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Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
Posted on 5 March 1999, 03:42 GMT

We are sorry to announce that Bryan Rabeler, a member of our staff for the past two years, will no longer be contributing to the project. While Bryan has played a tremendous role in making our site a success, we are no longer able to collaborate with Bryan in a beneficial way. We wish Bryan the best of luck for the future and once again would like to acknowledge the considerable commitment he has made to the site in the past.


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Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
(Unknown User)

Bryan Rabeler did a lot better job with the news and archives. He shouldn't have been fired.

     10 October 1999, 02:36 GMT

Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
Chris Moultrie
(Web Page)

Sorry, to hear he's leaving... I hope he has a good time with whatever he does in the future. Good luck Brian, be save, and have fun!
Chris Moultrie

     5 March 1999, 03:53 GMT

See ya around, Bryan. To ticalc.org: Just a bump in the road.
Shaun (Emp) McCormick
(Web Page)

Now, as a longtime active member in the TI world, I have some comments I'd like to make on this subject. First of all, Bryan Rabeler deserves all the credit he should be given. He devoted much time to ticalc.org. However, he was not ticalc.org. The staff of ticalc.org is one of the most organized, disciplined, and hard-working staffs I have seen in a long time. This is the staff most sites wish for, the staff where everyone picks up their quota and more, doesn't complain, and most importantly, does it for the whole, the site. Not for themselves. Now, Bryan's hack on the TI-Files was selfish and immature, but the staff was just in executing discipline against Bryan. Even though rumors are flying about Bryan being kicked for the hack, I do not, however, believe that his hack had anything to do with his 'firing.' Many problems plague all staffs, no matter how good they are. The true staffs are the ones that can keep those problems from the public and move on. Such did ticalc.org. And their site flourished. People came back because they knew they could always depend on ticalc.org to be there for them when they needed them. Also, I on behalf of the TI-Files staff apologize for the comments made by my fellow staff member Jeepman98. He was acting selfish and was not thinking of the whole. Bryan, it's sad to see you go, you've been such a big part of the TI community. But, everyone has their time, and your end was decided by fate to be this day. Now, on the ticalc.org vs. ti-files.org controversy, there is no hatred. I never hated ticalc.org. I never will. I just prefer ti-files.org over the other. (Now I know you'll say because you designed the site, you're a member, etc. No, I like it because of its friendly and personal atmosphere. Also, they hold nothing from the public. They tell you what really goes on, and they have enough trust in their visitors to befriend them for it. Those who don't, well, what importance to ti-files are they if they don't like them?) But on the other hand, I strongly believe in competition. I don't think that this resignation of Bryan from ticalc.org will slow much at all, if any. But this will be a boost for TI-Files morally, and TI-Filies, or visitors to TI-Files, as we like to call them. So I do not care if one insults the other, for it is all in the spirit of competition. But when one such as important as Bryan resigns, we should all show him the same respect that we would want them to show us if we were in that position. So, Bryan, without further adieu, see ya around. Ticalc.org, let's see what ya still got. ;)
-Shaun (Emp) McCormick

     6 March 1999, 03:48 GMT

Re: See ya around, Bryan. To ticalc.org: Just a bump in the road.
John (CrashNbur) McCord
(Web Page)

One word: Damn. That basically sums it up. For the most part, I agree with everything Shaun said. Bryan will be missed, and ticalc.org should, if nothing else, take advantage of the sudden publicity surge and make something of it. Bryan, good luck in your future.

     6 March 1999, 03:55 GMT

Re: Re: See ya around, Bryan. To ticalc.org: Just a bump in the road.
(Web Page)

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too: daaaaaaamn. What I wanted to know is why snowy lost all his flags in #ti........=\

     7 March 1999, 22:05 GMT

Re: See ya around, Bryan. To ticalc.org: Just a bump in the road.
(Web Page)

I agree with most of what you said, but there are a few things I think could be fine-tuned.

I don't think anyone except ticalc.org members themselves can judge of how much of a central part Bryan was on the staff. They alone know how much they work. From reading the front page and seeing what happens on IRC, I'd have to agree that Bryan was holding everything together. But only the ticalc.org staff can know if that is true. Of course, over the course of the following few months, the rest of the community will find that out.

I've stated several times in other posts that I agree that the "hack" had absolutely nothing to do with this. Read my other posts, I don't want to type it again :P

I find it interesting how everyone, particularly you, Emp, think Bryan is dead. He isn't, and far from it. Knowing him, he will still help out the TI-Community, be it starting a new site, programming, or even helping an existing site. "Your end was decided by fate to be this day" is totally untrue, since he is not leaving, getting a life, or any of that. I guess I don't have proof for this, but again, we'll see over the following few months.

I also beleive in competition; without it, none of the big sites would be what they are. And I admit, it is a moral boost for me too.

Only time can tell what will happen henceforth. Bryan may leave the TI-Community, or make a "comeback" in whatever form that will be in. Ticalc.org may lose some of what it had, but it may recover easily. There's no use arguing about what we will know for sure in the weeks to come.

     6 March 1999, 07:25 GMT

Re: See ya around, Bryan. To ticalc.org: Just a bump in the road.
Grant Kohler

I'm sorry Shaun, but I do have a right to ay what I want to. I think that you are outta line by pulling me out and saying what you thought I did wrong. Let's put this behind us now.

     8 March 1999, 01:15 GMT

Re: See ya around, Bryan. To ticalc.org: Just a bump in the road.

You know, you seem to forget that you and the other TI archive sites should work together. I personaly visit both your site and ti-files. I resent being called a ti-filie, and may reconsider my choice of sites. I've read the documentary on TI-Files by Bryan, and although may not believe it, it does raise some interesting questions. I'd like to hear your comments on this.

     8 March 1999, 01:39 GMT

Re: Bryans ''Release''
(Web Page)


When I entered the TI-Community about a year and a half ago, I came to Ti-files, then Dimension TI, and then ticalc.org. I noticed that ticalc.org was much more freqentaly updated and had better archive structure than any other sites at that time. Now, even then, Bryan Rabeler was responsible for MUCH of the work done on ticalc.org. Im not saying that heis the only contributor, but ceratinly a major one. I really don't think we have the place to go bashing him. It is true what they say. Out of all of the ticalc.org and ti-files members that I have emailed, only bryan has responded. He was a great worker, and a respectable person. Sure he had his faults, but he always was man enough to apologize for what he has done wrong and we should wish him well.


     7 March 1999, 22:21 GMT

Re: Re: Bryans ''Release''
Cullen Logan

Really! Raven you must be an intelligent person for thinking that way. You guys royaly screwed Bryan and I think that you should be shun upon by the entire Ti-Community for doing such a Tyrannical thing. I think you should feel bad for what you did and be ashamed to call yourselves leaders. I no longer look up to you guys at ticalc.org

     7 March 1999, 23:15 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Bryans ''Release''

I most hardily concur. I must say that many people have most likely lost respect for this site, and it will take them a long time to come back from this horrible deed.

     8 March 1999, 01:48 GMT

Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
Nick Clark

I wish the site the best of luck without him.

     5 March 1999, 03:59 GMT

Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
Alan Johnson
(Web Page)

I can't believe this. I'm really sorry to hear this news. I hope you go on to good things.

     5 March 1999, 04:09 GMT

Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

Does anybody know why he is leaving?

     5 March 1999, 04:43 GMT

Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
(Web Page)

Duh.... Everyone knows. Don't you watch the news? It was all over CNN, Fox, and all other major news networks yesterday and this morning. What kind of box are you living in?

     6 March 1999, 01:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

Then I should have seen it when I logged on to AOL. (And I'm asking to be flamed here...oh joy)

     8 March 1999, 10:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
Mark G Driggs

Why bother flaming when you can just ignore.

     12 March 1999, 10:45 GMT

Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

there was an article at ti-files.org that he explained what happened. Man, he got jipped.

     7 March 1999, 23:38 GMT

Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

Sounds to me like Bryan was fired. Look at the wording "we are no longer able to collaborate with Bryan in a beneficial way". They're basically saying they don't want him around anymore. Notice all the references to the "past". Implying that recently, Bryan and other staff members have been quarelling. It's really too bad, as most of the ticalc.org members don't seem to visibly contribute much.

     5 March 1999, 04:49 GMT

Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

Uhuh, I'd like to hear the rest...? I mean, who's fault exactly was it? Sounds like Bryan was being a little uncooperative, but I'd really like to know *his* side. I think deleting the TI-Files stuff a while back said something about his character ... could this ... "firing" ... have its roots there? Is it just coincedence that Bryan gets "fired" in the midst of a mad rush for sites to get hosted by ticalc and Dim-TI? After two years of dedicated work (if it in fact was dedicated work), I think it's kind of strange to be pushed out...


     5 March 1999, 06:57 GMT

Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

"we are no longer able to collaborate with Bryan in a beneficial way", yes, i agree what does that mean?... Something to do with the TI-Files been hacked for a few months?...

     5 March 1999, 07:01 GMT

Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

This had nothing to do with TI-Files at all.

I am not a coordinator, and so I do not yet know the full details (I expect I'll get more info soon), but I do have some background knowledge of everything that's been happening.

I'm not, of course, going to divulge any information myself, but I'm very sad and disappointed to see him go.

Bryan was a very dedicated member, and a really cool guy, and I will continue to talk to him on ICQ and IRC. Meanwhile, ticalc.org is reorganizing and there'll be no problems continuing without him--our backup file archiver will be able to handle the updates for now, in case anyone was worrying about that. :)

     5 March 1999, 07:28 GMT

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