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Last updated Tuesday, 28 May 2024
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2048classic.zip5k14-08-06File is not rated2048: Classic and X-Tile
Your goal is to create 2048 tile! Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one! Based on 2048 by Gabriele Cirulli.
2048gametinspirecx.zip3k14-04-20File is not rated2048 - Tile Puzzle Game
This is a replica of the internet game, 2048. BEWARE, it is very addicting and fun! :D This entire program, including the graphics was created by myself. If you wish to modify it, you may, but you must give me credit if you wish to distribute it. DO NOT distribute a unmodified version of this. Do not charge money for this, if you have been charged for this then demand a refund.
9sweeper.zip94k11-04-20File is not rated9sweeper
A very simple minesweeper for TI-Nspire
actionsnake.zip88k14-03-19File is not ratedActionSnake 2.0.1
The most advanced snake game on TI-Nspire, now with multiple difficulty levels and more. ActionSnake is in full color; graphics are also optimized for greyscale models. For OS 3.0.2 and higher. Written in Lua by Karl Noss.
aliens.zip4k11-07-05File rated 7.70Alien Invaders
The famous space invaders in Lua. Destroy all enemies before they reach your planet.
augmelna.zip5k15-05-11File is not ratedAug Melna
Grow your oval and burst for a high score in an ever-changing landscape! Includes 4 game modes.
bewarethereddots.zip6k13-04-26File is not ratedBeware the Red Dots
Guide your Ship to the Green Light as quickly as possible, but beware the Red Dots!
bingo.zip563k23-02-22File is not ratedBingo
its a simple bingo game with a 5x5 grid HAVE FUN
blackandwhite.zip5k21-02-16File is not ratedBlack and White
A puzzle for one player. A row of n (n even) squares is given. The first two squares are left empty, the others are filled with black and white counters alternately. A move consists in moving two adjacent counters keeping their order to the two empty squares. New space of two empty squares is thereby created. The user's task is to place all the black counters one besides the other as well as the white ones.
blackjack.zip60k14-03-13File is not ratedBlackjack
The classic card game Blackjack for the TI-Nspire. The game is full colored and you're able to see your own statistics. The archive includes the game in English and German language.
black.zip7k17-11-27File is not ratedBlack
A game invented by Larry Black. An empty nxn-board is given. Two players alternately place one card out of a choice of three on an empty square, thereby extending a path continuously. The player who makes the path run into the edge of the board loses the game.
blockade.zip7k15-01-22File is not ratedBlockade
Blockade is a two-person game played on a blue-white 5x5 checker board. The board is filled with blue counters on the blue fields and white counters on the white fields. The calculator removes a blue counter at random. White and blue now take turns moving a counter of their colour horizontally or vertically to the empty square. The first player unable to do this loses the game.
blockdude.zip6k11-09-16File is not ratedBlock Dude Nspire
Block Dude Nspire is a port of the classic TI-83+ game "Block Dude" by Brandon Sterner. This game is commonly found in the "Puzz Pack" App by Detached Solutions that is preloaded on the TI-84 Plus Silver Editon. All 11 levels in the original version of Block Dude are present in this version for the TI-Nspire or TI-Nspire CAS, plus two additional levels found in a flash remake of the game. This version of Block Dude sets itself apart from the original version with 16-level gray scale graphics on the Nspire and full color graphics on the Nspire CX! Note: In order for this game to work, you must use OS 3.0 or higher. Ndless is not required for this program. Before upgrading to OS 3.0, consider using TNOC in order to preserve the ability to downgrade and use Ndless at a future time!
bloxorz.zip169k14-01-01File is not ratedBloxorz
Another update! This time it should work on all OS versions that support Lua (>=3). A color screen comes in handy, but is not entirely necessary. This is a port of Damien Clarke's Bloxorz, same levels, same gameplay, only for Nspire
bobby.zip45k11-07-05File rated 8.12Bobby Carrot
In this puzzle game, you have to help Bobby, the rabbit, to eat all the carrots... Be careful, because there are a lot of traps !
brickbreaker.zip488k13-12-02File is not ratedBrick Breaker
Here is my newest game, Blackberry's brick breaker ported to nspire. It is not finished (there is no bonus), but the game works perfectly. Enjoy it.
bridgit.zip9k15-06-25File is not ratedBridg-it
Bridg-it is a strategic two-person game invented by David Gale. It is played on two intertwined grids of differently-colored dot. Players take turns joining two dots of their color that are horizontally or vertically neighbors. It is forbidden to pass through a connection owned by the oppnonent. One party tries to connect the top and bottom of its grid, the other the left and right side. Brige-it is equivalent to the Shannon switching game.
catch.zip6k23-03-13File is not ratedCatch-up
Two players take turn selecting numbers from a finite set until they reach or exceed their opponent's sum. The game ends when all number have been taken. The player with the higher total wins.
chaos.zip61k14-11-16File is not ratedCHAOS
CHAOS is a rage game set in a mystical world that is (almost) impossible. Guide your square to the flashing door, but evade the hidden spikes that will split you to pieces! Game includes over 20 challenging levels, multiple game modes, beautiful graphics, as well as an easy to use level editor. All controls are included under the help page in the document.
checkers.zip113k12-01-15File is not ratedUber-Checkers Lua
A port of Checkers to Nspire Lua. It features both 2 player mode and 2 difficulties of AI. One can use both mouse and arrow keys to control your pieces. Note: Requires Nspire OS > 3.0.
chesstinspire.zip6k15-11-28File is not ratedTI Nspire Chess
Update: I fixed a bug in the game where if a pawn takes a piece it gives you a second move. I made a chess game for the nspire. I hope you like it. I tried to make the graphics playable, but they aren't too amazing yet. If anyone wants to, feel free to submit 12 by 18 pixel chess piece art, mainly the queen, bishop, and knight, to me. If you do so, I will mention you in the readme file. Instructions are in the readme file.
chickeninvaders.zip52k14-04-06File is not ratedChicken Invaders for NSpire
Chicken Invaders for NSpire is a remake of the famous Chicken Invaders game. The content is similar to the one in Chicken Invaders I. Fly around and stop the evil chickens from space which try to take over the earth.
chomp.zip9k16-01-18File is not ratedChomp
Chomp is a strategic game for two players. It is played on a rectangular field (a "chocolate bar") consisting of nxm cells. The players take turns in choosing a cell and removing ("eating") it together with those that are below it and to its right. The player who is left with the top left cell (the "poisoned" one) loses the game. You can play against a human opponent or the calculator.
citycx.zip100k14-08-06File is not ratedSimCitx
Play the "simcity's" game reference on your calc. Find all the elements of gameplay that made the success of the series directly on your TiNspire. Good Game!
classicalsnake.zip107k22-05-08File is not ratedclassical snake
fully customizable variant of the classic snake game
classic_pong.zip2k11-12-05File is not ratedClassic Pong
This is the classic Pong game for the TI-Nspire. You can either play against a friend or against an opponent that adjusts its skill according to yours. Controls: 1/0: move left paddle up/down 3/(-): move right paddle up/down 8: toggle game mode (i.e., one or two players) i: invert colors r: reset the game
classicsnake.zip25k22-03-28File is not ratedSnake
A recreation of the classic arcade game Snake. Created for the TI-Nspire CX CAS (not tested on any other calculator). Check my website: https://matt-destroyer.github.io/TI-Nspire-Programs/
codcx.zip731k14-08-26File is not ratedCall Of CX
Using the touchpad, you must deliver the city from a terrorist group - destroy mercenaries, tanks and helicopter that stand before you.Free maximun hostage. Use care items and bomb that will be needed to carry out your mission is.Retrieve badges elites to become the best soldier in the world NSPIRE! DLC: - a terrorist group seeks to retrieve the plans for the future tactile NSPIRE. Free the employees of the American company! - A terrorist group has invested the White House and threatens global security. Free the hostages and become a national hero!
coins.zip5k18-02-03File is not ratedCoin Weighing
Twelve coins labeled a, b, ..., l are given. One of them possibly differs in weight from the others. Find out which is the false coin (or that all are equal) with the help of a balance scale in a minimum number of weighings. Alternatively, you can have your calc do the guessing.
colortetris.zip33k14-01-01File rated 9.13ColorTetris
Nspire version of the famous tetris game. Fixed some minor stuff, should now work on all OS's that support Lua (>=3). Same features as before: marathon, Time Trial and 40 lines, all including highscores.
completethesquare.zip7k16-05-17File is not ratedComplete the Square
This game is played on an nxn checkerboard. Two players, red and blue, take turns placing a counter of their color on a empty cell. The player who is first to complete a square by occupying its four vertices wins the game.
connect4.zip8k17-03-09File is not ratedConnect Four
The well-known game of Connect Four with different board sizes and different levels of AI.
connect_four.zip280k23-02-22File is not ratedConnect Four
two-player classic strategy game in which the players take turns dropping colored disks into a vertically suspended grid, with the goal of connecting four of their own disks in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally
conwayssoldiers.zip7k15-11-07File is not ratedConway's Soldiers
A game invented by John Conway. A checkerboard is divided in half by a horizontal line. In the first phase, put a checker on as many fields below the line as you think appropriate. In the second phase, you can jump with a checker over its neighbor to the left, right or up if the next field in that direction is empty. Remove the checker you jumped over. Continue with possible jumps. The aim is to promote a checker to a row above the red line (numbers 1, 2, 3, 4) as far as possible.
cookieclicker.zip633k15-12-23File is not ratedCookie Clicker
This is a remake of the original cookie clicker. I shifted around a few things, but it keeps the general theme. Small update: fixed a small bug that happened after exiting the help screen that I didn't notice before.
cubefield.zip4k12-06-11File is not ratedCubeField
Also known as CubeRunner. You have to avoid all the cubes. Every 1000 points, the colors change and the speed increases. For OSes>3. 11/27/2011 : Update. Now the speed of the cubes automatically adapts to the framerate, so the speed is the same on CX, clickpad, or computer software. UPDATE : it now works with the OS 3.2
cubejumping.zip31k12-07-03File is not ratedCube Jumping
(second page in document has instructions) you are the white cube and the goal is to stay alive for as long as possible Use the left and right arrow and down keys to move and tab to jump up You start with three lives and every 300 points a life will randomly fall onto the screen (try to catch it) As every 20 platforms pass the level increases the platforms start to move faster and faster if you fall to the bottom you loose a life and if you hit the far back you loose a life escape will restart the game second page in document has controls Works on the nspire cx cas and cx only tested on cas (may work with normal nspire)
dbzcx.zip584k14-09-20File is not ratedDBZ cx [HD]
The greatest warriors of the Saga are now available on your nspire ! Play with Goku, Gohan, Picolo, Gotenks, Vegeta, Trunks, Mboo, Mvegeta, Cell, Frieza or Broly - HD GRAPHICS -
dinopuzzle.zip42k14-11-14File is not ratedDino Puzzle
The classic game of Dino Puzzle now for nspire! Use the up/down keys to move your swapper, and press tab to swap the components of two rows! Similar items dissappear when connected, and 5 points are awarded, 10 points are awarded for every object trapped within an egg, along with an additional 60pts for completing the egg! Press enter to pause during the game. Game speeds up and new items appear as you progress! Good luck!
dino.zip35k15-05-06File is not ratedDino
Dino is a port of the little dino game/easteregg inside Google Chrome. Considering that it's a port gameplay *should* be the same.
dodgem.zip9k15-03-15File is not ratedDodgem
Dodgem is a strategic two-person game invented by Colin Vout. It is played on an nxn board with n-1 blue and n-1 red cars. Initially, the blue cars are set up on the left edge, the red cars on the bottom edge. The left bottom square remains empty. Blue begins. The players take turn moving their cars one square forward (right for blue, up for red) or sideward (up and down for blue, left and right for red), but only to an empty square.Cars may leave the board by a forward move and are then out of game. Winner is the player who on turn has no legal move because all his cars have left the board or his remaining car are blocked. You can play against the calculator or a human opponent.
domineering.zip6k18-01-01File is not ratedDomineering
This game is also called Crosscram. An empty nxn-board is given. Two players, Red and Blue, alternately place a domino on two empty neighboring squares, but Red only vertically and Blue only horizontally. The first player who cannot move loses.
dominoes.zip9k20-11-24File is not ratedDominoes
A 7x8 checkerboard is randomly filled with the 28 dominoes of a (0,0) - (6,6) set. The number on each half-domino is noted on the underlying square of the board, the dominoes are removed. The user's task is to reconstruct the original distribution of dominoes or to find another one compatible with the pattern of numbers on the board.
doodlejump4nspire.zip22k12-03-29File is not ratedDoodleJump4nSpire
This is a game based on the popular DoodleJump-game to support all TI-nSpire handhelds.
dotsandboxes.zip8k16-02-16File is not ratedDots and Boxes
Two players, Red and Blue, take turns connecting neighboring grid points by horizontal or vertical line segments. The player who closes a 1x1 box by adding its fourth border line gains that box and marks it with his initial. He has to move again. The game finishes when no more lines can be drawn. The player who owns more boxes wins.
doublets.zip12k15-07-09File is not ratedDoublets
Doublets is also called word-ladder. Two words of the same length are given. The task is to find a chain of words connecting the two, each word differing from the previous by one letter. Example: luck->lock->look->book->boot. The program is equipped with a database of English words of lengths 3, 4 and 5. The user can add new words to this database.
duckhunt_4.zip14k12-09-30File is not ratedDuck hunt nspire clone
thanks to omnimaga.org, adriweb and others here is my duck hunt version 4 WIP but I work on it a lot
dungeons.zip20k18-06-21File is not ratedDungeons of Dagorath
A small but fun rogue-like game. Spend your lessons exploring a limitless amount of procedurally generated dungeons, fighting hordes of monsters and discovering the legendary Amulet of Yandor.
einstein.zip8k18-11-19File is not ratedEinstein doesn't play dice
A game invented by Ingo Althoefer. Two players take turns rolling a die and moving the matching piece of their color. The player who first reaches his opponent's corner field wins the game.
fifteen.zip44k15-07-27File is not ratedFifteen
A handheld version of the famous game of fifteen. Squares neighboring the empty square may change position with it. The task is to order them according to their number from upper left to lower right. The user can choose between different board sizes: 4x4, 3x3 and 2x3. In the case of the 2x3-board, a solution hint is available via keys 'h' or '?'. In the case of the 3x3-board, a hint is only available if the sqare no. 1 is already in the left upper corner.
fivenightsatfreddystinspi.zip2362k23-07-09File is not ratedFive Nights at Freddy's
Five Nights at Freddy's on the TI-Nspire, I usually don't write in lua and had to learn it because I wanted to see how far I can push the Calculator. Me and some friends had a lot of fun trying it in our school breaks, so i figured i might aswell upload it here. The Original Game is of Course not mine it is just a port. Also it runs quite poorly and may crash so be warned. Also saving takes like 5 minutes :)
flappybird.zip4k14-02-26File is not ratedFlappy Bird
Flappy Bird is here for nspire! Press tab to fly and avoid the pipes! Game includes day mode, night mode, beautiful horizon graphics, and so much more! Press Ctrl+Del to reset high scores. Enjoy!
flappynspire.zip301k22-12-22File is not ratedFlappy Bird - Nspire
flappy bird with cooler highscore and better animations
fleshcubflourish.zip10k16-01-21File is not ratedFleshcub Flourish
Raise your very own Fleshcub! This creature can't move on it's own and needs your help. Feed it bananas, buy it clothes, and have fun with your new fleshy friend!
flipping.zip7k20-06-16File is not ratedFlipping Dominoes
An nxm checkerboard, n and m even, is completely and otherwise randomly covered with dominoes. For such a covering, a square of two parallel dominoes always exists. Flipping is the operation of rotating these two dominoes by 90 degrees about the center of the 2x2 square. The user's task is to transform the initial covering by flippings into one of only horizontal pieces.
flow.zip68k15-11-03File is not ratedFlow(Connect the dots)
Flow for the Nspire. Recently updated with a home screen with settings and a help screen, a level select, and, best of all, 300 different size levels. Huge thanks to jonbush for giving me the levels.
footsteps.zip6k17-08-05File is not ratedFootsteps
A game of psychology and mental arithmetic. Play against a human partner or your calc. Version 1.1: enhanced AI.
freecell.zip23k11-10-25File is not ratedFreeCell
The famous solitaire game in Lua. (OS>3) For Clickpad, Touchpad and CX. By Chockosta
gg_inspire.zip827k24-05-09File is not ratedGuilty Gear Inspire
A 2D fighting game for the TI-Nspire line of calculators. Based on the Guilty Gear franchise. FYI, this is still an early build and doesn't contain all the mechanics or content intended for the full release. (now actually playable on the calculator itself)
gravityguy.zip24k12-04-19File is not ratedGravity Guy
A clone of the famous computer/phone game. You have the power to inverse gravity and your goal is to finish 50 challenging levels... (There is also a random mode to play infinite runs) WARNING:This game is only for the Nspire CX (CAS or not). On others models, it would work but it might cause crashes and it would be too blurry to play.
hangman_dx.zip15k14-04-06File is not ratedHangman DX
More than just a game of hangman, Hangman DX features 4 game modes including electric chair, guillotine, and russian roulette! Try not to die in this eerie 3rd place winner of the TI Concours 2014 qualifying round!
hangman.zip26k11-12-29File is not ratedHangman Lua
It's Hangman for the Nspire. Written in Lua, it currently works only on OS > 3.0 There are over 200 words and a 2 player mode.
hareandhounds.zip9k18-09-25File is not ratedHare and Hounds
A strategic game for two persons. The hare (red) wins if it reaches the leftmost cell. The hounds (blue) win if they encircle the hare so that it can't move.
haulincube.zip74k12-06-17File is not ratedHaulin' Cube (Oval Shooter)
Your a cube and you have to shoot the objects that fly over head. Written in Lua.
hepta.zip7k22-09-24File is not ratedHepta
A puzzle for one player invented by Alex Randolph. The task is to fill the squares of a 7x7 checkerboard with straight and right trominos under the condition that one color is left free.
hexapawn.zip7k16-08-03File is not ratedHexapawn
Hexapawn is a game invented by Martin Gardner to demonstrate a learning machine. This program is such a machine. The more often you win against it, the better it will play.
hexisola.zip8k15-12-13File is not ratedHex-Isola
Play Isola on a board with hexagonal cells! The rules of classical Isola apply: two players, red and blue, take turns moving first the piece of their color to a neighboring cell (but not onto their opponent's cell) and then (on the same turn) dropping a tile on an empty cell, thereby barring it for the rest of the game. The player who, on turn, cannot move his piece loses the game. The board in this program consists of hexagonal cells instead of squares. You can choose (menu item Game) between different topological types for the board: flat (with no trespassing the borders), cylindrical (left and right borders glued, so that you can pass from left to right if the tiles don't block you) and toroidal (left glued to right and lower border glued to upper, so that no borders exist).
hex.zip13k15-03-03File is not ratedGame of Hex
The game of Hex, invented by Piet Hein and John Nash. It is played on a rhomboidal board with hexagonal cells. Two players, red and blue, take turns placing a counter of their color on an empty cell. The objective of red is to connect the upper and lower border by a continuous path of his/her color, the objective of blue to connect the left and right border. The calculator is provided with AI, it can take the role of red or blue.
intersections.zip6k22-07-19File is not ratedIntersections
A combinatorial game for two players, red and green. They take turns connecting two so far free points of a given set by straight lines. They get one point for the intersection with a line of the other color, two points for the intersection with a line of the own color.
isola_torus.zip7k20-03-29File is not ratedIsola
The game of Isola with AI and the choice between three types of board: square, cylinder, torus.
isola.zip3k14-04-17File is not ratedIsola
A 9x9 version of the classic two player puzzle game featuring full keypad and mouse controls. Also includes multiple graphical themes.
japanesenonogram.zip583k22-04-25File is not ratedJapanese Nonogram
This game is the TI-Nspire version of the classic Japanese Nonogram. It includes a custumization menu and many more features.
jensbombermanrush.zip14k13-04-26File is not ratedBomberman Rush
My first official game: Jens' Bomberman Rush. Try to blow away all brick blocks by dropping bombs as fast as possible. Start with just one weak bomb and improve your capabilities by collecting items dropped by bricks in mode 'Item Rush' or start with maximum capabilities in mode 'Max Capability' to better compare your skill with your friends! OS 3.0+
journey_through_odessia_v.zip1183k23-02-22File is not ratedJourney in Odessia 2.0
This is a turn-based JRPG (Japanese style RPG) similar to breath of fire and pokemon for the Gameboy. Enter a unique world, fighting monsters, gaining exp and gold, rescuing a princess, and collecting rare gems. This has been tested on the TI Nspire CX CAS II model, but should theoretically work on any device with a 320 x 240 resolution screen . It may be slower on non CX CAS II devices, but it should theoretically still work on other devices. NOTE: YOU SHOULD PROBABLY VIEW THE HELP SCREEN BY PRESSING "h" AT THE MAIN MENU
jumpingsquares.zip38k13-11-07File is not ratedJumping Squares v1.3
Play as a square in this fast arcade game. Set a highscore and collect squares to unlock new playable characters. The game speeds up and changes colors every 100pts UPDATE: New Square Added to the game!
karuko.zip305k23-06-19File is not ratedKaruko
this is the TI-Nspire Version of Karuko. It´s harder than you think and has 3 difficulties.
kites.zip242k20-07-01File is not ratedKites
A combinatorial game for two players. They take turns placing a kite-formed piece in one of six colors on a hexonal board. They gain points by completing configurations like triangles, four kites meeting at a corner or wheels.
klondike.zip62k11-11-17File is not ratedKlondike Lua
Klondike Lua is a solitaire game for the TI-Nspire. It is written in Lua, and also futures colors when used on a CX/CM calculator.
knightspath.zip5k15-07-10File is not ratedKnight's Path
The user's task is to construct a path of knight's moves on a chess board touching each cell exactly once. Different board sizes are available.
knight.zip35k21-07-02File is not ratedKnight Chase
A game for two players invented by Alex Randolph. Black and white each have a chess knight of their color in opposite corners of the board. White's goal is to capture the black knight, black wins by avoiding this for 34 moves. Up to move 15, both players block two empty squares after moving their knight by dropping a flower onto them.
labyrun.zip83k22-04-20File is not ratedLaby Run
This game is a further development of Maze Escape by matt destroyer, but I added new levels, blocks and a skin selection.
learntoflyidletinspire.zip25k15-09-10File is not ratedLearn to fly Idle
This is a remake of the flash game learn to fly idle. It is still wip, so it isnt done yet. Its graphics are good and I only have 3 enemies right now. The rules/controls are in the download.
lightsout.zip5k14-04-22File is not ratedLights Out: Original and 2000
The classical game of Lights Out, where you toggle the four adjacent lights until all the lights are turn off. Contains the original preloaded puzzles of the 1995 and 2000 version of Lights Out by Tiger Electronics.
limerick.zip50k14-11-11File is not ratedLime Rick
Based on the puzzle flash game by KissMaj7, Lime Rick is a snake based puzzle game that will have your attention for hours! Game includes 24 levels, a level editor, high scores, low scores and more! Enjoy!
macmahon.zip9k23-02-05File is not ratedMacMahon
This program implements a 3-person combinatorial game for the Mac-Mahon squares.
maps.zip11k18-05-01File is not ratedMaps
This is a game for two players based on the four color theorem. Try to color a map with only 4 colors such that neighboring countries get different colors.
marbles.zip380k21-10-25File is not ratedMarbles
A connection game for two players.
mastermind.zip328k23-02-28File is not ratedMastermind
figure out the 4 digit/ colored code in under 10 tries!!!
mathgame.zip41k12-10-25File is not ratedMath Practice Game
This game gives you 15 seconds to complete 4 random math problems as fast as possible
mazeescape.zip301k22-09-11File is not ratedMaze Escape
A simple 'escape the maze' game. Can you escape all the mazes? Want to create your own levels? Use the level editor here https://matt-destroyer.github.io/TI-Nspire-Programs/Maze-Escape-Level-Editor/ to create and publish levels. Published levels will be reviewed and may be added to the game! Check my website: https://matt-destroyer.github.io/TI-Nspire-Programs/
mazes3d.zip4k11-08-10File is not ratedMazes 3D
Find the white gate to go out of the maze ! This game is composed by a maze generator and a raycasting engine inspired by http://ressources.mediabox.fr/tutoriaux/flashplatform/affichage/3d/raycasting
mazes.zip7k16-03-06File is not ratedMazes
The program constructs mazes of square or hexagonal shape and various sizes. The user can choose between two kinds of tasks: traverse the maze from entrance to exit or find a treasure hidden somewhere in the maze.
memory.zip302k23-06-19File is not ratedMemory
a memory game with 3 diffrent difficulties. You have to find the 9|12|14 pairs
minecraft2d.zip99k14-04-25File rated 8.53Minecraft 2D
v0.13 Jens' Minecraft 2D is a 2D version of the famous sandbox game Minecraft for the TI-Nspire. It features: randomly generated world, caves, ores, lakes, trees, flowers and dungeons; day/night cycle; survival/creative Mode; mobs; water and lava; TNT; fire; bow and arrows; farming; inventory; tools; fishing; furnaces, chests, doors, beds, buckets and stairs; crafting (without crafting grid); 5 savegame slots; 2 graphic modes; world import/export with the included World Container file; modloader and modmanager! The ocdpack mod is included. It is designed for the CX model but it supports grayscale, clickpad and every OS. It is still under development but every uploaded update is stable and I'll try to keep exported worlds compatible! Read the read me.txt! For development updates see: http://www.omnimaga.org/ti-nspire-projects/minecraft-2d-for-ti-nspire
minesweeperv2.zip160k18-11-07File is not ratedMinesweeper (Windows 3.1 Style)
A simple Minesweeper-Clone made for the TI-Nspire with Lua. With Highscores, difficulty levels and a beautiful interface which looks just like the original minesweeper game for Windows 3.1!
minesweeper.zip5k11-12-11File rated 7.95Minesweeper
The famous minesweeper game, with 3 levels of difficulty. Update : You now can play with the mouse.
minicheckers.zip9k16-08-23File is not ratedMini-Checkers
Mini-Checkers is played on the black squares of a 5x5 checkerboard. The rules of English draughts apply. You can play against different levels of AI.
minisol.zip45k15-01-04File is not ratedMinisol
This is a peg solitaire game played on a graph with 16 vertices. To make a move, take a peg from its field, jump over a neighbouring peg, land on a so far empty field adjacent to the jumped-over peg. Remove the peg you jumped over. The aim is to reach a position with only one peg, placed on the central vertex.
mrspacman.zip28k18-06-08File is not ratedMrsPacman
Major update; ghosts can be chomped | Levels can be completed (after level 2 the ghost breaks) | Can die to ghosts.
nfighter_2.1.zip10k11-05-01File is not ratednFighter - Space shooter for the nSpire
nFighter is an epic space-shooter written for the nSpire in lua.
ngol.zip2k20-03-23File is not ratednGol
nGol is a version of Conway's Game of Life written in Lua.
nim.zip7k15-09-19File is not ratedNim
The classical game of Nim: Several rows of up to 13 objects are given. Two players move in turn. In each turn, they have to take away one to all objects of a row they choose. They may not pass. The player who takes the last object wins (normal game) or loses (misère) according to the stipulation at the beginning of the game.
nonograms.zip6k11-07-03File is not ratedNonograms
A puzzle game where one solves puzzles by filling in a grid based on the numbers by the cells. For more info on how to play, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonogram. More levels coming soon!
nsmm.zip2224k23-04-19File is not ratednSMM 1.0.0b - Super Mario Maker for TI-Nspire
NEW UPDATES! Create, play and share Mario levels from your calculator! It's full of features - a menu system with saving capability, level codes, a course world, themes and many different tiles and objects are supported! To keep up with the latest developments, join the discord server (https://discord.gg/yadDQBwMyc) or if it's invalid follow the tiplanet thread (https://tiplanet.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=25825).
nsnake.zip71k16-04-12File is not ratedNSnake
Snake for the nspire!
nspirelovecalculator.zip69k19-10-17File is not ratedLove Calculator
A Simple Love Calculator (RNG)
nsweeper.zip274k16-06-15File is not ratedNSweeper
Minesweeper for the nspire! Comes with settings, allowing you to have any board size from 9x9 to 20x20(due to pixel constraints). Note the gif is of an earlier test version of the game, and doesn't come with preset easy, medium, and hard difficulty settings.
ntunnel.zip21k16-02-13File is not ratedNTunnel
Tunnel for the nspire!
nurikabe.zip5k11-07-05File is not ratedNurikabe Lua
A Japanese puzzle game, which can often be very challenging. See Readme for the rules.
pac_attack.zip81k15-12-04File is not ratedPac Attack
Pac-man meets Tetris! Fill a row with blocks to clear them, and lign up the ghosts so that pac-man can eat them up! You will unlock new ghosts/backdrops by getting higher scores. Controls included in the readme.
pacattack.zip24k12-06-17File is not ratedPac Attack
A game based on pacman. You have 20 seconds to eat as many dots as possible.
pacman.zip31k11-08-23File rated 5.79Pacman Nspire
The classic arcade game is now available for the Nspire in Lua! Requires OS 3.0 or higher.
pegs.zip17k11-09-16File is not ratedPegs for TI-Nspire
Pegs for TI-Nspire is a port of the classic TI-84 Puzz Pack game "Pegs" by Fred Coughlin. This game is coded in Lua; thus, Nspire OS 3.0 or greater is required to run this game. Ndless is not required. For more information about the game, please refer to the ReadMe file or the Detached Solutions "Pegs" homepage at http://www.detachedsolutions.com/puzzpack/pegs.php.
pentomino.zip8k18-10-30File is not ratedPentomino
A game invented by Solomon Golomb. Two players take turns positioning one of the pieces on the empty squares of a 8x8 checkerboard. The first player unable to do this loses the game.
pixel_escape.zip36k11-07-17File rated 8.20Pixel Escape
Pixel Escape is a beautiful copter-like game for the TI-Nspire. Written by Christoffer Rehn. Ndless in not required, but OS 3.0 and higher is.
pixelsnake.zip3k11-08-10File is not ratedPixelSnake
This is the TI-Nspire Lua port of my iOS/SFML/SDL/PyGame game called PixelSnake. The controls would have been the arrow keys, but those are cumbersome for a game like this on the Nspire. (Similar to the existing Lua Snake clone. Was done for educational purposes.)
pong_classic.zip4k13-02-12File is not ratedPong
A clone of the simple famous 2 player game pong for Ti-nspire
pong.zip94k14-03-19File is not ratedPong 1.2.1
The original Nspire Pong clone for OS 3.0.2 and higher. Now in full color. Written in Lua by Karl Noss.
puzzle22x13.zip5k23-08-10File is not ratedPuzzle22x13
Eight rectangles of different sizes have to be placed without overlap into a 22x13 rectangle.
pvzalphafinal.zip40k20-03-16File is not ratedPvZ Nspire Alpha (Plants Vs Zombies)
Controls are also in the game itself. Use the arrow keys to move the cursor around. Press enter to place down a plant. Press del to delete a plant. Use + and - to move the select cursor around. Press TAB to use fast mode and ESC to pause the game.
qubic.zip7k17-09-12File is not ratedQubic
A three-dimensional version of tic-tac-toe: Two players, red and blue, take turns placing a marble of their color on a 4x4x4 spacial grid. The player who is first to complete a set of four in a straight line (also diagonals are admissible) wins the game. Two levels of AI are available.
racetrack.zip10k19-05-01File is not ratedRacetrack
A handheld version of the paper and pencil game which is also known as vector race.
reactiongame.zip7k16-12-27File is not ratedReaction Game
At the beginning of the program, press [enter] or the click key to start a new game. Wait until the red traffic light switches from green to red (from lower to upper). Press [enter] or [click] to brake. Your reaction time will be shown in s:ms at the top of the screen. The light switches to green again and a new trial begins. You can stop the series of trials any time by pressing [esc] or by pressing [enter] or [click] too early (before the red light has appeared), or by waiting too long to react to the red light.
redyellowblue.zip10k21-01-24File is not ratedRed-Yellow-Blue
A combinatorial game for two persons. They take turns placing triangles, squares and hexagons on free cells of the board. They gain points by completing an angle of 360 degrees around one corner with three different colors.
retropacman.zip24k19-02-05File is not ratedPacman : Retro
Last year, weeks of effort were put recreating a decent rendition of Mrs. Pacman (that went well). I have doven back into this project, and decided to recreate Pacman. Many things from the original have been implemented, and it works well. UPDATED: Speed is no longer an issue, except that the movement looks glitchy, but is completely normal.
reversi.zip209k12-01-10File is not ratedReversi/Othello (2011)
Nspire Reversi is a port of the (electronically) classic board game Reversi, also known as Othello, to the TI-Nspire and Nspire CX. It is a complete game with artificial intelligence for either one- or two-player play. The AI comes in two modes (difficulty levels), so you can always challenge yourself! Features include dynamic sizing, color (on CX models), faultless legitimacy and win detection, hints (or cheats), and complete compatibility with TI's Student Software for desktop play. It's even compatible with the online Document player: try Nspire Reversi online at http://education.ti.com/html/nspireplayer/3.0.1/application/?nspirefile=http://clrhome.org/projects/reversi/English/Reversi.tns! (See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOV067RFN_M for a video screenshot in color.) 2nd place winner of both the Omnimaga 2011 programming contest, as well as the TI-Planet 2011 Lua competition.
rushhour.zip102k12-07-11File is not ratedRush Hour
Rush Hour, based off the game by ThinkFun, for Nspire Lua. Slide the red car out of the parking lot. It contains 60 levels for you to enjoy. For OS >3.0 [Update] Sprites are now included instead of rectangles.
santorini.zip9k23-10-10File is not ratedSantorini
This program is an implementation of the 2-person combinatorial game Santorini.
sim.zip7k17-05-13File is not ratedSim
Sim is a game invented by Gustavus Simmons. A graph of six vertices with all 15 possible edges between two of them is given. Two players, orange and blue, take turns coloring an edge with their color. The player who is first to complete a triangle with edges of his color loses the game. To color an edge, move the mark (a red circle) to the first vertex and type the name (a letter from a to f) of the second vertex. The program then draws the edge in the color of the player whose turn it is. It is known that if all 15 vertices are colored, there must exist a triangle of one color. So the game always has a winner. It is also known that with optimal play, the second player can force a win. Controls: [a] to [f] Draw the edge from the marked vertex to that vertex left or right arrow Move the mark (a red circle) to the neighbor up or down arrow Move the mark two steps [n] New game [h] Get a hint from the program (two letters are displayed) [Enter] or [click] Color the edge given by the hint [b], [Esc] or [backspace] Take back one move Two-player mode is available, but also AI. The program can take the role of the first or second player.
slime.zip5k14-04-06File is not ratedSlime Volleyball
Play the classic game of Slime Volleyball on your calculator! Features 2 player mode, and a 1 player with AI!
slither.zip7k19-10-17File is not ratedSlither
A combinatorial game for two persons. A rectangular grid of dots is given. The players take turns connecting orthogonally neighboring dots. The segments must form a continuous path, but may be added to either end of the preceding path. The player forced to return to an already connected dot loses the game.
slotmachine.zip1k13-12-07File is not ratedSimple Slot Machine
This app is a simple slot machine. Get two of the same numbers or three of the same numbers and win. Get three 7s and win the jackpot! Set a bet multiplier and get an additional bonus. It can even auto-spin the numbers for you. Instructions for playing are shown onscreen.
snake.zip3k11-07-05File is not ratedSnake
The famous snake game in Lua.
solitaire.zip55k16-01-29File is not ratedSolitaire
The classical game of Peg Solitaire. Take a peg, jump over its neighbor to an empty neighbor and remove the jumped-over peg. The goal is to end with just one peg in the central hole. You can take back any number of moves. The program can give you a hint for the next move.
sosgame.zip5k19-06-04File is not ratedSOSgame
A row of empty squares is given. Two players take turns writing the letter "S" or "O" into one of the empty squares. The player who completes the string "SOS" in three adjacent squares wins the game.
splashedit.zip3k15-11-28File is not ratedSplash Editor for Jens' Minecraft 2D
Now, you can edit the splash text on your TI-Nspire Minecraft! To download the Minecraft version that works with this, go to: http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/457/45729.html
sprouts.zip14k20-01-03File is not ratedSprouts
The famous game of Sprouts, invented by John Conway and Michael Paterson. Two players take turns connecting two of a number of points by a line and placing a new point somewhere on the line. Lines may not intersect and only three lines may start or end at a point. The first player unable to draw such a line loses the game.
squadcar.zip7k17-10-10File is not ratedHamstrung Squad Car
A squad car (P) persues a car of criminals (E) on a infinite checkerboard. P moves with velocity of 2 squares per move, but it may only keep its actual direction or turn right. E moves with a velocity of 1 square per move, but may take each of the four orthogonal directions. P wins the game if it comes within a distance of 1 square to E (also diagonally), E wins if it can avoid that for 50 moves.
squares.zip8k21-08-17File is not ratedSquares
A combinatorial game for two players. They take turns placing cells on a checkerboard trying to complete 2 x 2 squares in 4 different colors.
strategy_steps.zip22k12-05-09File is not ratedStrategy Steps
This game is based off the amazing mini-game from Wii Party. You raise signs to move your character (car) forward a number of steps. The catch is, if one of the other players decides to raise that same number, neither of you moves!
sudoku.zip451k22-04-27File is not ratedSudoku
This game is the TI-Nspire version of the classic Sudoku. It includes 60 levels and a level selection.
tactix.zip27k17-10-31File is not ratedTacTix
TacTix is a Nim-like Game invented by Piet Hein. Sixteen counters are arranged in a 4 x 4 square. Two players alternately take 1 to 4 counters from a vertical or horizontal row, but only adjoining counters with no gaps between them. The player who takes the last counter loses.
tangram.zip8k22-04-12File is not ratedTangram
Tangram consists of seven simple polygonal pieces. The player's task is to form given shapes from them.
tankbattle.zip56k12-06-24File is not ratedTank Battle
A two player tank battle game written in Lua for the inspire cx and cx cas. (may work on normal nspire but not tested). Move back and forth with arrow keys and increase speed and angle with up arrow. Shoot with tab. Restart with escape. Each hit subtracts 25% of health.
texasholdempoker.zip33k15-06-25File is not ratedTexas Holdem Poker
Multiplayer poker game with simple user interface.
theimpossiblequiz.zip45k13-11-30File is not ratedThe Impossible Quiz
A clone of the classic Impossible Quiz flash game, programmed in lua for the NSpire.
thesquaresdonotdie.zip166k12-11-16File is not ratedThe Squares Do Not Die
Winner of the 2012 Omnimaga Summer Programming Contest Nspire Category. This is a space shooter game where it is your mission to eliminate as many squares as possible. But however, they will not die. Before you go, it would be best to eliminate as many as possible so the job may be a bit easier for your successor. We hope you can complete your objective and wipe the squares out. This game is written in Lua and works only for OS > 3.0
threejugs.zip7k15-05-19File is not ratedThree jugs
Three jugs with integer capacities C1
tibasket.zip10k11-05-01File is not ratedTI-Basket
( Warning ! The animated gif is only showing some still images, not the actual animations in game !) The game features three play modes : "Normal", "Hardcore", and "Time-Attack" The normal mode is just a basic thing : you have a non-moving target, and you have to change the power and the angle in order to reach the target (the basket) The hardcore mode is more interesting : it's the same, but with wind (in x and y coords), and a moving target ! (believe me, the wind really changes the physics diff eqs ) The Time-Attack is like the Normal mode but you only have 60 seconds to score as much as possible, good luck !
tictactoe2.0.zip139k23-01-08File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe 2.0
an improved version of Tic-Tac-Toe, for all OS
tictactoe.zip4k14-03-19File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe 0.3
A simple game for OS 3.0.2 and higher. Written in Lua by Karl Noss.
tiolympics.zip415k22-05-29File is not ratedTI-Olympics
So far 100m race and long jump + highscore list
titris.zip5k19-09-11File is not ratedTI-Tris
Tetris for nSpire, written in Lua. Full SRS and color graphics, next and hold queue.
transversals.zip7k16-06-06File is not ratedTransversals
The game is played on an nxn checkerboard. Two players, Red and Blue, take turns placing a counter of their color on an empty cell. The player who is first to complete a transversal wins the game. A transversal is a set of n counters of the same color such that each row and each column of the board contains exactly one counter. That is to say: no two counters are placed on the same row or column. The winner may have other counters on the board besides those of the transversal.
tricolor.zip261k20-05-30File is not ratedTricolor
A strategic game for two persons. Place lozenges on the board to form hexagons or stars and gain points. Version 1.1: bug removed.
triversi.zip8k24-05-28File is not ratedTriversi
A variant of Reversi for three players
tttcolor.zip3k13-07-22File is not ratedTic Tac Toe 1.0
A graphical Tic Tac Toe game for the TI Nspire. 2 player mode only.
tunnel.zip3k11-09-16File is not ratedSeizure Tunnel
A simple tunnel game for the TI-Nspire. Each time the tunnel moves, the screen changes color! Note: In order for this game to work, you must use OS 3.0 or higher. Ndless is not required for this program. Before upgrading to OS 3.0, consider using TNOC in order to preserve the ability to downgrade and use Ndless at a future time!
turnablock.zip6k18-12-17File is not ratedTurnablock
The game is played on a square board of nxn cells. Two players alternately turn upside down (from blue to red or from red to blue) all the counters of a rectangle. The players are free to choose the size and position of the rectangle under the only condition that the lower right corner is blue. The player who makes the last move wins the game.
unoti.zip7k22-04-16File is not ratedUnoTI
Ground up port of the UNO to the TI-Nspire.
walriidts.zip159k16-01-29File is not ratedDont Touch the Spikes, Walrii Version
This is a remake of dont touch the spike for the nspire with flying walriis. It also has some additions like powerups.
xactica_scorer.zip5k13-02-11File is not ratedXactica Scorer
This program will help you keep track of up to 10 players' score for the game Xactica(tm). This is just a fancy score card not the game. The card game can be purchased from Set Enterprises, Inc. This program is not made by Set Enterprises, Inc. Xactica is a trademark of Set Enterprises, Inc.
zeldasouls.zip2136k15-08-02File is not ratedZeldaSouls
New HD version ! Find Link armed with his bow and his most powerful powers. Free the people of the late King and get fragments triforce necessary for the reconquest of the kingdom ...

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