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Number of files 35
Last updated Wednesday, 3 March 1999
Total downloads 205,488
Most popular file  Final Fantasy X4 v1.0 with 9,309 downloads.

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7g.z8013k98-03-13File is not rated--==7G==-- 1.5
alien.zip5k98-07-18File is not ratedAlien v1.2
baseball.z8030k99-01-04File is not ratedBaseball '99 v1.1
bigmaze.z8031k98-09-09File is not rated99x67 Maze v1.0
bjack.z8018k98-07-16File is not ratedBlackJack v1.0
Clone of the popular card game
brickmaz.z8023k97-12-24File is not ratedBrick Maze 1.0
chekmate.z8012k98-09-01File is not ratedChess Demo v0.5 Beta
chshoot.z8020k97-12-24File is not ratedChicken Shoot 1.0
fdown83.z8010k98-06-22File is not ratedFallDown v1.0
ffx.asm159k97-12-24File is not ratedFinal Fantasy X4 v1.0
frogguts.z8023k98-05-26File is not ratedFrAWgGutS v1.0
ftun.z809k97-12-24File is not ratedFast Tunnel 1.0
fzcp.zip2k98-03-13File is not ratedFast ZCP Decoder 1.0
insane.asm18k97-12-24File is not ratedInsane Game 1.3
joltima.zip403k99-01-19File is not ratedJoltima v1.31
master83.z8019k98-06-22File is not ratedMaster-Mind
mines83a.zip11k98-08-14File is not ratedMinesweeper v2.2
mm83asm.z80108k98-08-01File is not ratedMega Man 83-ASM
mnsfield.z8018k98-07-16File is not ratedMinesfield v1.0
Minesweeper clone
mrhappy.z804k98-06-02File is not ratedMr. Happy
orz1.z802k99-03-03File is not rated[5 levels] Standard Levels for Orzunoid
orzunoid.zip9k99-03-03File is not ratedOrzunoid v6.01
poke83.z8036k98-04-13File is not ratedPoke v1.1
pong.asm17k97-12-24File is not ratedPong 83Z v1.5
rad10.z8012k97-12-24File is not ratedRad Racer 1.0
sqrxz83.zip30k98-07-02File is not ratedSqrxz 83 v1.0
squarexl.z8012k99-01-11File is not ratedSquarez XL
starship.z8022k99-02-12File is not ratedStarship Commander v1.2
swami.z802k98-10-19File is not ratedSwami v1.2
tbout2.asm23k97-12-24File is not ratedTurbo Breakout 2 v2.0
telnet83.zip13k99-02-23File is not ratedTelnet 83 v1.5
vert83.asm119k98-09-12File is not ratedVertigo v0.94
Source code to Vertigo v0.94. A game of skill for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators. Guide your ball to the gem stone on each of the 50 levels. The levels are displayed from an isometric 3D view, and are shown in grayscale on the TI-85 and TI-86. Also features an on-calc level editor.
warnibb.z8029k98-04-01File is not ratedWar Nibbles 1.0 Alpha
zcal.z8023k98-06-14File is not ratedZCal 83z v1.1
ztetris.zip10k98-08-14File is not ratedZTetris v1.3

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