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analogfilters.zip56k01-12-16File is not ratedButterworth and Chevishev Filter Generators
Takes cut-off frequency, degree, bandwidth and type of filter and generates a Butterworth or Chevishev filter with inductors and capacitors.
ast555.zip4k14-11-06File is not rated555 Astable Multivibrator Calculator
Design or analyze 555 astable multivibrator circuits. Calculates components, frequency, period, low and high pulse durations and duty cycle. Graphical representation of pulse output. To execute, type electron\ast555(). See the README file for more details
bands.zip1k99-11-07File is not ratedBands v1.0
Bands calculates the resistors with 3 and 4 bands on them
bjt.zip3k01-03-25File is not ratedBJT´s
Este programa te permite, calculcar facilmente, la corriente colector, corriente base y voltaje colector emisor, funciona para transistores NPN, PNP, de Silicio y de Germanio.
bodeplot.zip2k99-12-08File is not ratedBode Diagrams
Magnitude and Angle plots on a splitted screen.
bode.zip3k99-02-28File is not ratedBode 89 v1.0
This is a program for calculation of bode coefficients. It does not draw a graph but it does all the other stuff. Bode is used in Regulator teknics. It s perhaps more scientific, I don t know. We use it in class
ccdequation.zip17k06-12-10File is not ratedCCD Equation
This is the handy program that allows to find singal to noise or integration time required for a given signal to noise. This program even prints out the steps needed to find the answer. For a listing of terms that I use, read the readme file.
cinetifr.zip16k00-03-01File is not ratedCinetic v2.0 (French)
Entrez graphiquement votre circuit de dipoles electrocinetiques (resistances, capacites, generateurs de courant, etc...), Cinetic vous fournie l'expression literalle de tous les potentiels du circuit et effectue la convertion en equations differentielles. (Fichier d'aide HTML)
cinetius.zip13k00-03-01File is not ratedCinetic v2.0
Draw your circuit with resistances, condensers, selfs, generators... Cinetic will calculate all the potentials (formal calculus) of every node, and give the differential equations of the circuit. (Help file included).
circuitscir.zip5k05-10-19File is not ratedCircuits 1 and 2(DC AND AC)
This program is for Circuits 1 and 2(DC AND AC) circuitanalysis. Calculates parallel resistor values, Series capacitors,Parallel capacitors,Voltage division and Current division,impeadances,power,and "Eq-Solver which solves 2,3,4 equations written by Jesse Lai" 2 programs in one.The best circuits program written
circuits.zip8k03-08-26File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Circuits
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 5 different equations relating to circuits.
cktdraw.zip7k99-11-06File is not ratedCKTDRAW v2.0
The circuit drawing program for ti-89. Includes about 40 symbols!
commeng.zip12k06-01-28File is not ratedEngineering Solutions for Voice and Data Computations
The program gives solutions to the "bread and butter" problems encountered daily by electrical engineers and students working in the field of voice and data communication. I hope that the program will clear up some mysteries surrounding dB's, dBm's, voltage and power measurements.
connet89.zip110k06-10-27File is not ratedAutomatic Control Networks Analysis v 2.02
It's a very powerful program that allows an advanced analysis in Bode diagram of a transfer function and of a user entered control network. You can try different solutions and analyze their fundamental parameters: 0 decibel frequency, phase margin, gain margin and eventually peaks. You can also chose and trace different types of drawing: real and asymptotic TF graph and phase graph.
control.zip11k01-06-04File is not ratedControl Theory Toolbox v1.1
The Control Theory Toolbox 1.1 is a collection of functions and programs to aid in solving control theory problems on the TI-89 and TI-92+ calculators. Bode and Nyquist plots can be generated, and there are functions to find poles and zeros, and calculate the vector margin. Gains and tranfer functions are expressed in the form they are commonly written on the blackboard, for example: 1/s and (s^2+s+1)/(s+3)(s+5).
coulomb.zip1k10-01-31File is not ratedCoulomb's Law
simple program used to find the force between 2 charges
crcuits.zip64k07-12-15File is not ratedMultiloop DC and AC Circuits
This program uses the loop current method to solve multiloop circuits, either DC or AC. It can be used to solve for currents, voltages, charges (on capacitors), or resistances (impedances for AC). Several examples are included to illustrate the method.
cst124.zip496k04-03-08File is not ratedControl System Toolbox for TI-89 release 1.2.4
This is a bug-fixed release for Control System Toolbox release 1.2.3
cst.zip268k05-11-02File rated 8.44Control System Toolbox r1.3
CST r1.3 is a suite for Control Systems Analysis, Design and Tuning. CST features Continuous and Discrete Time Transfer Functions, Time Delay, Bode, Nyquist, Root Locus and Step Response Plots, Laplace and Zeta Tranformations, Mag and Phase Margins, Lead and Lag Networks Design, P, PI, PD, PID Design and Tuning and much more...
ct.zip26k03-01-01File rated 7.66Control's toolbox v1.16
Control's toolbox v1.16 The fastest program for frequency plot of a transfer function (Bode, Nichols and Nyquist plots)! You can also display a linear or logarithmic table of the plot, calculate the margin of stability of the closed loop function, the Routh-Hurwitz matrix, solve the Lyapunov equation, plot the root locus and much more! Note: CT uses a custom routine to calculate the phase (doesn't use the angle() function), and a custom routine for faster calculation of the amplitude plot.
currents.zip9k03-08-26File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Electrical Currents
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 5 different equations relating to currents.
dft89.zip17k11-03-09File is not ratedDiscrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
Discrete Fourier Transform calculates the DFT on a sequence of any length.
drawcirquitdiagram.zip7k09-05-11File is not ratedDraw cirquit diagram
[updated from "Draw electric schematic" to 1.0] Draw wires and electrical symbols. Simple program but does the job fairly nice and easily. Suggestions and/for extra components are more than welcome! Don't hesitate to ask. CHANGES: - Move cursor without drawing wire - Text placement - Documentation intro can now be skipped with ESC - Documentation updated including in-program.
ecslv.zip16k02-02-16File is not ratedElectric circuit solver R3
Electric circuit solver for TI89 and TI92P solves voltage in all nodes and current in all elements of electric circuit. Needs Laplace and Z transform.
eenergy.zip1k03-10-13File is not ratedElectric Potential
This FUNCTION solves for the electrical potential of a system of particles. This is very useful for E&M Physics classes and saves a lot of time. Just input the x, y, and z positions of the particles, and the charges of the particles and VOILA! There's your answer! Hope you like this and all of my other programs! Note: If you are working with particles in only 2 dimensions or 1 dimension, just set the z (and y) values to zero...The function will still work for these types of problems.
eeprojr.zip3k00-02-19File is not ratedEE*PROjr. v1.04
An electonics software package, designed for the average High School student. Contains a four band resistor value calculator, and a "unit manipulated" Ohm's Law program.
efield_2.zip3k02-07-15File is not ratedElectric Fields Due to Point Charges in a Plane
This program calculates the net electric field at any point in a plane due to any number of point charges lying in the plane. The charges, their coordinates and the coordinates of the point P at which the field is to be calculated must be entered. The program calculates the magnitude and direction of the net field at P. You then have the option of displaying 2 types of vector diagrams. The first shows the individual fields due to each charge. The second is the vector addition polygon showing the net field.
efield_3.zip2k02-07-15File is not ratedElectric Fields Due to Point Charges (in 3-dimensions)
This program calculates the net electric field at any point in space due to any number of point charges. The charges, their coordinates and the coordinates of the point P at which the field is to be calculated must be entered. The program calculates the net field at P and displays the result in rectangular, spherical, and cylindrical vector formats.
eformula.zip23k99-11-05File is not ratedElectrical Formulas v1.0
This program calculates Amperage, Watts, Voltage, Resistance and much more, It has a built in resistor color code converter/coder. It's a very helpful program if you are an electronic hobbyist or studying AC/DC.
elecbasc.zip857k07-03-22File is not ratedElecBasc, Basic Electronics -Electrónica Básica-
[ENGLISH] ELECBASC is a compendium of theories, formulas, concepts and tools of Basic calculation of Electronics. With them, the student will be able to strengthen the theory and to make verifications numerical of contents seen in class. Later, ELECBASC will be of utility for the professionals of engineering since they will count on immediate disposition and access to these basic concepts and tools. The contents are: 1 Resistors (Ω), 1,1 Color►Value (4 bands), 1,2 Value►Color (4 bands), 1,3 R in serie, 1,4 R in Parallel, 1,5 Voltage Splitter, 1,6 Current Splitter (I), 2 Inductances (L), 2,1 Color►Value (Molded Inductances), 2,2 Value►Color (Inductancias Molded), 2,3 L in serie, 2,4 L in Parallel, 3 Capacitances (C), 3,1 Code►Value (JIS Code - Standard Industrial Japan), 3,2 Value►Code (JIS Code), 3,3 C in serie, 3,4 C in Parallel. [ESPAÑOL] ELECBASC es un compendio de teorías, fórmulas, conceptos y herramientas de cálculo de Electrónica Básica. Con ellas, el estudiante podrá afianzar la teoría y hacer comprobaciones numéricas de contenidos vistos en clase. Posteriormente, ELECBASC será de utilidad para los profesionales de la ingeniería ya que contarán con inmediata disposición y acceso a dichos conceptos básicos y herramientas. Los contenidos son: 1 Resistencias (Ω), 1.1 Color►Valor (4 bandas), 1.2 Valor►Color (4 bandas), 1.3 R en Serie, 1.4 R en Paralelo, 1.5 Divisor de Voltaje, 1.6 Divisor de Corriente (I), 2 Inductancias (L), 2.1 Color►Valor (Inductancias Moldeadas), 2.2 Valor►Color (Inductancias Moldeadas), 2.3 L en Serie, 2.4 L en Paralelo, 3 Capacitancias (C), 3.1 Código►Valor (Código JIS - Japan Industrial Standard), 3.2 Valor►Código (Código JIS), 3.3 C en Serie, 3.4 C en Paralelo.
electra.zip3k01-12-16File is not ratedElectra
Lots of electrical equations plus a Ressistor color code solver.
electricity.zip1k09-10-18File is not ratedBasic Electricity Formulas
prompts the variables, calculates, and displays the formulas for voltage, current, resistance, power, capacitance and stored energy
electric.zip8k03-08-26File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Electric Fields
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 6 different equations relating to electric fields.
electronicscalculator.zip34k20-05-14File is not ratedElectronics calculator
This is a calculator that calculates ohms law,voltage divider values,transistor and capacitor values.
eltec.zip3k02-07-05File is not ratedElectroTecnics ver. 0.8
It give an hand in linear circuit analyses
eltrnxcc.zip1k04-03-07File is not ratedResistor Color Code Converter
Converts colored bands to resistance and tolerance, and the other way around. ;-)
emechine.ieee.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedieee 0.9
find IEEE model of an induction motor using NLT, BRT (LRT)and DC tests. (based on P.C.Sen book)
emechine.oct.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedoct 0.9
open circuit test
emechine.sct.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedsct 0.9
short circuit test
em_fields.zip5k01-12-22File is not ratedElectro-Magnetis Fields equavions
Divergent, Gradient, Laplacian, Rotor & Vector Cross Multiplicity; in Cartezian, Cylindrian and Spherical forms.
emfields.zip8k03-08-26File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Electric & Magnetic Fields
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 5 different equations relating to electric and magnetic fields.
energy.zip9k03-08-26File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Energy
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 5 different equations relating to electric and magnetic fields.
fft128.zip155k06-12-24File is not ratedFast Fourier Transform 128 V3
Performs 128 points FFT on edited (built-in editor) or CBL collected data. Choose Fe, window and plot mode, etc...
fft64.zip150k06-12-24File is not ratedFast Fourier Transform 64 V3
Performs 64 points FFT on edited (built-in editor) or CBL collected data. Choose Fe, window and plot mode, etc...
fft.zip1k99-12-26File is not ratedFast Fourier Transform
Computer FFT for a list of data points. Uses radix of 2.
filter.zip1k04-09-06File is not ratedSelective Amplifier Calculation (german only)
Selective Amplifier Calculation; one-tank-input-filter for a single bjt-stage, two-tank-output-filter for that stage, the y-parameters for the used bjt, tells what the s-parameters are meaning
fourcoef.zip8k99-05-21File is not ratedFourier Coeficients
Fourier Coeficients Program for 1, 2 or 3 intervals functions.
freqanalysis.zip5k05-07-17File is not ratedFrequency Plot v0.2
Plots frequency components of a signal with input and output values, computes "klirr"-factor.
gates.zip2k99-12-08File is not ratedGates
An easy way to draw logical gate diagrams
getjtran.zip1k04-11-11File is not ratedgetjtran
Programa para el diseño de transformadores de voltage que calcula el area de la chapa, los bobinados y los otros parámetros.
getjuis.zip676k05-08-27File is not ratedgetuis 6.0
[ES] Analisis de circuitos Electricos [EN] Analysis of Electronic Circuts
getj.zip676k05-10-29File is not ratedgetjuis ( Circuitos Eléctricos)
NUEVA VERSIÓN. Programa para el análisis de circuitos electricos con cualquier tipo de exitación y con fuentes dependientes e independientes que calcula todas las tensiones nodales y equivalentes de thevenin, probado con más de 100 circuitos de los libros de Hayt y de Nilson. Recomendado para estudiantes de ingeniería. (Version Beta3) Ahora habilitada la función "serie o paralelo". By Gerardo E Terán Julio
grafcir.zip8k03-09-08File is not ratedcirgraf_89/92+/v200
*(english) lets you draw and define the ramp, impulse and step functions of a signal, using the program after creating them from inside the program or from the y= editor *(espanol) le permite definir y graficar las funciones rampa paso e impulso de una senal despues de haberlas creado desde el programa o desde el editor de y=
hfstab.zip1k04-09-06File is not ratedS-Parameter Stability Calculation (german only)
let the program know the s-parameter of the circuit you have to investigate, it can tell you the stability circles in numbers and gfx.
idcalc.zip1k21-08-30File is not ratedA MOS Calc Based on the SPICE LEVEL 1 Model
Although EE pro provides various functions, the MOS transfer function (NMOS, specifically) is WRONG. Here comes a MOS DC operation point calculator, it can calculate either the drain current or the width of the device. Equations and names of involved parameters are based on the SPICE LEVEL 1 (Also known as the Shichman and Hodges Model),channel length modulation and body effect were taken into consideration, while short-channel effects were neglected.
inductio.zip9k03-09-01File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Electromagnetic Induction
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 8 different equations relating to electromagnetic induction.
induct.zip1k04-09-06File is not ratedInductor Calculation (german only)
calculate the inductivity of a wire or an inductor
induc.zip2k99-06-30File is not ratedInduction v1.0
Phenomenal of induction.
karnaugh.zip118k06-01-27File is not ratedLogical Suite v1.34
Do anything with Karnaugh table...interactive editing, simplifying, saving as function, reloading and circuit drawing!!! Supports '0', '1' and 'x' when doesn't matter (with 4 vars only) After editing it makes the synthesis of 4 bits synchronous counters with JK flip-flops and runs the counter to verify it is 'non-blocking'
ledcalc89.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedLED Calculator v1.0
This program is very useful for use in electronics. Enter the typical forward voltage, current drawn, and how much voltage you want to run it on, and you will find out the LED's resistance, as well as the resistor required to prevent burning out the LED. The program could also be used for relays, motors, incandescent lamps, etc.
lfgauss.zip193k08-02-12File is not ratedLFGauss1.1
This name stands for “Load Flow using Gauss-Seidel Method”; it’s written in a TI-89 Titanium. The formulas used in it are based on this book: “Power System Analysis by Hadi Saadat”, The program is not written for just giving the final answer, it solves the problem step by step and is specially useful in tests because most of the time you are supposed to solve the problem only for a few steps and write down the procedure, however you can use it for reaching a final answer just by a few changes but when there are programs like POWERWORLD or DIgSILENT I think it won’t be needed. Only those who have solved load flow problem with at least 3 bus and 4 iterations will understand how much useful this program can be however it is still very helpful for smaller networks. There is also a subprogram which calculates the Ybus matrix. The Ybus calculated after running this program can be used in other programs that I have written like Lfnewton or Lffdcpld. By inversing this matrix you calculate Zbus which is helpful especially when you are going to solve a short circuit problem. Required slack bus power, transferred power between buses, power loss on lines, current flowing through the lines and some other parameters of system are calculated too.
lfnewton.zip194k08-02-12File is not ratedLFNewton1.0
“Load Flow using Newton Rophson Method” The program leads you to final answer step by step & everything is shown on the screen. (very useful in tests) Before anything I suggest you to study the LFGauss.pdf file which is included in LFGauss().zip package. By the way this package is completely independent. As we will see through an example, learning how the program works is pretty easy. The same as LFGausse the formulas used in it are based on “Power System Analysis by Hadi Saadat”
lglied.zip1k04-09-06File is not ratedtwo-components-matching calc
calculates a matching circuit (L, both versions)
logicdes.zip49k07-04-26File is not ratedLogic Designer 2.1.1
A nice graphical editor and simulator for circuits of digital logic gates with on-calculator help and load/save. Supports gates (N)AND, (N)OR, XOR, EQUIV, NOT, constant 0 or 1, junction, switch, and light. Version 2.1.1 has minor fixes including one to splash screen centering on TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200.
lowpass.zip5k14-11-03File is not ratedLow Pass / High Pass Filter calculator
Use this program to design, analyze and graph low and high pass RC filters. To execute, type electron\lowpass(). For more info check, http://mostlyanalog.blogspot.gr/2014/10/calculating-filters-with-your-ti.html
mag_f_t.zip104k07-12-06File is not ratedMagnetic Force and Torque
This program calculates forces and torques exerted by a uniform magnetic field. It finds the force exerted on either a moving charge or a current carrying conductor located in a magnetic field and the torque exerted on a current loop or a magnetic dipole by a magnetic field. It works for rectangular or circular loops in any orientation or for a loop of arbitrary shape lying in the x-y plane. Either numerical or symbolic solutions can be found. Several examples are included.
magnetic.zip7k03-09-01File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Magnetic Fields
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 2 different equations relating to magnetic fields.
match.zip1k04-09-06File is not ratedimpedance matching calculation
"lglied" was not enough, here is a program knowing all the standard matching stuff
mos.zip1k04-09-06File is not ratedMOSFET calculation
the numerical solver for mosfet calculation in design of integrated circuits
motor89.zip1k03-01-01File is not ratedUltimate Motor Helper v2.0
This program is very useful when working with AC induction or DC motors. Ultimate Motor Helper will provide you with the synchronous RPM, breakdown torque, power factor, the value of the starting capacitor required for a capacitor start motor, back EMF, and flux per pole. (Some values only work with specific motors.) All of the information you need for calculations should be on the name plate, except for the number of poles. This number can be determined by a close examination of the stator core. Enjoy! (Note: This program has the distinction of being the first ever to be released on all 12 TI graphing calculator platforms. Yay!)
mscalc.zip9k21-08-30File is not ratedA Simple Microstrip Line Calc Program
This is a simple microstrip line calc program. It can calculate either the impedance or the width based on the provided parameters.
ne555.zip1k04-09-06File is not rated555-Timer calc
calculates which elements to uses for desired frequency
ohmjoule.zip1k03-07-24File is not ratedLey de ohm & joule
Este programa calcula los valores de los parametros que te hagan falta ya sea en la LEY DE OHM o en la LEY DE JOULE
ohmslaw.zip4k05-06-25File is not ratedOhm's Law
This little program helps you with Ohm's Law
physics2electricityprogra.zip866k07-12-23File is not ratedPhysics 2 Electricity programs
Version 2.0 adds more features, wastes more memory on your calculator, adds no bug fixes as their was no bugs, and hopefully adds no new bugs. Four programs for solving similar, ridiculous, pointless, abusive, "filler material", "wastes of time", types of physics 2 problems dealing with point charges. eField() Calculates electric field (N/C)|(v/m) at some point. fField() Calculates force (newtons) at some point. vEpot() Calculates (Volts)electric potential at some point. jEpotEng() Calculates (Joules)Electric potential energy of a system.
potnt_3d.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedElectric Potential Due to Point Charges (3 Dimensions)
This program calculates the electric potential at any point P due to any number of point charges. The charges, their coordinates, and the coordinates of the point P must be entered. A running sum is displayed after each charge is entered. The final result is copied to the home screen.
potntial.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedElectric Potential Due to Point Charges in a Plane
This program calculates the electric potential at any point P in a plane due to any number of point charges lying in the plane. The charges, their coordinates, and the coordinates of the point P must be entered. A running sum is displayed after each charge is entered. The final result is copied to the home screen.
prp.zip4k99-12-25File is not ratedPRp v1.1
PRp is a program to test the Positive Real property of rational functions. It can be useful to students who attend advanced courses in electric circuits.
psa.d2w.zip1k10-02-06File is not ratedd2w 1.2
Takes delta impedances/admittances and generates Wye impedances/admittances. (D2Y) (Used when converting 3 phase loads)
psa.lfdcpld.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedlfdcpld 1.0 beta
Decoupled load flow (Some of you reported that this program does not work correctly in special cases; so be careful when using it) Please report program errors to me, I'll need full information about the question to understand which part is wrong. (You can take a photo of question and send it to my email) Thanks in advance.
psa.lffdcpld.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedlffdcpld 1.0
Fast Decoupled load flow lfdcpld is a load flow program using decoupled method. (Some of you reported that this program does not work correctly in special cases; so be careful when using it) Please report program errors to me, I'll need full information about the question to understand which part is wrong. (You can take a photo of question and send it to my email) Thanks in a advance.
psa.lfgssdl.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedlfgssdl 2.0
Gauss-Seidel Load Flow. This is the latest version. I tested it over many situations and it worked fine. You'll need "ybusc" to run this program successfully. (Uploaded on ticalc.org)
psa.lfgs.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedlfgs 2.0
Gauss Load Flow. Note that this method is different from Gauss-Seidel method. (The formula used to calculate voltage is different) I tested it over many situations and it worked fine. You'll need "ybusc" to run this program successfully. (Uploaded on ticalc.org)
psa.lfnr.zip2k09-01-09File is not ratedlfnr 2.0
Newton-Raphson load flow This is the latest version. The program needs "ybusc" in order to run successfully. (you can find it on ticalc.org) In the previous version some people reported wrong answers in special cases; I hope those problems are solved in this new version (I've changed the algorithm). However if you found any errors please email me.
psa.linegc.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedlinegc 1.0 beta
You can calculate general coefficients of short or medium line using this program. (The program may need some improvements)
psa.llinegc.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedllinegc 1.0 beta
You can calculate general coefficients of a long line using this program. (The program may need some improvements)
psa.pwanlzr.zip17k14-01-24File is not ratedpwanlzr 2.5
The main things this program is for: 1-Calculating current of load 2-Power factor correction (using a capacitor) Most of the time in a power system problem, the load is described by its power dissipation, for example we may know |S|, V, and PF or maybe Q, V, and PF, and we want to calculate some other information about the load. This program will ask you for known parameters and then calculates the current of the load plus some other information. While entering data, you don't need to convert line and phase parameter to each other (the program will do this for you). After calculating load parameters, you will have the option to enter a desired power factor, then the capacitor to reach that PF will be calculated. Some of the calculated parameters are stored in one-letter variables for ease of access in the future, these include: Z = phase impedance of load X = phase reactance of the capacitor • V = phase voltage • S = single phase power Q = single phase reactive power • P = single phase active power • I = phase current • F = frequency. Note that: There is always a 30 degree difference between phase and line voltages/currents. Answers are calculated accordingly.
psa.w2d.zip1k09-01-17File is not ratedw2d 1.1
W2D Takes wye impedances/admittances and generates delta impedances/admittances. (Y2Ä) (Used when converting 3 phase loads)
psa.ybusc.zip1k09-01-17File is not ratedybusc 2.3
Ybus creator Generates Ybus of a given network.
qfunctionti89.zip1k09-10-08File is not ratedQ Function
The Q Function is used to evaluate probability of error in digital communication - It is the integral of a zero-mean unit-variance Gaussian random variable from some specified argument to infinity. This function computes the value of the Q function with accuracy up to 8 significant digits. The Q function can also be defined as 0.5*erfc(x/sqrt(2)).
resbands.zip2k00-12-04File is not ratedResBands
Simple Dialog program allowing the user to input the color bands of a resistor then calculating the resistance.
resfind1_1.zip1k05-05-18File is not ratedResistor Finder v1.1 (AMS 2.07+)
A program that will help you to find the resistor you're looking for, using the color codes. WARNING: Only works with the AMS 2.07 and newer.
resfind_13.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedResistor Finder v1.02
A programa that will help you to find the resistor you're looking for, showing the color code of the resistor that match with the value you enter
resfind.zip4k05-06-17File is not ratedResistor Finder v2.00
This is a program that will help you to find the resistor you're looking for, showing you its color codes. UPDATE: Now only shows standard values.
resistor2.zip1k99-10-31File is not ratedResistor Color Decoder v1.1
Calculates the resistance given four color stripes.
resistor_46.zip1k99-08-21File is not ratedResistor 89
This is a BASIC program that identifies three band, four band, and five band resistors by their color codes. It is very small and efficient. To exit the program press esc from the main menu. It is easy to use and understand.
resistor_capacitor89.zip3k02-01-01File is not ratedTotal Resistance/Capacitance
Calculates total parellel resistance or series capacitance
resistor.zip1k03-06-02File is not ratedResistance Calculator
This BASIC program allows you to convert a given resistance into the standard colored stripes found on resistors and the other way around (color to resitance)
rlocdata.zip123k09-04-05File is not ratedRoot Locus Data
(Originally submitted 2005-10-14) Root Locus Data calculator. Calculates three most quintessential features pertaining to a root locus; namely its (1) Behavior at infinity, (2) Real-axis breakaway and break in points, and (3) Angles of arrival and departure. Any combination of positive/negative feedback and gain are supported. Handles non-minimum as well as minimum phase systems. Multiplicity of the zeros and poles are also taken care of in the program.
rootlocus.zip1k99-11-06File is not ratedThe Root Locus Program
Root locus diagrams as seen on paper, useful for control systems analysis.
ser_par.zip1k04-09-06File is not ratedcomplex impedance converter
Converting complex impedance from parallel to serial circuit and vice versa.
signal89.zip261k00-08-12File is not ratedSignal Processing v240
Filter,DFT2D,IDFT2D,DCT2D,IDCT2D,FFT2,CONV2,Correlation, and more...
smith.zip19k05-05-27File is not ratedSmith Chart (Carta de Smith)
Compatible for TI-89 or TI-89 Titanium, english or spanish. This program makes the calculations required for the matching of a transmision line whith a Stub of short-circuit. It gives the two possible solutions to the problem. Compatible para TI-89 o TI-89 Titanium, español o inglés. Este programa realiza los cálculos requeridos para la adaptación de una linea de transmisión con un Stub de corto-circuito. Él da las dos posibles soluciones del problema.
speakerbuilder.zip5k07-07-01File is not ratedSpeaker Builder (Version 1.0)
Speaker enclosure calculation and design program. Offers sealed and vented boxes, crossovers, impedance compensation and attenuation networks, series notch filters, and the choice to optimize calculations based on Bullock's formulas. Easy-to-use interface and swift navigation. Still under development but constantly evolving. I've been writing this program for over a week now from a halfway house downtown.. finishing up a 4-year prison sentence.... enjoy :)
tispice.zip87k01-06-01File is not ratedTiSpice v4.11
Symbolic Circuit Simulator (German and English documentation)
tlines.zip5k02-03-04File is not ratedtlines89 v1.1
Transmission lines analysis program and smith chart plotter. Now with stub design functions!.
tspice.zip227k99-12-08File is not ratedTiSpice v4.0
Symbolic Circuit Simulator (Sorry, German documentation).
xcsim082.zip65k99-06-19File is not ratedXCsim v0.82
Numerical and symbolic circuit simulator
xcsim083.zip48k99-06-24File is not ratedCircuit Simulator
Symbolic and numeric circuits simulator
xcsim.zip227k99-11-21File is not ratedXcsim v0.82 FR & US
Both US & FR / 89 & 92 versions of electronic circuit simulator

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