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4serial.gif17k97-09-07File is not rated$4 Serial Link Plan and Parts
82link_h.zip6k01-06-03File is not ratedJakob Selbing's modified link cable v3.0
Schematics for a $5 link cable, that can handle any type of parallel port (designed for "heavy load" ports though)
accel85.txt6k97-07-24File is not ratedPlans for accelerating the TI-85
ampliferinstructions.zip393k06-08-05File is not ratedAdding an amplifer into your TI-84
Here are the schematics for adding an amplifer into your calculator. I can not be held liable if you destroy or otherwise make your calculator inoperatable or damage it in any way if you use these instructions. I wrote these for the Ti-84+(SE), but they might be able to be used on other calculator models with the correct modifications.
ampspkr.zip109k99-04-07File is not ratedAmplified Speaker Plans
Amplified speaker plans for TI-xx calcs
betteramp.zip2k03-07-25File is not ratedBetterAmp v1.0
This is a more sensitive amplifier than the other schematics already in the archives, and thus produces better, louder sound. It can be built quite inexpensively, and all of the required parts are available at RadioShack, among other places.
buildgcn.zip590k11-02-12File is not ratedOn the Design and Usage of globalCALCnet (gCn)
To accompany the 1.0 release of the gCnClient software to connect networks of graphing calculators to and across the internet, this documentation describes the hardware and software necessary to use the gCnClient, including schematics of the gCn bridge device build on a simple commodity Arduino, the alternate cheaper USBHID design for more experienced users, troubleshooting, and instructions for programming the Arduino or USBHID Bridge on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS and using the gCnClient on any operating system.
calc_kbd_if.zip973k05-12-17File is not ratedPS2-Keyboard-to-Calculator Interface
Plans for a module that interfaces a PS2 keyboard to an 86, no software required on calc.
calcphone.zip42k01-12-16File is not ratedCalcPhone Plan
This is a schematic for building a set of headphones to use to listen to sound. It has only been tested for Ti-86 and it works great. Only 2 parts needed!
eps.zip18k99-08-31File is not ratedExternal Power Supply v2.0
Supply your TI-92 with energy without batteries.
fastavrlink.zip729k01-04-04File is not ratedfastAVRlink
A home-made link compatible with the original Grey GraphLink but up to 5 times faster. This link cable does not require a special programmer. It uses a FLASH microcontroller then the cable is highly configurable, jumperless and evolutionary.
grphlnk56k.zip36k99-06-09File is not ratedGraphLink56k
Home-made TI-GraphLink compatible cable capable of connectig to PC at speed up to 57600 bps.
hdwstk.zip347k03-03-05File is not ratedSteuerkarte alpha2002 v1.2
update, documentation, schematics
hwlink.zip4k04-08-24File is not ratedHardware linking plans
Some routines (with associated schematics) that are useful for communicating between a TI-86 and PIC...
i2c.txt8k97-07-24File is not ratedI2C circuit interface plans and routines
intamp.zip230k99-03-20File is not ratedTI Internal Amp
An internal amplifier for TI calculators.
intexpdr.gif6k98-02-04File is not ratedSchematic for Experimental Internal Expander
irlink.zip435k98-06-30File is not ratedInfraRed Link and Remote Control
Infrared Link and Remote Control for TI calcs
ir_pcb.zip24k04-07-03File is not ratedPCB for IR Messenger
Printed circuit board layout for the IR Messenger hardware, which allows you to send messages between TI89s over an infrared link. It requires a special software, available on the homepage.
ir_schema.png.zip19k04-07-03File is not ratedIR Messenger Hardware Schematics
This file is the schematics for the infrared interface compatible with IR Messenger.
kdriver_schema.png.zip6k04-07-03File is not ratedkDriver Hardware Schematics
This file contains the schematics for connecting a PC keyboard to your 89. It requires the kDriver software, available at the homepage.
mbus099.zip42k98-01-15File is not ratedMBus Routines 0.99 for TI-85 & ZShell
Description of MBus and the routines
mono.txt2k97-07-24File is not ratedMono link port speaker plans - doesnt lock up your calc
multinet_docking_station.zip28k03-03-25File is not ratedDocking Station for TI Calculators
These are the schematics and plans for a docking station that allows you to sync data and information between a computer and your TI graphing calculator. Compatible with multiNET, a protocol coming in the future that will allow automatic backup and data transfer. This even allows the calculator to be run on an external power source! Check it out.
multinet_external_power.zip23k03-03-28File is not ratedExternal Power Source for TI Calculators
These are the schematics and plans for modification that allows TI calculators to run off an external power supply. It requires only one component, and is compatible with multiNET and the Docking Station for TI Calculators. Find more program and hardware at http://www.cemetech.tk
newportd.txt1k98-01-03File is not ratedTI-8x 3.5mm Port Design
Plans for 3.5mm port built into a TI-85 to allow link connections w/o an adapter
opd.zip11k04-10-04File is not ratedAnalog signal sampler
Converts an analog signal to digital and sends result to calculator
piclink.zip20k99-12-08File is not ratedPICLink
A homemade link compatible with the original GraphLink.
pixpand.zip46k11-01-09File is not ratedPIXPander Revisited
Sami Khawam's PIXPander is an external memory expander based on a PIC16F84 microcontroller and a Playstation memory card. This is my research into this device and my attempts to get it to work, as well as suggestions for anyone who may decide to pick up this project themselves.
rgbscreen.zip1807k04-10-20File is not ratedKyleCorp. The RGB Screen v1.6 Update
The RGB Screen is an experimental Color Screen for the TI-xx Graphing Calculator from Texas Instruments. It has 7 possible color outputs; Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and White light. Price: approx. $10 USD for the parts. If you use my include file in your programs give me credit for it. This is an update to the original v1.6 of The RGB Screen with the driver programs and include file being optimized for speed and for space.
rtlink.zip8k97-07-24File is not ratedRadio Transfer Link Plans
scabphot.zip93k00-08-23File is not ratedMini Serial Link
Photos of new mini serial link
schem85.gif62k98-07-15File is not ratedCompleted TI-85 Schematic
seriallinkbox.zip64k99-08-24File is not ratedSerial Link Box
A serial link box that plugs into a null modem cable for serial link transfer. Should work with all serial link software.
seriallink.gif13k97-09-28File is not rated$4 Serial Link Schematic
speaker.txt1k97-07-24File is not ratedTI-85 link port speaker instructions
speedup.txt6k97-08-05File is not ratedTI-SpeedUp FAQs
steuerkarte.zip141k02-11-20File is not ratedSteuerkarte alpha2002 v1.1
A device to control 16 digital outputs with your Ti92plus.
ti2psxmem.gif12k98-03-06File is not ratedTI-Link to PSX Memory Card Adapter Version 0.2
Small update of my old version
tiadapt.zip147k97-11-06File is not ratedTI Parallel Port Link Adapter Notes
tiamp.zip731k05-10-17File is not ratedTI sound amplifier/speaker system
This is a guide on how to build an amplified sound system for your calculator that will play audio media through your serial port, on speakers instead of headphones. You will enjoy stereo sound loud enough to be heard at the other end of a small room.
tici_color_screen.zip62k03-03-09File is not ratedTICI 1.0 Color Screen Adapter
This is the plans and schematics for the TICI 1.0 color screen adapter, which will allow programs to use 3-bit color (8 colors total) on your calculator, expandable to 8-bit color (256 colors) without any extra hardware. Check it out, build it, and tell me what you think! SDK coming soon.
tici_modem_adapter.zip37k05-12-17File is not ratedTICI 1.0 Modem Adapter
These are the plans and instructions for the TICI 1.0 modem adapter, which allows you to connect a modem to your calculator. Look for drivers soon that let you browse the Internet with this device! (Requires a TICI 1.0 hub to operate).
tici_networkti.zip43k03-03-06File is not ratedTICI 1.0 Networking Plans and Schematics (Preliminary)
These are the preliminary plans and schematics for networking TI calculators, including insrtuctions and explainations for both wired and wireless networking. Full schematics coming soon.
tici_protocol.zip26k04-06-25File is not ratedTICI 1.0 Hub Version A - Schematic and Plans
This is the schematic and plans for a TICI 1.0 hub, the new USB-like standard for TI calculators. Software for this device coming soon, including keyboard support. A mouse driver for this device has already been released, available at http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/344/34485.html. This version of the plans includes undated instructions and all-new plans. Check it out!
tici_sdk.zip27k02-11-29File is not ratedHardware / Software Developer's Kit for TICI 1.0
This is an HDK/SDK for TICI 1.0 that explains the basic guidelines and protocols for TICI 1.0 hardware, software, and drivers. If you plan to create a hub, adapter, or driver, check this out!
ti_link1.gif12k97-05-14File is not ratedPICLink Design
A link compatible with TIs original one
ti_link2.gif8k97-05-14File is not ratedPICLink Design
A link compatible with TIs original one
tilinkpac.zip44k01-12-22File is not ratedTI Linkpackage (Parallel)
Schematics of Parallel Link-Cable (Deluxe & Normal Version). Including some Demonstrations.
usb_link_ti.zip504k07-01-27File is not ratedHomemabde TI USB Link
Homemade USB cable link

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