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Last updated Saturday, 13 January 2018
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Most popular file  Stan City 3000 with 23,855 downloads.

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bgotchi.zip8k99-05-29File is not ratedBobygotchy
A Tomagatchi right on your calculator. [French]
business.zip2k03-10-19File is not ratedBusiness
This is an awesome strategy game for the TI-89 written entirely in BASIC. It is very fast and extremely fun to play. Use cunning, buying items, selling items, lottery, and musch more to make your capital. Refer to the README for more information on how to play. The game is extremely fun, and a good tutorial for beginning programmers!
farmgame.zip2k02-06-01File is not ratedThe Farm Game V1.2
This game is extremely good and addictive. it is alot like v1.1 only it has alot of new stuff you and is even funnier. this is a must download!
farming.zip10k00-10-01File is not ratedFarming Game
Simulates farming. Based on a board game I own.
investor.zip4k01-08-06File is not rated$ Investor $
Stock Market Simulation - Try to make a million dollars. Semi-real time market. This is my first program. Please help me out with e-mails to ScottyDog18@cfl.rr.com
lifegame.zip26k99-06-22File is not ratedLifeGame
Simulation of a virtual evolving population.
magikarpjump.zip4k18-01-13File is not ratedMagikarp Jump
Raise the ultimate Magikarp! Train, swim and exist to bring your pathetic Pokemon to new heights. This is inspired by the mobile game of the same name.
mcdolaldssimulator.zip5k04-01-08File is not ratedMcDonalds job simulator
See what it is like having a job at McDonalds and this is my first program - please send input to help me get better!
money.zip7k00-03-02File is not ratedMoney v1.0
Make 1 billion dollars through bank, the stockmarket, mining, a job, buying businesses, and more. Catastrophies may happen, the stockmarket may crash, bank robberies and more affect you. Some graphics are used, and there are a few many games involved, like Blackjack and a lottery.
monseed.zip17k00-02-13File is not ratedMonster Seeds 89
Raise and fight your monster. Similar to Monster Ranch for PSX.
mrv2.0.zip18k03-07-01File is not ratedMonster Rancher 89
Thats Right, Monster Rancher on you TI-89. This version includes features such as Training your monster, linking to a friends TI-89 and receiving a mystery monster, and much more. Monster Rancher 89 uses the built in clock to tell when the competitions are and what season it is, because of this M.R. 89 is only able to run on OSs with a clock.
rcbuild.zip1k00-05-12File is not ratedRoller Coaster Builder v0.9
A demo of a rollercoaster building game. Build your rollercoaster and watch people ride it!
rover2.zip6k03-07-01File is not ratedProgrammable Robot
This is program simulates a simple programmable robot. This early version allows you to program a robot using simple code, build a custom environment to test the program and then run the program on your calculator. The final version will allow you to customize your robot with an array of sensors and gadgets. There will also be missions and more commands and command loops in the final version.
sc3000.zip9k99-03-10File is not ratedStan City 3000
Sim City Clone in 3D isometric mode (French only).
sim3.zip43k02-11-11File is not ratedSimcity v3.3
Version 3.3, by GLR, English and French versions included. The program uses the full screen of the calculator using my library of C functions. Some parts are also programmed in C. You can choose monuments, among 38 ones from all the world, to add in your city. You can build bridges over rivers and canals. There is a disasters mode which allows you to see your city been devastated by typhoons, fires, earthquakes... and all with animations on your screen.
simcity99.zip19k99-06-11File is not ratedSimCity 1999 v0.2
An updated SimCity 1999.
simcity.zip4k99-02-28File is not ratedSim City 89 v1.8
simpet.zip5k04-08-19File is not ratedSimPet v. 3.0
This is an update of SimPet v. 1.0. New features: save and load games with three save game slots and a way to win. Not a bad size. There is a cheat, but you can't win if you activate it.
simtv.zip7k00-06-16File is not ratedSimTV
This is the beta of a game where you run a TV station and try to get good ratings for money. The goal right now is to pay off the debt you owe.
sim.zip26k01-02-07File is not ratedSimCity v1.6
Version 1.6 (=light) by GLR. English and French versions. A good simulation with superbs graphisms.
stock_market_game.zip2k08-08-11File is not ratedStock market game
An advanced game where you buy and sell stocks. For a long description, look at the Read Me.
stocks.zip7k06-01-15File is not ratedA Stock Market Game
"Realistic" stock market simulator, where you can buy or sell stocks on a weekly interval. Program simulates fluctuating stock market, tracks funds in bank, and funds devoted to stock every week. Screenshots included in file.
stock.zip2k01-03-14File is not ratedStock Market: Sellers Edition v3.1
This game is based on the concept of selling stocks, and this version is suppose see if the gain/loss works more accurate.
taipan.zip10k03-11-12File is not ratedTaipan Demo Version 0.99
This is the demo version of my new strategy game, Taipan, based on a game for the PC. An extended version of Drugwars, in this game you are a ship trader with the ability of buying four different goods and selling them in order to make your $1,000,000 capital. If you are carrying to much opium you will be besieged by pirates and robbed. You can fight off the pirates and get money booty. Also, watch out for the queen's toll or you will be sorry! Semi-graphical, pirate scene not entirely finished (you can't run away). Try it out!
tistockmarket.zip1k04-04-18File is not ratedTI Stock Market
Fun little game where you by and sell stock in a effort to make more money than is held in the high score files. Simple interface; to buy/sell stock, use the coressponding dropdown menu, follow onscreen instructions. The program does not allow you to enter negitive numbers, or buy more stock than you can pay for. When finished trading for the month, select done from the file menu to see the new prices. Install in folder named stock. This is my first uploaded game to TiCalc.org
wheatmarket.zip299k16-12-05File is not ratedWheat Market
Maximize your profit and learn about the market economy in this simulation. This game is best played with between 20-50 people in a large room. The Council for Economic Education created the lesson which inspired this program.

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