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POTY Winners - 2006
  • TI-83 / TI-83 Plus / TI-84 Plus
  • TI-85 / TI-86
  • TI-89 / TI-92 / TI-92 Plus / Voyage 200
  • PC Utilities

  • TI-83 / TI-83 PLUS / TI-84 PLUS

    Voting Results
    Choice Votes   Percent
      DAWG 19 12.1% 
      GrayScale Slippy 7 4.5% 
      Megaball 7 4.5% 
      Metroid II: Evolution 16 10.2% 
      msd8x 43 27.4% 
      Pearls 1 0.6% 
      Real Sound 28 17.8% 
      Tiny CarZ 36 22.9% 

    2006 TI-83 / TI-83 Plus / TI-84 Plus POTY - msd8x
    Title msd8x
    Author Brandon Wilson
    Michael Vincent
    Uploaded September 12, 2006
    Description msd8x is a TI-84 Plus Flash application which serves as the GUI for the usb8x FAT16 mass storage driver. It allows for importing/exporting of 8x* files on a USB flash drive, on-the-fly MirageOS/Ion program running, 8XI picture viewing, text file previewing, file/folder management and more.
    Screenshot 2006 TI-83 Plus POTY
    Survey http://www.ticalc.org/community/surveys/297.html

    TI-85 / TI-86

    2006 TI-86 POTY - Banchor: The Hellspawn
    Title Banchor: The Hellspawn
    Author James Vernon
    Uploaded February 2, 2006
    Description Banchor is a huge Zelda-type RPG for the TI-86! You take control of the heroic Rex, as he ventures on a mammoth quest to rescue the kidnapped Princess Sapphira and destroy the evil demon from Hell, Banchor. Upgrade your weapons and defenses, increase your life level and meet many people along that way that will help you in your quest! If you are a lover of RPG games, this game will keep you entertained for hours!
    Screenshot 2006 TI-86 POTY
    Survey Due to a lack of 85 and 86 featured programs, there was no survey to determine this year's TI-85 / TI-86 POTY.

    TI-89 / TI-92 / TI-92 PLUS / VOYAGE 200

    Voting Results
    Choice Votes   Percent
      F-ZERO 65 63.1% 
      Kartingz 10 9.7% 
      MulTI 15 14.6% 
      The Expert 4 3 2.9% 
      TI-Vibe Music Player 10 9.7% 

    2006 68K POTY - F-ZERO
    Title F-ZERO
    Author Lionel Anton
    Uploaded December 10, 2005
    Description F-ZERO is a futurist race game originally developed by NINTENDO ® You can play with 4 different ships and you must try to be the fastest to win the gold cup at the grand prix. You can upgrade your skills by practicing in Time Attack mode, and try to beat your own records. You can record ghost files and send them to your friends so they can virtually fight against you in Time Attack. At last but not least, there is a versus mode where you can challenge your friends using a standard link cable. This game is powered byy Mode7Engine v1.1 by me (Lionel Anton).
    Screenshot 2006 68k POTY
    Survey http://www.ticalc.org/community/surveys/298.html


    Voting Results
    Choice Votes   Percent
      KTIGCC Source 34 35.0% 
      TiLP2 63 64.9% 

    2006 PC Utilities POTY - TiLP2
    Title TiLP2 v1.00 (Windows)
    TiLP2 v1.00 (Linux)
    Author Romain Liévin
    Uploaded September 26, 2006
    Description TiLP is a TI <-> PC linking program for Linux, Windows, Mac OS-X and FreeBSD. It works with all hardware/virtual cables and supports all calcs (73,82,83,83+,84+,85,86,89,89tm,92,92+ and V200). Dependancies: tilibs bundle. Note: for DEB & RPM packages, see the LPG web site.
    Screenshot 2006 PC Utility POTY
    Survey http://www.ticalc.org/community/surveys/299.html

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