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Last updated Saturday, 30 December 2006
Total downloads 315,997
Most popular file  Black Jack v1.3 with 10,199 downloads.

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3cardpoker.zip4k04-08-26File is not ratedThree Card Poker
Three Card Poker is a newcomer to Casino games. It was created back in 1994. Three Card Poker gets its popularity from its high payoffs, fast paced gameplay, favorable odds, and easy rules. Three Card Poker's rules are slightly different from that of 5 Card Draw Poker in that the hand ranking a different. All of the rules are explained in the "read me" file.
awsome_casino.zip4k04-04-09File is not ratedCasino
This is an awsome casino game. It includes games such as slots, red dog, blackjack, keno, non-text based horse racing, and hi and low. It also includes a save feature to save your cash. The horse racing is very addictive.
baccarat.zip3k04-08-03File is not ratedBaccarat
Baccarat is a popular, simple, and fast-paced Casino card game that is similar to Blackjack. The only difference is that you can not bust and the highest hand you can have is 9. You do not need a lot of skill to play baccarat and it is easy to learn how to play. To learn how to play just read the document that is found in this file. This game automatically saves your current score and your highest score.
basic_video_poker.zip2k04-06-28File is not ratedVideo Poker
This is an addictive video poker game. The cards are graphical and are easy to read. This game automatically saves your highest score. Plus, it automatically saves your current score.
basikkazin0.zip10k00-03-01File is not ratedBasik Kazin0 Collection v1
This Kasino collection comes with 5 games: Basik Crapz, Basik Roulette, Russian Roulette, BlakJaq and Basik Slotz. All work together under the same funds yet are separate programs. A must download with great features.
ben.zip1k00-04-26File is not ratedWin Bens Money
In this game you must input your name and it will be used trough out the game. Then you are asked five questions. The questions are different every time. If you get more than ben you win. Ben gets a different score every time to. Sometimes it is high sometimes it is low.
betrace.zip1k00-03-31File is not ratedBetRace v2.0
Pick a one of four horses, check its stats, bet money on your horse. Then watch then race and collect your $$$MONEY$$$.
bjack2.zip12k00-06-23File is not ratedBlack Jack v1.3
Black Jack game...
bjack3.zip2k04-10-20File is not ratedSuper Blackjack
The best basic graphical blackjack game i've seen.
bjack.zip1k97-12-31File is not ratedBlackJack 2.7
blackj2.zip2k01-03-11File is not ratedBlack Jack
Black Jack with graphics. Vegas style with real odds and payouts.
blackj3.zip2k01-03-11File is not ratedBlackjck v1.0
This is a simple game of black jack, the aces work, dealer works, simple enough. If anything is messed, contact me, but I'm releasing a newer version later, doubling up/splitting doesn't work yet. I made this on a car trip to Oregon.
blackjack2.zip8k02-06-03File is not ratedUltimate blackjack!!!
Black Jack made by me. Read text. Enjoy!
blackjack_83.zip1k04-04-15File is not ratedBlackJack With Betting Money
Black Jack that you can play with betting money!! Choose the number of the table, (*2 table, means that you will win twice the amount you bet + you get your bet back, but when you lose, you lose twice the amount you bet + you lose your bet). So choose them wisely. You get to change your bet on every round, if you want to. Have fun!
blackjack.zip2k98-11-09File is not ratedBlackJack v3.01
This is just like Blackjack. It has no aces though, only 1 s and 11 s. You can save your game and if you run out of money, you can sell your car Have Fun
blackjac.zip1k05-12-17File is not ratedBlackjack 83 (ZCRD)
Simple graphical blackjack proof-of-concept. Uses the ZCRD function to display cards.
blackjak.zip7k98-12-05File is not ratedBlackJack v2.6
The best graphic BKJK in TI 83
blackjck1.zip1k01-02-22File is not ratedBLACKJACK
blackjck.zip2k97-12-31File is not ratedBlackJack
blakjack.zip1k00-05-24File is not ratedBlakJack
It's a simple game of Black Jack but very addicting
blakjak.zip2k04-10-14File is not ratedSuper BlackJack
The best graphical blackjack you'll find in basic
blckhack.zip2k00-04-03File is not ratedBlackJack Hack
Black Jack Hack is a program made for use with BlackJack v1.0 by Drew Repaksy. It will only work with this Black Jack game. It allows you to edit your cash, wins, and losses.
blckjack.zip3k00-03-28File is not ratedBlackJack
This is an extremely fast and full featured game, with the best graphics of any BlackJack game on the TI-83. BlackJack does use a full 52 card deck, has support for doubling down, and makes intelligent use of Aces. The game also keeps a record of your total games with both win and loss percent.
casino2.zip6k00-04-17File is not ratedCasino v5.3
Casino v5.3, over 7 games, bank, loan, save options plus hidden cheats and games!!! Wolf Software www.zwolf.cjb.net
casino4.zip3k00-06-29File is not ratedCasino Extreme
Lose or win money by playing games such as slots, craps, blackjack, roulette, horse racing, and russian roulette
casino5.zip3k00-07-13File is not ratedUltimate Casino
Lose and win money while playing games casino games. Get kicked out for having to much money or to little. Includes Russian Roulette, Regular Roulette, Slots, Blackjack, Craps, and Horse Racing.
casino83.zip2k99-02-08File is not ratedCasino
chevaux.zip1k98-04-19File is not ratedHorse Race
Bet on your horse and win as many money as possible
cpoker.zip3k98-01-22File is not ratedCPOKER 1.0
craps.zip1k99-12-12File is not ratedCraps
csno.zip5k97-07-25File is not ratedCasino Games (Aurora Compatible)
Casino Games
dice.zip1k99-05-05File is not ratedDice
Bet on the number you think you are going to roll.
fivecard.zip2k97-12-31File is not ratedVideo Poker 1.0 - Five Card Draw
Five card draw poker game
flearaces.zip2k99-09-18File is not ratedFlea Races v1.0 Beta
This is an addictive gambling game. Select the flea with the best or worst odds (depending on how lucky you feel) and watch them race.
gamble83.zip4k98-03-04File is not ratedGamblo-Rama83 3.5
Fun and addictivge Has all the games you won t find in Vegas
gslots.zip1k04-10-04File is not ratedGraphical Slots
"Grahpical Slots" combines the enjoyment of a great slot machine, with superb graphics. Each piece on the slot machine has its own look. Have Fun and Happy Downloading!
highlow.zip3k02-06-07File is not ratedHighLow
Player vs calc. or 2 players. Choose higher or lower and try to win the race...
holdem.zip4k06-01-15File is not ratedHold'em 83 (ZCRD)
Two-player Texas Hold'em against a computer opponent. The computer is not that smart; improvements to the AI are solicited. Uses the ZCRD function to display cards and the ZPKEVAL function to evaluate hands.
horse2.zip4k01-02-20File is not ratedHorse Racing
This is the second version of Horse Racing. It has been customized for the TI-83, but is basically idenical to the TI-83+ version. If you dont know anything about this game, heres a description: On this game, you can create your horse, race it, bet on it, feed it, excercise it and train it. And you can also save your game, as well. If their are any bugs or errors, please e-mail me. Thank you.
horserac.zip1k02-07-23File is not ratedHorse Race
Bet and race on horse races, and win or lose alot or money! Try your luck at this game to see if you are a good gambler! Good graphical interface with racing horses!
horses.zip1k97-10-19File is not ratedRunning Horses 1.0
horse.zip1k98-02-16File is not ratedHorse Racing 1.0 (AShell83 Compatible)
hroll2.zip2k00-03-13File is not ratedHigh Roll 2
A better version of that game highroll included 2 save positions and also spiffy pictures
jack83.zip1k03-05-04File is not ratedJack v1.03
Good Black Jack game. Version 1.03 fixes all those question marks (?) that were in place of letters.
keno.zip5k04-01-03File is not ratedKeno v2.0
A good split-screen Keno game with realistic odds and prizes.
let_it_ride.zip2k04-06-28File is not ratedLet it Ride
Let it Ride is a popular casino game. It is a 5 card stud poker game. A player must make 3 equal bets and create poker hands from 3 cards that he is dealt and 2 cards from the community pot. Before the community cards are dealt the player must "let it ride" or recall one of the 3 bets. This game saves your cash and highest score. To learn more on how to play read the how to play text file.
lottery83.zip1k04-10-07File is not ratedLottery
The lottery: enter 5 numbers, and if at least 3 of them are right, u win a price!! very cool game... (port of 83+ version)
lotto1.zip1k00-02-11File is not ratedLotto
A lotto game with 2 versions of the lottery: lotto 5 and lucky 3. works with SOS too.
lotto2.zip1k01-01-14File is not ratedLotto
A lotto game created by Black
luckydice2.zip36k03-05-11File is not ratedLucky Dice 2
It;'s the follower of the succesful Lucky Dice 1! This game is a gamble simulation: you start in a low club and you try to make your way to the top by winning games! You even can boost your dice luck in the Luck Shop.
megaslot.zip1k98-05-22File is not ratedMega Slots v1.3
pball83.zip1k04-01-03File is not ratedPowerball v1.0
This is a simple simulation of the Powerball lottery game. You can either input your numbers or have them quick-picked. Enjoy!
pmu.zip1k99-02-23File is not ratedPMU v1.0
win or lose money in horse s races
poker1.zip3k01-02-14File is not ratedPoker v1.0
A poker version created by Black
poker2.zip1k97-12-31File is not ratedPoker
poker3.zip2k01-05-30File is not ratedPoker v2.0
Newer version of older Poker game. This version is faster, has a save feature, and a save option!
poker4.zip2k01-01-22File is not ratedPoker v1.3
A graphical basic Poker game.
poker5.zip2k01-02-22File is not ratedPoker2
The poker-game you should download! No bugs I think and a fun game.
poker83x.zip3k02-09-30File is not ratedPoker83 v3.0
An excellent game of video poker that combines great graphics, speed, and a small program size.
poker83.zip1k00-06-13File is not ratedPoker
This is a five card draw version of poker. It is graphic intense, uses no PIC files and is VERY fast. It even insults you when you loose!
pokergame83.zip4k00-01-08File is not rated83P0ker v1.0
Very fast 5-card Poker game; totally graphical (good graphics too), true poker playing-style, extremely simple but challenging, and you can bet against the calculator; 2397 bytes.
pokerml.zip18k02-06-19File is not ratedVideo Poker 6.00
This version of poker for the TI-83 is the best available on the net. Written entirely in basic, its ease of play and simple interface make up for its larger than average size. It features a graphical interface and score saving. It runs clean, and deletes all variables it uses. It is also available for the TI-82 and the TI-83+. Please observe that the screenshots depict the 83+ version with lowercase text. The 83 and 82 versions function the same way but do not have lowercase text. (Please note also that the ZIP file contains all three versions of the game - the actual program size is only about 7500 bytes)
pokersol.zip2k02-02-10File is not ratedPoker Solitaire
A fun one-player game where you place cards in a 5-by-5 grid, and each row and column counts as a poker hand. Try to get the best score for all 10 hands. Calculates your scores and keeps track of the 10 best scores.
poker.zip1k98-01-28File is not ratedPoker 2.1
5 Card Draw Poker
roulete83.zip7k06-12-30File is not ratedRoulette
This is a hazard game, you play to win money. This the classical roulette-game. You play against the calc. The game and the rules are in french in the program.
roulette83.zip1k02-03-28File is not ratedRoulette
This is just a good ver. of roulette for the Ti 83
roulette.zip1k99-05-02File is not ratedRoulette
Roulette, only 797 bytes.
rroulet.zip1k03-04-22File is not ratedRussian Roulette
Play a game of Russian Roulette with your (or your friend's) calculator's RAM. I fixed the bug that caused it not to work. (My apologies to the 1012 people who downloaded it.)
rrullete.zip5k04-04-06File is not ratedRussian Roulette
This is the origonal Russian Roulette game with a twist. In this game you can bet money on your virtual life and hopefully win it back. Another added feature is that there are dud bullets. And each mode has graphically drawn out pictures. (Not using pics 0-9!) This is a must download!
rusrol.zip1k02-11-20File is not ratedrussian roulette
take the gun,one bullet in chamber, spin cilinder, put the gun to your head and pull the trigger. BANG
russianroulette.zip1k04-05-21File is not ratedRussian Roulette
Russian Roulette; Six players enter, only one leaves... Play against a random computer or a mate to see who will be the last standing.
slotmac.zip1k00-04-03File is not ratedSlot Machine
Cool Slot Machine program that i made in Algebra
slots1.zip1k02-06-19File is not ratedslots v 1.4
fourth version of my slots game, save-feature and the jackpot depens on your bets during the whole game. (save often to avoid the memory error bug)
slots2.zip3k00-08-29File is not ratedSlots
Gamble and test your luck with this slot machine
slots_r9.zip2k04-10-31File is not ratedSlots!
I made some changes and made it much better! Read the readme to see how to play. This is my best work and I hope you like it!
slotsrx.zip1k04-09-25File is not ratedReal Slots
This is a realistic slot machine that gives you the feal of a real Vegas Slot Machine, without having too waste your $$$!
slotssss.zip2k00-07-02File is not ratedSLOTSSSS
This a simple slots program with a save game feature. This game is good for beginners to learn TI-BASIC.
slots.zip1k98-04-02File is not ratedSlots (AShell83 Compatible)
A slot machine game
slot.zip1k01-05-09File is not ratedSlots
A cool slot game with pre-set wheels and different ways to win
stables.zip2k97-12-31File is not ratedStables
superbj.zip1k97-12-31File is not ratedSuper BlackJack
twentyon.zip3k97-12-31File is not ratedTI-83 Blackjack
ubj.zip1k00-10-07File is not ratedUltimate Black Jack
Bet on your hand, hit H for hit or S for stay and that all the rules. The game have awesome graphics
ultbj.zip5k00-07-08File is not ratedUltimate Blackjack 83 v4.0
An awesome Blackjack game for the TI-83,it is fully graphical and includes many features, such as suits, a simulation of an actual deck, full support of aces, and auto detection of 21. Player vs. computer only.
vpoker.zip2k99-11-14File is not ratedVideo Poker
Fast video poker with good graphics.
zcasino.8xp9k00-02-28File is not ratedCasino! v5.4
Wolf Software (c)1999-Casino! With blackjack 21, pick 3 (lottery), wheel of fortune, craps, slots, red dog, keno, poker, hidden games, bank, save, rules, options, more, more, more!

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