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javabeta.zip5k20-05-14File is not ratedJava(Beta)
Java is a text-based personal assistant to meet your needs. Ask him to get the percentage of a test (testpct) and he'll do it!
dijkstrapathfinding.zip3k18-05-15File is not ratedDijkstra Pathfinding
A pathfinding demo based on the Dijkstra algorithm used in numerous games.
dateconversion.zip6k14-03-16File is not ratedCalendar Date Conversion v1.1
The program converts a given Julian date into its counterpart in the Gregorian calendar ( Greenwich calendar date ) and vice versa. Besides, it finds the day number and name of the day of the week. Furthermore the difference of days between two calendar dates and a new date out of a given date and a number of days to add or to subtract may be calculated.
movablefeasts.zip3k14-02-12File is not ratedMovable Feasts v2.0
For any year yy with 1583 <= yy <= 2299 this program finds the movable feasts between Ash Wednesday and Corpus Christi.
lottery.zip4k13-08-24File is not ratedGerman number lottery
The program checks the weekly draw with your personal tip and indicates any winnings if existing (Language: German). - Das Programm vergleicht die wöchentliche Ziehung (Mittwoch und/oder Samstag) des Zahlenlottos 6 aus 49 mit den eigenen Tippreihen und zeigt eventuelle Gewinne an.
romannum.zip24k12-11-01File is not ratedRoman Numeral Converter
This program can convert to and from a limited set (0-3999) of numbers to Roman numerals and back.
numcalctools.tns.zip3k12-07-04File is not ratedNumCalcTools
it has lots of Numeric Calculus Tools in it and some other cool stuff: the main thing is INTERPOLATING POLYNOMIAL, also there's a function that allows to calc the Chebicev-Gauss-Lobatto points in order to avoid RUNGE-PHENOMENON. Then you can calc numeric integrals with middle-point, trapeze, and cavalieri simpson methods. Also The power method to calc the max eigenvalue of a matrix wothout knowing/calculating everyone. Then you can calculate ROTATION/REVOULTION VOLUME and SURFACE of a generic function rotated round the x axis. So on. You find a more accurate description of each func inside!!
stopwatch.zip4k12-05-07File is not ratedStopwatch
A simple stopwatch tool. Check out m87studios.webs.com
vexnspireprogram.zip18k12-04-24File is not ratedVEX Robotics Programming Tool
VEX ROBOTICS -ULTRASONIC DISTANCE TO SHAFT ENCODER PROGRAM Version 2.1 b2 --- This program is meant for the VEX robotics kits. And can be used with Robot C or any other VEX programming software. Written in TI-nspire BASIC Open the document and hit ENTER. I wrote this program to make programming the shaft encoders for VEX Robots faster. It will prompt for the wheel size 1 being small, 2 being medium, and 3 being the large wheel. (still working on the omni wheel). It will then prompt for the distance (in inches) that you want the robot to travel. The program will then convert the distance to rotations and then to degrees that the VEX shaft encoder will be able to read. Written By: David Paquette 1080paquette.com
charmap2.2.zip25k11-04-19File is not ratedComplete TI-Nspire Character Map
This document includes information on every single usable character in the TI-Nspire character set, along with a program that gives access to special hidden symbols that are not included in the Catalog. This document requires TI-Nspire OS 2.0 or later to run, and a readme is included on the first page of the .tns file.
lolibrary.zip4k10-12-05File is not ratedList Object Library
LO provides functions to create weakly typed structured objects similar to C structs or JSON objects in order to provide a more object oriented style of programming.
bf.zip2k10-12-04File is not ratedBrainF**k Complier
A BrainF**k Complier You can find some message by search BrainF**k in wikipedia. It is an esoteric programming language.
e_healthbar.zip5k10-11-04File is not ratedE_Healthbars
Simple graphical health bars.
timer.zip3k10-11-04File is not ratedTimer for nspire
dieroller.zip1k10-10-26File is not ratedDie Roller 1.0
A program that allows you to roll an N-sided virtual die. Text-based.
txttranslator.zip1k10-10-26File is not ratedTXT2English
A prototype of a translation engine. Program includes instructions page. As of now, it only features four phrases, so if you know any, please tell me them!
tinspirespokelength1.5.zip36k10-09-25File is not ratedTI Nspire Spoke Length v.1.5
This program will determine spoke length for the front wheel, rear wheel (left/right sides), and front and rear wheels. Included are two versions of this program: 1.4 Radius is for those who wish to enter radius values for the rim and hub measurements. 1.5 Diameter is for those who wish to enter diameter values for the rim and hub measurements.
tinspirespokelength.zip79k10-08-05File is not ratedTI Nspire Spoke Length
This program is primarily designed to be used by those who build wheels in the bicycle profession. This highly accurate program will determine spoke length for the front wheel, rear wheel (left/right sides), and front and rear wheels.
programmingtutorialos2.0..zip29k10-07-15File is not ratedProgramming OS
A tutorial for those who want to learn programming. It's still in beta stage, so it might be a bit unclear. I'll do my best to update regulary!
passwordgenerator.zip3k10-05-12File is not ratedCode Generator
This program generates random codes. It uses numbers or letters, depending on what you chose. In the future there will be an update so it also can use capital letters and can use numbers and letters both.
hexbinconverter.zip1k10-03-07File is not ratedHex/Bin-converter
This program converts hexadecimals into regular decimlals, binary digits into regular decimals and the other war round.
calendar.zip21k09-03-07File is not ratedCalendar
On a graphics page a perpetual calendar is drawn. It calculates leap years properly and has two sliders to select year and month.
fortuneteller.zip1k09-01-03File is not ratedFortune Teller
A simple "magic 8 ball" type program that returns yes or no answers. Follow the instructions in the program. Also, see the screenshot 4 to see how to insert your own answers.

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