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Interactive utilities, animations, and demos
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Last updated Friday, 1 July 2022
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doorscsfolder TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Graphics Programs (Doors CS)
ionfolder TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Graphics Programs (Ion)
mirageosfolder TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Graphics Programs (MirageOS)
tsefolder TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Graphics Programs (TSE)
3gsprite.zip2k10-10-21File is not ratedHex Sprite Editor (3 lvl gray)
Simple sprite to hex editor in 3 lvl gray. Hex gets stored to Str1
anim1.zip854k22-07-01File is not ratedAnimation Number One
This shows a sheet of paper falling in third-person. It includes an assembler, an encapsulator and some library functions, mod notes, and toolchain scripts. It has been fully tested on an emulator and 84p. I can't wait to bring more!
anisprite.zip11k13-05-04File is not ratedAnisprite v3
Anisprite is a 16x16 spriter, made with Axe, for Axe, that enables you to make your very own animated sprites. New in this version: Copy/paste, and moving your sprite around!
asmmouse.zip5k05-03-02File is not ratedASM Mouse
This is my first ASM program ever released. It draws a mouse on the screen and allows you to create a background as Pic0. When the user clicks it returns the X and Y of the cursor at the point of click as X and Y. Only 319 bytes (20 less then last release)! ENJOY! Thanks to: Smitemeister Software Detached Solutions Bored Productions II
axehexedit.zip1k14-12-21File is not rated[Axe] HexEdit 2.0
Draw a greyscale picture and get the hex! this is an alpha version
axe_pacman_demo.zip1k10-08-04File is not ratedAxe PacMan Demo
A simple little Pacman demo for Axe. It isn't an actual game; all you can really do is move around. But it's a good program for teaching basic Axe commands.
betamouse.zip3k03-06-09File is not ratedMouse v3.0
This is a beta test for a program I'm working on. It will be a asm mouse to work in basic programs. This version is very buggy (see the readme) but it runs. It just draws a mouse on the screen and lets you move it around. It also stops when it hits the edge of the screen. I'm releasing this in the hopes that someone will know the code I need to finish it. (Thanks to Smitemeister Software for fixing the "close" bug)
bitmapdrawer.zip17k15-06-08File is not ratedBitmap Drawer
A simple bitmap hex maker for axe programmers. The icon for this program was made with it :P. Has a somewhat weird UI which is slightly buggy, but works fine with some practice. Can create a bitmap up to 96x64, but will take a while to load when exitting then. Features auto exit, grayscale, bitmap format, image saving, and many others.
blod.zip1k08-01-31File is not ratedBLOD
This creates the blue lines of death. Just send the 2 programs to your calc and run BLOD. The program will shutdown after 5-7 seconds so it shouldn't harm your calc, or just press enter to exit.
bouncingss.zip2k02-05-12File is not ratedBouncing Screen Saver
This program displays a bouncing "DeSmet" that can be run indefinitely or stopped after a set number of iterations. The string can be changed with recompilation. Visit my Website!!!
bsprt.zip42k11-02-04File is not ratedBASIC Sprite
BASIC Sprite is a program that gives BASIC users an easy to use, fast, assembly method of displaying sprites.
bytedraw.zip1k06-08-25File is not ratedBytedraw
Bytedraw lets you draw 8 pixels simultaniously, every pixel is set to the correspondant bit in the byte you input. This program only overwrites (no OR/XOR/AND logic).
cool.zip1k05-12-18File is not ratedShutter Effect - Mini Tutorial
This is a minature tutorial source that displays a shutter (binary countdown) effect.
copybg.zip3k05-05-01File is not rated[Doors CS] CopyBG v1.2
his tiny program will convert any picture in Pic7 into a Doors CS-compatible background image file. You can create and use Doors CS background images simply by running this program. Check out the screenshots; Doors CS 5 certified. Now compatible with the TI-83 and the TI-83+/84+ series.
ctraste.zip1k03-10-30File is not rated(Simple) Contraste Manager
(My first ASM program) Simple program which shows you the value of your Contrast. By pressing Left or Right you have the ability of changing this value instantly. Read the Readme.txt it's pretty useful if you want to know why I made this.
custompics.zip6k03-08-17File is not ratedCustom pics
This program allows you to save an unlimited number of pics with custom names. The pictures are stored in lists of 786 bytes. program size:182 bytes. my first ASM program. No shell needed
effect.zip91k07-04-26File is not ratedFall-Down Effect
A sort of fall-down effect basic-programmers might want to use. Feel free to use it in asm-programs too if you feel like it.
enpro.zip55k10-03-12File is not ratedEnPro
With almost 60 functions (including sprite and memory editing features) EnPro can do practically anything. BASIC programmers will enjoy these ASM abilities (especially the advanced ones ☺). Have fun. And stuff. (v1.92)
etchesketchzipped.zip245k10-08-14File is not ratedEtch-a-sketch: shake to erase v:1.5.2
This is a trilling new addition to Ticalc archives. This file includes an app called axe, which will let you compile the source code for asm( , mirage, ion, and doors. This is an etch-a-sketch program with a twist. If you shake it, IT CLEARS THE SCREEN. the attachment can be made for less than $6. Don't want spend the money? Don't, because this program does not require the attachment. What are you waiting for? download now! Happybobjr Prod. 8/13/2010
ff1mapdemo2.zip13k03-07-04File is not ratedFinal Fantasy World Map Remake Project v0.008
An update from the previous program. World map is slightly bigger, and I think that the up/down motion is faster (I think...). Read the ReadME file for more details. Won't be updated again until the entire map is done.
fire_2.zip3k18-04-07File is not ratedFire Animation
These programs take the contents of the graph screen and apply a flame animation. This achieves roughly 23FPS on 6MHz models and 54FPS on the 15MHz models.
fire.zip2k12-01-22File is not ratedFire Effects
This is a tool that provides BASIC programmers with the power of fire. You can use this for neat intro screens and any other animations. Have fun!
gamelife.zip2k20-03-31File is not ratedGame of Life
The Game of Life, in full screen and for only 178 bytes.
ginverse.zip1k00-11-18File is not ratedInstant Graph Inverse
This program takes the graph buffer and inverses it (very quickly). Very useful as a subroutine for either basic or assembly programs. I realized right after releasing the last version that there was a way to optomize it so it would be about half as big, so here it is.
gravity.zip2k11-10-08File is not ratedGravity
my very first program in axe parser. tried to simulate gravity, and it worked, sort of. Controls: 2nd-turn pixel on mode-turn pixel off Y=-clear entire screen Graph-go to gravity simulator clear-exit 2nd(while in gravity simulator)-rocket boost arrow keys-move **written in Axe parser**
graypic.zip3k13-11-23File is not ratedGRAYPIC - Perfect Grayscale in BASIC
Finally! Grayscale in TI-BASIC! This tiny program (227 bytes) will allow you to display 3-level, flicker-less grayscale in TI-BASIC. Just store all black pixels to Pic1 and grey pixels to Pic2 and run Asm(prgmGRAYPIC). Feel free to use this in any of your programs, just credit me.
greypic.zip3k00-10-24File is not ratedGreyPic8x
This program takes three pics (pic1, pic2 & pic3) and converts them into a greyscale screen. Very useful for Basic programmers if they want a greyscale title pic. Even if you aren't gonna use it for basic programming, try it out... It's pretty cool anyways.
hexdraw.zip4k11-04-21File is not ratedHexadecimal Drawing
HexDraw lets you draw a picture, and then export it as hex code. read the README for all the necessary information.
illogic.zip2k14-01-30File is not ratedIllogic, an Axe/ASM 1023 bytes demo
Illogic is a 1023 bytes demo program written in Axe and ASM whose only aim is to be eye-candy. I struggled a fair lot to make 5 full-screen plane deformations fit into 1023 bytes, so be sure to give it a try ! :D Readme and source included, for those who are interested. Come visit me at http://mattias.refeyton.fr/rmvPixEn/ :)
inverter.zip2k15-03-22File is not ratedInverter v1.01
The impetus for this program came from all the *low quality* BASIC graphics programs I've seen posted at ticalc.org, most of which deal with inverting large portions of the screen. Well, in my humble opinion, that sort of thing is best handled in ASM instead. Thus, here is an exceedingly fast and small full screen inverter. It inverts the screen instantaneously and is only 36 bytes!!
mandbrot.zip5k07-01-27File is not ratedThe fastest Mandelbrot program
The fastest Mandelbrot-painter-programm for the TI-83 Plus, needs no shell. Uses it's own FP Format, what makes the incredible performance possible.
matrix.zip1k05-11-07File is not ratedMatrix
Random series of special characters scrolling randomly down the screen resembling the computer screens in The Matrix.
multigraphs.zip99k11-01-23File is not ratedMultiGraphs
This program gives users 16 graph screens to swap around without using any extra user RAM. This is useful for games that have to swap screens around a lot or just for saving and viewing different graphs without using pic variables.
multipics.zip93k11-01-17File is not ratedMultiPics
MultiPics is a small program that gives you control over the 10 pictures plus the 246 hacked ones. It is one program that lets you store, recall, delete, archive, unarchive, or toggle the archive status of any picture. Even archived pictures can be recalled to the graph screen. Opcode included :D
narutoleafsprite.zip1k04-10-09File is not ratedNaruto Leaf Sprite
This is a full screen naruto leaf sprite for use in ASM programs.
omnicalc_font_editor.zip391k20-12-15File is not ratedOmnicalc Font Editor
This is a new font editor based on an old program by Zeda. Please read the `Read Me.pdf` for more details. This is a usable program, but some features will be added later. It is 100% usable and installable with Omnicalc. Recommended OSs 2.43 and below. Demo: https://i.ibb.co/W0mTtqT/Demo.gif
p15.zip5k12-09-12File is not ratedPaint15
A feature-rich image editing program known for its intuitiveness and completeness, Paint15 supports monochrome images as well as images with three or four shades of gray. Images are loaded from and saved to the picture variables. Features include a flood-fill ("bucket") tool, outline and filled ellipse tools, outline and filled rectangle tools, a line tool, a freeform pen tool, and undoing last action. With it you can draw to the entire 96x64 screen (not just the 95x63 area the normal DRAW-menu tools allow you to use). Winner of TI-Concours 2012 Axe division. Compiled with Axe Parser v0.5.3b.
particle.zip4k11-10-06File is not ratedBASIC Particle Effects
This little program (384 bytes) gives BASIC programmers a simple, but neat particle effect. This lets you quickly pour pixels onto the graph screen and watch them flow around already existing pixels. Enjoy!
qsprite.zip36k10-02-10File is not ratedQSprite
QSprite is a graphics program that is built with memory and sprite handling in mind. This assembly library has commands such as TokenSprite, HexSprite, HexToken, and a dozen others which will be very helpful to those making games. Several of these commands I have never seen before, but they are very neat to have.
ruleandconquertrailer1.zip4k10-10-15File is not ratedRule and Conquer Trailer 1 (4-level-grayscale)
Rule and Conquer Trailer 1 is a beautiful 4 level grayscale trailer for my game in progress (being made in 'DE) program built from an unstable,unrealeased, yet promising on-calc compiler 'DE, a revolutionary OOP language from the ti8x family of calcs. This program is a mix of 'DE and ASM, due to the limited capabilities of 'DE right now.
screenshot.zip10k10-04-10File is not ratedScreenShot
ScreenShot lets you take a shot of any screen and puts it on the graph screen. Want to save the image of your program code to play with later? Have at it. This really only provides a little fun (and maybe you can mess with people, too). Have fun.
scrensvr.zip1k14-03-13File is not ratedVarious Screensavers
This is a program I quickly put together, in which it has 12 screensavers. I have made eight of them, the other four, I downloaded from here. This program has been saved onto Mirage Os, so if you have this app, you can access this program from here as well. This program uses no pictures! Although, if you want to run the program the way I have it on my calculator, you might want to create the SERIPINS program that is given to you in the TI packet you received with your calculator. I would send the picture (pic 080 with this, but my computer was being a butt, so it wouldn't let me. I hope you enjoy this program! If you have any comments or questions about this program, or future programs Im going to put out, you can email me at calvinhtml@icloud.com Thank you for downloading.
scrntool.zip5k01-03-25File is not ratedGraph Screen Wipes
This is a collection of 8 screenwipes. They will take whatever is in the graph buffer and move it up, left, down, right, up+left, up+right, down+left or down+right. Usefull as a subroutine in either basic or assembly programs. Same principle behind side-scrolling games... except this shows how to do diagonal as well as left, right, up and down. 2nd release: Bugfree as far as I know. Also contains a demo program to demonstrate what it does. 3rd release: Now supports user defined scrolling amounts (store a number in X, and the screen will be scrolled that many lines)
scrollingss.zip1k02-05-12File is not ratedScrolling Screen Saver
This program displays a scrolling "DeSmet" that can be run indefinitely or stopped after a set number of iterations. The string can be changed with recompilation. Visit my Website!!!
sfview.zip216k12-11-29File is not ratedsolidFRAME v1.0b - 3D model viewer
solidFRAME is 3D engine designed for the 83+ series calculators. This program is a 3D model viewer that enables the user to view and interact with a 3D model in real-time. It features 6-dof and the capability to render flat dither-pattern filled polygons.
shiftscreen.zip4k02-07-22File is not ratedShift Screen
This proggy will put the top four lines on the bottom & vice versa.
sketchy_3d_algorithm.zip4k14-12-06File is not ratedSketchy 3D Algorithm
This is my proof-of-concept sketchy 3D algorithm. I have made an equation where you can input any X and Y coordinates on the calculator screen and output an object on a perspective plane. Basically, it converts 2D to 3D in a very simple way.
spredit.zip41k13-11-23File is not ratedSpredit - Axe Sprite Editor
Spredit is an 8x8 hexadecimal sprite editor made specifically for Axe Parser developers (or any other language that uses hex sprites). It converts your drawn sprite to hexadecimal and saves it to Str1. Just recall Str1 and add brackets - you're ready to go! UPDATE: fixed bug with "[+] for controls" text sometimes being to large.
spritelib.zip164k10-07-23File is not ratedSpriteLib
SpriteLib is a program designed to give BASIC programmers the powers of assembly from tilemaps and sprites to editing the 32KB of RAM, you can now do this in BASIC programs. What's more is that this program uses a very unique feature of editing fonts during program execution that lets the user create text-sprites making tile mapping even easier and faster in BASIC. It has been updated significantly since the last version.
ssmaker.zip2k01-02-08File is not ratedScreen Shot Maker v0.9
This program lets you take a screen shot of the graph and saves it as an assembly program. The new program, when you run it, copies the picture to the graph and displays it. This is usefull for Basic programmers that are writing graphics-heavy programs and have run out of pics. This version is bug-free. If you don't like the program much, it does have a nice string input routine you might like.
starsscreensaver.zip155k07-12-06File is not ratedStars screensaver
This is just a little program I threw together just to find out how far I am with assembly. It's a simplified version of the popular Windows screensaver. :P
thecuttingedgeofaxe.zip4k13-06-27File is not ratedThe Cutting Edge of Axe, an Axe 4k demo prog
Willing to show my faith for the Axe language (:P), I wrote this demo composed of 5 scenes that I wish will impress you :) It's fully coded in Axe (with some bytes of ASM to fasten small divisions, but shhht), source code and readme included. No shell required to run, once again see the readme :)
tidraw.zip1k13-11-23File is not ratedTi-Draw
Ti-Draw is drawing program for the TI-83 plus and TI-84 plus. It features a resizable brush, image inversion, plus loading and saving to Pic vars. See README.txt for more info and controls.
tipaint.zip8k04-01-26File is not ratedTI - Paint
A great painting tool that can save and read from any of the 10 pics that are standard on the calc, but also has 3 save files stored inside itself. The pen has 3 sizes, and can be drawn in a dotted line, like in the screenshot. Read the documentation, because it explains it all in more detail.
xorpic.zip35k08-06-12File is not ratedXor sprite routine
This BASIC utility takes a list in the answer and draws a sprite on the screen (It is completly explained in the readme file.) Because it's assembly, the sprite can even be drawn on the home screen.
zpicman.zip4k04-11-25File is not ratedPicture Manager v1.0
This program merges the capabilities of ZPIC, ZSTO and a few new functions into 1 program. Basically, you can archive/unarchive/delete/recall/store up to 255 different pictures on your calculator! It also returns various error codes in case something went wrong (like bad input), so the program wont error out! This is MOST useful in graphics-intensive programs, like BASIC picture editors and BASIC games.
zpic.zip1k00-03-15File is not ratedZpic v1.2
Recalls any picture 1-255 to the graph very quickly, without having to clear the graph. It also recalls Archived pics without unarchiving them.
zsto.zip9k04-10-12File is not ratedZSTO v1.0
Simply put, this program will allow you to save to 255 picture variables, thereby bypassing the 10 picture limit! Great for graphics-intensive programs! Make sure you d/l ZPIC, so you can recall those pictures!

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