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Last updated Sunday, 21 May 2006
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kernelfolder TI-92 Plus Assembly Libraries (Kernel)
advanceddialogs.zip221k08-11-29File is not ratedAdvanced Dialogs 1.0.7
Advanced Dialogs is a cross-platform (AMS and PedroM) static library for TIGCC for creating grayscale dialogs. It combines the usefulness of AMS Dialogs with the speed of TIGCC and ExtGraph, offering all standard functions (Title, Buttons, Input, DropDown, MessgaeBox etc.) and additional useful features not offered by AMS (Multiple Tabs in a dialog, Bitmaps, CheckBoxes, ProgressBars etc.). Providing these features, Advanced Dialogs allows the easy creating of a fast and beautiful GUI for your TIGCC project. This is a bugfix update, containing complete source code, examples and documentation in HTML. Released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.
argparse68k1.0.zip13k16-03-21File is not ratedargparse68k
Small static library exposing a higher-level argument parsing interface than args.h in the standard TIGCC/GCC4TI library.
clib9x.zip111k02-09-30File is not ratedQs C Library 9x
Quésoft C Library "CLib" release 3 for TI-9x. Now released as an open source free software under the GNU Lesser General Public License, this incredible source of compiled functions can be very useful for TI-BASIC programmers.
crashlib.zip14k03-02-04File is not ratedCrashLib
Crashlib is a compile-time library which can give your programs excellent protection from seriously silly serious errors… ie when you are playing with that cool new game of yours during math class right before the test, and… crashlib saves the day by catching that address error. This library is easy to use for beginning programmers, and provides a good deal of advanced features for advanced programmers.
cutils.zip1003k15-02-22File is not ratedCUtils 0.4
Utility functions for pushing/popping lists/matrices, sorting, digital signal processing, utilities for managing variables
datelib.zip44k05-10-15File is not ratedDatelib 1.22
English: Datelib is a library of functions for TI 68K (including 89 Titanium) which helps programmers TI-BASIC to use the dates in various formats, the functions are usable even on the TIs not having of the hour and the functions which go with (except for the current time and date). Datelib makes it possible to convert a date of a format with another, it also makes it possible to recover information on a date (If the year is bissextile, if the date must be in summer-time, n° day, n° of the week, number of days in the month, n° of the day of the week,…) or on the difference between 2 dates, it can also format a date. The formats of dates supported are: UTC, CET, Local, Timestamp Unix, Ticks Windows. The localization is possible in UTC and CET between -12h59 and +12h59 and is safeguarded in a file on the TI, this library is thus usable everywhere on Earth! --- Français : Datelib est une bibliothèque de fonctions pour TI 68K (y compris 89 Titanium) qui aide les programmeurs TI-BASIC à utiliser les dates dans différents formats, les fonctions sont utilisables même sur les calculatrices ne disposant pas de l’heure et des fonctions qui vont avec (sauf pour l’heure et la date actuelle). Datelib permet de convertir une date d’un format à un autre, elle permet également de récupérer des informations sur une date (Si l’année est bissextile, si la date doit être en heure d’été, n° du jour, n° de la semaine, nb de jours dans le mois, n° du jour de la semaine, …) ou sur l’écart entre 2 dates, elle peut aussi formater une date. Les formats de dates supportés sont : UTC, CET, Locale, Timestamp Unix, Ticks Windows. La localisation est possible en UTC et CET de -12h59 à +12h59 et est sauvegardée dans un fichier sur la calculatrice, cette librairie est donc utilisable partout sur Terre !
flib92.zip372k04-04-09File is not ratedFlib 3.2 GPL
An advanced library for BASIC programmers, including many functions, basic as well as sophisticated, compatiblity with all ROM and hardware versions, and no kernel requirement.
glib.zip35k00-03-31File is not ratedGLib v1.01
An improved version of BasicLib : supports AMS 2.03 and TI-92 Plus
gray4lib.asm2k98-12-06File is not ratedGray4lib Library
mulib.zip11k02-04-02File is not ratedµlib
Sample release of a 3D library
opale.zip301k06-05-21File is not ratedOpale beta 3
Here is the third public beta of Opale, a multithreaded full featured kernel for TI-68k. Provided as a static library, it can be called either from C or assembly language. The present build enables up to 64 concurrent tasks to run "in the same time". Mutual exclusion, semaphores, mailboxes and message queues are also provided for tasks communication and synchronization. Since it is a beta, it remains potentially unstable, so be careful to how you use it (especially thinking about AMS and non-reentrant library calls). Please read carefully the functions' documentation. Two samples included, not to be run on a real calc. The first one shows a 5 tasks program. Since it calls AMS's calls to write text in a concurrent way, don't press any key while it is running (or crash your calc :D) The second one shows CPU load: you can see how it increases when you press any key. More documentation is to come with next beta. In the final releases, source code will be provided as well as builds for different numbers of tasks at max. A dynamic library build will also be made. It is now under BSD license. Enjoy!
oragegl.zip12k05-01-18File is not ratedOrage GL
OrageGL est une bibliothèque graphique, utilisable sous TIGCC IDE, programmée en ASM. Très simple à utiliser, documentation en français. OrageGL is a graphic library for TIGCC IDE, coded in ASM. Very simple to use. Documentation in french only.
polysnd1.2.zip72k03-03-10File is not ratedPolySnd v1.2
Librairie audio pour TI-89, TI-92 Plus et V200. Capable de jouer des son stéréo sur 8 octaves.
polysnd1.3.zip165k03-03-10File is not ratedPolySnd v1.3
Librairie audio pour TI-89, TI-92 Plus et V200. Possibilitée de jouer des sons sur 2 et 4 voies.
raytrint.zip3k04-05-04File is not ratedRaytrint - Raytracing in TI-BASIC
Raytrint() is a function that determines wheter a ray is intersecting a triangle. It can be called from TI-BASIC. Read the documentation for further information.
rowreadtutorial92p.zip6k02-07-22File is not ratedThe _rowread Tutorial, for TIGCC
This was made because I had trouble with reading keys. I finally sat down and a few hours later had this done. The header file has been fully tested. Soon I should have the TI-89 version done. The version of TIGCC that I have is a few months old, so email me if there are any problems.

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