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Number of files 15
Last updated Wednesday, 23 August 2000
Total downloads 218,675
Most popular file  ZShell v4.0 with 91,265 downloads.

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(Parent Dir)folder Up to TI-85 Assembly Files
oldfolder TI-85 Assembly Shells (Out-of-date)
futureos.zip27k00-08-23File is not ratedFuture OS v1.5.2
Future OS is more like a TI-86 shell than anything else for TI-85s! It has all features except emulation of ASE and early version of YAS, but has other features they don't! Sorry to anyone who got the last one, the nasty Name Bug is now fixed in this one.
futurel.zip12k00-05-07File is not ratedFuture OS v1.5.0 (Lite)
Future OS v1.5.0 (Lite) with 5 Folder's, looks alot like ASE.
mish.zip6k99-03-22File is not ratedMISh v1.6
peak.zip23k99-02-24File is not ratedPeak Relocation Shell Beta 2
usgard.zip197k99-02-24File is not ratedUsgard v1.5
summit.zip18k98-12-02File is not ratedSummit Shell Switcher Beta 4
Shell almost comparable with Usgard
mshell.zip10k98-06-25File is not ratedMShell
Shell Switcher
rigel.zip91k97-10-25File is not ratedRigel v1.0
ASM OS w/fixed address relocation, libraries, interrupts, TSRs
snsdk094.zip43k97-09-30File is not ratedSuperNova SDK v0.94
os_7.zip2k97-08-21File is not ratedOS/7
Smallest Assembly Shell for the TI-85: 492 Bytes
phatos.zip46k97-08-05File is not ratedPhatOS v0.9
PhatOS 0.9
zshell.zip26k97-07-24File rated 8.72ZShell v4.0
ZShell - the assembly language shell for the TI-85.
cshell30.zip5k97-06-13File is not ratedCShell-NT v3.05
CShell NT Version 3.05: One more bug fix over 3.04...
oshell85.zip7k97-05-18File is not ratedOShell-85 v1.0
os85v31.zip21k97-05-11File is not ratedOS-85 v3.1

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