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Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
Posted on 5 March 1999, 03:42 GMT

We are sorry to announce that Bryan Rabeler, a member of our staff for the past two years, will no longer be contributing to the project. While Bryan has played a tremendous role in making our site a success, we are no longer able to collaborate with Bryan in a beneficial way. We wish Bryan the best of luck for the future and once again would like to acknowledge the considerable commitment he has made to the site in the past.


The comments below are written by ticalc.org visitors. Their views are not necessarily those of ticalc.org, and ticalc.org takes no responsibility for their content.

Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
Ed Fry
(Web Page)

Reasons Why I feel The Best Thing Ticalc.org did was Retire/Fire Bryan Rabeler:

1) Deleting of the Ti-files server. Personally, I divert the blame into three factions...

10% Ti-files staff: For not realizing basically, "Oh Crap! Someone is hacking our site! We better Change the password!" and for Treating Adam Berlinsky Schine like an ass to prompt his actions

20% Adam Berlinsky Schine: For breaking the Holier than thou Law that says never give out your username and password for an account to anybody, especially to someone that you *know* is going to take the site over if he gets such information, As well as not just leaving the Ti-files altogether, dropping the situation and just focusing his time and effort on his own site.

70% Bryan Rabeler: For committing the Act (multiple times to the point where the Ti-files had to change servers) in the first place. I don't know about you, but if I was given the username and password for a site, the last thing I would do is use that information to take it over, simply because A) it could be a trap. B) it gives yourself as well as your site, an image of immaturity and C) If it was done from the ticalc.org server, It Risked ticalc.org's Internet connection (personally, If I ran Ti-Files, and I had a hack coming from ticalc.org, I would make sure that I would have their server connection by the end of the day. most likely by threatening legal action to the ISP)

I don't care that Rabeler Apologized, or what actions prompted this hack or whatever. The fact is that it shouldn't have been done in the first place, and frankly, I'm surprised the ticalc.org staff kept him on after that little stunt, because if he was on my staff, he would've been gone immediately after he pulled a stunt like that, apology or not.

2) Takeover of Various IRC Channels: I was always Told that Rabeler's screen name on IRC was Allah. There Have been Times when I have gone into the #Ti-files channel, and all that would be in there would be an Op-ed Allah, sitting in there banning everyone that entered the channel. I Cannot really vouch for this particular accusation simply because I never did a whois, IP, or anything that proved to me that it was Rabeler, and since anyone could take the screen name Allah, it could have been anybody, but the Ti-files group was claiming that it was him and the people that would be in the channel (if any) were #ticalc regulars. He has also been accused of taking over #ccia, and the now defunct #tihq channel, for which I cannot comment on due to the fact that I never went to those channels. This is one of the reasons, In fact, Why I quit using IRC and Started playing MUD/MOO/MUSH's

3) Failure to promptly update archives in the end: The one thing that was always dependable about ticalc.org was their archive, but last September, That went into the toilet. Basically, getting anything that wasn't ASM Related updated on the archives was like beating a dead horse, Especially the Ti-89/92 Basic Archive. A perfect example of this would be Slayers 2. It was sent to Ticalc.org on November 9 1998, and was Finally updated March 4th 1999, Presumably when Rabeler Retired/was Fired. Sending the file was another problem because the CGI-Bin program used to send files to ticalc.org was never cleaned, and was filled with 50+ programs that were never correctly submitted. After 2-3 months of this, I E-mailed Ticalc.org about the situation and got the response that prompted me to change my Archive procedures to the Ti-files. Now that he's gone, the archive system is clean and the files are being updated.

Don't get me wrong here. I want to get it straight that I have nothing against Bryan Rabeler the man, But I do have a problem with his actions. I don't feel that anyone that had such power in the Ti community should act like he did, Especially to Fellow Ti Community Members. I'm Frankly sick of all this In-Fighting that occurs in the Ti community and I hope that this in the long run causes more collaboration than competition. I do feel that Rabeler was a catalyst to the Ticalc Vs Ti-files debate and overall caused problems, But I also believe that overall he did a lot for ticalc.org and made the site a better site than the rest. I personally believe that his ego got the best of him in the end when it came to the Competition, and the only way he could handle it was to belittle the other sites.

Just my $0.02

     7 March 1999, 20:19 GMT

Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
Eugene (The Original)

As all of you know by now, I am quite stupid. One thing I do know for a fact is that Bryan was a great guy. I just thought is was funny to come on here and post messages from an AntiEugene character. My name is Jon Striley. I live in Saint Louis, Missouri. My phone number is (314)-938-3504. I was wrong all the time and i accept full responsibility. I apologize to ticalc.org and to the entire TI community. Because I was so stupid, I will never post at ticalc.org again.

     7 March 1999, 20:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

He probably posted the name and # of someone he knows and hates

     7 March 1999, 22:27 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways


     7 March 1999, 22:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
the original Eugene

Of course, the original Eugene is here to stay. And all you get is my e-mail address.

     8 March 1999, 09:09 GMT

Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

I have posted my comments on the situation on the mailing lists and it is available at my web site, just click the link above. But I think it would be best if I didn't reply to any of the comments to this news article. For one, it would take too long, and two, ticalc.org doesn't want to admit anything.

     7 March 1999, 22:25 GMT

Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
(Web Page)

I'm always one to take the side of the victim when something looks unfair. This looks to be very unfair.
I propose to everyone that we boycott ticalc.org.
Brian, If you decide you want to keep doing a ti site then I would propose to you to start up ticalc2.org or ticalcs.org. There's no better justice then revenge.
I'm sure you could easily find a new team for a new site.
Are you looking to get revenge?
If so what do you propose?

Also I noticed that on the bottom of all the pages that it says copyright ticalc.org 96-99. I would suppose that you as a previous member would have rights to those pages some way or another. Also if you have written any new scripts or anything for the site I would think you would have the right to use them.
Start up your own site.
ticalc.org is old and seems to only be going in a certain direction.
However, a new site could go in any direction. It would have your experience plus it could take the best features of all the sites.

Either way it's good to hear the truth.

*I sure was surprised when i check my email and found that big ole letter from brian telling the truth that has eluded us all in the past 2 days*

! eid tsum gro.clacit . ! noilleber ssam .

     7 March 1999, 23:06 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
George Limpert
(Web Page)

I would support any boycott of ticalc.org and if there is going to be a new site, I'll help. Just ask. If you support a boycott of ticalc.org, please reply to this.

     7 March 1999, 23:45 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

I get a kick out of your logic here. The humor almost excuses the fact that you've changed your mind about us for probably the 4th time.


     8 March 1999, 04:24 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
Andy Selle

Keyword "looks." Does that mean is? no. You have heard one side of the story. One person saying how things are is never the same as another. Is one lying and one telling the truth? No. It is simply people telling the story in the way that will favor them the best. Stay posted for our response, but I can assure you that while some things Bryan said are truthful, they don't always hit the real point of an issue. Quite frankly, it is something you couldn't understand as not being on the staff. That's alright, but I think your decision to boycott before knowing the truth is rash.

As far as the copyright on the bottom. That means that it is copyrighted to the organization. That means that the individual doesn't have ownership once they place it on ticalc.org. As far as Bryan's scripts. He hasn't written any. His job was primarly updating files, doing news, basically using scripts.

     8 March 1999, 00:23 GMT

Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

Hello everyone. Stop arguing for a moment. I read all 140 something posts. It seems as if everyone has some sort of suppressed hatred for the other. Just shut up for a little bit. I want to ask few questions.

Why are you arguing? I mean where do you think it'll get you?

Do you actually think Bryan will come back if you make the best argument?

Why is everyone so serious? You'd think this was a conspiracy to kill President Clinton (I hope not.).

While I don't agree with what he did with TI-Files server, I don't really think you should give him the "death sentence". I admit, I'm not God (Duh), I don't know everything that went on. Although, neither do most everyone else on the board. I don't mean to insult everyone but I've got a few points to bring up.

This isn't a soap opera. This is real life.

Most of us are in college or high school right? This is a TI site. TI stands for Texas Instruments. Texas Instruments makes calculators, among other things. What are you doing after college? Will you still be working at this site? Is this all you're going to do in life, work at a calculator site? This is only a thing. Don't let it eat at you. You'll move on. This isn't the whole world. You'll eventually get good computer jobs and forget all about ticalc.org, ti-files.org and Dimension TI. They'll only be a memory.

These sites aren't all that important. ticalc.org and ti-files.org aren't quite the pinnacle of the internet. Or are they? I don't think so. There are other things.


Sorry if I've offended anyone. I just wanted to express my opinion about the situation. I'm almost sick of the TI community. This isn't the business community. Why is everyone so competitive? You won't ever get anywhere. If sites would work together in some aspects, the TI community would be much more productive. Don't you think? Let's just take this incident in stride and move on. For God sakes, we are talking about calculators right.

     7 March 1999, 23:33 GMT

A day in the internet sessions of /me
the original Eugene

A wakeup call. Oh joy. I'll answer with a little humor.

We (I) argue just for the hell of it.

Bryan, in his essay, made it sound like a conspiracy to assassinate Clinton.

And duh this isn't a soap opera, but hey, one COULD be written. There's plenty enough going on at ticalc.org, ti-files.org, and dimti COMBINED that one could be started. There is one at the Files, but I doubt that has anything to do with the soap opera I was talking about.

And guess what--we get bored talking about calculators. (Wait--I said I would represent myself and no one else. Blow that off.) If there was no news to keep us interested, then I think everyone would just up and leave. Calculator games get boring after a while.

So this is what I do:
I log on to the net.
I check my e-mail.
I go to ticalc.org.
I see if there are any news items, games, etc.
If there are any news items, I read the news item, post comments, read other people's comments, etc.
I go to ti-files.org.
I see what's up there at their message board.
I go to calc.org. (dimension TI)
I check their news items.
I go to their message board and see what's new. (usually nothing)
Then I do what I want--hang out, go on IRC, or log off.

You see, we can lighten up. (Again. Doh.) At least I can. I don't have my hands full of reading all about Bryan Rabeler or that person called Eugene (the original). (Yeah right.)

Everyone: By the way, I'm not biting your ears off, am I?

Good questions though. Why am I here?

And so that I can save a comment, I'll say this to Bryan: You see what happens when you make a big noise? (Sound familiar?) I sympathize though.

     8 March 1999, 09:59 GMT

Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

Hmmm..... anybody else here actually know Bryan's views on this? It's on TIFiles.... (gee... I wonder why TiCalc.org didn't post it..... hehehe

     7 March 1999, 23:49 GMT

Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

Yeah, I have three copies of Bryan's message sitting in my box right now. Looks like he was fired from ticalc.org.

Or was he? Hell, I don't know who to believe now. Who's telling the truth?

http:// www.msu.edu/ ~rabelerb/ ticalc.txt

is Bryan's view on this whole thing...

<sigh> There's always something crazy going on in the TI community.


     8 March 1999, 00:37 GMT

Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
who cares?


     8 March 1999, 01:02 GMT

Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

I just got done reading bryans side of the story and I must say I now really dislike TICALC.org I thought they were better than that but obviously they aren't if what bryan said is true.

P.S. to ticalc.org
You should feel ashamed. And to post messages saying who is taking over bryans section and signing it with a ":]" is terrible.


     8 March 1999, 01:40 GMT

Get a life people

I realize that this message board is for Brian. So what I posted my opinion about what I thought. What you people need to realize is that Brian is gone, so get over it. Stop bashing what others think about it and post your own comments. Tell me to grow up isn't going to change a thing. And those of you who think I have no right writing to this message board are wrong. If members of other sites didn't write to it then it would be a one sided thing. And NO this is not giving the TI-Files a bad rep. I'm sorry if you think differently.

     8 March 1999, 01:28 GMT

Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

To quote the last episode of some flavor of star trek, "All good things must come to an end."
Bryan and I have known each other for a long time, mainly from irc. I met him first as Allah in #calc-ti, and he first gave me ops in #ticalc. Later, I became an owner in #ti, and now I've come to see him leave. Amazing how things come full circle. It was a good run bryan.

     8 March 1999, 02:59 GMT

Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

Oh shutup! You are just trying to make ticalc look good. but, NO ONE LIKES YOU ANYMORE!

     8 March 1999, 03:20 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways

You make no sense whatsoever. He wasn't referring to ticalc.org, as in Chris and Co.

     8 March 1999, 09:39 GMT

Re: Bryan Rabeler and ticalc.org Part Ways
(Web Page)

ok everyone. I'm sorry about that previous post and calling for a boycott and all. I just got a little upset, because brian's side was very compelling and persuades very well.

I'll wait till the rest comes out, but I've already seen what you told brian to put into his letter in the email lists.

I would still say that either way it seems that brian's termination was rather harsh. Unless ticalc.org releases a good response I'd still be upset, because someone who put two years into your site deserves more than an un notified changing of their password.

I would still call for people (i'll take my own advice) if they're upset with this to try to find a different way to be a part of the calc community. Remember it's the ti community not just the ticalc.org community. Every other site eventually gets whatever files ticalc.org gets.

Let's hear the rest of the story!


     8 March 1999, 05:01 GMT

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