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Last updated Thursday, 19 March 2020
Total downloads 211,545
Most popular file  Mirage Pack with 29,874 downloads.

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allfile82103.zip16k03-08-26File is not ratedAll files
This is a program with all my files in it how ever if you would like to have games in the os then you need to download the zip file called xosgames.zip
apasmmos.zip7k00-10-29File is not ratedApple Pro: Flag Controls
Easy access to system flags.
arcrecov.zip2k00-07-25File is not ratedArchive Recover
Recover deleted or crashed programs
asciipad.zip4k00-10-01File is not ratedASCIIPad v0.50 Beta Edition
ASCIIPad is a text editor for your calculator. It can edit files of any length your RAM supports. The Readme contains instructions for converting ASCIIPad text files to computer format. Make sure to read the readme before using. This is a beta version, so I welcome feedback more than usual.
bioaware.zip2k04-10-07File is not ratedBioAware
This program will take your graphing calculator experience to the next level. By employing a revolutionary new technology developed by OnOne Advanced Research Clinic called advanced electrical resonance analysis, your TI’s link port can be used to run a battery of tests on your bloodstream and determine your risk of certain dangerous diseases (please read the on-calc documentation).
calendar.zip8k01-02-02File is not ratedCalendar v1.0
This Calendar program for MirageOS has innovative features such as the ability to view annual holidays called Special Days, customize which special days you want to view, and even input text information as Notes on specific dates.
controlpanel.zip2k06-10-03File is not ratedControl Panel and more
Chat with your friends during 'quiet times', turn on a simple screensaver to keep nosies out, or just check out your system settings.
controls.zip3k00-08-18File is not ratedControls Plus
This is a program that lets you toggle system flags from Mirage OS such as textinverse, and lowercase.
cursor.zip1k01-04-04File is not ratedCursor
Don't deal with the stupid calc lock things. With this, execute cursor from the Mirage Menu, and voila! You have the TI-OS cursor. Never get caught again for playing games! Oh, and press on and your back in Mirage!
dtflags.zip.zip43k10-07-13File is not ratedFlag Saver and Restorer
This program adds a function to restore your system flags (a bunch of information regarding the current state of your calculator starting at address $89F0) to a "restore point". This is useful if you ever accidentally run a buggy program that causes a minor glitch in your calculator (for example, the screen doesn't scroll, normally small text is big, there seems to be a "shadow character" as you type, etc.) or if you're playing with the system flags in Calcsys and want to get them back to normal quickly without clearing your RAM. A general restore point is included, but you can choose to instead save your own. Takes up hardly any space; the program itself is less than 400 bytes, and the restore point is just 77. Screenshots included.
flshcrdr.zip29k02-02-16File is not ratedFlashcarder V1.03
This program (just over 1.25k) allows you to quiz yourself with flashcards. It is written in assembly language for MirageOS, and comes with a flashset creater. Supports acute, grave, caret and dier accents, squiggly c's and n's and many calc symbols. V1.03 fixes the problem with S-Sets in the Flashset Utility (The 8xp isn't changed)
frconj.zip1k10-01-22File is not ratedBest French Conjugator
This program conjugates French verbs in the present and future tense. Regular verbs are supported, and some irregular verbs are supported as well. This is 100% pure assembly so it is FAST and small. Accents are fully supported (unlike BASIC programs). This is fully functional but not fully complete; more tenses and verbs coming soon...
iconedit.zip7k03-03-10File is not ratedIcon Editor
Icon Editor - at last! A simple tool for anybody with MirageOS on their calculator. Use it to edit those often extremely naff icons that people add to their MirageOS programs. Load it in the editor, then modify it at a whopping 3x magnification (fills the screen!) There is an invertor built-in and a button to clear the current icon completely.
jvirus.zip1k00-07-27File is not ratedJimmy Virus
It's the classic virus originally created by Jimmy Conner!
letter.zip46k00-12-26File is not ratedLetter v2.3
A TI-83 Plus ASM MirageOS text processing program
lingo.zip50k02-05-23File is not ratedLingo V0.75 BETA
This is a word processing program for the TI-83+ under MirageOS. It features AppVar files, acute, grave, dier and circonflex accents over A,E,I,O and U, squiggly C's and N's and many other features. Includes a companion program for converting the .8xv files into text and vice versa. Should be stable.
lock.zip7k01-04-14File is not ratedLock 83+ v1.7
A security program that allows you to password protect your calculator. Run the program to turn off your calculator and when you turn it back on you will have to enter your password to get back in.
memedit_j03l.zip3k20-03-19File is not ratedMEMEDIT
A simple memory viewer and editor for the TI-83 Plus, which also includes a "Goto Address" function.
memview.zip1k00-09-26File is not ratedBinary Memory Viewer
This program (Written 100% in naitive hex) displays a binary view of your memory.
miragepack.zip3k02-06-01File is not ratedMirage Pack
My three current releases, 'System Info', 'Advanced Controls' and 'Keep Going!' recompiled for use in MirageOS. System Info is a useful tool that displays information about your calculator: Free RAM, contrast level, OS version (etc). Advanced controls offers some magical features to your calculator: from scrolling the screen up/down, setting the 'Fast Circles' flag and even resetting RAM. Keep Going! is a simple game of skill and coordination. Guide the snake around, avoiding the walls and your tail. You just keep on growing and growing... see how long you can fit on the screen. Occasionally a pip appears: eat it to shrink back down again! See my site for more info.
miragepad.zip1k04-10-14File rated 4.02Mirage OS Pad v1.4
Small, very quick text editor for MirageOS!
prgm2hex.zip5k03-03-05File is not ratedPrgm -> Hex Converter
This program is a must for anyone out there who programs in assembly. It will let you select a prgm on the calc and then it will convert it to its hex code version. This program does the exact opposite of what 'AsmComp' does. To find out more see the included readme file.
remote.zip1k00-07-25File is not ratedRemoteCalc
Remote control another calculator
stpwatch.zip15k10-05-17File is not ratedStpWatch
This is a perfectly accurate stopwatch. Featuring 4 splits and hundredths place resolution. Only 84, sorry.
telnet83p.zip75k00-08-11File is not ratedTelnet 83 Plus v.15
VT100 Terminal program. Use with an external modem to get Internet access from your TI 83+ by dialing into a Unix shell. Requires an Official TI Graphlink cable. Not all external modems are compatible with the Graphlink.
textcent.zip18k06-04-12File is not ratedText Centerer - v1.2
This program takes away that annoying process of having to center text in your programs. Just type in the text and the exact X coordinate of the centered text is returned. Special features include being able to specify the width of the window within which to center the text.
timer.zip1k00-07-25File is not ratedTimer
An accurate stopwatch
tiword.zip102k03-08-07File is not ratedTiWord v2.0 Démo
TiWord v2.0 is the next version of my text editing program : word. It will be very useful because it allows you to insert pictures of all dimensions, to invert the color or center the different elements (text or pictures), the words can't be cut at the end of a line and all special characters are available. The generated files can be viewed separately and can be imported from your computer.
virusv1.0.zip2k03-03-07File is not ratedPrank Virus
This is a nifty little program you can run in Mirage OS. It tells it's hacking this and deleting that yeah, yeah. Unfortunately ;), it doesn't actually do this but if you don't press the right combo you'll be stuck for a while. The combo's in the comment file. Sending it to friends is the most fun though.
word.zip28k03-04-28File is not ratedWord v1.0
Word is a text file editor with all the characters available on the Ti83+. This file can also be sent from your PC and be viewed.
zchat.zip5k01-04-18File is not ratedzChat v1.2
2-Way Realtime Linkport Chat Utility For Your TI-83 Plus

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