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Last updated Thursday, 17 November 2011
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Most popular file  BangBang 4 with 19,715 downloads.

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anime.zip2k00-10-24File is not ratedAnime
A turn based strategy fighting game between Genam and Totoro.
artillrym.zip19k02-05-11File is not ratedMaster artillery
An advanced form of scorched earth/tank war type game for the calculator.There can be two to six players playing all at once in this game. The AI is extreemely accurate, and very hard to kill if it gets to fire first. There is a team option which creates two more or less even teams with the same number( give or take one) tanks. This is great for playing yourself against a friend, since you can also have the AI tanks working for you. They recognize friendly tanks and only kill the enemy. What make the game even beter is the arsenal of weapons you can buy. You can decide how many rounds you want to play for, and the winner of each round will get an addd cash bonus. Each tank you destroy earns you money. The weapons you can buy incluse: Nuke, Laser, digger, Cruise missle, MIRV, and the Ego Cannon. This is a must download!!
battank.83p1k02-07-07File is not ratedtanks
it is almost like asm game, 'battle tank'. But those who like basics, want to edit, can get this program. It is pretty good!
battank.zip4k00-05-13File is not ratedBattle Tanks
This is a battle tank game with 2 tanks. There are 5 weapons, and single player and two player mode.
bb4.zip3k01-08-04File is not ratedBangBang 4
he most exciting scorched earth game ever! With fast random terrain generation, one or two player modes, and multi-difficulty level Artificial Intelligence (AI)! Includes different terrain options and missile types. Only 4K!
biosynth.zip6k01-05-30File is not ratedBioSynth v2.0
A turn-based wargame against the calculator. Has several different hex-based battlefields and the option to create a new field as well as random radiation storms which can harm or help the player's units.
blast83.zip1k00-04-04File is not ratedBlast 83
Try to destroy the tower with your cannon.
blast.zip3k01-03-26File is not ratedBlast II
This is a scorched earth-like game where you have to destroy the other tower. You can play 2 players or one against an AI with different skill levels. It's easy too, just aim with the crosshair and shoot! Good graphics and speed compared to other basic games.
bomber2hs.zip7k04-06-04File is not ratedBomber 2
Bomber 2 is a strategy game in which you try to eliminate all your opponents and be the last one standing. Up to 4 players can play, any combination of humans and computer players up to 4 works, as long as there is 1 human player. There are two arenas to play in, the small one is for a two player game only, and the large arena is always an option. Before the game, each player hides an artifact and chooses where they want to start. When playing on the large arena, each player will also be allowed to customize their options before the game, allowing for unique strategies. Your goal is to eliminate all your opponents. You can eliminate a player two ways: find his artifact and return it to a base, or kill him with bombs by reducing his toughness to zero. The last player standing will win. The computer AI is programmed well and makes for a tough opponent. Give this game a try, it's fun and challenging for 1-4 players.
bomber3.zip7k05-02-11File is not ratedBomber 3
Bomber 3 is a free-for-all type of strategy game in which up to 4 players can play. Any combination of humans and computer players will work as long as there is at least 1 human player. Your goal is to be the last player standing. You can eliminate another player two ways: find his artifact and return it to a base, or kill him with bombs by reducing his toughness to zero. Before the game, each player hides an artifact and chooses a start location in the arena. Every player will also be able to customize their game options such as their toughness, how often they avoid bombs, how many bombs they start with, how far they can bomb, and how big the explosion will be. This type of customization allows for everyone to have their own unique strategy. The computer AI is programmed well and makes for a tough opponent. Changes in Bomber 3 include: controls are more intuitive and responsive; a player can potentially move twice each turn, making gameplay much faster; some AI logic has been improved and some bugs were fixed; a "wait icon" tells a player when the calculator is thinking; you can choose to watch the computers to play after all humans have been eliminated. Give this new Bomber a try, it's fun and challenging for 1-4 players.
bomberhs.zip5k02-08-28File is not ratedBomber
A completely original strategy type game. For one or two players (AI computer for single player).
bombz.zip1k02-10-23File is not ratedBomber
Bomber is a really fast paced game. As series of bombs fall from the sky you must dodge them. It is really fun and has great graphics. Has its own point system and is a really entertaining game to play. only From OuTeR LiMiT SoFtWaRe !! www.freewebs.com/outerlimit
candc.zip9k98-03-11File is not ratedCommand & Conquer
war strategy game based on the PC version. 2 player only.
cannonai.zip1k02-04-30File is not ratedCannon
The best cannon game, which verses AI
cannon.zip1k98-04-19File is not ratedCannon Game
canons.zip7k04-06-05File is not ratedCanons
Canons is a basic multiplayer game based on the same game on www.jippii.com. You only need one TI-83 to play it. The purpase is to shoot your enemy tank with a variety of guns till his health is 0 It shows the score, has the same wapens (6) as on www.jippii.com. There is also wind
cnon.zip1k97-07-25File is not ratedCannon (Aurora Compatible)
commander1183.zip7k02-02-26File is not ratedCommander v1.1
The long awaited next version of Commander has many improvements. The major bug in v1.0 has been fixed This game is one of very few graphical war games. There are 4 different units, a 9x15 screen, and a built in scenario builder. There are lots of plans for this game to expand its realistic combat. In the future I plan to make this game hex-based and possibly in ASM. Please notify me of any bug or suggestions. Please visit my website at www.mrspyonline.com for more of my great games.
dambuster.zip1k03-02-11File is not ratedDambuster
This is a sweet game based on the Game for the Commodore 64. It is much the same, even though it is really hard and sometimes unfair. The Game is fun and really addicting. There is a cool "movie" when you win, too. For those of you who remember this game, this is a great download to bring back memories. For those of you who don't know what a Commodore 64 is or who do but haven't played this game, it is a great download to put on you calc and play.
defendyourcastle83.zip3k07-03-31File is not ratedDefend Your Castle 83
The flash game by XGen Studios in which you had to stop invaders from reaching your castle, now on your TI calculator! Features four different enemies, a shop, archers, spells, and is quite fast for a BASIC game. If you enjoyed the original, this is a must-have! This version is specifically for the TI-83 calculator.
dragon.zip31k04-12-26File is not ratedAlex's Dragon (Rushon2)
This contains all previous and current versions of Dragon. Dragon (Rushon2) is a simple graphical strategy game like Age of Empires. There are four units and three resources. You can save games and maps, and create scenarios with the editor. This new version has improved gameplay, the enemy moves even when you are not moving and your move is not cancelled if the enemy moves. The AI and user interface are both slightly better and it now supports multiple-scenario campaigns, although it is incompatible with earlier versions of Dragon. I have included a full five-level campaign also.
drobos.zip1k00-11-07File is not ratedDrobos
A strategy game
duel2k83.zip4k01-05-30File is not ratedDuel 2000 v1.2
A game for one or two players inspired by Artillery Duel on the C64.
eraship.zip5k11-11-17File is not ratedEra-Ship V 1.0 for Era-Systems V 2.11
This is the the first Version of Era-Ship. Many updates will come, and if you like it just tell me, then I make the updates faster, because momentary I have a lot of work with Era-Systems and the other apps. This is the game where you have to sink ships. You play against a bot and soon it will have a multiplayer too!
fry.zip1k97-12-31File is not ratedFry
A game similar to scorched earth
ga.zip11k00-09-03File is not ratedCos 2000 - Ground Assult 1.3
The most popular strategy game for the TI-83! Based on the Lords engine.
getgame2.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedGetGame #2, Get Line.
Dont take the last one of the 21 sticks.
gfire.zip6k98-02-14File is not ratedGEMFIRE 0.7
GEMFIRE strategy war game originally by KOEI
gor83.zip5k99-02-02File is not ratedTI-83 Gorillas v1.0
Classic GORILLAS Game
gorila83.zip1k98-01-01File is not ratedGorillas 1.0
Similar to the Microsoft Qbasic Classic
gorilla2.zip3k00-12-04File is not ratedGorillas 83
Gorillas 83 is a port of Qbasic Gorillas. In this classic two-player game, you select the launch angle and velocity for your gorilla to throw an explosive banana at in the hope of striking your opponent. To see more, please visit my web site at: www.geocities.com/tibasic/
gorilla.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedGorillas
The classic Gorillas of QBasic with some changes, there are some things to improve but is playable, for 2 players.
heavyarm.zip1k00-09-17File is not ratedGundam Wing: Heavyarms
A real-time Gundam Wing battle game where you must battle 100 Leos using Heavyarms.
lords.zip11k00-09-03File is not ratedCos 2000 - Lords 1.2
Another popular strategy game from SiCoDe!
matchstick.zip2k99-05-08File is not ratedMatchstick Game v2.0
An ancient game of strategy.
midwar.zip2k01-03-08File is not ratedMidevial War v2.0
you have to build a castle, train men, chop down trees, dig for gold, and destroy the enemy. Are you game?
nim2.zip1k00-06-12File is not ratedNim
Remove any number of objects from a single row each turn; try to take the last one! The computer plays perfectly, but it can be beaten! Nim is an ancient game, played long before anyone had even invented writing.
nim3.zip1k01-06-06File is not ratedNIM
The classic game of wits, force your opponent to remove the last line from the board.....
nim.zip1k00-01-08File is not ratedNim v1.0 Beta
The classic game of matches.
nukew83.zip21k02-05-11File is not ratedNuke War
A nuclear war turn based strategy game for two players utilizing sprites. Each player starts with the same number of buildings and resources. There are nine building types, including: nuke silo, AMB site, warehouse, factory, spy center, Command Bunker, Radar staion, city and farm. Espionage is a good sized part in the game as well. Each player has no knowledge of the locations of the buildings in the enemy's country. Use spies to make a map of targets. Your spies can also sabotage enemy structures, and possible destroy them. Researching is also a part of the game, The more you research on a specific thing, for example, nuke reliability, the more reliable your nukes shall become, and a greater chance they will destroy their target. The ain objective is to destroy your opponent's command bunker. This game is similar to the TI-83 plus version.
orion.zip14k00-09-03File is not ratedCos 2000 - ORiON 2.0
ORiON is SiCoDe's solo/multiplayer strategy game. Play against unlimited numbers of players or by yourself as you manage your colony on the side of the EarthCom forces or the malicious Orions.
ralert.zip8k00-11-24File is not ratedAdvanced Red Alert v1.9
Advanced Red Alert version 1.9 is a game based on the game Command&Conquer: Red Alert. Objective is to obtain as much ore as you can and defeat the enemy forces. 4 Buildings and 2 Units can be build: Headquarters, Barracks, Warfactory, Orerefinery, Infantry and Tanks. To build a tank, a Headquarters needs to be builded and than a Warfactory. To train infantry, a Headquarters needs to be builded and than Barracks. The Orefactory adds 100 to your money every turn. The game has 3 difficulties: easy, midi and hard. The highscore will be saved all the time.
rushon.zip12k04-12-26File is not ratedAlex's Rushon2 (Enhanced Dragon)
This contains only the most current version of Dragon. Dragon (Rushon2) is a simple graphical strategy game like Age of Empires. There are four units and three resources. You can save games and maps, and create scenarios with the editor. This new version has improved gameplay, the enemy moves even when you are not moving and your move is not cancelled if the enemy moves. The AI and user interface are both slightly better and it now supports multiple-scenario campaigns, although it is incompatible with earlier versions of Dragon. I have included a full five-level campaign also.
sandrock.zip2k00-08-03File is not ratedGundam Wing: Sandrock
This is a better Gundam Wing game. It is real time and you control Sandrock, a strong Gundam, who must battle 100 Leo Mobile Suits one after another. You also get a WingZERO mobile suit battle game against 100 Leos. There is a bonus game that WingZERO must battle 10 Leos from the "Specials," an elite fighting force. They're pretty hard.
scorch6.zip3k00-04-26File is not ratedScorche Earth 6
I guess this game is the same as the other SE games but it has a bunch of new modes incl. a Point Game, Vs CPU, and a terrain editor
scorch.zip3k99-05-23File is not ratedScorched Earth v3.0
A clone of the classic PC game where two tanks shoot projectiles at each other.
searth.zip3k99-09-14File is not ratedScorched Earth v2.5
Scorched Earth for the TI-83. A tank battle game with computer player support.
seawars2.zip8k03-12-24File is not ratedSeaWars II
Will Stokes' SeaWars II, originally written for TI-85, now ported for TI-83(+). This program was the basis for the TI-AI project Will created, and I'm now seeking to make it available to everyone, not just those with TI-85s.
shenlong.zip1k00-09-17File is not ratedGundam Wing: Shenlong
A real-time Gundam Wing battle game where you must battle 100 Leos using Shenlong.
ships.zip58k00-05-31File is not ratedShips
Two player Battle Game
startrk2.zip5k00-11-23File is not ratedStarTrek
a strategic startrek-game, see Readme
streki.zip14k01-12-10File is not ratedStar Trek: Invasion
This is a turn-based strategy game in which the player must destroy all alien ships in a certain amount of time.
tankduel.zip3k00-07-11File is not ratedTank Duel
Basicoderz presents:Battle your calculator in this explosive 1 on 1 tank game! Special items like Extra Damage, Bigger Blast Radius, and More Life will be up for grabs during the battle. Very fun game!
tankfire.zip1k04-05-21File is not ratedTankfire
A tank program with many modes and enemy difficulty (only 1 player). jugde the the right power and angle required to blow the enemy away before they turn you to rubble.
tanks2.zip5k98-09-27File is not ratedTanks II v1.6
tanks83.zip4k98-07-22File is not ratedTanks!
Scorched Earth clone
tanks.zip2k00-08-13File is not ratedTanks!
2-player tank battle game
tankwar3.zip3k00-04-11File is not ratedTank War 83 v3.6
Very similar to Scorched Earth, you must fire projectiles at your opponent over a 2D landscape. Includes both offensive and defensive items.
tankwars.zip2k99-09-10File is not ratedTank Wars
Good, fast Scorched Earth clone.
tankwar.zip1k99-11-02File is not ratedTankwars v1.2
Find the computer on a 3*4 grid before it finds you. Fixes some small errors.
tankwarz.zip1k04-04-01File is not ratedTank Warz: Super Sniper
This is a great tank game that runs fast and can be addicting if you like tank games!
tiberiansunfirestorm.zip4k02-02-25File is not ratedCommand&Conquer: Tiberian Sun add-on v0.7
The is the sequel on my Tiberian Sun game. The additions are a 4x larger map, and some other misscaleouns options. Each side still holds the same ammount of units: 13. So try this one to! It is total smashdown never seen before on any calc.
tiberiansun.zip4k02-02-25File is not ratedCommand&Conquer: Tiberian Sun v1.0
This is the sequel on the classic strategy game Command&Conquer. Choose for side for NOD and GDI to begin a total smashdown and battle your one of your friends. Each side has 13 different units which is quite unique for a basic strategy game. It's a really cool game, so download it!
tictactoe.zip2k10-05-16File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe against calculator
Play Tic-Tac-Toe against your calculator! You can select 20 difficulty levels (0 to 100% in 5% steps)
tigorillas.zip3k01-12-22File is not ratedTI-GORILLAS
A port from the QB gorillas game on PC.
trektos.zip26k02-04-22File is not ratedStar Trek T.O.S. v1.0
Star Trek The Original Simulation
tyrants.zip4k00-10-24File is not ratedTyrants
Strategy game where you control and company, make money, and screw others over
war2.zip2k98-08-07File is not ratedWarcraft II
Two player game of the popular game Warcraft II.
war32.zip4k00-11-24File is not ratedWar 3 2nd Edition
A game with 27 different ways to attack, including a Nuke, Scud, and a Chemical Missile! There is a high score function in this game, go to our High Score section to learn more about it. It is also two player. Six one player levels, a awesome storyline all add up to be a future classic!
war3.zip2k00-05-04File is not ratedWarcraft III
war2 with new features
warcraft.zip3k98-02-10File is not ratedWarcraft 0.1 Beta
Warcraft like game text pictures
wartd.zip3k03-03-09File is not ratedWarcraft Tower Defense
This is a game I made based off of the popular Warcraft Tower Defense, but the only thing like Warcraft about it is the concept of the scenario: build towers to protect yourself from enemies.
wd1.zip100k05-01-15File is not ratedWorld Domination I
World Domination I is a real-time strategy game for the TI-8x series of graphing calculators. It is based on games such as Risk; you battle the calculator AI for control of the world. Each player starts with several units to place around the map of the world, then take turns moving, attacking, and redeploying. If you or the calculator gains control of a continent, you get a number of bonus units. Defeat all enenmy troops to win the game. This game is fully graphical yet with a surprisingly small size, under 10KB. Doors CS v5.0 certified.
wemp.zip8k06-07-06File is not ratedWorld Empire 83
This is a Risk-style war game. Defeat the computer opponent by conquering all 20 regions on the map. Version 1.1.
worms0.zip5k03-03-08File is not ratedWORMS0
This game is a two player game based on Worms, Worms2, Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party. There are two versions one to play it on one calc and the other for two calc's with link cable. The version for two calc has to be run on both calc's and almost on the same time. The purpose is to kill all the worms of your opponent using 4 different weapons: Bazooka, Lasergun, Kamikaze and Blowtorch. You move the worms with the arrow keys and when your worm is on the right position us ENTER to get the weapon MENU. Use the arrow keys to aim and ENTER to fire. When use use the bazooka you can set the speed by pressing ENTER a second time ans blowtorch only works when your on the ground. The rectangulars in the right bottom corner are the health of the worms. Left for the white team and right for the black. Please visit www.maartenderickx.tk for more recent files.

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