling. Looks a lot more like an assembly game than a basic game.
mazezip.zip1k00-08-19File is not ratedBryant Lee's Random Maze Generator
Generates a completely random maze for your to solve. Lots of novelty
lab3d.zip2k00-08-18File is not ratedLabyrinth 3D
A fun game where you walk around in a maze in the first person point of view. You can make your own levels. Doesn't take up a lot of memory.
hardmaze2.zip1k00-08-11File is not ratedHard Maze v1.0
The hardst maze of all. I'll bet you that you can't beat it if u can email me and see whats coming to you!
um83.zip9k00-08-03File is not ratedUltra Maze 83/83 Plus v1.3
This is a maze game that I consider to be Ultra. Features 10 mazes and a maze editor. Also, it is extremely fast. Very fun! Awesome graphics!
amaze.zip2k00-07-14File is not ratedAmaze
Amaze that you want to escape
hardmaze.zip1k00-03-29File is not ratedHardMaze v1.0
A seemingly endless maze is drawn on your calculator screen very quickly, then you have the option of starting from the inside or the outside of the maze. After choosing where to start, you are off, trying to time each corner perfectly, for if you hit the wall, you lose. Names and high scores are saved. Email me and tell me what the high score is after you beat the game, and I will send you a suprise!

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