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Last updated Wednesday, 3 August 2022
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alphabitkingdom.zip89k22-08-03File is not ratedAlphabit Kingdom
Welcome to Alphabit Kingdom, an adventure RPG set in the land of the Alphabet! Hundreds of years ago, all of the Alphabet lived in harmony. They built villages together and all the letters communed in unity across the land. The wise kings of old ruled with perfect equality. The King of the Ampersands wasn’t happy with his status in the kingdom. He believed the Ampersands were rightfully the dominant race. His selfish quest for power eventually led to his defeat and banishment from the kingdom. Though defeated, his war against the world crippled the Alphabet and destroyed the previous harmony. To this day, the Alphabetan territories are home to 26 warring factions, each consisting of a different race. What’s inside? > A fun adventure RPG on your calc > An interesting storyline > A massive world to explore > Treasures to find > ~8 hours of playtime > 26 unique classes > Tons of progression > 100s of skills and special abilities > 60+ weapons > 60+ weapon modifiers > No two games are the same
blackjack.zip3k09-01-22File is not ratedBlackjack
Tell me what you think and make improvements of your own
cards.zip3k19-02-11File is not ratedCards
A simple card game for two players (one of them the calc), in which it is best to apply a mixed strategy.
casinodemo.zip12k10-07-15File is not ratedCasino
This is a demo of my interactive casino.
casinopackpart1.zip5k10-09-07File is not ratedCasinopack-part1
This pack contains 3 small games: slots, roulette and blackjack.
casino.zip73k13-03-06File is not ratedCASINO
A fun Casino for nspire that features unlockable games including dice, roulette, exactly 21,and more. Also features highscores, and buyable prizes
checkers.zip10k09-12-14File is not ratedNspire Checkers
Checkers(English Draughts) for the TI-Nspire. The game board is displayed on screen.
clevercalc.zip4k13-02-14File is not ratedCleverCalc V.1.0
CleverCalc is based on the popular program "cleverbot". CleverCalc responds to over 200 words. This is only the first version, in the future, CleverCalc will be more intelligent with a larger vocabulary. Enjoy!
cookieclicker.zip3k15-09-19File is not ratedCookie Clicker Classic
A recreation of the popular game Cookie Clicker for the TI-nspire series calculators, now updated to include elder pledges, the grandmapocalypse, a chart that shows the prices and amounts of buildings, and a bug fix involving grandmas.
dealornodeal.zip2k09-01-22File is not ratedDeal or No Deal
Tell me what you think and make improvements of your own
dynastywarriorsti.zip40k14-01-30File is not ratedDynasty Warriors TI
The new Dynasty Warriors TI Version with little bugfixes and improved game-structure. Have fun with this little "Beat'em Up"-Game.
fighterx.zip4k10-03-07File is not ratedFighterX
FighterX is a guessing game. You against your calculotor. There are three difficulty levels and there are some achievements to get.
fizzbuzz.zip3k19-11-02File is not ratedFizz Buzz
Fizz, buzz, and fizzbuzz through a potentially endless game of puzzling numbers and division. This game appears in the world in situations ranging from elementary education to job applicant testing.
game24.zip4k17-09-03File is not ratedGame of 24
Four numbers between 1 and 9 are given. The player's task is to form 24 by using all of the four numbers, only the four fundamental operations and brackets when needed. Example: Given 9,3,4,4, one possible solution is (4+4)*9/3.
generate.zip2k10-08-30File rated 6.47Wacky Fun Random Numbar Generator v1.00000069
guessgame.zip2k10-08-30File is not ratedGuessing game
You are given a choice to enter a number to guess up to. You then will be asked to guess a number between 1 and whatever number you specified. You only get up to 10 tries!
guessthenumber.zip1k10-11-04File is not ratedGuessthenumber
Simple guessing game
guess.zip2k15-03-11File is not ratedGuess a number
This is my game writing on IT NSPIRE CAS.
hangman.zip9k10-05-14File is not ratedHangman
Hangman, the guess-a-word game, for the Nspire. Currently contains 200 math-related words or phrases.
hearts.zip26k10-03-15File is not ratedHearts
Hearts, the classic card game, for the TI-Nspire. This update includes an AI and single-player, as well as making it significantly less likely that your calculator crashes.
higherorlower.zip2k10-09-07File is not ratedHigherorlower
This is another small gambling game. You need to guess wether the next number is higher or lower than the previous one.
jasonstinspireholdem.zip17k12-04-10File is not ratedTI-nspire Texas Hold 'em Poker
The ultimate Texas Hold 'em Poker Simulator in TI-nspire Basic. Includes automatic card dealing, smooth gameplay (as much as can be possible in Basic) and detailed instructions. Show the strength of your cards by betting or raising, or be more covert by calling or checking. TI-nspire Hold 'em includes all these commands and more! With the release of v1.1.x the game is now feature complete! (The all-in feature took a while to add in). There are still a few outstanding bugs, but most likely I shall be moving to a Lua version. Stay tuned!
lightsout.zip2k13-11-04File is not ratedLights Out
A Nspire basic version of the classic puzzle. Supports random levels, custom sized boards, turn counting, win detection, and more!
mazes.zip21k10-01-14File is not ratedMazes 2
Wander through randomly generated mazes one square at a time, with the entire maze visible, or in 3D.
metaldetector.zip10k13-08-23File is not ratedMetal Detector
A fun treasure hunt game in TI Basic, despite being written in basic, the game features quality graphics, and you can move your character with the arrow keys. Instructions included
monopoly.zip17k10-06-06File is not ratedMonopoly
Monopoly for nSpire. Please play with [Small] Font Size. If you find bugs, please tell me. It's our first game.
nspireblackjack.zip3k10-07-15File is not ratedBlackjack
This is a simple blackjack game for the Nspire.
nventurefreeware10.zip8k13-01-17File is not ratednVenture Freeware
V 1.0 A freeware calculator RPG, inspired by the original TI-RPG and Dungeons and Dragons. Multiple areas to explore, different enemies to fight, and magical items to find!
officetrivia1.1.zip6k10-01-31File is not ratedThe Office Who Said it Trivia
Try to guess which character from The Office said each quote. Check ot m871.webs.com for more games or to join the team.
pickanumber.zip1k09-01-05File is not ratedPick a Number
It's you versus your calculator! Try to guess the number your calculator generates. You can set the range of the numbers to pick from, i.e. "Pick a number between 1 and [whatever you want]" See the screenshots or the in-game instructions for more information.
poker1.1.zip4k10-01-27File is not ratedTexas Hold 'em 1.2
pretty simple program. requires 2 players and 1 calculator. only update from 1.1 is changed website
quidlersolitare.zip2k10-02-05File is not ratedQuidler Solitare V1.1
The single player version of the word game Quidler. Please leave feedback at m871.webs.com.
richyrpgv1.7.zip132k11-05-26File is not ratedRichy's TI-RPG v1.7
An RPG made some time back, (probably) the most interesting, workable RPG to date! Features monsters, bosses and shops! Fight the great medusa and earn your glory!
rockpaperscissorsnspire.zip4k10-10-25File is not ratedRock, Paper, Scissors
A text-based game for the TI-Nspire. My first upload. Features a win/loss/tie record.
rockpaperscissorsrpg.zip7k11-01-23File is not ratedRock-Paper-Scissors RPG
Based off of my previous rock-paper-scissors program, this features a code system and a boss battle with Chuck Norris :)
rockpaperscissors.zip4k10-09-07File is not ratedrockpaperscissors
A fun little rock paper scissors game :). Includes two versions: you vs calc and you vs someone else.
rolitenglish.zip26k09-09-06File is not ratedRolit (2-4 players)
Try to get the most of the (36 or 100) available spaces. You can get the other players' spaces by embedding them. This game has nice graphics (looking to what is possible on the nSpire). There are two versions of the game: one with a 6 x 6 board and one with a 10 x 10 board. Both versions are included in the file.
roulette.zip1k10-05-31File is not ratedRoulette
This is a simple roulette game for the TI-Nspire. It's worth a try!
scissorspaperrock.zip9k12-10-12File is not ratedScissors Paper Rock
Welcome to Scissors Paper Rock by Jason Ho. But lo and behold, this isn't just any ordinary simple Scissors Paper Rock program It contains graphical bars displaying your wins, ties, and losses, as well as achievement and skin packs to change Scissors Paper Rock to some other items! You could be playing with Wood, Trash, Water... anything! v0.8.1, lots more features to come in the future!
slots.zip1k10-05-28File is not ratedSlotmachine
This is a small slotmachine for the n-spire.
solitaire.zip28k10-05-14File is not ratedSolitaire
Klondike Solitaire, using the classic interface: see screenshots. Updated to OS 2.0 (the screenshots do not reflect this). Updated to include score and the ability to move partial stacks.
submachine0.zip4k15-09-19File is not ratedSubmachine 0
A text adventure recreation of the game Submachine 0 by Mateusz Skutnik for the TI-nspire series calculators.
t9250.zip7k19-01-05File is not ratedT9250 Treadmill Simulator
Simulate a Vision Fitness T9250 foldable treadmill and pretend to run! Adjustable up to 10 miles per hour and a 12% incline, never has it been so easy to create such a specialized workout.
tictactoe.zip2k10-09-19File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe
Tic-Tac-Toe for Nspire (OS>2.0) Up to now there is no Singleplayer, because i was too lazy to code an AI. But it will follow soon! (i hope :P)
tinspirpg.zip8k13-11-11File is not ratedTI-nspiRPG
An RPG for TI-nspire! Features several game modes, shop, tourneys, levelling, accounts & passwords and all everything else you might want.
tirpg2.zip52k12-05-23File is not ratedTI RPG 2
Newest update to the sequel of the original game! Fight enemies, level up, collect gear, and work your way to the final boss battle! Features include: upgradeable equipment, a massive shop, items and potions, magic rings, multiple character classes, customizable upgrade system, quests, multi-tiered bosses, and extensive instructions. New for version 2.10 - posted 5/17/12: -Condensed action commands -Stat mod values -New rings
tirpg.zip9k09-06-30File is not ratedTI RPG
Great RPG/adventure game for the TI-Nspire! Fight monsters, level up, and work your way to the final boss! Features include critical strikes and hidden unlockables! Just load and play. All instructions are included in-game. NEW in version 1.1.21: -Items can be sold -New weapon in store -New secrets
tod.zip4k10-12-14File is not ratedTi-Truth or Dare
Simply a game wherein the computer selects a player at random and determines if the player wants a truth or a dare. The computer then chooses a random truth (or dare) and queries the player. You can go in and edit, add or modify the lists to change the possible outcomes. This is mainly a program I wrote to start programming in Ti-Nspire Basic rather than to win a prize or anything.
treasure_hunt.zip5k09-04-24File is not ratedTreasure hunt
A very simple (yet fun) game for TI-Nspire: all you have is a metal detector that tells you how far is the treasure. Now go find it!
turnracer.zip32k10-04-01File is not ratedTurnRacer
One of the first games ever created remade for the Ti-nSpire. It is designed for two players, but can also be played as a singleplayer game (highscorelist included). Each player has a dot that needs to be guided towards the finish by manipulating its speed(vector) each turn. The game contains 7 levels, 3 difficultymodes, a highscorelist and further explanation.
untangle.zip13k10-07-15File is not ratedUntangle
This is a game in which you must clear all dots by moving lines and other dots.
vitaliysrpg.zip5k09-11-20File is not ratedVitaliy's RPG V.2
Previously known as TI-Napire RPG, I have a HUGE new update. I added an inventory system with four slots. I also added spells. There is also a shop and a quest to be able to use magic. Press "ctrl" and "left" on the keyboard to go to the Info page. I strongly suggest for you not to "HACK" because the game can really get boaring... But if yuo are stuck and want to see what else you can do in the game, then knock yourself out :P

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