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Number of files 38
Last updated Monday, 21 February 2011
Total downloads 272,141
Most popular file  Mac-81 v1.1.0 (TI-81 emulator) with 28,898 downloads.

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bin2var_mac_univ.zip13k08-08-24File is not ratedbin2var Mac (Universal Binary)
A binary generated by z88dk or tasm can be converted into a file usable on the calculator with bin2var. Now available as a Universal Binary for faster performance on Intel Macs.
bin2var_mac.zip9k06-07-27File is not ratedBin2Var v1.20M
Bin2Var is a command-line utility that converts binary images to the following formats: 82P, 83P, 8XP, 85S, 86P and 86S. This version is pre-compiled for Mac OS X.
c4fargo.hqx68k97-12-07File is not ratedC4Fargo (Fargo 1.x)
Write C programs on Mac for Fargo
c4fargo.sit25k98-02-07File is not ratedC4Fargo (Fargo II)
Write C programs for Ti 92 Fargo II 0.2.5
caz.sit.hqx126k97-07-24File is not ratedTASM-compatible cross assembler
flashbook.dmg4126k10-03-01File is not ratedFlashbook 1.0 beta 4
Flashbook is a new system for creating eBooks for the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus. The Flashbook utilities can be used to convert any text file into a compressed Flash application that you can send to the calculator. This package contains Mac OS X binaries for x86 only; see the unix directory for source. New in this version: more font coverage and various bug fixes.
gcnclient.zip1223k13-12-12File is not ratedglobalCALCnet (gCn) Client v2.0
globalCALCnet or gCn allows calculators to network from two feet, two miles, or two thousand miles away. gCn consists of a client program that must be run on a computer, as well as a way to connect your calculator(s) and computers. This can be a mini-USB cable for a TI-84+ or TI-84+SE calculator. It can also be firmware loaded onto an Arduino or custom AVR to bridge between a CALCnet2.2 network and the computer running the gCnClient software. The gCnClient program provided in this zip is built for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi; the gCnBridge firmware images for the Arduino and USBID bridge designs are also included. A detailed PDF describes the installation and use of the required software, as well as plans and schematics for constructing the variations on the bridge. v2.0 adds full support for the direct USB (mini-USB) method of connecting TI-84+/SE calculators to gCn, as well as bug and stability fixes.
genau2.hqx153k97-07-24File is not ratedGenau assembler for ZShell (v2.0)
jlink.zip4k09-03-18File is not ratedJLink - a Java linker
Platform-independent java linker. Converts any file to .8xp with a correct checksum and header.
jsm.sit67k02-03-21File is not ratedJSpriteMaker 68k v0.5.1b19
Java-based GUI for creating and editing sprites for use in TIGCC programming. Supports 4-level grayscale and transparent color. Generates code for the sprite on the fly, including the sprite mask. No more guess work, works under any OS. Tested with Windows, Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS X.
jsmsrc.sit61k02-03-21File is not ratedJSpriteMaker 68k Source v0.5.1b19
Full java source code for JSpriteMaker 68k.
knower.zip137k04-09-13File is not ratedTI Calculator Knower
This is a Java applet that has information on all Texas Instruments graphing calculators.
krolyptokeygen.sit8k03-10-31File is not ratedKrolypto Key Generation
This program allows Macintosh to generate encryption keys for the Krolypto APP by Michael Vincent on the TI-83 Plus. See the readme for more info.
mac81.hqx90k98-04-25File is not ratedMac-81 v1.1.0 (TI-81 emulator)
macasm.zip146k98-01-10File is not ratedMacASM82 v4.0
mac_comm.zip3k97-07-24File is not ratedTI85/Ti82 Mac Communication Protocol C Source Code, Beta 1.0
macsquish.smi.bin1021k99-07-09File is not ratedMacSquish v1.1
MacSquish converts z80 object files to TI-83 .83p program files. It also allows squishing and protecting of the program. If you already have MacPerl installed, download "PerlSquish 1.1" to save yourself a long download.
macti92ideb1.sit212k00-08-09File is not ratedMac TI-92 IDE v1 Beta
TI-92 Assembly Development Environment for Macintosh - Generate Fargo Programs.
mactiger.sit303k99-01-05File is not ratedMacTiger v0.1 Alpha 5
maketns.zip1710k11-04-17File is not ratedMakeTNS
MakeTNS is a portable python script that creates tns files from a lua script. The produced tns can then be opened with the Nspire OS 3.0 and the script will be run. A windows binary is included. Several source files can be specified, they will be concatenated then added in the tns as if they were a single file.
ms85v105.hqx10k97-07-24File is not ratedMac String85 (v1.05)
pbm2z80.zip12k09-03-12File is not ratedPBM to 8xp converter
A bugfix release of my Java-Z80 PBM to .8xp assembly image program. This fixes the extremely idiotic bug that shifted everything by 16 px.
pic2pict.hqx47k97-07-24File is not ratedConverts between PICT files and calculator pictures
pythonjsontotiimageconver.zip1k17-12-18File is not ratedTI-Nspire TI-Image Generator/Converter
This program takes a customly defined Json file from the user who uses this and converts it into the TI-Image escape char format. Is made using Python, and is only experimental. The user will have to define the width, height, and create new columns and rows in the Json file attached. The output of the file will be saved as the name of the inputted file+newimage. i.e. if you inputted the name of batmanphoto.json, it will be saved as batmanphoto.json.newimage. Please note that any errors which occur in the Python file probably come from each different color value not matching up to 3. instructions will be included in the zip...
quicksprite.hqx46k98-04-23File is not ratedQuickSprite v1.9.2 Beta
serialpassthru.sit161k00-02-29File is not ratedSerialPassThru
Allows you to link one Mac serial port to the other. Every that goes in one, goes out the other. Useful for connecting TIs with Graph-Links to internal modems, or externals which you do not have the adaptors for to connect directly to it.
sprite_editor.sit1066k06-08-20File is not ratedSprite Editor v2.5
Allows the User to draw and compile multiple sprites at one time. Includes 4-level grayscale and will compile in Tigcc or Tile Mapping Format, 8*8, 16*16, and 32*32 sizes. Saves as a text file for use in IDE's
spriteeditor.zip110k06-08-13File is not ratedSprite Editor v2.5
Allows the User to draw and Compile Multipule Images and the same time.
statchecker.zip1k06-03-28File is not ratedTiCalc.org Author Stats Checker
Get your ticalc.org stats fresh every morning...or someone elses for that matter....doesn't even have to be morning time really. Just whenever you feel like it you can view all information about a given author ID#. pretty cool huh?
ti85emu.sit178k99-04-22File is not ratedTI-85 Emulator
TI-85 Emulator (PowerPC)
tiauto.hqx38k97-07-24File is not ratedAutomatically sets file type and creator codes
ticalc.wdgt.zip12k06-05-25File is not ratedTiCalc Search Dashboard Widget
Ever wanted to seach through ticalc without having to open your browser first? This dashboard widget is perfect for you! Simply type in what you want to search and press enter, and it opens up the corresponding results page in your browser.
ticalc.zip271k11-02-21File is not ratedticalc.org widget
A widget that displays the newsfeed and searches the file archives, all in ticalc blue. I hope to add resizing to the next version... we'll see how that goes.
tiemu.tar.gz2k05-08-31File is not ratedTiEmu 2.00
TiEmu is a full-featured TI89(titanium)/92(+)/V200 multi-platform emulator with an html manual. It offers: popup menu, screenshots, full debugger, link port, saving state and some other stuffs. This archive contains package descriptions to be installed through the Fink package manager (http://fink.sourceforge.net/). Instructions are included.
tifixit.sit9k03-10-27File is not ratedTI-Connect Fixit Script
Drag TI-Connect 83+ files on this AppleScript to change their file type/creator codes so the proper icons are shown in the Finder.
tigcc_osx.zip3120k04-08-12File is not ratedTIGCC 0.95b16
MacOS X version of TIGCC 0.95 Beta 16. This includes templates for XCode, which allow XCode to be used as an IDE to manage TIGCC projects. Free yourself from the command-line and develop for the TI-89/92 with XCode.
tiimg.zip23k09-03-18File is not ratedTIIMG toolkit
This toolkit is able to do some basic operations on bmp, pbm and 8xi images. (conversion to 8xi, 8xp z80 assembly wrapper and .db z80 statements) Atm only 96x64 images (the screen size), monochrome It is extensible with java plugins. (E-mail me if you want the necessary source code files)
tilposx.dmg1060k03-08-06File is not ratedTiLP for Mac OS X (v6.67-osx0.7.0 - 20030806)
This is a port of the TiLP linking program to the Mac OS X, using Cocoa. This disk image contains the 5 packages you'll need to run TiLP on Mac OS X (>= 10.2.5), ie the Glib, the libTIcables, the libTIcalcs and TiLP itself. Please *read* the README.rtf file !! See http://tilp.info/tilp-mac.php for news and screenshots. Beta versions (stables too !) and complete source code will be posted there.
timacseriallinkfast.zip168k05-05-15File is not ratedTI Mac Serial Link (Fast)
Faster macintosh to TI calculator Link programs and schematics for PPC macs only using the serial modem and printer ports for the TI82 TI83 TI83+ TI85 TI86 TI89 TI92 TI92+.
timacseriallink.zip210k05-05-15File is not ratedTI Mac Serial Link
Macintosh to TI calculator Link programs and schematics for PPC and 68k macs using the serial modem and printer ports for the TI82 TI83 TI83+ TI85 TI86 TI89 TI92 TI92+.
tisdcc_osx_build.tgz204k05-11-20File is not ratedTI Small Device C Compiler for the TI-83+
A working C to 8xp compiler currently only for the TI-83+, a must have for those who cant get set up with Asm, but have moved beyond Basic
tsc.zip28k07-09-17File is not ratedTSC Sprite Converter
TSC is a cross-platform program designed to easily convert BMP and TGA images to data suitable for use in TI C and assembly programming. It can convert color images to monochrome or 4, 7 or 8-shade grayscale data with a variety of output types and control of brightness and contrast. The program will also batch process images.
tutovertel.zip30k05-11-19File is not ratedTutorial on Vertel3
This tutorial is written in french and deals with programming with the library Vertel3 developped by Vertyos
z80dasm68k.hqx36k98-05-09File is not ratedZ80 Disassembler v1.0 68K
Z80 Disassembler for 68K Macs
z80dasmppc.hqx44k98-05-09File is not ratedZ80 Disassembler v1.0 PowerPC
Z80 Disassembler for PowerPC Macs
z80.lang.zip13k11-03-12File is not ratedZ80 Scheme for gedit v1.1
gedit ("Text Editor" in newer versions of GNOME) is a great tool for developers, featuring syntax highlighting, parenthesis matching, and automatic indentation among other things. It's great for all your coding needs, but it also has a conspicuous lack of syntax support for Z80 assembly programs. This gedit language file adds Z80-specific syntax information for gedit users to enjoy.

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