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Last updated Tuesday, 13 December 2016
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codebreaker.zip1k16-12-13File is not ratedCode Breaker
You have a four digit code that you have to break. How many guesses before you can guess the code?
9hilo.zip1k16-09-16File is not ratedHigher or Lower Guessing Game
Guess whether a the next random number is higher or lower than the current one. The game's also keeping score.
guess84.zip1k15-08-02File is not ratedGuessMe 84
An updated version of GuessMe from the TI-86, with some new features. Works with the TI-84+ and 84+ SE.
game1update.zip2k14-05-26File is not rated"Advanced" guessing game v.2
his is my memory-wasting game. It is a number guessing game plus some features. There will be updates in the future. This is the second version.
game1.zip1k14-05-10File is not rated"Advanced" guessing game v.1
This is my memory-wasting game. It is a number guessing game plus some features. There will be updates in the future.
guess1.zip21k13-02-18File is not ratedA Number Guessing Game
This guessing game has its foremost merit in its small size: 130 bytes on calc. You are to guess a number from 1 to 100. The program tells you wether your guess is too small or too big, until you get it right.
hoola.zip6k12-10-16File is not ratedHoola v1.0
So this is a game I made in like 10 minutes, a guessing game with different difficulties, high scores, and hours and hours of fun! It's simple, fun, and for you beginning programmers out there, feel free to look at the program and learn from it. Feel free to edit and explore the world of calculators :) Enjoy.
zahlenraten.zip14k12-07-08File is not ratedZahlenraten 1.7.4
Ein Spiel, in dem man zufällig ausgewählte Zahlen erraten muss. Mehr dazu unnten in der Beschreibung. A game where you have to guess randomly selected numbers. More unnten in the description.
guessme.zip6k12-03-29File is not ratedGuessit
Asks you for the range (from 1 to what?) and provides a random integer. You then guess what the integer is and it tells you if it should be higher of lower. Then it divides the range by the number of guesses and gives you a score. There is also a high score list. Also, there are screenshots in the zip folder, I couldn't upload them directly on the site. Please give me credit!! Avery Harnish
guess.8xp.zip1k11-06-17File is not ratedGuess
A guessing game with difficulty and number really easy dont copy it and switch my name plz... made this one night while in the bathroom... teehee
gigi.zip1k11-05-28File is not ratedGuess It, Get It [Text format]
This game is designed to allow the user the ability to set a range of numbers and try and guess the hidden number the calculator randomly chooses. It can keep track of your score and scores can be reset. Note: this program is not finalized but works pretty smoothly. If you notice any bugs or errors. Please contact me.
ansguess.zip1k11-05-05File is not ratedGuess it!
A guessing game that uses no variables on your calculator. ever. No really, it uses Ans to keep track of everything. Hence it's name, ansguess. A great exercise in program optimization, and fun to play!
numbergame.zip1k11-02-27File is not ratedNumber Game v1.0
The goal of this game is to guess a number. It is based off a tutorial game by Arasion.(http://www.arasian.com/support/education/tutorial&t=1&s=35). I've added a change number feature as well as 1 Player mode (in which a random number is generated) and 2 Player Mode (in which you take turns guessing and changing the number).
gti84plus.8xp.zip1k10-11-23File is not ratedGuess the Number
Only 28 bytes! Guess a number between 1-5. If you are correct, you will see a thumbs up. You can edit this to adjust difficulty.
jackpotgame.zip13k10-09-13File is not ratedJackpot
A very fun guessing game programmed in basic. Is extremely addicting. Very simple to play and a very small size. Works on most calculators to.
pick.zip1k10-09-13File is not ratedPick 1-10
Simple Guess the Number Game
guessgamev2.zip1k10-04-11File is not ratedGuessing Game
Fun little app to use when your bored or just feel like it. It asks you to guess a number, The game has 3 difficulties and a easy to use interface.
guess83p.zip1k10-04-04File is not ratedGuess v. 3.2
Having come a long way from Version 1.1, this guessing game has 5 different levels of difficulty, a count on how many tries it takes, and highscores! Best of all, it takes up minimal space, is very fast, and the highscores are contained in one compact list instead of letter variables. Has a very easy to use interface, unlike some of the other progs here...
guess_14.zip4k10-03-31File is not ratedGuess
Guess is a simple game in which you have to guess a random number by seeing if the number you choose is greater than or less than the random number. You win when you guess the number. You can decide the range of the number. The program has instructions built in.
bombsquad2.zip1k10-03-29File is not ratedBomb Squad 2
A game with 2 settings easy and hard. You are given a choice of pouring water on a bomb, pulling a wire, or cutting a fuse. You could blow up or survive. 100+ levels but it only takes up 362 bytes
disarm.zip1k10-03-29File is not ratedDisarm the Bomb
You have 3 choices- pull fuse out, yank wire out, pour water. A small file of 450 bytes. 50+ levels
krispy.zip8k10-03-10File is not ratedKrispy v2.0
Krispy is a guessing game... with a Jmaster797 style added to it. Krispy was actually a much simpler game when I first made it in 2002. Now Krispy is graphically enhanced to make guessing games interesting. While most guessing games are a simple type your guess and you try again until it's right. With Krispy, the game automatically tells you if you need to guess higher or lower and, in lower levels, giving you hints to get closer to your goal. There are four levels, each deciding the range of guessing, and if you get hints or not. The Easy Level requires you to guess from 1 to 100, while providing hints. The Medium Level requires you to guess from 1 to 1,000, while providing hints. The Hard Level requires you to guess from 1 to 10,000, with no hints. The Expert Level requires you to guess from 1 to 100,000, with no hints. The graphics are much better than most guessing games, and the size of the game is not too bad either. The more guesses you make, the worse your score will be. Krispy is truly an amazing and enjoyable game for you and your friends. Don't forget to read the text file. More games available at codemastergaming.webs.com .
guess.83p.zip1k10-03-08File is not ratedGuess v. 3.1
Having come a long way from Version 1.1, this guessing game has 5 different levels of difficulty, a count on how many tries it takes, and highscores! Best of all, it takes up minimal space, is very fast, and the highscores are contained in one compact list instead of letter variables.
cuberun.zip1k10-01-16File is not ratedCubeRun Guess
A simple game where cubes scroll by, you press any key to stop them, and guess how many lines went by.
guessmoodinc.zip1k09-11-26File is not ratedGuess-Moodinc
A cheat proof guessing game developed by Moodinc version 1.0
guessnum.zip1k09-10-23File is not ratedGuess My Number
see how many tries it takes you to correctly guess the random integer between 0 and 999, given a "too high" or "too low" following each guess
coingame.zip4k09-05-07File is not ratedChance game
a game where you guess what will show up on various items to earn "money"
minigames.zip2k09-05-04File is not ratedGuessgame and Formulas
This file includes an awesome guessgame with four levels and highscores for each level. You can even put your name in the highscores. It also contain a helper for the Pythagorean Theorem, the Distance Formula, and The Quadratic formula.
hilo2.zip23k09-04-18File is not ratedHI-LO
A number guessing game were the calculator generates a random number and you have to guess it. Includes Multiplayer, Single and Single with AI
gtlastspot.zip27k08-11-30File is not ratedGuess the Last Spot v2.0
Guess the Last Spot is a new kind of guessing game. There are four levels to play on, each deciding how many spots there are to guess on. Your goal of the game is stated in the title, simply guess a spot on the board that you think will be the last spot chosen and you win. The Easy Level has 16 spots, the Medium Level has 24 spots, the Hard Level has 48 spots,and the Expert Level has 84 spots. There is a high score for each level, and the high scores are determined through the amount of spots left once your spot is chosen. These high scores can also be reset at any time. Try to see if you can guess the last spot on the Expert Level of 84 spots. This game is definitely worth the download if you want to try something new, and somewhat challenging. Don't forget to read the text file. More games available at www.freewebs.com/jmaster797 .
numberguessing.zip1k08-09-16File is not ratedNumber Guess 1.0
Number Guess is a semi-addicting game where you try to guess the target number randomly selected by the calculator. There are four difficulties. The game also keeps track of how many tries it takes you to win.
numguess1.zip1k08-09-15File is not ratedNumber Guess 1.4
Number Guess is a guessing game with 5 difficulty levels (including Custom) and a small size!
randomnumber.zip1k08-08-11File is not ratedRandom Number (Game)
This is a game where the calculator chooses a random int number between 0 and the value of the level. It's more or less this. You choose one of the 4 levels available, that have predefined values to maximum generated number, eg between 0 and 2500 for the highest and most difficult level. If you don't want to choose one of the default levels, you can choose the option "Personalizar", where you can manually set the maximum number. It's a bit difficult to explain this in English because I'm Portuguese, and the program is written in Portuguese, so feel free to translate it into English, if you want. After choosing the level, the calculator generates the random number, and it will ask you what was the number. For example, if the number generated by calculator was 50, and you written 100, the calculator will show you an information saying that the number is lower than the one you write. And vice-versa, if you write 20, the calculator will "say" that the number is higher. Once you discover the real number, it will display the real number and how many attempts you used. The programm has more than one menu's, and I think that it's beautiful. Just try and give an opinion. A description can’t show how beauty is the program. But the program is not only this! Try it, it's free! Current version: 1.06 Programmed and compiled in Jalcc Bruno Lopes
mysteryn.zip13k08-06-12File is not ratedMystery Number v2.0
This is the updated version that has screenshots and some anticheating protection. Has new AI so the calc can play against itself. :) There is a readme (notepad file). If you would like to comment, please see http://www.ticalc.org/cgi-bin/acct-view.cgi?userid=73931
numberguess1.0.zip5k08-02-04File is not ratedNumber Guess 1.0
This is my first game, and it is basic and probably already thought of, but nonetheless it is mi primero! It is easy to use, small, and can be addicting. It is basically what the title suggests- guessing numbers! Guess a number between 1-100, and if wrong, the calc will "tell" you if you are too high on your guess or too low. Current features include a high score slot, which includes score and initials.
poison.zip4k07-10-11File is not ratedPoison
This game is programmed in BASIC (obviously). Four picture files are also included for download. I'm sorry there is more than just one file, but it was the most I could do to make a fairly fast game with semi-good graphics. (**cough**) It's just a guessing game, yet it proves a good "waste your time" game if you have nothing else to do. Please send/post your comments and suggestions so I can see what you think of it.
luckyboi.zip4k07-09-08File is not ratedLucky Boi
Lucky Boi is a guessing game where you guess the number the Calculator has randomly come up with.
bob3.zip1k07-05-15File is not ratedBob3
A simple Guessing game, you try to guess the calculator's number before he guesses yours. 4 levels of AI and increasing difficulty.
pfb300.zip35k07-03-01File is not ratedPico Fermi Bagel 3 Developer Ver. (Adv. Guessing Game)
This is the original Pico Fermi Bagel Guessing game. I "Advancified" or advanced I should say, the original game. You probably haven't heard of it. This version may be boring but just wait for v3.02 (NOT AVALIBLE YET)
anumgues.zip2k07-02-13File is not ratedGuess the Number v1.1b
Winner of the Febuary 2001 basicguruonline.com Programming Challenge. This guess the number game is truly unique in that it has 5 difficulty levels, Player Versus Computer mode, Player Versus Player mode, keeps scores on all of the levels and modes, Keeps stats, ASM style menus with cursor. Great replay value!
numbergockel.zip3k06-11-20File is not ratedCool Number Game
Now this isnt your generic number guessing game. This game is WAY better. You have my personal gaurantee... This game is hard to explain. The calc will diplay a number for 1 second. It will then ask you to enter what the number was. Each time the number gets bigger, thus, it gets harder to play. This game also includes a guess a number game. BUT, you get to choose the increments in which the number is chosen.
guess06.zip1k05-12-10File is not ratedGuess06
Guess06 is the first guessing game that you will find addiction to play. 56 levels, 4 styles of gameplay, AI intelligence, a measure of intelligence, and much more are including in this program.
guessmynum.zip1k05-10-19File is not ratedGuess my Number
This is actually the 9th version, but the first one that only a couple people at school can get. here are currently 7 levels. Make sure to send both the list and program guess to your calc. if you know how to make a program create list, or find errors, please email me.
guessthenumber.zip3k05-10-19File is not ratedGuess the Number
Guess the number within the entered range. Very simple with amount of guesses and games played.
safecracker.zip6k05-10-19File is not ratedProfessional Safe-Cracker
This is the first program that allows you to become a robber (or a professional safe-cracker; however you want to look at it.) and crack safes open. The safe you must crack open contains six digits, each a number from 0 to 9. No one has ever beaten the game, so good luck!!! (ONE MILLION(!!!) different possible combinations.)
guess05.zip2k05-10-16File is not ratedGuess05
Guess05 is the best BASIC guessing game ever. (I actually mean it). Included are 72 levels, computer AI, a measure of intelligence, and more. takes up only 4kb. MirageOS 1.2 compatible. Give this program a try; you won't be disappointed.
numberguess.zip2k05-10-15File is not ratedGuess the Number
Hi! This is my first program created from scratch. It is basicly guess the number, but with a twist (not really). I hope to add more games soon. P.S. Lets see if anyone can find out how to win the "Jackpot".
guessing_game.zip1k05-10-08File is not ratedGuess?
This is a simple little game where you can choose a domain of numbers, and then the calculator produces a random number from that domain. Then, you take a guess at that number. The calc will tell you if you hit it right on (YOU WON!!) or if you missed it and by how much. Like my other files, this one is compressed in the Bzip2 format and requires at least WinZip 9.0 SR-1 (or its equivalent) to use. In the future, look out for version 2.0 of this program, which will support Gambling/Wager mode!
guessmegame.zip1k05-09-12File is not ratedThe Guessing Game v1.0
Random number guessing game. Features include ability to choose upper limit and number of allowed tries. MirageOS compatible.
bob2p.zip1k05-09-12File is not ratedBob2p
A simple guess a number program for two players. My first posted game, so its kinda bad. COmments are welcome and you can edit the code if you like. Read the readme for more details
guessit3.zip2k05-07-16File is not ratedGuessIt v.2.6
Remember that classic game where you have to guess a 4-digit number? You know, the one where it tells you how many digits are correct, and how many are in the correct positions? Well, here is this same game, only better. Now you can choose from easy (3-digit), medium (4-digit), and hard (5-digit) modes, and record your low score for each mode! Enjoy! This new version fixes a small glitch and saves over 200 bytes in space!
guessgame.zip1k05-05-01File is not ratedNumber Guessing Game
A number guessing game, with a few twists mentioned in the readme... -Trekkie00 trekkie00@gmail.com
safegetaway.zip19k04-06-17File is not ratedSafe Getaway
This is a game where the user must crack as many single digits of a combination as possible. I can get 7. Check out the read me for instruction. You control the dial of the safe. It clicks when you reach the correct number and displays it( on easy). You have a limited time before the owners arrive. Stop on the correct number to move on. Don't make too many clicks though...You'll get caught.
elhombre.zip1k04-05-29File is not ratedEl Hombre
this is my first ever game, so don't make fun of me too badly. the title of this game actually has nothing to do the game itself. this is a very simple game where you guess a number between 1 and 100 and learn some important life lessons while doing so. please download this game. this game is great for after finals!
bull.zip1k04-04-06File is not ratedBulls-I Version1.1
This is my Best Game yet.Okay, so my fortune program and "Time and Stuff are good too. This game is about guessing where the dart hit the dartboard.
numguess.zip1k04-04-06File is not ratedUltimate number guess!
This is the best number guessing game around! It has 5 difficulties and keeps score! enjoy!
guesskey.zip1k04-01-28File is not ratedGuess the Key
Try and guess the key in as little guesses as possible! Although it isn't much of a fun game, a beginning BASIC programmer can learn how to use the While loop and getkey commands!
guessnumber.zip27k04-01-17File is not ratedCalculator Crewy
This is one of those little programs that you give your friend and ask him;/her to find the answer to a particular problem. And it will be wrong of coarse.
zguess.zip1k03-12-29File is not ratedPsychic!
Another update of Psychic! This one is reduced by about 200 bytes and uses one list, instead of 3, to store your score. [Psychic! is simply a guess-my-number game. First, you enter in the range for guessing (the bigger the range, the longer it will take, unless you really are psychic), then you start guessing. After that, you will get a chance to save your score.]
guessmaster.zip1k03-12-17File is not ratedGuessMaster
This is the ultimate guessing game, it features 6 different game modes including 2 different vs calc mode. It comes with range assistance. The file size is small so it won't take up too much space on your calculator.
lucky3.zip1k03-10-27File is not ratedLucky
This is an ausome 5 level guessing game in basic including, source, levels, about, and more! joshyb@cox.net or aim: jmbois123 thanks layte - Josh- ticalc.org calc.org (josh) also
mogguess.zip1k03-10-19File is not ratedThe Guessing Game
A guessing game, simple but fun. Guess a number between 1 and 100
simpleguessinggame.zip1k03-09-17File is not ratedSimple Guessing Game v1.0
A very simple number guessing game where you get to choose the max number and then tells you your score and when you get it wrong or right. (I made this program because there were some girls in my physics class who wanted to play with my calculator, but there weren't any games. So I made this in a jiffy)
guessing.zip1k03-09-16File is not ratedGuessing Game
This a very simple guessing game pick a number from 1-100 and see if you win.
guesii.zip2k03-09-08File is not ratedguessii
two simple number guessing games
guessv1.zip2k03-09-01File is not ratedGuess V.1
If you like to guess, well this is the game for u. this is my first game Ive made so dont expect much from it. when you beat the game you find out out to get to the codes page so you can use the codes.
guessit2.zip1k03-08-08File is not ratedGuess it
better high score list
guesit.zip1k03-08-04File is not ratedguess
guess is a simple game in which you have to guess the number the calc stores to variable B at the end it tells you how many tries you had
coorgame.zip1k03-07-17File is not ratedCoordinate Guessing Game
This is one of the many programs I wrote in the middle of my Math 12 Summer School class just because I was interested in what I could do (and especially because I was bored). To my memory, this is the first real game I've ever written (all the previous ones were those prank programs and programs asking your name and then telling you that you're stupid... I found those hilarious for some reason.). This is a guessing game, the program generates 2 random numbers, X and Y. X would be between 1-16 and Y would be between 1-8. These are coordinates on the screen. The idea is that these unknown coordinates is where a star is hidden, you have to find this star.
guess_seb.zip22k03-07-04File is not ratedGuess me!
A small and simple game, choose how many numbers and how many times you want to guess, and start guessing!
nmbrgues.8xp1k03-06-19File is not ratednumber guess
this is the very simple classic game of number guessing from 1 to 100! it tells you to guess higher or lower depending on your guess. this game is very enjoyable when you become bored of all your other games on your calc.
pickanumber.zip1k03-06-07File is not ratedPickanumber
The calc picks a number. You guess it.
guessmynumberii.zip7k03-05-29File is not ratedGNU v1.1 (Guess My Number II)
An improvment to the previous, 'GuessNum (Guess My Number)' that took me about 4hrs to finish over a course of 2 days, this one however, took a couple more hours than 4-say, 6 or so (!sure[programmers' lingo]), but this time I finish it in one day, today! Okay, okay, down to bussiness, Yes, this is YET another one of those many D*mn guess the number prgms. But I'm sure this one will set aside the previous to rest, this version(1.1.0)(ps - e-mail me of any bug reports or errors you might encounter[bug free as far as i know] and do be specific and detailed) has four[4]-Yes, Four[4] difficulty settings all presented to you in a nice, neat, nifty Difficulty Menu, allows you to enter upto 20 tries and tells you haw many you have made so far, whereas the original allowed infinite tries which made it redundant to tell how many you've made, advanced anti-negative # detection and 'kick-in-the-pants' system, and random farewell upon exit, and if there's anything else that I've missed you'll just have to find out for yourself. See screen shots if you got lost anywhere in that. (ps- i've enclosed gnu11a.8xp, which is the same progam axcept it is not locked and @ the title screen my alias is in lowercase letters. END_TRANSMITTION) 0140 ;5/29/03.
guessmynumber.zip4k03-05-23File is not ratedGuessNum (guess my number)
Yes, another 'guess the number' prgm. So, this only took me 2days (about 3 to 4 hours, total)to program, you must guess the number anywhere between 1 and 100, easy enough?!... so try it..., and tell me what you think (if you get around to it in that busy schedual [i can't spell] of yours). 2227EST; 5/22/03.
guessaaa.zip1k03-05-21File is not ratedGuess
My very first game, it's really simple. I'd appreciate some feedback.
guess83plus.zip5k03-05-12File is not ratedGuess for Ti83+
A pack of 3 guessing games to keep you on the edge (of wiping your ram ofcourse)!
guessmodifi.zip1k03-05-08File is not ratedGuess a Number Modified
A nice little game with high and low number indicators runs in basic and is very small and it even tell u if u got the correct answer it is fun and cool to play with friends
guessanumber.zip1k03-05-07File is not ratedGuess a number
Its a guessing number game in basic where u gotta enter a number and u better keep guessing
guesser21.zip1k03-03-30File is not ratedGuesserGame 2.1
An ASADP Program - An extremely stupid and cheap guess-the-number program. Added features include setting range, scoring system and cheat codes.
guess3.8xp1k03-03-22File is not ratedguess the number
on the website... woohoo! anyway, heres a program that makes you guess a number. first program i ever made. jds-hi!
rfbguess.zip1k03-03-10File is not ratedGuess By RFB
This is just a basic guessing game where you guess a number between one and ten.
nguessc.8xp1k03-03-08File is not ratednumguess
AAASTUDIOS- a game where you guess between 1 and 1000. Tells if you are over, under, or correct. Try to beat my high score of 5 guesses!
numbergass.zip1k03-03-06File is not ratedGuess My Number
Number Guessing Game 0-100
e.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedE
Pretty simple guessing game. In witch you pick one of 4 lines and it could be right or wrong...suprizingly addictive
numgame.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedNumber Guessing Game.
This is a number game I made during my boring Geometry H class. It tells you to guess a number between 0-100 and if you guess wrong it tells you higher or lower. And if you get it right, it tells you. PS: This program was made using my new ECENT method. This method will delete all the variables it made during the program execution, thus saving you space on your calculator.
nukes83p.zip1k02-11-23File is not ratedNukes v1.0
This game seems like a stupid little number-guessing game, but the graphic that you get if you lose is awesome.
geussnem.8xp1k02-10-25File is not ratedgeussing numbers
the name of the game is geussing numbers its a simple geussing game. all though its only basic(all i know) it amazingly fun. you have 20 chances to get the number(1-1000) till its over
guessit.zip4k02-10-25File is not ratedGuessit
Its guess the number agaim. set limits, no of tries,high score, hint at last try and much much more... try it and you will find numbers are fun
quess.8xp2k02-10-23File is not ratedQuess
It picks a random number and you have to quess it
guess.8xp1k02-10-23File is not ratedGuess
A need program, were you have to guess a number between 1 and 1000. If your too low it will tell you to go higher and the oppisite. You only have so many tries to get it right! An adicting game.
lpguess.zip1k02-10-17File is not ratedGuess w/ Link Play
A One-on-One guessing game written in Ti-BASIC featuring link play. Choose a number and try to guess your opponent's. The game tells you whether you're too low or too high, but each player can change numbers to utterly confuse the opposition.
guessinggame.zip11k02-10-08File is not ratedThe Guessing Game
A simple addictive number guessing game
pick10.zip1k02-09-30File is not ratedGuess
A simple guessing game..Guess the number between 1 and 10. E-mail me at XeroEntity@hotmail.com or instant message me at XeroEntity
hilo.zip1k02-09-07File is not ratedHigh Low
A number guessing game.
nmbrgame.zip1k02-06-08File is not ratedRandom Number Guess
Guess the random number between 1 and 25. A fun program that also displays a random quote at the end! This is my first shot at programming so I hope you like it!
gamsourc.8xp2k02-05-12File is not ratedGuessing Game
Guessing game with custom parameters, and 2 high score places. Also includes hard mode and help function
guess2.8xp1k02-05-12File is not ratedGuess The Number
A simple game of guessing the number. You enter the number you want to start at and the number you want to end at then you guess at what the computer picked. It is fun for when the math teacher is yapping on about some problem and you want to get out of the class.
chance.zip1k02-05-12File is not ratedChance v.1.00
This game is a game where u have to guess a number. After a guess, you will be told whether the number is higher or lower. If you get it, you will be told how many tries it took you so you have to try and get the lowest amount of tries. It requires Pic1 and Pic2. This game can be played on MirageOS.
verill.zip2k02-04-27File is not ratedVerill Guesser v1.01.321
A guess-the-number game for TI-83+, including a computer opponent. Fixed some bugs and a cheat that will ensure a win over the previous version. Included an add-on pack for multiplayering, also upgrade the program to v1.02.217.
ultimateguess.zip5k02-03-28File is not ratedThe Ultimate Guess
This Guess program is unmatched by any other that I know of. With a fully compatible 2 player mode (if you follow the instructions given), 7 modes of play, plus a custom mode, so you can challenge the game any way you want, and a High Score table that doesn't interfere with your variables!
guess99.zip1k02-03-21File is not ratedGuessing Game
Guess the Number between 1 and 1000! Calculator tells you if your guess was to high or too low! Lots of fun!
guess.8xg1k02-03-03File is not ratedGuess
The calc sets a number from 0 to 10000 and with the help of + or - indicators, you should easily guess the number within 18 tries. Features a fun 2 Players Link option. --- [Note: This is Group File, must use the TI-Link Prog (Or your calc as well) to UnGroup]
guess8.zip1k02-02-21File is not ratedGuess v1.1
This game has you pick a number between 1 - 99 and each time it will tell you to either go higher or lower. I put this together overnight so it is a not the best game i the world but hey it works.
random.zip1k02-02-10File is not ratedRaNd0m
My very first basic program, A game were you guess the number. Right now you can set the number range to whatever you want. Very small, on calc only 478 bytes!
guess.zip4k01-02-23File is not ratedPremier Guessing Game v7.5
1- and 2-player guessing game. It has 5 levels in 1 player play: Easy (1 to 100), Medium (1 to 1,000), Hard (1 to 10,000), Difficult (1 to 100,000), and Impossible (1 to 1,000,000). It also features a 1-player versus Computer mode, where you have to guess the calculator's number before it guesses yours. In the 2-player mode, you have to guess the other person's number before they guess yours. Also, in 2-player mode, you can choose a custom upper range, and each player has the option of assistance. Other features include custom menus for all menus, highly interactive Records pages, Prediction function, and much more! A really fun game to play!
picknum.zip3k01-02-22File is not ratedPick a Number v4.0
This is a great game. You pick a number 1 to 100. The TI-83 Plus picks one too. Whoever is closer wins. There a FOUR difficulty levels and a high scores list. Read the Read Me.
nedsguess.zip1k01-02-16File is not ratedNed's Guessing Game
This is like the classic guessing game, it has 3 different levels and is very small. Good for when you don't have anything else to do.
codecrck.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedCode Cracker
Calculator will create a code and you get 20 tries to guess it
guess7.zip1k00-10-05File is not ratedGuess v2.5
A basic game where you have to guess the number, plus it has 3 difficulty levels and other cool features once you finish.
guess5.zip1k00-09-20File is not ratedGuess The Numberv v1.3
You guess a number between zero and whatever you specify. Try to make better than 25% right.
guess4.zip7k00-09-05File is not ratedGuess 83+
Simple Guess game for the TI-83+ shows how many times you guessed in the upper-right corner.
generate83p.zip1k00-07-26File is not ratedWacky Fun Random Numbar Generator v1.00000069
guess6.zip3k00-07-19File is not ratedGuess 83+
Guess! the calc will guess the number in your head!!
nmbrgss.zip1k00-06-08File is not ratedNumber Guess
Just a number guessing game. You choose what the highest number can be and it picks a random number.
guess3.zip1k00-06-04File is not ratedGuess
This game is a guessing game with hiscores and twoplayer mode.
guessita.zip1k00-04-15File is not ratedGuess It! v1
Guess is a simple guessing game.
guess2.zip2k00-04-09File is not ratedGuess?
The goal in this game is to guess a number picked at random by the calculator
gguess.zip1k00-03-23File is not ratedG Guess v1.0
A simple number-guessing game, with multiple rounds, scoring, and profanity (heh!heh!)
egg83plus.zip1k00-03-02File is not ratedElectronic Guessing Game v2.1
EGG is the best (and most advanced) guessing game for Ti-83 (and Ti-83 Plus), it features three skill levels, 2 player link mode, High Score saving, and much more. Visit http://surf.to/cds-calc for more Ti-83 and Ti-89 programs..
numgess.zip1k99-11-10File is not ratedNumber Guessing Game
Try to guess the number in the least amount of time.
safe2000.zip1k99-08-26File is not ratedSafe Cracker v1.0
It is the game Safecracker with 3 difficulty levels, and a password feature for a exotic surprise if you beat it.

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