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Last updated Wednesday, 7 March 2012
Total downloads 438,535
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(Parent Dir)folder Up to TI-83 Assembly Files
ashell83folder TI-83 Assembly Source (AShell83)
includefolder TI-83 Assembly Include Files
ionfolder TI-83 Assembly Source (Ion)
routinesfolder TI-83 Assembly Routines
sosfolder TI-83 Assembly Source (SOS)
speed_src.zip11k12-03-07File is not ratedVolts (also called speed) sources
This is the sources of my game volts :)
same_src.zip10k12-03-07File is not ratedSame Game sources
This is simply the sources of my same game.
flipflop_src.zip9k12-03-07File is not ratedFlip Flop (lights out) sources
This is simply the sources of my flip flop game.
bombermanv2.zip75k12-02-01File is not ratedUnfinished Bomberman
This is an unfinished bomberman. This is my first asm project, code is really ugly that's true, but open source :)
calcnet_server_83.zip9k03-03-19File is not ratedCALCnet Server Driver v0.5 beta
This is a very early version of server section of the CALCnet drivers, a set of programs that allows up to 255 calculators to be connected together and share files. This version is unoptimized and still in progress, but look for the first final version soon.
basicpe.zip18k03-03-07File is not ratedBASIC prgm Executor v1.0
Interrupt program whereby a selected basic program is executed whenever [ON] is pressed. Does not work on a real Ti-83, USE AN EMULATOR !!
aifigsources.zip20k02-06-02File is not ratedAifig source
kistudio.zip14k02-02-25File is not ratedKey Input Studio v1.1 [for ION, SOS, VENUS and the TIOS]
Get the values of _getkey, _getk, _getcsc and direct input. This studio is very usefull for programmers in z80 assembly!!
direct.zip1k02-02-25File is not ratedDirect Input v3.0
Displays the group and the value of a keypress. Great for programmers!
gstudio.zip3k02-01-01File is not ratedGetkey Studio 1.1
Three assembly programs which display the value of a keypress. Great for programmers!
sndrout.zip27k00-10-24File is not ratedSound Routine
This is an easy to use, small program that can be called from an assembly or basic program to provide sound (more beeps) in a wide range of tones and lengths.
zflgscan.zip15k00-08-02File is not ratedFlagScan v1.0 Source
This is the source file for the program FlagScan v1.0 for the TI-83 (No Shell). This source is meant for educational purposes about how to create Interrupt routines, and use Direct LCD Communication.
splat.zip51k00-05-01File is not ratedSplat! Source Code
The build directory structure for Splat !
lrsource.zip96k00-03-16File is not ratedLode Runner 83 Source
Source code for the game "Lode Runner" for the TI83/TI83+
berzsrc.zip63k00-03-16File is not ratedBerzerk for TI83/83+ Source Code
Source code for the game "Berzerk", suitable for either TI83 or TI83+
unsquish.z802k99-03-04File is not ratedUnsquish v1.0
math.zip2k99-02-01File is not ratedMathWiz v2.1
zvirus.z805k98-11-11File is not ratedZVirus v1.0
prcntl.z805k98-10-27File is not ratedPercentile Calculator
scrolls.zip1k98-09-23File is not ratedApril Fools Scrolls
noprogs.zip2k98-09-23File is not ratedNo Progs 83 v1.1
capture.zip2k98-09-23File is not ratedCapture 83 v1.2
textchng.zip1k98-08-28File is not ratedNormal Text and Inverse Text v1.0
trig.asm2k98-08-26File is not ratedTrig v1.0
virus.z801k98-07-26File is not ratedJimmy Virus
A virus that makes the calculator display everything on the screen 4 rows lower. The 1st row is printed on the 5th row. This virus will disappear if you turn the calculator off and then back on again.
install.z805k98-07-26File is not ratedVirus Install
Installs a virus into a new program and deletes the install programs.
trojan.z807k98-07-21File is not ratedTrojan Protection
Protects or unprotects all programs on your calculator
antivirus.z805k98-07-21File is not ratedAntiVirus
Scans for a virus program
wizmusic.asm18k98-06-21File is not ratedTheme From WIZBALL
skiedit.z8027k98-06-02File is not ratedSlopes Level Editor v1.0
ski.z8025k98-06-02File is not ratedSlopes v1.0
mkhex83.zip1k98-05-03File is not ratedMakeHex/DispHex v1.00
chamel.asm6k98-05-03File is not ratedChameleon v1.1
zgetks.asm1k98-04-21File is not ratedKeyCodes v1.0
fractal.asm12k98-04-16File is not ratedFractal Viewer
rom83.asm2k98-03-17File is not ratedROM Dumper 2.1
zarch.z8013k98-02-28File is not ratedArchery 83 v1.0
marin.z8017k98-02-04File is not ratedMarin-The-Movie
piano2.z803k98-01-30File is not ratedPiano 83 [2/2]
piano.z803k98-01-30File is not ratedPiano 83 [1/2]
pixel.asm2k98-01-14File is not ratedPixel 1.0
romdump.z803k97-12-23File is not ratedRomDump 1.0
boxworld.asm7k97-12-07File is not ratedBox World 1.0
zavalnch.z8013k97-11-22File is not ratedAvalanche 1.0
songplay.z804k97-11-14File is not ratedSong Player 1.0
sndxfile.z803k97-11-01File is not rated[Song Player] X-Files Theme Song
zfrogger.z8024k97-10-13File is not ratedFrogger 83Z v1.0
centisrc.zip4k97-09-27File is not ratedCentipede Demo
rad.z801k97-09-27File is not ratedRad Racer Demo
zlander2.z8016k97-09-27File is not ratedLunar Lander II
zduck.z8031k97-09-07File is not ratedDuck Hunt 83Z
zdoshell.z805k97-08-24File is not ratedDosShell 83Z v0.93
tunnel.asm4k97-08-24File is not ratedTunnel 1.0
zlander.zip9k97-08-24File is not ratedLunar Lander 83Z v1.1
ipoint.z801k97-08-04File is not ratedIPoint
etchsrc.zip2k97-07-28File is not ratedEtch-a-Sketch with Direct Input
greysrc.zip2k97-06-29File is not ratedGrayscale Demo 1.0
greylib.asm4k97-06-29File is not ratedGreyLib 1.0
hardscrl.z805k97-06-29File is not ratedHardware Scroll
char.z801k97-06-29File is not ratedChar
squish.z805k97-06-29File is not ratedSquish 1.0
progptr.z802k97-06-29File is not ratedProgram Directory 2.00
print.z801k97-06-29File is not ratedPrint 1.1
delprog.z801k97-06-29File is not ratedDelprog 1.01
cont83.z802k97-06-29File is not ratedContrast Wizard 1.0
calcoff.z801k97-06-29File is not ratedCalcoff 1.0
zrom.z803k97-06-29File is not ratedRom Virus 1.0
etch.z802k97-06-29File is not ratedEtch-A-Sketch 1.1
draw.z804k97-06-29File is not ratedDraw
spazesrc.z8090k97-06-29File is not ratedSpaze Invaders 1.1
tbout.asm21k97-06-29File is not ratedTurbo Breakout 1.0

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