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Number of files 113
Last updated Monday, 12 September 2005
Total downloads 356,501
Most popular file  Tetris with 16,448 downloads.

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amazen.zip2k98-04-12File is not ratedAmazen
amaze.zip2k00-07-14File is not ratedAmaze
Amaze that you want to escape
amazing.zip8k00-03-16File is not ratedMazeMaker 82b
First file sent had MAJOR bugs. This file contains 3 programs: a maze maker, a maze saver, and a maze player, and has 6 predone mazes to start you off quickly, have fun and good luck!
aplsmine.zip4k00-08-20File is not ratedA+ Minsweeper
Couldn't find a decent BASIC minsweeper so I wrote one myself. It's pretty good if I do say so myself :)
bdash.zip1k98-04-14File is not ratedBoulderDash
billionaire.zip2k01-08-10File is not ratedWho Wants to be a Billionaire
It is just like Amill but your trying to get a billion dollars and it doesn't have life lines
bob3.zip3k98-04-22File is not ratedBob da Fob v3.2
boxes2.zip1k98-04-09File is not ratedBoxes
boxes82.zip4k98-04-09File is not ratedBoxes v1.0 Beta
boxworld.zip5k98-04-07File is not ratedBoxWorld
brainwrp.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedBrain Warp
brickblk.zip6k00-03-03File is not ratedBrick Block v2.2
Brick Block is an original puzzle game by SiCoDe. It features 20 different levels and an auto-save feature. For any puzzle lovers, this is a must download!
broom.zip2k97-10-06File is not ratedBroom v2pi
cambodge.zip3k98-07-29File is not ratedCambodge
A minesweeper type game.
countdwn.zip2k02-08-28File is not ratedCountDown
A great game based on English Channel 4's superb show of the same name. Just right for numbers and letters lovers alike.
daleks.zip1k98-02-06File is not ratedDaleks v1.2
Similar to the Mac version
decsent.zip28k98-04-12File is not ratedDecsent v1.0
Descent type game for the 82
dgmaze1.zip1k99-03-18File is not ratedTheseus vs. Minotaur: puzzle maze
Are you a genius? a unique game
dgmaze2.zip1k99-03-18File is not ratedAlice in Wonderland: maze puzzle
shirnk and grow to beat this mindbender
dia82.zip5k98-04-11File is not ratedDiamonds 82 v1.1
diamondz.zip2k98-05-14File is not ratedDiamondz
dilemma.zip1k97-06-16File is not ratedDarwin's Dilemma v1.0
dox.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedDox
dstar.zip6k98-04-20File is not ratedDStar
dungeon.zip4k99-02-12File is not ratedDungeon v1
mario type game for 82
fifteens.zip1k98-04-17File is not ratedFifteens
Just like Puzzle on your Mac
getbox.zip1k97-12-30File is not ratedGetBox v5.0
A small puzzle game for the 82
hangman2.zip2k98-04-11File is not ratedHangman
hangman3.zip2k98-04-11File is not ratedHangman v1.0
hangman.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedHangman v3.0
insane82.zip3k98-04-20File is not ratedInsane Game v0.4 Beta
insane.zip2k98-04-20File is not ratedInsane Game v2.82d
klax.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedKlax
kryptic.zip1k98-10-11File is not ratedKryptic
A game where you try to decifer a hidden code, based on information given to you from prior guesses
labrynth.zip1k98-04-12File is not ratedLabrynth
labyrinth.zip1k01-06-21File is not ratedlabyrinth
find the exit without touching the walls
le9ememonde.zip6k01-04-28File is not ratedLe 9eme monde
A new version of "le 9eme mone"
lemmings.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedLemmings Bridge
lightout.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedLights Out
lightsjr.zip2k01-08-10File is not ratedLights Out Jr.!
Don't let the Jr. part fool you. This game has many features that take full advantage of what the TI-82 can handle. Inlcudes 10 stages, low move board, and graphical buttons!
lights.zip1k97-12-03File is not ratedLights Out v1.0
logic.zip1k97-05-19File is not ratedLogic
Hard to explain, a brain teaser that will keep you busy through many a math period
lout2.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedLightout
ltsout.zip7k00-06-04File is not ratedLights Out
Your traditional Lights Out game with hints and 4 levels
lucas.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedLucas Problem
magicsquare.zip1k05-09-12File is not ratedMagic Square
Use numbers 1 through 9 an a 3 by 3 square and get all directions to equal 15.
master2.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedMasterMind
mastermind.zip6k02-09-27File is not ratedMastermind 1.0
A mastermind game with semi graphical interface (split mode), 2 modes of game and 3 levels of difficulty
master.zip1k97-05-19File is not ratedMasterMind
IMHO, the best Master Mind for the TI 82. As like the board game as possible
mastmind.zip4k98-07-29File is not ratedMasterMind
mastrmnd.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedMasterMind
mazegamething.zip3k01-05-29File is not ratedMaze Game Thing
In this game, you have to collect a certain amount of points in each maze with out hitting the walls. 4 levels in all.
mazemas2.zip2k98-04-12File is not ratedMaze Master 2
mazemast.zip1k98-04-12File is not ratedMaze Master v1.14
maze.zip1k98-04-12File is not ratedMaze
mazo82.zip2k04-04-15File is not ratedMaz-O 0.4B
Maz-O is now available for the TI-82! This great maze game supports external levels. (read documentation for more info on external levels) The screenshots below are from the 83+ version, but it plays just as well on the 82!
meister.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedMeister Mind v1.0
memory2.zip3k98-04-11File is not ratedMemory v2.0
memory3.zip13k00-11-07File is not ratedMemory
Hei, it's memory the card game for your ti82
memory82.zip1k03-07-25File is not ratedMemory
The classic game of Memory. Match symbols and clear the board.
memory.zip1k98-04-10File is not ratedMemory v1.41
mempath.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedMem Path v3
mil.zip5k00-04-28File is not ratedWho Wants to be a Millionaire v0.1 Beta
Play the hit TV show on your TI-82! ITS ALL THERE! QUESTIONS! LIFELINES! MONEY MONEY MONEY! (Beta version only, limitations)
mine02.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedMinesweeper v0.2 Beta
mine3.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedMinesweeper
minesweep83.zip2k04-09-11File is not ratedMineSweep83
Yet another minesweeper clone.
mineswp4.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedMinesweeper v4.0
mineswpr.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedMinesweeper v5.3
mines.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedMines v1.2
mine.zip4k98-04-08File is not ratedMinesweeper
mirrors.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedMirrors
mmhard.zip1k98-04-12File is not ratedMaze Master Hard Add-On
mmind.zip9k99-05-08File is not ratedMasterMind v2.0
A great puzzle game based on the popular game Mastermind. Also check out the TI-92 version
mmnovice.zip1k98-04-12File is not ratedMaze Master Novice Add-On
monkey.zip3k98-04-26File is not ratedMonkey
monster.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedMonster
mosaic.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedMosaic
mstrmind.zip13k00-11-07File is not ratedMaster Mind
I couldn't find a good master mind game, so guess what!
mstrmnd2.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedMasterMind v3.11
paintspl.zip2k98-04-24File is not ratedPainter Splash v1.0
pern.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedPern v1.0
pharaon.zip4k98-07-29File is not ratedPharaon
A brainteaser game.
pipe82.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedPipe 82
pogo.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedPogo-Mania! v2.01
pushit.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedPushIt v1.1.0 & PushEdit v2.0
puzzler3.zip2k98-04-20File is not ratedPuzzler v3.1
puzzle.zip1k98-09-25File is not ratedPuzzle v2.0
Slide numbered pieces into proper order.
qube.zip2k98-11-15File is not ratedQube v1.0
rows.zip4k99-01-18File is not ratedRows v1.0.0
shangman.zip1k98-04-12File is not ratedHangman v2.31
simon82.zip1k98-04-12File is not ratedSimon
simonv1.0.zip4k02-05-12File is not ratedSimon
Simon is base on the game "SIMON" where you remember the color patterns and try to get them all right. Well, this has the same consept, only, you're dealling with shapes(4 in all) instead of colors. There are five levels of gameplay, though pretty short, the dificulty comes in remebering the patterns.
simon.zip1k98-04-12File is not ratedSimon
slider.zip1k98-03-24File is not ratedSlider v1.3
sokoban.zip2k98-09-27File is not ratedSokoban
sortinghatceremony.zip20k04-03-03File is not ratedHarry Potter - Sorting Hat Ceremony
This is a simple quiz game, made for the 73,82,83,83+,86 asm,89,92,92+, and v200. It features expert routines, but eventually isn't fun to play. Th 86 asm version is smaller now.
spikes.zip1k98-04-09File is not ratedSpikes
spuzzle.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedSliding Puzzle v1.0
star.zip1k04-07-06File is not ratedStar-Chase
A "Boink"-like game with three difficulties, a high score list, and pretty good graphics.
swtriv.zip1k99-10-19File is not ratedStar Wars Trivia
tbomb.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedTime Bomb v1.1.1
tetris2.zip2k98-04-07File is not ratedTetris
tetris3.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedACME Software Tetris
tetris4.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedManticore Software Tetris v1.3
tetris5.zip3k98-07-29File is not ratedTetris
tetris.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedTetris v2.3
textris.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedTextris v1.0
themaze.zip1k98-04-24File is not ratedThe Maze
tinytet.zip1k99-08-07File is not ratedTinyTet
A tetris game with only three rows. You can only make single lines.
tor3.zip1k98-04-20File is not ratedMasterMind
trivamasters.zip1k01-08-02File is not ratedTrivia Masters 2001 TI-82 version
This is the TI-82 version of the Computer program Trivia Masters 2001 wich we did make also its real cool please download it
wheel.zip2k98-04-12File is not ratedWheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune 2 player
zed2.zip2k99-08-13File is not ratedTrap Zed Theta v2.0
You must rid the dimension of the mighty X-bars by using your skill with traps....
zratedel.zip1k04-03-28File is not ratedZahlenraten-Deluxe
Zahlenraten von Zahlen 1-1000 mit optionen..

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