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Last updated Sunday, 23 November 2014
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Most popular file  GPic83 v2.0 with 9,603 downloads.

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andydraw.zip4k01-03-25File is not ratedAndys Drawing Suite v2.0
This is the long awaited update of Andys Drawing Suite. This program is actual, nothing similiar to the other one. I rewrote the whole thing. Its super small, and super fast. It has many more features too: Save pic, load pic, double buffer, 6 different brushes, 4 different erasers. Its great! Download a copy today!
asmbouncedemo.zip1k03-03-10File is not ratedBounce
This is a small assembly program written in EZAsm that demonstrates the structure of an assembly program. The source is more important than the program, but the program is included. Please use the source in your programs and please learn from the simple algrithm in the program. Modification is encouraged.
bigtext.zip2k02-11-20File is not ratedBigText
BigText for 83 and 83+
etchesketchzipped.zip245k10-08-14File is not ratedEtch-a-sketch: shake to erase v:1.5.2
This is a trilling new addition to Ticalc archives. This file includes an app called axe, which will let you compile the source code for asm( , mirage, ion, and doors. This is an etch-a-sketch program with a twist. If you shake it, IT CLEARS THE SCREEN. the attachment can be made for less than $6. Don't want spend the money? Don't, because this program does not require the attachment. What are you waiting for? download now! Happybobjr Prod. 8/13/2010
etch.zip2k01-08-26File is not ratedEtch - a - Sketch
This is my very first assembly program, it's basic but if you like etch - a - sketch's this is for you, it's easy to use, any one can change the source code for them selves if they want. Thanx to Bill Nagel for pic 83, and thanx to all those authors of the tutorials for asm programming on 83 and 83+
ff1demo3.zip46k03-12-20File is not ratedFinal Fantasy I WM v0.090 (For TI83 Plus SE only)
Much has been done since last time. This time, it's the entire overworld map. Explore it before you play the real thing (available in a year or so)
flame.zip2k01-07-15File is not ratedFlame v1.01
Displays an animated greyscale flame. The flame is generated in real-time and flickers randomly.
gpic83.zip19k00-08-20File is not ratedGPic83 v2.0
The Original greyscale program for the 83+ Re-released with many new features! (Greyscale screenshots in the ZIP)
gpp11.zip669k03-06-18File rated 7.70Grayscale Programming Package 1.1
With this package, grayscale games and programs aree made for the ti83 and the ti83+, compatible with the ION shell. The engine takes use of the interrupt feature of the calculators. The important part of this package is the grayscale include file. This includes all the routines you need, to make grayscale games on your calculator. Think of interrupt routines, sprite routines, key input routines, etc. I tried to make it as simple as possible to use, by making a handy template, but beginner ION programming skills are needed! With the use of a fully functional 'template' directory, you can directly start to code without setting up headers and includes, and assemble it into both a ti83 and a ti83+ version. Version 1.1 contains some major bug fixes
gray_picture.zip5k06-03-18File is not ratedGrayscale Picture
this is simply a program that displays a *flickerless grayscale* frame from the popular PC game, lf2. The picture is slightly wider than it should be, so it is sort of distorted. It is flickerless graysccale, though, thanks to the grayscale programming package released a while ago. To download the game, lf2 for the PC, go to lf2.net. It's free, and i did a virus scan of all the files it uses. No viruses. great game.
grey.zip61k02-01-14File is not ratedSuper Grey
Super grey is what can be considered the best Greyscale for TI-83+. It displays 96x64 4 level greyscale picture with absolutely no flickering, or blinking. It even shows you how to create your own greyscale pictures.
langant.zip2k99-10-30File is not ratedLangston's Ant
A mathematical simulation of two virtual ants.
minipaint.zip38k03-06-27File is not ratedMinipaint TI83+ for Ion
This is a program where you can draw pictures and save them as PICs. It has three different pen sizes, a cool main menu, a saving/loading feature and an undo-button!Please try it and say what you think! This is not the finished version! I intend to add lots of things: grayscale, fill, copy/cut/paste, external pictures etc.
mouse.zip1k03-03-30File is not ratedKMouse
This is a good-looking, yet simple mouse routine for use in assembly programs. Accepts multiple keypresses for diagonal movement. (Use CLEAR to quit demo program)
nyancat.zip672k11-07-27File is not ratedNyan Cat
1) Transfer to your calc. 2) Open prgmNYAN with a shell that supports ION (e.g. CalcUtil) 3) Nyan your way to awesomeness.
paint.zip4k12-04-24File is not ratedPaint
Paint is a program that allows you to paint in 3 or 4 level greyscale. It also allows you to save and recall pics! (Pictures are saved as archived appvars) So what are you waiting for? Download it today! Note: This was written for round 2 of TI-Conours 2012.
pixelmadness.zip56k04-08-20File is not ratedPixel Madness
A megademo style program for the TI-83 Plus. Features some nice old-school effects, such as 3D tunnel, rippling water and wavy flag.
really_illogic_runer112.zip6k14-02-07File is not rated(Really) Illogic, a powerful graphical demo
(Really) Illogic is an Axe-based graphical tech demo program that shows off the power of low-level languages on a black and white 83+/84+ calculator to perform arbitrary plane deformations for neat effects. FPS ranges from 6 FPS for the pure Axe version on an 83+ to 90 FPS for the assembly-assisted version on an 83+SE/84+! This program shares the name of the original Illogic program by Matrefeytontias, and shares much of his work as well, so its existence is due to him.
showchar2.zip4k03-04-02File is not ratedLet's see Your calc's all small characters
This small program can display all of TI-83p's small characters! It may be helpful when you write asm program.
showchar.zip4k03-03-28File is not ratedLet's see Your calc's all characters
This small program can display all of TI-83p's characters! It'll become more interesting when calculator's font was changed by Omnicalc.
sierpin.zip1k99-10-30File is not ratedSierpinski Triangle
A quick generator of the famous Sierpinski Triangle.
spritelb.zip5k05-10-21File is not ratedSprite Lab
Sprite Lab is a tool to make designing sprites easier. You can browse and edit 8x8 sprites on your calculator, as well as save and load them. If you need sprites for your game but your drawing skills are questionable, then please try this program out. The source code is also interesting and thoroughly commented, but please get my permission before using any of it.
stars.zip6k00-06-27File is not ratedStarfield Simulation v1.3
Generates a three-dimensional animated starfield, similar to the Windows screen saver. Features include automatic power down and setup screen.
tipaint.zip8k04-01-26File is not ratedTI - Paint
A great painting tool that can save and read from any of the 10 pics that are standard on the calc, but also has 3 save files stored inside itself. The pen has 3 sizes, and can be drawn in a dotted line, like in the screenshot. Read the documentation, because it explains it all in more detail.
trippy.zip2k14-11-23File is not ratedTrippy Effects
This is a very trippy line animation, generated at the random. I is kind of like Runer112's line animation but more random and complex. Download and enjoy! It works on MirageOS, DoorsCS, Ion, or any Ion compatible shell. NoShell version included. Source included.
truegray.zip164k05-05-01File rated 8.46TrueGray Viewer v1.0
TrueGray is the first flicker-free, 7-layer grayscale algorithm for the TI-83 Plus and TI-83 Plus Silver Edition. The TrueGray Viewer, which allows you to view your TrueGray images, has a menu interface along with options to view and cycle through images, adjust contrast, and view negatives. The TrueGray Windows Console Application lets you generate TrueGray images from your own bitmaps.

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